Soap washes

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Wild Orangutans Learn to Wash with Soap

4 041 582 views | 19 Jul. 2018

Just over 40 years ago

Just over 40 years ago rescued orangutans released here in Borneo learnt to use soap by watching local people washing in the river. This learnt behaviour has now spread to these wild orangutans.

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Clip from programme 2 'Intelligence' of our PBS/THIRTEEN Productions LLC series Spy in the Wild.

Narrated by David Tennant

Directed by John Downer

Music by Will Gregory

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This report is just as clueless as the Orangutans.
Can we first establish that the Orangutans like to keep clean to feel good? Only then can we establish that the Orangutans see a benefit from lathering up.

Kittywampus Drums

They eat it too. Stupid monkeys!


"not completely understood," um. Parasites are EVERYWHERE. Have you ever roamed humid tropical forests and swamps while being very hairy and having never shampooed?

Yeah you can imagine how much that sucks. Soap is a right that all primates should have. EQUAL ACCESS TO SOAP FOR ALL PRIMATES NOW!!! Join the revolution.


Wait .she walks totally erect when walking in water.

Jon Dough

Wtf did i just watch.

Quantum Shhhart

i had no idea they cursed sooo much.

oOo Gimmy


Benjamin Mm

I like that their default mouth position is a smile :)


It went from "don't interact with the animals in any way" to "give them soap"



Scooter Girl

Welp, I'm going to go live with orangutans now - they wash their hands more properly than most humans

Samy randome

Okay this is fucking amazing and fascinating

aqik axar

Tiktokers: i teach u all how to eat soap

The cloner animates :D

This is humans were made-


2:02 my hair when I wake up


I will cry if the coronavirus ever spreads to them...


I'll be impressed when they learn to make soap..

Im A Disappointment

its kinda concerning that they hold the soap using their mouth
0:58 (look at their hands)


Dude straight up look like someone I've met before

Just Me

Any day now I’m going to be driving to work and and an orangutan will pull up beside me in their convertible,listing to music, wearing sunglasses, sipping a big gulp.


This is sad

Clan Jade Falcon official YouTube channel

Today : soap



G Wiz

When these monkeys actually become intelligent, you will see a bit more human in their eyes and face. It would be a surreal moment indeed.


Where did they get the soap from?


not impressed until they rinse lol

Melon Melone

Im Dschungel gibt's halt auch Corona

Only God Knows Why

Was that Barack or Michelle obama bin Laden.

Madfox Axy

"This soap tastes funny"
"Dammit Bob, don't eat the soap."


while humanity getting more and more stupid...
the apes are getting smarter

everyday learning

Soap usage: Sensory stimulation..
smells good, feels good.
Orangutans know it has cleaning benefits, as learned from Humans. Also entertaining, to mimic Humans.
Not really a mystery!

Oddette Pross

monkey see monkey do that one sitting on the bank looked fake

marciano castillo

Monkey see monkey do

Hibiscus Buds

wow amazing how nature provides dove soap for the orangutans ??❤️ nature is beautiful

Nurali Bolataev

Orongotang; Reject monkey, forward to humanity!


maybe they do it cos it feels nice.. like it does to us..


Reddit mods don't want you to see this


1:07 ah yes welcome sleep paralysis demon


what if orangutan drops the soap ?

Mystery Man

How does that not taste vile in it's mouth? ?

Dax Bertumen

wild orangutan: it's called sophisticated culture, peasants

Meow Zah

At least they don’t do their whole body. I hope they rinse it off. It’s probably crappy soap too. So does this mean they have to stay in proximity to humans just for soap?:( Dang.


Umm aren’t orangutans and humans in the same family? The primate one

Reverse the polarity of the Neutron flow

It seems the doctor is a proper time lord now only observing

artsy fartsy

I swear that great apes know how to speak but they're just smart enough not to because they know that humans would take advantage of it


Wonder if they have any idea of the benefits, or just know that humans are smart and figure it's worth doing?

Spotz Tech

she use it to avoid Corona virus

Zarmin Drow

they have a hot date, obviously

Comic Gladiator

"Why they are impelled to lather up is intriguing, and not completely understood."
Have you smelled an Orangutan? Now imagine you're an Orangutan, and everyone you socialize with is also an Orangutan.
Mystery solved.


And here we see the process of social contagion. The primate species has inherited mild obsessive compulsive disorder and demonstrate this in the needless act of continuously washing their hands. One monkey has gone so far as to start wearing kleenex boxes for shoes.

Mystery Man

They just wash their forearms and their mouth lol they don't even do their armpits lol.

Thrilling WAVez

I was already wondering why their fur seems so shiny ✨


You know humanity has regressed when monkeys wash their hands without making an angry post on Twitter about government control


Probably soap removes some bug-parasites from fur or skin.

Eduard Wiebe

i call planet of the Apes if orangutans learn to use Guns

Monkey Revolution

Monkey from Brazil is a singer :)

• 7 minutes ago • 4 years ago

I was watching this like "dang, the narrator sounds like the doctor" only for me to read the description and see it's narrated by David Tennant.


