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Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone (Official Music Video)

60 425 647 views | 29 Oct. 2009

Official music video for

Official music video for Pantera - "5 Minutes Alone" from 'Far Beyond Driven' (1994)

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STORY BEHIND THE SONG (from Vinnie Paul): There was a guy in the front row in San Diego who was heckling Phil Anselmo (vocalist). Phil finally had enough, so he incited the crowd to jump this guy's ass and beat the shit out of him on the spot, so he sued us. And when his dad called our manager, his exact quote was, "You just give me five minutes alone with that Phil Anselmo guy and I'll show him who's big daddy around here." Phil's response was, "You just give me five minutes with that cat's dad and I'll whoop his ass." That's where that song came from.


The Pantera channel is the official YouTube home of one of heavy metal’s most influential bands. Pantera debuted their signature sound with ‘Cowboys From Hell’ and invigorated the metal scene with raucous hits “Walk,” “Cemetery Gates,” “5 Minutes Alone,” among many others. With the 1990 release of their album ‘Cowboys From Hell,’ Pantera created “power groove” and made them the heroes to headbangers everywhere. Their following album ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ was certified double platinum and widely acknowledged as one of metal’s most enduring masterworks. For the next decade, Philip Anselmo, “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, Vinnie Paul, and Rex Brown continued to ascend to the top of the music world with gold and platinum album and home video releases and sold out arena tours. Subscribe to the Pantera channel and ring the bill to be the first to hear about news and announcements.

Lost In Nevermore

My Boo seriously into classical, I took a chance and turned him on to this and he loved it, he saw it for the masterpiece it is. Needless to say he gets all my love tonight....

Nikke Hannula

Im 12 years old and I from Finland. My favorite band is PANTERA!!??

Tomasz Wenta


Christian Tovar

Este tipo de música es oro y digna de los dioses. ??

Brad the Pitts

Fun fact! Phil is wearing an S&M BMX bikes t-shirt. They were WAY underground at the time.

Rob Shane

3:59 My favorite part watching those strings bend like that AMAZING! RIP

chris petro

pantera back in the day

João Pedro de Gama Guratti

Mortal Kombat Theme Song (1999-2001 Theme)

Reynaldo Arredondo

this is good music

Kathy O'Bryan



2021 and im still alone!

Kevin Lukas

Música 1994
Video 2009
Eu 2021

B 11

20 FUNKING 21 ?!?!??!


Excellent recording quality on this album


"Awwwww, what's that???? Another tear Pantera? Is Daddy's lil girl upset? Now get out and mow that lawn before I kick your ass into next Tuesday!

James Cook

After heavy drinking it seems right to pay my respects to dimebag...like I need a reason lol.

Emp Tee

Phil looks so ridiculous putting on those tough faces.

night moon



Song name : 5 minutes alone
Running time : 6 minutes
Left 1 minute : I'm alone

L Nixon

Thank You God for metal 90's and thank You headbangers for cocreating PANTERA!

Ernest Duran

Got a problem with me who you don't kno but what they say let's do dis!..5 minutes alone bitch ass mark's not hard to find.

4MiauATIopYThun4 #ATI#

Kezeket fel aki Radics Petitől jött :D

By Demons Be Driven

I like how he asks politely to beat the shit out of some person that deserves it.

Jeramey Church

There is only one dime bag,Eddie and randy no one will ever be able to replace them they are the gods of the guitar world RIP we miss you all and there will only be one drummer who can never come close to Vinnie Paul one hard hitting man i don't even know how the drums took it

Brandon Vidal jara

Esto si es metal de verdad que vuelva el ¡¡¡groove metal a luz!!!!????

Rodrigo Lombardi

Quick spiritual recharge mode since 1994.

HG Wells

Politician alone??????? ?? ??????

James Lindsay

Pantera still rules after all these years. Still my favorite band



Nat Torres

Amo esta mierda, coño!!!

Brian Johnson

5 min without ads...

Rayford Raynor

I am thankful to be able to say I got a chance to listen to this great metal band as a teenager in high school .Forty three now and that was years ago .R.I.P Dime Bag.?

