Vegetarian and acne

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Going Vegetarian Cleared My Skin Within a Month

1 681 views | 8 Feb. 2019

Going Vegetarian

Going Vegetarian Cleared My Skin Within a Month //

So now that I've been vegetarian for like 9 months (which isn't hard at all lol), i wanted to share the story with you of how it may have cleared my acne! Hope you liked it + i love you guyss!!

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If you read this far, I love you! Thanks for watching this vid!!

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Ok, goodbye haha!!

Jessica Ferrin

i love u and this video

Genesis Nelson

I went vegetarian for 3 months and my skin didn’t clear .. just last week I went vegan and now my skin is already flawless the small amount of bumps that are present on my face are so small that it isn’t even visible and I can’t stop staring at my face because it just amazes me .. ? and the skin on my body is flawless now also and plus my skin tone is prettier than before

queen b

could not leave without telling you how bomb is your editing!!!!!

Yanet Cabrera

Nice video Braden, keep up the good work!


I had the exact same thing happen. When I went vegan about a year ago my problems with rashes, dryness and other skin problems cleared up. I don't need my medicine and lotions anymore.


your editing is top notch

Jordan Fallen

this video brought me one step closer to becoming vegetarian/vegan!

Shirley Carrillo

I agree with you! I'm vegetarian and changing my diet definitely helped reduce the amount of acne. Thanks for sharing your experience and you have a pretty face.

Emily Ringwood

Thank you for this ?? I’m spot city rn so maybe I should go veggie idk


What if I only eat natural at home grilled chicken breasts with everything else being greens ?

Kaja A

my favorite youtuber!!!! & favorite video!!❤️❤️

Isabella Gabrielle


Cheyenne Beatty

This was edited so well

Isabella Gabrielle

I’m still not going vegetarian :/

Nicole DeSilva

how being vegetarian changed my life, so emotional

Vegetarian and acne

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Veganism Does NOT Clear Acne (IT MAKES IT WORSE!)

19 980 views | 30 Jan. 2021

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I've had acne for my entire adult life and while veganism/plant-based diet really helped it, there are times when I break out still! It's SO important to know that vegansim isn't a cure all for health problems and we shouldn't over exaggerate what you can expect as a new plant based dieter or vegan! If you enjoyed the video make sure to give it a thumbs up, leave a comment below and subscribe if you haven't already!


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AK 23

I just want to say the 'Dermapen' treatment worked amazingly on Brian, and that he should know that he is INCREDIBLY HANDSOME!! His GF is a VERY LUCKY, lady!!

Sian Walmsley

So true ..I suffer with rosacea ..which started while I’ve been vegan ...if I let me diet slip ..and if I’ve changed detergent for my pillow cases ..it flares ..less water and this triggers too xx

Roy Bruijnis

Great video, certainly had to be made. For me , my acne got less bad, but it certainly did not disappear. Even now, two years vegan, I still experience acne. But I do notice that I usually breakout after eating processed foods (junk food). What I noticed most though, is that it is less painful now than before I went vegan.


That’s because some vegans still eat junk like lots of fatting oils and things with added sugar and salt

Alex Holmes

Manage oestrogen better whilst on cycle.

British MGTOW

Veganism, not even once

Muhamad Sobirin

when i stress, my acne will bloom but thank God not that crazy. no offense. you turn so fine brother. support go vegan


Theres many types of diets you can choose from when going vegan.... junk food veganism and wholefoods plant based vegan diet are completely different. Junk food being high in processed sugar (as well as alcohols and juices), has a habit of inflaming the body and putting the body under stress - which can cause breakouts on the skin (different types of veggies and nuts can trigger skin allergies, causing acne as well and vegan food is a lot of nuts and veggies).. but its true veganism doesn't improve everything but it can improve a lot. good vid, being honest about this kind of thing is important when people are choosing to go vegan.

Indigo Girl

I'm not vegan anymore. But I still do not eat dairy or gluten, and do not eat excess sugar. Those are the keys. In fact, I think animal fat is CRUCIAL for great skin. Just my two cents, from someone who had cystic acne for 10 years. My skin is crystal clear now and has been


Alkaline diet + semen retention + cold showers + Excersizing = incredibly healthy body

Yahweh's Messenger

You need to eat a low fat diet also fat with salt makes acne worse.

Brian Turner

Get the ACNE Method for $10: http://www.theacnemethod.com
Subscribe to my acne channel: http://www.youtube.com/TeamAcne

Have you guys ever dealt with acne, skin problems or health issues during your vegan journey? ??????


put us under the buss to sell your acne program dam man, "the clear skin diet" by nina and randa, jeff nelsons daughters is another one


I know people dont wanna hear this but genetics and stress are the biggest factors. There are plenty of people who eat like crap and never have skin issues. You see the same thing when it comes to hair loss. People on youtube put out these videos about foods that can help hair loss but at the end of the day its genetics and stress which make the biggest difference. Lots of overweight people with full heads of hair. Lots of healthy people with no hair.


