Sulfate free shampoo reviews

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Sulfate Free Shampoo | Review

8 081 views | 9 Apr. 2017

Sulfate Free Shampoo

Sulfate Free Shampoo Review:

For a while now, I have been searching for some good Sulfate free shampoos to use. Most of the Sulfate-Free shampoos that I have used in the past do not lather up enough for me. So I went out and bought some different ones to try out, and in this video I'm going to review them and let you know if I think their worth buying or not. If you would like more videos like this then give the video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already! Catch you in the next upload :)


- Hask Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shampoo

- Cantu Sulfate Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo

- Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Sulfate Free Shampoo

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Alyssia Arrington

Yes I agree my favorite is the carols daughter shampoo

Jennifer Nunn

Before I saw this video I tried all 3 of those Shampoos and both the Hask and Cantu dry my hair out which I don't mind because I have low porosity hair and need it. But I am stuck on the Carols Daughter shampoo and Shea Moisture 100% coconut oil shampoo works so good.

Frank Chevez

What I do when something doesn't work is resell on selling stuff app or at a yard sale - Rachel ----using my husbands account ??

Masha Zeyger

Argan Life sulfate free shampoo made my dry hair soft after first use. it is a great shampoo I love how it lathers u don't need a whole lot.


The cantu shampoo really dried out my hair and made it feel too squeaky clean

dedainti browngirl

Great review, tfs!

Fighting for the Final Marriage

4:56 ???


Try Shea Moisture shampoo, its a little on the expensive side, $12 but it's worth the price

maxine francis

You're saying "this one" but not mentioning the name of the shampoo...

savage memes

Thanks for the amazing post, this really takes hair care to the next level and can help anyone. I personally got started using these sulphate free shampoos about two months ago and already getting better results with the help of this that will provide tremendous value to anyone who wants good hair. You can try it out here https://tinyurl.com/ya24kqwl

Melissa Leon

I know I'm late with this comment but... Cantu Shampoo does have a Sulfate, that's why your hair felt dry. Second ingredient SODIUM ALPHA OLEFIN (C-14-16) SULFONATE which is very harsh for hair. Don't pay attention to what the product says to the front read the ingredients ??

Alvina Rio

I have used many of sulfate free shampoo, but the Argan Life is my favorite. It smells so sweet. I also like some of their newer product line with keratin oil, biotin, and other moisturizing ingredients.

Melissa Thompson

Hask makes my hair feel like straw. It doesnt work well for me. I still have a full bottle

Sulfate free shampoo reviews

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Sulfate-Free Shampoo Reviews

47 466 views | 7 Jan. 2014

The Modamob team shares

The Modamob team shares with you their personal reviews on sulfate free and color safe shampoo.

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Great video! Have you tried also the sulfate-free shampoo from The Balm? It smells amazing and is really good! They also have a conditioner, treatment and leave-in conditioner in a spray!


This is my second bottle. The overall quality of my hair has improved - less breakage, fewer split ends, less scalp oil, less static, less tangles, an it requires less styling, etc. Argan Rain Shampoo is great. I LOVE.

Evernessa Nevermore

They didn't let the Asian girl smell it

Katie Minos

I have naturally very curly hair. I have to use sulfate free products and Argan Rain Shampoo works well. This seems to absorb well and cleans my scalp. My scalp is allergic to sulfates, so I am happy to have found a sulfate-free shampoo that works. I recommend this shampoo and will be using it again.

Sparkle Lady

Ummm Tresemme for color treated hair isn't sulfate free.......at all

hey autumn .

I love the queen Helene curly hair line!

Alvina Rio

I love this Argan Life sulfate free shampoo. It smells so great. It's wonderful on my hair. I am so glad a friend of mine told me about it. I definitely recommend buying this.

Adriana Das

There are some solutions that can be taken to minimize hair loss and start regrowing hair naturally without expensive treatments. Natural, homemade remedies work well for people who take action early. I found a natural cure  as Argan life which does not contain any chemicals like sulphate, alcohol, salt and dye. It works pretty well for my hair. Also, you can find this products on eBay.

Elizabeth Peterson

This is my second bottle. The overall quality of my hair has improved - less breakage, fewer split ends, less scalp oil, less static, less tangles, an it requires less styling, etc. Argan Rain Shampoo is great. I LOVE.

Joe Trentadue

the tresseme shampoo has sulfates.

Sulfate free shampoo reviews

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Hair Product Rave: L'Oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Shampoo

55 338 views | 3 Mar. 2012

Thanks for watching! Hope

Thanks for watching! Hope you guys enjoyed this quick review.


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FTC: I purchased this product with my own money. All opinions are my own.


@satinsmilesabrina Who's Alex???? :D

Jessica Solano

hairstyles for each day of the week or outfits of the day. Please ! I need help with spring coming !

