Shea moisture ingredients

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Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner REVIEW!

73 216 views | 14 Jul. 2016

I've been using this for

I've been using this for almost a year and finally am doing a full in depth review for you guys!! SUBSCRIBE for more videos every single week!

Shea Butter is one of my favorite natural things to use for skin and hair...and that's why this Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and Moisture Restorative Conditioner have become my favorites. I love this brand because they are affordable, natural and so gentle on my hair. Not only that but I see the results on my hair really fast. It's smoother, shinier, feels healthier, grows faster and is stronger so it doesn't break easily. I color my hair almost every 3 months and these make my color look better. I love this shampoo and conditioner so so much!

10 Beauty Benefits of Shea Butter :: https://youtu.be/VPKouIkgFcg

Earn Cash Back for Shopping Online!! https://youtu.be/EoewtrDokdE



If you are a company interested in collaborating with me, feel free to email me @ [email protected]

Susan Jacon

I swim several times a week in an indoor pool and also have my hair colored. I've never had problems with dry hair before but the combination of those two things really dried my hair out. Within a few days, my hair was rejuvenated and no longer snarls. A small amount of Argan Rain shampoo worked wonders! I will continue to purchase this shampoo.

Iina Agabawi

I used this one for a few months but it unfortunately caused my hair to really really frizz

Amanda Topel

Thanks for the advice. I did my research on safe and non-toxic shampoos and conditioners. So far, this is the only shampoo that doesn't have any toxic ingredients. So I can't wait to try this.

Cayden Elliot

I think this shampoo and conditioner are amazing. But the more you use them the more they work. I have fluffy curly Mediterranean hair. The smell was overpowering when I bought them a year ago and it was impossible to use them but after a year in the cupboard the smell has died down yay!!!

Rosemary Hazen

I used this product as well and I love the way it made my hair feel. Very soft and shiny.

kujtime Ajro maizi

Did U say it helps with hair growth ?

Raeesa P

Does this wash out oil in hair?

Alexandra Brice

mix conditioner with water before use

The New Face Of Youtube

I Use This Exact Kind And I Love It Soo Much And It Smells Great.




I used these for quite a while. I really liked them at first but over time I found that they dried my hair out.

Chrispina Wiah

It destroyed my daughter's hair and her hair has never recovered.


My hair feels super greasy after using this shampoo, it feels so so weird!

molly rodrigues

how much is the cost of it?

thatLA bitch

Music was louder than your voice ?

Sandra Aguirre

Would you recommend this shampoo for thin fine hair?

Yamna Moreno

Can I use the Shea moisture retention shampoo and conditioner for dry wavy hair to help with the curly girl method?

Regina Hanson

I use the shampoo, but a different conditioner. Love it!♡

Top 10's Pro

if u want to buy in india call me at 9900110515

Brandi Sodemann

I love ❤️ this

Pink Judy

is there silicone?

Princilla Sabla

Please does it stop hair loss?

Nuha Mansour

Sheetal, can I use this shampoo and conditioner and style my hair with flat iron OR it is only for adding curls to the hair?

Anita Bianca

Please where can I go to this baby cream I live in Italy

Morena Te

Would this shampoo work just as fine with pin straight non textured hair?

Annabella Dash

Hi! Love your hair videos!!! Have you tried the Shae Moisture Black Castor Oil shampoo and Conditioner for hair growth ?

Sammi Rose007

Thanks for the review! I have been wanting to try this out, but ended up getting something else, that dried my hair even more. Will try this for sure!

Wylie Mia Merritt

This shampoo left a thick oily residue on my roots

S. St.

I couldn't use the conditioner on my scalp since it was inflamed. I am using JBCO shampoo again, and it's already starting to help. However, using it as a leave-in only on my long hair was fantastic. My hair absorbed it and was soft and so shiny after it dried. No frizzy hair for me. My curls were beautiful and lasted. The essential oil blend was earthy and uplifting (almost like frankincense and myrrh).

Robert Thallium


Monika Reddy Kadari

Hey.....Could you tell me what shampoo should I using for my extremely dry frizzy dull thin breakage prone hair! I also want something which simultaneously makes my hair thicker by strengthening at my follicle level ! Thanks in advance

molly rodrigues

Do u stay in India?

Cheyenne Lee

I’m caucasian and actually really like the hair masque (if rinsed out as much as possible).