They are following covid 19 guidelines

Sapper Playz


Writer 123

hey Joe!, I found you mom bathing dude!

Helga Falckenberg

Do they need soap?
Or is there a human who needs a helping hand?

The Spy

Deng she also steal the saop


Are You Dumb Who You Think Tought Use We Learned Everything From Animals


wish some humans can do the same


yeh.. two generations and the money will be like: wtf, where is my moisturizing cream ?!

- Silver Fir -

Be like these Orangoutangs, wash your hands. This pandemic is not over just yet.

Jesus Cris†o

eu vim ver o mamaco ksks

Aven Kelley

Holy monke

michael D

Trump finally learned something useful for once!

Corvid Moon

If you like orangutans, please become aware of the devastating habitat destruction that is taking place in Indonesia & Malaysia that is decimating two of the three extant species of orangutan to the point of extinction, and help prevent it:
¬ https://www.orangutan.org.au/
The main driving factor is the demand for palm oil. Please do what you can as a conscientious consumer and avoid products that contain palm oil as much as you practicably can. These delicate creatures deserve to live on. Thank you <3


I hope that soap is safe to have in the water...


Waiting for Lifebuoy ads to come up

Andrew Greenfield

1:13 "They appear to use the soap just as we would"
has soap stains around mouth

Dont Care

Everybody's taking this covid-19 serious

Orange Zest

Orangutangs wash themselves and plymouth rock people had to be taught.

kosonen kosonen

take your stinking paws off me you dirty ape ...


Bet you could teach them to play a simple instrument ritualistically. If it had multiple notes I bet they'd learn how to use them over time. Perhaps a flute? A small one they could learn to carry???

Nivek Quy

The thumbnail look like Head n’ Shouder advertisement.


Quickly, hide the bolt action rifles and horses!

Michael Hontz

I think that’s impressive Joe Biden became president

Reckless 20

These oranguntans are cleaner than most of this comment section.

Jacob Koval

Am I the only one who thinks 1:05 looks like it's definitely an animatronic?

Oleg J

Whey are smarter than some humans:)

Jom Mamac

That's why orangutans are safe from covid 19

ZA 24

What's next? Will an Orangutan learn a 360 no scope?

Benjamin Riggs Outdoors &All

The thumbnail orangutan looks incredibly human


O_O these orangutans are step away to shave there legs

الذهب Akhtar Mouhadin الذهب

sent this to my boyfriend when he said he took a shower


Monke becoming hooman
Hooman becoms monke

Merrick Moses

They are cleaner than some people

Eduardo Alvarez

Estos animales son más inteligentes que el mismo Evo Morales

Psycho Kinetic

Me in 2021

never mind

Next they will be using Ipads! ?

Jericko Doggo

I love the idea of echoing George Carlin's sentiment. The fact that we, as a species are, and frankly have been on a downward spiral to extinction. Its hard for people to grasp: in 1000 years or 2, we... will... be... no... more.

The science shows us that the planet is heating. Okay. The big mistake and big misconception?
Is that it's our (humans) fault.
Scientists want to tell you that if we stop eating meat and go 100% solar that things will be a-okay.
No, however, that will help immensely - extend our stay here. Hopefully if we act now we can extend our stay another few hundred years. By then, surly they will have the technology to know what to do! - That is what they are really saying...

The fact is that the planet goes through and has gone through heating and cooling periods. FOR MILLIONS of years! BILLIONS OF YEARS!
We just came out of an ice age about 12k years ago! Now its warming time people!
Don't get me wrong, we are not doing a good job at helping the house fire at hand.
Yet we are not going to stop the tragedy unfolding. Our best and only hope is to stem the bleeding a little longer... literally... HOWEVER!!!!...
We can do better. In my own sentiment, I believe we should help the next potential species to take over in the fashion we took over.
Our Orangutan brothers and sisters! We should make sure that they can somehow survive the heat wave oncoming. We need to get cold weather orangutan species stat. They already have the genetics for fur and that is another ball game to figure out. We should just acclimate them to the norther and southern most regions of the planet for the coming hot age.
The poles will turn into the tropics while the rest of the planet becomes a desert. Who really knows what happens during a hot age??? I bet monsoons and hurricanes destroy the equator and around there quite a bit...

nazhifa nurin

gemes anjrit

Liam S

"use soap just as we would" ...yer man, oh how humans love to just rub soap up an down their arms to make lots of foam. and also eat it.

Nicolas Martin

A new market for Johnson & Johnson.

Jim Cast

This is retarded. I thought these things were supposed to be returned to the wild. Why the hell would anyone want to teach them all this useless crap? Are they trying to make them human? Why? What is going to happen if they learn all this crap? Are they going to expect to live in shelter and not have to forage any longer? Some of the ones being released now wander in the forest and go back to the sanctuary to eat. Look at this one. It's not a 'thirst for knowledge' or 'astonishing behavior'. It knows it's a research center and that is where it gets free food and pampering. It learned this because it lived at one. Is this what we want to do to them? All these stupid ass researchers are using more and more of them as guinea pigs. Where does it end? I mean really just what are they trying to prove? That we can screw up another species? It's already happening and no one is asking why. BTW- since when does an abandoned Research Center leave 1 pan of soap out. They knew this was going to happen and had the cameras ready to film it. So, they taught her to do this to prove what they have accomplished with all the funding. We are being lied to and mislead so they can continue getting funded. This is not funny. They are screwing around for money.???

