Purito sunscreen

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more than just purito? rigged spf? what do we use now?

62 192 views | 27 Dec. 2020



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⚬Lens: Bausch + Lomb Lacelle #crystal brown 바슈롬 레이셀 데일리 컬러 크리스탈 브라운

⚬Go check out President of Korea Institute of Skin Science Ahn In Suk's Channel out/ 안인숙 원장님의 영상 보러가기: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfUf2Q0P5lA


1:40 Updates on Purito 현재 이슈 정리

3:23 spf 19 vs spf 50 두 차단 지수의 정확한 차이는?

5:08 Where does that leave us? 그래서 써도 되는거야?

5:51 Why would anyone lie about spf? spf 지수를 굳이 왜 조작?

7:22 it’s happening worldwide 한국뿐만 아니라 미국, 일본 브랜드도…

8:28 What about UVA protection? (spf is only for UVB) UVA 차단은…? (참고로 UVA는 노화, 주름 일으킴)

11:02 My picks 전 3개월 동안 결과 나오기 전까지 당분간 이 제품들만 사용하렵니다

✔️PS Note:

I just really want to thank you guys for all your support! Without you guys, I wouldn’t be here at all. I want to let you guys know I appreciate each and every one of you and that I never take you guys for granted! Lots of love, Soo

Keala P

It's interesting to hear Purito is more popular internationally than it is in Korea, what brands are really popular in Korea?

Sara Martin

Thank you so much for the update!! I’ve been really liking that product!! Have a great holiday season, Soo. Kisses from Spain

Emet17 S

Darn. I love their sunscreen. Will continue to use the rest of the new bottle. Still like the way it works with a my skin care products.


안인숙 원장님 채널 보셨군요..ㅎ
진짜... spf조작 심한 문제인거같아요 ㅠ
성분, 발림성 위주로 유행된 결과같네오..ㅎ

Nicole Gildea

Thank you for this video ~ I appreciate your suggestions & advice !! Unfortunately I'm allergic to zinc oxide and mineral sunscreens so I can only use chemical ones


Please do a review of the mineral sunscreen that you recommended! I am excited to see it ???


is the physical purito one the same?


헐 직구1등 제품이 와우.......

Julianne Leung

Thank you for the info. I have been using double use of 2 sunscreens which still included Purito. ? ? I still love Purito...I hope they can fix it to 50 spf.


Omg its so bad to say use the spf 19 not 28 no machine was less updated in Germany. And finding excuses for brand is so unprofessional...snd biased...

pcy_ natia

Hii beautiful .which cushion or bb are you using in this video?


So.. How about the keep cool sun essence ??


Thanks for sharing!

coochie girl

I've been looking for a year now for a chemical sunscreen that I'm not allergic to. I get bumps everywhere I apply the sunscreen and they itch like hell. Is there anyone else that has this issue or has any suggestions? I'm currently stuck using medical-grade sunscreens that make me look trans race ?


썸네일 사진에 올라온 독도 자작나무 선크림도 차단 지수 다른건가요???ㅠㅠ

Lava Yuki

I mostly use Japanese sunscreens like Biore, Shiseido, Kose and Canmake, but out of the Korean ones the purito centella one is the only one I tried and I loved the texture, it was fantastic under makeup, acting like a primer. This is such a pity, as I can't find a similar one

Tim Rash

Thank you very much for bringing this to light! I appreciate your stance on it as well as your honesty! It's unfortunate I've been touting Purito's sun screen to my friends- and just bought 5 tubes of the stuff! I'll still use it up but will not be purchasing anymore.


제가 쓰는 게 11:15에 있네요...! 다행ㅜㅜ...


what i take from this video is: use sun protection to protect the skin from short time expose but try to literally avoid the sun at all costs ☀️


진짜 쪽팔려서;
한국인도 한국제품 거르는데
외국인도 얼마나 더할까..
이참에 화장품업계 갈아엎어야함

Anna Darko

Outdated technology in Germany? What? That's preposterous! Outrageous! Impossible!

- me, 2021, in a small town in Germany that can at best provide a 16k DSL connection.


really appreciate how much work and research you put into this video!

Pablo Bazán Valdivia

Soo guapa necesito esto en español ? me encanta el protector de purito ?

Aileen Hsi

There's a skincare brand called Krave Beauty, and they also carry an SPF 50. I have never tried it before, but can you review it or maybe give some thoughts on it? Thanks!!

Arrel Combalicer

How about Pyunkang Yul Ato Mild Sun cream?

Yeung Janet

Very disappointing Klairs...I trust that it got SPF50, and seldom reapply it. Really love the texture and once believed that it would be my ultimate sunscreen...spf19 is really low, it’s like putting nothing on my skin and keep on receiving sunlight. Can’t imagine...

Komal Khosla

I spend all of my free time watching skin care videos on youtube and THIS WAS THE BEST, MOST INFORMATIVE VIDEO ON SUNSCREEN IVE EVER SEEN. Thank you so much!! I had been eyeing the purito for months but wanted to finish my stash of sunscreens of La Roche Posay sunscreens first. Now I think I'll go for some of the mineral ones you mentioned!

Slav in Japan

I’m happy I’m not the only one who has like a mini sunscreen collection going on


The statement that there is not much of a difference between SPF 15, 30 and 50 is actually not true!! Lab muffin has a great video about this - https://youtu.be/KcmVdQ_j2C8


OMG!!!! I am dying! I rely on sunscreen to protect and prevent my melasma. Thanks for sharing!

Flynn Figueroa

I needed this video! I’m in the hunt for new sunscreen

hương minh

I only use Suncreen that made in the UK / Australia . My sister bought me Innisfree’s suncreen but i never use it. ? but i do like Innisfree other product . ?

sarah knight

I love purito as a brand. This is insightful of consumer and influencer based knowledge available in Korea. As a Kbeuaty lover this makes me sad that the product still isn't what is states it to be. However the process of understanding spf this is an issue of the lack of standardized testing for spf factor worldwide. Its not as cutthroat as we feel it to be. We should awaken to the issue that's this is a global issue This isn't an issue of brand bug rather business and science. Its not one fault but many faults in the system.

Sharon Park

2:18 베를린과 독일..?? 독일의 수도는 베를린 아닌가요???


I really like your CHANEL ❤️


Is the cosrx aloe sunscreen really have spf 50??? Because i just realized after using it half of bottle, my face get red easily under the sun, and using the cosrx it didn’t really protect me, and even still got sunburned ?

N Fischer

I'd love to see your 'best mineral sunscreens' and maybe a 'best products on YesStyle' my eastern YouTubers have totally different K-beauty recommendations to my western YouTubers.

Youth's gap

저도 며칠 전에 알게 되었는데 역시 빠르시네요 영상 끝까지 3번이나 봤어요ㅎㅎ 선크림은 역시 돌고돌아 무기로 가야하는지.. 일단은 기다려봐야겠지만 무기 추천템 보고 싶어요!

Jacques Roy

YesStyles removed all the Purito sunscreen from their website. From what I can see on my Canadian Internets. There are like nine SPF products sold on that website now.

kenta falls

Not the RoundLab too! It's my sunscreen for the last 6 months lol Well if it turns out it's only spf 30 then I'm good since I haven't really been under the sun for more than 5 minutes lol


Thats really disappointing. I work outside and the Purito sunscreen is the only one I've found that doesn't break me out. Did notice I was still getting a little burnt but ddin't think anything of it since construction work can get real sweaty. I have no idea what to replace it with. Siiigh.

Tammy Stiletto

I use Cotz.
So..has no one been getting sunburn or sensitivity?? I mean..

