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Natural Hair "Rules" I BREAK | Curly Hair

14 504 views | 4 Feb. 2021

From wash and go's to

From wash and go's to regular trims, there are so many natural curly hair rules! And some of them are there to be broken ;)

W A T C H N E X T ⭐

My Wash and Go Routine: https://youtu.be/kcldYlSDOq8

Braidout Tutorial (lasts 10 days): https://youtu.be/Xd-UuYov6qM

How to Stretch Wash and Go: https://youtu.be/q2Y8-t7FUNs

Best Dryers for Natural Hair: https://youtu.be/aFFfCXt2dsU

High Porosity Wash and Go Routine: https://youtu.be/uHDZmI6Ud54

V I D E O C O N T E N T S ⭐

0:00 - introduction

0:42 - One: I don't trim my hair

2:26 - Two: I follow package directions

3:38 - Three: I wear crunchy wash and go's

5:24 - Join me live :)

5:46 - Four: I don't clarify

7:21 - Five: The Ultimate Rule I Break

S T A Y I N T O U C H ⭐


Business Inquiries: [email protected]

M Y E Q U I P M E N T ⭐

-everything I used to film this video-

Camera: https://amzn.to/3muacjx

Cheaper Camera: https://amzn.to/2I2fKTi

Even Cheaper Camera: https://amzn.to/3fZDxj2

Main Lens: https://amzn.to/3fZhLMI

Second Lens: https://amzn.to/2I2fKTi

Monitor: https://amzn.to/3lrJVRy

Video Light: https://amzn.to/3fUqrUu

t h i s v i d e o i s n o t s p o n s e r e d ! ! !

t a g s

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Mara Lovette

I loved every single rule in this video. I honestly think we put too much pressure on yourself’s and our hair. I’ve been natural for 8 years, surpassed all my hair goals and now I dont kno how to enjoy it anymore. I will throw on a wig or get a sew-in in a minute.


First of all I absolutely love the background and lighting in this video. Such a mood ?. I also love a gel cast for my wash and go's because like you said it helps my style last. I trim/cut my hair often because I like to wear my hair straight from time to time and it always looks better after a good trim.


I have locs but I love watching your natural hair videos lol ❤️

Monica M

Why did I subscribe for hair day live?!?!


These are some very different pointers... especially about not breaking the gel cast for your style to lay longer.. I totally agree with you and do the same thing if I use gel... sometimes it’s good to think out of the box to find what works for you specifically ?

Michelle Cameron

I think it’s worst that I didn’t even know about swimmers shampoo ??

Valerie A

Tip one is spot on. I stopped trimming if not needed. Doesn't make sense to trim every three months when your hair is healthy.. And exactly! Single strand knots can be reduced but unfortunately never be completely eliminated lol

Thandiwe Ndlovu

I have stopped spritzing my hair with water cause I feel like my hair gets dry quicker when I put water.

nolana nobles

So refreshing; I break these same rules, for my 3c4a high porosity hair also! The only journey that I keep consistent is promoting my hair health. So glad to run across your channel!

Kim AF

I sleep in my deep conditioner ?? lol

Sarah Salman

Omg i literally never read product instructions...

Classy Curls

Love this video!?
Over the years, I’ve been experimenting with my hair and learning what MY hair likes and what it needs.
Rules which I don’t follow:
1. Protective styles must be done to grow out your hair. (I have never done a protective style, I only wear my hair in wash and go’s, my hair flourished and grown so long)
2. Washing hair in twists (I tried this once to see if it makes a difference, this took so long and hated standing in the shower for so long. I have always washed my hair free, and it doesn’t give me any tangles or matting nor do I have to spend 30 mins detangling. My hair detangles in a few mins with a wide tooth comb)
Basically, I suggest you should all learn about your individual hair, what your hair likes or needs would be different from everyone, even your mum’s!
Also- on the debate about trims: I realised it really plays down to your own hair. I actually went a whole year without trimming to see how my hair reacts. Results- my hair did not retain any length that year and actually had gotten shorter cos of breakage.
I realised what works for my hair is trimming every 4 months (3 times a year).
Learning about your hair takes time, patience and understanding. It’s totally worth it, whether or not you follow hair rules, enjoy your own hair journey. I see mine as part of my Self Care & Pamper day! ?
For ref: I’m 4a

God's girl

You look so beautiful❤❤ I loved everything about this video. I break so many natural hair rules too??

