One red fingernail

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How To Use Cat Eye Gel Polish! | Cat Eye Gel Tutorial | Magnetic Nail Art Tutorial

152 324 views | 6 Apr. 2020

Cat Eye Gel Polish | Gel

Cat Eye Gel Polish | Gel Polish Tutorial | Nail. Art Tutorial

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Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed these techniques on using cat eye gels! They are so fun and versatile. If you follow my tutorials, make sure to tag me on my Instagram because I love to see all of your work!


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khushnuma sui

Does magnet come along with Born pretty polish ? Or we have to buy separate

Karen McDoanld

Thank you for explaining this I have had some problems doing it. I have cat eye polish in a bottle use the magnet and by the time I get it in to the lamp it is starting to move around again so I don't get the look I had before. What am I doing wrong? I love the cat eye with the stamping!!

Muayinter Vicki

Love the nails you are wearing, is there any tutorial for that?

Ashley Adams

I have all the supplies I need but my cat eye effect isn't popping you can hardly see the magnetic effect what am I doing wrong


I had no idea how to use the magnet properly.. the effect just disappeared! THANK YOU for making this!!

Minoty Roy

How' can buy magnetic nail Polish as I staying at Dhaka

Canna Queen

Do you need stamping polish? I have not been having good luck with my stamps but seeing that nail makes me want to try again! I just ordered my cat's eye. My sister got it this week LOL


Could you please tell me how they look on a white base instead of a black one? Maybe a small video if they look cool?

Veronica C

Thank you, this video is awesome

Stephanie Stephenson

Is the black base magnetic also?

Narindershikha Kumar

My question is have magnetic in the nail polish ????

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Can I just add the gel over black acrylic? Thanks for the video!

Dennielle Marie

Loved this video! Just ordered both cat eye gel polish you showed on this video. Can’t wait to try it. I will def be using this video my first time. What black gel polish do you recommend. I wasn’t sure and went with opi. Hopefully it works well. Can I just use my top coat from my dip to top coat it. I have tack free gel polish and also just the top coat for revel nails dip powder. Will one of those work or can you also recommend something for that?

Jacky Tutorials

You are so talented ?

Suman Jaiswar



So helpful! Thank you ?

Ashley Bellerose

Did the stamp effect on my friends nails it looks amazing. Used your video haha love it

Lets Nail It with Vrushali

Loved that?

Yuno Gasai

Tetszik .sze'p

Tammy Gee

I'm just getting into the cat eye polish. Thankya so much for this video! My favorite has to be the crisscross one! I've got a question. WHERE can I buy those nail stands that you were working with? ?❤?


Hi mate!! Enjoyed the video. Have you ever thought of using FollowSM . c o m to get more subs?

Airen Georges

All amazing wow

M. B.

I have but its not drying what should ı do?

Marie Gold

Can you use any magnaet.

Samuel Siew Tien Urn

charles barkley

Lana K

what are the curing times?

Will Yūm

Bro when she put the magnet on I lost my mind

kelii cline

BAM! love this polish. thanks

cate phorbic

I love this art❤️❤️ but I need to ask...must I begin with the base black colour of gel?

Josephine A.

New sub, cool technique, thanks for sharing

Syn M


Patricia Camp

Beautiful job, really enjoyed this video!! Gave me ideas!!

Sharon Kour

That marble effect is nice

Kathy Jones

does the black polish have to be gel ?


Have you tried any cat eye gels over a white or light background?

BeachN Sandy

I would love to see you create a set of leopard looking nails with the cat eye polish. That is what I want.

Weici Wlx

The stamp use gel or regular Polish?

jackie boyd

love cat eye ;-)

Get Gelled Nails By Amy Chamberlain

Loved this video.
So beautiful i need to order these cat eye gels!! tfs x


You dont need a black base coat

A. U.

nice and useful demo! thank you!

Bee Ambee

I liked double shades effect ?❤

Ia Lor

That last nail is beautiful!

