Silicon mix ingredients

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67 views | 8 Feb. 2021

This Homemade Chocolate

This Homemade Chocolate will only need only 4 ingredients. Hope you like it.

Ingredients & Process:

















Instagram:- thetomiadenuga

Silicon mix ingredients

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The Secret to Cells! How To Create Cells - Step by Step Instructions Acrylic Pour

387 343 views | 16 Oct. 2017

The Secret to Cells! Are

The Secret to Cells! Are you getting frustrated trying to get the cells you want in your Acrylic Pours and it's just not happening? If so, then this video is for you! I give step by step instructions on how to achieve cells in real time. So grab your paints and a canvas and let's get Pouring!

Canvas: 8 inches x 10 inches

Paints: Artist's Loft Paints by Michael

Recipe used: My Floetrol Recipe in Video 003

SIlicone: Lifespan Treadmill Silicone


1 Large Craft Stick

1 - 8 ounce Cup or 266 ml Cup

4 Push Pins hammered to the 4 corners of the Canvas

A Level Work Surface

A Dinner Tray or Plastic Sheet

Your Paints mixed and ready to go



Nitrile Gloves to Protect the Hands

A Smock to Protect your Clothes

Shoo the Pets out of the Room

Turn off the Overhead Fan (affects how the paints dry)

Let everyone know "Do Not Disturb"

& Finally, This Video for Instructions! LOL

Let me know how this technique works for you!

Don't forget to Subscribe, Like & Comment because we love hearing from y'all!

Sending Big Hearts your way,


On a side note, this video was created for a viewer, Jim B, who is a very talented Mosaic Artist just starting on his journey into Acrylic Pouring! Together with his wife, Debbie, created a stunning A-Z Alphabet Book with original poems by Debbie and unbelievable Mosaic Work by Jim.

This book makes a wonderful gift and is very unique! Please check them out!

Jim B Video on Mosaic Work for the Book: https://youtu.be/d5D8VpydfmY

Amazon Link to Purchase the Book: https://www.amazon.com/Mosaic-Alphabet-Book-Art-Bowen/dp/0692689664/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1470658251&sr=1-1&keywords=my+mosaic+alphabet+book

Music Credit:

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart

(A Little Night Music)


clean, clear and concise thank you, also why don't you use a torch?

Parul Bhagat

Only with few drops of sillicon these cells created it you mix something with the colours

Rozita Basalely

It's beautiful. I followed step by step, and yet can not get any cells!

Napi Coyote

Jan teaches microbology at the University of D.U.M.B... ?

Patricia Johnson-Whisenton

Am I using the wrong acrylic paints? I just get applebarrel from wally's


Thank you, very informative.
 I don't think i have silicone but i wonder if something might happen using some spray varnish or something like that. The torching is just for airbubbles, nothing to do with forming the painting?
Also, kudos for the music!!!

Mattie Chitwood

Such a good video love it

Sallie Hayes

Thank you for easy clear instructions and beautiful music! You are an add. ?

Jessica Rose

Hi! Are your paints already mixed with floetrol or glue?

Ghaleb Al-Wiswasee

Your video is excellent, but I was wondering if you used pouring medium or thinned the paint with water? or just straight paint?

Norma Favela

Beautiful!! How long does it take for it to dry?

Abby Mash

Does the paint have to be translucent to create the cells?

Jason Steinberg

Amazing video - thanks so much! Quick question...you refer to some of these paints as “heavy” and others as “semi-opaque” or “transparent.” Are you using “heavy” to mean the same thing as “opaque?” Thanks!


what is this silicon thing ?

Anna Tomacari

Love this! Do you have any videos for beginners on how to mix pouring medium etc.?

Cheryl Pernot

Thank you! I’ll try it.


we love mozart. he would approve.

Sallie Hayes

Cells are gorgeous!

Row Deo

Can you or anyone use silicone bathroom sealant? I would love to try this art never have!

Jill Hill

Hello There are no instructions on how to get cells . Please help me. I do not have a torch and never got any cells. Please also tell me how to mix the paint?? Thanks

Furiosa Hatton

Beautiful, thanks for the help.


What kind of canvas is great for glossy looking finish? And are your colors already mixed with a medium? Great video!

Amy Halle

The paint that you are pouring, does it have anything added to it already?

Kaila Nork

do you have to do the spritzes of silicone?

Marina Giro

Thanks for the video I try this steps in :) Cut through, no mix the colors with craft stick before flip?! I haven't done this step before


Thanks for the lesson. Going to give it a shot now.

Toni Bledsoe

Thank you

Nazanin Motamedinia

I really enjoyed watching your work, I was wondering what was your medium?

40.717 Mu

How big is this cup

Dylan Thompsen

What about the paint mixtures? Is it the ready to pour brands or do you mix mediums or glue, is so what ratios?

Floating Mania

That's exactly why this kind of art is so amazing

Will Stroh

Does walmart have these silicone products?. New to doing this style of painting. Thx

Neil Wooldridge

I am very new here and I found some of the terms beyond me but did you mix the paint with any medium? What volumes of paints were used?


