Small acne

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HIEN NGUYEN ACNE SMALL PART | Let's take a look at acne, and relax with me everyone

51 024 views | 1 Sep. 2020

#spa #hiennguyen

#spa #hiennguyen #acnetreatment #trị #mụn #hiệu #quả #trimun #spa #chăm #sóc #da #nanmun #mụn #kemtrimun #kem #asami

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Hien Nguyen Acne treatment

Facebook: https://facebook.com/hien.tho

Call/zalo. : 0905007690

Add. : 135/1a Lê Đình Lý Đà Nẵng

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Ruth Kaylor

Need a good camera person...missing the actual pops.


What’s wrong with the camera person?


terrible camera work

Kimberly McKnight


monica lemmer

You did a great job on her nose..poor lady has a lot of scars.


I’m relaxing. Thanks ?

sandra haynes

Wish they would squeeze the blackheads instead of missing them and pricking another white lump. I agree sack the camera person.


Thank you ☺️ you are kind to upload for us❣️

Cyndee Delong

Thank you dear Hien ?



Deb Spils

Get it! Get the side of her nose...get it!

Yesaya Sanjaya

Stupit kameramen...not fokus

Myriam Cayez

Dommage la caméra autour du nez on ne voit pas sinon beau travail

JW GypsyGirl

Really nice work and great video ??

Alison Shanahan

This lady has very pretty coloured skin, peaches and cream.

Marilyn Gibson

You are not using enough pressure and leaving too much behind! ?

Kathleen Pugh

Only complaint i have it the camera! Way to close to the face, so close that some of the pops are obsured.

Christine Cole



Why did you not show the chin and lips? Disappointing.

Isabelle Tartempion



This video was so good I've already watched it three times in a row.
Thank you Hien.?????

Bonnie Cunningham

Enjoyed Thank you???

Laura Elena

Muy bueno

Donna Hespell

Awesome nose sweep Hien.

Hà Lê


Jolanta Tokarz

Hien, do You read comments? Lots of people say the camera work is bad, Do something to improve it or You lost viewers.

Beth Poole

Great video, Hien. Thank you for sharing it with us. ?

Nita Donaldson

My goodness! You need to fire the camera person?

Sylvia Ashford

Thank You Hein.???❤️?

tracy hiscock

Great job Hien, loved the nose snow plough! ??

dawn hibbard

Nice job. Ty?

Megan Gray

Dear camera person,
Please keep the extractions in the frame. Thank you.

Maria Edwards

I don't like not seeing you first. Than I know it's you and not someone that copied it




Please camera man watch throw mobile and put the intend in the middle of the screen..sorry because my Eglish is few but I love Channel ?

c coop


Lulu Ramos-Bucci

Excellent service to take out the acnes. I believe among other estheticians in every channel, You do a Magnificent job cleaning up the nose of all your clients!!!

anna starns

Thank you for sharing. Blessing to you

Deb C

Thank you for posting. I enjoyed it❤️

Jenni Harris

Lovely title! Sick of all the negatives on these sites. So what if it’s a bit blurry, too far away, too close? Be grateful that the clip is here at all. Seriously, have we nothing better to do than complain, look around you. Our countries are being decimated by Governments, Viruses and God knows what else, and you lot are complaining about a fuzzy video. F... me. Get a grip and keep scrolling. Thanks for the videos ladies. I, have no problems with you, except that I run out of things to watch...

mindy fussner


Small acne

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HIEN NGUYEN ACNE SMALL PART | Loss of confidence, fear of communication, because of blackheads

66 067 views | 8 Sep. 2020

Thank you everyone for

Thank you everyone for supporting HIEN in the past time, I hope everyone will give HIEN a subscription so that the channel reaches 100,000. Thank you very much. HIEN loves everyone.

#spa #hiennguyen #acnetreatment #trị #mụn #hiệu #quả #trimun #spa #chăm #sóc #da #nanmun #mụn #kemtrimun #kem #asami

Acne Treatment Cream North medicine

If you are:

✔Loss of confidence, afraid to communicate, express yourself because of blackheads, acne and blemishes, ...?

✔ Have you been to many places, and applied many acne treatments and spent a lot of money but not healed?

✔When you go out, do you have to wear a mask just because of pimples and oily skin?

✔Pimples make you uncomfortable when washing your face and greasy in the sun?

✔ Are you afraid and have lost faith in other acne pills, creams and masks?

✔ Are you looking for the fastest, most effective and safe way to treat blackheads, acne masks, acne treatments, acne?

✅ So this will be the answer for you

������ North Medicine Acne Treatment�������





INGREDIENTS: herbs such as peach blossom, Gac essential oil, white leaves, squash, aloe vera, ...