Sharon Kour

Wow it's amazing

Jane Roberts

Love the stamping one,stunning. Will be using those ideas once back at work. Thank you,all the best.xx

Janel Tan



all this time I've had these things n I didn't know all their Potential

Ruby reese

Can you send me the link to buy?

Sharon Smith

I love the nail with the stamp. But there all beautiful. Thank you this has been a big help for a diy.


Whoaaa... Learned new techniques today! Thanks for this video.?

SARA Alkhoori

thanks a lot, needed this video :) and I am in love especially the one stamped! gorgeous

Kathy McDowell

Thank you

Mark Forrester

I love what you are doing. My wife asked me to paint her nail using the 3D magnetic cats eye and I don't know what I'm doing wrong please let know thank you.

Maxi Baer

I love your video ?

Quyen Tran


tarot diva

Love the stamped one the most. But they're all beautiful

Sandy Rieley

You have a talent! And also you do a really wonderful tutorial!


Absolutely gorgeous!❤️
My 2 fav's are the middle one and the last one with a stamp. You've inspired me to start doing my nails again! ?

Rupa suresh

Is it necessary to use UV box light to dry this up or can we let them naturally dry it by using normal top coat ??? N also can we use normal black nail polish for the base ??

Natalie Parker

Hi what polish did you use for the stamp? Was it the same black gel polish as the base or was it stamping polish?

Promise Smithee

1 and 3

K's World

can u show black hole in double color?


I came back to this to try the stamp one.. are you using stamping polish or the black gel polish for the design?

Deb W

Absolutely stunning! I've tried cat eyes so many times, and cannot make them work. Going to try doing the way you did. Thanks for the video and teaching.

Lourdes Jimenez

What brand of acrylic do you use and monomer


The third one is so cool, it looks like synthetic velvet fabric!

Donna R

They are all gorgeous!!! Beautiful job!!!

Rose Gold

the pink one is just so bomb

Misty Jett

I can’t get the polish to move around like you do. What am I doing wrong? Please help!?

Sharon Beautyfxbarrie

Love this just did a cat eye on a client but this opens up all the more possibilties..especially love the stamped flower will be trying that thank you :)

Nails Corner Cairo

I'm obsessed with cat eye gel polish!!!love it to the moon and back??????

Terri Mink

Amazing and the stamp is my favorite. I do have a question. How long does it take to cure the gel? Thank you very much.

Hello Lulu

Question,Should I stir the gel before I use every time

Amalia Perez

Can you use a matte top coat on the nails or no

Angel Nails Niagara

Love them! so helpful!

Tracy L

Stamped one is awesome! I have same set of six an love them all but pink/fustian is the pretty one anyway you use it, So happy I ran across this today since I am doing mine an looking for ideas! Subbed also

Jayeetrimegha Sinha

You are absolutely amazing.. very nicely explained.. I'm a nail polish addict too .. love from India ??? be safe during this pandemic..

Eryn Shavon

Awesome thanks!

Sofia Armenakyan


Rayleen Savage

Beautiful. You make it seem too easy. That stamp effect give me chills - its so cool.

Juniffer Cruz

Thanks for this amazing technique i realy love it verry nice tutorial i realy like it all design will help me improve my nail.artwork specialy to my avid clients thank you and more power?????

Christina Christopher

Wow! All of them are beautiful, I can’t choose. Can someone do this on their real nail, or does it have to be acrylic?

Tgel Nail Supply


Asmara de Wagt

Welke lak gebruik je om te stempelen?

Paula Koncki

Thank you for sharing!! I would like to know where you bought your gel brush from or do you sell them? Unfortunately we don't get them in South Africa anymore ! I love the one with the stamping on! Kind regards and stay safe! ????

Sharon Kour

But I think a nail technician said do this

*Moonsy Lav*

I’m lucky I have parents that have those— cat eyes are beautiful to have.

Liliana Chong Cuy

Can you use the magnet after curing??

I shine all the time

Can you do it over white polish

Deezie 617

Great I didn’t know they did all of this and I have some cat eye polish and stamping plates too yikes tfs


I don't know how long this technique has been available but I love it!
?❤️? It's very cool. Thanks for the demo! ☺️


Excellent tutorial, exactly what I was looking for! Subscribed & binge-watching.

