Leds blue

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729 views | 18 Feb. 2017

Here are some 100W Blue

Here are some 100W Blue LEDs (450nm or so) They are extremely cheap and a ton of fun.

Considering that they are nearly as bright at 50W as they are at 100W you can actually get some great efficiency.

If you want to get some go search 100W LED chip on Ebay and try to find the cheapest ones. (expect to pay $2-7 for the cheap ones)


Awesome, I love your vids, been watching for a long time but you don't upload anymore :(

Leds blue

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$15 RGB LED Light for Videos and photos!

261 395 views | 3 Jul. 2018

Want some colored

Want some colored lighting in your videos and photos? This $15 RGB LED light could be perfect! Find them here on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/igX6UXO

Exact Lights I Used (set of 4) on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/NSAVg

Cheapest I Could Find on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/PGlpCq

DMX Controller on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/wNIn

Wireless DMX Adapter on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/Tx5Ug

Rapid Baby Adapter on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/v6jB


If you only have 1 light, you can use the switches on the back to control color.

The first 3 switches control RED. For just a little red, turn switch #1 on. To add more red, turn on #2 and #3.

For GREEN, use switches #4, #5 and #6. Just like red, you can use dim the color by turning those switches on or off.

For BLUE use switches #7 and #8.

To MIX COLOR use the switches mention above to get different combinations.


Connect your DMX controller to 1 or more RGB DMX lights using XLR cables or DMX cables.

If you’re using multiple lights, you need to daisy chain them together using the IN and OUT jacks.

Set the dip switches to the settings I showed in the video and you’re good to go!

More info on DMX can be found in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJQAZsNwcv4


Panasonic GH5s on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/gh5s

Viltrox Speedbooster on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/y2CORa

Sigma 18-35mm on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/sigma18

Benro Tripod on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/i2ZUCA


Aputure 120D on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/88Akm

Aputure Light Dome on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/aputurelightdome

Falcon Eyes 24TDX on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/OdOb

Rolling Stand on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/Jh97BK8


Deity Shotgun on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/aputuredeity

Sound Devices MixPre-3 on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/vHsiYi6



We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

This video was not paid for by outside persons or manufacturers.

No gear was supplied to me for this video.

The content of this video and my opinions were not reviewed or paid for by any outside persons.


I think these will be the next investments for my music video productions. Thanks for the tip my guy.

Vadim Sokol

These light looks like stage lights...

Custom Made Name

These look really nice! A friend of mine has some smaller lights that are weatherproof and made for landscaping. They come with infrared remotes to control the light color, and I'm glad that RGB tech gives us so many options!

Matthew Vargas

Just to clarify XLR and DMX cables A R E different and shouldn't be used interchangeably!

Patient Zero Balisong

Would it flicker at 24fps?

Zac Durrant

Have you noticed a slight flicker when connect to the dmx controller?

Ernesto Murcia

Please I need the Link of lights that use a battery because those that come out do not use a battery


Very nice demonstration and description. Thanks for the vid!


colour changing flood lights won't work as neon lighting?


I bought a big DJ light that lights up a large room which was only £25. I think it may well light up the moon as well...

Matthew Rosenblatt

To note, these lights have a pretty horrific failure mode where the either 1) lose sections of a single color, row by row, until all of the colors have disappeared into the ether and/or 2) They just catch fire.

So be aware of that. (They WILL fail. If you leave them on 24/7, it'll take 3-6 months for LED's to start burning out in these units in most cases)

Faraz Aijaz

I have got a question... please answer it. I shoot with my canon dslr on 18-55mm lens and sometimes on 35mm prime lens but whenever i point my camera to any neon board, instead of getting a simple flare, i get the whole board as flare. Please help... how can i get clean shots?


Can't find that light!


Awe man. Desire to try these is huuuge. But if I get the lights I won’t do it without the controller board ?

Ash von Chamier

Nice find. Might be a great little solution for my studio so I have a default quick background set up for VLOGs.

Thomas Windfeld

Thanx. Love your vids!


