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MASK and ROTOSCOPE in After Effects - Learn everything about masks (easy beginner tutorial)

467 621 views | 4 May. 2020

Learn all about masks and

Learn all about masks and roto in After Effects

In this tutorial by flomotion you will learn all about masks, rotoscoping and masking techniques you will EVER need.

Therefore in this tutorial we will work on three shots.

One is a false perspective one (Zach King) where we shoot a tripod scene and with the help of masks and clever rotoscoping create the illusion of a false perspective.

This is a workflow on how to create a giant within after effects.

As a second shot we will take a look on how to shoot different plates for a splitscreen shot, where we make a double out of our main actor/ character.

Also you will learn how to make the tipod scene look like it was filmed handheld, by adding a simple wiggle expresion to the camera-movement.

The third shot is a combination of what we have learned and brings all of this together and one step further with the combination of several shots with a greenscreen.

You will learn how to create an easy compostion that is made out of different shots that we will combine into one shot using masks.

Learn how to create masks using the pen tool and how to adjust them.

I will also give useful tips and tricks ans well as many shortcuts and hidden features within after effects to make your workflow better and your speed faster.

All visual effects are created by layering multiple visual elements on top of each other. Masks are used to define which parts of these layers are visible and how these elements are combined into the final effect.

You will learn how to animate masks with keyframes, track masks and also how to work with mask paths.

I will show and explain all mask properties in detail.

Create funny split screen shots with this technique.

As a bonus I will give you many tips on how to set up your shots for convincing results and compositions. I will show you how to animate a handheld feel to the camera movement.

Here you find all the EQUIPMENT I used to create my videos as well as my tutorials

If you have any questions concerning the equipment just leave me a comment and I will answer all of them. Promised!!



Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K: https://amzn.to/3hDCp5e


Panasonic Leica 8-18 mm F2.8-4.0: https://amzn.to/3fy0dWr

Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm F2.8: https://amzn.to/30VGLPg


Feelworld FW 279 4k: https://amzn.to/2N8SpOH

Extra Stuff:

Metabones EF-MFT Speed Booster: https://amzn.to/3hEEldE



Canon EOS R: https://amzn.to/3fv7rua


Canon RF 24-105mm F4: https://amzn.to/2BmNirG

Canon 50mm F1.8 STM: https://amzn.to/30SWgaE

Extra Stuff:

Canon EF - EOS R Adapter: https://amzn.to/2Bl1IIu

DJI Ronin Gimbal: https://amzn.to/2Bhu6eH


Mic Shure SM7b: https://amzn.to/2UYjpVv

Mic Rode smartLav+: https://amzn.to/3df11xG

Interface Focusrite Scarlett: https://amzn.to/2YdDWHF

Headphones AKG K702: https://amzn.to/2YaLCKw


HP ZBook 17: https://amzn.to/2CeBUyd

McBook Pro: https://amzn.to/2UXRN2D

Follow me for more tutorials:










Film & Animation

Mila Schuller

that video was so helpfull! got it in 5 min! searched so long for that thing where you jump behind the house. thank you thank you thank youuu its so easssyy

The movidirector

Please do more step by step, don't rush, take it easy. Btw, good job!


How you make that shadow remove at 11:20 pls reply pls pls pls pls reply

Özgür Rahim AYDIN

I will learn something with you :) !

Hakan EROL

Perfect. Thank you for video.

Huỳnh Thuận - TP



Liked,subscribed,belled and watched .check me,If I am wrong

Mukhtar baloch Editor


rabbe ahmed

আসা করি /মজা ফাইবা

Bá Đạo TV

I can ask for a video to practice via Gmail [email protected]gmail.com

Animals Lover

That’s Karlsruhe !

Ꮭ Ꭹ Ꮢ Ꭵ ፈ Ꭷ Ᏸ Ꮛ Ꮥ Ꮦ


DlRed Baron

Thanks for the tutorial! You mention in the tutorial a number of times that you have a five minute tutorial on masks. But I don't see the link. Can you kindly share it?

Christopher Ong

May I kindly know where the " beginner's guide to masking" link is? You mentioned about a 5 minute tutorial video. I don't see the link here in your info.

Infographics Studio

How to Mask butterfly and make Text moving behind that in Adobe After Effects?? ?

حمودي 778

What is the name of this program

Bilbo and Friends

Karlsruhe is amazing! I live there ?

