Is curology vegan

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how i cleared my skin *after ruining it* UPDATED SKINCARE ROUTINE!

38 934 views | 5 Mar. 2020

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Go to http://curolo.gy/nicole-rafiee for your first month of Curology free, just pay $4.95 for shipping & handling!

✧( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✧ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) texas roadhouse rolls, rise up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✧ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✧

hello hello lil cherubs. in today's video i show you my new and improved, skincare routine. after dealing with blackheads, fungal acne, acne scarring, i feel like i found a skincare routine that works for me. i'll be listing all the skincare i use down below! thank you for watching, xoxo, nikki nasty.


cleanser: https://www.cerave.com/skincare/cleansers/hydrating-facial-cleanser

lush cleanser: https://www.lushusa.com/face/cleansers/angels-on-bare-skin/9999906953.html

micellar water: https://www.simpleskincare.com/us/en/products/cleansers/kind-to-skin-micellar-cleansing-water.html

cotton pads:


moisturizer: https://www.firstaidbeauty.com/skin-care/product/moisturizers/ultra-repair-skin-cream

SPF: https://ayele.co/products/sunscreen

peeling solution: https://www.sephora.com/product/aha-30-bha-2-peeling-solution-P442563?om_mmc=ppc-GG_1380515476_79910913762_aud-616297271202:dsa-449499724533__385421813513_9006985_c&country_switch=us&lang=en&gclid=CjwKCAiA44LzBRB-EiwA-jJipB9KSOUB_8ePpagnSxaB9PY-k2Ybr0Mkb5rSV2Yq7cytLEEqDr5w7xoCktEQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

tea tree oil: https://www.cvs.com/shop/hollywood-beauty-tea-tree-oil-prodid-103404

clarisonic: https://www.amazon.com/Clarisonic-Prima-1-Speed-Sonic-Cleansing/dp/B07FM1RKYH/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?gclid=CjwKCAiA44LzBRB-EiwA-jJipCpSkfQUFXFBU76rrOvod6ekNctuesmsty0rn57L2AsSQrvzdvE-mhoC608QAvD_BwE&hvadid=177569210591&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9006985&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=13920204639131188228&hvtargid=kwd-59937465137&hydadcr=5032_9590558&keywords=mia+1+clarisonic&qid=1583427353&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUExM0ZMRUEyUUtEMjU4JmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMzA2MTE1V0QzMFM1TU1RT0RFJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTAxNzMzNjFSSzBKVEc5UFU2TTUmd2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGYmYWN0aW9uPWNsaWNrUmVkaXJlY3QmZG9Ob3RMb2dDbGljaz10cnVl

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☞Business email: [email protected]

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☞music used (in order of appearance)

Lovers Rock- TV Girl

Buttercup- Jack Stauber


What camera do you use? Canon G7X

What do you use to edit your videos? Final Cut Pro X

How old are you? 20

What school do you go to? Temple University

What's your ethnicity? half polish & half iranian

When do you upload? Every Thursday at 12 PM EST! (and Sundays at 2 PM EST sometimes too)

☞if you like this video, check out these videos too:

playlist of all my videos from the beginning of time: https://bit.ly/2Gnco8M

college playlist: https://bit.ly/2sUR9bv

vlogz playlist: https://bit.ly/30VuoAS


This video is sponsored by Curology

Talia Jenkins

Does anyone know if that sunscreen is reef safe?

Dark Angel

Sadly its only in the us and not in europe :(

Carina Rëëd

?? I had a crush ever since I seen your curology ad you are so beautiful!

Leslie Gonzalez

See the reason I don't like Curology is because it's not in certain States like mine which is Oklahoma. Why is that??? It should be available to every state.


i thought simple weren't cruelty free? :0 i could easily be wrong, i just have it in my head that they test some ingredients on animals if required, but that might be outdated (thanks for the video though! love these products)

ramen bowl

How long is the link good for? I get paid next week ?

آؤ سوچیں


Kayla Arndt-Lane

They dont ship to my state ): heckin Idaho dude.

Madelon Hucks

curology doesn't ship to my state :(

Ife Adekoya

i got curology ad on this video lol


I’ve been using the First Aid moisturizer for like 6 months now, and I lovvvvvve it!

