Soap doesn't rinse off

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STEAM Saturday: Homemade Soap

4 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Ms. Mrunal of the

Ms. Mrunal of the Grayslake Area Public Library teaches your child about the science of soap and how to make your own at home!

To learn more about GAPL, go to www.grayslake.info.

Soap doesn't rinse off

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How to fix a Dishwasher That Does Not Clean

987 560 views | 28 Apr. 2010

Dishwasher not cleaning

Dishwasher not cleaning well enough? Learn how to clean out the basin of a Kenmore Elite or Whirlpool or Kitchenaid dishwasher.

Tools Used:

T15 Torx (For opening the dishwasher): http://amzn.to/20hpGY7

Our favorite detergent: http://amzn.to/2ufnAwl

Recommended rise aid: http://amzn.to/2FnWA3l

This is a Kenmore Elite but it has the same insides as a recent model Whirlpool and Kitchenaid.

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Head over to our website for more info: http://handyguyspodcast.com

Disclosure: some of the links in this description are affiliate links.

Nicholas Figiel

Great video. Fixed my dishwasher. Thank you.

Dany Martel

Thank you for the video, my dishwasher is about 10 years old, i removed of a lot of stuff trapped in there, the dishwasher is working a lot better now. Thank you

Back Room Stewdios

You guys are awesome!! This worked great.

Mike LaBrash

Thank you for posting the excellent video! I found a small rock, a toothpick, two pieces of broken glass, and an olive pit. It was an easy fix, and my dishwasher works perfectly again!


This video was so great for cleaning my Kenmore. My machine came apart exactly as shown and i was shocked at how much plastic and seeds and glass had collected in the filter area. Thank you very much! This video made it super easy!


THESE instructions are damn good. You can complete the job trusting these instructions.

April Reign

Thank you for this video! I was able to clean the filter myself on my Kenmore dishwasher and my 10 year old dishwasher is now cleaning like new.

Elizabeth Mack

Or, Maytag..I am doing this..as we speak

Keith G

Thanks, excellent content

Cody Egnor

Thank you for doing this!

Sesh Murthy

This worked perfectly for my kitchenaid KUDS02frwh2. Minor differences in the upper trays but it was a snap because you explained everything.


Thank you! This saved me from replacing a perfectly good Kenmore dishwasher. The entire process took me about an hour and a half. It's useful to have some needle nose pliers or tweezers, as well as a Phillips head screwdrivers (along with a Torx) for some of the screws. It's also nice to have a pair of knee pads. While you're in there, it's worth giving every part you remove a thorough de-gunking and washing, including the sprayer at the top of the dishwasher.


Thanks for the video. Quick question, How does glass, bread ties and all kinds of odd debris get into that sump if that filter is there? And since I am the one lading and unloading said dish washer, I am 100% certain I am not loading dishes into the unit with that type of debris on my dishes. My spray arms are constantly clogged. I have pulled out Scooby Doo stickers, bread ties, fruit stems, popcorn hulls, you name it it gets into my spray arms. It seems like every time I use my washer I have to clean them arms. I do have a Insinkerator hooked up as well. Is my sink back flushing into the dish washer?

This is just really frustrating. Oh and I did clean the filter, the sump and checked that valve and my food chopper. All is well in life in that area but just not my spray arms (constantly clogged and unclogging).

Take care guys and Happy Thanksgiving to all! I really appreciate your video!


This was good. My Kitchenaid is 13 years old. I didn't get the valve out though...I need a couple of washers replaced and the silverware basket pieces are falling into the bottom. Our plastic handle latch broke and it would have been $400 to fix that, totalled, so we just push the metal tab instead.

rebecca moore

Thank you so much for your expertise. I am a 70 y/o single lady in a small town where it is difficult to find someone to help me with my home projects. It is a wonderful service you offer. I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF! Thanks again!


this was such a handy video. thank you. once I started removing parts there was tons of calcium buildup. I surly pulled out a few pounds for sure.

kimberly brun

Thank you so much! I was ready to replace our dishwasher and this saved the day!


Thank you !

Coffee Insanity

Great video guys. Thank you!

Samuel Stokes

Thanks again! Two times now I've watched this video to fix my dishwasher. Now if I could just get the kids to stop getting popcorn kernels and pistachio shells in the dishwasher!

