Lipstick diy

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DIY: Make Blue Lipstick :: Crayon Method

4 847 717 views | 10 Sep. 2013

Watch my My Fall Colors

Watch my My Fall Colors Lipstick:: Crayon Method here:


**Color Can Be Bought Here**


If you would like to see a makeup tutorial using this blue lipstick, comment below and like this video.

Thanks for watching!!!

Asuka Kagura

Guys please read this it is very important

Although their products are nontoxic, they do not recommend using them to make eyeliner, lipstick or other makeup, and strongly discourage their use in this manner. ... Because they were never meant to be used as makeup, our colored pencils or crayons have not been tested in the same way and should not be used as a cosmetic.

Rose Punch

Cool cool

KS Bassey

Your lips looks so big not trying to be rude?

GetOffMy Channel

You shouldn’t do this because they have led


Nice shirt and I could use that thx!

Bethany Fosbinder

Ahhhhhh the struggle.I know the feeling. Lol

rojass nataliaa

wtf make sure they dont think ur doing something illeagle

Pep Flare

can this hurt your lips

Garner Meredith

Loved this video! I have a post about the same thing if you would like to check it out. http://sewmuchcraftiness.com/lip-color-crayons-tutorial/

luz perez

i love this vidio??

Abby And Annie

they look so cute

Preeti Benn

This colour doesn't suits you


like your color blue

Maurice Mc

it looks awesome

Bethany Fosbinder

First try, damn I can colour paper with my lips. Didnt workout to well.?

tiffany jackson

I love it

Miamitinez Mia

I love your lips your awesome

Celeste R

verrrrrrrrry cool


How would a crayola crayon, a pot of boiling water and aluminium tin foil be something illegal

juliana domingos


Marshmallow Twists

I made a mint green lipstick with coconut oil, vaseline, white crayon, mint crayon, white shimmer eyeshadow and mint shimmer eyeshadow

Alyssa Hayes

D ctvhctchviu

Pesileka Taufa


kuhu wooo

Kylie Jenner who ?

Ktk Lacey's

I mean this in the best way but u have big lips wow ?

Amy Bukouras

So pretty!! ♡♡♡

It’s Fiona’s World


Lizbeth Vazquez

it's pretty cute the color I love it

Sabir Ansari

chi chi

Shanjida akther nishi

can i use a pastel colour.

Makeup Royal Care Cosmetics


Tyleigh Mckelley


Tankadhar Sa


meloveuu *

Im still watching this in 2020


The blue is too cute

Anali Hernandez

Love it

treoskskdkdk kdlspspwlwl



could I use vegetable oil

arlisha vil

it's so wonderful I'm gonna make it tomorrow to see how it turn out

Daleah Baker-smalllwood

thank you cuz you made my 4th of july

sarah escobar

I think the first lipstick was a mood lipstick (color changing)

nadalie artistic

illegal as in druuuuuuuuuuuugs

nobody nothing

lol 1:12 was funny

Ceron Rachelle

this is awesome. I never knew that u could do that


Does it have to be olive oil?

Naudia Kitty Dragon

The blue lipstick kind of looks purple

Ashton Fitz

It was so pretty it looked almost like it was legit glowing ?

Trish Diy

you must. know. tell a person. what your doing if its something wrong I lol. so hard??

zoe g.

Her voice scared me in the beginning Its was like. hello everyone. In a scary voice. Lol

Yacky Snacky

Very clever. I like it. Thank you.

Norie Hirose

This diy crayola lipstick is the best video I have watched. Better try that.

Colin Brand



Melanie Martinez vibes

Hardcore Minecraft

This video gives me asmr


What would ur roommate think ur doing ?

Allison Copeland

"If you live with someone else, please let them know what you are doing so they won't think you're doing something illegal." Hahahahaha x3

Karla Plays

Well I think the one you used changed colors because I bought a pink lipstick and when I put it on it turned purple so I think that’s why but I don’t know

Cecelia Collins

its a pretty color

Jadyn4775393 C.

does this work with different colors too?