When I advocate for going vegan, I make sure they understand that animals are abused and murdered because of them until they change. That's not overselling it. That's speaking blunt and to the point.

John Lehr

It obviously varies per person. Oily, sugary, and many dairy products typically breed acne/pimples thought, I think that's widely known. Ur breakout could of been a reaction to something bruh.


starch, tablesugar, cooked fiber and dairy -> worst skin offenders ?
feed retard gut bacteria which mess up all sectors of health

Step Outside

Will buying $GME help clear my acne? ?


You're completely right in your talking points, but the title is a bit misleading.

Ian Fielden

Solid lighting in this one

Clearly Nature

Because acne is strep. Depending on how severe your strep is, you may also need to also go gluten free and possibly soy free. So, cut processed foods, dairy, gluten, and possibly soy. They feed the strep. Don’t go the antibiotic route, that causes more problems than solutions. Just adjust the diet and see how it goes ? another shocker, allergies are also strep. I cured my allergies doing this ?


Being plant based moderates and can put into remission lots of chronic health issues. But those issues can still flare back up.

Also, if already plant based, I think cutting back on tofu and nut butter helps reduce acne.

Micaela Bongiorno

So useful, thank you so much ❤

Abi V

Veganism cleared me up like nothing else. Remember diets work different for everyone. :)

Soccer Legend

I have been going on a ketogenic diet and my acne went away. I also started fasting.


beating the meat can cause stress. coffee in lots of amount too can cause stress. Stress can cause acne. ?‍♂️

Ela Halilovic

Me too, i started breaking out even though i ate pretty much whole foods. People oversee so many other factors that impact your skin: bacterial milieu, microbiome, stress levels, even certain food sensitivities.

Ingrid's Kitchen

I am sorry but they are eating too much fat. So nuts for exempo.

Lukas James

Take this with an open mind my fellow vegans.
Store bought milk was a huge catalyst for my cystic acne and will always be for me.
Raw milk though? Makes my skin glisten, no matter how much I drink. It’s not that animal foods are harmful, but in what form we consume, cooked or raw (full of vitamins minerals, enzymes still in tact). Raw animal foods are superfoods.


to be accurate brian, youre a pretty junky vegan


The thing everyone is missing is that acne is a signal your immune system isn't functioning properly. Why is acne most prevalent in teens when everyone encounters the same germs and bacteria daily? It's because their bodies are being flooded with extra hormones thanks to puberty which affects the efficacy of their immune systems. This is why eliminating dairy can help, since dairy, and all it contains, is known to cause inflammation in the gut therefore overwhelming the immune system. This being said, most acne is a sign that your immune system needs support. Vitamins, especially C and D, as well as things that improve gut health are the safest and easiest way to combat and prevent acne.

Sierra Jacks

Yea you can eat salmon and chicken it's healthy


Going vegan did seem to help my skin but the best thing I found by far was good quality cbd oil.

Robert Turner

Not a fan of the title. I agree diet is not everything but it is a HUGE help in avoiding acne for most people being a whole food plant based vegan. If I could go back and talk to my teenage self I would say eat a vegan diet of Whole Foods. I did not, as that would be going against my family’s culture of meat and cheese so I went on accutane. To try and beat acne while eating dairy for me was almost impossible. Working in greasy restaurants as a teen did not help either so my top advice to anyone would be to start on a whole food plant based vegan diet. It’s not 100% a cure but it is gonna get you 90% of the way there and my goodness how debilitating it was for me to have bad acne for years as a teen. I would have done anything for clearer skin but nobody told me going vegan could really help.

I would tell teens suffering from acne to go see an RD to get on a proper vegan diet as it is money we’ll spent to know from a professional how to be a vegan for life and not be afraid of any deficiencies that people talk about. It’s not quick fad diet to go on. Rather it is a significant lifestyle change but it will help avoid acne and later help prevent diabetes, keep a healthy BMI, avoid heart disease, avoid some cancers, and even live a longer lifespan. It’s one of the best things you can do for your health. It’s not perfect. If you are bald going vegan won’t regrow your hair but it is a very smart choice for health and especially if you have acne.


don't spend that long in hot tubs because they kinda mess with your balls

Silvia's foodforest

Take sea moss for acne


Very informative and real Brian! So true that there are many reasons for acne flare ups. I’m 55 and occasionally when I have too much oil in my vegan diet I break out. Age is not a factor either! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely evening! ♥️?♥️


video 2 long bro try keep em around 5 mins we all got alot of subscriptions to keep up with these days

esvee e

stop pinning everything will clear up lol

kevin kraft

Really well said and there is not much to add. Glad to see that you have a rational approach and reflect on it. No matter the topic we need more people with this approach.