Derrick Hillier

Thankyou for the video.Have the same setup on out kenmore dishwasher.Making noise from the bottom prop.The prop makes a noise when I spin it manually.Started making a noise last night when using.


I have to do this again almost 2 years later because a glass broke. Thanks for posting

Joey Sharp

Amazing video my washer was horrid dont think the old owners did anything to it and I certainly haven't. It now works almost perfect saved me the price of a new one for now. Thanks so much!!!!!!

Stephenie Poorman

Very helpful! Exactly what I needed!

Ephesians 2:8-9

Thank you! This video could actually save a husband's life. :P

Eva Anderton



You can also take a wet vac once you get the thing apart right at the chopper and the rubber valve and suck up that excess water and debris. Just an FYI


Great work on what you are doing, my question is did you have the dishwasher disconnected from the power and was the water off? Or does it matter?

Mark Nazzaro

This video was extremely helpful! I have the same model of dishwasher but mine was nowhere as clean as yours. I couldn't get the housing off around the blade and I didn't want to chance breaking it. I still managed to pull out a good amount of glass, food particles and hard water buildup. I followed up with a full cycle with lemonade mix in the cleaning compartment. You can also use a cup of cleaning vinegar in the top rack.
Thanks again!


thanks. have an ancient dishwasher i picked up for free that barely cleans

Pratik Dhar

Thank you so much for the excellent video. Helped me take care of our Kitchen-Aid dishwasher that started making lot of noise last night. Took me 30 mins to open up the parts, clean it, and put the parts back together. Now it is running as silent as new. Thank you again.

Hannah Storoschuk

This worked like a charm! The instructions were easy to follow and were completely precise (as a woman with 0 handy experience), and the dishwasher is working like new. Thanks!

Samuel Stokes

Thank you so much for this video! I was kind of intimidated about taking apart my dishwasher, but this video made it easy to understand how to do it. You have saved me a lot of money and really helped a family of six out!


My machine has a lot of caked on white powder in the sump.
I think this is from using too much detergent, correct?

We have Lake Michigan water, it does not have too much mineral content (iron, calcium)

I run an empty rinse cycle with lemon juice and vinegar which seems to help.


Thanks for the this video

Youre Mahm

This video really saved my bacon. I have this exact dishwasher and I was afraid to break the little fiddly pieces of plastic. Thanks for the walk through, I took time out of my day to tackle that job.

Matt Nourot

Thank you for this video. It was to the point and made it simple for me to do the same thing. I wasn't prepared for the grease buildup but got it all cleaned out as shown. Thanks

Walt Rogers

Guys, you just saved me hundreds. Many Thanks!

jasminee martinez

I cleaned it this way but now the clean green light just stays on and doesn’t allow me to wash anything , any recommendations?

Mike Rocheleau

Thanks! Quite easy with these directions. :)

Dar Dunaway

Very helpful

Jimmy Jam

Wow.. this video is 9 years old and the dishwasher in it still looks newer than the one I have ?

Jason Smith

Looks like a job for shopvac, thanks for sharing that was awesome video!

Kennedy Thorley

I have to do this once a year and I this is the easiest video to follow. I personally think the grinder mechanism is worthless, because I have to pull it out and clear all sorts of stuff from it. And I am a dish rinser to begin with! I usually have my husband hold the flashlight and hand me tools when I do this :) thanks for the good stuff!

Range Man

I just did mine , am testing it now.... I dropped one of the screws in the pump hole !! I had to make a 1/4" reducer for the vacuum cleaner and slip a tube into the pump to grab it with suction.... that really sucked ! pulling of the pump would have sucked ,more though.

Frank Schoenrock

I'm glad the designers of these machines made it so simple to clean a filter!


Thanks! This made it a lot cheaper than calling a repair person.

Ray H


Nicholas Connelly

Mmm that garlic looks good.

Nitro Needy

Awesome! My Kenmore was not cleaning; weak water spray. I followed your video guide, dismantled and cleaned as you demonstrated. Put it back together. Now works like new! Thank you.

Randel Haight

Great job Paul, followed your instructions and it went perfect . Thanks so much

Ryan Roberts

Great tutorial. My upper rack was not spraying/cleaning. I followed every step on my 4 yr old Maytag and it worked. Clean dishes once more. Thank you!