Rhonda Greene

Idk why YouTube refers this video to me, but I'm glad?? I wash my hair with shampoo and deep it then apply hair grease and twist it straight over in 7 then put a wig on and go about my day all that extra stuff is bullshit...I don't understand these ppl either ??‍♀️

Leshea 4Ever Praying ??

Your hair is beautiful. Do you pin it to the side or does it just stay the direction you style it?

Aissata Sy

I break some rules too. I don't deep condition my hair, I don't do wash and go's, I use grease and I don't even use gel. But my hair is perfectly fine

Coralie Herard

I leave my hair braided for daysss and I feel as good as if I had to do a bomb wash and go. And also, I don't see myself in a natural hair journey anymore, it really soaks up too much energy. I decided to accept my current length, take care of my hair and enjoy being a naturalista :) Thank you for your video, your hair and personality are beautiful. I enjoyed it


I big chopped from relaxers March 2019 and proceeded to shampoo and deep condition my hair every two weeks. I continued to use my sulphate shampoo that I used while relaxed. I now use a leave in conditioner and curling cream only for my wash and gos because gels dry my hair out. My curls remain moisturized and defined for 2 weeks without refreshing so I have no issue with build up. My hair grew without length checks, protective styles and with only two trims to date. I am not hung up on single strand knots, frizz or shrinkage. I don't stretch my wash and gos, I leave the style in its shrunken state. The point is I was never on a natural hair journey. I am just allowing my hair to be. My hair is 4A/3C. Your hair is beautiful btw.


If it doesnt affect your hair then cancel the rule. If it works for you then embrace it. The only thing i will not do till i reach my waist length goal is apply heat (11 months no heat here) yet i will use heat some time soon! Enjoy the now is the hardest thing to do but the most necessary thing in life generally.


A lot of things truly are different for high porosity naturals. There aren’t as many HighPo naturals on YouTube as low porosity so as someone with high porosity hair I really enjoy your channel and content. Thank you for sharing!

Alex Campbell

Love your Hair!!!. So Pretty!!

Madeline Torres

Love your simple video ?

DJ 432

I only wet my hair once a week and I only use castor oil to “moisturize”. I do a 20 minute conditioning treatment once a week with Apple cider vinegar, aloe Vera gel, an oil blend and a conditioner for 20-30 min and I only detangle with a brush once a month, my hair is THRIVING.

Abria Angel

I don't do wash and go's, although I want to try it at some point I definitely don't trim my hair regularly and I never have, I don't do masks, clarify, pre-poo or anything like that. I try to keep my wash days simple, I don't wash my hair every week either. I do deep condition my hair but that's because I've been doing that for years.

Sarah M

When i first went natural I used to hear and fear actually to not use a sulfate shampoo or a conditioner contains silicon , I broke that a year ago and my hair is fine if not better! I have 4c hair and I wash my hair every week with sulfate shampoo.

It all about " do what works for you"

Planted to Praise

I appreciate your honesty and openness re: your hair regimen. I relate ?! Luv the style I f your channel.

Maddison Bueford

I love your videos so much ? the aesthetic is so chill and relaxing! Currently watching while deep conditioning and the vibe is perfect ??

