How to make melt and pour soap more moisturizing

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Beginner Tip. Additives in melt and pour soap

12 579 views | 31 Jan. 2015

Testing additives in

Testing additives in m&p


I live in California and that running water was making me nuts!!!

Mui Barnes

This was so thoughtful and helpful. Thank you and I heard you clearly.

Darinka Martinez

Hi I made my own melt and pour soaps but hardly any bubbles come out no foam or anything do u know what can I add for my soap to produce more bubbles and foam ?? Pleaseee


Thanks so much. I was about to throw some coconut oil into my first ever batch of melt and pour! You saved the day!

Parriss Jones

Thank you...

Christopher Welty

Thank you!

Old Yeller's Channel

What was the soap base you started with?
I was under the impression that melt and pour was clear.
Or did you add a colorant to get it opaque and white?

Imperial Mannix

Hi. I just like to ask what would be the best recommended additive to make the soap more bubbly..Thanks♥️

Necessary Distraction

when you say 1/2 tsp, is that for a 1 lb loaf?

Allison Fields

Yes, don't add too much or it will compromise your bubbles. 2 teaspoons per pound of base is what I use.
Also stir, stir, stir or it settles to the bottom .

Kiera K

So what would you suggest for making soap for things like extremely dry skin? I’ve been making soaps with Shea Butter and 2 or 3 oils and I don’t get much lather or bubbles . There’s a little but I want my soaps to feel luxurious on the skin . Please help .?

Ramone Reid- Felix

Awesome Experiment.THANKS FOR  SHARING

Cecette Brons Rhodes

Awesome video! Thank you for sharing your experiments.

Jennifer VanZant Herrington

Thank you! That was very helpful!

Allison Fields

For sure. Thanks for watching

Monica Weinle

great info

Annessia Magby

I messed up getting some of my bases from hobby lobby. ?? they dont work good AT ALL so I'll stay with the Brambleberry bases, bc they seem to work better


Hi Allison~ I know this video is a couple years old, but it was SO HELPFUL. I always thought butters and oils in (small amounts) added to M&P made a more creamy, lather filled soap...just the opposite 'almost no lather'! This video will save a lot of people from ruining their base. TY for sharing!


Hi, I am new to making soap. I made a honey oatmeal soap  I was so nervous not sure what to expect. Your video is excellent. Now I know what to put in my soap to get  the results I want. I cant wait to make another  Thank you so much.

Allison Fields

Aww. U must be from California!


I just subbed you as I see you have a soap with goat milk which is what I wan to make with our own goat milk, so thanks again, looking forward to watching all your videos today for quantities etc.

Martina Denkins

Hello I'm having the issue of some M&P charcoal soap not lathering is there anything I can do to fix it?

Katherine Bailey

Thank you so VERY much for the learning video! Helped a TON!!!

Skincv on IG

Hi Allison - what is the brand of the base used here for reference please?

Sandhya Narsingoju

Please turn off the tap when you are not using water, it looks soo irresponsible even your content is good.please

Warrior Queen

thank you i was going crazy not getting lather i used coconut oil n olive ..how much MnP did you use to half tsp

ZM Top

Close the tap !! Environmental awareness.


Great video Allison.  Experimentation is always the best way to get answers.

Allison Fields

Sorry about the noise from the running water.
Here is the list of additives:

1. No additive
2.Castor oil
3. Coconut oil
4.Cocoa Butter
5. Shea Butter
6. Glycerin
7. Foaming Bath Whip- people use this in their cupcake frosting
8.Kaolin Clay
9. Sea Salt

Buttermilk Bay Soap

I couldn't hear or concentrate on what you were saying with the thought of all that wasted running water! . Waste not want not.

Rae Romone

What did I do wrong if my oil sat on top while I was trying to swirl?

Nanette Viguilla

hi Allison thanks so much for the tip... so the glycerin additive is the best when you want your soap foamy? i'm trying to add some stearic acid and few drops of essential oils.. would those 3 additives wont affect the foaming?

