Nails ridges

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How To: Shine Your Nails Using a Buffer from Walmart

2 872 views | 1 Jun. 2020

In this video, I'm showing

In this video, I'm showing you guys how I buff my nails to make them shinny and strong using a buffer I purchase form Walmart. Stay SAFE and I'll see you in the next one!!!!!!!!!!

Devin Prince

I use this video as ASMR

thelma johnson

I enjoy the video. Do you do anything else on a daily basis to your nails other than oil the nails and cuticle area ? They are gorgeous nails. Tfs


Hi ruby. Step 2 is for the top of your nails, to smooth out the ridges.

Ms Beautifull

I lover buffers and use them from time to time. The natural shine always looks pretty to me. ??????

Ronda Smith

Simply beautiful Ms. Ruby and I've always loved the effects of using a buffer.


your natural nails are so gorgeous