Symphonie Alexander

It's for black people

Shea moisture ingredients

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I went BACK to Shea Moisture and guess what?!

3 358 views | 29 Sep. 2019

I tried it, here are my

I tried it, here are my thoughts.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zigbeswick/

twitter: https://twitter.com/zigbeswick

For business, please email: [email protected]

Music by epidemic sound

Disclaimer: this video is not sponsored; I always declare if so. I sometimes feature PR samples (marked *) and may also use affiliate links full disclaimer at http://www.zigbeswick.com/disclaimer/

Be Grateful

You're back!!!!!!! Made me so Happs???

WaterBaby Kendra

I have always loved the Yucca more than the JBCO Masque too. I like that you don’t seem to just hop on band wagons but actually give your honest intelligent opinion. Love your videos! ?

Jalise Tisue

Zig!!! How I've missed you so❤


The weird thing about that yucca mask is that I used it and literally hated it, one day I mixed it with coconut oil and it completely nourished my hair back to health but they have changed the ingredients and it’s not as great as it was. Learning and Reading the ingredients list is the best tool for finding products that work for your hair as a beginner.
I found a amazing hair mask in Tesco when I read the ingredients it said avocado, honey, wheat protein as the first three ingredients and it £2.00 a tub.
I’ve even bought cholesterol conditioners and just added oils and avocado with amazing results.
Sometime learning and discovering what works for you is the best process.
Compared to 2008 when there was only three natural hair care lines that had to imported from the state online only the accessibility is so much easier and affordable now.

It's Tashia

so excited to have you back hun, missed your videos!!!

Consciously Natural

I think the natural hair community is super critical, sometimes unnecessarily. Lots of companies diversify. It’s a matter of economics and how they stay competitive. Different supply chains and laws as you mentioned may have changed. Years ago Shea moisture was one of the main brands for natural Afro hair. As natural has become more popular, other brands have started to cater for black hair, including mainstream companies that would have previously only catered for European hair. These other brands change their formulas, discontinue lines and no one bats an eyelid, but as soon as a ‘black’ company does something, everyone is up in arms and quick to attack and boycott, without proper consideration to the causes. People are not brand loyal, so when other companies started making products, what was a Shea Moisture supposed to do? These same people criticising were happy to take the sponsorship and promote other brands who offered them free samples to demonstrate.

Also the range of products I also don’t think is and issue. All over the comments section of natural hair videos you see people saying “that product didn’t work for me”; “my hair doesn’t like that”; “not everyone’s hair is the same”; but then complain about having too many product lines. They just can’t win. If you don’t like something, try something else. It’s a matter of choice. What we do to our hair has a lot to do with how products will react. If you are not cleansing regularly and predominantly conditioning, products will build up on the hair causing others not to respond in the same way. If you heat style your hair, it will change. I have really enjoyed Shea Moisture products and living in the UK (one of the reasons I am following your channel as I like to support UK YouTubers as there are so few of you), they are accessible and affordable. As long as their main focus is black hair care, which was their primary mission, I will continue to buy their products. The JBCO line is my favourite, followed by the Manuka Honey and Madura Oil line.

Point to note, scientifically, there isn’t anything that can truly “repair” hair. Anything that says it does is temporary. Equally with growth, as the rate at which our hair grows is genetically predetermined. We can enhance areas of deficiencies in our bodies which may have contributed to that rate slowing, but not accelerate it. The aim of healthy hair care is to protect and minimise damage in order to retain it. Hence the reason the labelling may have changed to omit the word “grow”. I have even noticed this with mainstream advertising for hair products, where they now use the wording of giving damaged hair the “appearance” of repair, health and shine. They know it’s only temporary. That’s you have hair regimens to continue the protection.

Kay O

I've tried 6 and only like the one product, each, from 3 separate ranges

Chika W

Heyyyyyy, welcome back! We have missed you.


Shea moisture, is the best when it comes to actually maintaining the moisture levels in my hair. I have tried plenty products many of which dried out my hair long term. Some of Shea moisture's ingredients changed due to EU regulations leading to the removal/exchange of those ingredients accordingly. The bulk of US brands that make it over here unofficially either do not meet or breach the EU safety standards. Damaged hair is damaged. There's no coming back from that unless you cut it off, anything else is a gloss over. I will say that as a preventative for dry damaged hair shea moisture products are a dream. I have tried quite a few of their lines, the plantain & yucca makes my hair feel stronger and thicker as a protein wash and conditioner. The superfruit shampoo & deep conditioner for general balance. The raw shea detangler leave in for ultimate moisture. And the jamaican black castor oil for complete stripping cleanse.