Kaycee Cotton

Sorry for commenting to this old video. But one of your tester with the foaming bath whip added to the mp base, did you melt the foaming bath whip first, added to the melt and pour base?

SyscoLady Liberty

Do you have any tips for highly Fragrant Soap...I'm doing Loaf melt n pour and I just can't get it to smell strong...help please!!! the additive video was very helpful thank you!!!♡

Emily Daley

Well a half teaspoon is a lot for only one ounce of soap so you can't really blame it for not lathering very well...


Thank you for this video I kept trying to figure out where I was going wrong with my bases. I mean the cold process my soaps come out great now I know

JasmynJade Bauer

Thanks so much for the experiment. I'm a newbie so I have made a ton of mistakes so far. Like a lady said above, I bought 5lbs of the one which has Cocco & shea butter in it. Once that is used up, never again. PLEASE make more videos!!!
Helped me s lot. ❤️❤️??


Hi Allison, this was a great experiment and extremely helpful. I am a new soaper (brand new!) and I am starting out with M&P, this was perfect. I see so many gorgeous soaps made in videos and I always wonder how well they actually perform. So, you've helped get me started in the exact direction I wanted to go. Thank you, thank you!!

teja patil

Hi. I am using Castile soap base. And adding 1 tsp of coconut oil n 1/2 TSP kaolin clay in 1 soap of 50g. It doesn't lather at all. Please help. What should I add??? Can I replace coconut oil with Glycerin, kaolin clay and sea salt ? How much to add. Thanks

Tithi Patel

How can i make more lather in my soap?

Annessia Magby

and i also want to know can you add the foaming whip stuff to your melt and pour and if so do you go by the pounds?

JasmynJade Bauer

Thanks. Being a newbie, most of us depend on these videos. You didn't mention what base you used & does that make a difference?? Thanks again .❤️❤️??

Old Yeller's Channel

You must have the CLEANEST hands!!
Ready for surgery even.

Allison Fields

Per bar.
The recommended usage rate for additives is 1-3 teaspoons per pound.
If you are on Facebook come join us in The Soapers Lounge

Keir Wambo

hi. loved the idea. hard to hear (for those of me :) with hard hearing.)with water running what order and what the names were. can you list them in order of what you used? best bubbles and lather etc? there was a B word I think in there that did well. and how much would you add to one pound of melt and pour? thx


I would skip oils all together. Your base has already gone through saponification, so those oils arnt really doing anything and someone mentioned they are not using the butter melt and pour bases any more cause they didnt lather good in your experiment but they need to know that the butter base has gone thru saponification already and those butters make an awesome soap once they have gone through the process. Other additives like clays and some flowers like calendula is best I have found lavender and rose make my soaps turn horrible colors and I wouldnt purchase them so no one else will either. Other additives are great in your base just test them and check with your melt and pour company what load they can take. I usually use 1heaping teaspoon per pound and i only use up to two additives so i dont ruin my base cause u can do that easily, Do what she is showing u in the video test in small batches so u dont waste your soap..Hope that helps some and I loved your test it pretty much showed that oils do not make the base better. Thanks for sharing very informative.

Zenie Z

That clears out a lot of doubts. Tnx

Kheila Blayden

That immense waste of water and the sound is giving me anxiety.
This was really hard to watch but a great experiment none the less.

Allison Fields

Foaming bath whip is before kaolin clay.


Very helpful thanks!

Aruna Diaz

the water is sooooooo annoyin omg noooooooo.... but was good information

Naflatem 72

Super helpful thank you!


Can you put in the comments all the things you tested? I had a hard time hearing the second to last one and one that I think was "foaming back cream"? Thanks for any help!!

Farmhouse Flair

Have you tried colidial oatmeal with melt & pour?

Allison Fields

Thank u for watching

How to make melt and pour soap more moisturizing

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Melt & Pour 105 How to add additives to a Melt & Pour Base.

