Pigment spots

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Henna Tutorial for a Natural Pigment Spots Look | uglysxegirl

93 002 views | 24 Mar. 2019

read the info in bio for

read the info in bio for more details and tips.

- the henna will appear orange at first, but will get darker after a while.

- to make the process faster you can go into the sun

- last for 4 days

- you can find henna cones on the internet or in Indian supermarkets

original idea by Emilya Lmolu


model Lee


Anon Ymous

Ummmm what the fuck

Deja' Riddick

Freckles is one thing but this is offensive to people with skin conditions, blotches and things like that. Some wish they didn’t have it and you give them to yourself... I guess that’s how the world is!

Raluca-Gabriela Lazan

this video makes me feel so much better about my body, i have spots like this all over my body and ppl think i have skin cancer or some shit and its sad, thank you?

kate stokes

i feel like everyone in the comment section without hyperpigmentation is offended by this whereas everyone with is considering this video as a compliment. i personally can’t speak for the hyperpigmentation side, but in my opinion i feel like they’re the only ones who’s opinions matter. let them get offended for themselves, and don’t spread negativity over something so minuscule as someone trying to emulate a look that they find beautiful.

Nicole R. C. Viana

when I dye my hair in black and I don't use anything to protect my face:

Anayah .M

I actually really liked this

Sixion Zear

This is pretty offensive as someone with vitiligo


das ist ja Mareike HAHA

Mink the Kitty Cat

Yall gotta stop hating its just content chill

Molly R

The fake freckles I can deal with because they’re just a bit of fun. But faking a skin condition........ absolutely not. This was not cute sis.


you guys are annoying me. If it makes her happy then who cares?! It’s like me putting in two different colored contacts and someone coming up to me and saying “oh, so we are faking hetrochomia (forgive my spelling) now?!” This is just unwanted animal ignorance.

Andrea Shore

I think everyone is beautiful and we should all respect on another that's all.
Happy holidays


My mom has this skin condition and she always hates it seeing you do that is just-

Yodit Abbay

Mimicry is the best form of flattery

Via Dicota

i love how see find's cuteness out of this

btw is it just me lol


I don’t understand why people are so upset about this? It sure is controversial but If anything things like this spreads the message that vitiligo can be beautiful and so can birthmarks. Let the girl live, its just like faking/mimicking a tan. Vitiligo and Birthmarks/Hyperpigmentation spots aren’t the same as vitiligo. Note that vitiligo is the decrease of melanin when the melanin cells die, hyperpigmentation is when those spots become super pigmenated. CALM DOWN.

Melia F.

Ich wusste doch dass ich die mareike schonm gesehen hab

Allie Gamboa

she really went ?

florence Smith

wtffffffffff sorry but this is sooo wrong

Fuckbitches Getmoney

Oh she is from Germanys next Top Model. Love her

Lisaand Lena

einfach mareike von gntm

whats up

She be looking like a map

Catherine 14

Okay I get the freckles but faking a skin condition?....?

M.K. S.

Can we talk about how DANGEROUS this fake henna is? on your FACE? :O

7 7

Super creative love it!

yvng_ sarina

This is so dumb ? ur not supposed to use henna like that it's not meant to be used like that.

soft milk

everyone saying “oH wE cOpYing VitIliGo nOw?” needs to stop. its hyperpigmentation and its beautiful. if she wants to copy this beautiful condition, let her. shes not hurting anyone and is teaching people that what makes them different is accepted and beautiful

Frische Minze

I love it



Emma Elisabet

Uhm, but why fake a skin condition so many people struggle to accept about themselves?



Helynn Melanin



mareike hahaa


As some one with vitiligo yallllllllllll cAN SHUTTUPP. Honestly, who the fuck cares?

Mayne, most of the people who scream about this being wrong don't even have any skin conditions.

I wish I were Heather

Henna was meant to make beautiful designs on hands and toes. Stop the nonsense please

j. dll

Das ist doch Mareike


Bin ich hier die einzige die hier Deutsch spricht und weißt dass , das Mareike aus GNTM 2020 ist ???‍♀️

bbrexxa bboi

I love it

heart of horses

Ist das nicht mareike von gntm?


Do u guys even know what vitiligo is THIS IS NOT VITILIGO

Jaimie Mcphee

I think it’s really cool that skin pigmentation is being accepted as beautiful


Honesty maybe it’s just me but I kinda think this is ...not right for one because a skin condition should not be of choice of worn as an accessory. 2 because I view it as black face . I’m not gonna like nor dislike the video. Don’t get me wrong I like the the video just not what it is if that makes sense . I can tell that they probably didn’t really think this through because I don’t think they would have done it if they did. No hate. ✌?

Olivia Lang

I love this video. As someone with hyperpigmentation, I didn’t think we’d ever get to a world where people want to look like me. Thank you for embracing spots ?♥️

Cielle Eloise

I'm sorry but a skin condition shoudn't be a trend.


People with Vitiligo want to have normal skin, but people with normal can't want to have or at least look like they have Vitiligo? If these people think this is beauty, let them think that. All of y'all just wanna burst someone's bubble. They did nothing to you, so leave them alone.


Waiittttt she was on germanys next topmodel 2020

Pending Deletion Due To Copyright Violations

this is not RIGHT

Danni V

Why are her ear lobes wrapped around itself??!??


Omg I love you sm

Juicie '

Everybody is beautiful!!!