Leonardo Paesano

Any time 5 minutes alone.... ??

Reynaldo Arredondo

when Madoff was music

6BT_ Str86

I see you had your mind all made up
You group of pitiful liars
Before I woke to face the day
Your master plan transpired
Something told me
This job has more to meet the eye
My song is not believed?
My words somewhat deceiving?
Now I'm unwhole

You waged your war of nerves
But you can't crush the kingdom
Can't be what your idols are
Can't leave the scar
You cry for compensation
I ask you please just give us
Five minutes alone
Just give us!
Five minutes alone, yeah!

I read your eyes, your mind was made up
You took me for a fool
You used complexion of my skin
For a counter racist tool
You can't burn me
I've spilled my guts out in the past
Taken advantage of
'Cause you know where I come from
My past

You've waged a war of nerves
But you can't crush the kingdom
Can't be what your idols are
Can't leave that scar
I'll pay your compensation
I ask you please just give us
Five minutes alone
Just give me!
Five minutes alone, yeah!

Head bangs on broken glass!

Five minutes
Just give me!


I ask you please just give us
Five minutes alone
Just give me!
Five minutes alone, yeah!

I ask you please just give us
I ask you please just give us
I ask you please just give us
I ask you please just give us
I ask you please just give us
I ask you please just give us
I ask you please just give us
I ask you please just give us

I ask you please just give us
I ask you please just give us (five minutes alone)
I ask you please
I ask you please

Five minutes alone!

Adrian Duran




Arron Bailey

Whos still listening in 2021? Rip dimebag getcha pull??

Frank Smythe

That guitar tone though. RIP Dime.

Chris Burkhart

I just watched 23 seconds of a takashi video and my ears caught aids. This is the cure.

Tiago Edu

Pantera , always awesome listen his musics.

Café Gamer

Feeling sad? Feel like you can't achieve nothing good? Just give yourself 5 minutes alone!!!!

Cj Roby

the 1st time i seen Pantera was 98 in omaha , so glad i seen them all before the shit !!!!! going on 43 yrs old lol and still rock to you guys daily !!!!

Somiyo Ragui

wanna know what hapens after...'they came' they enjoyed; what else?

Cristián Vera-Cruz


The Derpy Unicorn



i would literally take 5 minutes alone against any random government official as opposed to cancer. nows the time



David Soriano


Please donate a thousand dallars to my account

This song made me pissed and wanna start a fight.

Pedro Pessoa

I played this song on my bedroom, it cleaned by itself

Adrian Duran

??? Shreveport ,la

El Sr. Bolainas

Éste tema me gusta ponerlo cuando estoy cagando asi nadie me escucha los pedos

Jorge Cordova

This song still jacks me up 20 years later

Timothy Miller



New Zealand Represents Donald Trump fuck the left!


Pantera is a symbol of purest metal.

Luke Stansell

Geez man I wish I could go back into time and see this band live!!


The tastiest fucking riff ever conceived! Cant help but headbang to this

Rayford Raynor

I am thankful to be able to say I got a chance to listen to this great metal band as a teenager in high school .Forty three now and that was years ago .R.I.P Dime Bag.?


when I was 15 I was an insecure and shy boy, as were my friends. We were considered losers by many peers because we didn't listen to the same music and dressed differently. We couldn't even talk to girls, or just get a job because we were shunned regardless. One day a friend of mine bought the Far Beyond Driven record, we didn't even know who they were ... He turned on the stereo and the first track started, we already felt more badass and we began to push ourselves as you do in the mosh pit. The CD flowed and we were more and more pissed off. After listened to the whole album, we went out for a walk in the center, but we no longer hide in the alleys so as not to be noticed, on the contrary we walked with our heads held high and with an evil look. The people who made fun of us were scared as soon as they saw them, and immediately apologized. The girls dumped those idiots to be with us .. Now we're 30, engaged and with a job. Once a year we listen to that record to remember that day that changed our life, or at least improved. Pantera saved us.

Mi hau

5 minutes alone


I Elaine dance to Pantera.

Jayden Shannon

this music video feels like a parody of heavy metal lmao


idol pantera?