Bd BlaZer

More like Wildlife is poluting the river with soap

Swirl AndTwirl

Good. I hope other people will wash their hands to avoid covid for themselves or to other people. Stay safe everyone

Soap washes

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What Is The Best Car Soap?...Does It Matter!

314 078 views | 14 Jul. 2017




Kryptonite Racecars Behind the Wheel

i love learning tips and tricks from this channel thanks for all the great video's

J.R. Williams

When I got my 1st car and I knew almost nothing about detailing. (25 years ago) The day I got it, I ran to Target and spent like SEVENTY bucks on a dinky bucket plus like 5 products and some MF towels. I couldn't believe I spent that much. As little as I knew I knew enough to know Meguiars considered a good brand. 20 years later got my 1st car I wanted and really started to get into detailing. Now that same $70 I spent on everything to do my car, I could spend on 1 bottle of shampoo from Polish Angel. I've spent countless $$$ on different soaps, some $40 for a liter bottle. And honestlym, Meguiars Gold's still the one I'd probably use if I wasn't so obsessed with boutique'y stuff. My current soap's Gyeon Bathe+, a quarter size bottle of the Meg's and 3.5 times the price. So it's like uhhh 15x the price. This video has made me remember where I started, I'm going to go to Target, go to their "detailing" section and hope they still carry the same Meguiar's shampoo in thumbnail. The one I bought 25 years ago and couldn't believe it cost like ten bucks!

Steve Greer

Given the choice of keeping protection on my cars or removing “all” the road film is an easy decision. I would much rather keep my car protected with a barrier to avoid contaminants sticking to the paint causing etching and damage to the clear coat. Bid droppings and tree sap wash right off a protected vehicle. Having no protection opens up many more issues for potential clear coat damage. However, if you are a person who wants to use a product like Purple Power VBW, and you use some kind of maintenance protectant after each wash, that will also work. But without that short term protectant applied every time, I would not consider it.

mike spencer

I clay the car with the mequiars gold class then iron decon it. Works great.

Rambo Ollie

So may I ask what this magic soap is called ?

John Saboo

Hi scott, I have a white car and just gets dirty so quick so I want to clean it. After using meguiars gold class to wash a dirty car, if I want to put a carnuba wax paste, would it be smart to use meguirs wash plus to remove all the wax before and clay the car as well? (I dont think there is any wax left on the car anyways.) thanks


Irish spring

Planet Dog

The Meguiars gold glass gives great results on my black car. It is worth it and one of the best I have tried.

ken turner

You’re complicating my life.


This has always been my issue with soap. It doesn't even remove the dirt from the car.


Scott, what kind of soap would you recommend on a car that is already ceramic coated?

Timothy d Baker

Best car soap literally any soap can work in my exspierence

Fredy Tay Red

Thank you

arlene olson

Thank you. A few questions: What do you think about Simple Green to clean? Any suggestions on purchasing a hydro-foam cannon? Does one just add that on to a hose? Thank you.

Merdith Roach

So funny people have to be taught to hand wash and not buy expensive soaps. Haha.


Poor Boys slick and suds concentrated is the best I've used. Lots of lubricity and suds last long. Reasonably priced.

Thomas Orlando

He sounds just like Howard Stern


That meguiars soap cost more than shampoo.

Lara Greene


joe chen

Talking ✋ when are you going to show yourself NEXT episode ?


You are the This Old Tony of car detailing.


Is this a video of a hand puppet without the puppet? :D

Larry George

Listen I've used Ajax dish soap for years the water sheets off when rinsing it leaves no spots and it dries wonderfully. It's cheap effective gets the car clean and it's no big fuss. Simple and easy just the way I like it. You don't need all this and that the other complicated crap. No scratches on clearcoat on Hondas

Clement Te

Well I started cleaning my car using Meguiars products (and Mothers at some.point in time)

that guy

Getting my 2018 Honda Accord a ceramic coating and paint correction next week. Waste of money???


Just bought a beautiful black jeep. Now I'm scared to wash it without scratching it. What tips could you give me.

Lehua Key

Keeping integrity of paint alive over scratches - having to choose!!

Michael Williams

Great video ??, what’s the magic 10 year protection soap?


You don't need to waste time qualifying yourself - your videos already prove you know your stuff. Keep up the awesome work. I've learned a ton and my truck looks great!

Christopher Zent

What about the car wash what have the wax mixed in it?

Can you wax it again after ?