Soo Beauty 수뷰티

PLEASE watch this video till the end!!! 이 영상은 꼭! 끝까지 봐주세요!

Angela Fung

Have you tried the Neogen sunscreen? What do you think of it?

fabfatcat catblog

Keep cool is actually spf 4.xx? Crazyyyy

Jl2Da Max

My heart breaks as I started with K beauty sunscreens before moving on to J beauty sunscreens, that just happen to work better with my oily skin. K beauty sunscreens changed my life, they got me in the habit of applying and reapplying sunscreen. I believe these brands will get it together because I don’t believe they maliciously lied.

kaqeksqlz kaqeksqlz

선크림은 아무리 지수가 높아도 활동을 하면 ,땀이나 여러 요건들 때문에 자주 발라줘야한다고 하더라구요. 전 그냥 무슨 제품이든 자주 바르는 걸 택했어요.?


Klairs sin essence too,use the same filter as purito sunscreen . Provide half protection against uva , no filter used for uvb


Woah “Purito” reminds me of the Italian word “prurito” and it means..itch. Don’t tell them tho ????

Peta Zetas

I can't for the life of me find the list of sunscreens that had lower spf than was claimed. could anyone tell me the title of the article or the website?

Sara S

I really appreciate your input.

Dela Dzimega

ugh it sucks that bc im darkskin i can't really use physical sunscreens

Amy Answers

And i just purchased purito sunscreen ???

Victoria H

thank you, Soo! for open up my eyes and share the VERY positive thought <3

M Penrose

You are awesome! But that lamp has to go, seriously.

Amishi Jaiswal

Wow this video was well made and researched. Thanks for giving us a quick summary of everything, it'll help me be more mindful while purchasing and choosing the right SPF!! Also, I'm absolutely loving your lip makeup, please mention the products you've used

joon kim

제약회사 제품만 써왔는데....거기도 밑장 빼진 않았겠져??? ㅎㄷㄷ

Sugawara's wife

12:27 So useful! ??

Carla M

Thanks for the info


언니 안녕하세요. 혹시 요즘 추가로 나온 사실은 없는지 궁금해서 댓글 남겨요! 현재 한국에선 아직도 조용하고 찾아봐도 나오지않아서 영어로도 찾아보고 있는데 해석이 쉽지않고..검색하는것도 제가 원하는 결과가 잘 안나오더라구요ㅠㅠ 혹시 더 진행된 사항 더 알고계시다면 공유 부탁드립니다!! 영상 잘보고있어요 ㅎㅎ 저도 영상 보면서 영어공부 좀 해야겠어요..


love how short yet informative your video is! everyone’s making videos on it but i really like yours, especially because you can give us the Korean perspective

Son Phan

How often do you reapply sunscreen when you are outside compare to now, while in quarantine?

Frankie Kawaii

What do you think abiut the banila co sunstick or cosrx aloe soothing sun screen


What do u think about the corsx aloe soothing sunscreen? I have combination acne prone skin

Sara Meli

This is the best explanation about the situation. I'm happy to find someone that didn't just drag them and also talk about the problem as a whole in the industry.


Very informative and consise. I have very sensitive skin, chemical sunscreens burn and mineral is my only choice. I am allergic to a lot of ingredients and extracts which limits my choices too so... I'll stay with my white cast sunscreen as long as it protects me well ??

Rainbow Rain

I hope the canmake mermaid sunscreen is not of them. Finally, i've found a sunscreen i liked. I know its from Japan, but still.


I thought I should just use up my Purito backup (purchased recently from Yesstyle) when I am inside but it has a weird smell and the texture is different from the one I used up? Should I throw it away?

Mr Maaical

Oh my GOD...your skin is so FLAWLESS

Sabiha Jahan

I was curious. Good that you uploaded. Saved me a lot of money. Love from Bangladesh ❤️

Sarah B

Which sunscreen would you prefer for a daily use? I am from Austria and looking for a good one. I feel like the Austrian sunscreens are not made for daily use. ? Thank you for your help. I totally love your videos and I love to watch them. I already bought some products you are using, and they are totally helping my skin. All the best & take care. ☺️

Slav in Japan

I’m disappointed they lied about how much it’s actually protecting you, but it’s still an amazing sunscreen so I’m still gonna use it, I don’t go out much anyways.

Dinar Karisma

Could you please also test Pyunkang Yul Ato Mild Suncream and Be Plain Clean Ocean Nonnano Mild Sunscreen? Both of them are mineral based sunscreen so I do really want to know your opinion about them as well. Thanks a lot ❤


한국인으로서 너무 부끄럽네요... 선크림 뿐만 아니라 내가 쓰고 있는 제품들 모두 다 믿어도 되는지 의문이 생기고 기가막힙니다... 사실 한국에서 이슈가 많이 안되었어요.. 저도 지금 알았네요... 너무 화가납니다... 문제터진 회사들은 진정한 사과한마디 없습니다...


정확한 정보없이 분위기적으로 물타기 되기 쉬운 상황에 중립을 유지하고 객관적으로 생각하게 해주는 정보라 유익한것 같습니다 감사합니다 ^^

polly little

Thanks for the video! I don’t mean to be rude when I say this, but either your lighting or skin products are making your face look extremely white - gray.

Maryth R

Indeed, Sharing is caring ?
Update on re-tested product on 01/22/21:
Keep Cool spf came out to be 28.6

Jaelee H

Thanks for talking about the UVA rays and PA+ scale! I was always confused about what that meant and didn't pay much attention to it when purchasing sunscreens. Soo, thank you for telling us how important it is!!!

Amanda Lor

Thanks for the recommendation! My face is sensitive to certain sunscreen so it's hard to find ones that have zinc and Titanium Dioxid.

Right now, I'm using Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun Lotion spf 50+ PA+++ and love it. Can't wait to try Dr. Different Double Defense Suncream.

Anyways, what's your thoughts on Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun Lotion spf 50+ PA+++?


I use the canmake mermaid uv filter sunscreen because it's the only thing that doesn't burn my eyes....that being said it feels EXACTLY like a moisturizer and I'm so scared the UV filters are not true ??


Well this is why it’s important to reapply. The amount applied also impacts efficacy so there is that. I’ll continue to use my Purito and other Korean and Japanese sunscreens but will opt for barrier/mineral sunscreens when spending time outside. Great video I will look for your updates!

Di G

In Australia all sunscreens have to go through strict testing by the tga to prove they do what they say and then a number is attached to the sunscreen.its illegal to sell foreign sunscreens that haven't been tested so all we do is check the product to find the approval number or go to the tga website.if you use the wrong sunscreen now when people are young then they can get skin cancer later in life it's so important to have the perfect sunscreen great video?‍♀️?‍♀️


그래 제형이 너무좋은 선크림은 뭔가모르게 신뢰가 안가긴했어.. 안원장님 채널에 나왔다고 추측중인 닥자 선앰플처럼..

Cris _90

Very informative video...I'm a little concerned by the SPF controversy. One month ago I bought the Klairs sunscreen and I was delighted but now, I feel a little mislead....The problem isn't only the problem with a product but the credibility as a brand. Thank you Soo!


I love korean skincare but this is why I prefer japanese sunscreen lol


Awwww I loooove when at the end you say “Ciao”! ???

PeachLoey __1209

Thank you so much for sharing! ???

jee lambha

알려주셔서 감사해요 ㅠㅠ!!

Moom in

I never use purito's sunscreen, but I use its lotion and love it.
For sunscreen, I love Krave beauty one. But I can't buy it anymore after I moved back to my country. (they don't ship here T T)
Right now I'm using innisfree aqua water drop sunscreen. It's also pretty good.


