My hair feels thinner than it used to why

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NEW Toupee.com HAIR SYSTEM First Impressions w/Discount Code - Hair Replacement Wig

128 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Comment any questions

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Original install, color, & cut by Carla with Total Secreto in Miami, Florida. She can be reached at 786-326-7909. Tell her I sent you! Her Instagram is @TotalSecretByCarlaAcosta

DISCOUNT CODE on hair products with Toupeec - "Tony Hair System" - Saves you $30 and up! - https://www.toupee.com/toupee-hairpieces-system-replacement.html


C-22 Solvent (for glue removing help if needed) - https://amzn.to/3sxGWf0

Hair by MHE Extreme Clear Glue - https://www.hairbymhe.com/collections/supplies/products/mhe-extreme-clear-1oz

Leave-in conditioner (I put in spray bottle and add equal amount water) - https://amzn.to/3qqHSji

Spray bottle - https://amzn.to/3bADdFp

Shampoo & conditioner (sulfate free) - https://amzn.to/2LIf6w2

PHONE LINK - shot on my Moto G Stylus 2021 selfie camera (16mp) - https://amzn.to/3bRixeE


I'm the author of the Love Hate Hotels book series (https://amzn.to/3qskSRd) and creator of @LoveHateHotels. It's based on the love/hate relationship working in the hotel industry. I wear a hair system (watch my videos), and owner of a female dakota sport retriever dog (I also have videos). I enjoy reviewing things, especially bargain products. Feel free to email me at [email protected] for possible partnerships.

stefan bathe


Tommy Smith

Did you have dark roots added or is it just the lighting ? Looks good

Bald Bearded

Looks awesome.....

Sean D

Have you experienced your system changing color in the sun?

My hair feels thinner than it used to why

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Beautiful, Minimalist, Three Color Swipe - Black, Gold, and White Swipe

77 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Beautiful, Minimalist,

Beautiful, Minimalist, Three Color Swipe - Black, Gold, and White Swipe

I was feeling something simpler and more minimalistic than with my usual pours. I decided to take just three colors: black, white, and gold. And create this beautiful piece using only a cake icer. This techniques results are much more understated than than my most of my other paintings, but I find it quite lovely.

I hope you enjoy the video, and it helps you on your acrylic paint pouring journey!

Please don’t forget to hit that like button, and please subscribe if you’d like to join me on mine.


0:00 Introduction & Palette

1:50 Flooding Canvas

6:45 Layering the Paint, and the Swipe

19:35 Close up of finished piece

Materials Used

Artist Loft Flow Acrylic - White

Golden Fluid Acrylics Carbon Black

Golden Fluid Acrylics Iridescent Gold Fine

20x16 inch canvas

Follow me on my other Social Media

Instagram: instagram.com/metapours

Facebook: facebook.com/metapours

TikTok: tictok.com/metapours

Twitter: twitter.com/metapours

#acrylicpouringtutorial​ #fluidart​ #acrylicpouring​ #blackgoldandwhiteswipe​ #fluidacrylicswipetechnique Acrylic Swipe Technique - Black, White, and Gold Swipe

I was feeling something simpler and more minimalistic than my usual pours. I decided to take just three colors: black, white, and gold. And create a simple fluid acrylic swipe. This techniques results are much more understated than than my most of my other paintings, but I find it quite lovely.

I hope you enjoy the video, and it helps you on your acrylic paint pouring journey!

Please don’t forget to hit that like button, and please subscribe if you’d like to join me on mine.

Materials Used

Artist Loft Flow Acrylic - White

Golden Fluid Acrylics Carbon Black

Golden Fluid Acrylics Iridescent Gold Fine

20x16 inch canvas

Follow me on my other Social Media

Instagram: instagram.com/metapours

Facebook: facebook.com/metapours

TikTok: tictok.com/metapours

Twitter: twitter.com/metapours

#acrylicpouringtutorial​ #fluidart​ #acrylicpouring​ #blackgoldandwhiteswipe​ #fluidacrylicswipetechnique

ART Таня Бойчук

Very interesting ?


Very cool effect ?

Vhil99 baking tutorial?????

Great share ✅?❤️❤️❤️done sub

Marie Madden

Love it!!!