Casper Kuijpers

I can’t find the 5 minute video about masking


Flo: this video is just 5 minutes

Me: why you always lying

Gorka Dresbaj

Thank you!!

Althaf Thachodath


Md Hossain

pls, provide me the footage, i learn it as it is my hobby....


Great ?❣️❣️...which app u r using ???please tell me....

dhafin hunafa

thank you bro!

Clint Tustin

Awesome tutorial! Also dig that guitar on the right with the stickers ?

Louiz V.

Are you German....you have an German Acent I mean so..

Mr Raihan

can you more explain how you hide body from this time 14:41 / 16:51

Amir Mahmodi

Nice tutorial, but you're explaining too fast.... I'll definitely subscribe to see more video's of yours.

Caramuru Media

Kommst du aus Karlsruhe?

Criativa Vídeo Produtora

muito bom!???

Rohani Mubniyat Z-A

Subscribe to your channel

kamal tamang

Amazing tutoreal like this

KVM Studios

Awesome brother..?????

Knowledge Explorer

wow! So great work, I v just subcribed ur channel, pls subcribe my channel.

Jhun de Chavez

Awesome tutorial thats very grate.

watch your legumes

Are you from Karlsruhe. Funny that this video was suggested to me. Oststadt here.

sekrin sekrin

I guess you didn't care very well about the shadow.

Rohani Mubniyat Z-A

Nice Bro Awesome But

Jhun de Chavez

Awesome tutorial thats very great

supreme shockvids

I'm new

TMN Official

You are great


Wow super



Опасный Лес

Видос топ! Если интересно заходи)


Super Amazing

Saad Murtaza

I like and subscribe keep it up bro ❤️

Ruman Thapa

Very Nice Content ???


Amazing tutorials man

Chrr Z

super tutorial und tolle instrumentensammlung!!

Youcef Zerg

if you just fix the voice it will be super perfect

Vitor Show

Oi Gente , se vocês puderem passar no meu meu canal para conhecer o meu trabalho eu ficaria muito feliz ! Obrigado ! e boa sorte pra nós


Fan Of You

Muhammad Mansoor Akhtar

it will be very helpful for us(the beginners) to easily learn these after effects techniques if you upload all the source videos/photos/audios somewhere and paste the link in to the description so that we can follow your instruction step by step and get an hands on training on the same footage you are working on in the tutorial ... thanks

Alexandr Estef

Hi, where is your shadow when you jump next the building?

Vijay M

This looks great.. ? Subscribed ?

Fernando Alonso

thank you very much for this content

Daniel Viveiros

Incredible tips. How did I not find this channel before?

Z Towner

Very cool! Would love to hear more about creating the realistic camera movement in AE. You mentioned a little tip at the end but it'd be cool to go more in depth on that. The movement especially lends another layer of realism to these shots!

Endi Pangalila

amazing tutorial.. like

KoreaGuide.КореяГид [Colin.Колин]


Jakub Wnorowski

Thank you fot this video. :-)

Once Upon a Tym

Nyc video very understanding but Sir I want after effects cracked software ,if anybody know this plz give a link ❤️ I want to practice

Amit Hirpara

Software names

Ayan zafri

Thanks you so much sir


I'll definitely subscribe to see more videos of you. You did really awesome. Can this be done on android mobile and can you say what software is this...

How To Animate Tutorial

Just amazing! It's crazy how creative you can be with just what is there in After Effects. It's all about how creative you can be. You are a creative genius.

Nic n' Rei

Sir please make another subtitle


Just easy, clearly,nice!!!

القارئ محمد عادل Mohamed Adel



Я на превью увидел Варламова

yogesh 47

Thank you ! your intro sound ??

Bryce s Langford

What is the song at the end? It’s epic!?

gaming_ Arer

लय भारी?

Infographics Studio

How to Mask butterfly and make Text moving behind that in Adobe After Effects?? ?

deene islam

Very nice and amazing

chin yew

just wish your audio recording was better, subscribed anyhow :)

Saumya dehmiwal official

Which application I will need for this??

Zara tech tricks

Very happy to see ur channel growing u are really talented and make a great tutorials


love your video, but your going too fast mate... i hope you slow down a bit. I have mastered photoshop, now it's time to master after effects

kamal tamang

Amazing tutoreal for like it


Dr Dopamine

cool channel! i like it! awesome and simple to do!


You can also do this in premiere cant you?