122 375 views | 13 Jul. 2013


Facebook forum:


This is a short video on" how to's" and what I add to my base. Additives are an extra bonus for the customer in that you take a base and add what your skin likes. What have you been adding to your base? I am not a teacher nor do I teach soap this is simply a video on how I work with my base.

I am working on getting a forum up on facebook to share(techniques) and inspire(photos) other soap makers who love glycerin soap making. I will announce it here on youtube very soon.

If you work with m&p I hope you will join us in this group.

Like us on fb...https://www.facebook.com/pages/805-Soap-Company/173850219306732


Toni Raibick

Hi Louise
Love your videos I have a few questions. How long can melt and pour soap last once it's molded and wrapped? My other questions are what is the reason to use kaolin clay and when you make your log soap with all those imbeds how are you cutting them are you losing part of the shell on certain bars?
Thank you Toni

RAA Dizon

Can I put goat milk powder to it?


thank you for your video, so helpful

monika aggarwal

Mam please how you treat the base which remains soft and soggy and doesn’t get harder to be shaped as soap.please tell what to do for making it correct.

Dolor Magazine

thank you thank you thank you !


Hello darling! Was that a teaspoon of honey you added? Also, how much of an oil like sunflower would you add to that amount? How much of a butter like shea butter would you add to that amount? This video was sooo helpful!

S.M Cortes

It's ok to stick blend? I didn't know.

Jassely because i say so!

Can you do a video of base soap + oil Olivia. Please

Aerial Toni

How do you keep your soap from sweating?

jothykannan kannan

It's very useful vedio n I appreciate ur staright forward of doing n gvg tips tonew begginers,how to embedded soap,shl v mix the powder form additives in water or blender

TVSeries Beauty Addict

Melt and pour doesnt stay liquid for that long without heat :S how did u manage to keep it liquid?


How long the base to start to set?

Donna Guyton

Your honey bee soaps are beautiful. Where did you get the mold?

Elibed Rodriguez

Thank you for sharing this information. I tried winging it yesterday and had issue with the m&p was hardening too fast. Do you have tips for keeping the base fluid longer?

Princess XyXy & Mom

My soap melt when in the sun. Do you know how to prevent that

Mother Hen of Damnifiknow Farms

New Subscriber here! Thanks for the melt n pour soap videos :-) I just followed you on Instagram too, follow back and sub back if it's not too much of a bother :-) My Sister in Law recommended your videos because I've been making lye soap for years, but I was just gifted some unused melt n pour soaps. Thank you for showing me the basics <3

Rachel Z

what stick blender do you recomend for cold press?

Kimberly Haase

I purchased a deodorizing agent from Brambleberry, do you think it would be okay to add this to my melt and pour base?  From everything I've read the deodorizing agent is oil-based.  Thanks in advance.

barbie's craft

Very informative. Thanks


Great vid! Thank You ? but how profitable is this for you? Is it at all or just a fun hobby and make a little money on the side with it? Just curious, just started and it’s fun but not sure how profitable it is?

papa Tutti

I just learning to make soaps. Just doing the basics right now. But how did you get those colored spots on your honey soaps?


Can u add cocoa butter to melt and pour soap

Stephanie Bravo

Hi Louise, what do you do for your soap base to stay liquid. Your soaps are beautiful.

Beverly Benjamin

O sister, I am learning sooo much from you, thanks a lot

Sara Milham

I am so excited I came across your video! I’ve been researching on MP and additives for a few days without any solid answers...tytyty for making this so easy to understand....

Letty Anaya

I am a beginner in soap making, I bought a goats milk melt and pour base and last night made a trial” soap but I found it left my skin a little dry? Any tips on what can be used to hydrate/ moisturize? I have a bunch of base soap left o would like to get a use of it. Thank you for your informative video!

danny Touet

In 2006, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified titanium dioxide TiO2 as a possible carcinogen in humans


Tittanium dioxide is bad for the body,,,,good idea to put it in soap,,,,dah

Celeste Elijah

I've only made 4 soaps and all of them were M & P. I'm not ready for CP as of yet. Love your explanation of Titanium Dioxide, because some others I have watched do not explain why they use it. Thanks so much for this. I'm ordering some soon.