Andrew ADAMS

I had to find metal on my own. Strike that. I got to find metal on my own. Keep shredding bitches.

Matias Baez

La mejor banda de metal para mi.

Marcos 'O' Negative

Fabrícioo! louuurooooo!!

my thoughts

Only other thing that dropped this hard caused Japan to surrender

Angello Bezies

Why so many dislikes??? (11K)

Golden Eagle

This song is an intelligent solution

Antonio Chiriloiu





i listen to this to calm my self down sometimes after reading stupid shit on social media

GG Allin

Frieza's favourite song.


The brothers were the were straight up great people.

Beau Long

Fun Fact: This song was written about a fan at a particular show that was flipping the band off the whole time to the point Pantera had to stop the show to confront the guy. He ended up being jumped at the show by other fans which led to lawsuits, the dad of the guy reached out to Pantera's managent, and asked "just give me five minutes alone with that Phil Anselmo guy" This is how Phil responded, and the rest is history.. ?

Alberto Revilla

que achorado Pantera ,tan achorado como YO.

J4dassKiss XD

1:04 O•o

Martin Murray

I love the riff by Dimebag in this song i was a metalhead teenager when this was out in 1994 had all the albums on Vinyl and now it's back in fashion u can't beat Pantera on vinyl

rocking rambo

If any one asks me meaning of power domination i will show this song to them

Максим Маковецкий

Зеленый слоник

Evale_wavy16 1

This is my fricking ringtone and it rocks??

Top 10

What he said?

Atanu Ghosh

Whom persons in 2021 heard pantera ??

Jay Piedra

That bass line!!!

Tinga Chhakchhuak

The thumbnail used to be Dime playing the guitar

Shemaiah Bradshaw

My uncle got me into it he was only 10 years older than me and...... God bless him...... Lols my grandfather hates it but damnnnnnnnnnnnn it...... My oldest daughter asks me for something to listen to while she is jogging cross country and yes I said cross country but anyway she's obviously really still kind of young and she's got some anger issues so I figured fuck it ROCK OUT MY BABY.....YOUUR WELCOME LOLS

Bowie Gross

Whoever disliked this video. you have horrible taste in music.

Andrew Barrett

God bless and love

Living Legend

This song... badass. Been listening to it for well over 20 years

David Soriano


Ken Shaw

I'm in my fifties and seen them 3 times in the 1990's with my still wife of 30plus yrs...and still rise up and shake a leg ??!

Metallus Rex




Steven Prosser

the close up playing of the instruments is sick!!!!!!

Reynaldo Arredondo

all that docking mojado music ain't worth a dock


Now for all you new comers, imagine being a 15 yeard old metal kid and watchinh/listening this for the first time on MTV.

Влад Горегляд

lol youtube recommended this pop compilation

Brenda Easter

Metal Perfection!!

Tan spot hours

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beautician secret - fastest way to disappear dark spots, sun tan, brown spots & pigmentation

360 627 views | 19 Feb. 2018

beautician secret -

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Julie Philip

my face turns red /flusrh when it's in hot weather . Please advise.
Thank you.

Berney Joseph

Y a u taking fair lady's. U take dark lady's and do this beauty tips.then only v can see the results .

Sharmilee Chandhanu


Pramila Praveen channel

Really I love each and every video.super awesome But the honey what you add is not pure

parveen sharma

Yeh pimples mein work krayga

Anshu Gupta

Pretty mother..Pretty daughter ?‍?
Sneha your beauty tips are very

Ra vee naa

Mam thank you so much for the great video...but the problem.is we..can't get orange throughout the year...so plzz tell us...another substitute

Vaidehi chavan

Will it cure millia

Shiv Rimpy

hlo di jhaiya htane k liye kuch best btaye ta ki jhaiya dubara na aye kya ho skti prmanent thik plz tips do plz di

Fariyal Patel

Thanks mam.....so nice

Gayatri Rathod

lemon doesn't suit my skin...is there any other option for dark spots..to remove from from my skin..

Shahana Shan

Ur mom looking cute
While smilng??