Can you wax the car with that dope you showed


Recently switched to a Miguires soap for my car, and let me tell you we may not be able to definitively say whats the "Best" but Armor-All Car Wash may be one of the worst. lol

Gary DeSantis

Scott, God bless you for being so thorough and honest, without being critical or judgmental of competing products or companies.
As a car novice, whose interest is in keeping my vehicle clean and bright, your information, knowledge, and analysis is outstanding. genuinely learned a lot from your video. Keep up the good work in transforming us into educated consumers.


Bilt Hamber auto wash is the best car shampoo, chemical tests have proved it's cleaning ability out performs everything on the market

Phillip Broussard

Just some helpful criticism....make your videos shorter. You are very knowledgeable but get to the point

forrby c

Could you use the soap that is not ph neutral but then add sealant every time you wash? That would be best of both worlds although it could be costly

Carlos Martinez

Hi Scott my name is Carlos I live in San Antonio I have hard water what would you recommend as a wash for my car I drive a 2016 Mopar charger

Jonathan Salinas

Ok so what soap do you use to help wash grime and loose contamination? You mentioned one that u leave for minute. Thanks for the video!!

fastone 1

old no.7.rinse well.

Blessed Giftson

6:45 God given solvent... ???

Sonny Bee

good video about soaps ,but I really don't need to know about what parts of the world has water and parts that don't .Little too much talking

Sean O'Malley

Everybody loves Raymond

Anthony Guess

2 oz of muriatic acid along with the soap and warm water removes all bugs and everything else :-)


Any soap will remove dirt crime
Even your wifes dish washing soap works , this guy just wants you to buy expensive car soaps bc hes in the business

Josh G

Lmaooo he said if you look crossed-eyed at a Japanese car it will scratch

Cage Ò Riada

Seriously thank you for helping people like myself that don't know these things. Really appreciate the time you put in to it.

troy tanner

How can you tell if have scratch sensitive clear coat?

a c

What’s good ph level to find. I have pearl which is 8.4. Days balanced. Is this safe. ?

Derik Henderson

One of the few things I learnt in college, lol......
Chemistry class we made soap. The professor explained all the different types of pH soap formulas that we made.
For a close to pH neutral soap, it doesn’t do anything but make the water a bit more “wetter”. Basically, adds a higher level of lubricity. So for most cleaning issues, you have to move away from 7pH to able to strip contamination from clear coat, or you’re just washing with water.
This video is a great explanation of this!

Shannon Brooks

Your loved also Scott... God Bless ya.

Stuart Fraser

Hi Scott, do you use the gold class just as a “prewash”...?

William Hill

I just started watching your videos and have had amazing results just following only some of your advice. My cars are cleaner and the results last longer! Thanks! B H not Ct.

Evo's Basics

As just a regular joe, this is super educational. Love it, thanks!


Sounds like your magic soap would be great before polishing, and applying a sealant. Wish I knew what it was. My 17 year old truck still looks like new thanks to Klasse products. 10 years is nothing.
If you are complaining about how long the video is or how much he talks listen at 1.25 or even 1.5 speed. He is still easy to understand.


Anyone in uk found good alternative to superior brand In this vid as it's not available over here ?Always thought this was a gimmick but would like to give it a try

Sohail Ashraf

Fairy liquid does just as a good of a job

Alan Lamb

Hi Scott, I’m a new subscriber and just wanted to know what electric power washer you recommend. Thanks!

Drew Wilms

Dallas Paint Correction Hey Scott I know this is a while ago video now, but what is the the deal between Super Clean and Purple Power when they are both cleaner/degreaser but Purple Power being a dollar cheaper??? I have started trying to get out there with detailing and went with the Purple Power for a cheaper price and trial run and on an interior carpets and seats used it 10-1 but even with it all dried up and extractor used on the carpets and floor mats and the California summer starting it smells like hot degreaser when entering the car...Please help!!!

Ernie Trautwein

Its 2;07 thank god for this video its finally putting me to sleep with the answer to the question that kept me up all night which soaps do i wanna stick with. Im going to stick with a regular soap that i like to use instead of looking for soaps that dont strip wax because lubrication is more important than paint sealents.
i dont plan on ever compunding and wet sanding my truck ever again so id vather prevent that by using a standard soap and using spray wax to re-vamp the shine versus using a soap that doesnt strip wax but however scratches the paint due to removing them aggresively because it doesngt have enough cleaning power

Nelson Ramos

i buy superclean because of you sir,?

Trae Fauntleroy

Bruh, this video should have been 5 mins. Thanks for the info tho.

Mike S

I appreciate the long windedness. Seriously. Thanks.


Like the videos but damn dude, you need to learn to stop talking too fucking much! Get to the point and move the fuck on!



Derek J. Mason

Doesn't he sound like Howard Stern?

Daniel Byrne

I think what he is saying is the best thing to do is keep your clear coat clean by using stronger soap I agree some times I use chemical guys citrus soap 5 or 6 ounces in my bucket this will strip everything off then start again with wax
Love these videos

Cassie Le

Hello!!! I hope you see this :) I own a 2019 Subaru, and from what I’ve learned they have soft paint?.... which soap do you suggest I use to wash the car? Also, any other product suggestions to take care of it?