Hi- that’s beautiful! Great and easy demo for it. Can’t wait to try. One thing I wondered which hopefully you’ll see this and maybe have a solution is I see so many Youtubers that seem to use a boatload of paint! Waymore than I’m using and I’m getting crazing. I have added the GAC 800 to some of my pours but I don’t know if that’s helping or if I’m not adding enough or maybe I’m adding too much I don’t have a formula for that. Regardless I think I’m gonna try this in next few nights!

frances duncan

People complain about the cleanup if you use silicone, how do you handle cleanup of your picture.

Tiffany Adventurer

hello? do you add a pouring medium to your paint ? or is it just acrylic paint and tradmil silicone oil?

Kamlesh Jagwani

Is is really the silicon oil which makes the cells?

claudia Monica

No way... it didn’t work

Some of my paintings were mixed with water and floetrol. Other I took directly from the pots. And u us d two drops of Pour 4Art for I have not the silicon spray... no cells, no bubbles and a lot of tears... ?

Katrina Hintze

You get all those lovely cells with just two tiny spritzers of silicone?

Rileytube Gaming

im trying to make a galaxy painting with alot of cells and this video had just that THANK YOU SO MUCH but do you know where i could get the silicone?

lizzie troup

Would be great to see it dry,? It was dry in the last 20seconds , but you don't say??? Great colour s and design

Amber Glow

Recipes. I'm interested in recipes. Two spritzes of silocone... Really?

Bumble Bee

Beautiful!!! Thank you.


what keeps all the colors from mixing into mud? and whatever that is, is that what creates the cells? and does it have to be mixed into each color before pouring it into the common receptacle for them all?

Ashley Griglak

How do you know which paints are heavier and which ones are lighter?

Ojberretta Berretta

is the surface on which u paint on important to create cells yes or no

Hasaan Qadeer

Can someone help me by telling that how much time is required for drying

Gai Runnalls

I'm just starting out with art and wonder how you know if a paint is "Heavy" "Opaque" "Transparent" etc?

Becky Shell

I've been watching several of the videos from you artists ! I am in love with this technique of painting! BUT I HAVE YET TO START PAINTING , I HAVE QUESTIONS , like why doesn't this huge a
Mount of paint dry into a huge amount of dry paint and peel right off! Dos it really dry completely and why doesn't it peel off? Is it fragile!

Beryl Wright

Creating cells has been very problematic for me. I'm going to try this though. Thank you for demonstrating the technique. It's beautiful.

RhondaG Designs Rhonda G Wellman

Thanks for the tutorial. painting is a bit to dark and gloomy though.

Mc Cc

Loved it -- thanks bro / sis !! ?

claudia Monica

YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!! ooooohhh how grateful I am!!! I WASTED A LOT OF COLORS POURING SILICON IN ALL OF THEM AND NEEEVER GOT THE CELLS!!!! Oh how I cried!!!!!!!!!! You gave light to my artistic life!


Sherri Sentieri

Love this. Trying my first tonight. I don't expect perfection with my pour, but thumbs up if I create a few cells in my paint pour?

Debra Polenz

Well. I see you pour them how you pour them, but you told us nothing about how you mixed, if you mixed etc anything in the paint to start with.

Mari Warnick


Kristel's TV-08

Nice thanks for sharing.

Ojberretta Berretta

it doesnt work
idk what you exactly do,i did your vid step by step and the colors are just barely mixing,nothing of cells if you add something else or how u mix the colors what do u add??(glue,etc what type of glue)would be really helpful thanks

Valerie Adams

Did she use flowtrol?

CreativeJo HomeCraft

Greetings ✋✋✋
Wow amazing result,
Thanks for sharing,
Big like, keep safe
& Stay connected!!

cindy spearman

Beautiful piece. I am new to the painting world and have just discovered Acrylic pour painting. How do you get your paint so thin. I just have acrylic paint in tubes which is thicker.

w keith Thomas

You made some amazing cells. Can cells be made without the silicone and if they can, How? Thank you, keith


So you only do the silicone spritz the one time?

Kathy Kortegaard

Many thanks for this helpful video!

Dru Gallimore

Fabulous ??????!

penny caldwell

A Monet Pour. ; )

Sherri Sentieri

I subscribed ty for sharing


wish yopu would have told us how to mix the paint to guarantee cells. should it be thin or thick? is there a better paint than another? water? floetrol? So much left out for a video entitle "secret to cells"

Nick Karschti

Seriously, I will try pouring using these steps. I probably wasn’t doing all the steps correctly. Thanks Jan!

christina angelo

Excellent thankyou for making it so simple.....

Stormi Cynder

About to try. Very excited

Clare Smith

Thanks! But I didn't see what your paint was mixed with, which is really important! I am new to this and there are so many recipes and I haven't had any cells yet.

