Nails flattening out

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How To Do Baby Boomer Sculpture Nails

142 views | 21 Jan. 2021

Nails flattening out

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Fixing Flat Nails with Incorrect Arches

24 378 views | 5 Feb. 2017

In this video I am fixing

In this video I am fixing the flat nails applied by another tech. In order for this client to be able to last 3-4 weeks without breaking, a proper arch is essential.


Her balls were huge lol I was like good lord but I guess we do need that much product for the arch. Something I'm getting used to. Thanks

Serhat Aganer

Your voice changes sometimes devilish at the end of your sentence.. But i like your vid's!

Mary -Lane

Tnky ive been struggling with making an arch this vid helped allot

Simply Alison

By arch do you mean Apex?

C Weaver

Alrighty, video ended a little early I think..

Eye of the Beholder

This gel looks easy to work with. What brand is this. Ive only used ibd and i hate it because its so sticky like. . Is this gel easier to work with?

Suly Saldana

I absolutely love your videos. I want to transition into akzentz gels. I have a uv and led lights so that's not an issue. what hard gels do you recommend to purchase from the akzentz line. I want a soak off builder and hard gel one. Thank in advance. truly love your videos.

Shaquae Jackins

Beautiful video but your nails ????i cant find anyone who can do nails the way yours are sculpted

karen cheung

I'm currently transitioning into akzentz gels but I always thought options clear was basically the same as the crystal clear?
what is the difference between the new luxio build, options clear/crystal clear, and the different pro formance hard gels (other than consistency)?

Tracy U.

Oh my goodness. I live in in Milwaukee. I have been to the best recommended shops in the area, and I CANNOT get anyone to give me an arch/apex. They can't do it? I mean, I've paid $60 for someone to glue tips and simply brush acrylic or gel over the top ... I CAN DO THAT. I would love to be able to do this.

Maralen Soeur

That technique makes so much sense!! Thank you!!!

Brittany Douglas

What brand of gel are you using?

Thunder Rolls Media

I do something very similar

Sara Smith

Beautiful! Ridiculous how many "qualified" nail tecs sculpt unbelievably flat nails, I call them surf board nails ?? anyway I'm not sure if these tecs do this because of improper training or as a tactic to get clients to come back in and be charged for repairs. Either way sculpting a flat nail with no apex is not just ugly but can cause damage too.

Great video, beautiful work!

Chilombian Chic

Awww! What a shame the video ended so abruptly!

Nails flattening out

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How To Break In Your New Acrylic Brush | Tutorial

10 774 views | 27 Oct. 2020

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? Business EMAIL : [email protected]

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Edwin Hernandez

Y'all please please pleasseee wear gloves when flattening the brush after dipping it monomer if you dont you can develop serious allergies


Thank you so much straight forward!

The Real Bolanle TV

Thank you girl my brushes arrived sharp as a knife. I needed this.


Thank you so much for posting this video. ?


Hey girl, I'm just starting to do acrylic nails, at 13 years old and this video has been helpful. my brushes arrived today and they were hard but at the same time not, and this video was so helpful <3

Leticia Linan

HELP! I pinched my brush on the oposite tide side as you directed.. the “Pana” label being on the side instead of the top.. it’s not staying flat, keeping its shape, the bristles are opening up in the middle.. idk what to do. I’m about to return /:

Nikki Evans

I just got this brush??? can't wait to use it.

kaliyaa symonee

what brush cleaner do you use?

Julianna Marie

Which is your favorite Amazon brush?




Also sometimes as a beginner I am messy when doing my own nails lol so a tip when you get your brushes to make sure you don’t get acrylic on the handle is to cover it all with clear top coat and then cure it under the lamp ofc and this way it doesn’t get ruined! Something I wished I knew sooner ??

Ashley Ventura

Where did you get your nail brushes??