Ariana May

Omg I hate crunchy hair?? it makes me mad lol

Sofia Stanley

I squealed at #3 I also walk around with a crunchy wash and style :)

Chris E

Girl ?? Thank U !!! I a type 4 gurl but i told my mom thru our 10 yr journey that straight hair types walk around with split ends all the time ! Why do black people walk around acting like split ends are taboo ... i think the salon did that to us personally but point is that when you want your hair to grow like say you have a length goal you have to stop doing all that trimming. Also how even your hair grows out really relies on how much you take care of it - if your rough and always putting heat in it you will need to trim it all the time but most naturals hardly put heat in their hair ... and the gel ... thank you for saying that ?? i told my mom : we have to pick one - do you want definition or do you want softness my 4c/4b hair breaks the cast too eventually on its own but gel wasnt made for softness but to mold and style your hair ... they didnt make gels with the intention of a random stranger putting their hands in your head n saying " your hair is hard " who does that ???? N i dont think casts dry your hair out i think it protects it too ... gel is also an alternative to the c in the loc method so its nothing wrong with the firmness there if you achieved the style you want ... i really do wish we had more ppl like you in other variety of hair types that would point this out. I watch all hair type videos and im 4c and the best products i used werent intended for my type ( Aveda for example ) and my hair is long and healthy ... so achieving what you want requires you to experiment and step out of the " norms/rules" ... thank you girl!


I just found you and you are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for this content...you have a new subbie.

Latasha Green

Wit ya pretty self ??❤️

Monster Ville

When I dont trim I get ssk ?


I love the last rule! Always having a goal takes the fun out of the process

Gina Taylor

I totally agree with the gel cast. My crunchy wash and go's last 6 days and with jello shot they are very moisturized. Thank you so much for this video. I will definitely try the stretch only the bottom of my hair for my next twist out.

Brianna Croney

Wow number 5 was so interesting. I always wonder what I’m doing wrong and maybe it’s cause I’m doing too much!

Oh thats Lauren

Never realized how pretty my name was til I heard you mentioned it

rachel k

Yes! That part about the trims. I definitely need to be more consistent with my trims. However, I keeps seeing lots of YT videos of woman’s hair looking fine in its natural state, but splits/uneven once its silked out. I’m starting to question if it matters that much especially if you don’t want to wear your hair straight all the time.


Lol I don't follow most "rules". I do what I want when I want and what works for my hair. I have many different textures so nothing really applies to my hair. Id say the only golden rules I stick to is using a Water Mister and cream conditioner ?. Enjoyed the video.

Books and Hair with Yaa

your hair is THRIVING! but I love how you don't follow the rules, and do what is best for YOUR hair.

Chantal S

Am I the only one who thought of a natural hair documentary when I heard her voice and beginning content of the video lol

Steph Broderick

The background!!! I don’t clarify either ? whoops!

Cassidy Davis

Lauren thank you for your intuitive takes on natural hair care. It’s really refreshing to see here on YT and I can relate with so many of your “rule breaking” reasons. Thanks for sharing!

Rosa R.

Her: I follow package directions.
Me: keeps deep conditioner in my hair for a whole day/night even though it says ‘leave in for 15 minutes’ ???

Charlene Ralph

I don't trim, I don't clarify, I DO use ANY shampoo that works for my hair, I deep condition overnight (but RARELY), while at the same time I oil my scalp, cover my hair and wash out both of them the next morning. My hair is now growing faster and healthier than ever by doing what my hair needs.


I just want to say that I absolutely love the way that you go 'against the grain' when it comes to managing your natural hair. I remember in one of your previous videos that you mentioned that you used heat while transitioning because you knew that if your relaxed hair could tolerate some heat, then your natural/virgin hair could definitely tolerate it. A lot of what is advised in the natural community really doesn't have a lot of logic behind it tbh, and I really appreciate that you are using your platform to normalize learning your own hair and doing what is best for you and your hair regardless of its a popular practice.
Oh and also, your video quality is amazing ?, you are amazing ?, and your hair is amazing ?

Esther Paul

OMG loving the new set-up and intro!!

Edwards Jeff


ysaura mendez

My love ? I love the true, thank you for been real.

Soni Youmans

LOVE the last one mostly ?

Bohemian God

Uhhh what kind of camera and lens do you use omg?


I’ve realized that no one knows your hair like you do, and what’s works for some doesn’t work for others. I love crunchy wash and goes, and I don’t use oils or butters in my hair. Don’t come for me, naturals, lol.

