Same length hair

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The One Length Hair Cut

19 508 views | 1 Jun. 2013

Everyone who learns to cut

Everyone who learns to cut hair has to start somewhere and if they want to learn in a way that guides them through this complex technical process, there is a natural starting point and this cut from SalonStudies' level 2 course is it.

Pooja Raghav


Ganna Sai kiran

Nice sir amazing

jade Green

clear directions, interesting video, good pace.... hair cutting made easy!

Rock Bms modak

Owsm Sir....

Legend Inas07


abuzar shaikh

Nice sir thanks

Same length hair

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Hair Growth Update | Is my hair the same length all the way around?

6 438 views | 25 Jan. 2020

Hair Growth Update (Is my

Hair Growth Update (Is my hair the same length all the way around?)

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I’ve been growing my hair for almost a year and it’s still shorter than yours ?. I did get trims though ...so maybe that’s why

Chelsea Smith

Hair looks different lengths is because our heads are more round the hair has a natural fall so the top has further to drop and it has to fall down and past the round of our head. where as the nape of the neck has no where to go but downwards I have been a Cosmetologist for 2 and half years. But it is very interesting how the hair looks mullet like yet it’s all the same length

Leah Hathaway

You’re hair length is soooo flattering on you

Ashley Rivera

You are so pretty ? this length really looks good on you ?


How can i cut my hair same length everywhere?
Please help me

Lesley Davis

I’m pretty sure I have a mullet and I hate my hair rn but it’s slowly growing. Your growth gives me hope and keeps me from chopping it off. Thank you.

Lu Sayuri

Your natural hair looks beautiful!! ??


What is your haircut? If i want to cut it like you, what should I told my hair dresser?

p k

M your new subscriber..Its gonna be 6 months until I shaved my hair.M super excited to see what my hair looks like after a year ☺️?Did u take any supplement for making hair long n strong.Becoz once I entered my 5th month my hair started to fall off..


I’d love to see a video on ways you can braid/style your hair! I’ve shaved my hair off 4 months ago and your videos have been helping me so much, thank you ❤️

The RA

I attached all my watches together to make a belt... It was a waist of time..


my natural hair looks exactly like yours, just thinner. so I add clip ins on the sides to even it out and I love it.. occasionally I add tape ins on the sides.. you could always add colored tape ins to make it fun and keep it healthy. ??


Your hair is so naturally beautiful! I hope you continue to let it grow :)

Lioness Heart

Do diy hair or face masks ! While ding the update and see if doing hair masks changes your growth pattern

235_Sabah Shaikh

Does our hair grow with the same thickness after we shave our head or it’s thinner ? Also does going bald boost hair growth ?


Hi I’m Ashley I’m new member I’m here to show you love and support to your channel ?❤️?


you should try henna to color your hair brown or red, no damage.


Your hair is the same length mine was before I got it cut

A n d r e a

Your hair grew out fast girl. Love it. Don’t cut it lol btw you’re so beautiful ?

Michael Orabona

Looks great. I hope you are still going through a journey. Thank you for the update.

Fee theawkward

My hair looks like a curlyish wavy Bob. And it's the same length as yours. This month was my 1 year since buzzing all of my hair off. And next January will be 2 years for me! I'm so excited to see how long my hair is gonna be by then. ♥️

Lesley Davis

Black hair looks amazing

Willow Piwarunas

So needed this ,I 3 months of growth and am doing the struggle of flatness all falling forward . My goal is to just let it grow no cuts .

Shrijana Hamal


Same length hair

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Why is My Hair Stuck at One Length?| Reasons Why your Hair is NOT Growing

8 158 views | 3 Dec. 2019

Why is My Hair Stuck at

Why is My Hair Stuck at One Length?| Reasons Why your Hair is Not Growing and how to overcome them.

Does your hair seem to be stuck at one length time and time again, for instance maybe you've never been able to grow hair past your shoulders. You're wondering why does your hair stop growing at a certain point. It feels like you've reached a growth plateau and you think, maybe my hair wont grow past a certain length! Maybe you have reached your hair growth potential? or maybe you arent taking care of your hair as well as you thought you were? Well sit down grab your popcorn or tea and learn how to finally get unstuck and unlock your hair growth potential for maximum growth and retention. how to grow your hair faster and longer black women

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Learn How to stop hair Breakage https://youtu.be/2yTMwQ8XrhQ

10 tips to retain length https://youtu.be/uPd0cduxdjo

New to Ayurveda Series https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCE9qHNrnlORqXrs2tSsdN_M3x0eu6h8S

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Natural Mary O

Wow I love your hair ?

Sophia Stewart

first of all, let me compliment you on your skin again Mich. absolutely flawless and glowing. how do you maintain such fabulous glow in this dry cold season? ohhh..I always look fwd to your tip Tuesday dawling???

Naomi Sarah

I love my henna and ayurvedic herbs, Ive also made my own ayurvedic oil and I try to trim often. I have the hardest time consistently moisturizing my hair but now that I am protective styling for the winter I am getting better at it! These were great tips!!

Vanessa M

Nice thkx much


Buy your Stimulating Ayruvedic Hair Growth Oil- Sale until midnight 12/3/19 https://www.nowiamnappy.com/hair-products/ayurvedic-stimulating-oil
New to Ayurveda https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCE9qHNrnlORqXrs2tSsdN_M3x0eu6h8S

M Spates

Amazing information!!! I have a friend that I am certainly going to share this with!!!!????????

Bridget Armstrong

Consistency is KEY!!!!! When trying a hair growth product be consistent and give at least 30-60 days to see results before saying it didn't work!!!!

LadyB Natural

Very informative ??

Gail Spencer

You stated that you put it in a protective style and leave it along all week; however, you said we should moisture it during the week. Do you take the braid down and moisture or do you moisture it with the protective style - spraying and oiling?


great tips , your hair looks great

Asma Aman

I had a protective hairstyle for a year, my hair started to grow noticeably, but the itching was and still the main problem for me. What are your tips to maintain a healthy scalp without itching?

Dahlia Turgeon-Baril

LMFAOOO GIRL I was moisturizing my hair only when I was doing it... so like every month ? Thanks for your moisturizing schedule I’m gonna try it out.

Fine Natural Hair ROCKS

This advice is GOLDEN! I think I can say that my hair is stuck at the same length due to a couple of things based on your video: 1. over-manipulation/not keeping my protective styles in long enough 2. rough detangling 3. protein/moisture misbalancing... :S The good thing is that I know about it now though!

Its. Iviee


Foke Overare

I just love you.....your hair and skin on flick. Love from London. ??


I am at that awkward stage of my hair growth. I usually twist on wash day, but I want to see how it behaves after a wash n go. Do you have any advice on moisturizing? I work 7 days in a row of 3rd shift so I won't do much manipulating but will moisturize.

Lisa Lewis-Peck

Extremely helpful!!!

Williams J

Great Video. Tips were on point ??