Natalie Cummings


Queen cupid

try this app called youcam makeup you can were lots of things like this


please dont use crayons because it is not healthy

Jennifer Brown

o my goodness that looks so pretty on ur lips :3

Kullanıcı A

not bad .. we can try to make this just one more time . I think it isn't healthy

yup kass

Oh my, I remember watching this a very long time ago... ahhhh the memories!

Ivy Girl

+Essence of a Belle will Crazy Art crayons work too?

takia nunn

Your doing it a lil wrong

Rae Anderson


i l y s h e r e e n e

My childhood!!!!

Paris Jackson

to bright

Queen Keke

1:06 xDDDD

Devia Singh

I think the MK lipstick u bought is and magic lipstick... it looks like blue but wen apply it's pink or red..

Brittany Smith


Lacey Govier

that was amazing

Rhiannon Post


mirian suarez

573i kat ye1<ujuijshsjjjwjjekhufgedddijnbjibvigeghsjhehhshgwghhhhebhhhjjjjehiget
u3yuigwi e huge

Zhu Marco


سارة عامر محي احمد

the crayons are not bad for your skin and lips? pls say aomething cuz I really like this idea

Karen kapea

Anyone here october 2020?

valerie flores

2:32 is that a heathy choice bowl!?

Helen Maldonado

it's good

Nisanur Koseoglu

very beatiful


I can give you a tip to make it easier, use a skillet with water then take to small bowls and do it.? Just trying to help.



Diamond Matthews

love it

Deja Jones

I wish we can make stuff without any type of oil like just cooking stuff

Avsthetic Anastasia

90% comments: they dont think illegal
10% comments: other

Sanat Kumar Nag

alumimium and steam=??

Aalyiah Lynn Thomas

I love your lipstick

Too Much Erin 2

That is a really pretty color

Shanjida akther nishi

please tell me

Shenique Jackson

Pretty Voice and Pretty Lips ?????????????????


If you live with someone please tell them so they don’t think you’re doing something illegal

Lydia Fitzpatrick

I love it! Beaut colour

Patsy Roper

I love it?it's pretty?

Choco Chocoland


Sufyana Singh

i love your voice it is very soothing

Benet Wilson

that blue look pretty

Ivy Girl

90% of the comments section is about doing something illegal

Daleth Barrios

That lipstick ? colour is very pretty

Lipstick diy

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DIY Crafts: How To Make A Giant Lipstick - DIYs Storage Idea or Gift Box

669 116 views | 14 Feb. 2016

DIY Crafts: How To Make A

DIY Crafts: How To Make A Giant Lipstick - DIYs Storage Idea or Gift Box!

Learn how to make DIY giant Lipstick that you can use as a gift box or as room decor for storage! This giant lipstick is so easy to make and you end up with an adorable and unique gift box or bedroom decoration storage idea :) In this easy DIY craft video tutorial learn how to make DIY giant storage bucket or gift box that looks like a real lipstick container. This is an inexpensive craft idea that requires a cheap container and spray paint. I hope you have fun with this cool DIY gift box / room decor storage craft idea. There are so many fun colors you can make your lip balm - Have fun and get creative! These would make great gifts or presents for friends & family. So let's start crafting some beautiful and amazing gift boxes or storage bins for fun, unique and cool room decor to store your school supplies or give as a gift. These would make great gift boxes for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas gifts and more. This is a good prank for your friends or family when you give them this as a gift with lots of cool presents inside!

What kind of lipstick are you inspired by? I would love to see your DIY creations. These homemade ideas would make perfect

gifts/presents. What lipstick lover wouldn't like to receive one of these handmade gift ideas? Also, do you any school hack

ideas? What fun things or pranks would by great DIY's to make? Any good life hacks or pranks?

Again, I would love to see your DIY craft ideas!

If you have a DIY craft idea let me know in the comments.

Here are the supplies you will need:


Styrofoam (From Floral Dept.)