Aileen Gudelano

Is it ok if i put liquid soap to my melt and pour. If it's ok ,what is the measurement?

Davina Nelson

What about apple cider vinegar ?


What temperature should the base be when adding oil and ingredients?

Anna D

I have a question please, what about essential oils? what temperature should i add them in order to capture the scent and properties of the oils, and also how much per pound should I use overall . I know depending on the oil it will varied but I need a general opinion, thanks in advance and thank you for a wonderful tutorial!

Margaret Clenin

Will the lathering be affected if I use a castile soap in an M&P base?

Also, will the lathering be affected if I use a liquid shampoo in a M&P base???

Thank you so much for your input!!

Shawn Dorsey-Stinson

how do you add more lather?

Brenda Hernandez

Thank you for this video! How much honey per lb would you recommend?

Annessia Magby

What does the clay do to the soap? And this was very informative.. ty


How do you keep your soap bars from sweating? The melt and pour bases that I have used, even the ones that are labeled low sweat feel greasy to the touch or like they are melting when I am trying to package them. Do you let yours dry out before packaging? All of the tutorials I've seen on melt and pour say to put them in shrinkwrap or plastic right away.

Ginger Brown

Omg thank you soo much

Paayel Agarwaal

How did u make the titanium dioxide solution.

براء هاشم محمد

pleace i want communicate whit you

prarthana choudhury

Mam is it ok to add oils I mean coconut oil Palm oil..in melt and pour

L. N Rob

How do you keep glycerine soap from sweating? There's not much info or answers on this


How can i make more lather to MP?


Always great information ~ thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us novice soap makers!!

Emily Daley

It's so fun to watch the little chunks swim around in the beginning ?

Carol Light

Absolutely love your videos, I’m a beginner, how did you start your business!. Your soaps are amazing! X

Nitin Khatuja

What should be the sufficient ratio of jojobo oil and coconut acid??


I love that Bee soap! Love the design of that mold!

Brittney Rubek

Can you do a video on how to calculate the percentage to add additives

Lisa Allen

Hello newbie here I love your tutorial where did you get the molds for the honeycomb and flip flop.....and how do I join your fb page

Gemma Pacquiao

This is not melt and pour


I saw someone else video on mealt and pour soaps she said you can only add 1tsp of additives to the base..how true is that and why? Also does the base contain oil?

Beverly Pierre

Thank you very much!
I have one question: how many times do I suppose to wait before using my melt and pour soap after the preparation?

Laura Meade

Thank you! I LOVE the flip flops!!

Diana Liceaga

Hi!!! Would you recommend adding tinctures to MP soap base? :)



Princess XyXy & Mom

How do I get my melt and pour soap to stay hard always.

Natalia Ballestero Barquero

You have a new fan from Costa Rica!!! Thanks

Delores Leslie

Thank you

Love Love

Hey, is it possible to add herbs in M&P soap??

T Curry

I love your video and your soaps are amazing. What kind of base do you use?

santosh avhad

How much oil should we add in 1kg of soap base madam?

Deloris King

I love this, thank you for sharing, I just made my first bar of melt and pour soap.

Luvya Lakshya Chhalani

Hi!! Can I also add fresh juice in M&P soaps

Crystal-Lization Nation

Hi! How do I make a melt and pour lather more? Thank you!

Marie Ross

Can you add sodium lactate to Harden or will it harden to soap

Janna Parks

NUTS! Took me a bit to figure out you DIDN’T mean NUTS! Pecan, walnut, etc., ... TAKE YOUR PICK! Ps...I was born blonde!

Syamala Devi Chalasani

I want to watch how you make log soap in metal and pore. Can you please share

Rachel Wadsworth

When I watch people work with clay they usually say "make sure you disperse the clay first" and then when you see them pour in the clay, it's in liquid form; I've never actually seen someone film this step so what exactly are they doing to the clay before pouring it in? Or is it okay to just put the clay directly into the soap and mix it in?