������ USAGE:


DUST .. fastest, most effective even oily skin or back acne.

Skin care, melasma, dry skin, lumpy, strabismus, itchy, allergic redness, age spots, freckles, dark skin ... the cream also works to even out skin pigmentation, helping to naturally brighten the skin.

After treating acne, pigmentation, itching, ... you can use a lotion every night to maintain a white, pink, smooth skin.

������ USE:

Every night before going to bed, wash the blemished area (with saline or a herbal cleanser, as much as possible). Then you apply a layer of cream and gently massage all over the acne area for the cream to quickly penetrate and achieve high effectiveness (The area with severe acne can apply more cream).

Leave overnight, get up in the morning and wash your face. You should use the cream regularly every day for best results. After 2 weeks, your skin will be white and pink and reduce acne clearly ...


Cut back on hot spicy foods

Limit the use of stimulants and stay up late.

Depending on the skin type, the effect of the drug will be different. If you have oily skin and have pimples under the skin, the first time the drug will stimulate your acne up to 3-4 days, then the acne starts to flatten. decrease and decrease after 2 weeks.

������ 150,000 VND / using 1-1.5 months

Hien Nguyen Acne treatment

Facebook: https://facebook.com/hien.tho

Call/zalo. : 0905007690

Add. : 135/1a Lê Đình Lý Đà Nẵng

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Jane Wise

Seems like an older video.

Patricia Stanich

so much to work with. i hope there is more. thank you for sharing :)

Bernadette McArdle

Loan work brilliant as usual ?
Camera ?

Christine Cole


Megan Gray

Too far away


Sure wish the video was clearer?

Grace Proby

Sorry but gloves are off putting. All I could see were dirty gloves.

Louise Porter

I wonder how many Spa technicians have had bad skin and used services ?

reo ****** Wi-Fi giga unlimited support.

# n (a+b) ?
reo ?

Terry Dallas

Great video thank you for the share Terry

Dawn Hogan-Poe


Ilaria Morena

You have to zoom, more and more

Marisa Lasserre

Vídeo muito curto!!????

Cheryl Young

Spoilt again by lack of focus

Karl #Albuquerque, NM USA

Any idea when this was done? I would love to see the before and after if available!

Antonia Veras


Shelley Mourer

Why only 9 minutes?

Lineice davis

It looks like it should hurt especially when they use those needles

T.J. Miller


Laurie Martinson

Camera too far away.

Bonnie Cunningham

Wow this poor face.You have quit a job ahead of you. Super thank you???


More, more, more!! Please! And maybe higher-res video so we can see them even better ;)

Amy Mac

Fantastic work and another wonderful calming video Hien ????

ena no

Old video from Loan AGAIN !

Uptowngirl - Jennifer

You need to please clean and replace your gloves often. 1. For the cleanliness of the procedure and patient to avoid infection and 2. Because it’s just nasty.

Gail Reed

Really great work, Hien. Thank you! ???

Maria Penha da Silva Conceição Penha


Kaelan McCarthy

Wow...I bet these were really great pops.... I felt as if I bought nosebleed seats at a concert with no big screens. If it was closer and a bit longer this would have been great.

joan romain

It always amazes me why some of these people do no maintenance on their own skin let's be honest guys some of them blackheads didn't need a request to come out !!! They wouldn't have bed and board on my skin !!!!!!

Blažena Š.

AGAIN BLURRED VIDEO??Who makes thit mistakes???

Cherie Lundberg

Can't see anything too far away from what we watch theses videos for sorry not watching this .

Mia DeMelo

This is a really old Loan video. Why must everything be so shady?

Blažena Š.

Someone is hurting you?

Jax Son

Gloves are vile!

Lulu Ramos-Bucci

Amazingly Excellent for removing all kinds of acne. I think you need a part 2!

Alison Shanahan

Great face pity the picture was so poor

Dee Bee

Sloppy work. Jumping from one section to another. No continuity. Camera unfocused. Thanks for sharing anyway.


Another old Loan video that she has removed and uploaded it under the Hien account. I have followed and made Loan's videos (and those from all the other names she has had on YouTube) Favorites for a long time; a lot of them have been removed. One sure way to know it's Loan is her double-jointed index finger. Also, the Facebook link for Hien is still not a valid account. Still enjoyable to watch these videos but Loan is gaming YouTube, as she has done for a long time.

Christine Coulter

Pulling out the plug is not emptying the pore! Squeeze, too!

Lou Shark

Your videos would be epic if you had a decent camera.

