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How Medical Threads Help Heal Acne Scars | Beauty Explorers

71 473 views | 9 Mar. 2020

Acne meshing is a

Acne meshing is a treatment that inserts very small threads into the skin. These threads cause your body to produce more collagen in those areas, and as they dissolve, they’re said to leave skin plump celebrity skin and more even after six weeks. The procedure takes about 20 minutes to perform, and the results last up to two years. Insider's Mikala Jones-Fielder went to Snatched LA in West Hollywood, California, to have the acne mesh treatment performed, then waited the full six weeks to see if she noticed any improvement in her skin.

For more, visit: https://square.site/book/56D55BN9M2RTC/snatched-la-west-hollywood-ca


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How Medical Threads Help Heal Acne Scars | Beauty Explorers

Sahara Coleman

Way too close to the eyes. I would never.


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Riadul Islam

This freaked me out


her mum is a very good actress ?

Morgan Richardson

Thank you for the warning, I can't handle needles ♥️

lulu animations

First comment yay

Mister Chocolate

Looks like some kind of very light subcision aha

Hira Mehmood

https://youtu.be/Tq64YYWIexk like subscribe and share this channel please

Myosotis Malva

Acne is not dangerous. The amount of time we waste trying to hide it or get rid of it is insane. Embrace it ?

Akshaya Kotapati

Scaryyyy needddleesss!!!!?

Shail T

Over expressive host

Ree McLaughlin

I hope this works because it looked brutal!

Akiko Yumi

Did she have any pigmentation at ALL ? Sometimes i feel that this kind of video is just a disguised sponsorship

Dennis Wood

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Jessica Damon

4:23 Her skin looked better before ??‍♀️

Hotel July

I hope Insider is treating her better than Buzzfeed

Star Cherry

That looks so invasive ?

monicka lynn

Gimme an effen break! I know ppl with deep excessive acne scarring who have suffered immensley.


This does not look good...

Rizwana Kousar'

I would rather have acne than allow needles to be stuck in my face

Stela Khati

Her makeup thou?


WTF (。・㉨・。)


How, just how is this good for your skin?!

Ab Garzon

Is Fopobiacne Secrets helpful to break free from your acne? I've learn many good stuff about this popular acne treatment.


At first I didn’t know what they were so I clicked and then I saw needles stabbing into her face and I was like ... HOLY SHIT

Ryan B

I feel like you’d see better results if you got tretinoin as it’d help with acne, scarring and texture

Lima Funla

Thanks for the graphic content warning. Really needed it

Lalchhanchhuahi Chhangte

I cant im scared of needles, cant remember how many times ive fainted cos of needles ????

JNYC Rhino Bless

Medical Bondage ??☺


IM SHOOOOKETH only watching bc THIS THAT GIRL FROM BUZZFEED. She is hilarious I want her to post her own videos!!! I could never do this tho????? I wonder if she has her own channel??? she’s so cute !!!!

Nini Ross

Oh hell no

Your Own Personal Jesus

I hate when you see attractive people with good skin testing out skin treatment for so called problems

Lost Flora Skincare

Those needles really freak me out!!

Asha Smith

Omg I know her mother


Ngl I almost passed out watching this


0:34 The nurse is really pretty, but she even has a few acne skin imperfections, so No!!l LOL

betty barros

I would like to know where 1 can get this training as a registred nurse in Canada in Quebec or Ontario. Thanks for ur suggestions.


i don't see any change ?‍♀️


She didn't look any different and neither did her skin under the microscope except one side was clean and the other had makeup on



Tine W



just microneedle ...


She just pulled it together ?

Simply Peanut Chip

That was a few seconds of brain and literal pain-


She has makeup still on treatment


More videos from her plz! Love her vibe and fashion

Khushboo Pandey

Her skin was not that much of pore then why she doing that procedure ?????she doesn't be scared

Khushboo Pandey

Isse bhi Jada pores hote haii logo K face pr or yeh itnee me bhii yrr rediculous


I skipped to 4:07 and I was like, what happened to this woman!! ?

Amy does stuff - shadow squad

I see no difference I’d rather have the scars than have sharp needles shoved into my face


I...rather have crater face than do this

im a nobody, now get out




Nazmul Sajib

Good lord people trusts these scammers bs lectures and lets them leech good amount of money for so called beauty treatment.

just human

I think she already had good skin and doesn't need any needles.

