Silicone hair mix

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Alipearl hair FAIL Silicone Mix Boiling Method

12 024 views | 11 Dec. 2018

I had this hair for 3

I had this hair for 3 months an its been giving me hell ever since. Going to try to see if Silicone Mix can save my Alipearl hair an keep me from spending money on more hair.

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P Thompson

Ps.... You are soooo stunning?

Adriana Oneal

Lmfao you are so funnyyyyy

Ms. Coleman

Where u been?! Make more videos. Vlog or something. New subbie!!

Liz M

Fucking love you bruh????

Banisha Langford

Yo yu funny asf yu sound like me frfr?????


Wait wait that ending !! ?????

Reignndrop Nails

???? she threw it away thooooo

Kae Kae

U funny asf but that color is so cute on u


Couldn’t even focus on the video you are hilarious!!! Love the transparency , very sad I just ordered Ally Perl here but hey baby steps

Sandra Hazlip


E'daysia Burnett

Your sooo funny???

SA_Mckenzie Baby!!!

This took me out!!!!!!!! ???

Chali Mali

The BEST review on YouTube Period! ????????????

Kaila McGregor

You got me lol


Gurrl i got ali pearl hair the other day and was thoroughly disappointed ..but heres the thing if u happen to read that box with the hair care instructions ..u will die..its so much ridiculous shyt to maintain the wig u might as well get a synthetic wig.anyways ur funny af..i like this review its real..

Kaninia Smith

Ok im subscribing because you funny as hell ???? we gotta be related im silly too!

Chanel Flowers

You too funny but I love YouTube channels with REAL ppl (if that makes sense) ?


Im dead! ☠️????

Brandi Elliott

thank you sis❤


Anyone else subscribe at like the 1 minute mark?

Charming Carolina

Who u talking to? Lol great video

Mya Peccia

Lolll the whole way you talk. You’re funny as hell and beautiful. Thanks for the video sis, saved my coins

? at the end

mar fra

I was just lookin like holiday heart with my red wig today??

Sha Sussie

I swear I thought I was the only one going through this !!

Nikki LaRue

REALIST VIDEO OUT!!! You right sis Ali express all of dem low budget vendors are a waist of money don’t do it!



Beautiful Diva

You have too also use shampoo

Bipolar bear show

Lord you killing me with this video I'm coming to join you Elizabeth this is the big one lmao ??

Melanin Monr0e

I’m deaddddd, imagine how I feel getting the exact same life expectancy on a freakin wig from the virgin hair fantasy smDh ??‍♀️. My soul ?


Yo intro took me out ????

Aron Hoof

Not cremating ????rjfkskrkskwkdjd bitch you’re fun ny

Rita Weygint

OMG Hilarious!


I dont know the recipe but I think that 1st one was CRACK? ????

Jodii Perez

Ali pearl bitch ass????

Sheena 35

Don’t you hate when that shit happens!!! I’ve had that’s issue hate giving money away ? thanks for doing this video

Felicia W

Girl u funny assss shiiiiit ?????

Nicki Nicole

Lol I love this video ???

P Thompson

Pleassssse do some more videos... You are seriously funny... You made my day!!!

Nyshiir Pitts

Lmao you stupid out loud. Enjoyed the facts video


I screamed at “wrong damn video” LMAOOO MAAM why are you this funny

Dashia Walls

Girl i did the same a week ago . Look just like your wig . Very disappointed !


You funny as fuck I Love Your Personality

Andrea Beamon

I literally laughed throughout the whole video ??

Chayya Bee

Omg!!!!!!!! I just found you searching about ali pearl hair!!?? lawddd!!!???i have the hair and ive toned it! Ill make my wig this friday. Have you tried just plain ol conditioner and letting it soak for a day or two?

Tiffany Price

This video is funny and absolutely real as SHIT ???but I loved it.

Kaila McGregor

Also try putting treseme onnthe hair, put it in a bag then boil it in the bag


I was rooting for ittytttttt???

Roho NuZuri

You don’t put it in while it’s boiling


I enjoyed watching this you are hilarious it's funny because you can put all kind of products on a wig or bundles but if the hair is no good it will not come back to life this video is proof


OMG I am LMFAO! You are too funny. Def Comedy Jam material, love it

Bose May


Toya Fields


Dorian Mitchell

Lmfaoooooo omg this is how I felt with Chantiche hair

Moma Poohbear76

Im sorry u went thru this but i cant stop laughing

Ronisha J


One thing about you no matter the condition of the hair your fucking hair line stays laid!! You don’t play!

Mizz Ada

We got the same attitude.. We will get along so good... I tired of all these lying reviews. Yours be real n honest

Aishaochia Ochia



Cryingg this was the funniest hair video I’ve ever watched

Paida K

You are hilarious!, the commentary throughout had me in bits! ?

