Scalp scars

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Hair Transplant Into Scars

4 167 views | 20 Sep. 2020


In this episode we discuss the role of hair transplant surgery into scars.

Grafting hairs into scars can be a useful way of camouflaging scar tissue if it is on the scalp or in the beard line.

David Sosnak

Uff good

Sujit Dutta

describe upcoming new treatment way316606 and brazula....plz sir....

Mr. WorldWide

Please make a video on ONION JUICE for baldness


Hey Doc, do you think it would be a good idea ,when you are thinning on top and on the sides, to transplant bodygrafts into the sides abd wear a hairsystem on the top?


Can you transplant hair into a scar right after a FUT hair transplant? (on the same day you're having the HT to avoid multiple operations)

Venkatapparao Badagala

Sir,I was recommended finasteride by my doctor.its been 2 weeks and I noticed decrease in libido.dosage is 2 times a week.wat should I do now.should i stop?please help me sir

Joshua David

Hi Dr. Knudsen and Dr. Jayaprikash! Thanks for the informative videos. My question for you involves shock loss:
I have a 1x2 inch hairless birthmark on the crown of my scalp which I intend to get surgically removed in the near future. I’ve been on Finasteride and Minoxidil for close to a year and have recovered about 70% of my hair from a previous diffuse Norwood 3. Do you think surgery would affect my hair gains in any way from possible shock loss?


I have a scar on my scalp from where I got a mole removed, and now no hair grows there :(
How much is a hair transplant for a small scar? Hopefully a lot cheaper than a full hair transplant if it's a small area?

Sepehr R

Hello everyone,I wanted to know what will happen if i mix finastride 1mg with shampoo to apply on hair scalp?


Q: Can you do FUE into FUT scars? There is mixed information i read on how successful this procedure can be! Thanks


Which techniques would you prefer to camouflage the scars? I heard from two doctors that FUT has a better growth rate in scars.


Hi Dr. Jayaprakash. How can we contact you for a personal question please?

Fat Chicken

Do you think a dermatologist will prescribe finasteride to a teen who is thinning at the temples and crown with a bit of diffuse all over on top my sides are thick as hell 15yrs and half yrs old UK

Badbitch Files

What about people with psoriasis


Not sure if you answer these but I had a HT into the hairline, one side looks pretty good and natural, the other side has a large cowlick so it doesnt look great. This procedure was done 15 years ago i sort of forgot about it until i buzzed it recently to see how my hairloss progress has been. Is there any way to fix this save for growing out the hair several months and doing the side part? Im worried as I continue aging ill have to buzz head down and ill have this awful cowlick. thx

shivam agrawal

dr I really want to know that my eyebrows, beard, and pubic hair are falling out along with hair from the scalp... which condition is this ?? is this androgenetic alopecia or alopecia areata.... and how can I solve it


FAQ - Dr.,sorry for asking this. But I got the transplant done exactly 4 weeks back and I have been prescribed Minoxidil. I was wondering generally, if a patient has a non progressive hair loss and did his transplant, is the application of Minoxidil still necesssary. And if yes, is it required to be applied on the transplanted hair as well. My were 2000 grafts and I am sure that 100% of them were from the safe zone.


Excellent channel guys! You guys give straight up honest advice and facts!

Martin M.

Hello Dr. Jayaprakash, could you please make an episode about body hair transplants? Beard, chest hair etc. That would be interesting for many guys with bad donor.

David Eriksson

Why wont you answer the question? Is there a chance with the use of finasteride that the penis or genitals can shrink permanently? During to a recently made study on rats, it shows it can. Doctor? It's a serious question would very much appriciate an answer

David Sosnak

I have a question. I have done my HT recently but i would like to go my hair line lite bit higher. What option do i have except shaving? Like laser removal?


What it the scar tissue was from a scalp disease like lichen planopilaris?

Darren M

Thank you

Xenos White

Good content as always Doctor. thank you.


Everyone should appreciate these two amazing doctor for making our knowledge alot better in terms of hair loss. Luckily I started losing my hair just when they started uploading Youtube videos. I started 1mg every day got moderate side effects then i stopped and after 3 months started 1mg three times a week for nearly 7 months now. Hair loss stabilized very well with little bit improvement and i would say sometimes i have really really mild decreasing in sex drive( maybe it's not from the drug directly since it's only sometimes) and by the way i am 21 years old so it means my hair loss is not slow but not aggressive as well so it means 1mg 3 times a week works nearly as much as every day with less side effect

Shashank Chaprana

Hi Sir,
Is minoxdil without alcohol workable instead of minoxdil with alcohol ?

Manuel Pereira

Keep up the great job! Can you do a video on FUE Vs DHI?

