Pa++++ sunscreen

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CANMAKE Tokyo Mermaid Skin Gel UV Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ | Undercover Chemist

1 443 views | 15 Jun. 2020

Thanks for watching!

Thanks for watching! :)

Link to buy from eBay


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Marco Nemeth

I really love this sunscreen especially indoors and for winter time in England. My skin-tone is fair so I didn’t detect any white-cast but I see it can be an issue on darker skin-tones. It does, however, has a slight brightening effect and slightly evens out my skin-tone, which I appreciate. I love the shimmery glow this sunscreen provides.

Dana Chambers

Thank you so much for this in-depth review!

Salty A

Does the canmake uv gel break you out?

Mignon Alverson

This is an awesome in depth review. I will be skipping this one. Have you tried Elta MD UV Clear? It's awesome!


Hey! Have you tried the Purito Centella Unscented Sunscreen?

Amy Nguyen

Do you like this sunscreen more than the blue/yellow skin aqua UV super moisture milk you mentioned?

Pa+++ sunscreen

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QUICK FX SUNSCREEN| Spf50 Pa+++ Murang Face and Body sunscreen!

1 246 views | 4 Jun. 2020

hello loves welcome

hello loves welcome again to another video..sharing you guys my current favorite sunscreen..

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jhonalyn chua

Normal lng po ba if unang gamit hanggang 3days eh may magtutubuan na pimples

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Coleen _ Cuoc Song London

Hello sister you looks beautiful thanks for sharing happy evening good night ❤️?


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dany Prinse

So cooooL so amazing so perfect so fantastic super like ??????????????

Pa+++ sunscreen

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Étude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish SPF 50+ PA+++ Sunscreen Review | #SUNSCREENSUNDAY

41 428 views | 11 Feb. 2018

You can buy the sunscreen

You can buy the sunscreen here:


Hello Field Bunnies and thanks for checking out my thoughts on Étude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish! So I really really like pretty much everything about this sunscreen EXCEPT I wish it had another PA plus. #4+4LYFE!

Hope you enjoy!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Randem Kt

Ok now i wanna try this mineral sunscreen. Thanks!

Zendika Sandiaszkara

my holy grail!

Kiran M

I freaking LOVED this sunscreen before they changed up the formula in 2020!! Now it smells like baby powder and leaves a chalky looking cast on the face. Back to the drawing board I go :(

Arts 3

You make it so so elegant hon ☺ love watching you on Sundays ?
Im having epic fails with many ones out there ? Biore one was drying and clogged pores. Even the famous Elta md uv clear broke me out (must be becos of the chemical filters). I tried the Innisfree triple care one last week. Its purely physical but left a very strong whitecst on my Indian skintone ?
Please tell me theres still hope ? i just started tretinoin 0.04 last week and taking the risk of stepping out without sunscreen ! Though not much exposure, i drive to work morning and evening in a car for about 25 minutes everyday. Its a pain I tell you finding that 'one' !

sistata basel

Hello ma'am is this chemical sunblock or physical sunblock ??

Tesnie Nguyen

This vid is very informative. Thank you?


As far as I know, in Korean sunscreen 3 pluses are the maximum. It's the Japanese ones that have a forth too.

Mariah C.

I like this sunscreen but it dries my skin out ??at least it doesnt leave a white cast

Ngugi Rebiro

Please review the Sunprise mild watery light SPF 50

Maaike Wilhelmina

What from all the sunscreens you tested, what sunscreen do you stick to?