Because this is the way

Tracy Lynn AZ

I don’t have issues with fats....but processed foods and specifically dairy of ANY kind gives me little vesicles on the bridge of my nose. I actually experimented with some goats yogurt and goats kefir and ended up with a massive breakout..... . I am gluten free but not because of acne.... it’s for thyroid . I’ve been experimenting with manuka patches and it’s very soothing to the breakouts vs using other drying agents .

funny cats

I've been vegan for almost 4 years. Never really suffered with acne, mostly I have a pimple every now and then. I just remember 2 times that I had a big breakout. Both cause by stress and lack of sleep. One before I was vegan and one after. So I know for me what causes me to breakout is stress nothing to do with diet.


I started getting acne after I went vegan 6 years ago, and if it weren’t for my birth control it would still be really bad. Still not changing my diet though!

Hoang Nguyen

Get skin care

Liz Shiver

TRUTH. Some of us are just prone to breakouts, even if going vegan did improve things a lot. One thing that's made a difference for me in the past 6 months is changing my skincare products. It's not just diet.

Zdrowe Odchudzanie

You are really honest person, a lot of respect for U.

José Razo

Thanks for the vid, I’ve always suffered from acne, this helps a lot


Just cut out sugar.


Someone told me to go vegan to cure my autoimmune disease and other medical issues after I went vegan already. I've also been told it was because I quit eating meat. Funny thing is that my autoimmune disease was triggered over 20 years ago, I went vegetarian over a decade ago, and I have been vegan for over 3 years and none of it has helped my autoimmune disease or other health issues besides my lactose intolerance and milk allergy. Medication helps, but the reality is that I will always have my medical issues. My veganism only helps the animals and the environment not me and that's okay because that's why I did it. Please don't believe outrageous claims about any diet because they probably aren't true. Please don't believe any medical claims unless the person who recommends them can show several peer reviewed articles from studies that have been replicated by qualified professionals.


This guy makes me laugh... His Acne was likely caused due to drinking Standard Store-bought Milk. When he should have been drinking Organic, Grass-Fed, no Anti-biotics/hormones used, maybe even needing Raw etc. Milk. It's also possible he just has a sensitivity to milk, thus being "Vegan" has nothing to do with it.
BTW, being Vegan long-term is NOT healthy... It's good as a cleanse, but that's it. Just YouTube search "ex-Vegans". It doesn't matter how "good" you're doing it, it's NOT a healthy long-term diet.


i think you are right, but i dont like the clickbait, meat eaters only have to see that to not go vegan they wont bother to watch the vid, whatever makes them feel better



P.F Hrshko

Agreed. I still think the strongest argument for veganism is ethics and not health


Question... When you were on Accutane did you take a liver protector or anything to help prevent liver damage? I am currently on it and want to make sure I take all the steps to prevent liver failure... Thank you!

Ryan Shearer

This clickbait title almost gave me an amxiety attack


this video could have been like 2min max.

Jesper Petersen

Interresting. I have had psoriasis for many years since i was a child. But after becoming vegan i havent had it since. It was 5 years now+-. I allso thought that veganism was a cure for everything but there are many things that plays in. It does cure a lot but we are different individuals

Ákos Török

If you want the cysts to dry up quickly, ....3 days waterfast.... whole food plant based diet....3 days waterfast.... whole food plant based diet....3 days waterfast.... whole food plant based diet....3 days waterfast.... whole food plant based diet....3 days waterfast.... whole food plant based diet.... Easy!

The Witcher 3 Misc

Steroids aren't vegan.


this is some major click bait lol u ok bro :p to be honest my ance is pretty bad aswel atm bt i think its got more to do with hygeine than anything i been a bit lazy lol

Taylor Hillard

My trigger is actually dairy specifically. Also, I think you're very spot on with the approach to convincing people into veganism. When you think about it, convincing 15 out of 100 people to go vegan for just one day a week is more helpful than convincing 2 of that 100 to go full vegan. It's much easier to get a lot of people to make small easy changes than it is to get fewer people to make extreme, sometimes challenging changes.

Greta Starbuck

SUGAR makes me break out! Which blows, bc I really like sugar :(

Sean Sweeney

A few treatments of Accutane got rid of my acne when I was 14 and it was life changing for sure. I have suffered from bad eczema on my hands the past four years. I went vegan almost two years ago and my acne went away 5 months ago. I had started using a new cream through the summer but the cream was for controlling it, not curing. I haven't used that cream in months now. I feel my diet must somehow tie into this...


hope you dont use product in your hair or anything on your face


I’ve been vegan for almost 5 years and it’s helped with my acne, as long as I’m taking my vitamins. Especially when I was pregnant, my skin was the best it has ever been! I took my prenatal religiously!!