Thanks. Made a real difference. Much appreciated!

Jeremy Curtis

Thanks, Eli Manning.

Hui Zhao

It is very helpful. I am stuck at 3:34, actually the plastic bolt is very tight. I can't remove it, any tools available?


Thank you for this video. I have an 8 year old house that I bought a few months back, and it has a Whirlpool Gold dishwasher with a very similar setup (main difference is that there are a couple of Phillips screws that hold the spray arms in place). I was looking for a video describing where the filter is located, and I came across this tutorial. Was able to take my dishwasher apart almost exactly as you show here, clean out the debris, and run a cleaning cycle. Thanks!

Sierra Jameson

Where’s the filter in this type of dishwasher?

Mathew Hoffer

why the Fuck would you stick your hand in there to remove all the crap? are you simply to lazy to drag a powerful wet /dry shop vac in and clean it up instantly ? if you found glass in there once all the more reason to use a shop vac.. my sears shop vac sucks up small pets and children so more then enough to clean ?

Eric Chabinsky

Water wasn't draining properly and the machine had never been cleaned- I followed the video and voila- the machine drains properly again!! Thank you!!!!!

Don Bradway

This is an outstanding video and I was able to properly clean my machine, even found broken glass in the "sump" area. My only problem: how to get the end caps onto the the upper rack. You popped them off and on but both of mine came off the first time we ran the machine. What's the secret?

John Horcher

These guys are amazing. Have a Whirlpool GOLD Series WDT 720PADM0 dishwasher. I'm NOT a repair guy and my dishwasher is NOT as complicated as this one. No tools needed. But the video showed me it's pretty simple to fix this issue. On mine there is a very easy way to clean the filter/chopper, and I found a small piece of plastic messing up the whole thing. Plastic removed, filter cleaned and it's MUCH better than it ever was. Problem solved. Thanks Handyguys!

Peggi Karnes

Exactly what I was looking for, right down to the clips. I'm going to tackle this job myself. Thanks guys!

Joanne Celenza

This video is terrific! I followed all the directions, very easy. Just needed to track down the Torx head screwdriver, which took some time as I didn't know what it was. I used our shopvac to clean out the excess water and food particles, a recommendation I saw in another post here. Very helpful. I found about 4 toothpicks, a piece of glass, and an avocado stem among other random mystery food particles. I then put a bowl of vinegar, sitting it rightside up on the lower rack and ran the dishwasher for a quick wash, which was recommended in another post also. My dishwasher runs like new!!! I would never have felt brave enough to tackle this job without such a helpful video that explains every step from beginning to end. And I looked at several videos before embarking on this daunting task!

Harleston Parkes

Ditto on last comment, had iPad on the open door the whole time, thanks

Jim SomethingElse

Is there a way to remove the door? I'm 85 but I think I can do the procedure in the video but I can't do it with the door in the way.

Patrycia Dube

What a time to be alive. My husband said we need a new dishwasher. Our dishes were coming out dirtier than when we put them in. I said, lets try youtube first. Sure enough I found this. There was so much crap at the bottom I was horrified. There was a large piece of plastic cheese stick wrapper resting right against where the rubber thingy is. I blame the darn toddlers. Thanks so much for doing this.


Extremely helpful! Thanks!


Get a Bosch

Lacey Hall

Thank you so much! My daughter and I did this by ourselves.

QUESTION: the bottom most part of the dishwasher where it’s supposed to just ‘pop off’ has a missing tab. I need to order the part but I don’t know how to get it out without the ‘tab’. Any advice?

Jay Boek

Looks like a nightmare

Christopher Smith

Very helpful. Big time saver. Very well done video. Thank you guys.

me Slavcha

Thank you very much! Just cleaned my dishwasher!

Doge114 Wo

fixed mine with your video. Big thumbs up!!! Thank you!!!

Roger M

I have tried all the suggestions. My Kenmore drains sometimes but not
every time. BUT if I push the "Cancel/Drain" button it seems to always
work. Does this mean it is the control panel?