Yumm Me

Honey, , I am so happy I pulled up here!! I got the bike ???

belle taunde

Dyiiiiinnnggg omg ? I just subscribed you funny!!!

Bianca Newman

This bitch is funny ?? lemme gone head subscribe

Kee B

At 5:45 I snorted ?????? damn and some “gurus” praise them

Tyndall Stone

Bless your heart alipearl has the worst hair!!!!


The fact that you threw it away! Funny af


I was reading the comments when you started boiling the wig, i was wondering what everyone was talking about.... UNTIL... lmfao, you showed the wig after your efforts... OMDAYZZZZ!! THE BIN ENDING WAS EVERYTHING....

Falasha GODSQB Reaves



Dead! I just started selling hair and no longer have this problem but I will try this method on my old weave. Shop AngelicCrown.com ? and subscribe back!

Tenderoni T

Hey new subscriber!!! Your very pretty btw! Also what that intro song that’s in your videos? I like it, WHATS the name of it? ?


Lol...u rockin that lil sista. I love the color on you too.

Alisa Glover

video is hilarious and helpful

Li 22

Thanks for this vid. I bought hair from a different ali vender and after I straighten the hair and stuff and get a few hours in, I look like I was out in a tornado or something!! It’s ok practicing hair, but I bought cheaper tracks at a beauty supply that lasted longer and had better quality!


Oh the girl is crazy...”wrong video” ??


Thanks for actually showing a follow up so I don’t have to waste my time with this method

TrendyBossBabe CK

You have to upload more videos!!! lmaoooooo


Lmaooooo you crazy funny but honest af!


I'm sorry but this is my worst nightmare and what's prevented me from buying expensive wigs. I'd hate to see all that money just go to waste. At least if it's cheaper ah well not too out of pocket. Its probably worse cis it's blonde though so you're right in that sense.

El El

Tell the truth and shame the devil!!LMAO

Destini Ty'Jae

Girl I am so weak! ?lmfao but I legit have a wig this same color & I just don't know what to do to keep it fresh. I tried boiling it w/ conditioner only, letting it air dry, then using a heat protectant before flat ironing...but it only last for like 2 days, & I feel like it's not as flowy from when I 1st bought the wig. Idek what to do @ this point smh.. Can anybody help?! ?

Ionie Maheia

lmfaooo this intro



J Mariah

Lol you so funny. But I do love the blonde tone. Did you tone it at all any

Lakisha Beasley

??? love this very. Funny but educational yesss

Marie Kalengule

you are hilarious i had to subscribe lmaooo



HoneyBlonde Dreads

Gurl you to funny lol. Glad i found your video. I spent 250 on a 613 wig and hair didn't last a month. Now i know not to waste money on that silicone mix .


I AM FKN DEAD!!!!!! Wrong recipe!!!






I chuckled soo much. I had to subscribe. lmao Great shit.

Varonica Patton

Bish I’m dying laughing ???????

Ana M

girl the hair might be bad but all that hair came out cause you being ROUGH ?? brush the hell out that hair in the sink lol


Girl....I just bought some dam hair from Amazon and wearing it day #2 my shyt looks horrible. I'm trying to bring it back to life. Thanks for your video


love how raw you are im subscribing

Kee B

Subbed just cuz of that intro lmao

shyneice mayeux


babygirl k

here is a tutorial on the right way to use silicone mix ?? please watch it!!! you’re not supposed to boil it! https://youtu.be/ydavsRE40Lg


I have a wig I made from alipearl hair, one of my sisters has 2 wigs from their hair, and my other sister has a wig with their hair. They’re all trash. I will never buy hair from them again. I don’t understand the hype.

Khrissy Stennett

No sah mi never meet a YouTuber so real yet love it

DeLancey's Window

Throw the whole damn wig away?

Silicone hair mix

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Saint of God!

You should do acting for a profession truly! Sign up as an actress at an agency please, you'll be surprised at what you will accomplish in your life. ???

Miss S

Kind of click bait.... that's not your hair. I cant stick my head in a pot of boiling water!!?!!

Dear Tiffany

Your voice ???

Kimberly Thomas

So far so good. Just waiting for it to ai dry... I’m excited ??

Nini Leakz

"Miracle Worker, I mean Silicone Mix" ???

Anneke Mahabeer

Please dont tell me you gonna cook food in that pot again??? ?? and then rinsing in kitchen sink ?

Alana Fletcher

Subbing for the sound effects ?????

Mabel Nneka

Funny you ?

Nice one ?


kar Kun Kar kunn lol

kim stringer

Cool post!!!!

Misty Blue2

Love your personality and hair outcome.

Antoinette Brown

Do you know if hair will still take dye after using this?

