Unicorn dye

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Chiki Art | Learn How to Draw Color and Paint A Unicorn | HooplaKidz How To

1 853 065 views | 11 Mar. 2020

Learn How to Draw

Learn How to Draw Unicorn

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About the Channel

HooplaKidz How To is where your child uses their hands, mind and imagination to discover the artist within as they create easy and unique arts and crafts for every occasion.

From play doh to paper and everything in between, these DIY tutorials are not only enjoyable but also explore your kids’ creativity.

While your child creates masterpieces using the HooplaKidz How To tutorials, these videos aid in the development of visual spatial skills, problem solving skills, language skills and motor skills.

Unicorn dye

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Glitter Unicorn coloring for Kids, drawing and painting for Toddlers

3 578 219 views | 12 May. 2019

Let's draw, color Unicorn

Let's draw, color Unicorn and learn colors!

This video related for Kids and Toddlers!

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Unicorn dye

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Paint Therapy | Colourful Dresser

13 675 views | 6 Feb. 2021

For the most part I like

For the most part I like to paint my furniture flips in sleek, modern, monochromatic designs that appeal to the masses. Every now and then, however, when I really need to let loose and feel the paint on my hands, I do something crazy like this! I didn’t know how this piece was going to come together when I first started but I absolutely adore how it came to life.

My savings code for 10% off your first paint purchase at www.countrychicpaint.com can be found in the video at 5:50

Used in this video:

+ Country Chic Paints in the following colours:

Lazy Linen, Jitterbug, Nightfall, Peachy Keen, Tropical Bliss, Luminous, Mermaid’s Tale, Happy Hour, Cherry Blossom, Natural Wax & a 1.5” Oval Brush for blending

+ Zibra Round https://amzn.to/3avdHBs

+ Zibra Square https://amzn.to/3cEg1c3

+ Zibra Fan https://amzn.to/36IByMG

+ Zibra Triangle https://amzn.to/2Mylvdt

+ Drawer interiors are painted in Rustoleum Metallics in Gold

+ Pulls from Lee Valley http://bit.ly/3oF52Bq


Follow me on Facebook here:


I sell all of my restyled furniture locally in Bradford, Ontario, Canada. You can always see what I have available for purchase at www.salvagedbykscott.com


IMPORTANT: You watching these videos supports my small home business. I am grateful for each and every one of you! Please always read and follow individual product usage and safety recommendations. This description may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these affiliate links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Music by Epidemic Sound

Sumaya Warwick

I watched this masterpiece come to life. Bravo! ?

Maryn Alberts

This is like a Monet! Also had a good chuckle over the perfect song choices haha

Cheryl Hall

Very cool! I can see this in a little girl’s or teen’s bedroom! Love the experiment! ?

Sarah Slone

I like it, reminds me of sherbet ice cream

anne weber

Spray paint chalk

Christie Mills

I love this Katie!!

Yolanda Roig Musoles

Ohhh!! Le quedó Impresionante!!!! Muchas gracias

Michelle Cabasal

I love those pulls and the piece reminds me of cotton candy ? and very whimsical ?

mechele Yoder

? it


Hey, Katie :) love your work! I just wanted to recommend addressing the echo in your videos, so far your videos have been improving and this is just a small detail that influences a lot. Keep up the good work!

Jeanie Esajian

Hippie dresser! Love it!

Brenda Tomlinson

I’m speechless. Blown away. You’re such an artist!! Those who didn’t watch to the end really missed out.

tessa eaton

I think you are brilliant, this is fantastic

Jacquelynn Zuzulock

Absolutely Amazing!!! Love the transformation!!!

Melanie Gonzalez Art

It's like a free form makeup tutorial, but with furniture!

Say What

Wait. You cannot worry about negative comments. If someone doesn't like something they don't like it AND they can say it. And so what? You do you boo! Everything ain't for everybody and that's ok. You keep making your money and let the negativity go. You are an excellent artist; that's why I followed you. I may not like every piece, but I'm still watching. Still learning.

Tonya Sams

That is a dreamy sunset... Love it! ?

Vonnie Greene

Love the background music??

Angela Dalke


RN Penelope

I absolutely love it. Are you selling it?

Niki C

Trust the process. The finish reminds me of chalk pavement drawings from when you’re a kid ?
Nice work on putting yourself out there and doing something creative ‘just because’ Katie x

Jane Plante

Love it!!