지수 발림성보고 이정도 안나오겠는데 했는데 진짜였네요.. 발림성 좋으려면 낮아지는데 그럼 또 안팔린다 생각했겠죠ㅠ 어렵네요

Daniela Quintana

Amigaa sube videos en español en tu otro canal, te extrañamos!

SJ Black

This was so comprehensive! 너무 재미있어요, 감사합니다! ?

Ikaa Basrian

How about keep cool soothing bamboo sun essence sunscreen?? :'(


I've heard of this years ago. Truth is we never really know what spf or percentage of an ingredient is in a product despite what a company says. The same goes for supplements


I think it's so hard for everyone to be agree on the spf bc they don't have all the exact same machines to test products but yeah it's kind of scary for people that have real issues with sun. I hope everything will be okay soon !

Zyx Carstairs

I'm not surprised this happened to be honest, each year near summer same subject is brought up on my country and you'd be shocked at how many sunscreens do not have the protection they claim to.

Ust J


Minx Bella

I really like Clinic 3W sunscreen because it’s cheap and also not oily on my face.. I use to wear Laneige sunscreen but it’s too oily on my face.. I hope 3W clinic is not lying about their product orz.. Somehow I feel like I like it more if my sunscreen have a white cast because I’m not wearing any makeup lately so that sunscreen with a white cast helps a lot to tone up my skin.. I don’t really like wearing lotion like sunscreen

emma's all wright

Thank you for really doing research on this and highlighting the key info we all need! Will be waiting for more of your SPF recommendations.

Purito sunscreen

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Purito Lied About SPF? What Goes Into Formulating A Sunscreen | Cosmetic Formulator Talks

11 363 views | 4 Dec. 2020

In light of the recent

In light of the recent #Purito controversy, I did an impromptu recording of a video I've been planning for a couple of weeks because just because I want to get some information on the science behind developing a sunscreen out there before people start jumping to conclusions and acting a fool.

Link to the incidecoder article that started it all!


A link to the graph shown for UV filter absorption (originally saw this on fellow sunscreen queen Hannah English's IG: @miss_hannah_e)

Principles and Practice of Photoprotection

Steven Q. Wang, Henry W. Lim (eds.)

ISBN: 978-3-319-29381-3

Here's another great resource from Annalisa, a fellow content creator and formulator! (@skinperspective on IG)


Follow me on my socials!

IG+Twitter: @glowbyramon

00:00 Intro + Disclaimers

04:09 How I Apply And Use Sunscreen

06:23 Sunscreen Formulation Tea

10:26 Sunscreen Formulation Misconceptions

18:22 Personal Sunscreen Opinions

25:04 Final Thoughts

Ethan Trenaman

I just need to know if Klairs sunscreen is the same?

Nikki Lopé

Soo since this tea dropped, guess who is going back through all the brown skin friendly ramón recommended sunscreens to find me a new one???... ??‍♀️??‍♀️

Amine Masror

ISIS Pharma SPF 50 UVEBlock Fluide Invisible they have UVB (UVA) 30.9 PA++++ is that good

Sabrina Huang

Hi Ramon I just want to say thank you for always being so informative and transparent about your thought! Love your videos and hope you never stop making these great videos!!!

Jenifer Peiris

This hurts more than Susan yara


This is the only sunscreen that works really well with my skin. i’m so sad. if it is true idk how i’m gonna find a replacement

Morgan Lucero

Learning so much from watching your channel! And that Bob Ross reference??

Manuel Gonzalez

OMG....sooooooo sad!!!! I trusted this brand....everything you said during this video, I completely agree on...thanks for stressing the importance of wearing a sunscreen, regardless of skin color. Now going back to The PURITO sunscreen, I love this product....I usually use it as a moisturizer ( with SPF)...somehow I never trusted it while being outside ....it has only two filters which made me uneasy....I just like the way it feels on the skin....That's why I usually went with a Japanese sunscreen (combination) on top....Nevertheless, this issue with PURITO puts question marks on all Korean sunscreens.....I don't know what to think....?!

Mélissa A

We have the star system in France too! ? not sure if it's a EU thing or not.

Maria Davids

I feel so betrayed now ????? purito why spf19 ?????




I’ve heard the Dear Klairs UV Essence has the same problem

Arijit Biswas Makeup

I have a question here. I used to love the Klairs sunscreen but now I cant trust it . As SPF 19 isn’t enough for me .

What do you think about Shishedo or Clarins or Loreal sunscreen?

I want a sunscreen which provides good protection and works beneath my makeup . As my profession requires me to wear makeup everyday.

alice layola

bro i just bought like 3 more from stylevana... are you kidding me?
i know im probably just in denial but like, maybe the tests applied the susncreen wrong? (i.e. -> used 1/8 tsp compared to 1/4 on the face...?)
Also, all face surface areas are sooooo different so we dont know how much to truly put on unless these labs have some device that can accurately read the surface area of the subjects skin and take into account that the adequate amount of sunscreen is covering that said area.
I am seriously in denial bc my stylevana shipment is on its way TT_TT


? i just ordered 2 from yesstyle

Maddy Hartshorn

Is Cosrx sun cream safe??? Was it tested by the same process?

Vivian Lai

I love your videos so much?? you took the time to edit this LONG video to educate us on sunscreen formulation and all that relates to sunscreen. I really appreciate it?

astrxlogy o

They posted their response on Instagram for anyone interested ? sales of the purito sunscreens are being paused!

Nicole P

The worse part is that everyone says the best sunscreen is the one you like and so many ppl like this but it’s sketchy now...


Guys this is probably the first like big controversy the skincare community has wver experienced ???its always been the makeup community now its us

Z. P.

What about the Klairs one?? Please, don't tell me it's a scam too! ?

Andrew Ryan

I’m probably in the minority but I actually did not like The Purito Unscented Sunscreen! It burned around my eyes so badly. It also made my face feel really greasy after reapplication. I’m usually not sensitive to chemical sunscreens around my eyes; this was the only one that gave me issues. Thankfully I stopped using it because of this. Thanks for all the useful information, Ramón!


NOOOO I just bought some?

Ray Radiance

I never thought the mineral Purito sunscreen had adequate protection, also I switched to Korean chemical sunscreens per your recommendation like Keep Cool, I feel that gives me even protection, my dark marks don’t get darker and it doesn’t clump up and believe it or not irritate my skin like mineral sunscreens- which I’ve used my
Whole life per fear mongering on chemical sunscreens.


Its anessa sunscreen good ? I used purito and now I'm confuse to get replaced ( btw i live in indonesia we got sun so bright )


INCIDecoder has its own skincare company...think about it and wait...✌️

Kelly Ann Aynes

OMG!! I have been using the unscented version religiously since April and I have 3 more backups!!! I am sooo upset!!! Thanks for the info?

Lazy Bones

Alllrighty, I finished watching and just wanted to let you know that, for an impromptu video, this was fantastic. So much scientific information, presented in an easy-to-understand manner. I'm really looking forward to you completing your studies and getting an opportunity to enter the industry and start formulating.

Angelo Scofield

Ramon, how about the Comfy Water Sunblock? Is it also included in the scandal?

True Baronesse

Very informative and through, thank you! What I am most concerned about is how this product was allowed to be sold on a, supposedly, heavily regulated market such as EU. Do they just accept the test results companies provide, from apparently non reliable labs?

Kathryn De La Cruz

The way you made this video and how you presented the information is immaculate! absolutely loved and subscribed :)❤️❤️❤️

Rainier Cramer

Love how in-depth this video was but also covered so many important topics pertaining to sunscreen! Thank you for this!!