Isabelle Tartempion


Hà Lê


tracy hiscock

Thank you dear Hien ?❣

Lynn Heasley

God bless this young man.

Angel Dust

We need to be able to see when she squeezes them out. Please move the camera closer


Oh what could have been..

bc mommy

One more like this & I'm UNsubscribing.

Lindsay Galloway

Focus would have been nice

Tina McCoy

Maybe u would be able to get some nice cleaning out the pores better with new gloves. Nasty.

Diane Clark

Soooo many pimples...please wipe off gloves when covered with soooo many pimples.


Judging by the gloves , why did we miss the start

Sinsi Nati

Oh My God, poor boy! I hope he gets some relief!

Kathy Benjamin

This is a good video, but would have been better, if it was more close up! Thanks Ms. Hien!

Brandine Morgan

The camera wasn't so hot but this young man will continue to get help, and proper diet changes even too, over time hope he gets better n grows out of it. If he ends up with severe adult acne, he may need to consider saving money for more invasive treatment.

cibely silva

It's a good video, but very short....it could be longer.

Deanna Coleman

Wish it had been closer


Hien or Loan so Ive heard, good video but needs to be closer.


Thank you everyone for supporting HIEN in the past time, I hope everyone will give HIEN a subscription so that the channel reaches 100,000. Thank you very much. HIEN loves everyone.

Maria G

Excellent job

Kathy Mills


Marlene Maxie

Wldve been a great vid had it been not so darn blurry, cldve been longer too 8 mins is just not long enough.

bvlgari nice

Poor client, everything looked so unclean, the gloves, the lack of cotton pads and all that zit juice and blood over the client's face. Very unsanitized!


I love you, too, Hien! Great video! ??????????

June Mitchell

Start with CLEAN gloves.

Deb C

I do love your extractions, but again, your filthy glove over the clients eyes and mouth is disgusting. ?

Texas Outlook

So glad he can to you because you will have him fixed up in no time!! Thanks & Blessings ~Sidney

Judy Perrell

If you are going to just swipe the crud you get onto this person's neck, for pete's sake leave it in the pore. You gross me out flipping extracted sebum away with your gloved finger. I complain to you about this, but you keep doing it. Just get a cotton pad to wipe it up.


He's in the best hands to gain his confidence back! Hope he continues his treatments. ???

Eliene Lima

No começo do vídeo porque as luvas estão sujas e cheias de cravos ? Não era pra estarem limpas ?

floyd golemon

These are great pops, but you can’t see them because the video is poorly shot. You need a new camera person who can zoom
And maintain focus.

Marisa Lasserre

+++++ foco é nitidez!!!!!


Definitely not Hiens work, looks like Loans work to me.


Ÿou should get a new camera, way too blurry ??

Kathy Burnum

Huge job!!! Every pore full to overflowing ❤️! Stay safe and healthy ❤️

Small acne

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HIEN NGUYEN ACNE SMALL PART | Beauty journey for blackhead customers

92 124 views | 10 Sep. 2020

Thank you everyone for

Thank you everyone for supporting HIEN in the past time, I hope everyone will give HIEN a subscription so that the channel reaches 100,000. Thank you very much. HIEN loves everyone.

#spa #hiennguyen #acnetreatment #trị #mụn #hiệu #quả #trimun #spa #chăm #sóc #da #nanmun #mụn #kemtrimun #kem #asami

You found it interesting and helpful or support Hien to have more motivation to make more videos


Paypal https://www.paypal.me/hiennguyenacne

OR [email protected]

Momo 0343005646

Visa. 3040110210003 TRAN VIET CUONG

Hien Nguyen Acne treatment

Facebook: https://facebook.com/hien.tho

Call/zalo. : 0905007690

Add. : 135/1a Lê Đình Lý Đà Nẵng

Thanks like share and subsrcibe

Bernadette Smith

It don’t take much time to change your gloves that is so unsanitary you do good work but it’s nasty


Blurry probably cuz its an old reposting.
But you move around to much. Finish an area!

Shaz Stewart

Bloody brilliant xxx

LJ Robinson


Denise Shaw

I loved the video even though it was a bit blurry. Is this because YouTube has really been trying to cut out the pus and blood? They really shouldn't be able to get away with that, so many of us love the close ups and all the blood and pus that comes with it!!

Mama Pandas

This a re-upload?


Thank you Hien. You are spoiling us with so many videos.??????????????

Angela Olson

I like your work, but all of your videos are alike.

Christine Clara

Everyone has the freedom of speech

Grace Proby

I think it was painful for him. Also be careful with the needle as you were waving it very near his eye.