Thanks Man you did help me a lot


Can’t find the product


Great video ! But we can also buy YeeLight bulb for $15 and control them with our smartphone :P


What kind of battery and cradle is that called?

Jared Clark

Mine flicker in my 4k video shots, and also have a random flicker going on to the naked eye. But I don't notice the constant flicker in my webcam. Any way to get rid of the flicker on my sony a6400 4k?

Ermenegildo Conte

What is the RGB lights you are using in 2019? I'm looking for a good option for background lightning.

J Drum

DMX and MIC cables are 2 different things Mic cables are Low Z and DMX transmits a digital signal while the Low Z cable transmits in analog and can cause interference between the lights. I’ve done that same setup and had major issues wit MIC cables it’s a BIG no no in the DJ/Band world!

Sandra Selva

what is that you used as diffuser? how is it called? where can I get those diffusers? thank you you tutorial is very helpful!


Buying this setup next week


Was that a special kind of paper to diffuse the light?

Steroid Sp

Cool backlighting reflecting the boss's attacks https://trend.financesheff.site/gaming/cool-backlighting-reflecting-the-bosss-attacks/

David Murray Holland

Mod your soft box with the layers from inside broken TV screens.

Tubleej Thoj

i can't find these at Amazon. what is the name for it?


Thanks for all the indepth reviews you do. You may already have a video, but I'm going to ask anyway. Let's say you have approx $100. Give it take$50 either way. You need the most versatile lighting package possible. Let's say, something on the camera would be nice, that would also for nicely into a basic three light setup. All the being said, some expandability would be great as fingers become available. Give all the options with LEDs, CFL s,etc. What is the most frugal, efficient, effective and expandable option/combination? I know this is asking allot and it's a pretty complex question, but you can see why I'm a bit overwhelmed. Thanks in advance if you decide to tackle this realistic life situation for a filmmaker trying to make the most of new options on a budget and not waste valuable resources.

DSLR Video Shooter

Love using these for product shots! What RGB lights do you guys use/recommend?

Bruno M

Can you use Ableton to control the lights? Was just curious if there's a software version of the controller you have bsically

Ebony Brewer

Thank you for this video! You saved me so much money!

Dennis Mitchell

Just what I needed finding these lights that could be used with batteries. However when I clicked on the link the ones that came up didn't have that feature.


Great video! Thanks! Check out my background RGB ideas! :) https://youtu.be/Ao8Gb5R6M6k

Talk Ethiopia with Isaac - ቶክ ኢትዮጵያ

What's the model name?


why why this man use a cap on the head...
just why

Doug Freidman



like this message if the beginning of the video sounds like Stranger things lol....(Will and mike getting into some sneaky business)

Justin M. Fowlkes

How do you mod it to take a battery?

The Video Nerd

How can you upload in this quality? When I upload 4K it gets encoded to a much worse quality than this. Greetings!

Matias Tazza

Hey! Matias from Argentina here...very usefull this info! What cheap key-light do you recommend? Thanks bro!

Zac Durrant

How do you know which switches to flip to get them in a dmx sequence? I tried what you did, but I want to add more lights. I have 12 of them.

Alessandro Arzilli

I think I'm going to buy one and put it right behind me to get some cool backlighting!

Suyash LoneWolf

Where did you get that Macintosh classic?

Michael Gomez

As soon as I heard DMX I thought "Where the hood, where the hood, where the hood at"

David Eric Nilsson

Great stuff.. time to smash the piggybank!

AJ ONeal

Are the colors the same between the lights?
In a previous life I was a wedding DJ and have some pro lights, but they don't work for video due to that the colors don't actually match between lights and the flickering is really bad at lower intensity.
Sidenote: I have that same DMX controller (on my desk right now) but about 3 generations older, back when it was owned by Elation.


These lights are gon' make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here!


for short runs and few fixtures, XLR mic cables will work, however they're not the right tool for the job and you'll start running into issues when you get longer/more lights. DMX cables use different wire. These are pretty cool for the price, for sure.

Danny Zuko

ORDERED. Thank you! I got two of them for only £23 in the UK!

Chris Meister - Lighting and Sound

Super nice video about these little amazon lights! Enjoyed watching it.