Did you ever reveal the touchless soap?

Lyndon Gordon

Scott, what do you think of Meguiar’s Soft Wash Gel? It’s reddish hot-pink in colour, pH balanced, and is cheaper than their other car shampoos. I think it has excellent lubricity, works well with a lambs wool mitt, and is appropriate for waxed or ceramic-coated paint where more intense cleaning, conditioning, and brightening isn’t necessary due to the paint being sealed and very glossy. ?


If your going to wax it why not use dish soap

Shawn Beck

I use Turtle wax Extreme car wash. $ 4.50 at Wal-Mart. Haven't tried Gold class or Super clean yet. Use Dollar Tree Carnuba wax and car wash. For a dollar you can't beat it. Shawn

Will Damian

So what I need is an alkaline car soap that can actually remove all the stuff a ph can’t? I have a ceramic coating so Does it matter if i need something with more strength

Miikeo 0403

What do you think of the meguiars ultimate wash and wax? I have been using that.

Mr Hawk

I can't keep looking at this guys hands.. Adios Amigo


So what is the recommended soap that isn’t ph neutral to avoid scratches?


What do you think of a ceramic coating versus a graphite coating

Starla Jackson

Scott do you know how to remove paint transfer from a car without ruining the car's paint? I'm in Dallas and can bring the car to you if you can do it. Thanks in advance.

Kevin Alexander

You talk way too much.


I would love option 1 please

LeJeune Detailing

Love your vids man, ALWAYS great info as a starting point for my research.


What is that soap that strips all the dirt without touching thanks god bless


You kept talking about this magic, 10 year no touch shampoo or agent, but then you never say what it is??

Logan Eley

If you are going to wax or do a full detail you use super clean?

Jim Cole

The best? TSP and hot water. Hands down.

3RD Mundo

great video and tips just subbed

Steel City Breakdown

You just need a ph neutral soap with good lubrication that you can agitate with microfiber. If your vehicle is protected thats all youll ever really need to do with weekly washes.

Chris Kerr

What do you think about Superior product brand?

Antonio Salazar

You have to agitate the soap on the car ?

Riccardo Pavan

So why didn't you take purple power and made the same test.
Because for me it was the same.

Thera are prewash for cleaning whitout touch.
Also, Wax and sealant are for making cleaning easy every wash. A flat planer will get dirty faster. Not only for loose dirt but also for heavier contamination.

Man sometime I really get you.

I appreciate your opinion anyway


I like Mequires too. If a person washes, clays and puts on some sort of protection on a few times a year, their car will look really good for a long time. It just maintenance, not rocket science.

John Walters

What do you use in dashboard

Craig Wallace

How can I determine what clearcoat or sealant my 2011 Ford Ranger has? (if any)

Brandon Scott

I have a black Infiniti and can confirm it scratches from looking at it


90 psi from your home waterline?! Damn! that is really high for residential water pressure.

Felix Castro

I want the facts


What is the soap Scott?


I like gold class too.
Recently switched to ONR and love how it works.

Nikolay Shmal

Feel like hand speak to me.....


Maybe try different angels next time. Looking at a white door and a hand the whole video is very boring

The Car Detailing Channel

I've been using Meguairs Gold Class for years and years now. I'll usually buy something now and again to test out and compare.

Curtis Ramsey

Can you mix it with alkine water

Soap washes

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The BEST Beard Washes - Bar & Liquid beard soaps!

30 204 views | 25 Jan. 2019

Please checkout a newer

Please checkout a newer higher quality video, such as:


#BeardWash #BeardSoap #BeardCare

Affiliate discounts & links:

Beard Octane= https://www.beardoctane.com/?rfsn=3293972.39594

*DANC10 for 10% off

Royal Beardsmen= http://www.royalbeardsmen.com?aff=11

*DanCBearded for 10%

Scotch Porter= *old formula*

Trying soon:

Detroit Grooming= http://detroitgrooming.com?aff=496

*dancbearded for 15% off

Chesapeake Beard co=


*DanC10 for 10% off

Non-affiliate discounts & links:

Luxurious Bastard= https://luxuriousbastardco.com


Fresh Beards= https://amzn.to/2RYRrIL

Honest Amish= https://amzn.to/2Mpodxx

Seven Potions= https://amzn.to/2RXpLUS

Contact info:

Instagram= DanCBearded

Email= [email protected]

Bassmastr J

Love the honesty. At first I was skeptical about the sponsors, but I now believe you are sincere in your opinions and that is what I look for in a channel. You're killing it!!

Gary Simmons

I use the honest Amish slick soap what’s a good co wash that would go with that

Nicholas Z

As far as washes what do you think of goodfellow wash . Do you know if its a striping wash. So far i don't think i have a totally stripping wash

James Norton

Thanks Dan. Keep the vids coming.

James Skinner

So glad honest Amish beard soap made the list. I use them all the time. I think they are great conditioning and I do not co wash after using them. Check out the ingredients in their beard soaps they are awesome. Great video Dan thank you.

Louis Milano

The only beard wash I have right now is from live bearded and I love it!