Chocolate and Ice Cream

Omg you’re beautiful ?

Sof Legato

Hi nikki, so weird to say this, but I suffer from dermatillomania and I've had that mole-removal surgery (big scar on my right arm). As a fellow philadelphia college student, I appreciate that you said all that, I keep my dermatillomania really quiet and it takes a lot of guts to say that. Love ur channel!

Erin Thomson

God Nicki is all I need right now

trinyti blair

not the face mask i thought she was gonna hold up for some reason...

abby tucker ت

The funny thing is, I've been watching your channel for a few months now but I just realized I've been getting this curology ad in your video over and over again. :)

Ivy Elizabeth

You make me want to ex[and my channel from just occasional artsy videos haha

Misty Noot

sjsksj we love a polish church goer. omg the singing older lady’s are always so cute.

Carolyn Priebe

pro tip: after I started using curology and my skin cleared, I started using just like a half pump and it still keeps my skin clear. the full size bottle lasts me legit six months now which is a STEAL considering it's $40


@hyram would be proud of u

heyo o

I wish you try to do one with a dupe to the curology thing. I get that that's the point of a sponsored video lol But a lot of us aren't from the US and can't get it .


i just recently got the exfoliating mask from the ordinary and it makes my skin so much better ! my mum keeps sneaking it out of my room and using it for herself at this point lmao

Everything Channel

I was going to get curology.. I even took the entire quiz and everything, and my mom was fine with it until I asked for a photo of her ID~ then she was convinced that it was a scam

timmy Shimies

you're just amazing thats all i have to say really also thank u so much for this video i think its one of the most honest and useful skincare videos iv ever watched i didnt even skip not once thank you

Ava Delaney

my curology is coming tomorrow and after seeing this video i’m so so excited bc my skin looks like your before pictures and i have basically an identical formila

Ina Marcus

wow I really needed this, thanks

Vieira Dos Santos Lidia

I have dermatillomania too and your video really gave me hope. It’s good to know I’m not the only one and that it does get better ❤️

Renée Mowatt

Me after watching this video: “drinks 10 glasses of water”

Areej Asiri

Ok but I’m literally so MAD , the company don’t work/ship in my country ??

Elijah Lawson

your videos have really made my boring depressing life much better.. THANK U.


I'm gonna try it, using your link, next month :)
This month I don't have a job so even $5 shipping is expensive... but I'll get there lol

Lauryn M.

I did enjoy this video Nicole, thank you!

Madeleine Berls

do you watch hyram? also ur skin’s amazing !!!

Joanna Markarova

Essential oils are not fats (oils). If you spill it on a cloth it shouldn't leave a mark.

cahaya mata

wow i didn't know skin picking was actually a disorder...... um the more u know. Now i can just tell this to my mom everytime she gets angry at me for finding another wound on my face from picking at it.

Star Child

Dang ive been having so much trouble with my skin lately i thought this was finally my chance to find a good working product for my skin but its not available in my state of Oregon ☹

Janae Escarez

what skin type do you have?

Ana Lazar

we need to talk about acne due to birth control pills, i stopped taking them bc my face was a freaking disaster, like quite literally


nikki, I have dermatillomania, fibromyalga, no dad, and I'm a vegan. so who let you steal my whole ass identity sis????

Achilleas System

you dont have to buy reusable cotton pads. you can just use your face cloth!

Shrouq Asseem

not available in my country

Nicci Capps

I've been so hesitant to try Curology because I'm a wussy... but I think I will now. I haven't found anything that works for me besides micellar water (if that's not how you spell it, sorry. Autocorrect and mild dyslexia do not mix) and it's SO frustrating. I've been struggling with acne since I was 10. LITERALLY 10 years old when I got my first pimple now. That's almost 9 whole years and I'm ready to go insane. Sorry for the rant

Steven Wilmes

I like the retro editing with the old computer graphics

Joannah Puhr

this helped a lot more then thought it would! gonna try and stay away from using oils on my skin for a while and see how that goes, cause it does make sense! (i have fungal acne as well)

the edit aesthetic

who else has a feeling she's gonna hit 200K like at march or april ?
can't wait :'))