Jane Taylor

This video are ones I like to watch but the person filming this could be better. Wish there are more videos like this

Bonnie Cunningham

Focus closer. Super work Enjoyed???

Christine Condon

So mu+( to do in such a short time. Please do show us a lot more of this person

Toni Ros

Did they put butter on the lens? Is the cameraman zoomed in to max but standing 3 meters away? Why is this said to be in 1080 p? Its so blurry it hurts for my eyes.


Wonderful! ?


Surely happy customer, and also happy YT followers. Thank you, dear Hien. ?❤️?❤️?❤️?

monica lemmer

You switched clients on us..why???

Candy Homer

? Awesome video ? I would of liked the camera to be a little bit more closer? thank you for sharing your skills?

Kathy M


mindy fussner

That was so good! ??❤

DustyMom2005 _

That one that the potential to be really great, but the blurry camera and shoddy camera work ruined it. My favorite part is seeing the cleaned out pore after the material is removed. With being so far away and blurry, the pore was impossible to see. I'm so disappointed. ?

Ellen Townsend

I enjoyed your work, but the video is not clear. Your videos have looked a bit unfocused for a while lately. May be time for a new camera? ?

Jo Holly

Old video but good music. ❤️

Chrissy W

4:12 aaah yeah baaaaby!!!!!!! Great ? but for the love if God get a better camera person next time. Helps my anxiety. Tysm

Stuff We Like

It looks painful right next to their eye.

dawn hibbard

Good job. Would have been awsome if it had been in focus. Tysm ?

ena no

Does anyone pay for shit like THAT?
Everyday an old video from Loan AGAIN !

Frances Christian

Wash rinse REPEAT....

Dawn Hogan-Poe

It was very blurry...

Lulu Ramos-Bucci

Loving the extraction but it was short. I am looking forward to seeing part 2.

JW GypsyGirl

Thank you Hien for another wonderfully relaxing video. You are so good at what you do and so gentle when you need to be. I love watching you work and listening to the calm music.
???????? Cảm ơn Hiền về một video thư giãn tuyệt vời khác. Bạn rất giỏi những gì bạn làm và rất nhẹ nhàng khi bạn cần. Tôi thích nhìn bạn làm việc và nghe nhạc êm đềm.

Granny Of6

Great video!!! I enjoy the ones without blood and digging so much more.

Eliana Rosa Borgia Barbosa

Esses vídeos tem que vir com zoom



Kathy Burnum

Great skin prep! They lept out like a bomb went off!!

Christine Clara

I enjoyed it very much. It was not blurry in my device. Thank you, Hien

cathy heckman

Awesome! Thanks for sharing

Hà Lê


Laura Elena


Sylvia Graham

Wow ? wonderful


Well, I had a complaint but decided to watch the whole video before commenting and I’m glad I did. Overall, it BBC was an enjoyable video. Keep up the good work!

Kelly Bookout

Not your best work. I lost interest in less than 5 minutes.

Cara Robeson

Amazing face but if it was in focus it would have been a top video

Cleone Brown


TX Livin'

I think this is an older video. A little blurry but I loved it.

Christina Kelsey

Thank you Hien. Great job once again❤️


Would've been great if you could see.

Jo Michalofsky

Why didnt you get all the ones on the upper LIP?????

Rosie Red

Thank you ??❤

Diane Clark

Nice work...longer please! ?????

Berenice Galvão

Muito bom.

Megan Newby

Like the video. I wish you post longer ones.

Judy Perrell

A bit blurry, but still enjoyable. Thumbs Up!!

Isabelle Tartempion




reo ****** Wi-Fi giga unlimited support.

good. ???Your nails are ok。??????
?It was the last high heels. I broke my left big toe nail. It feels like the windshield of a car is broken. I had a surgeon anesthetize and remove my nails. It hurts for about half a year. 2020.9.10 reo ?


Excellent extractions but your videographer couldn't seem to find the mouth when you were popping there! Sure hope there is a part 2!! This was too short Hien, I loved it!!?❤?????????‍♀️

Margery Feit

Quit the whining viewers. You don’t have to watch.

Cidalia Paiva

Great video .thank you Hien .?

Mel D

I have been loving these later in the evening uploads! Thank you Hien. ⭐️

Maria Penha da Silva Conceição Penha



That was excellent! Love how you prep the skin to make it so soft and easier to extract. ??????

Teri Williamson

These are great but too short!!!

Stuff We Like

Great film ? I absolutely loved it and I'm glad that I get to enjoy such wonderful films for FREE!

tracy hiscock

Thanks Hien ??

Teresa S

Enjoyed that very much, thank you! ???