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408 views | 28 Jan. 2021


#Bemyvalentinecollab #valentinecouplescollab #CoralieRoseBeauty

Be my Valentine couples collaboration 2021 questions! As you see in today's video we are doing something completely different! This is a collaboration video with some of my wonderful friends and couples here on YouTube. It is based all around the theme of Valentine's Day and love. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you have a special valentine? What do you love most about this holiday? Let me know in the comments and connect with me here in this video. I'd love to learn more about you and what this holiday means to you. So stay tuned to find out what this holiday means to me and my husband and make sure you check out the playlist here to see the other videos from this collaboration! Trust me, you will find some amazing channels in this list so make sure to check them out and show them some love on this special holiday that is all about love! ?❤️

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Valentine's Day Collab Playlist


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Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again soon! ?

Lifestyle with Sarah

That was so amazing! Glad we all did this. You and your hubby are adorable and looks like you guys have lots of fun!

A Little Bit of Pingree

You guys are so cute ☺️ omg I LOVE Savage Garden, I don’t know how I didn’t think of them when I answered that question ??


So fun to get to know you better! awesome collab! You look so happy together

Simply Taj

This is too cute!

Best Day Ever

Omg YES bloopers are my FAVE!!!!! Lol! Great video guys! Loved getting to know you better.


Awwe! You two seem really happy together! So nice to see! My husband can also fall asleep at the drop of a hat and I also have a worse temper then him lol ....He is my rock though. Also, I’m from Ohio, Columbus area. What part are you from? Tfs you two! ❤️?❤️

Ombetta Gordon

I think it's overrated too

Wholesome Nourish

This was so much fun to watch ? I really enjoyed the answers

Best Day Ever

I am SO excited to watch! I already LOVE his first answer... "impressed!" Even just over the phone! So sweet that you guys were able to build that relationship 1st before meeting in person. Those late night conversations are the best! ? And omg SO cute that you got married 1 year and 1 day after you met! ?

Lakeisha Wike

Omg!! I loooovvveeee Savage Garden!!

Cayla & Co

Heyy!! Headed over from some of the other ladies' videos! So happy to connect and learn more about you two

Shorts Gaming

So lovely couple

Frey Ann

I absolutely love this

Randy Taglucop

Love the connection of both of you. Love watching this couple video.

Terrah Shan

Fun video ? Love is such a gift and meant to be cherished as much as you can.

All Things Tiffany Nicole

I love Love and Basketball too. You guys are a beautiful couple. I love to see this side of you. Nice to meet you Spencer!

Kayla Marie Beauty

Love this video, so cute! Congrats on 1k subscribers!! ?

I Put The O in Mom

I am the same way with music! Hey, new sub from fb group.

Whit Denise

Yes love and basketball is my favorite also! Romantic comedy is my genre of choice also! Love all of your answers! Thats awesome that your household has so much laughter! Great video ❤️

Giselle Selle

Love this video

Konsensya ni Inday in Germany

Awesome collab with your partner , that first question was a hard question , coz you need only one word hahaha


Haha this is romantic

M Guest

Beautiful Q&A! So much love and honesty! Lovely to watch ?

Music et al.

You two are so lovely to watch, been married for 25 years now, don't remember who said i love you first but our wedding song is paint my love, Godbless you both ang keep the fire of love burning?

I Put The O in Mom

Thanks for sharing that was fun to watch! We may have to do a music knowledge challenge one day?

Cayla & Co

lovely assistant hahahhahahah

Fitness and Diabetic Health

Awww this is sweet, I like the different personalities, calm n reserve, and yours bubbly and outspoken. Lovely couple; I love how you guys met.

Greg Masil

This so fun to watch, it's like renewing vows?, and it did reminded me of who said i love you first is it me or my betterhalf, we've been married 25yrs and sometime this luttle sweet things we tend to forget. thanks for sharing?

Dakshi Choudhary

this is an interesting episode

Jennifer Nottingham

You’re too cute Coralie! Miss you in Ohio!

Cayla & Co

I wish I could fall asleep that fast! haha

Jin S.

I really enjoyed seeing you both finally we meet your husband here. I can feel the fire of your love here. You both looks so pretty together as a couple. I also met my husband online and yes same here, I'm the one who said I love you first to my husband as yes I'm expressive too. I can tell Coralie's personality just by watching how cool she is in her videos shows her personality. Keep the love burning especially this valentine. Aw, my husband is so patient with me as well as I have a bad temper sometimes too lol but yeah my husband always try and never stop to make me feel better.