Cleona Wallace

I've had psoriasis since I was 3, and PsA since I was 20, and I view them as a thermostat - I can slip up a few times but if I find my skin or inflammation getting worse then it's a sign telling me to get back to whole foods and being gentle on my body. Eamon (of Eamon and Bec) had the hot tub thing a couple of weeks ago too.

Jack Kenney

food intolerances cause rashes for some so if you go vegan and develop a soy or pea intolerance while eating 100g of soy or pea protein meat replacement a day, you will probably get worse acne.

Brenda Hulett

Its the fats. Cut way back on the good fats ??

Jules Mejia

I admire your honesty and vulnerability. I absolutely agree that dairy and sugar are my top acne triggers. Thanks ever so much for just being real. Keep up the good work! You are influencing more people than what you can possibly imagine! I have one question-How do you get rid of dark spots that come from acne? Do you let them go away with time?


Amazing video as always! Could you please make a video about white comedons?


I am one that went plant based and. I developed horrible back acne. It is much worse than when I ate animal products.

Chris S.

Informative Video but I had to dislike because of the clickbate.

Cory Max

my face is so much better after I went vegan. But truly knowing how to cleanse, when to exfoliate, and definitely moisturizing is good to learn across the board.

Mark Gailmor

Soy is not a trigger food. But assuming that if you eat soy it's all you need, is why you will break out. I suspect you don't know this either. Soy has a strong requirement for iodine in order to be broken down and used by our bodies. We in the west do not get enough iodine, which, by the way, is responsible for far more than just breaking down and utilizing soy. What happens to a body that has no iodine when you eat soy? Soy tries to find iodine. Then it will cannibalize your body looking for iodine. And finally, it will notify you that you are deficient. This is why she had the breakout. No iodine equals our bodies difficulty in digesting soy. It's not just soy though. There are other beans we eat that also need iodine. I take a supplement by Nature's Plus. It's Icelandic Kelp, which is a high source of iodine. Of course, you could eat a lot of iodine rich seaweed. But most of us don't.

So please, stop blaming soy for the breakouts. It's just trying to tell you that it's having trouble being absorbed by the body. Take a kelp supplement. Icelandic kelp is the highest. I take three or four per week. And no, I don't freak out about getting too much iodine. When iodine is from a form of seaweed, our bodies will purge what it doesn't need.

And, fyi, I'm a 31 year long vegan. It took me a long time to figure this out. But soy is not an allergen. It's only an allergen when it doesn't have what it needs for absorption.

Fraser Jurock

You're like a jacked Alex Becker

Wei Han

Acne is a disease. While diet and lifestyle might contribute to it, they are not the pathological factors of it. You just need to target on four major drives of acne: excessive oil production, plugged pores, bacterial overgrowth and inflammation. I think people are often taking acne too lightly as if its not a chronicle medical condition of one of human's biggest organs. They think they can self-treat it at home by just changing what they eat for dinner. I mean, when people have cancers, they surely go to see a doctor and take medicines that are proven effective, right?

Savannalee Hodgkinson

I wish I could have watched this when I first went vegan!

Schlappi Schlappschwanz

Some people get acne, because of too much b12

Lucio Bazzani

Maybe it was just an allergy to bed bugs or dust mites, who knows


I might try eliminating soy for a month and see what happens

Manu González

Could say your genetics do not help when it comes to acne. But yeah, a lot of people (myself included) still get zits, even when I eat a 90% whole food diet (only slightly processed products like homemade PB, commercial soy milk and unsweetened corn flakes) Sometimes it's directly linked to your diet, other times it's different stuff like bad higiene, stress, smoking, whatever.


Dairy is definitely a major cause of acne. And yes, acne is very complicated. If I eat too much soy I get acne on my jawline. Also, What products are you using and do you have any deficiency in zinc or vitamin A? Zinc is very important for preventing acne. If your products have anything with comedogenic ingredients in them you will get acne. Research comedogenic ingredients and stay away from them. Also, don't touch your face with dirty hands. Use an exfoliant at least twice a week. Can be a chemical or physical exfoliant. This is what has helped me. Be gentle with your skin, don't go overkill with it. Harsh treatment will cause over production of oil, which will cause more acne. Also, it may take at least 6 months to see improvement. Be patient. Your body is healing.

PikaPunch Gamer

Veganism has helped me clear up my skin but it didn't go away fully until I went to a dermatologist who gave me pills. Being vegan can improve health issues like it did for me but it is not some miracle cure for everything


Thanks for this video!