I had to clean my dishwasher like this several times before realizing that in the past, I never had to worry about crud buildup in there... I also just didn't feel the dishes came as clean as they did years ago. As they suggest in another video, I switched to a different detergent. I recommend either Cascade Fryer Boil Out (cascade professional, or the old Cascade of the past, all the same thing), or Bubble Bandit. The dishwasher magically cleaned itself and suddenly I no longer have to care about scraping the dishes or rinsing them, just slop the filthy things in there, even cooked on or dried on food, and it comes out spotless! I don't even have to use Jet Dry anymore, and we have hard water (~10gpg).

Janet Devaux

Thanks guys! Once I got my stomach ready for the grossness involved, I followed your instructions easily. Pretty proud of myself on this. You rock.

Eugene Evans

Perfect video!! Thanks for the help. My whirlpool dishwasher was filthy!

Susan Mosher


Michael Strane

Excellent instructions. That machine's innards were virtually identical to our older Kenmore which had quit cleaning well. I found a couple of pieces of glass, 2 bread ties, and years of unmentionable gunk. It's not a job for the squeamish. I also used a Wet Vac and it was helpful getting some hard to reach crud. I'm confident that the dishwasher is going to clean more efficiently now. Thank you for the great video.

Jon Berleth

Mine has different size torque screws on the main screen and the chopper cover, T-15 and T-20.
Also, taking the chopper disc out is pretty easy, putting it back takes just a little magic. You have to use something like a screwdriver to depress the spring while you put it in.


Fast Forward to 2:30 to get past the blah blah blah.

Martin Duhamel

thank you so much I have a kenmore Dishwasher and it is the same as many other brand the circulating motor was not turning and after putting it back together it worked fine. so I probably dislodged something.

R Esha

This video looks very helpful. Can I use the same technic on the newer models?

Jon McPhail Jr

I watched your first video and cut my finger sticking it in (lol) I watched this video and it all came back to me your video made it so easy.

Elizabeth Mack

I use a turkey baster, to get all the standing water out


I'm soooo glad I came across this video. I actually already ordered a new dishwasher because dishes got worse and worse in the last year. However, it was backordered and didn't get delivered in time, so I thought I'd try to see if I can fix it to tie us over. Your instructions were fantastic, especially since my dishwasher happens to be pretty much exactly the same (Whirlpool)! (and it's now 2021!) After borrowing Torx screws from a neighbour (thank goodness), I opened the filter and saw that there was a huge pool of dirty water, I knew I was on the right track. I dug out multiple pieces of broken glass, a few pits, etc. Then I got to the chopper cover, and it was a smaller Torx screw, which I did not have. I had to McGyver something (a smaller hex key + a tiny screwdriver to fit it in), opened it up, and dug out more crud. I ran it, and the dishes were the cleanest I've seen in years! I actually went and cancelled the new dishwasher! Thanks for saving me > $1000! (Also, I actually had a repair guy come a year ago, and they just told me to get a new one. Waste of a $100 there. Wish I found this video then!)

My one question is: How often do we need to do this?

Dylan Holmberg

Amazingly simple instructions, thanks a million!
I found around 8 olive pits, several kernels of corn, a small piece of broken ceramic(?), a piece of grape stem/vine, and a disgusting handful of what could be chicken fat stuck in several places amongst the assembly!
Doing a rinse load now, but we are already convinced it will be working 10x better!

PJ Seiber

Great stuff


I’ve done exactly this maintenance before, and need to do it again. Your explanations are right on! This is a terrific instructional video - one of the best I’ve seen.

Jason DOE

very helpful, solved my issue


awesome video my friends ,the model i have almost identical to this ,i have the model where you just pull the top rack holding clamps out and away ,no screws/bolts here , i pull both racks out easily ,then it doesnt have the bottom screw with tabs holding the spinning part in ???? i think this one is called the KENMORE ELITE ... i guess everything else pops off as you stated ... its the model where it has a removable round screen device ,and a removable bottom screen that also removes without tools that is flat . i dont know yet how to take off the lower spinning arm . the manual calls the top filter screen THE "ULTRA WASH"" FILTRATION SYSTEM !!!


An Excellent review and video quality. Thank you.

Daniel Zimmerman

Just wanted to thank you for this video! Our dishwasher working so much better after going through all the steps, thank you! saved me over 300 dollars

Elizabeth Mack

Does anyone know. Are the Handyguys still making videos. Most of them look 3 years old

Letta Mego

Oh no! I took that thing off that he said not to... and just cleaned it and slapped in back in... what will happen now?