Pojok Menggambar

I love your art?

My hair feels thinner than it used to why

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How to be Confident with THIN Hair | Kia Charlotta

49 835 views | 12 Mar. 2017

How to be Confident with

How to be Confident with Thin Hair

All my life I have had thin hair. And for the most part of that life I let it really, really, really bother me. I dreamt and even convinced myself that I could one day have thick hair. Please note I have genetically thin hair i.e. I have had thin hair since I have had hair :D I was born with no hair and was like this for the first few year of my life. Anyway. It is not worth stressing about it. There is so, so, so much more to life than hair and especially if you have genetically thin hair...you cant really change it so why not embrace it? ;) Lets be confident with thin hair together shan't we?

Hope you enjoyed! LOTS of LOVE!

More videos on thin hair:

Hair Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IzPqJP-N-8&t=5s

How to be confident with thin hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWtrG...

Thin Hair Tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fDT7...

What to Eat for Hair Growth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fDT7...

How I Style my Thin Hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Lza1...


Let's be friends!

Instagram: @kiacharlotta https://www.instagram.com/kiacharlotta/

Facebook: Kia Charlotta ( https://www.facebook.com/kiacharlotta... )

Pinterest: Kialindroos7

Contact: [email protected]



YouTube Audio Library

Erin L

Your hair actually looks really cute here! I love the curly waves. We have very similar hair!!! I'm learning to rock my own natural waves, it's better than having super straight thin hair. The waves help with the volume. Your videos have helped me SOOOO much. <3

Nicki James

Thanks for this video, as it’s helpful and a support for those of us with thin hair. It doesn’t help with our confidence when all we are bombarded with is women with beautiful thick, long or wavy hair. It’s harder still, when I see women around my age, 40s/50s, who appear to still have quite a lot of hair covering their scalp! I’ve had very fine hair all my life, and the last 15 years it’s thinned to the point it’s just thin with my scalp showing, so styling it or using hair pieces is impossible. It’s hard to be confident. No matter what clothes or makeup I’m wearing, my thin hair ruins how I look. Now when I have photos taken, I have to wear a wig....even that’s bothersome at times, but I’ve found a few wigs finally that give me a little confidence at certain times.


Thank you for this video!! Finally a girl who talks about thin hair, who actually HAVE thin hair... my hair looks exactly like yours, even the same color and texture:D and all to often you see videos with girls who talk about this topic, but actually have a lot off hair! It really frustrates me to see those videos, because if that is considered thin... then my hair is almost not existing :/
I think you are awesome and beautiful and really thank you!

Sativa who

I've always had thin hair like yours, wavy curly and frizzy and mine is also genetics and I'd get a lot of mean nasty comments as a kid, it really hurt my self esteem even now as an adult :( I would looked up videos about thin hair but all the girls hair was still wayy thicker then mine, it made me feel even worse and alone about my hair.
I love this video, I can't express how relatible all your struggles are, I've been through them all I thought I was alone and no one understood cause it was just something I was born with ?? I'm trying to learn to love my hair for what it is, so thank you for this ? it made me feel less alone and better thank you ?

Ps I'm here from your other video 8 reasons why to love your thin hair, you're so inpsipiring to have that confidence in yourself and in your hair. Honestly goals


Thank you so much for your videos❤...love you???

Jeka Soruco

Amazing, I have never seen anyone do a video on just accepting one`s thin hair. It is always how to make your thin hair look bigger etc etc... Just subscribed to your channel!!!! awesome <3 <3

bianca s.

You look so beautiful with no make up...wow! Great video :)

Thea Henderson

I relate to this so much, having thin hair is my biggest insecurity and something that I spend way too much time agonising over! But at the end of the day it's only hair - you radiate warmth and kindness and you seem so lovely!! thanks for the vid xx

Tammy Carter

Thin haired gal here too. Thin like yours only naturally straight. I permed it recently to try to help with volume and also lower maintenance and less heat styling. Suggestions??

Denise De Francesco

This video is a gift. Thank you for sharing this experience.

Sahar Elkhawaga

You helped me soo much.. Thank you ❤❤❤

Katie Ellen

What a lovely video ! Thanks for talking about this, it’s an insecurity that so many overlook so thank you so much xxx

Dee O

I have thin hair can understand Wht thin hair girls goes through ???

