Trader joe very green powder

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Top 5: Super Green Powders

12 794 views | 26 Apr. 2018

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- Spirulina www.detoxtrading.co.uk/product/spirulina-powder-organic/

- Wheatgrass www.detoxtrading.co.uk/product/wheat-grass-powder-organic-eu/

- Barley Grass www.detoxtrading.co.uk/product/barley-grass-powder-organic/

- Moringa www.detoxtrading.co.uk/product/moringa-leaf-powder-organic/

- Blue Green Algae www.detoxtrading.co.uk/product/blue-green-algae/

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Thank you, thank you I’ve been waiting for this type of comparison video, you see one person using this and others saying they use something else and it becomes confusing to which one suits you best.??? do these powders contain folate due to their green content? Would rather use powder in a smoothie than pill form. Just subscribed, thanks again.?

Courtney Painter

Very informative and aesthetically pleasing video because of the background and your calm voice. Thanks for the recommendations! ?


Fantastic online video! Here at Y&S FOOD! we love to find these kind of content. We produce Travel & Food films as well, world-wide, and therefore we are continually seeking inspirations and also approaches. Thank You

Kate Cassidy

I have tried a few green superfood powders on the market, the best one so far and fair priced is Super Greens from Vegatox, with only Organic Superfoods without any additives or fillers. Felt energy boost and detox. Grassy taste but in smoothie with banana and pineapple tastes good. Amazing Grass is ok but they put their products in plastic tubes that polluted our planet. (www.vegatox.com).

Red Eagle

I love your accent

Nikhil Lazarus

Great video, but blue green algae is not an organism, instead it is a category of organisms that is also referred to as "cyanobacteria". An example of a blue green algae is spirulina. So, it doesn't really make sense to have spirulina rated as the 5th best powder and blue green algae as the 1st.

Aakash Mehta

Everything of these, grows in india in our backyards

Trader joe very green powder

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Trader Joe's // Bottled Juices Review!

58 views | 27 Jul. 2020

Hi guys I purchased some

Hi guys I purchased some juices today and spontaneously decided to film a video on it. In this video, I review coconut water, coconut water blend, green juice, strawberry chia and almond butter banana :) I hope you enjoy! Leave suggestions in the comments, I want to get into YouTube video making!!!!!!!

Maria Apresa

hi, biggest fan ?

Marie Aviles


Trader joe very green powder

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20 207 views | 11 May. 2018

Review of Perfect Keto's

Review of Perfect Keto's Micros --- a greens superfood replacement powder. Perfect Keto Micros: http://goatgang.link/ketogreens

This is the best tasting green superfood powder I have ever tried. It's also super keto which is perfect for the ketogenic diet.

Music: Fading by Dj Quads


GET YA GOAT MERCH: http://justinbravo.com/shop

EQUIPMENT USED: http://goatgang.link/amazon

HOW TO KETO: http://goatgang.link/howtoketo

Perfect Keto Micros is the best replacement to get more greens micronutrients in your diet. Check out more reviews of Perfect Keto on my keto playlist. You can add it to juices, smoothies, or just plain water.

Cheryl Myers

I bought a bunch of perfect keto products. I wish they didn't use Stevia in all their products. I was hoping to find a way to make some of their products more palatable.

mallory clark

"Inspire others and the universe" is what it says In the intro must be you really mean that because you are inspiring all of the goatgang!! (Like if you agree)

Kellie Ellis

New to perfect Keto products. I used your code today :) thanks !

Cigar Talk Hawaii

My order just arrived today from Amazon, but I haven't tried it yet. Not sure who to believe, because most of the reviews on Amazon said the taste was horrible.... I'll find out soon.


Exactly what I'm needing. Can I mix the powder in a protein shake?

David Zannini

Have you every thought about making a popsicle out of it?

Nikieia Hayden

I watched this video before purchasing and I absolutely hated the taste. I really could not get past the smell. It was a waste of money for me.

Dianna Riley,

How does this compare with Organifi?

daniel filipkowski

organic does not mean natural.


What kind of witchcraft is this product ?

Heiko Conrad

Sehr schönes Video. Hat mir gut gefallen. Dankeschön

T Mtz

Good morning!! Just watch your video and it super helpful! I jump over to amazon and order my micro perfect keto also I love that product!! I have been on my keto journey for about 7 to 8 weeks now and Wow I so far have loss 31lbs!! So thank you for the info!! You rock!

royal city

So if I drink this I don't have to eat veggies


Super cool


Im doing perfect keto base, MCT powder, and collagen for breakfast, should I drink this for lunch?

John Hauxwell

When is the best time to drink it?

Tressie Reel