I had bought a stick blender for 2 dollars and it was used! I thought I got a deal for a second. I returned it and told them it was used, I hope they dont put it back on the floor. haha had to vent

Shaik Ismailbasha

Hi.why did we add taitaanium dioxide.l can't understand.pleez reply me.iam new for soping

Marie J

The soaps are beautiful!!

Keila Stapleton

i see u do great job;) my question its why my soap pour melt keep sweat?

Whispering Eagle Landers

Is titanium dioxide lye?

Kaiya Snellings

How should I add colloidal oatmeal to the base?

Thyra Ryan

Hey my melt and pour soap is always so soft what can I add to get it harder?

Tiffany Sykes

Great video

Shawna Miller

May I ask what you added to the soap in your larger order you showed in this video. I am new at this and am like the melt and pour soap but you video sure helped. Thank you

Ranina Trowell

You are amazing thank you for sharing and caring I know feel I can do this


Can we add some lye to the melt and pour?

kami krottinger

You say you have titanium dioxide or whatever it was. It’s a how-to video. What is titanium dioxide?????

Chris Does Stuff & Things

I've decided to use (at least for now) melt and pour as my primary soaps for my Etsy store and for the markets I'm going to work this summer. I do CP but right now it's hard to get a lot of those made and then waiting for the cure. THANK YOU for making your videos, they are teaching me a lot about how MP soaps can be adapted and customized, and how they can be just as great of a product to sell as CP or HP. Just deciding to do this has taken a TON of stress off of me because restocking these and making them personalized is so much faster and easier, and I have found some high-quality, amazing bases that are still great for people with any skin type. I was afraid people might not consider my soaps "handcrafted" or "homemade, natural" if I used MP, but as I learn more I see they are right up there with CP soaps, and just as good and beautiful. Blessings to you and wish you continued success!~

A Non

A white base though could be Shea butter or Goats milk. As well as the suspension is different ?

A Fajardo

Where to buy the flip flop molds? They are so cute!!!


How many cups does your measuring cup hold?

Brad Rehbein

Hi what are the inbeds you use for the honey soaps...Could you do a tutorial on the honey soaps ..Thanks

Angelica Goddess

How did your melt and pour base stay liquid so long?

JasmynJade Bauer

Hi Louise. What is the ratio of the TD & the AO in the container, please?
Did you ever get your forum up? Thanks for your time.❤️?

Relevant .C

when u say bubbles (regarding the honey) do u mean suds after the product cures/hardens?

manav bajaj

Hi can we make aloevera and papaya melt and pour soap using transparent base .

Uves Patel


thanks for ur video....

I am dr. uves, I have one question.

I want to add nicinamide-3% and rice powder 2% and tio2--2%.....

so total additive in powder form is 7%...

so how should I add?

my whatsaq--919737243244.

my id--- [email protected]gmail.com

Denisesaywatsonmymind Mckay

Ty for sharing. I'm here listening and learning

Vj Vijaya Handmade

This is a wonderful video and tips given. Thank you so much. I am a newbie to soap making and very much wanted to try a yogurt soap. Advice please. Thank you❤

Sara Bermudez

Thank you :)

Zenie Z

great tutorial. clears out lots of misconceptions .


How do you keep your soaps from melting at summer festivals? I will be selling my soaps at a flea market here in Georgia.

Suzanne Richardson

Hi, I love how you make melt and Pour look so easy to do but what types of embeds did you use here? is it that you used the clear M&P with coloring.? Thanks for the video.

J Laura

where do you buy your soap base melt and pour?