Thumbs up for experimentation and taking risks!

MarieAnne Baldwin

Um wow!!! that turned out beautiful!

Laura Hernandez

okay admittedly not my favorite, but what beautiful colors, and kudos to you for going outside the box of your comfort zone...

Amy Stanley


Ann Hayes

Such a fun makeover. Beautiful piece!

Lourdes A

Love it!

Monique Slikkerveer

I love it! Colours yeh ... So creative. Like to see more of this.

Chelsea Baird

Oh my gosh so, so FUN!! I loved how you experimented on this!! It’s like a piece of cotton candy in dresser form ?

Karen Hill

I love it. Fun to see the different stages.

Julie Stenger

I would design and decorate a girl's room, or nursery, around this one piece. BEAUTIFUL work! I'd also like to say another reason I love your channel is you keep it plain and simple. You stick with the same intro/outro and you don't talk us to death. You also seem very authentic.

zaneta brown

Omg I absolutely love this ???

Jah Will Provide

I love your creativity as an Artist. Yes, keep doing what you do. Girl Power !

Mary Wiklander-Williams

smooth and soft blending. Vintage hardware looks great on the new coolers.

Ginette Coakwell

You are a true artist! Love your work!

Unique Upcycles

Omg love this! This makes me want to open a bottle of wine and get all my colors out and go to town!

a bananananana

Love it!!!

Elena9614 _

Yess more of these colours please ?

Maria Ramos

I really liked this technique. Loved the colors you choose. I hope you can show us a different palette next time.


OMGosh, this is amazing. It's like a magical sunset of amazing.

Sarah Bates

Incredible.....I’m just in awe, speechless ?????❤️?

Summer Colley

This dresser reminds me of rainbow sherbet! Love that you put yourself out there and tried something so different from your usual furniture flips ?

Sharon Aliza

That was so satisfying and fun! Love the technique.

Toia T

I'm speechless! I'm looking at the colors..you adding more color..I would end up with a muddy color! Awesome!!

jackie T

Wow!! You just always inspire me!

Asking Spot

I hope this doesn’t sound like a stupid question but, do you have a video on how you ship big pieces? I usually restore wood furniture but love your refinished pieces and I do similar colorful work on metal pieces. Have been approached about a piece but I haven’t a clue about getting it safely to the buyer, thoughts? Or video please?

Ayalon Halliwell Phoenix

If it's okay to ask, what was the inspiration?

Jo Johnson



Not at all what I expected.
I LOVE it. ♥️

Belle Ford

WHY NOT???!! I knew that's what u had in mind as soon as I saw it. Bubble gum!

Stephanie Mitchell

I also loved it and it was great to see you freed up and not restricted to more conventional finishes. I'd have it in my home and I'm 73 and usually more conservative in my tastes. And I live in Spain which would be costly shipping!

Colbi Mathis

I’m shook. I was so worried in the beginning, but girl you rocked it!!!

CJ 1985

I love this!!

Car Tor

You get 4 gold stars for bravery; this is a really pretty, soft BoHo look and I"m sure someone has already snatched it up. It's nice for us wimpy (not so brave) "Blender Wannabee" artists to live vicariously through your artistry. Very cool.

Cathi Lee

Love how this piece came out!

Theresa Chastain


Sonya Curti

QUESTION: I've never tried the "County Chic" paints. Are they mineral, chalk ??? Love the FUN colors. That's the biggest thing that hangs me up is picking out the color? Do I want whimsical and paint everything a different color OR paint everything same color. Trouble is I never know where the pieces are going in my home (which room) .

Khristen Basham

This is Wonderful! It’s JOY painted on furniture ! Make my heart sing. Thanks Katie.


I'm glad you decided to "let loose" the results are just amazing!

Perla Argyle

I was holding my breath the whole time but wow! That's amazing ???!

Pamela Smith

Very cool finish!

Dawnmarie Heaton

Loved it. You are truly an artist. Keep doing you. In Awh of your inspiration. Inspire on!!! Thanks for what you do and all your content.

Kimberly Drake

Oh how FUN❣️??? I love it!! Thank you for sharing?kim

Dee Green

Hi Katie, WOW, I love your colors....
You are a brilliant "LADY", when it comes to blending.
Great job and can't wait to see more!
Thank you
Dee Green
Port Charlotte Fl


OMG-I love it!!!