Black Spray Paint

Silver & Red Acrylic Paint

Also, if you have a favorite DIY project, craft or activity that you like let me know. Do you have a video you would like to see - request a craft video tutorial!

I hope you enjoy this DIY lipstick storage bucket or gift box video tutorial please remember to like and subscribe -


If you make these use the #kimspireddiy - I would love to see your finished project. Show me your best custom DIY giant lipstick container ideas on social media! Thanks for watching - DIY Crafts: How To Make A Giant Lipstick - DIYs Storage Idea or Gift Box

For cool pinterest diy craft ideas follow me at - https://www.pinterest.com/KimspiredDIY/

For Tumblr inspired diy craft projects follow me at -


Stop by and enjoy some of our other fun craft videos:

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How To Make A Bubblegum Phone Case


How To Make Emoji Slime


5 Easy DIY Pen Miniature Drink Holders


DIY Crafts: 4 Easy DIY Candy Pens - Cool & Unique Craft Tutorial


DIY Crafts: 3 Easy DIY Phone Case Projects


DIY EOS Starbucks Erasers


Here are some other fun Youtubers DIY giant craft ideas for you to check out! Have fun making your own cool & unique giant crafts!

DIY Swirl Candy Lipstick Eraser for Back To School



DIY GIANT EOS Lip Balm! | How To Make The BIGGEST EOS In The World! | GIGANTIC EOS! | Grande EOS!



GIANT Kit Kat Bar!

Shane Dawson TV


DIY Giant Gummy Cola Bottle - How To Make Giant Gummy Coca-Cola Bottle At Home (Recipe)



DIY How to Make 15KG Edible Giant Jelly Pudding! Giga Pudding Experiment



DIY Orbeez Soap! Make Giant Orbeez Soap!

Karina Garcia


DIY Crafts: How To Make A Giant Lipstick - DIYs Storage Idea or Gift Box


Anne De Groote

Cool comme création. J'adore ??❤??

Vlada Ledi



i think putting a sheet of clay over the liptick portion would give it a smooth even, realistic touch :)

Paul Gentry

sore like one second of a video and just had to subscribe xx you are amazinnnggggggggg

Shane Swope

what's your name ????????????????????????????

Elianna Hernandez

You are the best

DIY Lover Anime

You are awsome I love your videos

Isabel Dahl

love those

Ella Spears

who else is just watching these and not ever gonna do anything

max tatlock

what size is the bucket?

Lauren Hall

That was cool

Marina Loboda

I LOVE lipstick????

Lucy Reyes

Hi I love you cafts there amazing ?

Francisca Escobar

i made most of your diys

Jayla Eaddy

I really liked that video

Marie Grace Barro

Can you make a giant eos

D.I.Y Ideas

i want more of these giant videos

Olivia Reynoso

Oh my gosh no way!!! yes more ideas heehee. can't wait to do the giant Polish nail and the lipstick!!!!



Crystal Kumi

can you send me the links or stores to go to to get the supplies from ?

Irene Agapidou life

hi,i love your diys a lot;)Please subscribe to my channel!!♡♡☆☆■●

Rzaya Dixon

love lipstick

Quack Quack

I love it

La caprichuda. de virgen rivera

#Kimspireddiy what size is your foam you used ,because i seen one at micheals and it looked to small and i want to get the same one u used here, can i pls know the size so i can do the lipstick...

Mya Telles

ILYSM ur videos literally make my day!!!! Ur so creative and open minded!! keep up the great work❤


I'm so sad because in the UK we don't have Micheals and that's where she got the stuff

Shane Swope

hi my name is Shane Swope

Xiandra Jones

i love it ?????????

Hortencia Serna

wow that is so cute

Lynn Abou Raya

My friend would definitely need this as she owns like 100 lipsticks ( she owns a lot)

shanique johnson

What size did you use for container that you bought at Michael large or medium

chloelayla chloelayla

it's really good

Leslie Cardenas


Boop Snoot

So so cute!! will be making all of these as soon as I have room!

marisabel morales

I love this(:

Kiahra Allen


Maggie Moore


Marina Pullum

thank you my niece sweet 16 next moth will be using this

Kia Johnson


Scarlett Genie

Who wants to make me one?

