Ski n see park city

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Ski 'N See - Your Next Ski Adventure Awaits

36 330 views | 6 Mar. 2015

People choose to shop and

People choose to shop and rent at Ski ’N See because we have the best gear available at the lowest guaranteed price. With our conditions here in Utah continually changing, we make it easy for you to come out and rent a ski or board based on what the snow conditions will be for your ski vacation.

There are 12 convenient Ski ’N See locations throughout the Wasatch front. We offer a unique service we call "The Circle of Shops" that allows you to rent your skis or snowboards from one location, and then return or exchange them at another location during your vacation here in Utah.

Let us at Ski ’N See make your next ski adventure be the best that it can possibly be. Start your reservation now at http://www.skinsee.com/rentals

Ski n see park city

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PC Pulse Ski N See

18 views | 24 Sep. 2019

Ski n see park city

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Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending (Official Music Video)

204 364 893 views | 10 Mar. 2010

Avril Lavigne's official

Avril Lavigne's official music video for 'My Happy Ending'. Click to listen to Avril Lavigne on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/AvrilSpot?IQid=Avr...

As featured on Under My Skin. Click to buy the track via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/AvrilUMSKNITunes?I...

Google: http://smarturl.it/AvrilMHEPlay?IQid=...

Amazon: http://smarturl.it/AvrilUMSKNAmz?IQid...

More from Avril Lavigne:

Wish You Were Here: https://youtu.be/VT1-sitWRtY

What The Hell: https://youtu.be/tQmEd_UeeIk

Girlfriend: https://youtu.be/Bg59q4puhmg

More great Ultimate 00's videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate00?IQid=Av...

Follow Avril Lavigne

Website: www.avrillavigne.com/uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avrillavigne

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AvrilLavigne

Subscribe to Avril Lavigne on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/AvrilSub?IQid=Avri...



You were everything, everything that I wanted (that I wanted)

We were meant to be, supposed to be but we lost it (we lost it)

And all of the memories, so close to me, just fade away

All this time you were pretending

So much for my happy ending

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh...

So much for my happy ending

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh...

#AvrilLavigne #MyHappyEnding #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo


my childhood

Lu Lu

So, kids... Billie? Taylor? Etc?
This is the best thing that we ever had!
Still is.?
If she comes back, like she used to... ?
The rest of 'em, will be history ??

Brandon Howell

Shes still fine af. Still my crush in 2021 lmao

Tel Tomo

February 2021

Armeah Francisco


Kong Suttipol

10years apart i love you คื้อเก่า #ฮักเสมอ?

ahmad yuqi


Strawberry Pond

This song is for my coworker Debbie. She was at my desk crying that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. They were making plans of retiring to Idaho. They been together guess 10 years. To watch the tears pour out of her as said over and over why. I'm a good chick, I don't nag, I was making his house payment, mowing the lawn, painted, and bought new appliances... It was heartbreaking to console her. Her next step to Florida to a daughter & grandkids. That guy is an idiot.

Jann Mabunga Antonio

2021 anyone?

Melchior Villanueva


Isabel Tang

I'm gonna tell my kids this was Billie Eilish

David Daniel Logan

"Avril Lavigne music is all I needed so much for my happy ending"???.
"Who's listening in 2021and years to come?".



kim S2


Arielle Wong

First listened to this when i was 12, now i feel OLD ????

Chen Chieh Apple ayumi

Fahamkan~ dalam Sabah Borneo nama (maria Joseph) is chatolik and Christian dalam dunia nama is God punya anak ladies sumandak !
Gila gila punya negeri Sabah punya agama mahu maria 14 sama Chen chieh 15 gaduh gila gila dalam semenanjung Malaysia pok APA dengan taiko malu malu?
Guanshiyin 15 Islamic lahir dalam Sabah Borneo APA macam?

cecilia lee

whos here in 2021 ✌?


2021 avril lavigne I'm still listening...
My happy but not ending and never...

Love Nina Rica

Feb 8, 2021


Billie will NEVER be like Avril, like if you agree.

Sweet Kristin Aquino-Gibela

February 2021 anyone?

Dream Gaming 夢想


Amiraha Sultana

Avril Lavigne will still Avril Lavigne !!! Da best female rock singer

Armeah Francisco

February 2021!? Yeah!!

fireus tulip garanchon


Vhia Vistal

Love this song very much ❣️

Angela Diaz

Avril is still a damn queen in 2021

Lylia Edith González Flores

Мне понравилась песня, мне грустно, что люди больше не слушают эти песни?

yce GB

I came from abandoning sunday's cover of this song, a beautiful song indeed

Jovanessa Cuico

2021 na fav ko paden to??❤️

Rhea Sylvia Cayanong

i hope everyone will have a happy ending

Mario Lavalle

This song brings back to my head super sad Chloe looking at Clark and Louis

ツFlash Azuh


Eduardo Garcia

Jajaja Belinda americana


a la final , es la misma avril lavigne o murio ?