DIY Nail Art Magic

❤️❤️ so gorgeous!!

Natalia ph

Hi! Beautiful video? how is it removed the 9d cat eye? Thanks!

Damara Blackthorne

I love the one with the stamp, gorgeous

Preety Passion Hub

Love it ol ?? wats d technology behind dis magnet stuff ?

emily aitch

I came to learn how to do the third one. Thanks!! The last three were all amazing. I need to try stamping over them now lol


I love your stand. Do you recall where it is from?

Gena Hebert

What’s the difference between 10d and 3D? Igel beauty has this sale and idk anything about this cat eye stuff except u need a magnet? I ordered one color but idk if I can even use it?

One red fingernail

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CNA Skill #14 Clean and trim the residents fingernails

147 602 views | 28 Aug. 2015

Hey Everyone! Always

Hey Everyone! Always remember to review your American Red Cross packet while watching these videos. If you haven't read the packet yet please do so because it explains what the evaluators are expecting to see, and it also answer a lot of questions you may have for the state test.


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Bath Blanket - https://amzn.to/2YxWseJ

Bed pan - https://amzn.to/2N84BRB

Blanket - https://amzn.to/2ysQo8v

Body wash - https://amzn.to/30jzMLZ

Box of gloves - https://amzn.to/2LVMTQW

Chux pads - https://amzn.to/31ArYqo

Denture basin - https://amzn.to/33wo0AD

Denture container - https://amzn.to/33sVujA

Draw Sheet - https://amzn.to/31daEYn

Fitted Sheet - https://amzn.to/31daEYn

Moisturizing lotion - https://amzn.to/2O3Z1jc

Nail clippers - https://amzn.to/2ZR8KQ6

No-rinse shampoo caps - https://amzn.to/2Qb4tTM

Pillow Case - https://amzn.to/31daEYn

Protective Barrier - https://amzn.to/2LXePns

Toothbrushes - https://amzn.to/2YY2xgJ

Toothpaste - https://amzn.to/2yWZuuF

Top Sheet - https://amzn.to/31daEYn

Wash basin - https://amzn.to/2H2gQup

Click this link to buy our recommended Stethoscope by Littman! https://amzn.to/2K8A5EL

Jeanette Lopez

taking my test in sacramento on the 17 of this month. i'm super nervous this is my retest and the last time i tested was in 2016

Edgar Meza

Christine I want to thank you for all the videos you post on your channel. They’re very helpful. I’ve got this skill for my state test and I’ve passed. God bless you. I’m in California.


Thank you!

Thu Pham


Samson Olal

I like the way she explains the process infact in all the videos I have been seeing I found this is explain,only what am getting confused of is the side rails.We have been told its purpose to be ordered by the doctor for all side rails to be up,otherwise at all time they should be down.

Siobhan O'Brien

Hi there, I watched Christine's video to help me training for my CNA test and I passed! Thank you Christine, you're the best!!!

Essence Leigh

This was one of my skills along with lateral laying and PPE, thank you so much for these tutorials! If you’re in California I would recommend changing water after cleaning under the nails per the ARC handbook. YOU HELPED ME SOOOOO MUCH, thank you ?

Jacqueline Tapia

Should you sit or stand while performing this skill?

Milania A.

I just want to thank you so much ? for the uploading these videos !!!!!!! I just past my test today and I am so happy !! Thanks to your videos !!!!!!!!! ❤️

Natasha Shirer

It says to change the water after cuticles, etc , rinse the resident's hands, dry hands , and then to trim the fingernails (for ARC  test in CA), so it's little bit different. But guys, thank you so much for explaining everything in a way that I could understand the details , you are amazing !!! Great talent of teaching others

Rosa Martinez

SOOO, what happened if they ask me to do both hands, should I soak them both at the same time? or one at the time ?can somebody please answer me thank you very much????

General Omar Bradley

Thanks for the training and all these videos.

