Hyperpigmentation serums

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SERUMS 101: Everything you need to know! + Product Reccomdations [with Cult Beauty]

97 546 views | 24 Aug. 2020

I teamed up with Cult

I teamed up with Cult Beauty to bring you this crash course on serums. #CultBeauty #LABeautyologist #Sponsored

Use discount code CBNAI15 for 15% off £20/€24 until midnight BST 26th August. Brand exclusions apply. Further T&C’s on the Cult Beauty website www.cultbeauty.co.uk.

Serums are an incredibly important part of your skincare routine, as they target specific concerns. These are products packed with high-performance active ingredients. Serums can do everything from brighten and exfoliate, to treat pores, fine lines and acne.

Products mentioned:

- The Inkey List Polyglutamic Acid https://bit.ly/34FqJLt

- Dr.Jart Ceramidin Moisturizing Serum https://bit.ly/32fRZNA

- NIOD’s Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex 2 https://bit.ly/3j7TAf3

- Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Pore Perfecting & Refining Serum https://bit.ly/3jeWbEl

- Shani Darden Retinol Reform https://bit.ly/2El1qDv

- Versed Stroke Of Brilliance Brightening Serum https://bit.ly/32hT87i

- Dr. Barbara Sturm Night Serum https://bit.ly/32dNqDi

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Words to live by, "If it doesn't feed you, don't water it." - Me

Juanita Gartley

No make-up. Just all beautiful skin.

Elise Nicole

Nai can you add an “If it doesn’t feed you, don’t water it” hoodie/t-shirt to your merch??

T Coleman

How long should you use one serum before testing out the other, before ultimately layering them?
If the skin is great with each, can you mix the two together that were tested individually and apply at once, rather than layering?

Chris Bartley

You had me at the first product. Love your videos! Keep them coming?


Can we do a skin care routine for hyperpigmentation?

Hira M

Please review products to lighten dark and sensitive areas...esp. the lady parts?

Reverence Matukala

Can you please do a review on Moonxcosmetics Rose Galore ?

Rea Nolan

Hey Nai! Love your channel, love your 60-second oil cleanse rule, love your 15-minute occasional oil massage / cleanse, love YOU. re: oil cleansing - do you have any opinion on Black Seed Oil (manufactured for skin)? I picked up a bottle from a brand called Woolzies and find it 'medicinal' in a good way - good antibacterial properties, nowhere near as harsh as tea-tree oil. Would this be a suitable oil for oil cleansing / skin massage for skin that is prone to breakouts, but also dehydrated? Thanks so much. xo

Shatoya Mariee

Do you recommend any dermalogica serums? I’m trying to stick to one brand ? lol

Judith Strachan

Hello do you have an eye routine

Heimy Esparza

I love your vibe and the way you carry yourself ?? do you have any recommendations for books that might help me get a better and deeper understanding of skin care? I’m a cosmetologist but my true passion is skin.

Jessica Eusebio

Off topic but where are you glasses from in the thumbnail?!??? They are soooo cute!!

Makeupswatch Fan

Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to try the inkey list serum♠️♠️

Tianna Quiller

Great video! I started taking my skincare more seriously at the start of the pandemic and you have really helped me on my journey. I hope to be able to come to LA for services when it’s safe.


Hello, just discovered your channel and am starting the process of binging. I had a question about the niacinamide: bwtween The Ordinary and the Naturium brand- which one would you say was better?

Susana Rodrigues

I had the retinol reform hanging on my cart for some days, this video along with the discount came as a sign ? just bought it!

Destin Walton

V Helpful. Thanks!

Marie Forbes

This girl is ???


you are so COOL! i just found ur channel and i LOVE ur vibes so much OMG! and ur so smart and educated ab skincare and i love. ur personality and bubblyness!

Bree Wanjiru

Title : ...*Recommendations ?

Beautiful Bliss 15

Some of these items cannot ship to the US ?

Iris Feria

what are your views on curology? would you recommend it as apart of an acne treatment? i’d love to hear your thoughts!

Elizabeth Joy

Thanks so much for all this information!

Jhazzmin Rose

Thank you so much for this. When you said oily skin is dehydrated, I felt dragged. ???

Constantine Couponz

Where do you stand on Retin-A?

Creole Pete

A grown ass 52 yr old man watching a video about serums because this woman is so darn pretty ??‍♂️

Brylee L

can u make a video on good black owned brands?

chelsey garrett

Will you talk about the pros and/or cons of using sunny isle Jamaican black castor oil for skin care? And if it’s good to use how to use it, when to use it in routine, and how often? Thank you!

Anna Mars

Love your videos but music is too loud and annoying

Athena Marie

What are your thoughts on CeraVe resurfacing retinol serum ?

Binky Beebey

What about hyperpigmentation left after hormonal break out?

Bryana Camille Braxton

New subscriber here! found you from your CeraVe ad! Excuse me while I binge watch all your skincare videos ??

Catherine Jaime

Hello my derm prescribed me adapele in the am and clindamycin/ benzoyl peroxide in the evening. So my question is I have a exfoliating serum with glycolic, salicylic and l-absorbic acids, could I still use that serum ones to twice a week on the days I don't use any of my prescribed creams?

J Fentress

I feel like one day we gone see you talking with Vogue or something like that about skin. Idk I just see it, Congratulations in advance !

Marian Elesha

Verrrrry knowledgeable information. THANK YOU!!!! :D


I wish i could have skin and hair as healthy looking as yours

Itz Herz

Where is the video on sunscreen for brown girls???