Taqara Williams

thank u so much I did this and I love it √√

Cecilia Ybarra

love this giant lipsticks

Destiny D Hall


Leah Nmore

How do you come up with these ideas +kimspireddiy

Mariana Cruz



Ur so creative
Definitely gonn b doing some of these

Alexis Fayne

How long should you let it dry

Selena Anaya lepe

Thx imma do it for my school project

Sari Lareta



Make a giant Eos

Erna Bošnjak

That can be a great room decor



this is just perfect for my MOM !

Tabarak Stars

omg! Amazing ?????

Misty Woods

omg girl so cute

Kylee wilson

I feel as though using clay for the top part would have worked better because it wouldn't have the texture but overall good diy

Sienna Mália

Your ideas r so amazing and unique!! I love all ur diys and they're all so creative!! Keep it up, I love watching ur vids ??????

Alahni Jhené

I can get over ur vids they r so great #LoveDIYS Love u so much

Amie Hodgson

U could use a pool noodle


Your Chanel is the First With diys i am actually thinking about doing! Youre awesome!!

Abbi Phillips

could we hollow out the top of the lipstick and use it as extra storage?

Life in the smith Home

Thank you Kim this is so awsome!

Marcely Bittencourt J.B


Lilly Somersall

I love your work

zane ahmed



so cute

Marybel Lopez


Halima Ismail

Giant eos

m z

at first I thought it was real

Saraswatee Cheekoory

how to make lipstick at home

Hayleigh Mitchem

can u get acrilic paint on your hands

Daniel Nedelcu

Love it

Kala Bryant

could u plz make me one ??

JacobSartoriusMusicalys 239

can you use a hot glue gun if u don't have E 6 thousand

Shane Swope

love it

MB Madison Brandon

I like what you did it was cool .

Kerri Fitzgerald

I love that is so COOL ??????????????

Muftar Haji

other DIY I do not watch whole videos cause it is lame I watch ur while DIY videos that is how. much I love ur videos keep the great videos going love u

Fredy Gods

you are so creative I love it

Fire MoonMae

Can u do a giant eos

Harry Porter

I love all your videos please comment back you are the queen of diys when are you gonna let us see your face


This is so cute, I love your ideas. Two questions: (1) I've never seen this kind of Styrofoam before and the nearest Micheal's is and hour and a half away, is there anything we could use instead? (2) have you ever made a giant perfume bottle?

Ellie Hepler

I LOVE this video

Nevaeh Beauprez

your amazing keep up the good work

Luke Wannabe Hemmings


Quinty van Prooijen

nice video!!!

Hannah McG

really liked the diy

DIY Lover Anime

Can you make a giant eos lip balm video

Chloe & Corina

Your really good at diy's. i just subbed, i was hoping you could sub back

Jessica Rodriguez

I like when you add lipstick inside of the big lipstick


I don't have any E600 glue, can I use hot glue instead?



Ms.brookie Addison

I love you u are the best!?

le tran

I love it and the best thing ever is lipstick

Yadira Ramirez

I. Really. like. your. lipstick. container

Dilshad Jaffar

wow I love all your videos!!!!!!

KeepCalm&EatChocolate 21

Your so amazing and awesome, your videos are so EPIC!!!

Breasia Garner

can you please make me one please please please

Erin Hudacek

This is really cool! Keep up the good work?

Muftar Haji

ur videos are cool I saw it and I am watching it everytime

Emilyy Flockhart

kim u deserve everyone to subscribe you?

Lipstick diy

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5 DIY Makeup Projects You Need To Know! Simple DIY Lipstick using Supplies like EOS, Crayons! !