I had acne in my 18's and doctor said that acne have 7 year lifespan. This seems to be true but you can have breakouts and later. Now i am vegan for 10 years and seems helped also

Wolf Moon

My acne triggers are usually harsh detergents on bed sheets when I travel, too much junk food and too much sugar. And stress. Been vegan 5 years. BTW, always appreciate that you're being such a reasonable voice for vegans ?


so basicly acne means your putting poison in your body kind of


Yeah, going vegan really helped me learn what causes issues to my body. Found out I had an issue with gluten when I took it out and then put it back in. Had bad back acne but without gluten, it clears up. Of course, there are those other factors like you stated when it does come up randomly.

EivenKim ちわ:D

Can we say plant base when it's about the eating habits? Cos veganism is the whole thing, not only the food part.

John Warner

I am a diabetic and removing
fat and sugar by being whole food plant based
has helped and like you eating
more "junk food" - like at the holiday period
gave me sugar spikes and made me feel unwell.

We discovered Lupin based products as soy replacement
which was being sold in our local organic shop.
And I was talking to someone in the queue
(when we used to stand 6 ft or 2 meters apart)
and he commented that he was vegan but had a soy allergy
and he went back and tried the lupin replacements

Tala Paris

My acne didn't change. x)
Stress, stress, stress


oh dr greger said its sugar

Dannie Godfrey

Veganism is subjective. You could live on a diet of sugar and beer and say you are vegan as technically you are. You can live on processed oil packed vegan alternative meats and fries and say you are vegan. 12 coffees a day, non dairy chocolate, sweets etc. Vegan. Or you can have fresh fruit and vegetables whole grains and water. And I guarantee this diet will cure many things from endometriosis to IBS to acne. And I can vouch for the first two as someone who had surgery before going vegan for these issues for it to just come back and come back. Health doesn't come from just ditching dairy meat and fish. If you move onto a junk food vegan diet with alcohol, coffee, soda, sweets, fries, chips, processed meat alternatives, your health won't improve. A healthful vegan diet with fresh fruit, fresh veg, good healthy fats and omega 3s (cold pressed coconut oil, avocados, nuts, flaxseed, flaxseed oil) and whole grains and water 100% everything WILL improve.


your skins clear as fuck shut up brian.. lol


Eating whole foods(vegan), and chomping down on lettuce and salads + supplements + water + sleeping on a regular schedule + little to no stress = good skin
Any stress just brings the acne back. High fat curry also made me really stuffy and gave me an acne the next day.

Itzel Alejandra Longoria Herrera


Anthony Gasbarro

Been plant based/vegan a year now been dealing with acne breakouts for 4 or so months now. I think I might be fructose sensitive. The breakouts suck though!


Mine was dairy and then peanut's. Took me ages to realise I was eating peanut butter everyday and had backney

Mike P

I lost my right foot to diabetes. After only two weeks on a vegan diet, my foot has completely grown back.

Vegetarian and acne

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1 Month Vegan Update (energy, acne, muscle)- Vegan Athlete Case Study

89 304 views | 23 Apr. 2016

Thanks for watching ya'll.

Thanks for watching ya'll. Subscribe to the channel to follow the series!


Thanks for the vid, ps. u r beautiful. XOXO L

Imre Pető

I didn't get where you get your B12. Please writre it down for me.

X Drake

Man, I am so glad that I found your channel!

You are a savage =)

Thx so much for your brains & thoughts!!!!

is there any way to apply for free online-coaching - I'm not that prosperous

kind regards from Germany ;)

Pia Berling

This was interesting perspective. Body size versus health.

June K

i love that i get to eat more and feel actually full and have never been thinner in my adult life since going vegan. i feel great and my skin looks good and life is awesome.

Stephanie H

Been a vegan for 1.5 years and t's been the best time of my life. I haven't for a day felt restricted, but almost developed an eating disorder back when I wasn't. Super happy to have found your channel- Intellectual babe.

Name David

I just turn 14 and I'm trying to convert to a vegan lifestyle. Im just about to finish my first week. I went vegan because I want to get some gains and get rid of all my acne even tho i don't have that much. So far it has not been hard I just switch my mindset of not thinking of food as a treat.


Just went Vegan 12 days ago - I cant believe I ate animals for so long! I feel terrible. 12 days in & I haven’t experience any chest pain like I use to. Drs told me it was anxiety. Since eating vegan I have been able to breath just fine. Thank you Plant based Gods! Great channel brother!

Maddy Snydss

Your skin is beautiful. No scars it seems even with needing 2 accutane sessions wow.

Koneko Yagami

I have cystic acne and have been through Accutane. When I was in high school ,in the 90's, my dermatologist had actually told me diet has no effect on the skin. I don't trust doctor's anymore. I have had a lot of other bad experiences as well with Dr's.

keep it interesting

Have you tried Parkour?