Maryth R

I wish ALL sunscreens would be RANDOMLY RE-TESTED by randomly selected labs (this may decrease the opportunity for fraud).

And once the tests have been completed, make the name of the testing lab and the tests results public, this would make SPF/PPD cheating riskier for dishonest organizations. Every sunscreen company would put a lot of attention and care to properly labeling and periodically testing of their own products to keep their customers safe.

Although, I wonder how such re-testing could be funded...

A) taxes imposed on sunscreen companies? (The industry would be paying for their own re-testing)?

B) Gofundme?

C) Government?

D) Sales taxes imposed on sunscreen purchases? (The customers would be paying for the re-testing/ensuring the safety of the products they use)?


I hope that people don't go and chuck their tubes into the trash. It's still a decent indoor sunscreen, and with everyone staying home and winter upon many parts of the world, I hope they just use it up and move on. I hate to think of the waste :(

Anshika Khandelwal

Do you guys think that Dear Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence will also be failing like this Purito one????? I just bought 2-2 bottles of each of these two Sunscreens ?? Should I return the Klairs Sunscreen also along with Purito??

Sal Ponce

I’m sad for those who loved the Purito sunscreen, as well as for K-Beauty brands, because I feel this may hurt consumer confidence in AB. I personally HATED the sunscreen: it pilled like no tomorrow & was one of the SHINIEST sunscreens I’ve ever used

Tedd Descardes

if you haven’t tried it yet you should try black girl sunscreen. its black owned, it’s 100% vegan, cruelty free, and fragrance free. and it doesn’t leave a white cast at all.

Emily Rachel Gilley

I'm pissed because I use this with Retin-A. ?


I just love hearing you talk! ?

Alex Ariel Ramirez

Is it horrible that I laughed throughout this whole video? Your delivery... perfection! ?


I thought it was just the Unscented version that wasn’t good

Ariana Juarez

I’m sad ? I just started differin this week and I’ve been using purito for 4 months now, I can feel my skin aging ???

Imi L

Now that many of us have to resort to using our leftover Purito as a 'moisturiser' and layer another layer of 'real sunscreen', I am a bit worried about certain filters or chemicals interacting with each other and cancelling the SPF effects. I found some online articles and research about this... Would you kindly advice what we can do?

I have one Purito chemical and SIX Comfy Water in my cupboard... T_T

Research: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/6747554_Interactions_between_different_UVBUVA_filters_contained_in_commercial_suncreams_and_consequent_loss_of_UV_protection

"Advice" from Elta MD:

I am asking around...

Cheers!! x

Maddy Hartshorn

Should I buy Krave Beet Shield or Cosrx sun cream to substitute?

Lazy Bones

Pausing the video at 1:48 to comment:
I was disappointed when I first heard this news, though not devastated because Purito isn't my only sunscreen (I use a few different ones day to day depending on the weather, my skin needs, my mood, etc). I also don't rely solely on sunscreen as I wear a wide-brimmed hat when I go out and I am rarely in the sun for longer than 20min per day so I feel even with an SPF of 19, I'm sufficiently protected on those days. All that being said, I am very interested to see how this unfolds in regard to the lab testing aspect of it.
OK, un-pausing now to continue because I'm interested in your thoughts on this!

Megha Bhardwaj

Just when I thought I've found the perfect one ?

Super A

What if someone making fake research? And ask Purito to show the process of makings their sunscreen just to copy their formula

The Fifth Eliot

look at Ramon watching out for the fam! ill use up my purito and just keep buying beet. I love that flat front pocket friendly bottle. I always think UVAging, and UVBurning.

Rach C

New subscriber here ? Hi!! Awesome video!!!! Thanks so much for explaining. I was super interested to hear you say that both chemical and physical sunscreens convert UV rays into heat to reflect it off your skin. I switched to physical sunscreens recently because I thought the UV conversion process of chemical sunscreens was the cause for my eyes being irritated and profusely watery. I couldn't apply chemical sunscreen over my eye lids or even NEAR my eyes without this happening, but as a retinoid user, I was nervous of potential damage to my skin. As you mentioned both types undergo the same process, any idea why I might have been having this problem with chemical sunscreens?

Alexsa Gonzalez

I really hope my beet shield provides the amount of protection it promises ? its my ride or die

Zawadi Rapando

I can't even imagine how people who have been using it for long feel right now. I've been using it for 2 month and I feel betrayed ?


God i just bought this sunscreen cause it was the most recommended for me on skincare internet when I was looking for suggestions not to have sunscreen eventually seeping into my eyes. I don't have the funds right now to fork over 40 for the other well suggested products

Hannah liah

This is so frustrating! I’ve been using the chemical purito spf for at least a year and I’ve been on Retin-A for 2 months now and I was using that spf. I’m allergic to US chemical filters, so even if I wanted to get a chemical spf at the drugstore I couldn’t! Also I’m dark skin so, I can’t use mineral spf! I hate even the slightest white cast so wth do I do now ugh! Someone pls give me alternatives to purito! ??


Why adsorb and not absorb? Am I missing the joke??

Jojo Yap

I have to.keep rewinding because u talk too fast and my brain is too slow haha, thank you for this informative video, ur awesome

Lisa LMS

Thank you for such a detailed explanation of sun filters. You mentioned in your comment the liability of the third party tester - what about the formulator? Does this call into question any sunscreen with only two new generation filters?
I discovered you recently and I’m loving your support of POC. There’s so much misinformation in our community around skincare.

Vegan Games

I remember telling you about this ages ago in one of your earlier videos. ✌?

Raeshel _

The fact that I used both the unscented water sunscreen and the unscented centella sunscreen while on tretinoin just- ? I’m so glad I used it during quarantine so I never really left my house.

Mélissa A

Thank you for all this information. I'm learning so so much!!

N Fischer

wow, thank God I layer this with a mineral sunscreen.

Precious Bravo

I literally just got this sunscreen and also gave it to my brother for his 16th birthday ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Ginny D

I’ve heard from people in Asia that some people do not trust Korean skincare as much, despite being trendy in recent years, because of lack of regulatory standards and many controversies(much of which has probably not made it to the skincare world here). According to one of my friends, the US may have access to less ingredients but Korea is actually less stringent with standards than we are


I find it interesting that you feel like derms mostly recommend mineral sunscreens. The amount of flack I've gotten for recommending chemical sunscreens ?

Lina H.

I'm just terrified to use my KEEP COOL sunscreen now .....it was just so perfect and now I'm worried it's not protecting me sufficiently, especially as someone who uses retinol. What do you think ? Are you gonna continue using the keep cool one.

Usman Khan

Finally, someone who talks at my level of speed

Olivier Soto Rodriguez

Does it mean that te keep cool essence also doesnt have the right protection?

Ivey Peters

Are we dropping Klairs, too (if Purito is guilty)? I learned they're made in the same lab, so I'm gonna be SO SAD if I gotta toss these bottles because my dude, this Florida sun don't play.

Aj B

I'm literally so annoyed, I just received this in the mail today a total waste of money

Berenice Crane

Well this whole mess had one plus side: I discovered your channel and I'm here to stay ☺️

Anna Mil

This truly is the worst timeline

Malika Daprix

Ok, I love how you approached this. It was very interesting, informative. You stuck by your principles and didn’t jump on the fear mongering bandwagon.
And yes I appreciate that you review affordable sunscreen.


great video <3 thank you so much!

Ekaterina Drokina

imperfections? cute people like you should not speak about themselves like that cause I feel ugly. :)

Kelly Ann Aynes

I saved this video for future reference because of all the important and relevant information!!! Great job Ramon! ?


