Is face mapping real

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ASMR Face Mapping Roleplay

7 970 views | 2 Feb. 2021

Hey! Triggers included:

Hey! Triggers included: face touching, close up, soft speaking, tracing, personal attention...

'Hello and welcome to your face mapping session.

Today I will guide you through the areas of your face that represent different organs in your body. How you face looks and feels will indicate how healthy you are!'








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#asmr #tingles #relaxing #forsleep

C FizzadyDiz

Good thing ive got a face map since i got lost in your eyes


You are so beautiful ?

송휵만Mr. Hyuk-Man

Thank you. Sending love from USA ??!

MinxLaura123's Wacky World

This is FANTASTIC love u girly xxxx

Lawrence Davis

Oh, small intestines way up in there. That's why everyone tells me I have s**t for brains.


I'm a big fan of my face, this should be good.

robert gordon

This is the best facial video ever.


Literally so good!! Can't wait for your channel to blow up and grow even more. The community needs more of asmr attack in their lives


I'm sorry, I don't believe a word of this face mapping stuff.
Not until Doctor Nancy confirms it.

Lawrence Davis

So face mapping is for reading someone's health, not for Acupressure? If so then I can easily see walking dead looking back at me from the mirror.

Are you sure you want me to take the face map with me? You are out of ink and cannot print another. I can always print my own when I get home.

btw: if you think you have problem areas, then I can't see them. You don't need a second opinion, there appears to be more than fifty right here in the comment stream. No prescription needed. You can pay on the way out.


Wow! You're even prettier close up!

Abraham Barker

Nice ring light. It looks rather soft and warm. I like it. (Looks like everyone else does as well.)

Jodie Marie ASMR

This is super relaxing Sarah. ?

Ralphie ́K Rocks

Could'nt be cuter with those freckless


Damn you look beautiful! Will you marry me?


Time to FACE the music!

Atakan Çakır

You are gorgeous ?

ASMR With Bean Marie

I love your channel name... asmr attack!!! I feel like I am about to be tickled with tingles, and I’m not one bit mad about it!! ?


You're killing me with these close up videos. You're so cute ?❤️


I was hoping this was Nancy so bad, but still not disappointed that it's not.


Oh...this is interesting. Reminds me of Chinese massage methods^^


Super vomen- Attack ????

Jon Power

I misread this as face slapping. Thought I'd still watch it and gauge how relaxing it could be anyways


That is a excellent thumbnail.

Somebody Human

I need to take my Flintstones my liver is a size the for peace strudel toaster .


I grew a beard this winter, but this may have been the motivation I needed to shave my lungs before spring

Greg McPherson

Smashing as always..... the feels! x

Virtual Dave

Did you study this or are you winging it?


7:35 Cue Hannibal Lector cameo

"Hello, Clarice."

Belively ASMR

Very relaxing video! :)


I do look after myself using my face, thsts where the food goes in

robert gordon

Question ❓ Will you ever do the New York detective role again? That video was amazing ?.

ZCorp Alpha

How did I miss this ❓?

Nice ❤️

Mark Spark

Your eyes transmit ASMR in such a brilliant calming way. ??

Lulu fae sorceress

Or hear me out. Face paint me but make it look like a road sign for a map. Just a giant ass STOP on my face.

I prefer your idea ty for the sleep and comfort

Nick Costa

this was so good, excellent job!

itsjustmetim 79

you're so beautiful sarah.
i wanna kiss you.


"So I just need to strip back your skin"
... Hold on...

Nora O'Donnell

I'd lost track of you! I don't know when I became unsubscribed, but I just found you again today! I'm so excited! Yaay!!!

Marcos Mora

After a long graveyard shift, this is just lovely. Thank you.


Very pleasant and relaxing!

Aricelis Cay

Omg I was subscribed to you on my old account and couldn't remember your name since i had so many ASMR subscriptions but it's been years and now I found you by accident I'm so happy right now ? lol


After relaxing to this, I'll be able to face the day.

AJ Relaxes with . . .

I love the low tone of her voice.

Gyp Rosetti


Lori Sista

Good I hate gloves...

Virtual Dave


Owen Walker

You say Oil's I call it Awesome sauce lady. Lol

Danielle Jones

So relaxing, I fell asleep to this x


Nice video! Thank you for the relaxation.

beach boy

My face feels so relaxed, gonna take a nap now.

Jeff Dugger

First time to see your content in my feed, and I feel grateful that your thumbnail appeared.

Your voice is so very soothing.

And you're eye candy, as well.


Leo ForReal

All the best stories begin with "I know it sounds crazy"

mate simunic

I really love this girl ❤️?

Dan Iel

Sweating from high intensity cardio will rid the skin of toxins, much better than makeup. Especially important if you eat or drink food with lots of hormones in them, like milk or beef. They shoot the cows up with hormones to have them produce more milk and it ends up in the milk and meat. A lot of hormones is what gives teenagers acne. So sweat if you know what's good for you and stop faffing about with skin products.

drew kroeker

? I can feel my face when I'm with you... and I love it! Ya I love it!?
Lol I'm here all week


You have such beautiful eyes! Just lovely ☺️


You are on fire lately.

J Mack24

Your Pony Braid Tail is Glorious as well as the rest of you I guess :) ASMR Perfection, top forum, Educational dare I say

Oğulcan Dönmez

Your face is formidable! Great video ?

Awad hafed

Hi ✋?
I love you ?❤️


My initial reaction when you said this 7:36 ??

Is face mapping real

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Facemapping with Local is Lovely | #myfacemystory

197 092 views | 17 Oct. 2016

Is face mapping real

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Unintentional ASMR Dermalogica Facemapping Skin Analyses (Looped Compilation)

4 598 views | 27 Oct. 2020

Hi y'all. Been meaning to

Hi y'all. Been meaning to properly compile these for a while since they're pretty good for ASMR, and people seem to like them (even if the service itself is obviously one hell of a scam). I didn't compile all of them, just the main four I liked, and then looped them for an hour. Hope y'all enjoy.



My Discord Server:


My server isn't so much an ASMR focused server as much as a general social/community server. It's Pokemon-themed but everyone is welcome to join. :)

Daryl Miller

Had to look up what 'decolletage' is. It's a woman's cleavage if anyone else didn't know.

Papa Frank Valentine

You should be more active, bro. This shit will get a shitton of subs if you start posting more

Gucci Del Taco

The voices didn't really trigger anything for me, but when she'd run her fingers over their faces I got some tingles.

Mel Rey


Tyler Scott