Hannah Gerbing

Wish I could relate with the skin benefits. I've been vegan for about 2 months and my skin has cleared up a bit but it is still pretty bad :(

Oscar Montes

Congrats!!! I have lost over 100+ pounds on a Low Carb, High Fat diet. I have had great results doing it. But at the moment I'm really bored with that current diet, I have pretty bad Psoriasis, premature graying hair and was thinking of going on a Vegan diet to see how my body reacts to it. But I'm afraid it will be difficult for me to stick to it being a food addict. What do you think ?


are you going to continue being vegan?


You do all this for marketing only.You missed the point of veganism,like most youtubers...

N Ni

i say the same thing about eating, and thank you for talking about the skin factors

Alexander Ross

I actually feel fatigued on a high carb diet. I feel REALLY fatigued, unless I get that sugar rush (which also makes me hungry)

Bodies After Babies

I just watched "What the Health" On Netflix...and I'm so grossed out about meat.....I can't even look at it...

I lost a bunch of weight (And used to compete) so I do want to add a bit of muscle because I don't weigh a lot and want to be able to eat more food lol. I'm having acne issues and quit dairy at Christmas and it got a bit better...but I'm really thinking of making the switch to Vegan. Thanks for the videos!

inchekwa 0509

1 month on plant based diet today...bloatedness, indigestion, and acne breakout on my face are the things im currently having. wtf im doing wrong?! the food im usually eating are oats, brown rice, quinoa, hummus, wheat bread, soy milk, tofu, fruits (bananas, apples, avocados) and veggies (brocolli, sweet peAs, carrots, spinach). help?

Veronica Cornavaca

How awesome is to see someone having an epiphany on camera. Hahahaha

Bernadette Cunha

as a woman, I can tell you, we would rather see an athletic type physique than a body building one, I agree with you on that one. overall nice video!

Studio Odin

i totally agree wtih you on the size thing! I want to "build" a healthy and athletic body I can comfortably sustain for the rest of my life. Keep posting videos man! :)


I´ve been vegan for 1,5 year, and i love it!
But if you want to do more gymnastics/calisthenics, you should check `OFFICIALTHENEX´out. It´s a great channel with good workouts :)

R Dizzle

Will a vegan diet increase blood flow and make your penis bigger?

Fergus Murphy

That's a really great point about your weight! Always here such bullshit in the gym of guys trying to get to 95kg + and I'm looking at these guys thinking that they're just making themselves immobile! Great points!

Check out my insta for great vegan recipes guys! @probablyvegan_


Great video man! Regarding being a gymnast - check out FitnessFAQ.


AND an athletic body LOOKS better. A sprinter or swimmer's body is apparently the body type that the majority of women ideally prefer


the fat you eat is the fat you wear veganism helped my skin too

Sarah Habaschy

you look a bit like ryan gosling :)

Swan Auto47

Great vid, I just went vegan and I feel so much better. I'm much lighter and 16 and want to maintain 124lbs. I have a skinny build and I do chin ups, push ups, as well as sit ups. But I am a huge endurance cyclist as well and I have so much more energy like you were saying. You look great and seem to be in really good shape. That BMI shit doesn't always line up perfectly. Being vegan makes you feel so much better. You just need enough variety and calories!


Jon Venus among others on here...really large vegan bodybuilders. Calisthenics sounds good...most bodybuilders can't lift their own bodies...


Love it. Wanna do gymnastics? I'd actually recommend, like you said, Calisthenics, or better yet, Parkour. You understand that more body=less efficiency, and parkour will teach you how to move efficiently. And you're already strong, so I feel you'd be able to pick it up real quick.

Millenium Raymond Divine

Acne isn't normal, eating vegetables is!

citrine squirrel

There's nothing more sexier and manly than a healthy compassionate vegan guy! :) There is so many good examples of vegan bodybuilders and athletes with amazing results. While your body is still young it is capable of fighting all that junk, but after a while health problems will catch you up. I myself am a vegan for about 4 years, my life changed so much I can't be more happier, healthier and active.Good job! Love from Lithuania

Dani Weiss

In love :)

Marcus Anderson

A reminder that Soy Isolate protein has a higher IGF-1 response then casein. But soy protein intact has much lower then casein.

Toni faleh

Smart thinking about the size. Imagine you get bigger and can't wipe yo ass lol


Thanks for this video. I'm struggling w/ my skin now and my dermatologist just wants to continue to put me on different meds. I was vegetarian for 6 months and my skin was glowing. Not sure why I didn't think to go back to alleviate my issues.


Do you eat a lot of peanut butter for calories?


i had the same experience going vegan, i had acne for a long time and eventually the doctor recommended accutane but i was too scared to take that stuff, this was back in high school days. In my early 30s i went vegan for little over a month and my acne was basically cured. Even going back to meat and eating normal, that acne never really came back.. amazing

baby thinspo

Fact check: So obviously there are hormones in milk, including IGF-1. But your body digests the IGF-1 and any other protein hormones into amino acids before you absorb it, so that hormone isnt affecting you. Its the fat soluble hormones that you absorb and will lead to acne.