Brian Michael

I dunno... Id prefer these other rgb lights that I got to accent my gf's apt.. it comes with a lil remote and is simple
Yangcsl LED Flood Light Outdoor, 15W Color Changing Floodlight with Remote

Isaac Engelhardt

This looks like a little of a learning curve for me (a beginner), but your display of the visual pay off for learning how to use a DMX controller may have sold me.


nice review bro......how do u connect 2 or more lights to the mixer ,since it has just one out put....thanks

Mark Beecher

what is your diffuser made out of ? is it just a piece of paper?

Dave Patterson

Thanks for this video. I've been interested in getting some RGB lights, but the typical LEDs for video work tend to be expensive. These would be effective for colored backgrounds and product shots, so I think I'll get a set.

Regarding DMX cables, I presume you can "daisy chain" XLR cables from one light to the other, and still have the DMX settings independent, for the DMX remote controller board.




"This should look pretty horrific right now" it actually looks pretty awesome tbh


RGB lights under $100?

Conner Moon

So as long as you max them out on the switcher there’s no flickering when you see it on video?

Mugilan Manohar

Can i switch off multi colour mode ???? If i want only blue colour then how can i turn off other colours ????

Fritz K Renold

Is there a video that shows the programming of the lights as well as the DMX - How did you do this? That would be so helpful


I did a screen grab when you aimed the the light directly at the camera, at 6:24. I'm going to try that as a light on me for Zooming. Well, that didn't go well. Now I'm depressed...


Could green light popout green screen and pull a clean key in green light?

Helaman Gile

They look very bright


EXACTLY what I needed to see! Great work brother!

Steven Newton

Can you go over modifying it for battery usage? Please!?

Dj Phase Four

Going 4/45$ on ebay if you look around, I'm trying to record/stream in a small room and I need some cheap lightweight lights. I hope these work out, will know in a few days.


Can anyone tell me if pair of these lights are having more intensity than the yongnuo yn360 RGB mode or not, because yongnuo's yn360 has bright tungsten and daylight but not RGB, so please tell me if this is a better and cheaper option ?

Daniel Constant

Hi Caleb, I wanted to create some dramatic photos having one side of face lit with blue and the other side lit with red. Would you recommend these lights for portraits?


Sorry, DMX cable is not the same impedance as Mic cables. You run the risk of introducing problems and headaches if you use audio cables.

Ben Wilsonham

Thanks for the recommendation!


Be careful when using xlr cables instead of dmx cables because xlr cables are not shielded so you could end up with interferences and possibly even break your lights


These are ok for the cheap price, but not really working for me. I need something to cast some color on a wall behind me for more depth when I do online lectures for a class. I have to put these pretty close to the wall and the best I can get is kind of a large green corona on the wall. Not much control over brightness or saturation. I am going to try the GVM 50RS RGB panel ($226 on Amazon plus a light stand). They seem to provide much more control at a reasonable price for a more high end RGB. But I will keep these. I'm sure I can find a use for them. BTW I am a fan of your videos. Built your all-in-one desktop studio. Great video with all the parts listed!


I know thing for link work correct

Tony B

I'm assuming a DMX terminitor would need to be used at the end of the daisy chain? Or is that not necessary with this set up?


those RGB LEDs are from ice age


Haha $115 in Australia fuck

Jerod Dunn

QLC+ is a great open source DMX control app.

Jason Shrestha

do u know how the backdrop is done in this video ? https://youtu.be/HD9TG-jlAmA

Shezan Saleem aka JO-G

Hey great video and insight.
Another cheaper option would be to go for LED Par lights and it comes with remote control so no switching up n down at the back and also xlr link option. I've ordered one recently waiting for it in mail. Will see how it works. I ordered 18 watts led though just wamted to try out.
Btw greetings from Pakistan.
Take care

Legendary Life


Anhel Lehna

Hey Caleb. After seeing this video, I bought 8 of these lights for around 90$. These LEDs are not only cheap, they also look pretty nice and I would even say that they are clearly underrated lights.
Btw love your content and appreciate the work that you do here. Your videos really helped me a lot. I also enjoy the quality of this channel. Hope you keep going with your reviews.
Have a great day!! :)

manohar mgr

Very useful video , I learned lot from it, looking forward more videos like this keep it up good work, R.manohar , india,

Alan Sarco Fotografo

it`s like a regular DMX light?