Georgie Simpson

I’ve missed you so much!!!

Nwabisa Msizi

I've honestly missed your hair videos ?.

Started a insta natural hair page: @naturallylazyaf. Please check it out and support ❤️

Humble Life

Hey, Zig!

Janice Bird-Eiss

The JBCO leave in conditioner and deep conditioner definitely changed. They feel less moisturizing without question. Theycould have just admitted that fact. I have tried many Shea Moisture products. They even changed the name from Strengthen & Grow to Strengthen and Restore.



jj fontana

I'm currently using 3 shea moisture products lol

Anakita Smiles

Ziggy...just cut your hair. Your new growth is perfectly healthy whilst your struggling hair is damaged. You're fighting two different porosities and you're gonna drive yourself crazy

Esther Jewel

I love all the Shea moisture products u showed especially the yoghurt repair one ??


Glad you're back with us, young lady.


Welcome back Zig!❤

Steph Christina TV

Is Shea moisture 100% virgin coconut shampoo ? ? safe to use? I don’t know much about hair products please help me if anyone knows.. I have 3a curly hair

Tabeckanae .h

Omggg you’re back!? Welcome Back love!

Sapphire relaxed hair and skin care

I love the Raw Shea Butter, been using this line for 5 years now and the Strength and restore. Love them and I'm relaxed ??

Kay O

They have the Manuka treatment in the UK


Missed your videos ? glad to see your back!! ?

Tumi Tsatsi

Missed you soooo much!

Intentional Adulting

that's what I hate about shea moisture- they have 101 products and a million lines- it's too overwhelming and makes them just look like they're opportunists and money hungry.

Georgie Simpson

I’ve missed you so much!!!

Gabriele Stahnke

I was just thinking about how much I missed your videos!!!

Irene Willis

Missed you Zig


I stick to ingredients that are tried and tested for afro hair like shea butter and Jamaican black castor oil. You should try the Pantene gold series made for afro hair... was pleasantly surprised as to how good it was!


Cute Z necklace! ❤


The only shea moisture product I purchase are jbco masque. I find that the some of their products I used in the past doesn't work anymore. My favorite product used to be the restorative conditioner. I was in the store a while back and noticed the ingredients changed. I didn't repurchase, so I am not sure if it still works the same.


I clicked on this so fast, welcome back missed you loadsssszzzz ?

Shea moisture ingredients

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I Tried Making SHEA MOISTURE's Deep Conditioner! WATERED DOWN??

15 448 views | 27 Dec. 2020

I tried making the Old

I tried making the Old School Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner - is it better than the new formulas?? Full Deep Conditioner recipe here: https://wholeelise.com/blog/diy-shea-moisture-deep-conditioner/

Find out the full story on the new Shea Moisture formulas, what they changed and whether or not they've been watered down. Along with how to make a DIY Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner that works as well as you remember!

LEARN HOW TO MAKE FREE NATURAL SKINCARE, HAIRCARE & COSMETICS along with detailed articles and tutorials on my website ??:


And for even more Natural Skincare DIYs and Tutorials, SUBSCRIBE NOW!


DIY Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner Timestamps:

00:00 INTRO

00:20 Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner Ingredients

01:34 Comparing Shea Moisture Formulas

03:35 Do The New Formulas Still Work?

05:05 Old vs New Shea Moisture - What Changed?

07:12 How To Make The Original Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner

FULL DIY SHEA MOISTURE DEEP CONDITIONER RECIPE Here: https://wholeelise.com/blog/diy-shea-moisture-deep-conditioner/

Shea Moisture is one of the veteran brands of the natural hair movement, but with new ownership, a new direction AND new formulas - are their deep conditioners as good as they used to be? Well, only one way to find out!

WANT TO MAKE MORE DIY NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS? Check out the full playlist filled with essential tutorials to promote healthy hair and growth including: pH BALANCED AFRICAN BLACK SOAP SHAMPOO, DEEP CONDITIONERS & MASKS and ADJUSTABLE SATIN BONNETS & SCRUNCHIES:


NEW TO MAKING YOUR OWN SKINCARE? Get up to speed with all the basics here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_ProKnKg_c&list=PLq1qjAecpylhdbAYFdzQ6gaYjC693FjEn

Check out my Beginner's Guide to Lotion Making Tutorial to help you get up to speed!