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You're super hot :)


Just Subcribed!! Went vegan back in June!! Lost 20 lbs so far, and I feel awesome!

Brandon Lugo

Hey man, if you have any questions on gymnastics work/progression let me know because I coach CrossFit and CrossFit Gymnastics and would be glad to help you out! My instagram is @brandondecali


You got so many great points on not being as massive as you can be naturally


good luuucckkk

Mario Sylvain

Thank you for this, speaking your mind, like a true awaken human, following you!


I started 10 months ago. I started at 6'2 268lb and I now stand 170lb.... I wake up everyday and ask myself " how any different colours and things can I get into my body today?" I eat around 4000 cals a day and deffffff do not burn off 3500 lol... the fibre just pushes it threw and the nutrients just make you burn the fat off its magical affff lol. noooooo sugar! no gluten! thats Also the key.

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Blah blah lol go to the main point


Tidy video and I've noticed about the acne or redness thing in the face, it's cleared up a little bit since changing my diet to all vegan, but it's a bit weird because some other places, like on my back and one or two places on my chest, I've got a couple of spots there now, but like you said, hormones at a certain age / time in your life.

The thing you said about not liking eating, you need to get more involved with cooking and trying new foods, it should never be a job or a chore to eat, people should enjoy it as much as they can, chuck some spices and herbs in as your shallow frying mushrooms, onions and peppers, the smell alone should make you want to eat ; )

Experiment, variety's the spice of life. Vegan recipes are wonderful, I was trying Vegan foods before I was Vegan they're so lovely and wholesome, packed with tidy ingredients, expensive though so I didn't do this as often as I'd like to.

David Henderson

Nice Vid - Keep it up man ;o))


+MuscleNMind watch this https://youtu.be/4-1IaK9SNqg he does gymnastics just watch some of his videos and you'll see what gymnasts do.

Daves ArtRoom

Also, check out the vegan body builders. Also, check out Dr. Nun Amen Ra...


Very interesting to hear your experience brother, dairy is good with me so far so I cant say to much bad about it, I only eat chicken and fish for my meats. I def could see myself going Vegan at some point of my life but only for the Animals compassion reasons, Im still not convinced that Vegan diet is the way to go for maximizing gains tho!

IW Nunn

I've heard that Accutane can be very dangerous

brandon sanchez

Whats your pre work out please?

Abc it is easy as one two three

Smoothies with a lot of vegetables, fruit, seeds, might trow in some outs or little amount of beans and easy 1-2 thousand calories down.

IW Nunn

The testosterone is burning my eyes!


Have you looked into Starch Solution? its hclf vegan but much more stable(for me) than eating primary fruts and vegetables you eat mostly starch with vegetables and fruits. You can eat less frequently.

Thomas Lichman

God you are a beautiful man

Charles Chamberlain

Been vegan for almost 8 months now , I'm getting bigger but leaner. I'm 6 foot 7 285 pounds so clearly vegans get enough protein. Lol! Hope you stick to the vegan life!

Daves ArtRoom

Besides raw fruits and veggies, I would recommend TB12 Tom Brady’s snacks and protein bars; also Papa Steve’s No Junk Protein Bars. Good luck and keep it up man!!

Blake Slack

Accutane wrecked me my friend.. 1mo 40mg 5mo 80mg.. My diet and lifestyle were terrible. Cleaned it up 100% and I'm like 99.9% clear.

Hoang Nguyen

Before pics of acne would have been great

Rodrigo F.

Vegan since 2010.. and the best thing for me is the feeling of not being responsible for murdering billions of innocents a year.

J.C Alvarez

Great choice man! Keep up the love

David Noble

Our goals are the same - vegan with a gymnast physique. I'm only at the start of my journey so I look forward to seeing how you get on!


Eat processed food. Easy to get enough calories. You dont have to be 100% clean food eater. Thats bs.


Are you a Vegan or just a vegetarian ?

Anthony Pooler

fermented foods and fermented drinks would give you plenty on Vitamin B12

Kalin Dimitrow

acne is allergic reaction to proteins mostly animal but not only. If you consume too much proteins it's normal to have acne.
If you want to consume big amount of proteins it's good idea to mix different types not only whey for example

Hello goodbye

What is this B12 BS? All people have a B12 deficiency especially processed meat eaters.


I'm also 5'10" but 170lbs, I wish I was 185lb lean that would be amazing. I'm also 4 months in as a vegan.

Vicki N

My sexy vegan king.

Nicole Ann



Oh my gosh! My fiancé is the same with his eating habits! He doesn't enjoy eating and looks at it as a chore, so getting in enough calories has been hard for him. We always joke about how we wished our appetites were switched because I love eating! ? Then it would be easier for me to hit my body goals and easier for him to hit his.