Nora Escoto

Should I check with the manufacturer before boiling it

Torrie Wilson

Yo u hella funny this my first time on your channel n u know I Most definitely subscribe and turn on the post notification bell.

Quettia Geter

Omg i thought it was real hair. Fooled again. Lol geesh

Charleen Barber

WOW,I like your channel,thank you for sharing , I purchased the same one from newigstyle..com theree months ago, delivery by Fedex,wonderful quality !!!

Amber and Alex

I loved the energy you brought to this video lol

Curlygirl shawna

I wish u styled it

Sama Ashleigh

Am I the only one noticing she dint clean off the glue

Lala Lala

Subscribed immediately I’m on a spiritual journey and the first thing I see is a bible scripture ?? He’s speaking to me in so many ways Aman?

Makaila Myers

I like this

PG Patrona

Why black woman want to be white?


Thanks for sharing. God Bless.


Gurl this wig do not look bad ??U need my wig to demonstrate ???????

sheza Payne

Thumbs up for sound effects ????

Bubblez Suarez

Your really beautiful thanks for the scripture and advice....
Awesome video btw

Lucy Monica Phiri

Can I use any other deep conditioner?

alice kagombe muthoni

Dont try this at home i tried and it messed my wig

Oby Cutie

The " ...your hair is probably
doing krukunkrokun" did it for me????

Chrissi Macklin

Bang dah dah dang!

Latriiceee Lareina

Your So Beautiful ?


You are very attractive.
i love wigs, this helped.

Zimika Gabriel

New subbie from trinidad u have a great vibe

theonlychigul omeruah

This was so helpful

TDiva T

Im going to definitely try this. I bought the same silicon mix brand. My wig that I need to revive is close to the same color.

Hauah M

Isaiah is known to us as Yeshayahu 52:6
Therefore my people shall know my name ; therefore they shall know in that day that I am he that doth speak : behold ; it is I.

Hosea is known as Hashua 2:16-17
And it shall be at that day, saith YaHUaH, that thou shalt call me Ishi this means(Father) : and shalt call me no more Baali this means (Lord ). For I will take away the names of Baalimoutof her mouth and they shall no more be remembered by their name.
All glory to YaHUaH and YaHusHusa



Viv Enams

Ripe tomato stew???????????????????????
I don die


my wig was doing the ‘CRUHKRUmCACM’ as i was washing it and I got somewhere ta GOOOO in 2 hrs. ???. Im warmin my pot up now, Lord please put hands on my wig chile

Kimberly Newman

She saiddddd the color said peace I’m dead ???

Ifeoma Abam

To order hair from UNice, how do you choose your shipping from? USA or China. What is the difference or best if you live in the US

Queenof Ursoul

Your so funny and adorable I swear ?

Shantelle Gatson

Why would you shampoo after conditioning tho? That’s backwards


I plan on doing this on my bundles. To shampoo them, what shampoo do anyone recommend? Please and thank you.

Mina #9

Thank you sweetie. I've been considering doing this on a few of my natural and synthetic wigs. You were funny too

Dear Tiffany

Your personality is dope, don't ever change


This actually works but I tried a different method on hair that I bleached. I washed with hot (very hot) water, used anti breakage Keratin oil shampoo and burned my hands ? I used keratin oil condition rendering conditioner. I rinsed the hair both times with very cold water thoroughly. When I let the hair air dry, I used sleek and shine treatment oil while it was still damp. My hair came out very soft and hasn’t tangled since. It’s been a month. Like your wig, the lace started balding. Luckily I have a small head and was able to cut the access to fit me more (the cap was big to begin with).

kudzaishe natalia chinyanganya

How can u put your hair in a pot...hygiene ? nd you are a woman.nwy thanks for the lesson though and putting God on the front


thanks for this video and for putting God first. Question: Will this work on a human hair wig that has completely matted? Thanks.


Hair is doing cring cring cring?

xxqueenxx Breexx

Lmao your intro is funny . My red wig is kirkoon kirkoon and need some saving

Bakhita Elias

Idk why this is recommended to me now but I subscribed sis!!???

Kelly Ann

Why do you people keep washing your dirty hair in your pots and sinks that's just nasty.

Emilia's world

Wait 6 months.....huh

Nicki Blanco

That's neat that u put scriptures in the video...nice touch ???

Trudy Lewis

What type of oil do you use on Brazilian hair what you recommend

elaine sagastizado

you mean boiling your wig .

Ebony Carter

Gorgetastic... and whatever the other word was ??

DaniDidit 305

She sounds like Amara LaNegra

Kaureen Milfort

Sis your voiceovers LMAO I'm subscribing❤

Blessed LeFaith

Was that human hair? Can I do that to synthetic care if it’s heat resistant?

