How to straighten curly hair

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HOW TO SAFELY STRAIGHTEN CURLY HAIR: Salon-Style Blowout At Home Without the Heat Damage!

933 views | 19 Jun. 2020

Hope you’re ready to

Hope you’re ready to break some rules because today I’m showing you how I STRAIGHTEN MY CURLY HAIR! I’m teaching you my tried-and-true technique for a damage-free salon-style blowout. Curly hair is versatile, so while I don't recommend you do this weekly, it's nice to change it up sometimes, and it is so important to know how to do so in a safe way. Watch till the end to make sure you don't miss a single detail and let me know your thoughts!

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BaByliss Pro Ceramix Extreme 2000-Watt Hair Dryer: https://www.ulta.com/cermix-extreme-hair-dryer?productId=pimprod2005930

Behairful Brush: https://behairfulbrush.com/

Round Brush: https://www.target.com/p/conair-gel-grips-xl-thermal-round-brush/-/A-52588311

Flat Iron: https://www.ulta.com/nano-titanium-ionic-straightening-iron?productId=xlsImpprod3540301

Blow dry Clips: https://www.ulta.com/blow-dry-clips?productId=xlsImpprod17771833

Curl Clips: https://www.ulta.com/matte-metal-salon-clips?productId=pimprod2010291


Chi Silk Infusion: https://www.ulta.com/silk-infusion-silk-reconstructing-complex?productId=xlsImpprod4730019

Together Beauty Whatever Wherever: https://www.sephora.com/product/together-beauty-whatever-wherever-leave-in-conditioner-P446887

Suzy Whittred

Does this make your curls frizzy next time you wash

Janice Bai

I like your video vwey much!

Louise Allen

Really helpful video....thank you! ?⭐️

Christina Cole

Love it! It looks so good. I started blowing out my hair after 6 months CG. I like my hair both ways! (Aka: charmandcurls?) love your videos!

Ann M

I absolutely love your videos. I was hoping you would a video just like this! You have such great instructions and give the best tips. I cannot wait until my next wash day to try some of these tips. Thank you thank you thank you.

Dance of Fire Studios

Beautiful !

Solmary Soler

Beautiful girlie ?

Kim Carr

Wow! Gorgeous hair no matter how you style it. Is there anything you can't do beautiful girl? I'm totally wowed by the ease with which you style your hair. BTW, I do watch all your videos and am subscribed. I especially was touched by your compassion over the recent events. Keep up the good work?

How to straighten curly hair

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2 410 289 views | 23 Dec. 2019

Just a heads up, don’t

Just a heads up, don’t straighten your curly hair all the time cause it’ll damage your curls and you’ll ruin it ?

Insta: hstanesha

Snap: ranel_ak (ranel is my middle name and ak stands for Alaska cause I first made it there)

Lots of luv,


medine Evli

Abla çok güzelsin ??

Suzany Pacheco Batista



Man how long did it took ya!!!! Damn even I m having thin hair freaking took 20 min to just straight it ??‍♀️.... and damn tiring!!!!

vijay Surya

Actually I came here to weather the straightener works on extremely dense hair become I also have hairs like u

Nyesha Wyatt

I straighten my hair every 5 weeks is that bad? Or healthy? I also treat my hair often so it can stay hydrated

Cristiana Brown

She is soo pretty she looks like she could be my sister or sum ???

Manvi Chaudhary

Woow you are looking very cute?


아이고 보기만 해도 빡시다 저런 뽀글머리 넘 예쁘긴 한데 관리는 진짜 힘들겄구만ㅠ

Nicoly nihhh

hi i'm brazilian and you are many pretty


I want to be your friend??.

sara boulahia

that's the video that made subscribe to almost all of her platforms



nayab fatima

oh my god that was huge.....nut u look beutiful in both straith and curly hair??????????

Rima Ahmad

Honestly the soft hair is very nice for you and I love you very much?❤️

Nataja Jackson

Lovely hair, I'd love to see you review Straight Silk spray. Literally maintains my hair bone straight


Ya know- I really want curly hair like that but god has to give me straight ;-;

Dana Sookram

U look beautiful with straight hair boo

Jessica Chavez

I wish my hair was thicker then me, instead it’s an uno reverse ?????, my haír is thick tho, it’s not thin, and it’s at my butt

Queen Baddest

Omg I just notice that this video was posted on December 23rd last year and it is the day December 23rd 2020..,

sara boulahia

that is crazy how this video just blew up

Trina Morales

Girl you're gonna be bald blow drying on dry hair..brushing dry hair..a bit scary

Shadya Abdalla

Excuse me that is illegal to have that Beautiful Skin HoNeY??

Moon light

She is so beautiful ?❤️

simply anisa

Those mirrors are so trippy though-

Pancake and Anna

New hair who dissssss


존나이쁘네 하...

Nnene Ezeonyim

I have never seen a mixed girl with that much hair (sorry for guessing your race)

I’m d e a d .

✨ p e r f e c t i o n ✨


You look so beautiful..


I don’t need to straighten my hair to be pretty I don’t need to straighten my hair to be pretty I don’t need to straighten my hair to be pretty


Khloe (Anaya) Okeugo21

"I want straight!"
"I want curly!"


Tf?!? She's fvcking pretty in curly and straight hair!
Btw, new subscriber!

Paridhi Thakur

omg, she's soo pretty wth!!

Vijay Varghese

when i saw the title my first reaction was "NOOOOO" but it looks really good! (still love the curls though)

Grace 796

I have straight hair but I really want curly hair Soo badd!!! My family says I don't suit curly hair .... and plus my hair is very thin.... Anyway U lookkkk sooo stunning ??

Army _studio

Im laughing funny?