Matt K.D.

Have you ever tried Polished Gentlemen’s shampoo and conditioner? I would like to know your thoughts.

Raymond Quind

"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best beard conditioner scafe.shop/tbbc2019?E3 hope it helps you out too!"

Ernest Allen

iv'e tried different bar soaps.I currently have 5 of them.I love them,but they're kind of awkward to use.They aren't shaped to your hand like bath bar soaps.They frequently fly out of my hands while using them.Most of them are just square blocky shaped soaps.I love them,but they take some getting used to.They really lather up and leave your beard really soft.

Craig Bynog

If you haven’t tried Stirling soap co you need to! Their bars of soap especially in the “weekend in Malibu” scent is AWESOME, your wife will thank you! I love their beard balms and the ingredients that are in all they’re products are all natural! Give them a try!

Scott Johnson

I have two beard washes. The first is from “The Blades Grim” in the Smolder scent with matching cowash and beard oil, I love it.
The other is from Mountaineer, this one will clear your sinuses.

Codey Watson

As far as bar soaps go can you use any bar soap as long as it's all natural? Just asking cuz I'm interested in making my own bar soaps.

TboneZ Malone!

your beard product selection, on the daily, must just be pure ridiculousness!

Paramedic Barber

Have you used any activated charcoal washes? What’s your thoughts on those?

R Sr

No badass beard care?

Canine 7

Do you ever do wash then cowash in same day. I know you said you do wash one a week. How many days a week do you cowash,for example how many times a week would you do scotch porter cowash
And when you use the soap do you use on your whole body or just beard

Outdoors Nevada

A conditioner I use for a cowash is Argan oil for Morocco repairing conditioner. Have noticed a lot of improvements in my beard. Only different product I use besides what you already use.

toeknee Lorenzo

Ok best beard wash? Let me know a.s.a.p.. everyone


love the intro music and the video. Thank you for the video

Basil Ibrahim

What do you think of grandpa's pine tar soap?

Sean Gibb

Seven potions are bring out a conditioner wash in January 2020 if all testing goes well, great channel learnt a lot and my beard truly thanks you, just wish we could get hold of some of the beard products you have in the USA over here in the uk a bit easier,

David Roberts

Seven potions beard wash is the best for me it just great .it a great UK company .well I am British lol

Trout Bum

Right now I have been using fresh beard products and I like them allot! I have tried a few products from Artius Man and I like how their beard oils smell and make my beard feel!

Bearded Brothers Beard Reviews

Thanks for the info, gonna go get some Seven positions. ??
I really like the Scotch Porter and Anointed AK and Kingsmen and Detroit Grooming and the Wash from bad a$$ Beard Co leaves my Beard feeling great.

Jim Laing

Thank you


Hey Dan just curious about the Honest Amish soap it says beard and body would it also be good for your hair like some of these bar soaps say. Want to know your opinion Thanks!

Canine 7

Has this list changed at all. Also you say you are washing twice a week. How many times are you co washing a week


Great information, thank you for sharing this. I’m planning on trying out the seven potions wash. I purchased their boar bristle brush and it is absolutely fantastic! Without a doubt my favorite brush ever. Take care!

Peter Enright

Thanks for the information Dan C.

Jonathan the bearded counselor

Great info. I don't have a lot of experience with beard washes so good to know the best so I won't waste time/money on those that aren't good. Thanks for all the knowledge you drop for us.

Kris Scherrer

Is there a light enough wash for everyday use? My husband works outside in Indiana and hes usually covered head to toe in grease and metal shavings so he has to wash everyday.

Peter Sikes

1-Beardbrand wash and softener (conditioner)
2- Bossman - conditioner ( they don’t have a liquid wash just a bar)
3-Beardsley, both wash and conditioner

Jim Hanson

so Dan, which of these products takes the least oil out of facial hair? Now washing the mustache (greying) two times a week or less, and I've noticed styling is easier when the hair has more of its natural oil.

Greg K

I found a video you did on Billy Jealousy oil, and I was wondering if you have any experience with their wash? It feels very stripping but not sure about their quality and ingredients. I’ve had my beard for years but i’m just now getting into quality products and i’m still learning a lot about the ingredients.

Vain Krain

Going to have to try these out

Abe Nason

@Dan C Bearded Question how do you get build up of waxs and stuff from balm and butters out of your beard?

Mr Pleezy

Can’t determine Detroit grooming co wash and washes?

Mighty Mike

I tried two different beard washes from artiusman. Honestly it was horrible. Sorry just my opinion. Someone else might think its great. Heard about it from Scooby. Smelled real strong like 80s men's cologne. If you were walking along a wall the person 50ft. around the corner could smell you coming. I gagged .Wayyyy, to overpowering ?

David Szabo

What about if you workout everyday and you sweat like crazy. Should i not be washing my beard everyday because i sweat so bad?


Are you doing 2020's washes and conditioners brother?


My first wash was the scotch porter and live bearded


How often do you wash? I do once a week but was wondering if I could do more days?