What's crazy is that before we went vegan he would dip into the 170's (@6'3) when he was stressed and overworked, which made it even harder for him to eat and maintain weight. But now even when it's been hard for him to get in those calories when he's stressed or overworked as a vegan, he still hasn't dipped below 185. He might lean out a bit, but his mass doesn't disappear as easy as it did on a conventional diet. I wonder why that is..? Lately he has been able to maintain 200lbs with minimal effort. Veganism has been great for his body and his skin cleared up also.


Oh my gosh, he's so hot!

Claire Michelle

Ahhh YES ✨?? going vegan nearly two years ago was the best decision I've ever made. Good on your for choosing to live a more compassionate lifestyle, thank you.


i personally look for a HEALTHY look of my body, but keeping it is the hardest part.


The getting enough food problem is because you are starving. Switch to eggs and bacon and you don't think about food anymore. Use butter in your coffee along with coconut oil to get enough energy. Your body is supposed to burn fat, not carbs.

Bethesda Boy

Why do so many vegans struggle to get enough calories? I eat almost 100% whole food (vegan) and can lose or gain 10 lbs in a week no problem.

Michael Bradley

If you're taking a supplement for the B12 and there really is no telling what else is in it and you're not telling and B12 can only be derived from animal product, SO FAILED YOU'RE NOT A VEGAN, that makes the "experiment" a complete failure and your an idiot if you claim otherwise.

M a r i a A n g e l o v a

check you GuiltFreeTV ;-)


no a , d cholesterol, dha, zinc iron or calcium on a vegan diet this is your future

Julius H Monck

Your skin looks good man!! My skin became so clear after going vegan - plant based all the way ?

Mariah Taylor

Love the realness of this discussing the organ system and weight

posh groove

I hope it's not a b12 analog. They are worthless and block up the receptors causing damage in the long run. methyl-cobalamin is what is the most active form b12. Just saying : )

Maria Rowe

Just started my vegan journey after watching "Vegetated", which is funny because I was testing the veto diet just a month ago. I, too am doing it mostly for moral and environmental reasons but your videos are so helpful to see where I could go with this and how to do it the right way. Did you ever find the right iron supplement? That's one thing I worry about too. I'll keep searching your videos to see if you made some note or comment but keep the videos coming!

David MM

try interminent fasting while being vegan


just drink more water then your skin will altho be fine just saying

Dougy doug

MuscleNMind, i heard that it takes a whole year to actually deplete your b12 reserve (or more). And next to that heared (but i am not sure of this one) is that you actually don't need b12 in a pil cause we make our b12 ourselves. You could do research on this, good luck. Not eating meat myself and planning to go vegan now.

Ajin Noda

One month is too short to see the real result for own body and system. I was over 15years on Vegetarian, then already 5years
been Vegan...still I feel lots of garbage in my system from milk and egg products I was eating when I was on Vegetarian. One month don't change you nothing.....from Tokyo Japan.


gymnastic bodies christopher summer somewhere to start, nutrion facts is good place for nutrition

Ana Que

Thanks for the video?❤️
If you want more information about making more conscious choices you can check...

Fruited Dragon

High fibrous sugar = EXPLOSIVES energy.

After 6 months if you get your blood checked, you'll see that all measurements will be a little off the charts to the positive. Nice nice.

Herbert Torres

Where does one start on the journey to becoming vegan?


While going vegan definitely helps with getting leaner faster, it does not mean all vegan people are lean. Leaness cannot be achieved by avoiding meat alone. I know some vegan people who are on the chubby side, because they eat bad. Sure, they only eat greens, but they mask the food with massive amounts of dressing, eat sweets, chocolate, cake, and a lot of junk food. Don't think that the only junk food out there contains meat. In fact, I am leaner than every single one of my vegan friends and I eat 1lb of meat every day.

I respect vegans life style, mainly because I follow a very strict diet as well to stay lean, so I kind of understand the struggle, especially when you start making the transition, it's tough at first, but after a while you get used to it.

Me personally I could never go Vegan, meat is just too damn good, and if you know how to eat you can be extremely healthy and lean eating meat every day. It's all about caloric deficit and keeping your carbs/fat grams in check. Meat is not the only source of fat, in fact, most obese people are obese because of crap food, not because of meat


Went vegan 4months ago and just got back into the gym after a injury that put me out for a few months and I have never felt better! feeling strong and faster recovery ? Nice honest vid bro. Good work !

PlantBased Gainz

Sounds like you weren't sleeping enough, which is where the growth happens. You said you get home at 2-3 am and are up at 7 am....def. need more sleep than that for proper muscle growth. Hope you're doing better now! =)

Orlando s2k

Muscles are products of inflammation of the body... getting swollen with big muscles like body builders is that healthy.... nah! your on the right path