Reggie Ulnagan

I've been wanting to switch up my skin care routine, and here's nicole just right in time

Lidia Hristova

I’ve been obsessing about everything skincare related for the past two weeks so this video is a perfect addition to all the things I wanna try. Thanks for feeding my obsession love the video

Black Hare

What mascara are you using here?

jill shewmaker


Gabi B

As a fellow anxiety-ridden Polish gorl with dermatillomania, I appreciate you ??

lauren segura

i just started breaking out, so thank u nikki nasty

Alyana Pascual

yO Curology, most of us are actually interested to get your products, the thing is...we’re not in the US

literally everyone

kruk kruk

I have a clear skin too HAHAHHAHAHHA

Alice Jennings

love you and love your videos kween! i hope unis going well for you ❤️

i dont know

please dont put pure tea tree oil on your face :-( tea tree oil needs to be diluted with water at a 2% concentration first


I need this in Europe..


hey i just wanted to let you know that i looked into your sunscreen and it isn’t reef safe :(( there is an ingredient in it that can cause coral bleaching! no judgment if you keep using it because it seems to be working for your skin but if that is something you care about, i’d recommend looking into an spf using zinc oxide instead!


I'm not vegan but had to cut dairy out of my diet for other reasons and I can 100% confirm that it helps your skin, like a lot.

Dianna Carney Vlogs

shout out to nikki nasty for no nasty skin. :) Just ordered my first month free with ya code- thank you!


0:43 did they make you say that because most youtubers say that all the time.

xoRay Babyxo

Love your videos ? and your voice is so claming and pleasing id love to see a ASMR video lol

nazla lara

I had the same scare with a mole on my back, have a deep scar now lol

Keira Hernandez

I’ve been so scared to try curology but now im gonna try it bc I trust u more than others haha

Marta S

I literally have the same exact formula

Ghovie Mumar

A d E l E ?!

ash z

wearing shirts backwards on purpose bc what’s on the back is cooler than what’s on the front >>>

Cassie Harper

What anxiety medicine did you use, cause I also pick in my skin when I’m stressed and Have really bad anxiety but all the meds I’ve tried never really work


the only makeup i would also like to wear is mascara, eyeliner and blush and for dem lips, but sadly my mom doesn't want me to buy makeup and skincare products, she says that I'm too young for those ? (I'm 16)

noorbee bee

Ooh I use two of these products! The ultra repair cream and the peeling solution?

Rachel Garrison

Hello PLEASE tell me the exact color of your hair!!! I feel like this is my natural color. I’ve been trying to box dye it for several years to my natural color. I can never find it nor do I see anyone with it. I think this is the closest. Please let me know!

Chloe Reinhardt

Did the Ayele SPF discontinue?

Jess Dewhurst

can these guys pls ship to aus :( thanks xx

Summer M

hyram would be very proud!!

Zoe Garcia

I'm legit a walking curology ad... it's getting bad lol

Brooke Jones

idk if i'd say i have what u have as far as skin picking goes, but i do it bc of anxiety & boredom when i'm on my phone on yt or netflix. i recently got a mini kirby squishy to keep my hands busy so i don't pick at my skin and it actually helps a lot. also love the video as always nicole ? so proud of you!!!

kelsey morgan

hey just curious, where's your chain from?

Iona Nery


emmajoy oludare

Wow that’s so cool I’ve seen like two people ever they have dermatillomania and I’ve struggled with it and trichotillomania my whole life

Alex Sinclair

I literally just spent an hour trying to make my channel banner and I don't even know if it worked I am going to cry lmaooo


Did you watch hyrims videos??

Lil squid

I'm sorry but I almost spit my sushi when you said "'still dont have a dad'' lmao

Bruna Garcia

Hi mom Nikky, i love you ❤??

Anastasia Leligdowicz

‘I wanted to look good for the old polish ladies and god’ ??

Piano Fry

If I had skin like that I'd wear no make-up either.


I live in Canada ☹️?


Dermatrillomania and fungal acne?! I have found my twin

Brianna Williams

Hi Nikki! Question for you - were you using those face products before curology? And if so, what have you noticed that is different about your skin?