5 448 209 views | 1 Apr. 2017


HELP ME MAKE THIS PALETTE A REALITY by joining the Kickstarter Backer Fam & participate in design ideas & get exclusive BTS access: http://kck.st/2o8qaoi

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Want to see a sneak peak of some preliminary product designs?

- http://bit.ly/2nhc7bA and http://bit.ly/2nhrsJ4

This video was made in partnership with Lisa Frank and Glamour Dolls JOIN THE FAMILY ➜ http://bit.ly/wengiefam GET THIS VIDEO TO 150,000 LIKES!

Need bees wax? Try this one: http://amzn.to/2nu8nVb

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Contribute to Kids Education join Learnicorns: http://bit.ly/2mwoDnu

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BONUS GIVEAWAY MACBOOK entries: http://bit.ly/2lGRB4W

Subscribe to my music channel here: http://bit.ly/ruderobotmusic

Song list

BRKLYN feat. Mariah McManus - Can’t Get Enough [Bradley Allan Remix]: https://youtu.be/wYhD0KJ13xA

Anki - Take Me Home ft. Sophia: https://youtu.be/2-nBwX6sZN4

Anki - Both To Blame ft. HICARI: https://youtu.be/HfHQWSqx15A

Anki - Midnight ft. HICARI: https://youtu.be/BRls5gyfWR4

BRKLYN feat. Mariah McManus - Heart Of The City: https://youtu.be/7zyotJFSi6c

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is a simple DIY Makeup Tutorial that can help you survive any school or home makeup emergencies and t's great because we are using everyday supplies and objects! These simple life hacks can save your life one day and it uses diy science with crayons, coco and teaches you makeup making skills. Try them before you go back to school. The next video may be a life hack or perhaps a diy or routine not sure yet what do you think? Love, Wengie

This video is sponsored by Glamour Dolls X Lisa Frank.

jeng addun-carag

Who else is watching this at quarantine

Ram Khadgi

can u plz tell me where we can find eos container


rest in peace mia

Kylie and Johnny O.

Yeah I totallyyyy have a syringe in my house

ItsJahnika Adams

who is here in coivd

Vineeta Sharma

Crayons are safe?

Grace Flame {presents}

Wengie: now you just pry out the middle piece of the eos
Me:tries using butter knife
Also me:getting slightly triggered
Me again: Grabs super pointy knife and still takes 5 mins to get it out

Rose Njeri

wengie im 9yrs old can I still have makeup

tik tok time!


Hannah Lee

wow the contour actually works:DD

Chhay Hong

I’m going to do it for my Doll

Artesia 5687



haha still waiting on that palette

miffy miffy

Hi who’s watching this is COVID lockdown lol

Lesley Galvez

Hi wengie

Frozen Fathima

Shall I use charcoal instead of charcoal tablets???

purna chandar macharla

Are u a Korean


Wengie: Mia i know what your doing mia
me: O.O shes on your bed

Lens Wonderful World

ow mia is still alive here miss u mia


Wengie you're soooo pretty

ashwin reddy

I never see this vedio ❤️❤️

Generous Kylee

Rainbow lines on cover

Angel Politte

What else can you use if someone is allergic to coconut ?. Can they use like Vaseline instead.

Malea Pruiett


Amber and Megans Gaming

baby poweder gives cancer.

Tania Costigan

am i the only one who's watching this in 2020 lol


thanks sweetie?


Where re u from?


You are so sweet ,beautiful ,cute

Janet Domanais

Hi. wengei. how. to. make. eye. shadow your. Products. Please ?

Ari Randall

Just a question is the crayon blush safe for you skin

Lillian Skinulis

I have her coloring book

Sabbu Maharjan

I love so much

Rashida Akhter

Who is in stuck at home because of coronavirus????hit like...if it is you too?

Anwen Miles

So cool

govind kushwah

I love your gaming channel ????????

Sehrish Altaf



Make one that kids can make

Rita Gharibyan

You forgot to do eyeshadow

Qasim Dogar

video starts on 2: 10

Tareq Ussalam

wow wengie

Ishanvi Agarwal

For lip balm, what is the alternative of bees wax

Brenda B

From Uganda
Thank ?

