Is cocoa butter good for your hair

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Cocoa Butter Leave In conditioner For Soft And Massive Hair Growth

5 650 views | 7 Jul. 2020

hey lovey lovely people we

hey lovey lovely people we have another lovely video of how you can make your own leave in conditioner....this is an amazing #leavein #conditioner #Diy That guy you on how to make your own leave in conditioner

if you like this video and want to see more of hair video pls don't forget to


item used

cocoa butter

aloe vera


mango butter

castor oil


almost oil

coconut oil

go watch other of my hair growth video

Rice water for hair growth


Chebe powder and karkar oil for massive hair



How I grew my hair using guava leaf


7 days rice water result


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stay blessed

Evi Segun

Please where can I get bees wax from?


This is the simplest diy I have seen on YouTube the fact that I don't need any equipment made me happier. I'm so doing this..thank you



Faith Chandi

Plz give me a guideline of the measurements for each ingredient..it looks so good..even if the measurements aren't too exact it's ok.

saloni's dollieworld

Thanks a lot for helping us ❤️

Akofridaegbe egbe

After appying the oil on your do i have to wash it off?

Soleil Stlouis

Did you leave the product uncovered or covered for five hours?


You made a mistake on you thumbnail. You spelt 'container' instead of conditioner

Princess Yunusa

Where did you get your cocoa butter?

eunie eunice

Second ?❤️?❤️love your videos ?


Is this refrigerated or can I add a preservative?

ghost bunny


Is cocoa butter good for your hair

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Palmers Cocoa Butter FOR YOUR HAIR?!!! | Cocoa Butter & Biotin | Dana Nicole

210 views | 13 Mar. 2020

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Maia Smith

Nice sis ?

Is cocoa butter good for your hair

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905 668 views | 10 Oct. 2016

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Thank you to all the people who ?? this video I love you so much and thanks for the support ?? it encourages me to make more videos ☝

Butter contains many fatty acids the hair absorbs that makes your hair healthier, while also smoothing the hair and adding moisture. Milk contains vitamin D, vitamin E & many different proteins that help make hair shinier, while also repairing damaged hair and making it softer. Honey is a humectant, which means it attracts moisture and prevents loss of moisture content. Glycerin is a humectant that attracts moisture. Using this combination of ingredients in your hair mask will make your hair healthier and more beautiful, without the frizz.

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#Butterhairmask #hairgrowth

أهازيج الفرح

Tried it today,,,, waiting for the outcome

Souffou Kassim

Waw chéri


it really strong and works thank you

Maya Sidi

hello dear person that came down to the comments to see if it works. drop a like If I got it right. ?

Isabel Igwe

she is so pretty. with and without makeup. i'm going to try this butter mask

Alyssa Alyssa

Do the butter have to be organic

Rajeesh Kumar

Hi mam can I use this for my straight hair coz mine is not curly is it suitable for me and also pls tell may i use shea or coco butter instead of unsalted butter is it ok with it. Pls reply

subhechha neupane

I have also thick hair but i have problem in dandruff and hair fall

Magalie Zamilus

What's your hair porosity?


Does this work with relaxed hair ??


I do this every Time I'm about to wash my hair , well most of the time I have to keep buying butter XD. After I shower I put in boing curls(A type of hair lotion) Boom. My hair is soft And I'm trying to grow it out This helped. I used Hollywood's beauty olive Oil Unsalted butter And milk Bam. Thx so much ;) And I make A lot at a time A replacement for olive oil is almond,Coconut, grapeseed,etc . SOrry for the long comment Check out my channel I will be posting soon ;)

Makindia Cermot

Do you have to use organic butter?

Mickey D

I love the butter Hair mask recipe, just perfect. I was looking for a all natural mask that offer a deep conditioning benefits. My hair just love it. I found my holy grail. Thank you

Asia Shakur

My mom would kill me if I used her butter for my hair

Simone Galaxy

It works great just stripped some of the blue color out my hair.

Divya Shokeen

Can i use amul butter


You have beautiful hair! It looks so healthy.


No fair girl !!! You are already beautiful with beautiful hair . I want to see a female with bad , short hair do wonders with it and make it grow full , healthy , & long and I have not seen that yet on Youtube . Seeing a beautiful woman with beautiful hair make her hair beautiful does not impress me .

Black Moses

Can guys use this?

Maysa Gettingfit

Girl I’m so glad I found your channel got my grocery list ready and btw you are very pretty..thanks for these amazing vid!!!

Shalanda Doria

You have beautiful hair thank you for sharing!??

Princess Chioma

How many minutes do you live it or hours?

Evette Miller

Wow love your video and your hair looks so shiny health and beautiful soft and manageable. I am going to try this along with your other video with the Neem the natural silk hair conditioner along with the olive oil. For I need some serious help with my hair...will let you know how it goes after using these products for a month :)

Roman Rietsch

dang girl, you look beautiful

The Lyon And the Ox

Tried this because my hair has been dry with the weather changing. It worked wonderfully! I'll definitely add this to my normal regimen. Thanks for the vid.

cookies _jungkookie

OMG your hair looks so bueatiful??❤❤, and thanks I will try the butter mask

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I don't fuck with devils

Lindsey Mays

Wow, your hair looks AMAZING afterwards!

Nicole Holley

Kay, did you wash this butter out with shamoo

rajashekar maida

Can we use ghee instead of butter ?

Hema Prabha

Works like crazy!!!! Amazing to use. It feels like better to use once in a week.