Bob Formoso

Tried two days to fix my maytag that looks exactly like this. I watched numerous videos that didnt help me...until thos one. I had a piece of plastic and food lodged by that flapper valve and all over the chopper. Thanks for the help


I also just watched the video and when I got to the intake, two thin pieces of glass were covering the four slots. Needless to say my wife wanted a new one and now that is working that is not an option. ( I also just recently replaced the soap dispenser as the rinse aid was not working properly. Again no new dishwasher that time either.

donna collins

When I took that last housing off the metal strainer with the rotating arms had come off, and no directions on how to get it back on. There was all kinds of goop and gunk on that metal strainer so it had to be cleaned--all holes were plugged, but no I can't get it back on. Anyone know the name of that piece so I can look up directions on how to reinstall it?

Matthew Heeney

Amazing! I have this exact dishwasher... easy to follow instructions..... even for a rather timid homeowner. I was able to clean out the area near cutting blade (plastic, glass, seeds) and I hope it will clean better now....


I had one of those, and after a few years it would leave chopped up food residue in all the corners, nooks, and crannies. Just gross. Did all the steps above multiple times, replaced parts, etc. Eventually just got a new dishwasher, and Voila, problem solved!

Soap doesn't rinse off

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Why You Shouldn’t Wash Raw Chicken

180 571 views | 8 May. 2019

Just like many other

Just like many other foods, raw chicken should be washed before it's prepared, right? The government says no way. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning people not to rinse their raw bird meat before throwing it on a pan. "Don’t wash your raw chicken! Washing can spread germs from the chicken to other food or utensils in the kitchen," the agency wrote on Twitter last month. This sent social media into a frenzy. So what's the proper way to handle raw chicken?

Sponge bob

Or or listen out, wash the chicken on the other side of the sink so it doesn’t splash onto the utensils.

Thomas Elkington

Absolutely rate these people going against scientist because "they're never wrong" and that everyone else needs to "do your research". I'm going to guess that you're all anti vaxxers right?

j j

NOOOOOOO!!!!! Just NOOO!!!!!!! I've been working in professional kitchens my whole working life and never have I EVER seen anyone wash poultry in the sink. It's gross and disgusting, just plain ignorance of food safety. Some traditions need to die people. This one is it.

Spencer Kissack, Author.

I eat nails & glass. Who gives a hoot about washin chicken

Jayda Outten

We do not only use water you have to let the meat soak in vinegar and warm water

MeganØØF 2005

0:20 she’s wearing a watch while handling raw chicken that’s bothering me

Fallon M

Nobody washes chicken like that, dumb asses


This is dumbest thing I've heard smh. After you finish preparing your chicken on The cutting board you still have to wash The cutting board which is still spreading that same exact bacteria into your sink ??‍♂️ there's no way around it. But I'm definitely washing my chicken


Why do they think we wash it like that.... just fill a bowl with water that’s your solutions

Natalia Pola

It's better to take a large bowl or container and fill it with cold water with vinegar, lime, and salt. Let it soak. running under a sink will spread the germs.

Vin Vin

Of course, y'all thinking of all the reasons to be a lazy ass. Wash your chicken and your sink. Yall nasty.


Only God knows what happened to that raw meat before I bought it ???

A.R.M.Y. Adorable Representative MC for Youth

So y'all don't clean up after? Put it a bowl with water n viniger or lime wtf is wrong with white people

Oskar Ngo


...20 years ago, I would never have thought that too much free media/info could be a bad thing!...

Well I was wrong!

Wash your chicken..!
...Wash your plates..and sink with soap afterwards!

Stupid Video!!!

Daijanique Williams

White ppl quick to tell us not to wash our food but that’s why half of them get sick.

Jonathan Norman

The CDC is right about cooking being the only way to kill salmonella. But why would they use full pressure? Of course the water is going to splash all over the place. No one does that.


So restaurants don't wash their chicken? My mother would NEVA. Chicken is why I'm vegan. I had to thaw it Properly. Lemon, vinegar, lime. This just screams chicken is nasty. Even before they kill it. Why aren't people immune to salmonella yet? That's a sign you're not supposed to eat it. But why the hell would you wash it with water that high in a so high in the sink?