I'm truly pissed off due to that becoming my favourite and I was using it after a dermatologist treatment and was wondering why was I getting redness that I usually had due to the sun damage to which I'm sensitive to. Now I know..

Yahoska Tijerino

I feel betrayed, I ordered 4 bottles two week ago ?. Can anybody recommend an alternative?


I just ordered this sunscreen on Black Friday. I have been avoiding purito because I had heard about some of these test results prior, but I figured I would get it because I’ve been wanting some sheer chemical sunscreens for my hand and body when I go into my car (since so many leave white marks on my black interior even if they don’t leave a white cast on my skin). I figured it would be an ok option for reapplication after I use hand sanitizer or something. I guess it’s better than nothing, but now that it’s been outed by more labs, I kinda regret the purchase. I wonder if jolse would issue a refund for this if my order still hasnt shipped yet

Favour Oluboyo

Thank you for this Ramon! ????
Cant wait to see more sunscreen reviews (please do altruist face fluid or Bondi Sands sunscreen next lol)


Love your videos/channel and really appreciated this video! You are super knowledgeable. Mineral sunscreens don't work for my skin either. I get super dry skin and sometimes even more acne; but I've been on the hunt because everyone keeps saying how they are better. Glad to see I'm not alone in my opinion! Keep going after your goals, you're great at it!! :)

Madison Flowers

This is probably my favorite sunscreen video I've ever watched! It was super informative and I love how you talked about the privilege so many youtubers have when they say mineral sunscreen are better than chemical. I am NOT walking around looking like casper or rubbing in a sunscreen for 30 minutes just to wear a mineral sunscreen (And every mineral sunscreen I've tried burns the hell out of my eyes). It really kinda pisses me off how so many people are so steadfastly ignorant about chemical sunscreens ?

Anyway, now I NEED a video on your recommendations for effective sunscreens with similar formulations to purito. Similar price would be great too as I go through more sunscreen than anything else in my beauty collection and I really can't spend $40+ every month on sunscreen. I've been reading that EU and Australian brands are probably the best because they have the strictest regulations especially when it comes to UVA ratings.

argiro kar

Lets be honest here. No elegant sunscreen give you sun protection especially UVA protection. NONE. Even if it is Spf 50 +..... They DON'T STAY on your skin. You need a real , unpleasant sunscreen for UVA protection.

Tyresse Ferguson

I just purchased a bottle of each and plan on using them both. I use them as reapplication throughout the day when I remember to apply. I work in an office that windows are blocked by trees.

Diana Martins

Diana Martins
“You can see all my pores”
~sensual face~
“Take it all in”

Dominique Vas

Now that you mention the UK - have you tried the Altruist face fluid?

FirstGen American

Omg! I always heard about this sunscreen but never bought it. I’m glad I stuck to my Clinique ?


You look amazing!! ?

The Fit Academic

Amazing video and info, thanks so much! New subscriber here ??

Marcy Darcy

Man, I used up one tube of this sunscreen this summer, mainly on my neck and hands since I didn't like how it sat on top of my skin. Thank God I didn't like it so I didn't repurchase. Still, I'm angry I gave them my coin?. I still have the mineral one from Purito, I pills like crazy on me so I'm using it up on my hands and definitely will not repurchase!


It kindof feels like Purito is getting the short end of the stick here because they're a small popular brand on the internet. And I'm really hoping the whole like mob mentality doesn't come out. They seem to be doing everything you'd want in a brand by getting further testing. Like sunscreens all the time form really large brands in every country will have much lower SPF's in consumer testing then what's labeled, but nobody's coming for Neutrogena when one of their products tests lower then it was labeled in a test... Labmuffin did a really good video on this too talking about the issues with the sunscreen labeling process and how the testing can be variable and biased. idk i also wonder if there's a certain amount of racism towards Asia from people coming out.

Cathy Nadar

The amount of knowledge and background work that went into this is unreal!!! Just found your channel a week ago and am already obsessed, I hope that more people discover Ramón!


That's wild, I was thinking of buying this one next too, Kinship it is then!


Director Pi is a popular skincare/beauty South Korea Youtuber. She is like Hyram + Susan Yara. Her background isn’t in subjects like chemistry, biology or dermatology, as far as I know, she studied journalism or marketing, BUT her videos are helpful for basic information on products.
If you want to see what Korean sunscreens may be worth buying, I suggest you see her videos. She even has English subtitles. That is the main reason I am suggesting her here.

She did a collaboration video with a famous/infamous dermatologist, Dr Ham Ik-byung, and I also suggest that video, too. Dr Ham is brutally blunt when it comes to the issues of skin and health. No sugarcoating or “nice talk.”

Unfortunately, Dr Ham doesn’t have his own Youtube channel but he does often star or is mentioned in a medical Youtube channel starring doctors but that channel doesn’t have English subtitles. But here is the link -> @UCF9vbHlZpz7FbOAky3fnYxw

If anyone wants to see Korean skincare videos done by individual experts (dermatologists for example) with English subtitles, I suggest channels such as Dr. DTS A Dermatologist Talks about the SKIN or Dr. Lee Ha-Eun (Dermatologist).

Dr.DTS A Dermatologist Talks about the SKIN @UC908f2Qj4Jz2bs9XzDdPMLg

Dr. Lee Ha-Eun (Dermatologist) @UCh_bUw4SxJ0tLKzyLpJxxkQ

Sarah Wood

Another note on the mineral sunscreen thing, the ones that are recommended to people with deeper skin tones, are often much more expensive than the average Korean chemical sunscreen

Holly Call

I'm so disappointed!!! ? My beloved Purito! Moved on to Dr.G sunscreen. Hoping that one is legit!

d d

with all the video coming out on the controversy, i feel yours is definitely one of the most informative thank you:)


learning that news hurt me cuz my yesstyle order with my purito spf repurchase had Literally just arrived?great video thanks for getting this to us so quickly ?

Stephanie Cano

I’d love to see you review the KIDS version of the black girl sunscreen ?

Ammi Hanna

I have a super serious question! I just bought the Klairs sunscreen for my sister and mom. Should I be concerned??


Purito company would have been well researched and tested before they market this product. There’s no way they would allow this to happen or they will face lawsuits. I’m sure the third party lab testing came out with different results just like how P20 is banned in Australia because it doesn’t meet Australian standards although they claim it lasts for 10hours or something and Cyrille even loves P20. I am still going to use Klairs and Purito until the company itself justifies themselves.

Cathy Nadar

Also does anyone know if he has reviewed the cotz sunscreens?

Purito sunscreen

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Thank you for your time and support! ?

Much love and respect! ?

paj 1492

So glad to have found your channel. You're very science oriented and straight to the point. Can't not subscribe. ?

Maryth R

I wish ALL sunscreens would be RANDOMLY RE-TESTED by randomly selected labs (this may decrease the opportunity for fraud).

And once the tests have been completed, make the name of the testing lab and the tests results public, this would make SPF/PPD cheating riskier for dishonest organizations. Every sunscreen company would put a lot of attention and care to properly labeling and periodically testing of their own products to keep their customers safe.

Although, I wonder how such re-testing could be funded...

A) taxes imposed on sunscreen companies? (The industry would be paying for their own re-testing)?

B) Gofundme?

C) Government?

D) Sales taxes imposed on sunscreen purchases? (The customers would be paying for the re-testing/ensuring the safety of the products they use)?

Anthony Parkinson

Apparently the Dear Klairs SPFs have been called into question now too.