Zory Alvarado

I love your hair and skin tone.
Now I need to watch more video to see how you achieved that hairstyle. It looks so moisturized.

Niya :3

Love your personality and this channel ! ??❤️I break the rules too whoops?

Jaria Miller

I refuse to put oil in my hair after creams or gels. I’ve used the “LOC method” so many times and it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve found that if I do a hot oil treatment before shampooing that I get very full, moisturized curls after (I have low porosity hair with your curl pattern)

Curly Maria

I also follow the instructions on the products as far as possible . And that is what I do first and if it doesn't work then I try the product another way

Alex Campbell

Your winged eyeliner is nice as well. Im trying my best to master the wing eyeliner. What is the name of the eyeliner did you use? Thanks

Grectsim Arendorff

Me to either

Curly Maria

After I shampoo and add the leave in conditioner I apply the oil then hair cream and gel . I know people advise to add the oil last but it works this way for me .

Shelby Jestice

I never feel like I need to clarify either. I feel like a regular shampoo gets my scalp and hair clean enough. I wouldn't say this is a rule or anything but I feel like a lot of people have specific regimens they follow (ex. clarifying once a month, protein treatment once a month, and etc), but I just listen to what my hair needs at that time instead of following a specific plan each month. My hair has a mind of her own so it doesn't matter what I do if she doesn't like it ?

Kay Deep

Omg I remember how last year you were over your curly hair, and I said that you didn’t look happy at all. Im so glad that you stuck with it and watched it flourish! Even your YouTube name changed! So happy you embraced your curly hair, it looks great! You finally look happy xxx

SheRea DelSol

I love the aesthetics of this video!

Tiara Scott

Thank you! It would be loads of people that would say trim your hair every 3 months and I'm no all you're doing is cutting off your length. Only trim when you want to not because someone told you to. Do what works for you.

Natural curly

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$16 Affordable Wash & Go Routine| Natural Curly Hair!

356 099 views | 8 May. 2018

Heyyy! Here is my $16.94

Heyyy! Here is my $16.94 natural hair routine! This curly hair routine is super affordable and is great for those who want to grow their natural hair long and healthy (while on a budget)! Being natural can be expensive sometimes, so I show you cheap products that I use that give me defined, soft, and healthy curls and help me to keep all of my natural hair growth!


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~For Business Inquiries Only: JeweJeweBeeBusiness(at)gmail(dot)com


Music Info:

Track: Ship Wrek & The Highrollers - Waiting [NCS Release]

Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

Watch: https://youtu.be/4MhbkQ8zE6Q

Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/WaitingYO


**This video is NOT sponsored. All products were purchased with my own coins lol**

Diane Kimbondo

These curls... ???

Beatriz Ferreira

Que maravilhoso ❤

Koko Flop

OMG!! You look exactly like another YouTuber called “Astrema Simone” AND your videos are literally similar ??

Pari Bear

The cash register sound reminded me of lotto.... I'm so sorry ??


That was my favorite shampoo. The first shampoo I realized you can detangle with it in your hair with a wide teeth comb and it left my hair soft after rinsing it out but was looking for a cone free alternative which was kera care shampoo.

Yvette Paulwell

I love your curl

Yelissa Gear

I use the same moisturizer i m 12 and I have really loose curls I really want my hair like yours it's pretty


My right AirPod is loving this ...


Finally someone who turns off the water when there using the shampoo or conditioner

Shalei Baby

You literally used everything that isn’t good for curly hair make sure u check the back of the bottles they all have silicone and sulfates

iruzoioio kim

Wish I had hair like that

Denise Lyons

Thank you for that beautiful information beautiful hair nice conditioner and thank you for sharing

Daysia Shivers

Is the ors olive oils the same as the Ors olive oil smooth n hold pudding ?

Laylay Black

Her curls r so defined ?