Mohd Talha Naeem

Please premier pro

yaya and lin

nice teacher

Rony Dey


kristoffer catapang

I want to learn more of that thing

Play It Better


Lucas thévenot

can't find the 5 minutes video...


This does put a smile in my face, amazing tutorial! Wish you the best!

s ravindrakumar Mysore

Nice turorial .... very helpful !

mahyar ghadery

hi tnx for tutorial ....everything amazing and i love it .....just the voice is noisy pls fix it for next video

oussama Fr

Can you tell me how can i download Adobe after effect for free?

Youcef Zerg

you are the best man


1:05 oof the glass reflection


software name

The movidirector

I am your new subscriber dude

S Tra

I was gonna try this, but I didn’t have a sharp enough saw to cut myself in half.

Surjo Media


Amit Kumar

Great video, soory, please tell me the software name?

murat Xxc


Mask effect

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5 WAYS to use a MASK - FCPX

86 742 views | 7 Sep. 2020

Yellow Images: Get the

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MY MUSIC: http://share.epidemicsound.com/pLfhq

MY LR PRESETS: https://filtergrade.com/product/mark-harrison-lightroom-presets/

MY STOCK FOOTAGE SITE: https://1.envato.market/c/1338754/298927/4662


MAIN CAMERA: https://amzn.to/2ErlqD1

VLOG/2ND camera: https://amzn.to/2LcGhu8

MAIN LENS: https://amzn.to/2QUw2Qm

WIDE LENS: https://amzn.to/2LcOxKF

GOPRO 7: https://amzn.to/2QSphi4

DRONE: https://amzn.to/2Em59y2

DRONE ND's: http://bit.ly/2QYOckk "MARKHARRISON" code 10% off

CAMERA BAG: https://amzn.to/2LdGmh5

RODE MIC: https://amzn.to/2QWrE3H

RGB POCKET LIGHT: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088NHPKR2

GORILLA POD: https://amzn.to/2Lfnv5B

HARD DRIVE: https://amzn.to/2LedSE5

WIDE PHONE LENS: http://bit.ly/2QYOckk 10%code "MARKHARRISON"

VIDEO EDITING SOFWARE: https://amzn.to/2EjnbRM

PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARE: https://macphun.evyy.net/c/1338754/320119/3255

Save $10 on check out with the code "MARK10"


thanks :)

Sleepi Alleyne

For the 3rd mask zoom out of the video below and zoom in to 100. Makes it feel/look more like a push


This is WAY cool!
Love all the different use cases!

KhaoNiew England

We like your video.


This is great loved it learnt so much mayn x

Sadhish Singh

Thank you so much, Mark, for this tutorial ?

Somnath Nagawade

Nice n clear learning! Thanks ?

Garrick Gillette

Great job - thank you!!

Kids Funny Show

I made a mourning witch according to your lesson thanks!!! very useful video. I got new ideas for clips when I watched this tutorial. You are awesome!!!

Back To FE


Shafeer P. Ahammed

Great .. Thanks from INDIA

Atomic Pixel

Great tips and explained so well. Thanks brotha!

Tom Sheard

Bro I gotta congratulate you... your tutorials are BY FAR the easiest to follow on Youtube. Thank you so much for this.

IR Photo-Tours

An excellent video and learnt a lot for my own channel thx buddy.


As a FCP beginner. This is very helpful. Thank You.

Zo Bloch

You don't how helpful these 11 minutes were. THANKS

Daniel Booth

Good job mate!

Erhan Timur


Ayoub Mohammed

Thank you so much ?


I don't have the draw mask effect. When I look it up it doesn't show. Any idea how to fix that?

Adrian Carrazco

wow thank you for all of that

Marco Casaleiro

Amazing tutorial!!! Thanks!!

Sherin Thomas

Your tutorials are far better than other videos they just talk bla bla

Cesar L. Rodriguez

Great video.

king fisher

awesome tutorial. very well explained. Thank you.

Serious Lah?

Hi guys, I recently started editing on FCPX. Can you guys tell me what I can improve on. Thanks!

Faisal Ali

Quick question, why are we pressing P before we move things around?

The Reese's Guy


Surapong Boonlerd

Thanks so much!

Sekoner Headquarters / Racer

That Was The Best Tutorial Of Masking On You Tube To Be Honest , Great And Thanks !

Nadiah NfuZion

wow you are amazing at this!!!