Paty Santiago

How many skills are in the test

Jay Garcia

You're videos are awesome! Im currently on my cna program they call it stna here on Ohio.. Omg im excited and nervous i test in a few weeks. But with this videos im getting more confident.

Carrie V

She is cute hhh

Cesar Leyva-Valle559

when taking their hand out the water the frist time do you pat dry them?


Going to my class im a couple of weeks and im watching these to sort of study. I was wondering, when you ask the resident if it is okay that you assist them and they say no what would you do next? Not for exam purposes just my own curiosity really

Riya Tabassum

❤❤❤❤❤???? thank you soo much mam..

Andrew Sauk

I didn’t realize the camera person from The Blair Witch Project was involved in CNA tutorials. Wild.

Nick Alden

very informative Thanks(:

Debra Seiling

Thanks for sharing this fingernail trimming tutorial.

Anh Tuan Bui

Thanks a lot. I am in Calif. and taking CNA class with ARC. Your channel's videos are extremely helpful to me.

Jessica Jacques

sacmed all the time i passed my test yesterday thank you sacmed

Mizz Dyane

I just passed my state test today and im so thankful to this video..well actually the school that i went...SAC MED is a good school to go...^^,

Kaitlyn Langmead

how do you wipe off the orange stick after each cuticle if there is a washcloth/cotton on it...? do you have to change the washcloth/cotton each time? I know no one will get around to answering this before my test but its just a thought; Red Cross does not specify (as they tend not to do anyway).

Thu Pham


virgo Sun

Does anyone know the skills tested in Kansas

Adam Kreamer

Quick question... Some times at the end of a skill, the ride rails or both up and something one is down and one is up. Why is this? Thank you!

Sandra Hampton

She didn't actually wash the resident's hand, she soaked her hand.

Space Bar

Just want to thank you guys for your videos couldn't have passed the test without them

Victoria Avila

so do you sometimes leave one of the the side rails down? or becuase i remember my instructor telling us to always put side rails up?

Nurse Educator MSN, BSN, RN



Hi Christine! I passed my test last May 7th. I just wanted to thank you for your videos, it really helped me a LOT! I got this skill and followed all the step by step in this video and my Evaluator said I did an excellent job. Thank you so much again!

Adriana Caballero

Thank you your videos help me alot

One red fingernail

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Polaris cover Eskimo Joe 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine' for Like A Version

229 160 views | 5 Nov. 2020

Polaris cover Eskimo Joe's

Polaris cover Eskimo Joe's 2006 hit 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine' for Like A Version.

Subscribe | http://bit.ly/2FYj5jC

Like A Version on Spotify | https://spoti.fi/2UpMDcU

Like A Version on Apple Music | https://apple.co/2NMJ7Y4

Facebook | http://bit.ly/iJ0OH9

Instagram | http://bit.ly/2CWGnCA

Twitter | http://bit.ly/2BdFOUI

Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every week a musician or band comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and cover a song they love. Since 2004, many artists have participated, including Childish Gambino, Lorde, CHVRCHES, Tame Impala, Tash Sultana, HAIM, Gang of Youths, Halsey, DMA'S, Aurora, Arctic Monkeys. You can watch past sessions here: http://bit.ly/like_a_version You can watch Like A Versions ad-free at http://www.triplej.net.au



I mean, this performance is great and all, but tbh I just discovered Eskimo Joe thanks to this and holy crap, I owe you a big thanks guys!


That is fucking insane

Dean Thrupp


Eza Latif Fauzi

Scream this my favorite

Alex Tolhurst



The control he has over his voice and especially the distortion is so insane. Would love to hear more of his singing with low distortion

Alexandra Miller-Woods

Best LAV in a while - great work lads! Love that you really mashed together the song with the Polaris vibe - you really pulled it off!

Ben McKenna

Best. Fucking. Like a version. Period


Wow im super impressed and hope that there will be another chance to see you in cologne... I already had the tickets :(

Kaleb Parkinson

When the cover is better than the original!