Abby Wilson

Thank you ????for this videos
??it’s annoying? when I’m watching? a curly head ??‍???‍???‍?and the product ??works soo good ??and their curls look so defined ?? and im ??like I ??need ???this then there ??like its ONLY?? $40 I’m like sis what ??.

Sky Sin

But then u gotta pay the water bill LOL


Omg your hair is amaizing!

andressa souza

não dar pra você falar português não língua brasileira???

Unknown Lovexoxox

Do you use any curl creme or just leave in?

Nicole Nasson

How do you prevent or minimize breakage from washing your hair so often?

Sharell Davis

FYI mean for your information

Wech Wech

You use so much gel yet your hair never looks crunchy and flaky! So unfair ?


ik im like 3 years late but this is finally a good video that found on budget too smh


Omg ? your hair just makes me want to cry from how beautiful, soft, moisturized, and healthy it is ????

Tatyanna Hayward

□ ORS Naturals Rich Leave-In Conditioning Creme
□ ECO Styler Crystal Gel

Brittney W.

So you don’t rake the gel through your hair? I usually do that and it dries flat

kayla 123

Can you pls do the wet look and maybe a silk press or your straighten routine


Does this work for 3A type hair?

Shortie Charlotte

Your so pretty


don't you ever deep condition?

Thats SoAbby

I can’t find the ors anywhere. Where did you find or buy it?

Mosana Berhane

You wash your hairr all 3 4 days omg this is soooo bad


Looks through wallet
Me: Dammit.. I just need 25 more cents.. Welp.. Gotta wait till next time..

Bethany Nunez

from roots to ends?

Brittany Aguillard

Beautiful results

Shellyann Horde

Girl! never wash your hair so frequent, that can strip your hair of its natural oils

mikaylah, stop

what your hair type?? because I’m hoping 4a-4b


why are your curls so beautiful always shapopping???


I love your videos !

Any smaller youtubers want to swap subbies? I’m in ???

Juliana Dixel

My name is Juliana and my Nick name is also Juju


I tried this and my hair fluffed up like a balloon. My hair looked absolutely horrifying. Ughhh jew jews hair is so perfect ❤️

Cindy Maldonado



Do you still do this routine .??

always_bored 101

you are so beautiful and nice i wish i had your hair i have plain old straight hair

Daveeda Jane Brown

I use to use that it was too strong for my nose

zuleyka torres

Omg I'm so late but your hair is so beautiful I wish mine was like that lol?

Christopher Amaro

Your are giving me to much direction about hair , im latino men sooo im kind lost about natural hair

Yessenia Castillo



I wonder how it feels to have no heat damage ?

Tiara Bryant

any one notice luhhsetys wash day


Ya quisiera tener el cabello asi :'v,es muy hermoso,lo cuidas demasiado?

Shalanda Doria

Love your results, thanks for sharing!?

nia thomas

I'm a new subscriber!!!?


Hi girl!!! Your hair it's amazing but you need a shampoo with sulfates to clean all the silicones ?

clarese burns

Ur so pretty what are you mixed with ??

Makayla Hill

Your hair is so beautiful long and curly! Do you have any tips for me transitioning from relaxed to curly?

Yasmine Martin

That Creme Of Nature Is Bomb??

Sensational Kurlsss

I’m in Canada and the shampoo goes for 16$ on Amazon like whattt??? but i could maybe go to a beauty supply store or the pharmacy and get it cheaper

thanks God for everything

Wawwwwwww it's so lovely


What hair type is this?
4a or 3c?


What type hair is this cause thats important

Boujie MiMi

What’s your hair texture again?

Debbie Bloodworth


Mimi Anunobi

Has anyone else tried this? Please tell me how it turned out❤️

Gali Seven

Wow ?????


You no that eco is cancerous so you might want to stop using it


Finally A true Wash and Go.... because a lot of people do wash and style sit under the dryer

jerzey sorok

AND she lovesss the trader joes conditioner too

tissue box

i’ve came to so many different channels and it’s all the same. i don’t live in an area where i can get all these products. and a diffuser has never worked for my hair. it takes wayy too long and i can’t afford the “deva curl” one because i’m only 13. please help

Talita Alves

Oh my God! You're wonderful. Your hair is beautiful.