Way Too Hong Kong



Hopefully someone see this. But every time I move the mask with each frame it doesn’t stay for previous frames

Katarzyna Pintera

Woow I love this tutorial, thank you teacher ;) !

KW Lounge

Thanks a lot. That very useful. I be been using final cut for more than a year for simple editing for church service. But I didn't know that it is very powerful like this. I was using I movie before but I thought it is too boring

Brett Currie

Freeze frame for the win! ?

Elías Gutierrez Mandiola

Great Video bro!


Mark, while I really appreciate your efforts to contribute and your marketing strategy, I could not get past 4:13 because I could not understand the objective. Yes - it was to mask something, but what and why? I understand masking in general because I do it in Luminar. But for some reason, you're not coming through here. Just something for you to consider because you said you wanted to make it easier. :)


Thank you so much Mark, it's really cool !

Rick Jones

Thanks so much!!


Thank you for this GREAT Video Mark! Definitely learned some cool tips!! =)

Sergio Jimenez

Question ??‍♂️... why doesn’t my FCP have the ‘keyer’ or ‘keying’ effect?


hey mark i love the one at 6:47

Kristin Williams

Great video! Thanks for sharing


hey mark i've been trying to use the opening door mask but mine just looks really choppy and super fake. do you have any tips?

Cezary Antuszewski

good job

Dr Josh Cogoi

As a beginner I think this is the best thing to start learning, for more creative videos ??

Chizmar Farms

Absolutely awesome... thank you very much!

Vladimir Vozian4k

ебать ты крутой. Respect from Russia

John Ta

Thank you so much for the step-by-step tutorial! Very helpful for a newbie like me! Please keep up the great work, I love your videos, glad to see you're doing better after COVID

Herbie Brown

Thanks for this, Mark. I've been apprehensive about using masks (because I didn't know how to). Your video has taken out the guesswork. Thanks a bunch, man!

Deanna Hayley

Thank you so much for this video!! I have been wondering how to do that transition that follows behind the person walking across the screen for so long, but never knew it was called a mask so had no idea what to look for! So glad I stumbled across this video! ?


wow amazing!!;DDD

Sergey Piterman



Wow, easy to follow along! Thank you so much.

Matticulous Media

YXE? Im from Saskatoon!


Am enjoying it! Thanks for the good work

Mario Il Personal Trainer

You have a nice channel, acquired writing, a greeting from Italy


Thanks for that. Just did the videos in reversed. Now I’m completely refreshed on masking. I dig your explanation style, it’s to the point and straight forward.

The Patriot Marine

This video is exclusive for the sheeple in our country. Not to mention the stupid ones that really don’t know how to wear one. Mark, your next video should be how to properly tie your shoes. Geez!

Steve Walsh

you blow my mind. Masterful

LittleHumann Interactions

Thank you for helping a six year old edit his first video on Final Cut Pro!! we don't know what we can do after this but I have big dreams and this video was my first step.

Shawn Paul

Thanks so much! So easy to follow and learn

Eli Davila

in previous points of the video my mask shows on the video where I don't want it to show. I don't know what im doing wrong.

Jemma cox

SO so good! Thank you : )

drmanakias _

I'm wondering what's s wrong with these 7 people who dislike this video ?


thanks lots man

Top 10 To Do List

sometimes a black line appears on my masks. do you know how to fix this? its something I just haven't figured out how to fix. Would greatly appreciate your help on this one mate.

Anze Kralj

Awesome video love it! Actualy i have learned a lot!

Mark Harrison

Hope this one gave you some ideas for masking! See you next week for another 5 ways to use a mask :)

UK Bladeshow

Great tips! Looking forward to using these on my videos soon! Thanks for taking time to create this video!

Faisal Ali

I love thst last one! Deffo going to try that. How do you account for different perspectives when using the green screen? Is there a tool that can skew the image if its being viewed at an angle?

Divit Tech

My Like made it a total of 2K. I think you are better off a FCPX editor than a vlogger. I started following you since I started learning FCPX effects. You quick tips help me add effects to my videos. Let me know how you find my work: www.youtube.com/DivitTech


Thank you so much!

John Pallister


Khan Adnan

I like the book trick. Very simple and easy transition

Pranali’s Corner

Bro how to move the frames
In timeline or ...
Idk pls tell me asap

Howie Young Media

Hi Mark - Where did you find the FCP X logo you used in your thumbnail?

Javi Quilez

Nicely explained. Thanks!