Has Eskimo Joe heard this? Really good version and Jamie's voice is just amazing very talented. Oz metal scene is just so crazy good. Triple J could you look at Caligula's Horse doing like a version.

Ken Kaniff

Black fingernails, red wine
I wanna make you, all mine
A lot of people, under ground
You wanna get there
You gotta go straight down

Straight down

There's a culture, everywhere
Smoke clouds, hang in the air
So loud, can't hear you talk
You and I
Should take a walk downtown

Straight down
Straight down

The argument over God, continues
In this house
All of us stand and point our fingers
At the ground
All of us stand and point our fingers

Straight down

Red letter day, black heart
It's gonna tear you, all apart
So loud, can't hear you call
You and I
Are gonna fall straight down

Straight down
Straight down

The argument over God, continues
In this house
All of us stand and point our fingers
At the ground

The argument overall, continues
In this house
All of us stand and point our fingers

Straight down
Straight down
Straight down

Black fingernails, red wine
I want to make you, all mine
A lot of people, underground
You wanna get there
You gotta go straight down

The argument over God, continues
In this house
All of us stand and point our fingers
At the ground

The argument overall continues
In this house
All of stand and point our fingers

Straight down
Straight down
Straight down

Charming nowhere to hide

This was mental! Best like a version in a very long time! I would honestly love to heard Eskimo Joe's thoughts onnit haha, it fucking rocked!


Can’t get this out of my head. The Polaris stamp on this great song is epic! The music, vocals and harmonies are deadset mint ??

Adam SWL

Absolutely wicked! Just wicked!

bofooit gojo

Rad cover boys, the breakdown especially was epic!

Matthew Brennan

Love this cover the band just needs to show more enthusiasm like they look like they don’t wanna be there and anyone would kill to be where there at


Fucking Awesome! Such a sick cover!

Pork Huntt

Where's ryan

Andrew Staker

I still can’t get over Plini being the fill in guitarist.

Hass Jafer

Sick ??????

Helen Hatz

Goose bumps. Amazing ????????

Jarisha Rewald

This is my number one for hottest 100

triple j

Go behind Polaris’ Like A Version: https://youtu.be/JH4WnrD4FIA

William Hooper

Actually just pissed my pants laughing


3:41 that drop omg, gave me the shivers

Kristopher Diazikis

When Is this coming to Spotify?

Craig Mag

I've completely gone off triple j lately. But this like a version reminds me why I used to love it.

Jayden O'Halloran

As a fan of the original, I highly approve

Justin Crittle

I fucking love this this is the best like a version I've seen in ages

Ben Campbell

This is an absolute weapon of Like a version. You @polarisaus are true to your work. This is an absolute belter. I've listened to it so many times

Jordan Sullivan

honestly I'm not a big hardcore/heavy metal fan, but this was really well-done and a very unapologetic and unique take on the song. 10/10!

drr xtra x

@tripplej more of this.

Bijan Khadembashi

holy shit thats Plini

Jacob Langham

That breakdown is insane!!! Out of this world!

John Brady

This needs to be on Apple Music or Spotify ASAP

Aaron Jones

Please put this on Spotify! Best like a version of all time


I expect a lot of hate for this comment but I feel like what Jamie is doing here is what Joel from Amity wanted to do but fell short. Keep rocking lads.

Will Potter

Jamie’s vocal skill has grown leaps and bounds 11/10!

Nathan Brown

Wow. Brilliant. Love it. Best like a version I've seen so far.

jason altschwager

Oh fuck yessssssssss

David Hanly

This is sooooo f###### Sick

Jacob Briggs

That gotdamn breakdown made my soul happy


I don’t know about anyone else but the breakdown reminded me of mushroom cloud by of mice and men. And I love it

Sahelium D

It’s the cover I never knew I NEEDED.

Christian Rudolph


Pork Huntt

winner of hottest 100 ez

mathew juarez

Is guitarists need a tab for this the lead is unbelievably cracked


When he screams that bit at 3:37 it's like there's three people screaming




Black Fingernails, 'Chugga' Red Wine

Dylan quents


Rob Clifford

I don’t listen to much metal but this is INCREDIBLE. Also love that his fingernails are painted black ??