Just SG

Wow...do you even think before you speak (or type)?


I'm vain because I raved about my favorite shampoo? I mean the video is even titled hair product rave!

Emily Rose

PLEASE RESPOND! Do they have this shampoo for oily hair? Thanks!

Anna S

spring fashion video just like alex did.

Kuwaiti Al



straight hair rutine xx

Angela Gray

helloo! my name is Angela and I love your videos :D

Atalya Anderson

Absolutely, this argan life shampoo is wonderful, you can use it and you will see the change. https://bit.ly/2IbHNxH

ish mee

Hairstyles for grad.. :$

Lily Salvator

My brother is a hair stylist and we take argan rain shampoo it works really great. It is sulfate, silicone, alcohol, salt and dye free, special formulation with %100 organic argan oil, helps to prevent hair loss, and my hair silky, softer.


do a video where you tell us three facts and one is a lie and we try to guess what it it then you tell us in another video


You should do a video answering your subscribers questions about you! :)

Daisy Hernandez

Do February Favoritesss ? (:

Gladys Alvarez

You could of washed your hair then reviewed it... would have given the review more credibility

Grace Connell

In Australia is $15 :( But I got lucky when it was on sale for $8! haha

Sss Ooo

is it alcohol free??

Kimberly Enriquez

I wash my red colored hair once a week and don't feel bad lol

Happy bunny

4 minutes get over it

jackie manj

updated morning routine,ottws,fashion videos, and hair routine or new hair styles:)

Gauri P

maybe you and alex can do a video showing all your photos when you were kids and what you guyz used to like to do and stuff....


DO a video on Pretty Little Liars And who u think is A Plzzzzzz Or a vampire diares on ur fav caracters and stuff

Joe shady

she's lookin. soo cute! <3

Nutree Cosmetics

Amazonliss Anti Frizz is the best shampoo. Make your hair healthy, shiny and frizz-free. Details on my channel


sulfate free FTW =)

Nanci Em

Request: thinking of a DIY of something..... Wat ur favorite snack is.... Spring hairstyle something like that :)


How often did you used to wash your hair with other shampoos?

Hannah Ellie

Can you do a hair and make-up tutorial of selena gomez? ( :

Cheyenne Hall

Can you do best eyeliners and mascaras?


u shood do a video on teeth care like what u do ...do u usewhitening?


Eyelash tutorial :)

Teresa Vu

how do you revive your hair? Mine is so dead. D:


Morning routine (:!!!


Thank you so much for all of the requests! :)

ki ra

please do a makeup collection!!!!

Apryl Slavens

Does it work really work on color hair do you think?

Teresa Vu

if you wash it every couple days, how do you keep it from looking oily?


outfits of the week!

Ale Lopez

beauty tips???

Rachel Lehnert

doesnt your hair get greasy?


@SabsBeauty omgggggggggg you answerd me .............. i'm jumping up and down love yaaaaaaa


hi i love ur vids i subbed

Trisha F

I wash my hair on wednesdays and sundays too!! ive finally someone who washes their hair twice a week like me :D my hair is soo thick and doesnt need to be washed every other day, also it saves so much time before/after school! P.S I love your hair sabrina :D

Stevie Rae Pluskett

I got this a couple months ago. I love the smell but i feel after a couple months its drying my hair more.

Javeriya Zia

you have such nice hair is there anything you put on it. Can u share your hair secret


Do a video with your friends ! :D


Bought this shampoo about a week ago && my hair doesn’t feel so clean I feel like it leaves a lot shampoo residue!!! ????????

Emily Rose

@xxCelestifulxx i TOTALLY agree with this one!!!


i'm ADDICTED TO you idk why you're soooo pretty and cute and i love your vids 24/7 !! my dream is that you replay to me yur the best SABRINA !! i wear contacts tooo lol

Rose Kimberly

love this;)) and i love your personality;)) youre just yourself;)


Im allergic to those :/

Allie Kehl

@SabsBeauty They must have changed their standards, i just know they used to

Allie Kehl

l'oreal does animal testing, if you care

Erin Czulewicz

@satinsmilesabrina alex is her sister.. why would they do a first kiss story???? that would be weird.

Brenda Aguilar

I have a request!! :D How to grow hair faster and longer maybe some tips and tricks? Please :) I really wanna grow out my hair...

Brianna Serna

Morning Routine !!!!!:)


@SabsBeauty it doesn't care if this product is vegan or not tested on animals. l'oreal test on animals. it's one of the cruelest companies in the world. i would know that i'm from europe. you can't imagine what kind of horrible things they do to those poor animals captured in cages made of cold steel. nothing about l'oreal is beautiful...it's only media trying to convince us that l'oreal is good but it's not. it's animal slavery and it needs to stop.