Gina Starr

Mine is just like hers


Thank you soooo much!! This video opened my eyes :)

Ula Joanna

Thank you for this! As a person with thin, fine, straight hair I can relate so much :( I am taking great care of them now, so at least they're healthy, but I hated my hair so much all my life, dreaming of curly chestnut waves. Now I'm trying to accept them as they are! Thank you again!

Michaela Steiner

Ich war monatelang in der klinik wegen meinen Haaren ?



Dead Pidgin

Wow girl! I use to think my hair was fine but your is even finer than mine. It’s good to know that there are people who embrace their fine hair. I give you many hugs.

Natphatsorn Goodcalmkind

I have the same , thin hire

Michael Pearson

I always curl my hair cause i feel like it hides it and i am a girl btw its just my dads account lol


Why is your hair thin?

Katherine Wilding

Thankyou x


You are brave girl! You showed your hair to the world. I feel conscious even in front of my family. My bro says my hair looks like elephant's tail. (Big head and no hair) I've five head and uneven hairline too..<3

Eva Val

Omg I'm from greece 21 and i have felt everything you said and i think i was tbe only one i was waking up at 5 ro wash my hair before school thank youu ????

meghan hardy

HEY im going threw exactly wat u did and its ruining my life please message me !

Luciana Mattoni

Kia thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful message!
How do you have your hair cut? I think it looks beautiful and maximises your waves and texture (I think I have similar) xx

Bernardeta Jurek

That's wonderful you do that. Thank so much. I have a very thin hair too. This what you do helps me a lot


Very good video, thank you!


Your hair is EXACTLY like mine. It’s beautiful. I’ve always seen mine as horrible and embarrassing but I’m seeing it on you and it’s beautiful. Maybe i need to rethink my thoughts on my own hair..

ilena glynn

Thank you this actually had made me feel better as a 17 year old girl. I remember I only realised how thin my hair was when a girl said my hair was like a Jack Russell which if you don’t know us a very short thin haired dog. I even got hair extensions to thicken my hair but it did more damage then good so thank you !!! Cx


I admire the way you look at it and I'm glad you made this videos. I always had thin hair and I was bullied and I had a boyfriend that was telling me I was ugly and my hair was thin and by belly wasn't flat. I got an eating disorder and then it got worse. One day that boyfriend came up with the idea to put in hair extensions and ever since my body got thinner and my hair looked thicker it seems people were accepting me more and more. For 10 years I've believed that it was my looks that brought all successes and friendships. I've managed to accept my body more through the years but I was never able to accept my hair. Since a month I got rid of the extensions and cover up sprays and everything I did to make it look thicker, but it can be pretty hard. I'm focusing on trying to accept it and trying to find a way to go outside and feel confident so much, but I just don't feel as myself anymore. All my friends say I should worry less about it and they don't get why I care so much. I'm very happy to read all the comments in here because I was starting to feel alone and now I feel better. So here's my story, maybe It will help someone else here. Big hug <3 You're not alone xxxx

Trinx Streep

when i was a kid i used to have full and thick hair until a few months ago when I decided to dye my hair for the first time then i had abnormal hair fallout for like a month and now I’ve got really thin hair like yours :((( but running into this video helped me a lot, thanks!! :)


Try hidden crown hair extensions . They changed my life for real! My hair is just like yours!

Ashley Berg

Thank you for sharing your story, it is encouraging to hear other people are dealing with the same thing!


My hair is about as thin as yours, except it’s straight (which to me makes it feel thinner). I’ve always hated it and been self conscious about it, so this really resonates with me! Thank you so much for this video. ❤️

Marisa Young

Thanks Kia. My hair style routine for my fine and thinning hair is - wash with pine tarsal- towel dry - comb with wide tooth comb - twist hair into a low bun and secure with a clip - let loose when dry - result is curly kinked hair with body - spray with light hair spray for a longer hold. I never blow dry hair or use any heat styling tools on my hair. Cheers from Australia


I hate my hair, its all i think about all day long, effecting my anxiety and stopping me from going out. Whenever i see people giving there hair a bit of oompf they swoosh it over their head with their hand but when i do that it doesnt flow it kinda stays in position and also it separates and looks weird. Another thing when i come out the shower whether i blowdry/airdry i cant mush it around or it will look weird when its dry, i have to keep it in one spot (straight over my shoulders). Does anyone else have this problem and have any tips? I dont want people looking at me like i have crazy hair. Sorry if its worded strangely, i couldn’t think of proper words to describe what i was thinking.