Faith Caro

I have a question. How do you feel about fibroblast for black skin?

L Gitt

can fresh Aloe serve as a serum?

Maria Bryce-Thurton

Are there any natural remedies to these serums?

Universal Z

I just love you

Nikelle Adams

How often should you steam? Is it true steaming is good for product absorption? If so how much is too much?


What do you think about skin shaving/dermaplaning? Is it just a fad or is it beneficial?

Latrice Jackson

Hi! I have a question: is there a possibility that toners aren't for everyone? My skin tends to breakout after I use a toner, so I don't use one most of the time but I want a good toner to help minimize my pores and help with hyper pigmentation.

Rheana Worme

First can I just say you have the best hair style in this video. I'm obsessed!! So beautiful ?


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What are your thoughts on the No Gender Specific serum?

Bianca R

can u please cover collagen

Angelice Bailey

Thanks for the info, I have oily sentive skin what is the best moisturizer and serum will you recommend I used. Thanks

Roweisha Gray

You’re my favorite neighbor ?

Bionca's Canvas

You answered all the questions I’ve been having !!!! Thank you

The Friendly Esthetician

Yaasss girl... Another great video!

Nilaja Croft

Can you review the brand good molecules!!

Vekaama Hoveka

Informative. You are gorgeous.

Joanna Eastham

So much good information! I love this channel

Juanita Gartley

Adding more hydration steps has taking my skin to the next level.


Please talk about hyperpigmentation PLEASEEEEEE

Grace Siby

Thanks for sharing ???

Christina Whitehead

you said I need some new serums?


What do you think of differin products?

Stormie White

i use saint jane serum what do you think of serum with cbd?

ashy ankles 101

Could u do a video with product recommendations for niacinamide? I’m still a little confused and you’re the only person I really trust.


i CANNOT handle how beautiful you are! SLAY ALL DAY!

A Phase in time

I love how she mentions people don’t have glass clear skin we all have pores

Lineo Arlow

I love that you keep it simple with serums, it's definitely my philosophy

Candace Baah

Wait... so you’re trying to say that my oily skin is actually dehydrated??? ???? pleaseeeee explain!!

Paris Roam

Yaaas. Who else is glowing up this quarantine?


would I use the Dr.Jarts after polyglutamic acid one?


Literally brought three new serums thanks to your recommendation ?

Emma Cee

Wow I really thought HA was that girl when it comes to hydration.


Two questions,can you use glycolic acid(the Ordinary) and retinol again the same time? And is there a product that is kind of an all in one for the lazy guy/gal? My husband doesn’t even moisturize,I need something that does multiple things in one cause I’ll be lucky to get him to put on one product.


Do you recommend heat or cold to assist in absorption of serum

Jordyn Sturdivant

Thank God I’m getting the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta serum in my FabFitFun box! I almost didn’t select it but decided I “might” need it ??I also got 2 bottles of black girl sunscreen got $7 each from their add on sale. They came thru with the fall box!

Priya B

Can you do a video on exfoliants in general? I know its a broad topic but I get so confused


Is it necessary to let your face dry to 15-30min before you put retinol on and another 15 after you put it on before putting on water based serums? I heard using on skin not completely dry will cause irritation as it will sink deeper.

A. W.

Could you PLEASE do a video on silicones in skincare? I am SOOO torn on if they’re okay or not (and if they’re actually “plastic”, biodegradable, clog/suffocate the skin, etc.), every place on the internet has a different answer. I don’t want to waste money on the wrong product and I really trust your knowledge! Thank youuuu

Cynthia Valdez


cecelia dennis

Thank this video is very informative love you skin ❤ thank.

Karenmarie Pomba Gira

I had to watch this times. You had so much info. Will definitely layer series right after toner!


What's good for oily skin in with dark patches neck, eye lids, underarm, earlobes, inner thighs, elbows, hands and ankles


Thanks so much for sharing these bob skincare tips! <3

Candy Crusher

Can anyone help me. Is hydroquinone, retin A and a chemical peel going to minimize dark spots on legs? If so, do I need to keep it up forever?

Tanesha Bland

Hi quick question have you also gotten your Licensing as a dermatologist? You seem very knowledgeable

Nurse Kemeisha

Love your personality! Thanks for awesome tips as always ?? I've been practicing the 60-second rule ?

Amna Khan

Great content. Background music is far too loud.

Kalyana Matthews

Can you do a video on the - PMD clean pro, do they do what they say ???

Dehandry Jeffrey

Please can you do a video on Lulu's cosmetics?


I love your page. Can you look into the Epi.Logic skin care brand? Its NY-based and owned by a black woman dermatologist. It seems inline with everything you tell us about.


How do you feel about olay products

yemi atotu

What's the best serum for caramel dry skin?

Ms Tasha

Good info! I just started using serums a few weeks ago and I can see a difference!


I LOVE this channel

Rachel Esi Coleman

You're soo beautiful

Christine Miller

This was perfect. So helpful.... thank you. ❤️

Josephine March

Thank you for sharing this valuable information. Also you are beautiful.

lydia tsehaye

I love your hair! you look amazing ❤️

Arielle Setoute

Awesome thank you so much!!!!?‍♀️

Judith Strachan

Hi Love is it intentional but reccomdations is spelt incorrect its recommended recommend recommendations

Courtney Cox

please do a video on body exfoliating, and product review i know im spamming you but i really need help!

Megan Hart

Just found you today, love your content!