Analogue FilmMaker

that's what I have looked for! thanks!

Vlan Decks



1and half year later: Interesting cheap solution, i found the lights at this link: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07581YFDQ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=CO-Z+Stage+Lighting+LED&qid=1574975377&s=musical-instruments&sr=1-1 they were not found with the link in the description. thanks for this though!


so impractical, I saw a video where a guy a strip led lights into a silver pan and put some defussion and looked cool, I have a 5mts strip light RGB and it{s controlled remotly

a Star Wars Scoundrel

Thanks for showing us the lights, but I have a better question. Where'd you get that nice hat with logos?


Nice vid! Anyone who is getting into DMX, however, should not invest in a cheapo Chinese DMX console. Get something from ADJ, Chauvet, Elation, and good companies that are reliable. If you can't afford something new, go on eBay. There are a lot of used, beginner boards that are really good!

Aamin Gill

hey i wanna buy some lights for music vidios and stuff .......are these lights worth it .....like they work good in background only ?

Davidian Bros Productions

Thanks for mentioning the flickering in video topic.


Great video! Thanks! Check out my background RGB ideas! :) https://youtu.be/Ao8Gb5R6M6k

Creative Workshop

I got these and they have a remote Led Par Can disco lights 36W 36LED DMX512 RGB 7 Lighting Modes https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07F6Y7MNZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_feDLCbR0JFYTY


Cool video! Anybody used philips hue rgb strips in videoproduction? Do they flicker?

Aaron Golden

What's their CRI though?

Ryan Wilford

This was a superb video. Mod looks cool.

Leds blue

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White, Red or Blue light for growing - The best colour for plant growth? Time lapse grow & yield

195 950 views | 13 Sep. 2017


Follow us:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MIGROLIGHT/


We grow plants with white, red and blue light and compare the growth. We run a timelapse grow and find out the growth characteristics and yield for the plants grown under each colour light. The light intensity (measured in PAR) in each of the growth chambers is exactly the same so it's a very interesting comparison of flowering plants and edibles under different light spectrum.

The lights used are:

Full spectrum (white light): MIGRO 100 - 100 Watt

Red light: A Mezzi/Vivarspectra with all red LEDs installed - 190W

Blue Light: Growblu - 240W

PAR level across the canopy in each grow chamber: Ave. PPFD 500

Yield results:

Full spectrum (white) light: 390g

Red light: 409g

Blue light: 168g

Markus van der Merwe

this really helped, thanks.

Redstone Gaming!



Interesting test, also ought have multiple plants under each spectrum to rule out other factors that might impact results. Sample size of one per each spectrum isn't much.


7:14 ...sorry but when you sell your products on the market 5% additional weight it doesn't make no difference )))

Matthew Lanning

So what if you just ran strips of Red, Blue and Green LEDs?

d 416

Blue white and red LEDs grow lights are best

Stephen H

You forgot to have a root crop :(

Good Samaritan

Great video. I'm glad i ordered Red White and blue lights lol


That was an interesting experiment, now I am looking at growing plants in my aquarium, so there are other factors affecting growth. Aquarium lights generally come in combination of red +white, white +blue, total white... What would your recommendation be considering factors like water, distance of the light from the surface and others if you have any?


very interesting thanks!


you gotta mix red and blue for a fair comparion

Brian Henry

White light works the best color mix’s or single color for customized growth maybe 5 hours of mix or single then back to white lighting

baby grow

In the past year, white becomes very popular like QB light. Many people said it is better than purple. Mars recently released a kind of white light. I will use it to compare with the purple that i was using to see what it can do.


So,what's the different colors do?

Michigan Rootz

Good honest video??

mohd tmeme

can the plant bloom and fruit just from blue light ?