I knew it that butter was good for hair, but nobody trusted me...

A2sia bb

u look gorg and ur hair too ? thanks for this mask !

Maya Marie

Love it my favorite ?‍⚕️????.

Zara 34


Auntie Awakens U

Excellent recipe and video!????????


how do I get rid of dandruff? I need help please...

Aysia Santana

it looks so edible ??

Allysa Ashley

I only have butter, milk and honey. Will it still work?

Laura Donaldson

Can I put Tea Tree Oil in the mask?

Sequoyah Moore

Is it safe to make it without glycerin?

Nambuya 2020

Very nice


Les plus beaux cheveux que je n ai jamais vu. Lovely!

Gezahegne Assegid

HI! Are there any substitutes for castor oil and Glycerin. Can I just make it without them? Thanks loves!!!


Is there a way that this can be a leave in?

Donna B.

THANK YOU for this video. I tried this using salted butter. I made the mistake of blending the ingredients, which made the consistency more liquid; but nevertheless, I still used it in my hair. After shampooing/conditioning (moisturizing set), my hair came out really curly. After doing my usual routine of brush drying, using hair lotion & oil sheen; after flat ironing my hair, it came out like a silk press, which it has never happened before. Now, my roots still revert, but not as quickly. I will do this again, but just focus on the butter, the oils, the honey, & will sit under a dryer. This mask is good for those of us who have low porosity hair. Again, THANK YOU for the video. ?

buzzbee Bubzille

did you wash it off?

Georgina Exy louis

Which shampoo and conditioner do you use?

Jennifer Williams-Braun

Great make-up and beautiful hair. I've watched a number of your videos and recently came across this. Do you think I can substitute cow milk with almond or coconut milk?

Faith Is key

Could this be preserved so I don't mix another on wash days?

Eliel Erilibe

Can I leave this on my hair without washing it out?

Magically Chlo

go you need gylercian

Beautiful Liaah

So pretty

Belinda W

For the castor oil, can I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil, or do I have to use original plain Castor Oil

sillah thandi

Can I use it as a leave-in?

Tatiana Marulanda

All the natural ingredients ,i was thinking some of the mixtures ,if its tasty..because like the banana mask ,i want it to take a tbs of it jajaja xD (sorry for my english)

Gail Philips

How long do you do this for? like how many weeks for actual results


Would I be able to do this without the glycerine and still have good results?


You and your hair are Beautiful!! Definitely giving this a try for both myself and my daughter's hair.

Sumayo Mohamed

how long sty to washing

Daley N'zengo

Can I use shea butter instead of normal butter ??

Dion Johnson

I so jealous... I need to try this ASAP

Marvina I

I have to try this. I was wondering if I should add butter to my hair regimen and you made up my mind. Your hair is gorgeous. Thank you

Yahshua Ha Mashiach

ur so pretty! and ur hair is amazing!


How do you store this? In the fridge?

Blessed Mary

pls can i use blue band butter


You and your hair are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.??



Someone Important

I tried this, and I liked the results. Must keep doing! Thanks for this video demonstration.

Jayla Clemons

can this work on any texture of black hair

Sayeta Zonen

Your hair is absolutely beautiful

Helena Bella

All easterne African use butter for hair and skin. This is well know.


Do you have to use glycerin?

Jacklon Spencer

Thanks for sharing....

Loretta Burns

I will definitely give this a try. Thanks for sharing.


So you can literally say, your hair is butta ??

My Craft

Rose's are red
Berries are blue
I got a bad haircut
That's why your here too

Anika Ali

You are beautiful! MashaAllah!

Denknesh Ethiopia

This is Ethiopian wumen haire growth secret


I believe this would be a perfect mask for me thanks Babilon Kay!

ayeni sia


Zareen Khair

Does this also work for any hair type?


What if you dont have a mixer... can you use a blender instead??

Berry Sweet

Trying it today. How long can you keep left overs?


Most Ethiopians use butter a lot and olvoil keep up


I only watch this video because she's pretty tbh

Lisa Eleanor

do I have have to use organic butter?


Hi Lovely!! I just tried this treatment.just wanted to know if I can freeze the rest??

قبل 3 سنوات

ممكن ترجمة

Jam Glam

Love it ❤ I like to do banana mask too

djm meade

Great video bit that small print

soranne major

apply it to dry hair?


Oh this is luxurious I can't wait to try it ?


Ethiopians do this and I swear their hair looks Super Luxurious!!! their butter contains much more fat though, and they leave it on for longer...the men and women. But you must make sure the butter is unsalted...that is pertinent.

sweet flower



What if u don't have glycerin but have every other ingredient

Fallon Leyba

Hello! Would this hair mask work on non-textured hair, or would it be too heavy?


This worked for my 4c hair but I used it like an olive oil organic butter moisturizer for my hair. I left it in all week and washed it out. I shampooed and conditioned my hair with Shea Moisture BAOBAB & TEA TREE OILS LOW POROSITY PROTEIN-FREE SHAMPOO and dried it with a towel. I bent my head over and combed it with a wide-tooth comb. I brushed it and put it in a uptop ponytail. All I had to do is use a little edge control on my edges and my hair was fine as if I had a relaxer in it.


I've tried this on my daughter hair and I saw instant results. She had really dry hair and it was really hard for me to get her hair past a certain length. I started following you and tried some of your hair mask and this one really worked the best...

Tennillie Smith

What Happen whaaat lol I'm trying this