Bruce Agneberg

Reminds me of Monet’s Water Lilies! Well done!!


Hey that's pretty good ?

Susan Ellis

? love it!

Lynn-Ann Ek

I saw the finished project first on Instagram. When I saw the cars you actually started with I was like "wait...is this the right video?" So beautiful! So peaceful.
QUESTION: how did you fix that yellow section on top drawer? Where it dried with a hard line that wasn't blending?

jess wueb

i actually love it before it was blended! so happy. would be great like that for a kid or teens room or just an eccentric room w lots of color

Helen Jubert

At first I didn't think I was going to like it. I love it. So unique. Reminds me of a painting. Awesome work.

Christa Wardle

Wouldn’t be my choice ?

Lynda Cobb

It’s gorgeous! Take us wherever you want to go! I’m here for the creativity!

Debra Shulman

Loved the end result! Would have liked a few specific comments as to what you were doing and why,

Kai Handren

"The creamy chasmere scarf lay next to the butter soft lambskin gloves ... just waiting for their Mistress , Ms. Katie , to draw them out of the hall dresser -- the dresser everyone envied and wanted ...."

Mimi Lozoya

Can’t believe you pulled it off. Not that I doubted you but honestly didn’t think it was possible. Just beautiful!

Elizabeth Chaney

What a cool technique! I love this watercolor look. So pretty.

Carol Nacarato

Not gonna lie, it started out a little scary, but it turned out beautifully as I knew it would. I haven't seen anything of yours YET, that I didn't love! Nice to step out of the comfort zone every now and then stretch your creativity. Great work!

Karen Porter

Oh my!!! Beautiful!!

Sonya Curti

OmG!!!! ❤❤❤ It's absolutely gorgeous!!!! Your so inspiring and my creative juices are flowing ?


Love this! My daughter's would flip over this, It's all unicorn and rainbow! Gorgeous Gurl!

Isla Peach

At first I was like ? but the end result was pretty!

Barbara Moss

Unexpected--in a good way! I LOVE iridescent colors. I anticipated glass knobs! Go Katie! Keep creating.

elle jacobs

Love it. Adorable, happy piece. Great job?

Avi B

I honestly didn’t know where this flip was going but I’m so glad I stuck along for the ride. This flip is utterly gorgeous! Such a creative and artistic spin from your normal style. But it’s great that you stretched your artistic wings and flew! I know you have a business to run but I hope to see more fun flips in the future.

Laura Scott

I love this Katie❣️

Monique Brown

We have very similar taste in furniture and style which is why I love your channel and while this piece was very out of character, I totally get it! Sometimes you need to let the crazy out and u get an image in your head u have to make a reality. Those are actually some of my favorite pieces in my home because they make me happy! Well done!

Vicki Erickson

How unique! I love it!

Lyn Gideon

This would not be my personal style, but you did a great job on it. This is the fun of design though. Make it yours! Have you ever considered doing a McKenzie Childs type decorative treatment to a flip? I love doing this, but I am always looking for the best ways to do this type of thing.

Taylor Holmes

Love this video! I love how you painted from your heart! Your staging pictures are always the best! I wonder do you use your iPhone or a fancy camera?

Debra Taylor

Lovely to see a different effect
Loved all the shades, and the sort of blurry finish at the end
Hey what do we know we can achieve, or are capable of, if we don't try other things
Great work Katie ❤️?

Sheila Mashburn

Beautiful! The blending is so superb and smooth! You are inspiring me to paint everything! TFS

Aimee Beem

About half way through I wondered where you were headed with it. Wow! It really turned out beautiful.

Neomi Goldbaum

you should be proud of yourself for letting yourself go, beyond the boundaries.!!!!

Rachel Cid

Wow! You're right, it's not for everybody...it certainly isn't for me only because I'm more farmhousey, but it IS gorgeous. I can definitely see that in a very modern home. The blending of the colors is absolute perfection.

Glenda Cox

Like a sherbet parfait!❤️❤️❤️

Lourdes Boet

I can definitely see.it in a girls room.juat bc is the pink colors. I thinks also with clear crystal type knob would look stunning. I love the piece very unique.

Mary Henrie

I was scared at first but it looks fabulous

chip underwood

This is a wonderful subtle colorful dresser! Could be used in a number of settings!