Autism Diaries

What a lovely couple ?

Beanball Media & Weddings

Beautiful couple


Nice couple

Life With The Lovedays

Hey girl! So excited for this! How cute are you guys!! Aww we got married in 2012 too!! :) Awww that song is perfect for yall! Love that! My husband does that too! As soon as his head hits the pillow, he is snoring. Takes me forever to fall asleep. Yes I so agree with you, the older I get the more I like staying home LOL The way he speaks about you, girl!!! I can SEE the love between you!! Love this so much! Thanks for participating in this collab!! :)

Diaa Diaa

Y’all are a very nice couple

Tajanel Chinyere

I absolutely love this!! Aww ? I’m NC, I grew up in Greensboro and went to school at WSSU!

Beth Awino

You are a lovely couples,this was a good one.Enjoyed

Yolly Macaraeg

Lovely couple❤️

Lifestyle With Jodi

Your Husband is like my every quiet?


New friend here xx

Maarten Stekker

Great vibes, nicely done vlog and collaboration. ??

Anum Butt

Really enjoyed watching this .. ?

yashika singh

That was like an Lovely Couple.... Nice video ... Keep sharing

Tanusree Roy

Love this ? ? nice experience ?

Best Day Ever

Such a beautiful wedding song!! ? I agree. The older I get, the more I do enjoy staying in. Ahh Pretty Woman is such a great movie!! Patient and Chill! My hubby is the same way. ? "Two homeless kids" ? That made me laugh. The 90's are awesome! Silliness. So sweet!

The Stay at Home Ginger

I love your humor. You guys are so fun!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ also I looooove savage garden and haven’t heard them in forever. Gonna go jam out now ? I have a song for everything too it drives my family insane ????

Lakeisha Wike

I agree. Valentine’s is overrated. Celebrate love everyday! The world just uses it to rob us all blind!

Shelby Fortney

My husbands from Ohio too! Akron area. I love how you guys both went to each other’s places

Mommy Meghan

So many people have met online now. The first people I heard of meeting online was my brother's best friend then my brother and his wife. I dated a lot, was engaged, was unengaged lol..dated some more and then my brother and his wife suggested I try online dating. I dated some on there and eventually found David husband!

Holo Holo Adventures

Hi Hi Spencer. Nice to meet you. It’s so awesome to do this collabs with you all. I love these kind of videos especially the one where our spouses are involved. ❤️ We like to stay in too. It is less hassle and stress. It’s so busy during Valentine’s Day and I hate the crowds. Haha, money. Yes, same for us, to a big holiday for us as well.

Nguyen Current

Chào bạn You are so smart, I will be your companion

I Am Fee TV

This is sooo cute!! ?

Kym At Home

Hola. Must be an Ohio thing. Im a walking jukebox. Haha

Max Reviews

Great Q&A, interesting to watch

top shoping 1999

such a lovely couple

Je Zen Levia

Yes I fully agree about valentines but I love the day ??

The Saunders Pack

You are such a precious couple! You two really seem meant for each other ❤️ You can so clearly see how in love you are just from watching you both answer these questions!


Aww this was so sweet! It was great getting to know you as a couple~

Leyley Schott

You and your hubby are beautiful together, so laid back. We also prefer to stay in for Valentine’s Day. Enjoyed watching your video.


Awww you guys are adorable!

Addie Dwyer

So cute, guys!! Great to get to know you outside of makeup and with your love :)

LiamGamer HD

This is such a lovely collab. I hope to see more of your hubby on your future vlogs. You have a chemistry. God bless your marriage.

Amanda Turner

Omg savage garden yess! One of my favorite songs ❤️

Entrepreneur Mommie

This husband of yours in this playlist are soo cooperative and some of you have met in similar circumstances

Helen Carolina

Awww! So happy we met Spencer! What a beautiful q & a. We can feel like the love through the screen! ? I’m having so much fun watching these today.

Alyssa Carvajal

Yall are so cute and so clearly in love! Loved this!