Beau Tomlinson

Hell yeah. Another diamond in the rough here. The last time I bothered checking out like a version was for Curry's take of Rage Against the Machine. This is how LAV should be done - an artist taking a song and putting their own magic to it instead of trying to sound like they are mimicking a song at a karaoke club. Gentlemen - I take my hat off to you!!

Aria Cross



Love that these guys didn’t take the usual route that a lot of Aussie “heavy” bands take and play stripped down semi acoustic version. This is balls to wall and it fucking slams, what a tune ????

Oli Harding

the fucking BOYS


hell yeah!



Your Go-to Guy

Great tune. Onya lads

dolimi jotoo

Those timbre of the backup vocals really grabbed me in. Perfect counterpoint.

zijuiy wttuy

these years later.

William Ung

Fuck this version is sick

Will Macey

Wow what a way to ruin a classic


This is incredible! And what a pleasure seeing Plini playing with Polaris! Incredible job, guys!

opzz xsin

You know the bass tone is so sick when it sounds great even on a phone speaker.


Absolutely godawful. You’ve taken a great rock song and turned it into petulant millennial shouting.

This song really symbolises what’s wrong with Triple J these days.
How far the once mighty have fallen ?

Ball Zack


Jeremy O'Garey

Will this hit Spotify any time soon?


I was hoping for a real artist singing, but instead I got this

Pybro Mechromancer

With the way Polaris is going, they are going to stay as my favorite band until the day I die

Matúš Búci

What a great performance!! Can't get enough of it... ???

Jack Smith

When’s this coming to Spotify?

Peter G

Not my type of music but these lads ripped it up! Way way better than the previous weeks LAV

tom norton

I don't really like djent, but THIS is a good Like a Version - much better than "oh let's do a stripped down acoustic version...."

Sik Switch13

Interested to hear what Eskimo Joe thought of it.Or any of the artists song's covered.


Holy shit, I just discovered this through Spotify the other day and dead on thought this was an actual studio production with 100 takes on each track. Never would I have thought this was actually a recorded live performence! Aside from the whole band being absolutely on point with their game, the mix on this is phenomenal!

Guilherme S

Had to remove my like from the video just so I could like it again! Awesome cover guys! You are by far my favorite band, TDOM was awesome, and now this!

The Antarctica Project


Stanley Albuquerque

Why don't James do the clean vocals? I though he wasn't able to do it, but he has a nice clean with a little bit of drive.


fuck this is good. jamie is unreal


I could listen to those guitars covering any song and it would never get old


The boys fucking smashed it! Big respect to these guys killing the scene ♥

hen ko

You know the bass tone is so sick when it sounds great even on a phone speaker.

Presley Performance

I FUCKING LOVE this cover!! Ove listened to it a dozen times in the past 5 days. Polaris has some serious talent


My partner and I had a little baby girl just over two weeks ago and our labour soundtrack was Polaris. She came out headbanging! \m/ Best like a version ever dudes as expected!! :)

Clay Barlow

That fucking riff omg


Thy Art Is Murder next? that would be sick.


These guys are very fuckin' gifted: Inspired virtuoso Guitarist , even the substitute ! Powerfull high level singer, talented bassist with great vocals, and a fuckin gifted drumer ever...
man, how far talent can go !?


As a fan of both Eskimo Joe and also hardcore this was amazing

Curly Jefferson



When it first started I was thinking "yeah it's alright", but then it really came alive during the chorus!


'Get the feeling this song is going to be a stepping stone for alot of people to get into metal.


I'm in love with this cover!! Polaris are god tier ?


This will have to be my no.1 Like a version cover :P Great job..

Jack Still

Just wicked! Love it

Joseph Markell

Jamie is. UNREAL. One of the best of our time period.


shiiiit this is sooo goood

Dogs Gotta Eat

Dude sounds like the singer from Green Jelly, did that Three Little Pigs song in the 90s. I love it!

Completely Unknown Facts

soo....wheres the actual lead guitarist gone?