Nahida Ch

very nice video

Sharmilee Chandhanu

Ur mother is same like u

Shweta Jaiswal

may i have your email id please?


Sneha she is your mother

Saiqa Nadeem

Anti feel cold

maryam Asif

Ur mother is adorable

Mahesh Kamble

Hello Sneha Ma'am, I want to hire you as my personal beautician, what Say?

Robert Bhatti

Thanks di

Nandan Sachdeva

Wid out rose water..

Roma Trikha

Thanks....nice vid

funny sunny

Hi ..kitne din lagenge pigmention ke jaane m


Thanx sister u and ur mother god bless



shivani prasad

I love the way your mom smiles, I feel like I am watching my mom..

Btw, want to ask which essential oil give fastest result in skin lightening ( orange, lemon or lemongrass). Please give ranking of these three. Do these oils make skin photosensitive ( m skin turns red easily in sun)?

Neptune Sh

Can i apply aloe Vera instead of vitamin e oil?

Bennetta White


Anjali Arya

Hello madam need your help
I am suffering from lichen planus pigmentosus and it's getting worse
Please seek if u can manage to Suggest something for black patches on my neck and face
Will be waiting for your suggestion

Saba Jee

mera face pe pimples boht hain koi cream baty

Bobbili Madhuri

Ingredients tell me pls


very nice. can I use vitamin e capsule serum after ice cube n how much time it shd kept?

Kamna Thakur

Wen to apply n how many times???
For how many days can we store those orange ice cubes??

suprabha mohapatra

Great tips sneha,your mom is so beautiful

V. Vijaya

No any changes from the model

Rukh Khan

Recipe is really wonderful, I hope it WL work

ishrat jahan

Million dollar smile aunty ji

im meitei


preitesh ithape

Aunt ko thand lag rahi ice??

Sonali Dhiman

high level use of citric acid is not for skin ..it harm the natural oil of body

Ajay Vyas

You and your mummy look awesome

Rukh Khan

Seeming like ur own mother, I guess

Harendranath Tiwari.N

Can u tell me which sunscreen lotions r good for oily skin for men as summer has started n need to buy.

Truther Asitis

Carrot face pack

Kubra Shaik

Sneha please tell me rid of dark hands

Nazira ismail

What is vitamin oil

pooja panwar

mam can we add bjaj almond oil with vitamin e capsule after icecubes

Priya Avinash

Your mother is so beautiful❤️

sarim warsi

Ma'am plz tell me can we use vitamin c serum after using this ice cubes, ma'am plz tell me, I am waiting for your reply

Kalai Hari

We use tis tip for dry skin

shaffo styles vlogs

can we store it at least 1 week??

Hema Chettry

Ma'am kindly tell me what can I substitute instead of honey

Shiv Rimpy

thnx di

Mahveen Ali

Hay saneha o got melasma patch right underneath my eye pls suggest me something

zed shah

apply on make up lolls

Surinder Deo

Your mom is so pretty

Anees Anissa Begum

Nahi aisa nahi hota

divya divya

Dear all no self medication please, do not experiment and end up in trouble, u will regret with self medication

Grace and Glow

Like mom like daughter. Both are stunning. Aunty ji is the perfect example of ageing gracefully. Who doesn't want to look like this at this age? Be blessed Both of you.

Medha Pandey

Beautiful mom u have!

Blues Clues

any substitute for rose water?

Sathvi Lucky

your mom smile like ?

patrica KN

Pretty mum :-) :-) :-) tks for the vidéo

pooja panwar

mam I HV a small brown spot . it was dark but now it's fade bcoz of using coconut oil . mam can u tell me that how many days will get the result using this remedy plz reply mam

shweta khanna

amazing vdo !!! gona try it for sure to help my mother in law ...plz make a vdo to shrink large pores on face and how often should we scrub if we have open pores ?