Shahina Akter

it's so sad that curology don't ship in my country.

k a t h r i n

Too bad I live in Germany ?? well, this vid was so helpful thanks :)

the takis up ur ass

when curology doesn’t ship to yourvstate?✌️

Ivy Hunnicut

When did you know you had dermatillomania? I hope I spelled that right:/

alora s

but vegan butter of course


i really love your eyes

Samantha Trussell

So is Curology just like a serum or a full skincare system?


dermatillomania gang gang

Lily X

Please make a everyday makeup vid

ava m.

I really need curology but I can’t get it as a minor in my state FUCKKK

Emma Sýkorová

haha ur ruined skin is literally what i want my skin to look like :) but u go girl i wish u the best skin

Just Another Artist

If you like the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, I recommend their Ultra Repair Barrier Cream. It’s really light and moisturizing.

Sara Ozturk

I always pick my skin when I get stressed, especially my shoulders when I'm on an exam or smth. This is not a perfect solution but I start cutting my nails short so it makes it harder to scar my skin. At the end it just reduces the damage I cause but better then nothing ?

Is curology vegan

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Curology Review | My Experience w/ Pictures

188 views | 30 Jul. 2020

Welcome back to another

Welcome back to another video! This is my curology review, my experience with curology, and with before and after pictures!! Curology is a very popular skincare line that many people are skeptical about trying because they make personalized skincare. I hope I can clear up any questions you might have regarding Curology or help to clarify what you should expect if you are wanting to try it. Thanks for watching!!!

~if you're reading this, comment if you have ever used Curology!!

Start Free Trial of Curology: https://curology.com/

Buy Differin: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L1PHSY9/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B07L1PHSY9&linkCode=as2&tag=ashlynsstore2-20&linkId=94bf9892e82521824a6099c5ba917f56

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Colorstreet Nail Facebook Group:


Join my facebook group!


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name: Ashlyn:)

age: 19

birthday: july 26

zodiac: leo♌

grade: college!

camera: Google pixel 3a

nationality: American


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#curology #curology review #curologybeforeandafter

Blake Wright


Saiyla Moon

Ouu I love the background.. new subbie?

Ashley Estrada Saldierna

Gurl I AGREE!!! like my skin was clear ish but I wanted to try out curology so I did and I regret it bc my skin had lots of bumps so I stopped and never again am I gonna use it smh ??‍♀️

William Labinski


vegan region

Thank you for being so honest in your review, I think it's so important.


I also recently decided to try out Curology because it was easy and I don't know much about skin care lol. I'm on my second shipment and I like it so far. It's definitely not some miracle cure but it seems to be doing good things for my skin

Is curology vegan

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millie bobby brown LIES about her skincare routine..

6 254 698 views | 13 Sep. 2019

? shook merch ?

? shook merch ? https://teespring.com/stores/shook

ig: shook.yt

twitter: shook_yt

Nuttelamitbutter _



Can anyone explain to me what happened? I don't understand why people were angry at her, I don't get it? Sorry, I know, I'm stupid, but I don't see the problem in the video and what people are talking about... ? (It's not ironic) please explain it to me in comments ?

Thatrandomweeb 518

I love millie but its so weird and kinda dumb that she did that like why cant shw just put them on


Sorry.. i got distracted that she didn't tie her hair or anything to keep them from falling on her face.

And well if it was really her routine, why delete it ?‍♀️


why do her brows look so far apart in the video i-

Thinkhappy .Thoughts

People get mad over everything these days i swear lmaooo


this is so embarrasssinnng


Ms girl if you are an ambassador or sum you should know how to use the product

Ayse Arslan

idk why im here i dont evem know her

Lukas Sjögren

Watching this made me realize how little I know when it comes to makeup and skincare products

— scorpio

lmao most recent comments are her fans going "whY yAlL hErE sTilL, thIs iS oLd" sugar it's quarantine, i've never seen this, and it's youtube. calm the fuck down.

Peachy Princess

dude you cant see the facewash because of her camra quality STOP giving her hate and saying LIES about her.