Letty Medina

I struggle getting cells. Your is nice. What am I doing wrong?

debra vitullo

Beautiful I liked how you didn’t use a torch or anything ..

Wiliam Graham

Thank you so much for making a clear and simple video..... Wm

Barbara CL

Do you not add water to the dark base colors?

Marga Massmann

You used a lot of paint for the size of the canvass. Is the paint not going to crack?

Carrie Freeburg

Great video short and sweet just the way I like it thank you

Jill Fallin

So beautiful! Do your paintings get darker when they begin to dry? I barely get cells for some reason they don't explode like these on yours. What am I doing wrong. Any advice very appreciated.

J. Varisco Art

Thank you so much. I am gonna try this technique tomorrow.

Lisa B

What kind of acrylic paint do you use ? Is it a special kind

Tech Easy

Did you use any pouring medium? Or the cells generated without pour. medium

JoJo Wallace

Listen closely...Secrets are being shared....Insane. Thanks.

Michele Kossack

It was a joy in finding your video Jan as I am in the beginning stages of doing paint pouring. Finding someone who simply explains her steps in pouring her paint is such a relief. I have viewed some other artists who make this media seem like I would need to take a chemistry class, measuring everything, and they all have their own formulae for preparing the paint. It just seems to me that this type of project should be somewhat spontaneous and serendipitous. After too many years of providing 24/7 home care for my husband, over 30 years, Tom has been placed into a nursing facility. I willingly sacrificed for him and now it is time to use my time to enjoy being a trained creative artist again. Thank you.

Nan Collins

Are you using floetrol in your paint?

Melissa Deaton

I just want the make sure I didn’t misunderstand. Did they put silicone in just the base paint only?

hawk paul

You do not say that you use a pouring medium to thin the paint. Are you just using straight from the tube paint here please?

Alima J

I was wondering how people did that. Thanks so much I'll have to try it out myself

Το Νιντζα

Can we do pouring with colours for walls instead of acrylics???

Jill Hill

Hi, I dont quite understand. Says step by step but it is not?? Do you only add silicone to the first colour?? Not the rest?? Cant find your floetrol recipe either?

suhana oazmi

Watching this video makes me want to try asap! So excited ?


no flow medium or water in the colours?

Ghada Hammouda

Thank you Jan the captured video and how it explains could not be better

Amy Halle

Once the paint is dry, can you apply a clear top coat? Does the silicone dry also?

Thanks, your work is beautiful

Sheila Miracle

Love Mozart playing in the background

Marcelle talks MMA

Do I need floetrol?


I really like your work. Acrylic work that is. Video work...horrible. White text on a white canvas equals unreadable.

Marc Johnson

Thank You for Helping Me Now I get it !

Sanaa Al Shaikhli

So beautiful!
I don't know why the silicone is making holes through the paint that I can see the canvas through, how can I avoid this reaction and why it is happening?! I welcome all answers and suggestions :)

Silicon mix ingredients

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3 Ingredient Homemade Sugar Lace Recipe | Baking Savvy

42 771 views | 14 Apr. 2019

Learn how to make a

Learn how to make a homemade version of edible sugar lace perfect for cakes, cookies, and pastries using only three ingredients.

3 Ingredients:

- CK Pre-Made Royal Icing Mix


- Tylose Powder


- Water


For detailed instructions, the recipe can be found at:



Lets Get Social! Follow me on social media for more tips, tricks, and behind the scenes footage.

Snap Chat - BakingSavvy

Instagram - Baking Savvy

Facebook - BakingSavvy101

Twitter - Baking_Savvy

Music Standard License:

Uplifting Trance - Celestial-Sound

Joelle Gisenya

This was the easiest tutorial ever


1/4 cup of icing sugar
1 tbsp of tylose
1/4 cup o warm water

Nivitha Kajenthiran

Thank you for the video. Its a easy recipe and it came very well.?

Paula Jaimez

Funciona igual con el total icing casero? Y las cantidades?

Delicias By Jenn

Christy thank you for the recipe. I just tried it. Drying now and I will let you know how it goes.

dor dor

Plz Germani

Chris Spletstoser

Thx but your video is no good without measurements

Lamya Elsayed

Need to try this
Thank you x


What is the exact measurement?

Fairy M

Measurements are in comments...
For some reason my mix didn’t work right. Can I add a bit more water to make it less of a ball and more spreadable?

Dorothy Grierson

You will never get a good following if you don’t share your recipe .

vanessa cassidy

If you click the link in the description it tells you the exact measurements

Tegana Phillip

Can you tell us the measurements for the ingredients it would be helpful thanks!!!

Cvijeta Tanic

Congratulations. It is wonderful. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.


It would have been nice if you gave the measurements

Rajes Shunmugam


Henry James

Can I get measurements please


What's a good alternative for royal icing mix?

Wholesome Girl

Link has detailed instruction and all measurements. It took a little time to find but it’s there.

John Greager


Maggie Ranchhod

What is the measurement of each ingredient