Hydroquinone safe

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Is HYDROQUINONE Safe? ....Benefits and Side Effects | #skinlightening

79 views | 2 Nov. 2020

Hello Besties

Hello Besties ?

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Today's Video Topic : HYDROQUINONE

HYDROQUINONE, also known as benzene-1,4-diol.

HYDROQUINONE is used to Lighten the dark patches of the Skin.

HYDROQUINONE works on the Skin by decreasing the Melanocytes makes Melanin, which is produces your Skin tone.

HYDROQUINONE may worsen Hyperpigmentation in darker Skin Tones.

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Mary Ndu

Pls my dear Aisha, are these powders safe to use; kojic acid, licorices extract, sepi white, giga, mulberry extract. If they are not, pls what natural powder do u recommend for serious dark spots and acnes on dry skin

Mary Ndu

Pls Babe, I need your WhatsApp number ooooooo

Global Debora

Very informative video

Amen skincare

Thanks for sharing, I hope they listen, they just want quick action

Crix laughter Zone

You doing great and thanks for this great tips??


My prof always speaking from an area of strength.

Mary Ndu

Pls what other powders can we substitute for hydruquinone

Olufayo Inioluwa

Thanks ma?

Okoli Linda

Thanks alot

Queenbella Joy

Lovely video content Nice topic ?

Hydroquinone safe

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Is Hydroquinone Safe?

24 641 views | 30 Jun. 2015

Skin Bleaching, Skin

Skin Bleaching, Skin Whitening, Skin Lightening. So many choices, but they are all basically the same thing. The bottom line is that you want to change the tone of your complexion and you need a mild treatment to do it. Sometimes it’s best to use a stronger product like a hydroquinone cream. READ MORE AT: http://goo.gl/2US15D

Margarita Romero

So, as I understood it's safe to use creams that contain hydroquinone 2%?

Lourdes Moghadam

If i was given Hydroquinone thats at 6% combined with 1% Hydrocortisone, is that also safe to apply? I have cystic acne in which I am also taking an antibiotic called Minocycline @ 50MG...So I am trying to treat the acne and get rid of the dark spots i have.. opinion?


Does it “thin” the skin? I heard it does.

Fajis Fairy

Im using it for 4 months and have best results on my face.
Now I am pregnant, and is it safe to use during pregnancy?
Pls reply

Meenakshi Kannaujiya

Plz sir reply

Dank meme Hub

Can we use it directly....without mixing with other cream

Ruby Rabbit

Is this a steroid cream? Can this cause perioral dermatitis ?

Neno Jojo

plz doctor help me..this cream effact my skin i,m so worried

Farha Khan

I used hydruqune cream this is a safe or not please Dr give me the reply what I needed

Krishna Puli

After stopping the use of hydroquinone, does the pigmentation comes back?

Meenakshi Kannaujiya

Hello sir m Meenakshi from India m using melacare skin cream.... Its also hydroquinone use 2%...since 1 year m using this... Now my complexion get fair but my skin got thin n hair come over my face..... Nd some tym my skin got so red nd itchy... So shall I continue with this...... Nd if I will leave this cream so how I can safely stop using the cream without skin get dark again

tech user

Hydroquinone is banned by many countries . It's steroid and steroid will work for some time when you leave it .it will ruin your skin

Ed Sed

Lol, so many South Asians here, ofcourse not for the purpose to treat hyperpigmentation but to whiten their natually brown skin.

Ahmed Zaheer

I am using this for frackles is it safe ur not its chnaging my skin colour in redish brown

Shaira Khan

So it's safe to use?? How come I heard that it gives you cancer??

Henry Krinkle

Where does all the controversy come from then?

Anand Mohan

Yes . Hydroquinone is safe as long as you don't abuse it .. use with on & off cycle 3 months on and 3 month off .. look for steroids free combinations. Follow sun avoidance programme, use spf 50+ if going out .. for more information consult to your dermatologist

Shagufta naz

can i mix 1 table spoon of 2% hydro quinone in any hand cream? is it safe?

Hydroquinone safe

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Hydroquinone | Is it safe for skincare?

138 views | 10 Nov. 2020


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i was just thinking of buying some hydroquinone for my hyperpigmentation

isatou Jabbi

i like this