READY TO DIVE INTO MAKING COSMETICS? Check out this playlist full of CREAMS, LOTIONS, BODY BUTTERS - Everything you need to Ultra Soft, Natural Skincare:


DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN MAKE NATURAL MAKEUP AT HOME? Don't believe me? Check out this Makeup & Beauty DIYs including DIY LIPSTICKS, LIP GLOSS & TONERS:


Want to get to know me?

Check out my Website, LEARN HOW TO MAKE NATURAL COSMETICS, SKINCARE & HAIRCARE along with detailed articles and tutorials at:


Subscribe to my channel to learn how to harness the incredible power of natural ingredients and incorporate them into your current skincare



Follow me on Instagram:


#DIYSheaMoistureDeepConditioner #DIYDeepConditioner #ITriedMaking

فيافي السمروونه

thank you. that is great ??

Princess wright

5:08 is where her making her own starts


Your version looked store bought and so much better i hope you have 2021 plans Mmmwah


Great job ?

Shun Williams

Amazing video thank you so much queen for sharing ♥️♥️♥️♥️

JeeJee Edwards

Quick question, I see a lot of recipes often have actual fruits such as banana and avocado in their conditioners. If added to this deep conditioner will this preservative work the same? Thank you for this recipe btw


I love all your products and the way you explain ...
Could you make more solid products?
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and teaching us so much.


I recently bought several Shea moisture hair care products. I noticed the formula has changed in all the products. Also noticed all the products had coconut oil in it. ? Being coconut oil free is one of the reasons why I continued to by a lot of their products.

tatiana thomas

Thank you for all your videos ther are very helpful! Do you think you can try recreating olaplex products. They are so expensive!

LLD Island Beauty

Wow I'll be trying this if you don't mind. Really awesome

Antwan Marshall

Thanks Elise. Are you going to try to make Bubble Bath?

Waylene Campbell

Hi great information and I would like to try this but where can I purchase the D Panthenol

Amanda Roberts

Is this a leave-in conditioner?

Lisa Laundry

Whooo woooo!! Amazing formulation this product turned out beautiful. This I must try.

Most needed

Can u please make a playlist for The rest of Shea Moisture products ?

Tania Comella

You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and for all of the explanations. I am learning so much and also I’m becoming to be more cautious with store bought products.
One quick question, could we use preservatives such as Sharomix 700 or COSGARD? And it will be in the same amount you use your? Thanks Elise. ?

Chinaza Izundu

Is it legal to recreate someone's recipe?

Brianna C.

I was wondering is it worth to make the Camille Rose Almond Jai Butter or to just buy it.

Soren Mohammad

Awesome ?? ??♥️❤️

cilla blah

Is there a email or platform we could chat with you? I have a couple of questions lol.

Hannah Israel

Thank you so much for sharing❤? I always enjoy how entertaining and informative your videos are!

If you'd like, could you curate a video explaining the process of creating a formula, how to use the correct percentage and how to create a formula from scratch.

Everyone else videos are hard to understand on this topic or they fail to delve deeper in the subject.

Thank you for your time and commitment!!!!

Babydoll :DD

Hi I love the video. My husband wants to grow his hair out. What's the best advice you can give.

Sabrina Jones

Thanks for sharing. I love your content.

K Renee

Thank you for the video! I really enjoy your DIYs. I found your channel not too long ago and have already tried a couple tutorials. Your videos are very clear and being able to hop over to your blog for more explanation and assistance really is a wonderful touch. Trying out your xanthan gum gel (subbing with amaranth and silk amino acids bc I have dermatitis when encountering the wheat protein). My area is more humid as well as my hair is very low porosity, so I am interested to see how well it performs for me! ❤️

Afrotaku Sama

I'm a new fan. I can't wait to start making my own products. I do have a question... Where did you get your scale to measure the grams? Thanks.


How do you know how long a preservative will preserve your product?

Victoria Kadisha

Gurlll I just love your unusual features and high rosey cheek bones????️?


This is amazing.
I am definitely going to try it.
Is it more cost effective to make this instead of buying it.
Your hair is so healthy.
I need to start taking care of my hair

Sheree Thomas

Oh my gosh I love your channel❤️

Neelam Thapa

Hi are there two preservative natural or chemical?