Slarsson music

How many video clips can i put over another in final cut pro? Thinking for green screen videos


Amazing video brother... Thank you ??



Mushtiar Engineer

Who is YouTuber here

Manne Moberg

9:24 wait what

Mika Music

thank you thank you thank you. great explanation at perfect speed!!!!!!

Sergey Piterman

This is so sick

RC Thailand Basic


Patrick Vogel

Awesome tutorial! Thanks a lot Mark!

Alfredo Toral

great vid!! new subscriber...!!! thanks

Shotokan Tiger

That mask will take you to your maker early.

ash banks

Still trying to master it. Although the instructions seem clear, I get a black box at the beginning of my transition from the control points ?


Straight Flames my G.

Stunnaful Photos

Well done bro! I definitely learned a lot! Can't wait to see Part 2! ?

vanDaan Recruitment



Amazing video! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and skills!

Scenic Adventures

This really gave me some good ideas and some new tricks to use in my movies. Thanks man


Just subscribed thanks for the tips

Olas Olumi



U teach in detail and explain them so beautifully.. But I don't have draw mask tool.. Even I tried downloading and searched many times but I couldn't find. Could you please tell me

Mask effect

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6 Creative Masking Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro

573 848 views | 25 May. 2020

“Get inspired, learn and

“Get inspired, learn and create - Explore Adobe Discover https://creativecloud.adobe.com/cc/discover/how-to/?filter=video”

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Get 25% off Soundscape.io Music for Life! Sign up here: https://bit.ly/25offSoundscape



In this tutorial you’re going to learn 6 different creative masking effects. Get an exclusive special offer on an Adobe Creative Cloud plan: https://bit.ly/AdobeSpecialOffer

Here are the time-codes so you can skip headed, if needed:

(1:42) Masking Text Animation

(4:25) Masking a Text Reveal

(7:00) Using a Mask for Screen Reflections or Replacements

(8:28) Sky Replacements

(10:34) Color Correction

(11:34) Masking Identity (hiding identity)



Stock Video from Envato Elements, get 70% off: https://envato.com/elements/lp/coupon-pg/

Canon EOS R + 50mm Lens: https://amzn.to/3bOgTXv

SONY RX100: https://amzn.to/2yngoWx

NEEWER SOFTBOX KIT: https://amzn.to/357pGCl

RODE NT USB MINI: https://bhpho.to/34ON9YB

Film Impact Transitions (10% off use code: PREMIEREGAL10) https://bit.ly/ImpactTransitions

? Adobe Premiere Pro : https://bit.ly/AdobeSpecialOffer

Seamless Transitions: http://bit.ly/SeamlessTransitions

Auto-Resizing Modern Titles: https://1.envato.market/autoresizetitles



? Essential Sound course at Pluralsight: http://bit.ly/2AfeHWV

All Courses ➜ http://bit.ly/2AfeHWV



➜ http://twitter.com/Premiere_Gal

➜ http://facebook.com/PremiereGal

➜ http://instagram.com/Premiere_Gal

Website ➜ http://premieregal.com

For sponsors:

[email protected]

Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of these links in this description are affiliate links. I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase and it's no additional cost to you.

#Mask #PremierePro #Creative


Simplemente espectacular ⭐

Andrew Hill

Hi premier Gal
I have tried working with vlogers on YouTube to learn premier pro and it’s a headache.
Most of the time you start to follow only to find half way through they show you something you haven’t got especially in the controls panel, then you are stuffed. I and some are new to premier pro and sometimes we are mis lead. No plug ins, no add ones, start to pro is what we need. Sick of confusing blogs. I’ve tried some of the effects you do and it works all be it, I’m not that good yet so hoping you can help. Something from start to plug ins and forward ?

Barrak El-Mahmoud

you're awesome!

Ben Perkins

Thank you so much for the face masking tutorial! Exactly what I needed. Now I'm trying to figure out though. is it possible to apply 2 different masks and edit the contents differently in each one? I'm trying to figure out how to do that, but do far it will only apply edits across both masks.


Amazing effects :-) Thx

MbeD Photography

thank you so much!!!!!

True Positive

Wow amazing ❤️❤️ great work keep it up

EditPro Media

Wow Amaging

ahmed jaber


tough women

very lovely voice miss



BlueJay Studio

Your voice sounds great with that microphone you use...just wanted to say ?