Tim Page

The red lettuce looked better. The white light had burnt leaves. As far as lettuce is concerned anyways. The flowers looked better too. Same thing kinda happend with my 1st QB grow. I had to get the additional red spectrum sent to me and added later.


Use them all together. Overlapping the 3 lights


Thank you, that was extremely helpful. :)

Matt DeWard

Next time, try alternating the red and blue lights where both receive different amounts. For instance, 1 red is always on but one is red and blue and alternates frequently.

Jevon Boardman

Well done video! Thank you for sharing this information.

Shel Oui

I keep terrariums with only ferns and moss. Could i presume from the experiment that red and white light is the best?

Miguel Ortiz

After how many days was the first time you noticed change in the plants

Bill Williams

Maybe this explains why 30 years ago a man I knew used fluorescent lighting for grow lights with a few 100 watt incandescent bulbs hanging down in the midst of things. He said the incandescent bulb produced the red ray and helped root growth, while the long standard household fluorescent produced the rest of the spectrum. I guess he was right. Best of all 3 worlds for very cheap. Ya...he was growing herbs.

Sir Fa

Since sun light has UV too, i wonder How the UV would effect the plant growth?

umarmarri marri

A great thought ...the next experiment maybe on the exposure of various levels temperatures with misxes of colos of lights, nutrition, radiations, hormones drugs stimulants. Or maybe more. Eg

Mohit Pathak

loved it

Isai Jimenez

I'm planning to use this light for my lupin and delphinium seedlings but idk when to water them?

Maurice Dall

Great video, but missing a look about the root grow of each other.


Hello. What is your opinion on blue LED on seedlings?


Dang wish i saw this before ordering a couple of purple lights. Oh well

Michael Scott

theres already a MIGROW much older than your channel. Good job doing the research. its about organic vegetables and fruit.
Edit: that kid has grown his channel from nothing but a dirt patch in his backyard to million subs, but hey you go ahead and MIGROW

Square Hammer

Is red and blue the best for flowering cannibas?

pantsu____ hunter

I guess that's why the creator didn't put a red or blue light in the sky but a clear light. ? Nice

raymond burwell






Salome Sims

what purple lights on different plants

Fissle Wine

I did a little on plants life in biological science, I think different radiation aid ins shaking up matter that results in a wider leaf or production of my cloraphyl, I know I misspelt it..


Eye opener ?. Thanks for the video


What about coleus ? which color is the best ?

Greg Scalamogna

can you suggest a kelvin for lettuce and such?

Miguel Ortiz

How long did you let them grow

Joe Halliwell

so why did the blue light not turn out well?

Cristi Dumitru

Zo mooi!I love your videos! Just wandering what is better..cold white cob for veg and warm white cob for flowering vs full spectrum cob for entire growing?

jia an

Thanks for your wonderful video. My name is An Jia, come from China. We also have a plant grow light. Dual Head 40 LED beads 14 blue and 26 red grow lamp.This is a new designed, fan heat function more powerful than white, and beads life longer.Would you like to test and have it ? If you agree, we would like to ship it to you without money. We promise our product with high quality and workmanship strict.

John Paul

good tips


How about purple light with lentils?

Hal Asimov

What about just for seedling? I see a lot of professionals use 6500k t8 bulb so would more blue work better at early stages?


Great video. A taste test for the lettuce result would also been great.


Kind of expected. Blue is really an added light to help red light deficiency. Purple is to conserve electricity vs white/full light

Macho Man


Jaina Marie Robillos

did you water the plants ?

ven rakkhita

come on Blue!! you can do it mate

reza misbah

Which better

Jimmy b

You are testing, Blue, Green and Red light (same as cfl) vs only red or blue, not a test according to me. Blue photons inhibit cell elongations.

Michael Jhon Aranton

did you run the lights 24 hours a day?

Random Tube

What if color temperature and plant hardness/ thickness/density have something in common? For example a delicate plant may require cooler color temperatures. While less delicate plants can use a warmer color temperature?

Prathamesh Lad

Same info repeated no problem.... we have to achieve that 10 min mark of each videos...


I wonder how did the roots growth come out cause the blue growth has me interested

joe campbell

R ? U #Stoned ? ?️?