Rayneisha Davis

The only thing that is showing in the black light is the stuff they put in the chicken. And they’re not even washing it right. ??‍♀️


What’s the point of washing the chicken if your just gonna cook it anyway

Dr Deepika

What if there's blood ?
U won't wash it ?
Directly boil or heat and it it ?
That's gross
No one washed their meat like this
Wash your hands and utensils thoroughly after washing
What if there's obvious dirt or blood or some foreign object
U obviously want to remove it and wash your meat before heating it
Or may be directly heat it and heat the foreign object too and the obvious dirt which can be seen with naked eye

Diamond Savage

Y’all don’t clean your kitchen?


That’s bc y’all just using water u don’t just use water to clean if ur body or wash ur hands same with chicken ur supposed to use lime or some with the water


Lol most people does not wash like that

Baker 1982

Just use lemon or lime juice.

Its nathaniel Williams

What if it have blood frozen on it



Shomari IronGodslayer Charles

This y my grandma said don't eat from ppl

Destan Is The Alpha Male

You don’t wash chicken like that

Beau Brashier


:So how many of you think you have wash a chicken before you cook it?


:??? ᵀᴴᴬᵀ'ˢ ᴺᴼᵀ ᴿᴵᴳᴴᵀ,


Nah y’all dumb, you use acv and lemon I’m a separate bowl DUMMIES

John Carlo Villanueva

I Drop my raw chicken and i don't
know how to clean it?
Pls help!!!?

Declan Warrick

Nobody: is on the handle when u touched it
Everyone frikin else: its raw you ?

Terrence Esquire Huggins

Sheeiitttt... I wash my chicken lol

Declan Warrick

and that tap water is bath water that’s what the black light is shinning on

JXP Washedking

For someone to wash chicken like this is insane splashing bacteria all over the place. That is not it how you wash your chicken


And my mom do clean the every thing afterwards because it stinks and everyone does here because it's called manner here in india

What ever you do with your meat wash things afterwards

Veronica Barrientos.

It tasty way better if you wash it

James Anderson

Only monkeys wash chickens.

Marady Mon

Take care of yo chicken

Teresa Burch

Why is this a debate or issue. My kitchen, my sink, my, utensils,my chicken, I'll do what I want.

Lady Diane Djojodiningrat


North Pittman

The person the don’t know how to cook anything past sup/ chili/ hotdog &hamburger believe there killing salmonella by washing it.


white people really hate washing things. first the old Europeans hating bathing and now they dont wanna wash their chicken ??

Rayneisha Davis

That’s not even how you wash chicken???‍♀️ we don’t just run water over it and then cook it.


Why wash the chicken if cooking it is going to kill all the bacteria. Unless y’all like ur chicken medium rare

Andrew Martin

That white chef don’t know what the hell they talking about

Juan Delgado

They really got the water on FULL BLAST to prove a point smfh


Just dont wash anything in general or the germs would spread smhhh...


If you're gonna use the sink at full blast while washing the chicken you might as well bring your pressure washer in doors and wash the chicken thoroughly.


I’m uncut so I always wash my meat.

Ciara Mcguiness

Sorry if your not washing your chicken don’t talk to me this is so bad that’s why you wash around the sink idiots

Just Chiamaka

me still washing it anyways

Chad Gamer

Ppl so ignorant they can’t even believe the cdc

Chef Spoon

Naw sis I'ma wash minds ya'll got the game messed up!!!!


Nobody washes chicken with the water on full blast splashing everywhere. Wash it with low pressure and clean the sink after. ????


How about all the slime? You just cook with that? Disgusting. Wash your meat!

Jay D

Wait so the main argument here is the fact that the germs from the chicken spreads around the kitchen? Idk about y’all but before I wash and season my chicken I make sure the area is clear (no unnecessary products/utensils around). Wash and season my chicken, then wash the dishes and use Lysol to disinfect the whole area....you will never find me putting raw bloody chicken on my frying pan or roasting pan. ??

romelita yajaira

Who else washes their sink before and after? Cuz in my house holds???? thats what we do

Hanif Muhammad

Hears a science ?? lesson about washing chicken use lemon juice ? or vinegar to kill the bacteria because there’s acid from lemons and vinegar will get rid of the bacteria.They think all we use is rinse water to wash chicken that is not only what we use. And they think that heat from the oven will kill it that’s not true bacteria ? have been able to survive extreme heat and high level of high temperature so the science lesson ??for today is use lemon juice ? and vinegar to kill bacteria and heat from the oven won’t kill it bacteria have resistance to heat.