Who is the owner of Purito brand?


sad, and how dare they. im so sad

Sal Ponce

I understand that this is only spf 19, but from reading the comment section it seems that EVERYBODY burns no matter what sunscreen they put on. Do people put it on & go stand in the direct sun? Have we forgotten that sunscreen is precautionary STEP, after sun-protective clothing & staying out of the sun? No hate, just sincerely curious...

Paula G

I'm so glad to watch this video... I am finish about my sunscreen and I was planning to buy Purito SPF sunscreen. Guess I will stick with my European sunscreen

Beizadeaua Baby

Oh my GOD i ve been using this Purito for so long thinking that i am protected and all money that i spend on it ? . I am so furious ! What about Klairs ? Thank you

Tedd Descardes

if you haven’t tried it yet you should try black girl sunscreen. its black owned, it’s 100% vegan, cruelty free, and fragrance free. and it doesn’t leave a white cast at all.

Ljubo Blajic

Dear Cyrille, pharmacy brands are most likely the safest. Personally, I have been using all Pierre Fabre fragrance free sunscreens which all contain as you know the same filters (brands Avene, A Derma, Ducray). Unfortunately, organic ones still contain avobenzone which is well known for causing yellow stains after washing. Their chemists should therefore update their formulas so that both organic and inorganic sunscreens DO NOT LEAVE ANY YELLOW OR WHITE MARKS ON COTTON SHIRT OR WOOL JACKET and so that we can freely use them 365 days on ALL sun exposed areas (face, eyes, lips, both sides of neck, upper chest, palms, wrists, fingers and on scalp if someone is bald).

Annabeth Thompson

I've tried so many sunscreens but Purito was one of my fav sunscreen...so disappointed!!?
I recently bought Rovectin aqua sunscreen right before the controversy, I saw it is mineral sunscreen with SPF50+ so I hope this brand won't let me down,,,

Hansel JMR

The sun block one tho. That’s a good one.

Sonny 456

What about the Purito Comfy water spf50 mineral sunscreen.

Anthony Edwards

Just FYI if anyone purchased this on Amazon recently and is outside of the return range (like I was) I simply let the Amazon associate know the situation and they were super understanding and said they had other customers come forward with this and gave me a refund to my card! Try it!

Shoutout to Mansi, the rep who helped me ?❤️


Im very upset! Before I discovered this sunscreen I used couple european ones and they made me breakout horribly so I stopped using spf all together. Don't know what to do honestly

Ngân Trần

Some recommend for asian girls:
- LRP Shaka (highly recommend, powerful, if you used intense treatment)
- Altruist SPF 30, 50
- Anessa (yellow one)
- Nivea Shine Control
- Ultrasun,
- .....
--> Effective sunscreen normally do not have great texture and finish, but you still can find a way to make it work.

Alejandra Welch

is this true just for the unscented, or for the scented one too?


Director Pi is a popular skincare/beauty South Korea Youtuber. She is like Hyram + Susan Yara. Her background isn’t in subjects like chemistry, biology or dermatology, as far as I know she studied journalism or marketing, BUT her videos are helpful for basic information on products.
If you want to see what Korean sunscreens may be worth buying, I suggest you see her videos. She even has English subtitles. That is the main reason I an suggesting her here.

She did a collaboration video with a famous/infamous dermatologist, Dr Ham Ik-byung, and I also suggest you that video, too. Dr Ham is brutally blunt when it comes to the issues of skin and health. No sugarcoating or “nice talk.”

Unfortunately, Dr Ham doesn’t have his own Youtube channel but he does often star or is mentioned in a medical Youtube channel starring doctors but that channel doesn’t have English subtitles. But here is the link -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF9vbHlZpz7FbOAky3fnYxw

If anyone wants to see Korean skincare videos done by individual experts (dermatologists for example) with English subtitles, I suggest channels such as Dr. DTS A Dermatologist Talks about the SKIN or Dr. Lee Ha-Eun (Dermatologist).

Dr.DTS A Dermatologist Talks about the SKIN https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC908f2Qj4Jz2bs9XzDdPMLg

Dr. Lee Ha-Eun (Dermatologist) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh_bUw4SxJ0tLKzyLpJxxkQ


i want my money back man i feel cheated, do you think there will be class action suit ?

Ljubo Blajic

Dear Cyrille, have a look at new Dr Sam Bunting body cream with A, B, lactic acid, shea butter and squalane.

nounia fa

who was right all along! ? maybe Dr Dray in sept 2019 ...

Dilara K

this really makes me mad. I use retinol and chemical exfoliants so I always made sure to wear spf 50 everyday. most days I would use this purito sunscreen. turns out I was barely protecting my skin the past year.? I wonder if there is a fragrance + alcohol free asian sunscreen that is actually spf 50??

Lizzie over 50

What?! I actually have a tube of this at James Welsh’s Korean recommendation!!! Jezzus.:. ?


This makes me so upset! I used this and the Comfy Water Block all the time earlier this year when I was on a heavy akne treatment! Especially then I should have had higher protection! ??

sherly ubenauf

Appreciate all the info Cyrille. Thank you ?


I was thinking about buying it, thank god I didn't! Anyone got good recommendations for sunscreens for combination skin?

Denise Burnham

I'm angry because the U.S. already refuses to consider regulating modern filters that are cosmetically elegant, and Purito just made our argument more difficult. You strongly recommended that the Purito sunscreen be worn only if we were inside the house, and I cannot thank you enough. Its dupe, Dear Klairs, also needs to be tested. I'm disappointed in Purito and its response, and I'm hesitant to continue using their Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence without further study. I'll stick to my true love, Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Milk (blue bottle).


How about the Neutrogena sunscreen that’s, like, spf 110?


How about the famous Klairs sunscreen?

purpleClementine pie

My face turned red wearing this sunscreen under the sun this summer. I was on a topical medication to treat allergy, so my skin was extra sensitive back then. The same thing happened with the klairs soft airy UV essence. And these two have the same filters. Not to say anything for sure, but keep an eye out for that one too!
(My face wasn't burnt wearing la roche posay anthelios, so it's definitely the sunscreen's fault)

Sally Reid

Omg i just recommended this product to a friend with very pale, sun-sensitive skin ??
I texted her this video, luckily she hasn't bought this yet. THANK YOU Cyrille for saving our skin! ?

Been using Purito on my eye area for almost a year... God knows what the cruel Australian sun has done to my eyes in that time ??

Anne Cathy Moore

Thank you for actually deleting your videos od the Purito sunscreens. So many influencers didn’t and I think it’s as misleading as claiming it’s SPF 50+. Not everyone is gonna watch the newest video...

Maximilian Gabriel

tbh that's aged well

Ania Pawelak

What I do not understand is why - HOW - some authorities allowed this product to hit the market with such a major misinformation and mistake? What I am trying to understand and ask you - are there NO authorities that are checking products before? I am starting to be super suspicious about all other product on the market :((((

payal rajguru

I am at my wit"s end . I do not know what to trust anymore. I mean this is no joke it is not like some moisturiser. It is a SUNSCREEN, it has real physiological impact on your screen. What about people with Skin cancer and lupus using it ?

Zoey 234

Should have just titled it "I told you so" ?
A shame really, I was hoping it was not the case...

Magical Milimi

Subscribed. This man called out Purito BEFORE the scandal


Skinfluencers who try to downplay the seriousness of this matter are an international embarrassment.


Cyrille, what about the Purito Comfy Water Sunblock?

Robert&Amanda B

I like the Hera sport sunscreen. Does anybody know if it's had any problems or if it had the same two filters.

Franz Templin

Thank you for the update, Cyrille! I really wanted you to be wrong when you first talked about it, even though I knew you probably wouldn't be. I'm glad I kept trying some of your other sunscreen recommendations (especially the Japanese ones) even after finding and absolutely adoring Purito Unscented in early 2020.