Alaa Dwidar

WOOOOWWW ur hair is amaaazing!!

Alysa Xo

I loved that video I actually already use crème of nature products so it was cool to see you use them too xx

Kasandra Rodriguez

Yaaaas omgsh ?????

Tatiana Pretty

What is the pink wrap called that you used to set your edges & where can you purchase it?

Sky Sin

My hair products for wash day was 13 dollars but I don't have a styling product any recommendations

Aline Santos

Já comecei gostando por que é um cabelo natural e ela tem uma paciência e fala passo a passo ??️ um grande beijo diretamente de Salvador Bahia

Ms H

Where do you get the ors from

Miss Destini Tv

It 13 dollars where I live

Ari Chanelle

Are you biracial if this question is uncomfortable then u do not have to answer it and I’m sorry if it is?

Kpop _ Biscuit

Does anyone else like to watch other wash days before you do yours? ??

Iracema Nobrega


Savvy chat Hylton

Beautiful think hair.

Shakira Cruz

I loved your video u keep it real

Mimi Anunobi

I LOVE THIS VIDEO JEW! Keep doing what your doing❤️❤️ How do you work with the shrinkage tho? If I air dryed my hair, it would be an inch?


Olá, faz vídeos com legenda em Português. Beijo


Your curls are so beautiful??


are you mixed or full black

Kpop _ Biscuit

We love a bouncy shister


I love your hair,is so long ?

happy life

thank you so much from france xoxox

Lanya Simpson’s

Alr you mixed and how many times should you wash your hair a month please answer

Fun Art Creations

Finally a real video offering a leave in conditioner that IS affordable.

Yasmine Martin

hairrr???? plus I use that stuff on my hair anyone with natural hair you might wanna use it

Pam Lin

I love affordable products!


Is it just me or does anyone else not like wet hair on them . Like I have type 3b 3c hair and I hate detangling bc my hair sheds and the wet hair just creeps me out

p i n k i e

Wow I just made 300k views (:

Emma Elisha

That moment all these products are expensive where I am or is more expensive than the actual exchange rate

Nicole Nasson

Also do you exclusively finger detangle?

Le-Anne Kerr

Wow amazing where do you buy the leave in

Bee Love

Thank you.

Natural curly

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My Natural Curly Hair Routine with Aussie!

43 921 views | 26 Jun. 2020

open me for more

open me for more info!

Hello everyone! I’ve partnered with Aussie to walk you through my natural curly hair routine using all Aussie products! In this tutorial I will be showing you how I get my curls detangled, defined, and SUPER moisturized!

Here is the link to where you can get your Aussie products: https://attach.mikmak.tv/533d3bc8-79ca-3d92-ff3f-4964c304cdc4?trafficType=organic&attachCampaignName=youtube-curls&handle=hannah-mussette&platformType=youtube&adPlacementType=bio

FTC disclosure: This video is sponsored by Aussie

?Social Media:

Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/x5ULhW/

Ig: https://www.instagram.com/mussette/?hl=en (@mussette)

Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/hannah_mussette

Twitter: https://goo.gl/FKPiFL

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hannahmussette/?ref=br_rs

Soundcloud; https://m.soundcloud.com/mussettee


Camera: https://amzn.to/2XTZrxe

Light: Natural and ring light https://amzn.to/34SP3qX

Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro

#naturalhair #hannahmussette

?Support my business!?

Jumu Hair Pick:


rock lobster

their deep conditioner will always be a favorite of mine

Aaliyah Poole

My name is Aaliyah. I just graduated high school and now entering college. I have been wanting to create a clothing brand of my own and is starting to get things in order. So if you guys could follow my ig @thereal_aaliyahhayilaa. That would be a huge help with me growing my business. Apparel dropping soon!?


Hey Hannah and friends I'm a small youtuber who does natural hair and makeup. Please go watch and support my channel❤ https://youtu.be/Y4mR3UPa4PY

Éva Bee

I have a quick question

Where's the frizz?