Just Rehana

Is anyone here in:
Cuz I’m from 2022

Kashmir Kaur

You speak in Punjabi

kitty kat

I like the sweets in the background

senfa's world

Can you make eos container like an a video

Hania zia

Plz wear full clothes my mom and dad don't allow this

Jhana Kimberly Malacaya

Who miss mia???

Anishka's World

When you are 3 years late


Is this sensitive skinn
Who can reply please tell me???

Anita M

i love the vids


For anyone who doesn't have makeup (me), you can make pressed powder by adding more cornstarch to the contour until it is your skin tone.

Asjad Sardar

I made the blush for my mum on her birthday because she accidentally broke her only blush and luckily it was 2 days before her birthday, so when I gave her the blush and said I made it, my mum was AMAZED!!! I love to make my own gifts for people’s birthdays and I don’t really like to BUY gifts because I think it’s more fun and special to MAKE the gift ?. Also I think it is kinda ironic because you need to buy an EOS container so why don’t you just use the EOS instead of making your own ?


Your face is beautiful

CiCi M

2020? ?❤️❤️✨


I just have one question where do you get so many empty containers from ?

salma salam

This makeup will last for a year please tell☺?

Sally Kistan

I love u

Asta Shrestha

Beautiful ?

Fun with Kennisia

I don't have beeswax please tell me what to do can I use all the ingredients except beeswax please tell I wanna make please please

Mercyah Pennamon

Love your videos and where did you get the mortar and pestle

ashwin reddy

You can make another vedio in his topic

a person playz

How do you just have empty containers for what you are making?
And where do I get them?


Who's excited about our very first MAKEUP PROJECT with Lisa Frank & Glamour Dolls??!!! Lets make it together :D!!!! OMG!!! UNICORNS :D ILY~

tik tok time!

I REALLY MISS THESE VIDEOS. lets do a vote! ask who wants another video like this!!!

Mirna Chairez

My name is Isabella ??????☺️??✋????????✊✌️????????????️????????✋✋✋????????????????????????????????????????????????☠️☠️?

Akram Ali

Its 2020....why did u left snapchat wengie i miss u

ananya banerjee

5:36 I don't think you should use crayons on skin .

i was a potato duh

Mia in 2020 rip. Sad

Morgan Gilbert

sorry im not al princes and rainbows just need black make up

Netram Soni

Wengie and Sara beauty corner are my favourite channel ??

Noura Fatema Kumail Rashid

Where can you get the containers

k pop golden makne

Where do you live wengie

Alina's Art studio

I miss old wengie

Hanging with desera . Makeup and more Desera!


Malea Pruiett

Aww kitty

Laura Dance

What with the candy u must like candy who dostint love sweets

Santhi Santhi

Thank you a lot

Sachi Kalola

Which camera you use for videos??

Sneha Sphoorthy

It starts at 2:17, thank me later

Blueberry gacha

Who has aloe vere gell at home?‍♀️no hate

Amira Garipov

i'm actually so genuinely surprised that this video is still up

Siddharth Srivastava

I love your diy videos

Ronaldo Ria

I love doing all your diys they are awesome ??

Leah Shavalier

Wengie. Do a makeup ? tutorial

Sky Anderson

Wengie your awesome

gabriella martin

2020 anyone ?

Laura Dance

I don't really wear makeup much at all.

Madison Fuller

I love your cat

lexi rose

Am I the only one who misses the unicorn hair?

senfa's world

Where is your mother
Please tellllll,❤

Tina Sharai

2:03 is when the DIY start

christina Netsanet

The same to that emily Connelly

Suva Nadarajah

This is interesting upload more videos please


I dont think ill try these because my sister put honey on her face and got a breakout




I like your hair

Kitty and Micky

I just copy you because I love you so so so soooooo much


@Wengie how did you made your candle stand
plz tell