Domy Barahona

Ok, they are based in UK, I use it, and for my taste is ok

Domy Barahona

Hi, you must give a try to captain fawcett ale beard wash, and let me know your reviews on it

Greg J. Green

I used Grandpa's pine tar soap exclusively once per week for about 18 months, then I discovered Professor Fuzzworthy's in August. The two seem to be about on par and I follow through with a co wash with both. I haven't tried an exclusive beard wash yet, but that's about to change.


Have you ever heard of the brand Beardsley? I use their Shampoo and Conditioner. Alot of bang for you're buck.

Santa Claus

I use grandpa’s pine tar soap with Paul Mitchell leave in “The conditioner” once a week.

Arizona Outdoor Man

Hey Dan, I am a heavy equipment mechanic and have to wash my beard every night. Also on a strict budget, what would you recommend that’s affordable so I can quit using shampoo, Thanks for any help your channel is the best !

Jerry Clark

I currently using Beard Club for cleaning my beard. I am also using CD beard company wash and wild willie shampoo & Condiishioner.


Dose the honest Amish soap strip your beard?

Artist Mikael

can you use dr squatch pine tar bar soap for your beard?

Ian Franks

Have you tried hawk and hatchet line of beard oil, wash, and wax? It’s John Cooper’s of skillets line of beard products.

Marco Ferro

Hi from Italy Dan.
I often watch your video.
Have you tried the “professor fuzzworthy bar soap”? Opinion?
You talk about wash product combined to co-wash. How do you choose to use one product or another?And how do you choose to combine together or not.


Have you tried Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard SHAMPOO (it is actually a soap cube)? I have seen little to none Youtube reviews on it but it has great Amazon reviews and I am considering buying one:


Bill Robinson

Live Bearded wash!

Joshua Halverson

Do you get kickbacks by me ordering off Amazon through your link?

Andrew Gazsi

Dan, please please please review Beard Guyz beard wash. I realize they are not glamorous, sexy and don't come in awesome scents; but this wash has changed the game for me. Besides Detroit grooming's beard poo, this is my other favorite, it leaves my beard feeling like a million dollars. It would be cool to hear your take on ingredients, whether or not it is good for beard and overall takeaway. Thanks in advance.

John Wick

How often should I use my beard bar soap ? All I use is honest Amish beard oil but I want to start using my bar soap more frequently. Should I use it 3xs a week or how often ?

Joseph Brown

This maybe why my beard is so dry. I wash mine daily. Even tho I use oil and balm I wondered why it was still dry. So you say that you wash it twice a week so if you shower daily do you just wash beard with water?

Dustin Williams

I ordered some Holy Grail from The Kingsmen Beard Club and I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can’t try it out! the shipping is running late ??thought it would be here by today but still no hope tomorrow really excited to get this ,specially after the 50% off sale too!

Sam Sam Cigar Man

Do you mix and match your washes, conditioners, CO wash, oils, balms and butters or do you keep everything and use the same scent from certain companies each time?

Canine 7

Have you tried beard gents out of Miami yet


What are your thoughts on Professor Fuzzworthy bar soap wash ?


I also use ferocious beard co beard wash and conditioner in the spearmint scent a little goes a long way

J's Beard Essentials

Have you tried grandpa’s pine tar soap?

Mr J

I use Grandpa's pine tar soap

Canine 7

What cowash do usually pair the beard octane soaps with

Daniel 7632

Is a natural organic soap bar good for beards?

Ivan Cazessus

You wash your beard twice a week but you wash the top portion of your face every day though right specially your nose, cheeks, fore head to avoid acne right ?

pau boti

Hi bro, Kido from heroes and legends isn't on the online shop. Fantastic videos salutes from Panama????

Mighty Mike

How many times a week could you use a pine tar soap ? My routine is different beard wash in the shower everyday except Sunday. Beard oil Honest amish everyday out of the shower 7am. Noon honest Amish beard balm each day. 2pm different oil everyday, caster oil, pracaxi ,flaxseed, jojoba, Almond, oil Avocado,Moroccan. Nighttime beard butters different one every night 10pm.Sunday beard wash is Grampa's pine tar bar soap. One day only. Is once a week good. Two or 3 times a week too much? Thanks.

Betty Dyer

By co wash. Do you mean after it strips beard just to wash it with a non co washing beard shampoo?

Doyle Sanders

Hey Dan C.! I've been watching your videos for several months now. I really like your perspectives on the various beard products as well as your thoughts and suggestions on the process and experience of growing and having a beard. As for beard wash, I've settled in on the Husky Beard Wash and Husky Beard Co-Wash. I also really like the Beard Bar from Smoky Mountain Beard company. Both Husky Beard Wash (liquid) and Smoky Mountain Bear Bar lather up fantastic. They leave my 5-month, white beard feeling great.

I really appreciate your contributions to the bearded community. Until I began this beard journey in May of this year, I didn't even realize how big and helpful the bearded community is! This is the first beard I've grown in 15 to 20 years. I don't think I'll ever go back to daily shaving!

Thanks for what you do and keep up the great work!