Saucy Sam

Yasss!!! I remember seeing your video when you started out your hair journey???? love the progress!!!

Nail Art Design By Darius

Love Your Hair MaMa.

You Are Fierce Always Love U Girlie xoxo❤??????‍♀️




I always get super confused when it comes to hair patterns, too! I think me and you have the same hair texture, especially when it comes to it being looser in the front and more tightly coiled in the back. I've never even thought or heard many talk about porosity though! I'm sure my hair doesn't retain moisture well at all, because my hair is super quick to get dry, even with product in it! I always have to put my hair products on in the shower and put on a bonnet while I get ready so my hair can retain all the product and do it's thing.

Tae TM

It look like her hair grew

Yoanna Mcr

i think ura ia 3c-4b so u have abit of everything

Harmoni McGee

After looking at the ingredients I did notice some have silicones in them. Did you notice any difference in your hair from this? I’ve been wanting to try this line for awhile but prefer more natural products

Dane B

Background music?

Bandaid Baby

Anyone else’s hair getting hella dry during this quarantine?

Taylor K Made

You loook soooo different girl lol you got them braces off! it matured your looks a lil bit more! ❤️

literally Leila

Yeah my hair is identical to yours ?

Genysys Scott

Them curls defined!!!!

Blk Barbie

You’re the first social media ‘influencer’ with my type of hair and it makes me so happy that I know what products I can use ?

Bella Rose

Funny you posted this because today is my washday and I’m using Aussie for the first time??


Girl you are literally glowing!!!! You look so genuinely happy and healthy all around!!!! I’m so happy to see it for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I love your videos?they really helped me during my big chop???

Uchenna Camille

I think my hair is similar to your hair, but shorter. I have like 4c and 4a

Janet Lekoba

I'd love to see a video with her sisters

Chioma Uché

i’ve been waiting for this video musi?❄️♠️♠️

Unknown Name

Is aussie black owned?


Thank you so much cause I’ve been trying to find products for my curls as well. Having big hair is hard to manage ?

Coco loco

This is just a thought but could you try doing the Aztec clay mask on you face

T Jmpmstr

Do you know if these Aussie products are silicone-free and if not, do you follow the curly girl method?

Vee Dove

As usual I “like” your videos before viewing?I can always trust that it’s quality content..love me some #HannahMussette ?

Makayla Spencer



Just so anyone knows that Aussie oil stuff isn't even oil it a shit ton of silicone and maybe a few drops of oil and fragrance and alchohol. The oils are far down the lists of ingredients , It also doesn't let anything penetrate your hair after using and washing your hair out after using that stuff u do need to shampoo twice.

I don't care about any of that but for anyone out there trying to stay away from silicones u might want to avoid that oil

Serena slowe

Her hair us definitely getting longer.
And it looks so healthy, ??.


So beautiful I love your hair it looks like mine


Do you recommend any natural hair blogs or sources where I could find basic information about taking care of an afro? :>

kix_an nuh

Heyy I love your videos, I been watching since the beginning and you inspired me to start a channel when i big chopped. Can you give me some tips on how to grow my channel?


Natural reign's cousin right here!


Your hair looks great


Your Hair is always lovely. Please I have a question.
For how long do you keep your hair in wash and go curls like this irrespective of the refreshing times? Weeks, a month, months ??

Chioma Uché

finalllllllyyyy i’ve been waiting. ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lilian Okibe

OMG! Your hair. ????


Bought these products a while ago and I absolutely love them ??

Shirnece Reese

Curls schhh - popping!!!?

Avery Smith

What camera do you use Hannah

Alexandria Brown

I love you so much girly ❤️ thanks for the videos!!

Daissa Marie

LOVE YOUU UGH! Also love Aussie ??


Love it! We are hair twins, so I'll have to get these products for my routine!

Farah Sk8

Actually so underrated ???

Flaviany Ferreira

What’s your curl type?