Nilo Rezende Reis

Excellent experience! Congratulations!

Ακης Μασονακης

I don't understand these plants
Show us some weed

Levi Farr

listen,. Red makes stretch, blue makes dense, but combination is rounded with green. both the red and blue ones are for sure suffering a deficiency of some kind.


what about putple

Eric Sanchez

What would happen if cannabis is flowered in all red led? What would the buds be like?

just google-it

Mix blue and red light and Watch What Happens. ( hydroponically shows to be extremely effective).

I Am Not Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Great video


I find your videos are good and relatively fair demonstrations even though you have a company selling a product. I appreciate that, thank you for these videos!

Mocha Moses

https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0304423815302892. A more in depth study that says a lot more about lighting. I’m willing to bet that dark green head of lettuce was much more nutrient dense than the other 2.

Naman PandyA

Loved it

Agent 47

So COB is the way to go? Which is the best mfr? Tjx

John Slugger

You did not have the RED light close enough. Red light needs to be within 6" of plant and you have it pulled up the furthest away. I grow with red light only and my plants live 10 years or more producing endless flowers and buds. Also you should have weighed the ROOT BALL. On the RED LED plant the root ball is the most massive.

Oregon Cannabis Grows & Reviews

Green light by itself won't induce photosynthesis, but when mixed with other wavelengths it will.

Johan Zahri

How was the timing done? CMIIW, plants also need time to rest?

mark stephens

lots of talk from online forum etc that green light doesn't work with green plants, but a friend of mine swears genuine purple light, or as some call it blurple. any chance of running a green, purple and full spec?


My limited expereince is those bluple growlights suck... They cause my plants to stretch.


Who is the best Blue or red ?? Pls ?

Dheeraj khandare

I wonder what if we give 10 hours of sunlight or white light and 5-6 hours of red blue light. can you please do a video on it.


Excellent info there buddy thank you

Parrot Bill

Another experiment showed where lettuce under the red light grew well but tasted much more bitterness. I'm going with white full spectrum

dave strom

Gotta have some green with the red an blue,,

Danny Tillotson

Hi, great video! I'd like to set up some cheap led grow lights on my house plants. Foliage only, no flowers, no fruit or veg. Which white light is best to buy 4000k or 6500k for my particular plants? I only want to focus on leaf growth as that's all they are. Many thanks anyone in advance!


Im on a really tight budget, small grow tent with a red and blue cfl.
Until i can afford an LCD set up, will my plants be fine on a week on week off of each colour?
Or use blue for longer then switch to red?
Any help anyone?

magus leo

What about using grow light that constantly fades in different colors? :o

FECiDA Grow Light

FECiDA Grow Light. Professional LED Grow Light manufacturer for more than 11 years. Follow me with constant surprises.

Gloris Noris

hello nice video i have a question for you can I?

Nivag Yelir

Hi Shane, which light may of caused more stress to the plants. Ie, going hermie

Tara Lydon

Thank you, you helped understand my lab a bit better.

Begon Genesis

red light lends to root and bud development. that's probably why the total blue one was so restricted

James Anderson

You already compensated for the par differences of the light (color) by using a par meter. That's why they are all the same. If you used a lux meter and kept them all the same the red would have went insane compared to the rest given that you supplied enough nutrients for the restrictor to not be the nutrients. There are many other factors including genetics. Repeat the experiment 10 or 20 times and take an average and standard deviation.

Alejandro Alfaro

all 3 bad

scig gler

Listen at 1:13

Alberto Lutz

thank you very much for sharing

mr randomly

If plant life adapted with a blue star. It would appear reddish.

Malini Rajendran

What is the difference in the taste? With edible plants the taste and flavour would be much more important. Please put a review labor taste and flavour.


That growblu veg light is my favorite veg light I've ever owned for cannabis. I have a bunch of them lol. I use them for cloning and the first few weeks of veg.

Andrei Lucaci

I add to my northern window 2000 lumens warm light 2700K and it adds a bit of sunny light.

Ken nvc

so if always blue then the leaves doesn't grow bigger than red ?


sorry my english is not so good