Natasha Sobieski

I have exactly, but EXACTLY thin hairs like u. I have just actually really long hair, under my breasts. I was trying everything, lot of products, blowdrying, i had short cuts, bobs, bangs, everything.. I was trying even to love myself as Iam, but I couldnt. I hate my hairs, I feel ugly, nd I absolutely gave up on my hair. I started to wear clip in extensions for few years nd like 3 years ago I started to wear tape in extensions nd I love it. I dont care thts not my hair, i love the way i looks nd it makes me feel pretty nd thanx god it dont daming my own hair, in 3 years i didnt get any bold spot on my head. My hairs are as same ass thin like before. Every 6 weeks my bestie just put me tht extensions on my head nd i feel pretty again. It was always my dream to have a princess long nd thick hair, thnx to tape ins my dream came true

Dawn Rein

Thanks for sharing Kia, I've suffered having thin hair for many years including hair loss. I feel grateful to still have some hair left...It's nice to know that I'm not alone in this. ????

mamatosam moss

I had overly thick hair since i can remember....a regular sized ponytail band would be very tightly fitted at 2 loops. It was always my one thing I liked about my looks,, and I was able to hide behind my hair. 1 year ago my hair started falling out, and i finally went to the Dr. Ive been treated for low thyroid for 9 months now, and have been taking iron for longer than that. Its still falling out. :( I can do 4 ponytail band loops and would have to do another for a tight fit. I have balding spots. I need to find a good hairstyle that will help me feel confident again. Ive always had long layered hair. Right now it is slightly below the shoulders and that only makes it look even more thin. Thank you for you inspiration to move me towards confidence! ? You truly look beautiful with your hair...youre a beautiful girl, and your wispy curls fit your face very well.

Meghan Ganstine

We are thin hair friends now. Thank you.?

Lillie Thibodeaux

I'm currently 4:43 seconds into this video and I'm already crying my eyes out. This is the first time I've ever related to someone when it comes to their hair. I can't wait to listen to the rest. I am speechless. You have amazed me and I truly am inspired by this.

Angel Arora

And you don't have to change a thing, the world could change its heart...

Love OneAnother

A pixie cut would look cute on you and it would add lots of body

Sarah SS

Personally I would get a very nice wig, shave my head with a razor or go to a barber to do it and then go through hair plasma treatments it should be a fun to watch the growth process ?
as a baby your mom would usually shave your head constantly until your hair no longer looks thin and extremely soft, it would grow out thick. I notice that western people white to be more specific don’t do that to their kids so I always see 6-10 year olds with extremely thin baby hair.

Tanushree Sharma

Kia !! This is beautiful❤ thnku so much although i don't have thin hair u really inspired me on how hair is not that imp its u on the inside that matters

Shelley Carlson

Oh how I wish I found you a long time ago! You are so right about everything. Thank you!

Kara Darch

Another amazing video - thank you! I had semi fine - thick hair growing up, and then a couple of years ago something happened (not sure what, but I had the coil fitted around that time) and my hair started shedding/falling out. My hair became a mental obsession which i'm still trying to 'reset my mind' from, it become so thin. My hair is finally starting to grow back (I had the coil removed a few months ago), I have patches of hair throughout my head that are a few inches long, when the rest is shoulder length :) I've also stopped colouring my hair, and I use Argan oil at least once a week which really helps too. Thanks again for your video! So positive <3

Fly Fly

Do you have colour in your hair?

JR Pacer

Nothing wrong w thin hai just need a right cut and style for thin hair.

mom, com pick me up, i'm scared

Me before puberty:thick and straight hair
Me after puberty:thin and curly hair

sulleigh cole

And boys brake up with me bc of it and i just canf


I have thin hair like you Kia. I love your videos and it's great to be vegan. Have a nice day. Florence


So im wearing hijab, so, my hair usually doesnt show but people did said that i looks good with hijab on rather than free hair, my mom hair is thin so am i.