Rathi Vinodkumar

Can this orange mixture b made n kept

Sultan Ahmed

U totally look like ur mom

Aashna Khan

Very nice

Mom0 2b

I like it

Sonali Dhiman

high level use of citric acid is not good for skin ..it harm the natural oil of body

Shivangi Dixit

Mommies r always so cute.....now we know why ur skin looks this pretty :-)

Wow Wow


Anu shiva

I have black small dots.remedy

Sanjeewa Wickramasooriya

Now we know your beauty secret...It's your MOM. ❤❤❤❤❤

Me N My Receipe'S

can we apply on hands???? because of tanning my hands became darker


You and your mom gifted with beautiful skin

Reena Rasoi

Very nice video please subscribe n share my channel also thank you

Rugma Vishnudeth

Hi sneha ...
This one really worked for me..thankyou

Syed Asgarali

Kk I will try

Akhtar Adeel

I have made this right now will share my experience soon?

Shiv Rimpy

thnx didi g

rizz md

di skin whitening k Kia bolo

Food lovers with khan

Ap kia use krti hain jo apki personal remedy h wo btaen plzzzzz

Tahreem Tahir

Hi mam can you please tell how to fade acne marks please? Marks not the scars.

Shaista Anjum

Ma'am which vitamin- e oil u used?

pillais shobhana

Can we use sweet lime instead of Orange juice

laila noneedtoknow

Ur mum is beautiful and so sweet

Remya Biju

Vitamin E oil name?

Ritu Sarawgi

Isko kitne din store kr skte h

Alina Qaiser

for how many days i can store it

Dharitri Das

Thanks for the beauty tips and affection for motherly women .

Darshani Gala

Plzz share some detox waters for glowing skin

Sudha Chelladurai

All r citric acid... It may burn ur skin na?

Haydee Lubrin

,Wooow interesting and quality

Mahmooda Fazal

Saaf nazar aa raha hai ke make up kia hai

Phyllis Harding

Very slow. Please do something

Kitty Kitten

Can i skip rosewater and use any other supplement instead

Shahana Ferdous

is it guaranteed to remove black spot?

redbull monster

Voice is soo boring

Rajwinder Kaur

Mem pigmation k lie kuj bta do plz

Tan spot hours

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MARILYN MANSON - SAY10 (Official Music Video)

12 722 955 views | 10 Oct. 2017

From the new album Heaven

From the new album Heaven Upside Down.Directed by: Bill Yukich

Buy now and listen:Limited Edition Vinyl + Merch Bundles: http://found.ee/MM_Store-r

Spotify: http://found.ee/MM_Spotify-r

Amazon - http://found.ee/MM_Amazon-r

Apple - http://found.ee/MM_Apple-r

iTunes - http://found.ee/MM_iTunes-r

1 Revelation #12

2 Tattooed In Reverse


4 SAY10


6 Saturnalia

7 JE$U$ CRI$I$

8 Blood Honey

9 Heaven Upside Down

10 Threats Of Romance

Ann Mastandrea

This was disturbing

Diomid Burlyaev

Evan Rachel Wood is a dirty liar.

Lucia Damokas


ziba eydi

Only Marilyn Manson Only
☆☆☆Marilyn Manson☆☆☆


Sounds like RobZombie's

Waseem Raja

Alumanti hate you

Michelle Banda

If a man has the living audacity and capacity to name himself after a notorious serial killer then by all means those allegations I believe are true not to mention it's not just one woman, but more than one plus those he formally worked with coming out against him. Plus he made some very suspicious remarks in this video (link below) not concerning the women but on other things:

I know they're not lying. It is ridiculous to continue to enable or defend this behavior just because he's a well known celebrity or musician. Common sense must proceed leisure but most people would rather die than be wise about who they follow or interact with. BRIAN I believe is very guilty and he had no problem hiding some of his disturbing interests throughout his career. There were red flags all along and praise God they're coming out.

Yuri Juarez

I love you man u r incredible I hope know you too soon.????

Dope Cat

Damn, Manson's career is pretty much over, him being dropped by his record label, getting fired from television roles, etc. He's blacklisted now, the #MeToo movement strikes again.

Themessies FCB

Type F for Johnny and Manson

Gianna Arenas

my number one on my rock playlist ?

Soror Adriana

You say God, I say Say10. ?

Dope Cat

Let's see how fast Johnny drops Manson due to the abuse allegations.