Филоня Кариэл

I waaaant


PSA: I am a henna artist and I feel the need to share that these mass produce cones are actually not safe for your skin. They contain different chemicals in order to elongate the cone's shelf life, enhance the stain and make it last longer. When using henna, you should always use 100% natural henna cones! There are plenty of vendors in Etsy and Instagram! Also, if you're interested in seeing some henna art my Instagram is @luciashennaart, and if you message me there I can help you find a natural henna artist/vendor around your place!

spy_31 ROBLOX

This is not right don’t do this

Lua Bahia

[ ] Privilege

Lola Corbin

What henna/ color did you use?


People without vitiligo/hyperpigmentation spots: THIS IS NOT OKAY! You're a dumb bitch for turning a skin condition people have been bullied for into a beauty trend! THIS DOES NOT SIT WELL WITH ME. FUCK OFF.
People with vitiligo/hyperpigmentation spots: I'm totally alright with this... You might even say that it made me feel less insecure, seeing how someone without my condition fakes it and turns it into something pretty!

Jor Di

White privilegy: we need new fashion trends xdlol

Playbøi Barbīe

So what situation was she in to think this was a good idea


I mean why

Elena Davite

i'm confused about this video... a lot of people say that it's a sort of insult to other people that live with skin discoloration\vitiligo, but i'n my opinion show that a person wants skin discoloration MAYBE can help people who have this features to accept themselves... it's only a point of view

Kate Calleja

Where did u get the henna from


Einfach Mareike hahaha

Cort B

Hyperpigmentation is not vitiligo as someone with traces of both I find this beautiful. It makes me happy that it’s something to be cherished instead of feared. Because this skin is beautiful.

Amber Mejil

She put her streched ears behind her ears woooooaaahhhhh

Oreo Playz

Hmm i cant find sweden


She looks like bhadbaby

Kate Calleja

What websites

Lilli Weitgasser


Филоня Кариэл

I waaaant

Skye 1234

That's fucked up!!!

Louise T

Wtf lol

Aky *insert last name here*


*v dyme


Da'Naisa Love

She’s sick... In a bad way. what the use for this ?

Pablo e.k

The audacity and disrespect , wtf were you thinking ???? this is not okey , you should know better !!!!!




Bruh looks like she drew a map of the world on her face ?. People rlly need to stop faking skin conditions

carlo Speil

I like it

nadyaxkinch oo

But after wearing this and using it as an accessory for a few days you can take this off. People with skin conditions that cause similar pigmentation generally have to deal with it their whole lives and come to love and accept it


Some of y'all are over reacting. Here's my opinion. Just as some people love brown hair there are those who can hate it. If you are the one suffering from the hatred of brown hair and have it you can dye it cover it up. It's a life long maintenance for the coverage of the hair. Or you can have the brown hair and hate it and deal with it. Feel like everyone sees that you are worth or are of less value then someone with another hair color. You could have brown hair and love it and love it equally if not more on others. What's in saying is beauty is subjective. You like what you like about yourself or your don't. And it's sad if you have to live with something you don't like about yourself and can't change. Ya just gotta learn a little self love. Hope that was understandable/made sense

crystal gem

siempre me parecia muy hermosa la gente que tenia algo especial, y el vitiligo es una de esas cosas, si bien antes lo veian mal ahora con este tipo de videos veran que en realidad hay belleza en eso, solo basta con realzar lo que nos hace autenticos y veran que empezaran a copiarnos
pd. me gusto mucho tu video

Pink Clorox Bleach

I feel like all the people in the comments who ACTUALLY have hyperpigmentation arent offended, but the people who dont have it are. Like ive seen a handful of comments from people who actually have the skin condition saying its beautiful that people are embracing this, and people who dont have it keep saying "So your faking skin condition now?"

İlayda ALYAZ

I really love it,it's suit her so well


anyone else think the model looks like the ice queen from Narnia? no just me okay?

First Name Last Name

Bruh my dad has vitiligo and he had to COVER it with makeup for an interview.

Claudia Navas

Why nobody says something bout her ears??

Jule Sattler

Oh ma gad it’s Mareike

Millie Billing

It’s his story not offensive everyone gets offended so easy but it is stupid so stupid what a dumb thing to do honestly

Lauren Williams

You’re literally disgusting. This ain’t It. Pretend to be black and have a condition that takes your pigment away. Yeah you’re cool???


are you fucking kidding me?

W i l l o w

sieht voll schön aus ? das ist doch Mareike von gntm.. ?❤️


As someone with a skin condition i love that itsbeing accepted she looks cute af too

Aysia Howard

Fake vitiligo this is much farther than freckles

korina doricic

what the fuck is wrong with you


Honestly I love how people are appreciating skin conditions I think it uplifts people who are embarrassed of their own actual skin conditions

Idk why people don’t like this I swear now y’all say this is Skin appropriation grow up

Like people used to bully people who actually have skin conditions like this and now we have people showing the beauty of it you guys get mad?

autumn garcia

Unh uh honey

Chrissi Pissi

Germany’s next topmodel Mareike omg


Women are weird....God...I am so irritated with my own kind.....What if someone came up to you with this hyperpigmentation and talked to you about it. I had a friend in college with this kind of condition and literally no one talked about it because you know we are goal seeking people who didn't have to be fake to get people to like us. I know she would have hated this. It isn't a joke, it is a part of her that she can't really do anything about. Wouldn't it be strange to say it is make up? Well? just being fake and wanting attention is NOT CUTE. I'd be insulted.


Wtf people think is a culture appropriation like whyyyyy?

Reegan Carstensen

If you already have these naturally, you are absolutely gorgeous and I’m jealous