Chioma Fabiella

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us


That was a wig wow

1 Peter 5:10

Absolutely beautiful I will definitely try with my wigs.❤❤❤


How do you know if you've rinsed all the silicon mix out??? I don't want to re-shampoo it after applying the silicon mix, so i'm wondering, if you just want to rinse it, how long do you rinse it for / or how can you tell when you have washed out all the silicon properly? I guess you can't really tell when the hair is wet?


Oh you got me from the scripture forward... Huge fan!

Lizzy Beauty

Ok i have to say your stove is so messy. Please do some cleaning.


But this wig isn’t old though ??‍♀️??‍♀️ It’s fresh! No tangles or matted nothing ??‍♀️Looks great????

Lucy Monica Phiri

Can I use any other deep conditioner?


I don’t like what you did I thought it was a sew in on your head and u was gonna dip it in

Mulish Bee

did you boil the frontal or closure?


just tried this to restore my wig and OMG it worked so well! wow!!


That wig does not look nappy at all so I'm not sure why she's boiling it looks like she just need to wash it

Whitney Wuzor

Omg thank you so much! It worked. Btw, small tip to anyone who has run out in conditioner. You can use the Head and shoulder silk & smooth shampoo. It makes the hair so smooth and healthy. Thank me later ladies ??


Do you need to remove wig combs before boiling ?

Mystic Rose MRose

I just wanted to say that you have to put conditioner in with the Silicon mix or it will dry out your hair??

kim stringer

She’s so animated.

love beauty

youa are so so so beautiful

Jeniya Turner

What color is this?

Carnesha Avery

You're hilarious

Divone Hughes

Where u get ya hair from again

Leemabari Beage

That captain obvious joke got me laughing

Raneshia Richmond

What’s the hair color ? ??????


The bleach bath method works also. I wonder if combined wud it be overkill

Stacie Love

I know I can’t possibly be the only one who has had a horrible experience with Unice hair quality and it not being good for more than 5 weeks . How did you get yours to last 6 months and not tangle?....because let’s be real....that hair wasn’t tangled compared to how a lot of wigs look after a few months. That’s how my Unice hair was looking after 3 weeks. I had a wig from Unice hair and took it off every night. Lasted less time than my synthetic wigs...and I bought mine directly from Unice website ?

Lauren Dilaurentis

Are you Nigerian??? We both said the water looked like stew lol

AMOSC: Tinaa2Turntt

Are there other things you can use in place of the silicon?

Gistwith iDIMMA

Love you girl

Dessi A.

Question: Did You Put Your Hair Back On When It Was Wet Or Did You Wait Till It Air Dried?


"The color said PEACE". Girl, I rolled! I'm subscribing on that alone. Thanks for the tip on the Silicon Mix. I just got some today and wasn't sure what to do with it. And I've been dipping my synthetic hair in boiling water for years. Braid it and boil it to get waves. Big braids for loose waves. Little braids for tight waves. Or I use rollers or curling rods and dip those to get nice tight curls. The bigger the roller/rod, the bigger the curl. I'm doing this tonite.

Keya Howard


Belle Femme

how did the hair hold up after this treatment? Thank you

Paschalyn Ujoatuonu

Baby I'm watching your YouTube for the first time and I already love you. PS you are so pretty

Ms.Brandi Taylor

Do you ever give away your old wigs I’m looking to see if anyone has an old wig that I can have to practice styling on ? thank you ?????

angelina RG

Can you do this on human hair extensions! Please help ?

Emilia's world

No i still had to brush like crazy and hair still came out.

Brichanise Terrell

Jesus bless. love that verses

Sheba McQueen

Okay I THOUGHT IVE HEARD IT ALL. Now how do you BOIL YOUR HAIR??? ???? ???????? OH SHE MEANT...The Wig ????

Nefertiti Vogue

Poor wig it also went into the drainage of that sink ??‍♀️??‍♀️


Try this...oh yes it worked!!!!They are as good as new. Thank you???

Silicone hair mix

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Restore Virgin Hair w silicone mix method|How to

16 231 views | 9 Mar. 2018

Hey guys today i will be

Hey guys today i will be showing you how I revive my old colored 6 month wig from ali pearl(aliexpress) please let me know if you have an questions !Don't forget to subscribe :)

inquires :email [email protected]

k t

What's the name of mix?

Anonymous Person

Thanks. I will try this out now

tara andrews

Omg!!! Thank you I did this same process to an old wig of mine let me tell you....this wig is nothing but awesome I will be back with pictures soon as I can...people the boiling water do work wonders super soft and smell great!


This hair looks exactly like mine

Frederica Paul

WOW,I like your videos,thank you for sharing this video, I received the same one from newigstyle..com three days ago, shipped by DHL,good quality !!!!!

Renee Bailey

Hair store

Taylor Wilkison

Where did you get the silicone mix

chioma emenike

Please where can I get silicon mix