Sofi Luu

So...does someone know what sun cream is safe and has a similar consistency to the purito one?I'm acne prone so i LOVED how light it was and the absence of a white cast

Bella Donna

I just stocked up a couple of weeks ago ? I am actually so pissed! I use chemical peelings, retinol everything, on top of that I have very pale skin, I need my spf and I rely on it. I am so mad ..

Hansinee Ramdhany

Coucou Cyrille, I just checked... and yesstyle has completely removed this sunscreen from their website?

Ari Ana

im so sad because i JUST bought one ? i’ll just use it over my shiseido sunscreen until more info comes out. i honestly hope purito and KFDA clear this up bc i like their products. also i love your accent and skin ❤️

Gabriella Noelle

Hi can someone please guide me with my next sunscreen purchase. I'm planning to buy the Klaiirs Soft Airy UV Essence but I'm wondering if their SPF rating is trustworthy? Please let me know guys. Thank you! :)


Omg what about KLAIRS??? I CANT give up Klairs Soft airy uv essence ?

Alina N

wow Cyrelle , you got so much hate previously for speaking the truth
.im so glad finally we have officially declared results, so there are no more questions. Thank you for choosing ethics over other things ! Love your chanel so much :)

Quills Pen

Nice to see you again cyrille. ? It's been a while since i've dropped by in one of your videos and i remember one time that you talked about how one of the purito uv filters may not have been enough protection for one of the UVB wavelengths. That was over a year ago i think, i wish i could still find the convo i participated in was talking about it if wasnt already deleted on the purge you were talking about. I never did buy the purito sunscreen due to the concerns you brought up so thank you for that.

I hope you are doing well and keep doing the good work you are doing. Au revoir!

Susana Rodrigues

I actually use the purito but the mineral one! It has two filters but every mineral spf has only one or 2 filters. I love it but now i wonder about it too...


What about Dear Klairs in this case?...

Makaela Moser

oh no! I just bought this because another youtuber recommended it!! :(

Sandra Padmindra

Hi Cyrillic, is it possible for you to test Prem sunscreens? I have bought every sunscreen from Shiseido to Eucerin for my husband who golfs 3x a week. For some reason, Prem is the only one that works for him and he never gets sunburned. Maybe your analysis and breakdown on the ingredients can reassure me that it’s safe to use, as he refuses to use anything else.

Almaliha Qurratu Fitria

this spf 50 and spf 19 situation radiates the "things i see online vs when it arrives" energy

Tomie Kawakami

Thank you Cyrille ❤

Nebel Sandwich

I recently ordered that sunscreen as a Christmas gift for myself, is spf 19 enough in the winter months tho?

Arijit Biswas Makeup

I used to love this one and the klairs one but I used to layer a physical and chemical sunscreen and I switch brands . Thank good I did that .

I have a question I don’t like avenne or bioderma sunscreen. What do you think about Clarins or Sheshido sunscreen.
I need a sunscreen which is spf 50 or above and sits well under my makeup and doesn’t hinder the performance or effect of my makeup and I stay in India . So need something effective. Now I am in a dilemma

Olivia Murray


SkyFall 000

Cyril, can you do an updated video of what sunscreens to use instead? I'm so confused now. I have lots of Korean sunscreens stocked up. Now I don't trust them. So I don't know what to use now. Please help. Thx

SaBr 417

I remember when you posted your first video and you got some not nice comments for it. But it turns out you were right this whole time. Vindication! LOL

Muser Fame

What do you think about European sunscreens ?

Alexia Stalikas

Is it the same problem with the PURITO WATER SUN BLOCK SPF50?

Or just this one??

Martin Moore

Did I hear you correctly on another video you were suggesting to stop using the Klairs Sunscreen also?

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‘Don’t start to be crazy’ Cyrille 2020 ?


It's a shame, but I think a lot of us already suspected it. I've been wondering for a long time why my sunspots have become darker and darker, despite sufficient use of Purito. I think I just didn't want to admit it, because the sunscreen is so lightweight and easy to use. The other day someone thought about if it is that easy, why not but all large companys with the largest laboratories and possibilities like La Roche Loreal etc. would bring such comfortable sunscreens with such a high protection factor on the market. And this someone also speculated that the fact the Purito, Klairs etc. all are very cosmetically elegant, might be only possible because they use very small amounts of the filters, because it is very difficult to create a cosmetically elegant formula without white cast, lightweight application and on top without drying alcohols like this SPF50 or higher. If the big laboratories can't do this easiliy, how it is possible small brands like Purito and many others can do it without any problem. Sounds kind of logical. Nevertheless, it is a cheek to write out the sun protection with SPF50+ PA ++++. If the SPF is only 19 instaed of 50+, I don't want to know how low the actual UVA protection is.
Cyrille and Dr.Dray pointed out months ago that the use of only these both filters in such small quantities could be problematic and they should be right. Some users commented on Cyrille's first video that he would spread allegations without evidence. The frequent reviews of sunburn and darkening of pigment spots were clear indications that something seems to be wrong here. I think they should be taught better now. For my part, I am grateful for the warning and its well-founded advice. And it's better to doubt something, even if it later turns out to be wrong, instead of damaging the skin.
It may be right not to judge all korean sunscreens, but unfortunately I think it is very unlikely, that the other ones with this combination and this little percentages of filters perform better than the purito, this is simply the logical consequence, especially if they may even come from the same manufacturer. They rely on the combination with antioxidants in order to achieve the high factor in the small amount of filters, but the effectiveness has not been proven at all in real life. I hope the other candidates will now be tested just as thoroughly as the Purito.
I could cry when I think of the fact that I wore this sunscreen for most of the summer, ok luckily 95% indoors like Cyrille recommended and luckily only in the not so hot Germany, but that alone makes me feel bad, because I´m using Tretinoin.

OpPaRrr JoMJoM

I live in Germany and it broke me out

Sarawut Kongcharoen

Thank you for educating us on this matter, Cheri! ? Because of you and your breakdown of filters during your previous sunscreen reviews, I came to learn which filters are bomb and that a combination of more/several filters makes for higher and better protection. For me it became the EU La Roche Posay (Shaka) Fluid 50+, high amount of alcohol, but fragrance free with a finish a can work with. I got intrigued by Korean skincare and Purito struck me with their unscented Centella line. Many were raving about their Green Level Unscented 50+ and even though I was skeptical to begin with because of the filter knowledge acquired and they only having 2 in their product, I wanted to try it out. Beautiful finish indeed, all seemed too good to be true! How could it be that my beloved LRP had to “struggle” with al the multiple filters and high alcohol content to reach an on par protection? Guess we can draw or own conclusions now... I never really felt comfortable enough to solely use the Purito outdoors, so I always slabbed on the LRP over it which works beautiful on my skin. So happy I did and would recommend others to use the same principle when outdoors. Cyrille offers many suggestions on which are considered best. This whole situation makes me give Purito the sight eye and began questioning the percentages of all other actives they claim to have in their products. I do feel they listen to their consumers by updating their products after feedback and I’m curious to know how they’ll handle this situation. Until then I’ll keep on dreaming of my ultimate sunscreen: high UVB (I tan, not burn), super high UVA (wrinkles and pigmentation issues), that in a soothing and elegant base (alcohol and fragrance free) without any white cast (I don’t wear make up) which suites my Fitzpatrick type V skin prone to impurities ? . Keep up the good work!

K Green

I just bought this sunscreen recently. ??‍♀️ I should've known that a sunscreen that was affordable, doesn't give me a white cast, or doesn't break me out and turn me into an oil rig was too good to be true. Smh ?

