Viviscal how long to see results

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Viviscal Review 2+ years

6 556 views | 17 Mar. 2020

I get so many questions

I get so many questions about my hair and supplements I use. In this video, I talk about taking Viviscal.

Watch my Viviscal video in its entirety from a few years ago. See the difference for yourself. It’s dramatic and drastic. https://youtu.be/4TiArWCxAhk

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This is my honest personal use and review. Viviscal is not sponsoring me, however by clicking on the link, I do make some money at no cost to you.

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Paola Rodriguez

Everyone's questions could be answered if you watch her first video on it. It's the original one, with the reason for hairloss and the results she obtained from taking the Viviscal. It's linked in her description.


Sorry confused although loved the video. 1) You attribute your thickness to Viviscal even though you haven't taken it fir a couple of years? - and, 2) You stopped the Viviscal because you couldn't brush through your hair (not sure whether that was cos it was too thick or what). That said, you still thank Viviscal for giving you thicker hair again? X

Alex 21

Very nice video. You look so gorgeous and adorable as always. Best wishes and take care.

T Ben

glad it worked for you and thanks for sharing. i am going to try this, asap :)

Josie Raccuia

I have been taking Viviscal on and off for the last few years and have seen dramatic results, as well! I have pretty thin hair that would plateau in growth after getting to a certain length - the longer it got, the more sad, dry and thin it would look - but after taking this product I've seen additional thickness and length along with volume. Wanted to see other reviews since I have started taking the pills again, so thanks for posting!

Cynthia Yang

Can I ask if you have the diagnosis of your hair loss when it happened?

Viviscal how long to see results

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384 views | 30 Jun. 2020



The Viviscal hair supplement growth programme nourishes hair roots and scalp bringing health and vitality to hair, Viviscal holds the potential to increase hair vigour, thickness and strength. Assisting in reducing hair fall, and increasing the fullness and thickness of hair over time of supplementing your body daily with the Viviscal programme, sounds a lot, not at all! Just two simple, small tablets taken once in the morning and then the second in the evening with food. All smoke and mirrors you may be thinking but I can personally say my experience with Viviscal is extremely positive and one I continue to see great results. The key is determination and patience alongside a healthy diet and of course a healthy lifestyle. I am a true believer that hair is the expression of our inner health. Therefore, if your reading this and thinking your hair isn’t as great or as glorious as it once was and your eating habits or lifestyle isn’t the best then small changes make big differences. Have you ever heard of the saying “You are what you eat?” Exactly in terms of hair. A healthy diet supplemented with Viviscal, I would say is certainly worth a try if your concerned about your hair, and fingers crossed in time your hair should be just as amazing as you desire it to be! You'll notice small differences first then the improvements just continue, but remember everyone is different so every Viviscal journey in my view will be too. It may take 2 to 3 months to start to see results it may take longer, but just take comfort from the fact that your scalp and hair roots are being supplemented with Viviscal's research and high quality ingredients...

Here in this clip, this very morning I was quite taken aback from just how much short new hairs are appearing in my hair just behind my hairline, therefore included in this clip is proof. I really hope this helps anyone wondering about Viviscal supplements and you never know it may just give the encouragement to start your very own Viviscal journey… Why not join me?

Thank you for watching my clip, my very best wishes to you!!!

Zayn ahmed

Will it grow new hair??

Southern Bella Donna

Well your hair looks super thick right now. Just started Viviscal yesterday day, lol because everything you experienced is what is happening to me. I feel pretty discouraged, but I will try it. :)

Zumair Hameed

Thanks for the update I'm most likely gonna purchase because of your detailed review! my question is what if I take biotin along with it?

Viviscal how long to see results

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Three Month Plus Viviscal Review ?

1 436 views | 1 Apr. 2020

Three Month Plus Viviscal

Three Month Plus Viviscal Review ?

Viviscal Extra Strength Dietary Supplement: https://amzn.to/3aBpzR1

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Justin Rozas

Looking good!


So what about the top of your scalp ? Any difference there ?? You didn’t talk about length in your six week review and you overlooked your scalp this time so I’m assuming it didn’t work at part line of scalp -it just worked for Length ... right ? Kind of a bummer because I just started it and have the same part issue.


There are some really good wigs out there if you ever choose to go that route. There is a lady that I work with who wears a wig and it looks like her real hair!