Jenny Kudymowa

Thanks for this video! You seem like such a nice person!

Luka Kiryu

Loved it ???


Thank you so much for this video. It is comforting to know I am not alone. ♥️

Nerissa Anne

Thank you for dis?

Valentino Sy

I have long thin curly hair
Please reply and say what kind of hair u have but u don't have to I'm just suggesting


Dude, your hair is thicker than mine. Stop complaining.

nasira manzar

This is like my hairs.☺
Thanks for sharing

Ashley Jerrett

Thank you so much, I will start these tips and pray to be comfortable soon! I am considering a wig but I will try this first!

Leanne Jago

Thank u I needed to hear this ?

Jessica Rainier-Pope

You are the sweetest person ever! My thin frizzy hair has always been an insecurity of mine and it always will be. I’m so glad to have found your channel ❤️

Blüte Nandini

i have very thin hair, too.
not to bleach helps a lot.
regards from switzerland ??


Thank you very much for making this video.

Silverbush B

Your hair is fine-textured but I find it hard to believe that anyone notices (except for yourself) especially because your face is so strikingly beautiful. If you had glorious mermaid hair, it would just distract from your model-perfect face. Btw, I like the color and style of your hair very much.

Rachel McCracken

Thank you so much for talking about the subject. I'm exactly the same as you.


Thank you for this video, I've been struggling with extreme depression since I moved to Korea (the land of beautiful, thick hair) and I've basically just been staying home unless I have to work or am forced to go out, I'll even go as far as to order food constantly because I hate leaving the house so much. What I tend to despise the most is watching so many tutorials on styling hair and they always mention to "section your hair into 3 sections" and I just stop there because I only have one section. Braids look awful, curls never stay, I put so much time, energy and money into trying to make my hair look better and at this point I'm just considering getting a wig and cutting my hair short. I've been trying to grow my hair out but it seems like a lost cause. It's hard to just accept it but this helped give me a little bit a strength to begin that process.

Jennifer Beeson

Thank you!

Grace Amazing

Be grateful that you can SEE, and HEAR, and THINK........... I've spent 50 years trying to get my
thin, fine (no texture) hair to be 'pretty', envying my friends with luxurious locks. But we need
to be content in whatsoever condition we are in.... contentment is so much more important !
Wigs are now the IN thing, and many women with nice hair, wear them.... like jewelry ! It's fun.
AND realize many 'kool' kids, men & women, are shaving their heads !!! HATS are great too....
elegant, some are. I prefer my hair rather than what anyone else has..... it is mine-- given to
me by my Creator! What if a woman has no hands, or arms, or fingers to style her hair with..
or has no ability to move her hands ??? ! God loves you and has made the way for you to
belong to Him. He sent Jesus, His Son, to pay for your sins. Be grateful that you can repent, 
receive forgiveness and that way you have access to heaven, for eternity. Read the Holy Bible!

Tender Harmony

I"m so glad I discovered u ? thank u ♥♥

David’s Prod

Same problem here. When my hair is wet you can see my scalp. You can see my scalp when you see me from any angle. I’m not losing hair but my hair is just naturally thin

Nisa Şakar

Why am I watching this is I have normal thickness and I have curly hair?


Thank you so much for making this video!! I have thin hair too and it’s sooo hard not to compare yourself to other girls with beautiful thick hair. You and your hair are gorgeous!

olivia beck

I have some of the longest thickest hair but my mum has really fine short thin hair, same length as you. I try to comfort her but she never likes it because she thinks I'm making fun of her. What can i say to make her feel better?

Safeya Al Hameli

You are beautiful ❤️

Meghan Ganstine

Your hairline is very good though. I’m nearly bald in the front.


Why I just found your video in 2020? Thank you so much Kia for making this VDO. This content will be forever healing to many people who have thin hair. I was suffering from losing my hair since high school and now still worrying about it every day (almost 20 years ago). Your sincere and cheering-up words are so meaningful <3

Nuwa Kolugala

Thank you for making me comfortable with my hair. I have sobbed more than hundred times because of this hair. So thanks to you i will not be no longer ❤️?