@ajkehl88 Hi, on the back of the product it clearly states that, "It's 100% Vegan - Formula not tested on animals." :)

Bia A

Hey Sabrina , you should do - Updo tutorials -Everyday hairstyles -Beauty product comparison videos. -More beauty DIYs -Tips videos :) <3

Mohammed Ahyaan

she is beautiful


easy 5 minute make-up tutorial for school :)


can you use this shampoo if u havent died your hair

Clara Kim

I love how downtoearth♥ you are! Definitely my favorite guru! I can't help but watch every single one of your videos(: Also request! Can you do any DIY videos? It would be amazing if you read this and made one! Any DIY vids by you would be the best!! Thanks(:


@wazzup1081 Hi! Thank you for the sweet comment <3 You're amazing and that's awesome :D

Sapphire Michelle

Did she really talk that long about her shampoo...vain


can you do a video on Everyday Hairstyles for school?


can you do a video on how you style your hair inbeetween washes and how u keep it from getting oily and make it look clean?

kristen p

I would lovelovelove a haul :)


Could u do a Demi Lovato make-up and hair tutorial !!!! xo

Jaimie Lynn

for people with regular thin to medium thick hair they need to wash your hair everyday other wise it makes your hair look really bad. and unless you don't shower long enough that the oils coat every inch of your its actually bad for it. it is highly recommended if you have thiiiiickk hair to wash it every other day but not if your is medium or thin

your local hispanic

@sabsbueauty I luv your hair so much it looks so soft and shiny what kind of shampoo do you use?

Sassy Assassin

Have you used Wen? It holds the curls better.

Happy bunny

4 minutes get over it

Tina .T

I'm wearing a red dress for grad what could I do for hair and makeup ?????


@MissStrawberry23 i do not hate on sabsbeauty i find her school work inspiring but what bothers me is that none of you youtube people care about animal cruelty. type into youtube l'oreal laboratories and you'll see cruel footage what it takes, how much pain and deaths for one product! you don't even realise what kinda damage you cause by buying products tested on animals. so don't talk about hate because you have no compassion.

Luciane Kealoha

Some people look for "vain" people on YouTube to do product reviews like this so they can make an informed purchase of the product, or they know not to buy said product. At least that's what I'm here for, but I can't really speak for others.


@saraloveshk Hahaha love you too& potatoes are pretty amazing <3


Hi Sabrina :) I love your videos! I would like more videos on school and stuff because you really motivate me!

Valerie's Nice :)

Buy this Argan Rain product and the conditioner! It is worth it! So, I really don't take time to write these but I really need to! I purchased this shampoo and conditioner based on the reviews and I am so HAPPY I did! The shampoo does not lather (which I miss) but that is because it is not full of chemicals-it's organic and healthy! You even get an email from the company telling you that you will not experience the lather in the shampoo and why -that is a nice touch from the company that makes this. The shampoo and conditioner have taken away my frizz and although the conditioner felt heavy the first time in the shower, -the results are worth it. Like everyone has said, I don't think you will be disappointed. :)

Metaly Black

You look like an actrice of Tera Nova !! The teen

AdamAldo Smith Mitch

Hi I have the same shampoo like yours but how do I make it work cause I use the over counter hair dye but my hair feels like straw and rough and thick.

Tina .T

Can you do a look with a copper eye showdown with bronze on the cheek or something like that please and thank you :)

Lizabeth Bradley

L'oreal EverPure makes my hair fall out.

ish mee

Spring hairstyles ? :$

sarah alzahrani

February favzzz!! Please


Loveee it girl, one day you should do a tutorial of like what you have in your shower, like on of those shower videos showing like all of your favorite shampoos, conditioners, bodywashes, and like how you wash your hair :D


can you do a review of garnier fructis color shield shampoo and conditioner please? if you can that'd be great

Jaimie Lynn

Do a tag alot about products you want or what kind of product you would make if you made makeup


Do you used a makeup at holidays? I love youu.<33333




What's in my school bag? If you carry a backpack lol. & I have that shampoo, but the green one for dry & flat hair.


@GorgeousChic17 At the beginning of the video she explained her hair situation and I highly doubt that your hair looks pretty in the mornings. She is so confident about herself, non like you, that she doesnt mind how she looks in front of the cameras.

Ashley Mitchell

Hey can you do a spring hair look?


Hiii i love the video!! Please can u do a a video on how to make ur hair look fresh all the time an how to prevent it from getting greasy, i wud really appreciate it! Thanks!! X

nazir sardar

prize in pakistan?????

Zoey Grub

Q and a


@StarOnTheRight Hi, on the back of the product it clearly states that, "It's 100% Vegan - Formula not tested on animals." :)

Kim O.

You should do more blogs!!!:D


Could you do a makeup tutorial for girls going into high school? Thumbs up so she can see it!