Enid Hutchinson

I was so excited about this sunscreen but the alcohol irritated and stung my skin i'm using retin A in the evenings, I am trying to find a liquidy mineral alcohol/chemical free sunscreen for my cushion compact for reapplication, if anyone has any suggestions i'm all ears!

sistata basel

Is it suitable for dry skin ?? As I want non greasy luks on my face


Hate this sunscreen! I have oily skin but it clings to all my dry spots

John William Domingo

I've gone through four bottles of this!! For the past year, I've been trying other watery sunscreens from Nivea, Biore, Missha (all with PA ratings, imported to USA) but NOTHING compares to how mattifying this sunscreen is. I would still consider it on the watery side compared to more common mineral sunscreens in the US. Since I don't wear makeup, having sunscreen as the last step in my routine leaves me looking pretty oily. It does not leave any whitecast and is relatively moisturizing. I live in Oakland, CA where the weather is temperate year round but there are moments when it can be dry outside in the winter.


I love this sunscreen but unfortunately it leaves a white cast on my dark skin ,??? sucks because it's perfect fot my oily skin

Abc xyz

This sunscreen contains bergamot essential oil, which is phototoxic

Neurotic Cat

Heya genevieve. I really appreciate all the sunscreen reviews you do ? always super thorough and I feel there are very few true reviews on sunscreen to this extent on youtube so know that I appreciate all the effort that you put into them. Could you please review Bioderma's sun milk? and also La roche Posay's sunscreens, like the ultra light, and the dry touch gel and the tinted versions. Thanks ~

Maurey Berdoy

Can you look at the new Chanel spring/summer collection? Just wondering what you thought of it x


hi love ur videos, i have heard that korean sunscreens can have a maximum of 3pluses compared to japanese version of 4.. (++++ for uva)

nuradillah mokhtar

For me, the smell is REALLY strong? and it is soo dry on my oily skin. It is so hard to choose a suitable sunscreen.

Baddest Donut

You have mentioned that its best to not use sunscreens with that high of an alcohol content on a daily basis . So does that apply to the biore UV gel/ essence as well ?

Madhura Ghosh

Hey! Would you recommend this over sarafit skin aqua?

Habib Ullah

is it suitable for dry skin??


I have sensitive skin and I use this sunscreen everyday. I've dark skin and it didn't leave any whitecast at all. It depends on what skin care u use in order to make it work for u. Singapore is so humid and I use hydrating skin care underneath this sunscreen and it works perfectly fine for me. My skin pigmentation and acne scars have improved tremendously with this daily usage..

Monica Chavez

I was so excited to try this sunscreen but it reeeally stung my face.

Ailed Silva

I'm so happy that I found your channel. I suffered from Melasma for 10 years now.. Sunscreen is my priority!! Can you please review Bare Republic. Can you recommend me the Best of the Best for my problem. Thanks

Nattan Pires

I wish it was PA++++

So that’s that

Just picked this up I think it will work better for me than the mild airy formula which has the potential to white cast. I wonder


You look pretty today ??

Camille Collins

you can get it on amazon for $7 from the etude house seller


Did you ever find a product with the same good cosmetic qualities (as Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish) but with PA++++ as you mentioned?

suma suzan

Hi mam can indian people use this surprise..

Mitchell Thomas Reilly

Thank you Genevieve, you are amazing ?

Baddest Donut

What is your favorite sunscreens you always go back to ?

M. Younis

Nice sunscreen
... With alcohol and essential oils... Classic ?


Hello, my skin is very oily. Is it drier and matter or klairs spf 50 or purito unscented spf 50?

Amber O.

Yesss! Been waiting for this.

NAin AAIsmail

Hi I would like to request from you a compilation review of sunscreens that suitable on normal to oily skin and great in hot humid weather such as Malaysia

Laurie Vermut-Ratnoff

I soooo love your channel. I bought several sunscreens based on your recommendations (your reviews are always spot on for me). I am pretty certain that etude house is a korean brand. I only mention this because the korean pa rating system is a little different than the Japanese one. 3 + is the highest rating in Korea and is comperable to the 4+ on the Japanese scale. Therefore it is on par and the same. Either way it's better than the whiny little bitch fda that doesn't acknowledge pa ratings at all. They really need to get with the program lol!

Naomi Lalala

Wow gud to know it lasts long..So Is it sweatproof??


This is what the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc was aspiring to be