Abby Elliott

Not this popping up a year later-


ok, i dont really understand why people hate her? she's very successful and mature for her age. She's got really good talent. She's pretty low prof on her personals and beautiful and has a sweet personality so why all the hate, im confused....??

Sydnie Shelton

So she’s old enough to have her own skin care line, but not old enough to be held accountable for lying???


I mean if she wanted to do a video of a skincare routine she could save water and time and done it in the morning or evening when she did the routine lol what a liar

fua fua hoowa hoowa

I don't get it-

Summervibes.xx.b peaches

you know you can change routines. it doesn't have to be the same. stop hatin on mills

b i a n c a

from her skincare line, i only use the moisturizer because I love the smell, I use her foundation, concealer, and lip balm (not very good tbh but I love the packaging)

Zoe Stewart

what was she applying? air?

Nini why?

They simply don't really use all that chip af products. This brand are just it, a brand. Famous/rich people will know better to only use high performance products and those are only as good as the pharmacy ones.

Mayeryn Carty

Bruh I taught we all joust knew they lie when they say this the shit they always use . I mean we’ve seen their skin good for years and a product takes like 7 months to mass produce so ...

Isabela Albis Torres


Gracie Honey

even if all the product was clear, you’d see a shine and there was none

Almas Idrees

Ok i think its fine what Millie did it was funny but i get it if she didn't want to put the products on, but she could have just told us what she uses when she does her routine, instead of faking so..... but i mean idc since its her life.

Mrs. Malfoy

Ok yea I get she’s grown up but like Exuse me- She gets so much hate

jack spicer

Damn,her face rubbing would start a fire?


Ok but what I saw was a little lather on her face... but taht doesn’t explain the dry sound

Charles Miaral

Not mad or upset, just laughing my as out. But ain't it a bit weird hm HAHAHAHA

Shambhavi Deshpande

That’s me pretending to be a famous YouTube at midnight.



Kendall Read.

y’all i’m so sorry but it’s not that serious..... please get a life

manu buffo

y’all know that you’re not supposed to use face cleanser on your eyes right??

sexually slowed

this is the only time i went though this whole video


Isn’t she an actor? Xd


What a great way to say "don't buy this". She's afraid to touch her own products to her skin


This is just embarrassing?

Rienah Sofia Ysabel Paclibar

Millie LIES she didn't put some skincare on his hands

Lauren Fraser

K guys we probably don’t even know what really happened she probably had a really busy day and had no other time to film it and she needed her makeup on that night... there is probably a better explanation.

Lalala Sophie

Lol she didn't feel her hands ...

uwu owo

How can talk even be surprised by this like their celebrities, celebrities lie ALL the time to keep their picture good

Grace Fritz

i am really confused

genocide jack

even one year later i can’t comprehend how absolutely dumb that video is.......?

Unzila Khan


Eden Layeni

It’s funny she’s a actress who can’t act irl lmao

The One In The Middle

Bro. Yall be trynna ruin peoples lives over the dumbest shit. Everyone fakes their morning routine. Personally I dont even think the girl is talented. But seriously? This? Lol grow the fuck up.

Eve Mangam

If your products are trash just say that.


She was demonstrating, she’s still quite young and people coming after her could be a lot for her


Not bad but its kinda cringe ;|


ik she should have put something on her face but why is it such a big deal anyway

Ing Ing

It’s a skin care routine. You know sometimes it changes? Depending on your skin type and she probably has a dermatologist...so stop hating on a 16-year-old


even water proof mascara

Sabrina Carpenter Biggest Fan

Even if she was lying. What’s wrong with it? Is it ur problem? Why do y’all care? My god are u so lost lmao

faux bucket

“They’ll fix it in post”

DeAnthony Washington

Ok so why isn't she using it?

Golden Kwookies

The comment that said 'dRY aS HeLL ' got me dropping of my couch ?????

dumpling porgorda

What could have happened is that his products were not yet tested on animals, and that's why he didn't use the them

Marilou Amba

Is it just me but im laughing?

Baddie Real

Is 15 a younger teen


I just don't understand the pointttt?? did she not want to take her makeup off yet ?? Do it later ! Did she want to use her actual skincare routine off camera ?? Then do that sis ! I just don't know why she did this to herself ?