Maddy Hartshorn

What about Cosrx, is that a trustworthy product? Or perhaps the beet root from Krave Beauty?


This is so sad. I still use their serum and oil cleanser though! It's great xx they should come with a statement

Messy Red

I knew it was too good! I recently bought it. It feels amazing, like a regular moisturiser. I tried so many sunscreens and that was the only one I liked? Any other sunscreen is too greasy (making my hair greasy as well!) or too dry. I seriously hate wearing sunscreens...Any recommendations for alternatives?

James Welsh

Well well....look who was right all along! ??

Paige Crowley

Thank you Cyrille! Can you please review Missha’s essence sun milk ??

thaedvi vch

PURITO (sunscreen) was taken from several online pages at the time of discovering the false SPF lie, the strange thing that they also took Klairs out, if I'm not mistaken they were formulated by the same company (check in
instagram INCIDecoder) ??. I feel cheated and sad. ???. The only good thing was the product was withdrawn from the market very quickly, I hope they improve the SPF ... but ... Will people trust again ??? ?

Justine D.

good video. Another sunscreen that is not effective are the sunscreens from Eminence Organics. I tried ALL of their sunscreens under a uv light that shows sunscreen/skin damage and they don't darken up AT ALL under that light! It's shocking. I rubbed another brand's spf 35 with the exact same actives next to an spf 35 from Eminence and the Eminence one didn't show up at all especially when compared to the competitor which is a reliable sunscreen. DO NOT USE EMINENCE SUNSCREENS. Their spf levels are more likely to be at 3-5 then 35. A lot of natural sunscreen brands are not effective. Many are however. For commonly available U.S. brands stick with Badger Balm and Aveeno if you want an effective zinc oxide spf. There was even one mineral sunscreen from Paula's Choice that is rubbish as it degrades in only 1 hour. Their Skin Recovery SPF 30. All other sunscreens from Paula's Choice however are great. Consumer Labs concluded the same.

Sarah Weiser

I was wondering why my melasma got worse and worse over the months I was using this product.. such a shame.. and a sunscreen! This is horrible! I really hope Purito will come out with a public statement soon :(

Michael Crisci

Thank you!! Any thoughts on the KEEPCOOL Soothe Bamboo Sunscreen or Krave's The Beet Shield? I'm a bit nervous now

Ana Gonzalez Luengos

Thank you Cyrille, I did take your video from a few months back seriously and ceased use of the Purito as a SPF, only used it as a moisturizer ever since, thank you SO much and I'm glad I trusted you ? you are the best!

¿ slaVICC

Do you believe that this also concerns the 'Keep Cool Soothe bamboo Sun essence' since they are similar?

Claire Allison

THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! I was a new prescription retinoid user when I tried this sunscreen, and by the end of the day I had so much irritation. I thought, that's strange that the sunscreen would feel fine going on but at the end of the day is when the irritation shows up. I have reason to think now that actually I was not getting enough sun protection, and the irritation was actually from my poor retinized skin getting too much UV exposure. :( Thank you for making this video!

Renata Bevilagua

If Purito used outside formulator, just like other companies, they have to rely on the results of that lab. They could be cheated by that lab. I reserve my judgment when it all comes clear. You as a scientist should know that, the lab could be lying to other companies, so if is not all clear at this point, why judging the company. Side note: I don’t use Purito sunscreen. I prefer different brands.

Cassidy Harrilal

Oh my... ive literally been using this daily for the past year and now it makes sense as to why I have a lot of dark spots on my face as I was using a treatment for a bit of that time. :(

Stacey McCann

I had an AWFUL case of melasma this autumn as well as a suspicious new mole on my forehead. The only thing that I changed in my routine in the last three years was this sunscreen that I chose because it was vegan and cruelty free :( I am heartbroken that some bloggers still defend Purito after they caused who knows how many cases of skin cancer by claiming to have spf of 50+.


Thanks for this information even though I’m dismayed to hear this about Purito. I like the texture of the unscented sun lotion and it is one of the few sunscreens that doesn’t feel heavy on my face and break me out. Now looking for another holy grail sunscreen.

Wrt your recommendations, I’m have some apprehensions about both the Skin Aqua sunscreens you recommend. I’m looking for a daily sunscreen to use as there is retinol in my skincare regimen. However, I’m concerned that the Skin Aqua gel has alcohol so high on the ingredient list. I don’t want to feel like I’m putting alcohol on my skin every day. I also note that the Skin Aqua milk contains a lot of silicones. I’ve previously used silicone-heavy moisturisers (like neutrogena), and felt like my skin was suffocating, resulting in breakouts.

Also I’ve favoured sunscreens with chemical UV filters over mineral due to white cast, and also because I thought that the particulate nature of mineral filters makes them more comedogenic than chemical filters. I’m not sure if this is correct, though? Do zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have the potential to clog pores, especially when used daily?

So I guess ideally my new holy grail sunscreen would be one that is alcohol-free, untinted, contains minimal/ no silicones, uses chemical UV filters exclusively, and has minimal comedogenicity. And actually has the SPF that it says on the bottle, obviously. Actually seems like a long list of must-haves now that I look at it. Anyone got any recommendations along this line?

Creative Workouts with Melina

I bought a couple of hats and caps in the last couple of years to not just rely on sunscreen. In summer, I also carry a light silk-like scarf in my handbag, so if it gets really sunny, I can cover my shoulders and neck.


Did you hear anything if Purito gave any official explanation?

Bhavya G.

Well crap, I managed to convince my parents that we need to start using sunscreen regularly and bought 2 bottles of it for Black Friday. Would it be okay to just use and finish them and then never buy them again? I really don’t want to return them because shipping would be a pain in the neck and I dont want my parents to change their minds about skincare. I’ve been making baby steps with them and I don’t want it all to go to waste. We’re Indian, so obviously, that come with a lot of skepticism towards skincare.

Rachel Lopez

Thank you! This was very comforting. I had been using this sunscreen exclusively for the past 8 months ??? I didn’t even know people had been questioning its efficacy. Just a few days ago I had noticed increased freckling and I was starting to feel crazy!

Humaira Sahbudin

Cyrille, I remember there is one video that you said these 3 sunscreen filter could make white cast, zinc oxide, titanium oxide and Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine (Tinosorb S)
Could you suggest more sunscreen without these 3? It is so hard for me to find sunscreen without white cast on my deeper skin tone. Thank you


So is it just the unscented version that isn’t as good or both?

D. xo

Thank you so much for the video Cyrille. You are such an honest and kind person. ???

Nikki Jose

I think we need a review of the other Purito sunscreens. I’ve been using the Comfy Water Sun Block but it’s difficult to trust the brand fully now, as much as I want to.


Purito and all the other sunscreens that are under suspicion now because of this issue using only these two filters have been removed from the Yesstyle site Banobagi, Klairs, Keep Cool...). I´m afraid they all have to test and prove they reach their claims to get back on the selling lists. Very dissapointing... the damage to the image of all these companies is already immense. It looks like unfortunately I will have no choice but to look for alternatives. Very excited to see what the well-known influencers will recommend as a replacement over the next few weeks. Even if I still hope everything will be cleared up.

Fe de Fern

Me who follow your sunscreen with P20 KIDS sunscreen * smirk with this news *

Beizadeaua Baby

How can we trust korean sunscreen now ?

Dragapült Spontanabgang

Congrats to me! I' ve been using the Purito and the Klairs sunscreens for 8 months now...........

Natalia -

Should we be weary of Dear Klairs sunscreen as well?