David Sosnak

How much cost HT in your clinic?

oliver lomax

Hi, love the vids. After watching your channel I have decided to stop taking finasteride everyday and to op for a 3 day a week. Also I am wishing to take dutasterside once a week. I am aware dutasterside is more powerful but as I’ve experience no side effects from fin everyday. Is it unlikely I’ll experience side effects from dutasterside once a week?


QUESTION: Taking 1mg of finasteride daily blocks roughly 70 percent of DHT. Is the same percentage of DHT blocked if you only take finasteride every second day?

Christian Abaga

I have a scar on my upper lip and bothered by it being shiny. Will it make it less shine if hairs are transplanted on it, even if the mustache is shaved?

Scalp scars

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SCAR Hair Transplant: How to produce good growth in scar tissue and cover the area aesthetically!

3 020 views | 12 Apr. 2020

Scar tissue is a

Scar tissue is a compromised tissue in terms of vascularity, uneven thickness and is unfavorable for hair growth. Scar could be due to the 1) primary skin diseases or 2) due to trauma, surgeries, etc.

1) The scar tissue needs to be inactive in terms of disease activity. At least a disease-free period of more than 5 years is required to think of doing a hair procedure upon the scar due to skin diseases. And a test grafting should be done before taking up the full area for the procedure.

2) In case of traumatic scarring or iatrogenic scarring, at least a period of 6 months to 1 year should be waited before doing the procedure.

Since the blood supply is less, dense packing of 40-50 grafts per square cm should not be attempted. Around 20-25 grafts should be attempted. If the hair is put at the right depth then they would grow, if the blood supply is adequate.

Scar tissue is most of the time emotionally challenging whenever it is on face or scalp. Experts who handle scar well with the experience of growing hair over it can produce highly gratifying results.

Eugenix Hair Sciences – a phenomenon sweeping the hair transplant industry with it’s Direct Hair Transplantation technique has become an enigma in the hair transplant industry. With more than 6000 successful cases so far, they have proved their consistency without a doubt.

Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal with their skill and passion have emerged as forerunners in the hair transplant industry. Eugenix is changing the face of hair transplantation for men and women with world class FUE instrumentation, facilities, and a team of dedicated professionals.

Anup Jalota Hair transplant at Eugenix India: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-P2ZNr2UQ8

Our Result (Four months): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-_kZDFo2so

Our Result (Six months): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9essrQVhttM

Our Result (nine months): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhvG5llq6lo

Our Result (One Year): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BNz6AeA-9g

Corrective Hair Transplant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6MKIhLUVVg

About us : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L20vNYyfLGc


Visit : https://www.eugenix.in/

Instagram: @eugenixhairsciences

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ehairclinic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eugenixclinic


Dr Arika Bansal (MD, AIIMS)





Dr Pradeep Sethi (MD, AIIMS) is an expert surgeon and was awarded an honorary professorship at DY Patil University, to teach the science and art of Hair Transplantation.




Rajan Menon

Mam great results....... every time I request you the same to post a video on bht and low density fue with smp.....plz looking eagerly for the same


Mam apka clinic kaha hai merko v krna hai hair transplant

Eugenix Hair Sciences

Call us or WhatsApp us on: +91 88264 73333, or email us on: [email protected]eugenix.in to begin your journey to a complete and beautiful hair restoration with a free consult. Read more: www.eugenix.in

Suman Suman

Do you have whatsapp no

ashwani kapoor

Mam I have few patches like you show in this video but i have 3 patches out of which 1 is not grown since 2018 now others are also stopped to grow so I just want to know what will the cost of hair transplant in such a case and how can I meet you to start that treatment

Narender Bamel


raj kumar

Greate mam..

Scalp scars

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Can Hair Be Transplanted into Scars? | Thinning Hair

5 823 views | 3 Oct. 2012

Watch more How to Treat

Watch more How to Treat Thinning Hair & Baldness videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/506526-Can-Hair-Be-Transplanted-into-Scars-Thinning-Hair

People say to me all the time I've had a cosmetic procedure on my face or on my scalp and I've been left with a scar; is there anything I can do about it? Happily, transplants work through scar tissue. They'll grow if you've had a face lift scar, brow lift scar, or other cosmetic procedure. Often, after a plastic procedure on the face or scalp, there's hair loss that occurs. Sometimes that hair loss is temporary. But sometimes it's permanent and often if there's a scar, the scar can be a little bit wider and then it causes a negative effect of having the face lift or brow lift to begin with. What we do is we can transplant hairs into that scar and they'll do very well. Part of the difference is that it's not as good as transplanting into virgin tissue on the scalp so you may need a second procedure to get the desired density and results that you're looking for.


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Simphiwe Masiteng

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