Kennedy Lynn

omg we literally have the same hair type. when I uploaded my curly hair routine I used Aussie deep conditioner and to this day is thee BEST DEEP CONDITIONER I've ever used.

Hannah Sturdivant

I found your channel cause my name's Hannah too lol

Makwena Poopedi

"where's the friiiizzz!" ??

Jorden’s World

Love your channel❤️


I NEED to buy these products omg ???

Mia Porche

Love your hair color!❤

Anabel Batista

Omg your hair is so long and definitely ??


Y’all I’m scared of Aussie ??idk if I did sum wrong but I used that 3 minute miracle deep conditioner and my hair felt like straw??


I don't know what is this obsession about having curls. Frizz look really good too.
Also love your hair like they naturally are ❤


Thank youuu... you're so beautiful and your voice is awesome !! ???
I love your look and styling girl ???❤

Lil Kota

How come you don’t put the products up top on your roots ?


Whats ur hair thickness and dencity? ❤️❤️❤️

Süheyla Dilşat Karaarslan

I just wanna make it clear the fact that the real type of hair is not found after using tones of products. You should let it dry in the air without using any product or hair dryer, like the start of the video for example. Your hair is definitely 4, and I think it's between 4A and 4B, it's a super beautiful hair you should be proud of anyways. I love your hair.

Faith Queen

You can just test your porosity to be sure about which one it is

That's So Rae

aww you are the cutest with your curly hair!! new subbie ?


I saw u in flo Millis video

Shantell Best

Absolutely loving how your hair turned out!!! Looks great gotta try these products!!

kohn work

Your hair is flourishing girl love it


I want my hair to be like this so bad but it’s not curly enough to magically define gravity so it hangs down, but it’s cut short so right now I’m rocking a stunning mushroom?? it’s not a look?‍♂️?


This hair is healthy, gorgeous, growing and flourishing???


“wHeRe’S tHe fRiZz?”

Michael Parfitt

Have you done a blowout for a length check recently ? Not a silk press though , just a normal blowout ?

Tiffany Walls

Finally found someone hair that look like my texture !!!! Thanks so much

Fabiana Silva

I loved??

awawawatsnebxd 8888

You're so stunning, girl I love u

Trinity Nykole

I low key use the refresher almost like a curly hairspray ? since it has quite a bit of hold.

Osa Neal

Let me move my bangs so you can hear this ?

Yes Ma’am

I need to try these!!

Artual Pseu


Izzi Iz

Hey I found you one if and you are very inspirational and you have personality but what I need to ask is what’s you hair type?


I think I FINALLY found my hair twin! ?????✨

Taryn Milton

Anyone know the background music?

Ambar Rosa

Any oils for growth and thickness that you can recommend my hair looks big but it’s really thin still?

virginia VC


Brie Lax 44

I would say you have medium porosity 3c/4a hair textures

Battery Buchanan

Girl, on a totally different note, please stay safe down there in Florida. That deadly airborne ting is serious in that state. ? ?

brown skin fejiz Emmanuella

I missed you hannah

Jontae Williamson

You are so pretty

Leticia Haydi

I knew your channel today and I love your videos girl, I love your hair too

Joia Lynai


Sydney M.

Why are you so stunning??? I look like the lovechild of lord farquaad and a baked potato.

Ashanti Murray

I can't wait for my heat damage to be gone...I wanted to big chop but I couldn't get anytime now my curls are coming back but there's still hint of heat damage... I hope I can find something to really treat it then be rocking my curls ?


Ouuu u gotta get a Padded brush ! It’ll do better for your curls

Michelle Grobbelaar

Your hair is so gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️?????

jo cap

basically, “black is not welcome here”, “self hate is welcome”??

Dyllis Kathryn



How long is your hair


Beautiful hair



Christa Joelle

been watching you since i first big chopped !! i love watching your journey and seeing how far you’ve come !! beautiful hair ??

Mouzn Adam

How often should u wash ur curly hair? btw Ily and ur vidzz

Koolie K

Beautiful hairrrr??