Jaye Spencer

Omg you guys are such a CUTEEEEE couple. I love the connection you guys have with each

Lakeisha Wike

I lovvvedddd this!!!❤️❤️❤️


Awww such kind words y’all have for each other. Thanks for sharing a snippet of y’all love with us.

marie muyolo

I love his first answer, great job.

My kids TV

The intro is so cute

Good Life with Jin

Keep the love burning this valentines beautiful couple! Your love story is inspiring! ? Yes I agree to celebrate valentines everyday and it's not about gifts, it's about the love and how you care each other. That's really funny knowing your husband always finish your work. That's absolutely sweet! ??

Qanitah Hannan

Very nice. YoU are doing great job...

Kym At Home

Love & Basketball is my hubs favorite.

Cayla & Co

I'm from Ohio too!!

Kym At Home

90s is definitely the best. Although, I love 80s karaoke.

Meu & Mea

Love learning about your love story. I can totally relate to the long-distance relationship. And Savage Garden is one of my favorites too.

DJ and Day

Y’all are so cute me and my boyfriend also met online

Bimbala Boo

You guys are lovely couple ??

Fab Fab

lovely couple! great Q&A video!

That Expat Mom

you 2 are adorable! I love this so much! such a sweet couple! Happy valentines

Simply Teresa

90s music is forever the best! It's just about all I listen to still!
Love & basketball is such a good movie! My sister & I both really like that movie.

Aneela Khan

This is so amazing nice couple

Theresa ajise

Nice getting to know you. I met my hubby online too

Kingnelson official

Wow nice

The Stay at Home Ginger

“My lovely assistant” ??

Mom’s the Word

I’m so glad this was my first video of yours to watch, I loved getting to know y’all!! Your hubby has such a calm temperament! Also, another 90’s music fan- Savage Garden ? brought me back to my late teens!!!
#YTMom #VRAFam

Rosy TV

lovely couple! this is so fun to watch, love the chemistry!

rab khuram

I think every husband has the power to sleep like that?? one min he is talking and next min snoring

Omyra and Meghan World

Thanks for sharing! Beautiful couple! Loved the answers and questions! Lol

Hoorain Cooking & Vlog

Super I join you visit my home with letter plz make friends grow together

Xavier Gray


Kym At Home

I absolutely loved this so much. Thank u for participating!

Mommy's Life by Ciel

I enjoyed watching this! I love staying in on valentines I agree less hustle. And watching movies, late night talks are the best date ever! And ooh, I’m a 90s baby so I really love 90s music. You two are the cutest couple. I can see both in your eyes the spark and love are inseparable. Love all the questions. Thanks for sharing your story!❤️


.I got to do me a vid soon on my channel like this...my husband will have y'all in tears...he too funny...btw I'm from the county too MIAMI TO BE EXACT..

Your Favorite Couple

90's music and love and basketball is our favorite

Catlyn Marie

Loved getting to know you guys better! Loved this collab! ☺️

The Saunders Pack

My husband and I met online too! It really is nice to be able to focus on conversation. I feel like it allows you to get to know each other on a deeper level quicker.
So happy to do this collab with you!

Rose beauty

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1 670 views | 30 Dec. 2020

Mimose Nocturne

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Ornella Lokwa

Salut madame,le produit là ce juste pour les femmes enceintes ou bien même les gens qui sont pas enceinte, bisou

adja adja

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St ange Erline

Bonjour rose

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Bobena Muaya

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Les non de vitamine? J'ai peu avoir ton numéro de wtsp

Laura José

Bonne année my Rose ??

Gode Ndonga

Nasepeli nandenge ikondi nalingi opesangai sekele numero nangai yango okomela ngai 864 603 9156

Moussou Diedhiou

Merci pour tout

sylvain Jose berda

Comment la peaux la est toujors reste dure

Deborah Nabintu

Coucou Rose

Dorcas swele Cœur

Coucou la Rose

Florah Zakuani

Décidément on suis quoi ? puisque vous présenter bcp de produits lequel appliquer ?

Alima Rega

Madame je suis nouvelle est-ce que vous pouvez mettre le lien svp

Rose beauty

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Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm (Olivia Reviews)

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Neal’s Yard Wild Rose

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My wife has hicen me a pot as it is too rich for her skin type
Can i use it ??

M. Marie Knapp

Love NYR. I’ve not been without my Frankincense intense since 2013. Thanks for helping spread the ❤️.

Brittany Clow

great review!!

Olivia Gudaniec

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