BJP Odisha SevaSaptah


Yacine bmy

Your videos is great
I watch thia video until the because the quality of sounds is amazing
And do not forget the best tutorial thanks .

Wiki& The Only One

Dear Gal, use the play button to animate a mask with the boat revealing text. You don'ť need to make it manually and its more accurate :)

Cody W

This was very helpful, thanks for sharing!

LuBi Bochum

GREAT. Thank you!

ShaLaLaLa Productions

I'm only 4 minutes into the video, and I"m thinking, THIS IS AMAZING !!!!!!! Thanks @Premiere Gal !!!!

SereeseVeena Lifestyle

This is so incredibly helpful. Very informative. No waffling, just straight to the pont. Thanks you for this. ??

Alexandru Grecov

Very useful and well explained

Kevin Kiniry

super useful and clear!

luthfan rahmanda

Clear explanation, thankyou❤️

Matko Obad

Thanks ?

Jumis Visuals

mirroring the access denied video would look even better


love ur voice in the video

Подвальный Мистер

You very cute teacher, thanks!

Ninja Football

great video learned lot

Alex Villaluna

This so helpful for beginners like me. Small youtuber here

arun anish

Really, very very useful video


I’m just starting out my channel ! Thank you so much for the tips


i cant do this, i have mask but nothing is done when I give "inverted"

mahsa dehghani

That was really nice?❤

Ganga Regmi

Video starts from 1:50
Thanks me later

Ben Giordano

This was so well explained im so happy i was able to follow and do them too

Shemene Kok

your sound is so crisp

Asanka Nammuni

Thank you

DS Vignesh

very useful mam

saalim hussain


chemmywalata walata

You are the best lady editor and of course the best female lecturer on motion graphics and editing, I must use this on my work

Dancom-Igorot Primal Video


Aika Cross

Thank youtfor the tutorial, In the part of the glasses you could use the mirror effect because it is reflecting of the screen.

Squee does Game

I click on pen tool to start drawing mask and the whole footage goes dark.

Guro Beats

Los invito a escuhar mis beats , se pueden utilizar??

Motion kit

What a lovely voice of yours.


Great but it wasn't better for sunglasses to use the left to the right alphabet for refluxing?

Brenda Balingit

You're amazing


Directly to the point and extremely informative, I thought youtubers like that no longer existed, well deserved thumbs up

Chuck Bolland

I've spent years in the business of broadcasting. Starting as a weekend disc jockey then full time disc jockey, then news director of KJR in Seattle, moving to Cincinnati for 7 years, followed by 23 years in state government producing video for the Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. In addition for the past 27 years freelancing video and other multi-media for clients mainly labor unions. Premiere Gal, trust me on this. There is no such word as "outtro." "Intro" is proper as its production lingo for "introduction." But "outtro"? Just use a common term, "ending." I have no idea how this expression started but I've heard it for years. Meantime, I learn a lot from your videos as I continue to be very busy working in the U.S. Northwest region as well as having a client in Paris. Haven't been there this year of course but for the past 20 years have been there at least 3 times a year for 2 to 6 weeks at a time. I'm really missing that part. Love your work. thanks again. Chuck

Black Artist

Just perfect this explanation! Just awesome! Thks Gal!

Kitty Lover

very good video. one question is somwtimes the opacity path (or other filter path) "disappeared" , the filter is still working but i cant see the path. any solution?

Alfonso Sangiao

Nice onds

Orca Project

Wow, thx.

Azvern Dias

I got this on my recommended

Candid Opinions

Premiere Gal
Ma'am, please have a look at this video: This guy has simply stolen your video, frame to frame and has uploaded it in his name! He has just removed your vocal audio and has replaced it with a music in the background. I have reported it.


on the 4rth one doesn't reflect the sun on the beach with a new sky replacement

Sankalp Job Update

Nicely explained


Learned a lot! Thanks!

Chetan Rokade

Gal..you are the wonder woman of Premier Pro :)

Nitesh Naik

i m from india, Mam u r awesome, your all tutorials are full of knowledge, superb presentation, i m your fan....

Joel Pajes Hernandez

Thank you very much premiere gal for this very informative video. I will try all of these to practice my skill in masking. Thank you very much!

Skills Unboxing

Thanks Premiere Gal for making this useful video for us ?

Venkat Venkatesh

Love your explanation baby ?
I'm your big fan baby❤️❤️❤️


Beautiful video, thank you!

Flynn Ryder

Love you

Premiere Gal

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