Classic Australian TV

Anyone who washes their chicken is just asking for Food Poisoning

Nery Cabrera

I wash my chicken with dish soap I don’t care


Do people seriously not soak there chicken in vinegar, salt, and water??? Lol, wth, my mom always did that to get rid of the smell and clean the chicken

You're Not That Guy


Andrew Martin

Who the hell washes meat like that

Shay Tyler

They washed their chicken like they were in an informal commercial. ????

Jj Sanchez

Add rather spread / remove or wash away the bacteria down the sink at least lesser bacteria heading to my pan.

Oreo Cookie

That's not how you wash a chicken you damn swines


i think only americans wash chicken...

Nery Garcia

Try explaining this to your stubborn Mexican mother ?



African cheeto

So you have to wash your chicken when it's baked


So what happened to soaking in a basin?

alex ojideagu

Amazing how many people still don't understand this.

Mark David Mallorca

Just wash your chicken with soap cmon!


Bruh...... all you have to do is clean your sink with vinegar and spray it down after washing the chicken. Common sense

LexiTheGamer -

Y’all don’t listen what they say, Either way if you don’t wash your chicken ur gon have bacteria in it so I recommend washing your chicken!

Brad Jennings

Dude your spraying it with basically a hose obviously it’s fkn everywhere... fill the sink with water drop in chicken (without splashing) add salt, vinegar clean chicken then rinse it a bunch maybe add some lemon. You’ll know it’s clean when water is clear then use bleach to clean sink.

Dotsie D. Isaac

Idiotic and contradictory. You can wash n disinfect the cutting board but you can't wash and disinfect the sink and surrounding areas? Woman, please! Gtfoh.

elias e

Dude if you don't wash the chicken it will have bacteria and of u thoughrly cook the chicken, it will be BURN


This just clearly shows how the people specifically in this video, don't clean they kitchen when the cook! I'll skip Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Easter, & Independence day if it's at their house!

1 z

Shut up kid


White people really think we do it like that

Samantha Smith

I dont give af Im washing my chicken in my vinegar water..its just nasty not washing it....you can actually taste and smell the rawness while eating once its not washed.. i dont mind sanitizing the entire kitchen after prepping...you dont have to splash everything all over the place for bacteria to spread.

Jessica Rodriguez

I’m still washing my chicken ?

Jackie AQ

What a load of cap. That's why you wash the area and utensils AFTER you wash the chicken. Use lemon /lime or vinegar. Wash the area with disenfectant or hot soapy water with touch of bleach. Don't listen to this cap people. And what about fish??

Katybee Chan

I’m Latina and my mom is always washing raw chicken; she won’t listen when I told her not to wash the chicken

Rico g

I think you'd more likely food poisoning from not washing the chicken. Just clean the sink/ utensils with bleach afterwards.

Mr. Peanutbutter

What about people just do their own thing and stop letting government tell what's right.

Shamara B

If they knew how much raw chicken touches the ground they wouldn't be saying this. Tap water and vinegar. Don't listen to these people

Destinee McClellan

But why is she washing the chicken like a spoon? Take this video down.

Beau Brashier

Me: knock knock

My friend: wHaT?

Me: 0:31


My mom wash the chicken because here we don't get that chicken in package we have to buy it from butcher and we wash it because that has blood and other unnecessary organs that need to removed and we don't run the chicken like that in tap water that's nonsense

Declan Warrick

it’s called washing your sink? who would have thought.
If u grill this chicken or broil it the bacteria will get on the appliance and gets it dirty. Just wash it Nope that will damage it. They make washing tools for it but based on your knowledge don’t think you know about them.

jas móras

how about you clean your sink afterwards and not splash it under water like that?


Lmao who puts the faucet on full blast like that ? also washing that cutting board is no different than washing the chicken.

Roblox xMinty_Boo

But if you cook it without washing it,it's going to be rank.

Elevators & Aviation YT

If you don’t wash your Chicken it will have a raw taste

Harry Boyed


Shay Tyler

Wash it with low pressure.

Paris, France.

I'll always wash my chicken cuz I DNT want all that chicken blood and don't know what to be in my food I dont care what cdc says lol