Pandemic? Black lives matter? Give.UK



Joe Sturwold

Baby. Dad k boy. I unfortunately don't want. My babys 3 to . Around. U at all bufflo. Mike sfh 1. Twin sibs k boy mike. Dad 3 day sfh dad it fucc. Truth. 2. Right now basement 2. Loft right now. Married to. It. Fucc truth

The Lisa Lair

Imagine being the one who edited this.


ЯМЫ Брайн и Джонни!

Catie Mock

Blood. Period to show 30 day test amen to and omen orange aids and a church

Fanny González

I stand with Brian and Johnny!! Be strong guys, the truth always come out! Love you, and support you forever.

Koraliana Koko


Irene Reyna


Candice Kreidel

Love this its beautiful... Also I luv when depp waves his hand like a king giving the authority that far no further


If a woman comes out after 15 years.. You're fucking useless.. Listen to WOW.. He wrote that about that idiot

Wanda Distler

my daughter. cool. dad u ols italy. celbrating. with. hell two right now

Vlad Vampirelord

Satin is easily said and a smooth fabric wonderful to behold.

Doktor Zhigonzo

should we suspect that AH's legal team pushed for evan rachal wood to make an official statement against manson?

Scott Murphy

Kinda feel bad for Johnny for getting involved here in light of new revelations

Realmindali Mix



Highschool edgelords 40 years later

Tsar KO

Ptn Vaness est partie, c'est mieux

John David Sánchez


Blue Bird

After the Rachel Woods scandal this takes an another perception and vision to see ...

Holly Taylor

I stand with Manson & Depp ?

Bandido CR7

Brutal and chilling one of my favorites the only one from that CD?????

Jayde Griffiths

Amber heard and his ex saw this video and this the the "rape" room ?

Serena Shepherd

still one of the best...



Wanda Distler

sfh. her thrown. with. her. to g pals. king k boy. across from. sfh. burn on my right hand.

amber molloy

Love you always , stay strong we are with you forever

Roman Korvinus

The lyrics were actually taken from his forum. He did not write these lyrics. Me and Matt were talking, thus his version of Say10. This is MY version. Not Marilyn's. But this is a truth I never compromised.


I know exactly what they do for therapy of sheytaan


Evan is friend with AH; the accusations came just before the trial in Virginia; and since AH is running out of cheap fake evidence, the next step is making Johnny Depp guilty by proxy with "conspiracy claims" and "believe me just because I am a woman." Now Evan is pulling the "his wife wants to leak underage pics" card aka. "the other partners' opinions have no value, I don't have receipts but my voice is the only that matters." There are no receipts, no evidence, only a social media man witch hunt.


The tonight show must talk to me

Saška Bálintová

Meh watching this only bc Johnny ?

Joe Sturwold

Friends. Bitch. Rob mike rom 1. 2. She enough. Said friend. Bro to ens. I fuck. Hunt. Him down. Man blpod stom id sfg half. Dad. She. Loyal in marriage. Id buff. Bill. His. It fucc. Truth.

shahab khan

his song real name is satan

Shoaib khan

LAnAt beshumAAr

Виталий Ильич

Больная бредятина

Dolores Delano

Godless, fearless of the flood
Or the blood of the coming spring

Abraham Cedeño

bad bunny le gana

zelda Powers

Those guys are into some weird satanic practice shit. Its biting both marilyn and Johnny in the ass now


Pandemic? Black lives matter? Give.UK


Can i use this song for my small stream Mr. Manson?

you spin me right round baby right round

Devil's got a cut, like a slit in a cattle's calf
Dollar sign snakes, I'm all in the damned
Godless, fearless of the flood
Or the blood of the coming spring

Something is shedding its scales
Crying from the heat of the light
Or the empty shell on the stage
And cash is a poor man's money
Cash is a poor man's money

You say god, and I say SAY10
You say god, and I say SAY10
Say, say, SAY10

Open your mouth, love
Like a gutted church
My goat horns are napalm trees
And a crown of thorns is hard to swallow

You should pray now
Is it above or is it below?
You should pray now
Is it above or is it below?

