Infected belly button

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4 318 793 views | 23 Dec. 2016

I do the try not to cry

I do the try not to cry challenge; I pick up my little sister from school and take her to take my belly button piercing out

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if you see this comment goofy goober

Rashi Singh

Zane hands hidaya coffee and can clearly see straw and acts like he's going to get straws????

phoebe mccaw

2020 whos here? ahahah

Salomon Hernandez


Briana Soliz

Hidaya!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

it’s regan

Guess what I can’t cry because I don’t have a dad

Midoll 59

I am crying because of the video in the girl and dad I look at Zane him no tears me thinking he has no emotions

Chris Butler

yo wtf thats coral glades i go there wtfffff

Haily Lawson

the hair salon thats not funny

Melissa Baden

Can we get a story on your mom and dad ? What happened? Not that it's my business but if you feel comfortable sharing im sure alot of people would like to know.

100000 subs with no vids people

Zane looks like he could be Jeff’s brother! ?

Joana Negrao

Soooo boring!


If you're looking for the mediocre excuse of an infected piercing pop, it's at 7:20. The rest of it is just a shit reaction blog with his ugly girlfriend

bo matt

Squeeze that pus bruh. You got this.

Jessica Logan

Short movie on YT, called 18,i always cry at it, like I literally can not watch it without crying

Adam Bartlett

surprisingly the editing was pretty good when they were taking the thing out.

Myah R

Hair salon oh that’s not funny

Wings Within

Oh my gosh,, I fell apart. ?

Silvia Tellez

I cried towards the end when the little girl says "he lies because of me" ?.

Jean Jacket


Deja Demouchet

I was finna cry but then I looked at Zane and he had a straight face the whole time

James O'Brien

Haha nobody noticed when his sister said “hair salon?, that’s not funny”

Landon /\


Dave Levek


Blair Owens

The beginning is so sad ?????

clara gibson


Tankster 45

Bro why the fuck did tears come out of my eyes when in the first video they hugged each other like i wasn’t really sad at all i just had tears in my eyes for no reason

Jimmy S

Yessss he got some good taste in music to play doubt

Rachele Martin Pease

Very cute

Petty Carrillo


Madisyn Carr

why was i actually crying when the try not to cry video ended XD ;-;

Alicia Barfield

Oh my God I cannot believe you did that oh my love oh my f***ing God do you like you in my milk Leila day


Wow that was intense!


That is one of the most truthful videos out there about a parent will sacrifice their self for their child/children.

Steel Magonolia

What a waste of time watching an immature kid, do stupid things for attention on YouTube. ??‍♂️

Hillary Mack

Totally a waste of time.


He's so sexy, its hard to watch without twitching


why tf is zane my celeb crush :)

Naomi Davis


lidia love

dang the planet is dying and hidaya still wants her straw lol


the try guys

Maddie Spiker

He is stupid


Zane is like those reaction youtubers who do a 20 min video with a straight face

Lani M

Im not crying you're crying


Was this supposed to be interesting?

Trenton Werntz

6:45 hair salon thats not funny,


So he did a sad video cause he was in a good mood?

Skylar Radisic

Not even gonna lie just searched this up because I got the really dumb idea to let someone pierce my own ear with a needle and it got infected so I looked up when to take out an infected piercing I found this and mine was worse ??

Jana Cruz


Tadoe Hoe

This nigga so funny?

JALON spann


ThreeOfA Kind

Who’s cutting onions in here ?

Discover Cheri

Mine turned black

Ryan Smith

So is the blond lady his mom?

lexi israel

I am crying so hard and it is 2 in the morning

renz tinio

So if his mom is not a muslim so its his dad so thats why zane's sister where's that

Noah Schroeder

Says he’s in a good mood then just looks depressed before the vid even starts


Zanes intro is so dumb

Pickle Rick

I cried when david and liza watched it and zane too??

Patricia Johnson

Nope because he is really handsome.

Chris P


Anna De Keersmaecker

How Can zane keep a strate face while i’m baling my eyes out

Chris & Alexis Parsons

Zane says he’s gonna watch a whole sad video and also has a straight face whole entire time

Sanaia Whitehead (Student)


Kristy Kirby

what is'ent he riliges


The amount of cuts in the VIDEO ?

ciara simpson

I was crying at the reacting to sad videos bc I'm an emotional reck and I am going through shit that's why I'm watching zane

legna_lol awuje_lol

No cap Zane is looking fine fine these days ??

mikaela larisse tejada

am i the only one who misses this channel? damn zane

Jessa Rain

You guys are adorable, but you speak so fast I can't understand you well.

Jordan Goode

Zane pulls up near a hair salon
Hidaya “a hair salon? That’s not funny...”

Louis Avocodo

He said ?

Netanya W

Warning... Clickbait!


Next time get a bottle of saline solution (the kind for contact lenses) put some in a little cap, like soda bottle cap and put over the pierced area, lay down for 10 minutes keeping the cap against your body, to keep solution from spilling. So this three times a day and by the second day, infection will be gone and Pierce will be healed but not close.

Carlehe Six

Zane I came here to watch u scream, but instead I cried and I’ve seen that video three times

André Mariano

that dad make me cry like a lil baby

Elena Cristea

Comntreaii 3, 2

Naomi Zarnighian

I came to this video to laugh, not to cry

L 2

Aww baby u showed the two straws already

Roxanne Veigelt

Slow the fuck down!

Chippy L

The removal starts at 7:30. You're welcome!

Nuha Adams 14

Y’all matching!!

spencer dan

Did anyone else cry to the first part of the video

carlos De Leon Jr

you look more handsome when you're serious zane. ugh

Larry Radelet

No dude you can cry,that video was gut wrenching as far as the belly button thing always go with a pro ?

Diane Greene

I miss my brother so much. Brothers out there, don't drink and drive!

Seriously Brenda

I watch for the train wreck. You never know what is coming next

Shirley Koskela

Freeking freek

Sam Muckley

well that metlife ad had me in tears

Amethyst Lopez

im on acid rn and da thought of zane sittin ina bathroom watchin dis sad ass video because hes in a good mood makes me sad as shit man. im jus sad as shit jus nvm me?


zane looks really hot in this video


Seems like a person or persons who are hugely self absorbed . What is the hook? I'm not sure but I realized that I never will understand the need people have to believe that the world needs to hear all that babel . . Let the flames be lit!.??

Norah almuqrin نوره القرن

السلام عليكم انا سعوديه


I had an infected ear peirsing we had to take my earring out and pooped this huge bubble it was gross ?


Why would you do that to yourself first you allowed someone to pierce you belly button without cleaning it that’s asking for the infection. I love how she said it looked beautiful

unicorn forever 17

i'm still cryingfrom that video that he watched and i'm still crying

Aron Camarillo



lol at the begging he said i’m in a really good mood cuts to the video immediately sad

Ayesha Misbach

awe my bro

Trinity Patterson

goofy goober

Eli Kinder

First daddy needs to grow up.