Mytty :3

i have her skin problems too :(

Geo Tasha

ugh you should have removed your make up before the treatment, not just the part that needed to be punctured by the needle

Alexandrite Leigh Montecarlos

Woah, It's like getting facial acupuncture

Jillian Wyatt

As expert, I believe Fopobiacne Secrets is actually great way to cure your acne naturally. Why don't you give it a chance? maybe it's going to work for you too.

Antonio Leyva

I don’t recommend this again

funky bro

Her skin was fine tho????


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fancy gal

Why would you wear makeup when getting a treatment done ?‍♀️

Victoria t

That girl is kinda weird?


Does it hurt

emaan zulfiqar

Brah come on plz someone give me that damn procedure because I have legit landmines

Simderella Tales

Id want to see this on someone who has real cystic acne scars like me




Her skin wasnt even that bad


These ladies are beauttts

Anounette Se

How effective is Fopobiacne Secrets? I've heard numerous awesome things about this popular acne treatment.

David Elkind

Guys, follow Mikala on Instagram (mikalajonez), she's really awesome & actually interacts with people unlike other celebs. Also this video kinda freaked me out cause I hate needles lol

Jay M

Yeah the only change I saw was that in the after shot she wasn't wearing any foundation. Such a waste of money.


?It didn't hurt?????!?!?!

Needle face

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Needle Felted Raccoon: Part 1 Face

69 views | 9 Feb. 2021

This is a step by step

This is a step by step needle felting tutorial on how to make a raccoon part 1. Enjoy!

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Needle Felted Raccoon Tutorial

Part 1 Face https://youtu.be/cTPvFWsqUco

Part 2 Body https://youtu.be/1UXW4cqy3vI

Part 3 Mushroom and Forest Pad https://youtu.be/Y7f6KXUfUtI


Hi! Hope you enjoy making a felted raccoon with magical red mushrooms! There are 3 separate videos to make the raccoon. Links are in the description :) Enjoy!

Rebecca Lane

That raccoon is soo sweet. I love his little eyes?

Michelle Sawyer

You make it seem so easy lol. Super cute!! I just started felting today and well let's just say I'm not doing so good ?

Needle face

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How to get younger looking skin/Hydra Needle

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Liz And Jesus

K padre ale ?? gracias x mostrarnos ??‍♀️ bendiciones ????

Lorena Rodríguez

Hi, I saw your video about the hydra needle and now I am interested in the product you are selling, but first I want to confirm something. This is new for me, so, the product hydra needle 20, that you are selling is only the needles or it comes with the vial?

Nayeli Salad

Hi girl I’ve been trying to by hyafilia classic but I want to buy it from a secured seller if you can help me please!!!!??❤️

ileen espinoza


Eddie Castillo

That thing is for dr pen and hydra pen

Emerita Jimenez

Where are the links??????????


Genial Alexandra ! Yo utilizo dermapen y la verdad las micro agujas hacen maravillas en la piel ! Y el acompañar nuestras rutinas de belleza con colageno hace la diferencia , yo llevo más de 5 años tomándome colageno y es una maravilla . ??

Emerita Jimenez

Thank you for sharing your vidoes

Lillian Tritle

Thank you! So informative.

Stephani Gonzalez

Hey hey love all your videos but could you reply to my email... [email protected]icloud.com about what and where to get the pen and fillers? Thank you much

Yeşimm Ozcan

@Alexandra Ramos Hi I like very nice videos and i follow you please write your instagram address

Zoe Garbarino

DONE! My insta account is @zoe.garbarino I have watched almost all of your videos but I haven't seen one about why you do injections and how much you charge if you work independently. Can you make one about that?

Jenny Sanchez

Hi can you do a video on how to use the pen in the nose???


Hi love you had a link somehow I pressed on and it had a way to order ampoules and the hydra needle- can’t find out how to get to it? After holidays I wanted to order and keep it for future. Thank you ?? ?


Oooooo I just got this one and dont know what to do with it ..! Thnx for this video

Liz And Jesus

Ya se te extraña Ale ??‍♀️ con los videos ? espero te encuentres súper bien saludos y bendiciones ???

Calliope Poppy

Very helpful ?

crakovia tania

Mil gracias por los subtítulos en Español ??????

lidia Soltani


jojo K s

From where we can get the needle?

Beaut A

Done! @itss.jennn ?

Rebeca Escobar

Thank you

Carmen Gonzales

I like that what about if I dont have those nedlee I coud use a stringe

Kirssis Colon

Hola. Me podrias decir cual fillers es bueno para arrugas bien marcadas. Gracias