Sio Lins

1) it is necessary to add sodium lactate

2) if i would like to add additives like
Powder based products
( hibiscus powders ,amala powder)
The percentage to be added for 500 gram base soap.

3) the super fat needed to be kept ( percentage)

4)is any harm for using phenoxyethanol

5) how much amount of water to be added to dilute the KOh


Who remembers the old school Shea Moisture Deep Conditioners? Get the full recipe here ?: https://wholeelise.com/blog/diy-shea-moisture-deep-conditioner/

Daphanie_ diary

Thank you so much for this recipe girl you are making me break the bank with all this recipe but I really appreciate it, happy New Year’s?❤️

Laura Saunders-Calvert

You've got so much knowledge Elise, it always bowls me over! Thank you for teaching me a new skill in 2020, it really helped get through this challenging year. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and all the very best for 2021 ?

sharon ingwu

Your channel is gold!

Farrah C

I think SheaMoisture changed the formulation of their deep conditioner is financial, I can't think of anything else. It sounds like it was the bomb ten years ago with BTMS. Both your conditioners gave you good results. Happy New Year Elise. 27.12.2020

The Burns Family

I made this deep conditioner today and I love it!! ? It is so moisturizing and has the perfect amount of slip for detangling. This is a keeper recipe and definitely rivals any store bought deep conditioner. Thanks again Elise!

Kathleen Harris

Oh my gosh! You have high porosity hair! Yay! Your hair is gorgeous!

The Every Girl Fancy

See you in the new year dear, you are talented! I will appreciate if you can make, shea butter miracle leave in conditioner
They have recently change their product and the new one is not as good as the old one

samreen haq

Hi Elise! You are such a wonderful woman and your recipes too!!! After trying some of your recipes, I feel we actually get so low good quality stuff in the market. I am really looking forward for a conditioner recipe that can be used after shampooing the hair. Again, thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us!! :-)

Lisa The Lupus Rebel

Enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing

nee nee

Is this a leave in conditioner and how can you tell the difference between a leave in conditioner and rinse out conditioner thank you in advance and thank you for all your help your videos are very informative

Tonia Castro

I would love to see you make a soap bar recipe ❤️

Nobody Special

Will be making this! I miss the old formula.,♥️

Alyssa Johnson

I can't wait to try this recipe

Chikere E.

Thank you Elise for your inspiring videos

Annette Asbury

My heart just about stopped when I accidentally cut the video off as you were saying, "this will be my last video..."
I'm so glad that I played it again to hear you say, "...for the year 2020."
I have listened to you, subscribed to your channel and web page and have you to thank for the growth and condition of my hair. Because of following your recipes and then being able to branch out by personalizing those recipes and learning from other formulators like yourself, my hair is in the best condition and longest length I've had since I was a child.
If you get a patreon page, I will GLADLY pay for membership.
Thank you for your generosity in providing caring, thorough, and free instruction here but you really need to be paid for your invaluable knowledge.
Thanks so very much Elise and I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous new year.

Tatiana Williams

Elise first off I just want to say thank you for your channel, it is the best thing I never knew I needed. Where did you buy your equipment for the diy?

Abbey J

Great video, can you do shea moisture african black soap body lotion recipe please ?

Hayat Botanicals

I think it would be cool if you could test the products out that you make. Like show us a little demonstration

Brisa Costera

Elise, would you do a hair routine video for us? Maybe even detailing why you use the products and ingredients you use and your density, porosity, etc? Your hair is beautiful ?




Wow, will definitely have to try this, can't believe I only just found your channel ?

Believe GB

You are something else! Wow! ✌? God bless you!


Great! Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year ??

Anne-Marie Defo

I just discovered your channel and I subscribed. I want to be able to do my own cosmetic product and your channel is it.

Daphanie_ diary

Can you make a liquid shampoo and a rinse out hair conditioner please!!❤️❤️❤️

Molly Petrone

I thought I was going nuts when I noticed they changed something ? thank you so much for making this!

meet anfi

Is this a leave in conditioner or your too wash it out

Ash Ash

erm.. I know it is for natural hair, buuuut could I use this for the body as well? I mean, the ingredience aren't any different to a skin product, are they? ?

Keisha Leshell

Can you make hair drops for growth using hydrogenated Castro oil . please

Most needed

Please please please.... Make a play list like this one. I have tried these recipeis all. And nothing in the market equal them. My hair is extremely Soft.,shiny and Moisturized..... I badly need your recipeis for The rest 9f Shea Moisture products like the shampoo, leave in, Mist.. And I will be blessed if u agreed to make recipeis like in the black Jamaican castor oil line.
Love. Love.. And alot of appreciattion ❤️❤️


Love it!!!!