Dayroom Trinn

Maybe her soap don’t foam ?? like cetaphil or cerave

sophia d

i- y’all i literally use these products on a daily basis and they are TRANSPARENT. good f-ing lord y’all will cancel someone for anything

Michelle V

Ugh shes such a good actress

dxlilah playz

I can’t be the only one who SEES the makeup product?

g g

influencers not using their own products just like dealers don't consume their own drugs


Whatever, i lie every day with every Word so stay Cool

Cash Flex

Whats the need too not add it on your face-

Violet Noble

yo she a teen leave her alone and i it just me or all those people be blind as hell and CANT SEE IT she put it on PERIOD.


It didn't make me hate her, she's sweet. I just don't understand why... it's a strange thing...

Jennie R Jane

Look at her being amateur doesn’t know how to apply cleanser properly. We all an expert.


i don’t think that was very smart of her, she should have used it and not faked it, BUT it’s just a skincare routine...it’s not anything racist or homophobic so I still like her and respect her

S Elizabeth

there’s no point hating on a 16!!!! year old girl

Marjorie Galvez

The live was literally filtered u couldn’t see anything clearly.people would do anything these days to hate on others or maybe there just jealous she’s beautiful

running on empty

Dude I’m so embarrassed because when I watched this for the first time I thought she was putting it on -

Vitória de Piante

I thought it was just the camera and bad lightning that didn't allow us to see the product on her face, and about the sound of her hands, if you listen to asmr, you'll know the hands make almost the same sounds when they're dry and when they're with product, even on a professional mic, so on a cellphone mic you wouldn't be able to notice a big difference ??‍♀️

Millie Bobby Brown fan

No body asked for your hate towards Millie! Don’t you have something better to do than making a 16 YEAR OLD have anxiety? You would feel much better of you spreader love and positivity through this platform ?


millie and i are the same age (same birthday) and trust me ik better then try and pull that shit ? idk why it’s so hard for them to use the product???

Moss Jackson

Some comments: “She’s just a teenager”

Me being 13: ?

JKAra ss

Ummm...... Shouldn't facewash supposed to be fomey?.....??


These celebrities are all to over rated anyway

corrsage V

Turn off the damn water you f ing idiot !!!!!!

Nico Cheree

Okay why are people still commenting about this ?

Sautiya Ackerman

I dont get why she would fake it tho? It's not that big of a deal to just put it on your face once to advertise it unless you could visibly see how bad it might be.. none of it makes sense ?

evelyn swift

why was this recommended to me now

Cutely aesthetic Butterfly

No hate to anyone i love milly and stranger things but she isn’t 2 she is old enough to understand what she is doing wrong....... BUT it’s not Millys fault that her siblings are racist IM NOT RACIST


If this is how she promotes it, imma buy Kylie skin


Ik that this was all wrong, but it’s really not necessary to send her pressurising, hurtful comments.

ravioli 101

This is why I’m not a celeb cause I wouldn’t be able to Beal with the embarrassment ?

Baddie Real

I think she didn't wanna use it cuz she probally just did her makeup

Bri Holt

y’all find a reason to hate your whole job is to judge people go to hell

S Lyons

All im thinking is how she's damaging her skin rubbing it dry like that

Prudence Pius

I don’t know she kinda looks like a fussy girl , just plain weirdo, and yeah she should be using her skincare cuz obviously it has her name on it, it’s not an excuse just because she’s a teenager lol and yeah it’s just makes people not wanting to buy it.

Niaomi White

So tfk what I mean like this is petty ash ???

Audrina Pauyo

No ooo not Millie whyyyyy

Vanessa Mae

was the first clip shay mitchell?

XxSapphire ButterflyxX

I was like WAITTTT A DAMN MINUTE her face doesn’t have any SOAP on it she ain’t applied shit- hands dryer than eczema ?

Isabella Keaton

Why don’t y’all stop getting mad at her like wtf

Sheila Vaughn

Just another brat putting her name on stuff she probably doesn't even use. Taking money from little girls that worship her!

taylor momsen

come on it's not a big deal why you so mad over the smallest things like y'all never made any mistakes

Anime Goodness

Ana -oo0p