Undeadly Ghoul

????????I love this song so much my memories come back whenever I hear this????????????

Son Com


Marian ghircus

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- 1 kg burta de porc (poala de porc cu grasime)
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-10 g piper proaspat macinat
-2 g piper negru zdrobit, nu macinat (daca va place picant-optional)
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-usturoi 10 catei ,sa nu fie usturoiat tare, doar sa aiba o aroma discreta
-50 ml vin rosu sau supa de oase

Led Cabañero

Feb2021 still here!!

skyler olson

I miss avril Lavigne SO MUCH????

Tribute to Women

Remember those days when comment sections were normal not calendars!!!

Luis Cervantes

I remember all them little girls of that time playing this because they broke up with their boyfriends ??????????


It's 2021 and if you're watching this, you're a LEGEND

Carlos Rodríguez

Avril's so pretty she doesn't need much makeup to look stunning.

Santos Gaden

Back at senior hight scholl. Enjoy this one

Hamza Irfan

Good video

Heyy Zion

Avril Lavigne is literally my childhood...


Me encanta <3

nanoushka Ana


Honeylyn Swartz

Feb. 10, 2021. Happily married and suddenly remembered this song. Listening to this now is like looking through my childhood photo album. Brought back lots of memories ?

Marian ghircus

Instalarea sistemelor fotovoltaice - pvtrin
Implicarea instalatorilor calificaţi în proiectele de instalaţii solar PV ... Panourile fotovoltaice exploatează energia soarelui, o sursă liberă


Anyone else randomly get this as an ad?


Wow. An entire era of my life in one song.


For my Valentine's day. Bye #2021

Jhon Lloyd Masangcay

Never gets old

mariano oscar sosa

February 2021! So much for my happy ending ?

Hot Dogs

2034 anyone?

Мурат Амиров

13.02.2021 как же не хватает сейчас таких песен.....

Rebeca Bastos

? I just wanted not to know what the lyrics is really about..

Chase The Savage Pup

My new favorite song, Avril Lavigne, You made my heart fly

Kamal Ezzarouali


Winona Reese

This transported me back to my teen years oh my Gosh. I was so Emo but I regret nothing?

Miih Araujo


TinkerBell 93

When you've loved someone and they break your heart this song ends up having such a different meaning

Brabs Gaming

Oh my God covid 2021 completely send me here


This song hits different, never gets old~
Avril Ramona Lavigne is a legend

Laird Robertson

Female boulevard of broken dreams


Here 2021? #Like

Orlando Chavez

En serio censuraron esta canción???

2021 someone?


My favourite song

Patrik Gottwald

well, let´s just say after some years, her songs hit different. and i mean in a strangely positive way. I almost forgot how interesting she was. mind blown.

Tiffany Simmons

This was the theme of my entire teenage life. So much and and angst, I felt so much singing this after my 3 week relationship ? If I only knew what my adult life had planned.

novita eliya.w


Veronica Valdez

Hola ?

Erien Cabrera

Love ya avril????????

Fazrul MJ

Im here 2021 hi

mariano oscar sosa

Avril i love you ????

alyssa navarro

10 years ago, i'm still here :(

Jaelyn Abal

Grow up hearing Avril Lavigne's songs ?

Chris Harris

I've been in love with Avril Lavigne since 2002 back when I was 15 I'm 34 now and I'm still in love with her more & more each day


I've been a fan since i was a kid, without youtube my father used to play on CDs or MTVs for me to have knowledge about this huge and talented artists such as Whitney, Rihanna, Avril, Neyo, Bon Jovi and many more, thank you Tatay for introducing me to thier world♡ btw im from Philippines.

KG - 06DC 777121 Erin Mills MS

her outfits in this are amazing. ALL OF THEM. the worlds best
music video

Shiela V.

Avril Lavigne is a legend. And this song never gets old. Today is Feb. 6, 2021

Roque Marie

Who is here? 2021 attendance! Isang alamat ka.. Walang kupas.

Real Crunchy

Liam said he would give 2 a happy ending :}

Donna Perkins


Ahron Benedict

i was in 1st grade when i first listened to this

Rosé 04

2021 everyone..

Jordan uwu

This song always reminds me of that one chinese girl who preformed on stage without knowing the lyrics lmao



Махаббат Токова

Каждый день слушаю песни Аврил на протяжении 10 лет, они дают мне веру в лучшее. Спасибо огромное??

Alessandro Dal Pra

Will be in berlino.. Roses .tattoo now roses red and roses blue. Have to sell dylan dog. To do the roses,yes. Someone want 150 pieces a collection about dylan dog fumetti collection?

Polyana Freire

Marcou minha adolescência, que saudade! ❤??

Al Piers

She helped me with my "happy endings" when I was a kid, and she still does till this day ?

I’m Just


Fatima Faustino Araújo

Uma das minhas preferidas!


Well.. thank you.

Melchior Villanueva

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thing Every