Millie Vang

“MeH hAiR iS tHiCkEr ThAn MeH?” LOLLLL

nisa faria

My hands hurt just by watching this

Isa Oliveira

Your hair is pretty darling

Stacie Phillips

Every one in the comments: buetiful so pretty amazing Me:go faster your gonna burn your nair

malaya beasley

When I grow up I’m going to relaxe my hair


You're literally perfect in every single way: hair, skin personality ??

By Youyou

Why is no one literally talking about how she have 2,4 millions views on her video ?

Gabriëlle Berveling

i like it!!!


Girl my body weight is just like urs my mum and sis always skinny shames me now I feel confident also straightening my hair rn ughh

Dua Satti

You are so gorgeous

Maman tu m’a donner ton sang Watib

Elle ressemble à wejdenne

Carine Kapend

What is song at: 7:06 please ?!??

Elena Cherubini

che piastra ha usato?

(Min Suga=Max Salt)

OMG so much beautiful hair!!!

sara boulahia

that skin is so glowwwwwyyyyyy

Marija Toncevska

Gurl i bet that takes 4 hours or more

Nicole Le

Is it okay if I only add the red serum or I’ll need both ? Answer plz I need it?

TAG Greevers

Omg she's so beautiful

Louna Martinez


willne has a Square head

Wish I were you

Caren Monis

She looks good in straight hair not curled.



Trina Morales

I knowthis video is old so hopefully you've changed your method beautiful


U looked the same with both straight and curly u looked absolutely beautiful ❤❤❤❤


How long does it stay?

Vanesa Veselá


sara boulahia

this girl is gold

Sabrina Leal

I loved it the way it looked after being dried honestly

Lesliemay Piamonte Sandot

She's so adorable indeed,a definition of perfection?

Queen şķ

هل يوجد عربي ?احم احم

Kaira Jude

She is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen...

Moonlight Hermione

Imagine looking like that tho ?

hana bern

She's pretty that's it.

sara boulahia

dang she's stunning

Haneen Reda

Idk why but I want her to get famous and be happy sooooo baaadddd

pioneertech systems

Can you please drop the name of all the stuff you used....pleaseee

Paula’s Universe *

Be careful with your technique and the temperature of the flat iron. You have such gorgeous hair. It would be a shame to ruin it.


oh what I would do to have hair like that

Saadiqah Aghardien

ur is the best

Caroline Fritz

Dang girl! Beautiful before and after! Keep up that bubbly spirit!

Moon Light

my hair doesnt straighten easily and i have wavy hair and i have to like run the straightner over like 5 times

Abriel Shell

7:41......omg I am crying laughing ???

sara boulahia

i love u

Iris Suhaily

does anyone know what brand is the flat iron?


I was literally admiring my straight hair after watching this video. BTW I just loved it...♥️☺️

Kailee Bingham

You kinda look like a mix of faith and deja from Bring It with your hair.

its frickin adorable

Hajar Hdiye

You look so pretty with straight hair?

Ella Docherty


Zeah K-B

When she burned herself with the blow dryer tho????????

tiffiny dawson

I’m not jealous I swear ???

maruf xaman

you look wow ???

Khb 888

People with curly hair want straight hair, people with straight hair want curly hair. I personally dislike my hair because it's semi curly, straight and wavy, and if I wore a tight hat, it's as if I was bald and painted a layer of black paint. We need to realise that we all have to simply appreciate what we have.

Mihriban Karavelioğlu

so sweety?

rosemita reang

U look sassy w straight hair babe ?

some kid

props to u girl. my hair is hella thick too and i just don't have the patience to do this lmao

Dana دانا

This is the hair length what I want

Elif Demir

Very pretty


U prefer straight hair..... don't u


what hair color is this? you look so good!!!!

Prison Mike

your hair is absolutely gorgeous.

Vanesa Cheng

Beautiful with natural look...shes shooooo stunning

Vanshika Gotter

*curly to straight hair * naahh
turning into a whole different person ...

she's pretty

The Aslı


sonia soto7

she’s soo pretty!

How to straighten curly hair

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straightening my naturally curly hair ! | 2020

13 380 views | 7 Oct. 2020

i’ve gotten so many

i’ve gotten so many requests on a hair video and although it’s not about curly hair i still made sure i did some kind of video about hair. ( curly hair videos will be coming soon tho ). anyways i hope you guys enjoyed, thank you all for the positive feedback ! don’t forget to like, comment down below other videos you’d like to see & most of all subscribe ❤️


Braid out would be really nice!
let's stay connected just subbed to your channel and hope you will do the same to me.?

Shealyn Farley

what’s the name of the song at 5:15

Hanan Maxamed

sis out here looking like a million dollars before and after.


what style did you dye your hair?

Drevion Chism

Omg what was the name of the straightener? ? And did you use a heat protectant?

Kennedi Campbell

extremely pretty!! it got so silky n smooth ?


she said inchesss

Queen Hunnibunni

When she started combing her hair from the root first I died insiiiide☠️

kylee smith


Antoinette T

?? i like the baby hair with it

Ariana Rose

Does anybody have like dry ends when straightening?? I put oil on the ends but it just is like very dry, does anybody have a tip?

Nyla Amour

hey girl ! ❤️ can you support my page as well ?

Lily Cayre

i love ur hair in a pony its so so so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!


sis pop offffff??

Jahney Desire




Jada Ramsey


Piper Willow

How long did it take your to grow that much hair starting form your shohlderst

Lailana Jackson

Those are my songgzzzz?❤️

Kam Vincent

Yup love this?? already seeing such big improvement in your channel wow i love it!! Keep going girly<3


Girl you're pretty!!!

Arfa S

What should be temperature ?

gracelynn schiltz

My hair looks how your did after you blow dryer it when ever I straighten it