Dennis Bible

I'm starting to get a good mix of scented beard oils. Can you recommend a wash that doesn't have a fragrance? Maybe I'm too ocd about it, but I don't want to mix scents.

Steven Grissom

Found it.

Stone Cold USMVMC

Hey Dan, Where did you get the hat you're wearing in this video??

Brian Campbell

i got the kingsman Liquid Gold (Oud smell) shampoo and Conditioner along with the oil and balm..when i use these my beard after about 2 hours feels drier then normal..suggestions?

Dan C Bearded

Please check a more recent video for better quality, especially audio!

Nicholas Z

I like bulldog wash there products has co wash and wash together! I also use beardbrand lumberjack! I use drugstore stuff!


Considering this is a January video and I'm only watching it now; i know I may not get a response but here it goes:

I'll be trying the seven poitions beard oil and the scotch porter conditioner, but my question is which beard wash should I pick? Seven potions (which will combo with the beard oil? Or the scotch porter beard wash (which will combo with the conditioner)? As u mentioned, if I beard wash with seven potions I wont be needing to co-wash. This is painful :D

Western RAM

Is it okay to use one brand wash and conditioner and then the next day use a different brand wash and conditioner? I feel like i'm switching every day what brand I use. I have like 4 different brands of wash and conditioners I use in rotation lol!

Bradley Graf

How do you know if you should condition after using certain washes? Is it just a feel thing?

Patrick Roxby

Hey, Dan C Bearded, have a huge question. I'm a mechanic and my beard gets very dirty through the day. I feel like i have to wash it every day. Any suggestions on grooming habits for that kind of a beard situation?

Master Fury

I'm currently using Caveman's beard wash deep breeze scent, is it ok to use a different scent oil afterwards?

Jason Hardy

I've been using Prof. Fuzzworthy's beard shampoo (bar). I love it. I think it comes from New Zealand; I get it on amazon.

Daniele Mambelli

Hi Dan, have you ever tried other non US beard products besides "Seven potions"? Do you know OAK or Dr. K products? I'm using Seven potions and OAK shampoo, the first is really amazing becouse it's more "complete" for my beard! As usual thanks for your video.

Jonathan Price

I have learned so much on how to care for my beard from you. Thank you for all the beard care videos!

Wincer Tactical

Hey Dan, have you ever tried Smokey Mountain Beard Co bar soap?

Blake Marcotte

Dan have you tried Grandpas Pine Tar bar soap ? As with yours it’s a real stripper and definitely must be followed with a conditioner. I use a Shea butter coconut conditioner.


man, wish i could suscribe twice

Mr Pleezy

so wash is to strip the beard and use co wash after right? and co-wash is to conditioning to clean it


Highly suggest Dr. squatch for bar soap. They make a great pine tar soap and have many other great soaps to choose from.

Daniel 7632

Hello Dan
A organic olive oil soap(ingredients:olive oil, salt, water) will be a good beard cleanser? Thank you

Santa Claus

How do you decide what ones to cowash after or not?


Hey Dan, I've got a question for ya. Since having a beard, I've tried all kinds of shampoos, conditioners, beard washes & conditioners, and it seems like all the beard products I've used on the market are way over priced for the amount of product I get and even if I do use beard wash & conditioner, they end up being complete snake oils. I've never found a beard wash or conditioner that I've liked. On the other hand, high end salon shampoos and conditioners like my wife's Biotera does AMAZING. My beard feels soft, clean, and manageable whereas the beard products most often dehydrate the beard. And ounce to ounce, the Biotera is cheeper than beard specific products. So my question is, will these high end products get the job done just fine or do you still recommend getting a beard wash?


Men Expert Barber Club Beard Face Wash | Men Skin Care | L'Oreal I’d love to see how this big company rates i personally like to buy from smaller companies


Hey Dan! Thanks for posting this video. Been sporting a short beard
for some time and had originally started using oil, then switched to
balm and recently switched back to oil. Decided I wanted a different
look and am in the process of growing my beard out a bit and not happy
with the texture. Did some goggle searches and found Seven Potions
Beard Shampoo and just placed an order today before viewing your video.
Very ironic that the first shampoo you suggested, and really like, is
the Seven Potions. Looking forward to trying it and seeing if I agree
with your review.

Jeremy Gonzales

The brand Craft Grooming products has a great bar soap. Been using it for a while now.

Aviv Malka

I came to a conclusion that I feel the need of washing my beard every day. co wash is not enough. I want to feel the suds of the shampoo. (maybe is there a beard co wash with suds ?)
I'm co washing my beard afterwards and of course I put some beard oil after the shower.

Is there a shampoo that you can recommend to me that suits more to a every-day wash routine? maybe a shampoo that contains natural oils like this:
These days I use this one BTW:

Hope for an answer,
Many thanks Dan!

Charlie Clark

I can't find a soap/ shampoo that doesn't strip all the oils out of my beard. Everyone I've tried leaves it feeling draggy (my own word) and that squeaky feeling , it takes all the oils off. I can't find a congas that doesn't have so many chemicals in it either