Most needed

Big hug for u?
I am start ing a business around Shea Moisture products.
I want to make simillar products at Home.
Please, continuo to make simillar videos.
How can I get in Touch?
I have a question about a previous video ??

Victory Begins in the Garden

You just answered the question what happened to the company after the sale the skimipt on the good products to make money and the people left in droves

Farah G

I knew I wasn’t the only one who noticed the changes in SM products. It’s unfortunate, because I used to heavily rely on their products for my hair’s needs. But DIY hair products have gotten me better results, so I appreciate your videos very much!

anita daniel

Please what preservative can I use to preserve products up to 1 year

Self Care Beauty And Body LLC

When they changed the formula to the Curl Enhancing Smoothie formula years back, I lost faith in them then! Thank you, I'll be making this as soon as I get my hands on some cetyl alcohol!

Ayoola Bajomo

Please , can you try Shea moisture jamican black castor oil leave-in conditioner with apple cider vinegar , peppermint ,

Asšoera if

Wouw you have so much knowledge
Your like a fairy❤❤



Taliana Riettien

Hey I'm new to your channel and I must say it's very informative and to the point. Could you make an all natural deep conditioner ?

RPN Julien

Awesome job as always! Happy new year to you Elise, and many blessings in 2021.

The Burns Family

I love your channel so much! Thank you for this awesome content!!! I’m looking forward to making this deep conditioner!

Londya England

you seriously need more views.. you deserve more subscribers. the effort you put into these videos is impressive. i really appreciate it! thank you!

Jessica Valadez

Can you talk about the difference and uses for BTMS-25 vs. BTMS-50 ?


I prefer Btms50

Mema M

Hi Elise please..Is it possible to include the Arabic language with the translation of the video? gratefully ?

Michelle Dsouza

I love how u teach us with the info of every each of the new ingredients .. lots of love from India ? #blm

Shunaya Riley

Have a wonderful new year. Thanks so much I appreciate you

Katia Williams

I just love your videos. You should have at least a million followers! I always learn so much when watching your videos. How do you keep your hair looking so shiny? I have to coat my strands daily in order for them to look shiny.

Shakeela Smith

Elise!! I'm actually trying to remake this myself! My first attempt wasn't too bad but I hope you can give me some tips! How exciting ?❤️


Can you make an oil based hair serum but with such ingredients that it is lightweight and non greasy? Like Orofluido hair serum for example.

Katya Yoshida

Hi Elise where do you get your preservatives as well as ingredients like AHA ? I am in the Us and having trouble finding stuff. Also your videos are amazing

Miss c

Ooo! Interesting. I want to try it?.


Omg you are amazing ❤️❤️

Kiera Hunter

I adore you. You have inspired me to be creative, something I have always struggled with. And your knowledge is invaluable, thank you Elise!

Robyn not Robin

I got really hungry watching this lmao- it looks like homemade icing or good yogurt lol

cheryl norise

Happy New Year

Peaches Kong

You and Tara Lee should do a collab!!!


Tell me you have an online store so I can try yr products(???)❤❤❤

Maluca Malucaa

Hi Elise nice video. Can you use BTMS 50 instead of 25 and at which percentage.. thank you happy holidays


Amazing. Thank you once again for making these videos. Looking forward to what videos you have unstore for us next year. Happy New year ? ✨

Geovanna Prado Prone

Please a video showing your tools! I would like to start make the recepies bit don't know what to buy ?

Joy Metz

I am always amazed at your product knowledge and how you break things down in each of your demonstrations. Your videos are so appreciated! Thank you for sharing ?❤️

Ihediwa Helen

Amazing video! I really enjoyed watching it... please can you make a video on the preservatives you use and alternatives? Thank you so much ?

Mish - Simple Beauty Secrets RevealedTM

I LOVE THIS. More of these type of videos please ?

anita daniel

Your videos have been been very helpful. Thanks a lot. I want to ask, how long will it take before my products starts going bad if I use Liquid germall plus as a preservative

Natasha - Chillaxed Products

I think the one that had less glycerin looks better for your hair

I have CA/C20 Emulsifier wax, will this work?

Merry Christmas ? from my family to yours