You say god, and I say SAY10
You say god, and I say SAY10
Say, say, SAY10

Cocaine and Abel
I don't baptize whores
I'm a legend, I'm not a fable
Cocaine and Abel
I don't baptize whores
I'm a legend, I'm not a fable
Cocaine and Abel
I don't baptize whores
I'm a legend, I'm not a fable

You should pray now
Is it above or is it below?
You should pray now
Is it above or is it below?

You say god, and I say SAY10
You say god, and I say SAY10
Say, say, SAY10

Say, say, SAY10
Say, say, SAY10

Atomic Werewolf76

I believe Marilyn


Pandemic? Black lives matter? Give.UK

Greg Tyrone

We're going to hell for watching this :-P

Catie Mock

I wait even though I'm currently self depictively celebant. And society's war challenged. Ehyhmmmmm. I'm? Eh? Help?

Gypsy Lily

These are some sick Fuks.

Camila Belén

I love them

Helena Silva

Coisa nojenta

Shiraj Sharma

Marlyn you fucking rule man don't care people hate you I love you and your music always

Miseur Luci Fer Diablo

if it's true f you brian. imma let it play out in the courts.


E.R.W brought me back here . F.M.L

M2 Boys

Bad. Just so bad!!!

digital dygyly

jebac chivasa

Rabin Paudel Kshettry

Really I like this song when I watch the series named Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix. Superb lyrics as well as music.

Joe Sturwold

I. Want u. Meet. Up. Bacc. Lw. K. You. Rif. N. Shir. Spud chuck. We ve got your back now no u enjoy vac on. Spud. Hld for long. Tihw sfg clean house. Sfh my pluse

Catie Mock

I've been in 2 locker rooms and 3 locker hallways.


The Punisher from Netflix?

Wanda Distler

mike 2. truth. two. hells. happly. fuck married.


That was really creative.
You say God and I say Say 10
Cocaine (Cane) and Abel
Lastly, this isn't even religious, they feature the girl overwhelmed with pleasure masturbating, and rather than moaning "Oh God" they say "Say 10" in which he now has control over her in which she gets killed in the end.
Cane killed Abel, in which Manson was Cocaine while Johnny Depp was Abel.
These lyrics are genius

Catie Mock

Sainting you Jack


This is some weird shit, y'all!

Dale Shelden

He does

Jackin Myhoggoff

Evan can you say gold digger with a dead end career?


Yup. I ised to listen to him. I am done

Sandra Navarrete

Cool. Song

None No

Me when I get to hell?

Catie Mock

10-20-30 gyr

sannanas 999

johnny depp


Pray now! 10 is the God you count to. Ladies that pray with their vulva you know your lovely!


Keybord eddit

Alexa Motionless

i would love to be in a party with johnny and marylin to see what would happen, it would be a blast for sure

K. P.

Me: Sees Depp ??? sign me up.

Seth Harmon

Does a video with Marilyn Manson's name on it even need a warning at this point? Honestly, it's just expected.

Dj Carlos

To think that later both of these friends had problems with their exes (Manson has now and Depp with his ex-wife) ... As you can see their fates are similar ... Ps. I hope Depp supports Manson as he supported him against Heard.

Beyonce's Weave

Why Johnny, why... :/

Анна Брянск


Rameshwar Singh

Why don't we say69 ?

The Musicmaster107

I remember when this was new

{Princess Angel}



You know what those animal with Hollywood and apple artists did to me and 8 yeara some religious family from my government mad many excuse and lie make me kill many person if they don't get answer

Joe Sturwold

2. Strong hold. Introuder behind. Grey plastic. Walls righ. Now. Having. Icr up demon hells. Orgy right now. Open. Your mouth. Sfh burn on my right hand. Her mike it fucc truth. Right. Now.

Catie Mock

Females naked. And you and Johnny are not touching them

Matt Lee

These allegations against Manson is all trial by media and don't believe a word of it. Team Manson all the way!

Warrior of Truth

The Trump curse is real

San Francisco Love

This might be my favorite album of his


I love the Nightmare on Elm Street homage with the hands coming out of the wall over the girl in the bed and Johnny is in the video ??