Kia have you tried Cassia (cassia obovata)? If you use it regularly it CAN really thicken your hair naturally!

Rather B Hunter than Prey

I feel your pain sister. I had medium hair til I had 5 kids. Those years my hair was sooo thick!! Now in my 50s it has gotten so thin! I just had the same epiphany recently...im glad for having hair at all!! There are women on YouTube who really have it worse off than us!


wow it's great to know that there's other ladies out there with hair like mine. I think about my hair every day and it has been a big source of pain for me. I love how this video is all about acceptance!


When growing up I always thought ladies with thin hair were faeries because of a book I used to read had a faerie with thin hair that would flow in the wind ?‍♀️ rock what ever hair you have :) healthy thin hair is far prettier than thick damaged hair

Google User

I've had fine, thin hair since the day I was born. I get it from my mom. I've let it ruin most of my life. I never feel pretty, and wear my hair up most of the time. I have tried every single volumizing and thickening shampoo and conditioner out there.. and other styling products trying to get it some life. I am so envious of people with long thick hair. It bothers me so much that I will never have that. There's not much I can do about it. I just have to learn to accept it now that I am 29 years old and see that it will never change. Thank you for your inspirational video! :)


Mine is the thinnest on the very top front of my head, like my hairline... it's always been that way I supposed but has gotten a lot worse ever since I had an IUD that didnt agree with me and made my hair fall out. I feel like its just gotten worse and it's been about 2 or so years

꧁Kris Chen꧂

is your hair colour natural or what?

Lila J

Thanks for the video. I had thick hair until I started to process it with keratin and thermal straightening. Now it is super thin but long so I started wearing extensions. I'm at the point where I just am more comfortable with myself and your video inspires me to just be myself without the pressure. New subbie here. Your hair looks great to me. The saying goes "You are your worst critic!". ❤?

Kekuli Sunilchandra

U may have thin hair, but ur not bald..so there is nothing to worry about ☺️

sulleigh cole

Everyone at my school makes fun of me bc my hair is sooooo thing i cant but my hair in buns braids or pony tails . and im sick of it and this is evry nice too see???

Kaba Hriikaonai

I was always looking for growing thick hair but hhmmh i see this n its ?

Divina Ampoloquio

You are such an inspiration. Lately I've been so depressed because I noticed that my hair is falling again. I used to have thicker hair, but with age and stress it became thin. To boost my confidence sometime I wear extension too.


I feel less alone.................


Thank you for your video!
I have thin...super fine... STRAIGHT blonde hair. Having straight hair makes thin hair even thinner! I always wanted wavy hair.
I have long hair & I braid it (not too tight) at night or I would curl it with pin curls with bobby pins so I can have some fullness. I have experimented with hair sprays, powders, foams, conditioners, special shampoos...etc. It's expensive & exhausting. I have a friend who has thick hair...she doesn't have to go through what I go through?
I found little spike hair pieces with clips at the beauty supply stores (I use them with my hair for a up do). I have a wig & long hair pieces also. It is a big project for me just to get ready to go out the door. Sometimes I wear a hat when I'm in a hurry.
I'm now 65 yrs old & battling the wrinkles that are forming. I noticed that thin hair makes me look even older...such a battle.
☆I liked your thoughts of having a positive attitude about your hair!!! You are beautiful inside & out ?

Angela McClain

You are a beautiful young woman inside and out ❣️. Thank you for addressing an issue that affects all ages❗️


i also have thin hair

Ramen Noodles

Your thin hair is BEAUTIFUL!

If you're worried about it I reccomend looking up videos on how to take care of your thin hair and keep it healthy! No matter what you're sooo pretty! Don't listen to other people who tell you that you are not.

C Flannigan

You are the first person that I've met that addresses this problem. I have very thin hair. One way that I appreciate it is I tell myself that it could be worse. I could have totally unmanagable course, frizzy hair. Thank you for making this channel.

Marni D

Thank you for sharing your story. Thin hair only became a recent issue for myself, due to age and hormonal changes. It makes me realize I am not alone in my suffering. I truly appreciate your tips.