Britannia Holder

Shop naturalherbbars on Etsy

How to make melt and pour soap more moisturizing

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How to make moisturizing Shea Butter Soap (Soap'd Up by Tyars Essentials: Episode 1)

12 185 views | 20 Feb. 2020

Do you want to know how to

Do you want to know how to make Shea Butter soap that is super moisturizing and gentle on your skin? Watch as I train our newest soap maker, Demarea Tyars, how to make cold process soap that includes Shea Butter from Baraka Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Canola Oil. It is scented with "Sea Mist" from Candle Science, and we used our favorite soap mold from Lilu Soap Tools. We love making soap and have a lot of fun doing it, so we hope you will enjoy watching how it's done. Please subscribe to our channel as we will be creating more videos like this showcasing recipes, products, tools and techniques.

If you are interested in us testing out your products, please contact us at [email protected] You can order our skin-loving bath and body treats from www.tyarsessentials.com.


7.6 oz Canola Oil

13.3 oz Coconut Oil

11.4 oz Olive Oil

5.7 oz Shea Butter

10.2 oz Water

5.26 oz Lye

1 Tbs Kaolin Clay

1 Tbs Colloidal Oats

2 Tsp of Mica

.7 oz Fragrance Oil

cecilia mcneal

He is having way to much fun and he learns fast!

Tim Yeager

You said 4 ingredients, and ended up putting 11

Howard James

Nice video, keep up the great work. Were did you get your soap mold?

Ronnell Tyars

So cool! Can't wait to see the next episode.

Chethanie Udeshika

Hi. Can you email me the recipe. And can you include in ml. [email protected]gmail.com. Thank you.

Live Free

At what temperature do you combine the lye water and oils?

ReBirth Dimension Holistic Healing

I loved this!!! I am getting my products and will def. Be making this

Alexiaa Speaks

Soo the titanium dioxide isn’t in the recipe how much ? Where to find it ?

Crystal Yu

where is nephew

Gwendolyn Allen

You are so patient and positive!! Thanks for sharing

Charmaine Smith

Really enjoyed this video, Thank you for sharing your recipe. I can't find the follow up video of the cutting of this soap,.....I've subscribed to your channel, please continue to do what you do, really good watching & ummm, where can i find the vid of cutting this soap?

cyncere russell

So if I don't have a scale how do I supposed to know what a 10.2 Oz is can y'all please just say is 3 cups or is 5 cups I don't understand no disrespect

Maliyah McGowan

I love your video and I subscribed right away!!!!!
May I ask you a question: how did you start your business and what are some key steps I should take into achieving my goal in creating a business?


Tisha Tellz It

I love their energy ????????

Denisesaywatsonmymind Mckay

I definitely won't be using any lye I'm terrified just watching. But I am learning a lot here.

Dynamic T

I really enjoyed this??


I loved this as I am waiting for my Lye and stuff from WSP.

Edith Fowler

I made this soap. Very moisturizing but it is also very soft. What can I use to make it a little harder?

Trina Brooks

Where did you get your Shea butter?

Holistic Nymph

Around the 14sum mark, he said a claim and she was like "refreshing" lol. She is so smart and legitime.?


Where y'all's say goggles?

Tiffany Gantt

Where can we find a list like the one you are referencing from


You’re so sweet for sharing your recipe I know the time it takes to formulate a good one❤️


He had fun and did not want to stop.

Yvelore Hephzibah

I really like how you give details to each ingredient..thank you very helpful.look easy hope I can do it

Denisesaywatsonmymind Mckay

Awesomeness and I love the family togetherness

noneur business

is the canola oil you buy in the store just as good?

KT Sterlin

Never seen a mold like that... I love it.

Chijioke Kiruiko

Nice video! He should be wearing eye protection.

Big Pennsy

Can you post recipe list? You did a great job on this vid

noneur business

can we use the canola oil you buy at the store or is it a different kind of oil?

sara cvijic

Is it necessary to use Lye? Thank you

Allynicole Miller

I love your intro!!!

Latrina Elizabeth

I love the positivity she exudes.. Also, how she allowed her nephew an opportunity to learn and do his own thing at the same time. Great duo!


I really lover her effervescent and bubbly positive energy.Oh brother is suave and chill.keep it coming y'all