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6 566 264 views | 28 Nov. 2019

Check out Dr. Barko

Check out Dr. Barko removing two of the CRAZIEST ingrown toenails we've ever seen!

Have a great Thanksgiving, y'all- we're thankful for our patients, our subscribers, and our entire LexPod family!


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unknown animator


Kelly Healy

Cant believe u didnt trim back the granulated tissue or use antibiotic ointment

Brianna Riddle

So is that the actual toe nail that they take off? If so I think I might just throw up ?

Jimmy Dean

My soul left my body when she pulled the nail off

Hailey Willock

I almost fainted when they removed HIS WHOLE TOENAIL I was honestly not expecting that

Hassan Manning

Tha fawk. Me ?????. Him???



Jennifer Aleeah

I loved watching this and i bet he or she feels better after this?

Hiama Love

Me wondering does this not hurt?



Lewis Lee

Oh so she's gonna cut the ingr- OH MY FUCKING GOD

Ashley Strick

No cream? I wonder how badly that gauze stuck to his skin

The dumbass In yo town

Mind if I Kermit suici-

Net Pal

Ohh ? it looks like a fried longganisa


Guys sounds like PeakTemper

Jayden Smith

The ingrown will keep coming back if yiu dkmt remove all of that tissue don’t tell him that it’s just gonna fall off he’s gonna back in 2 weeks

efrain gurrola

Cut the excess off..

Hemillyn Souza

cara isso é tão bom

Delana Ciuca

The biggest relief is getting an infected ingrown removed.

antoine rossignol

At this point just take my leg

Michel gutierrez

Ya en contrastes él comentario en español que buscabas:v

hell nah

My biological father had a plier set he would use to rip his toe nails off. He use the needle nose ones to get the nail loose then the bigger ones to yank it off. I remember watching in horror and him telling me "it's either constant pain or 30 seconds of pain" as he was pouring alcohol over it and then wrapping it up to put on his work shoes... I myself get bad ingrown's but I could never do that!!!

This is Cutie Ringo Joy

so does it grow back the curve or not pain nail?


She did that with no hesitation... You can tell she likes her job! ?

Goku Uzumaki

I threw up

Alah price

Biggest ingrown I’ve seen

Ali bee

How do you let it get that bad???

Teddy Lark

I watch this whole thing with my mouth open in shock

Andressa Andrade

Misericórdia ?

Carlinhos Selva

No Brasil uma unha desse iria levar um mês pra ser desencravada.

Heather Guascoine

That was bloody brilliant , but who lets that go for so long ??

Yongukk Unnie

Me: Eww! I’m gonna throw up ?
My brain: Okay but let’s watch more.

Gabi Gaming


Stacy Tidwell

Holy Shnawseges!!!

Micaela 73

Eso ya es una asquerosidad terrible..



karen willis

HOLY COW! Best I’ve seen yet on yt!

Sacrifice The Veggies

Me the entire time watching this:

I wasn’t expecting her to take the entire nail off

Chloe Cambeline

???'? ?????

Maria Bali

Ouch ?!

Como fazer laços Lu

Que dó... Corre aqui @na


does the nail grow after this????

Deborah Polk

The whole nail came out.. WHEW!!

Andreia Maria

Gente essa pessoa não sentiu dor não???
Caracaaaaaa ????

Vie G

she just do it wrong
Without tourniquet
Not removed extra skin
No Acid to burned nail matrix
No cream to protect that open nail bed to stick with the gauze
This person not removed ingrown nail but just removed whole toe nails
Poor patient

Leandro Bardales

I felt like this was happening to me

Sir Blossoms

I have a ingrown, but I’m trying to rip it out myself lol

El Crepúsculo


Faye Murray

So I watch weird pimple videos and toe vids and other things that one should probably not watch at 3 in the morning... when that toenail came off... I actually asked myself why I was still up after my mini heart attack....

David stallone correndo vaquejada Stallone

Só em vê uma sena dessa a gente já sabe que ela tem muinto conhecimento


I was not ready for that

Steffi Obias

Why would the nail be that deep?

antsu H.A.H

I thought the thumbnail was photoshop.
I hoped tho thumbnail was photoshop.

Communist Cat


Tompkins Davis





Gianni Formica

How can you go that long without getting it taken care of?

Kelsey Umble

That’s crazy!

Treyveon Williams

In all my time watching healthy feet and toe bro imjust feel so sorry for the patient.


Alguém do Brasil!?

julie lucia

Wow!! 2 ingrown toenails how did that happen???

Emily Tyson

She took the entire nail off! ?

Catchin up with Ciara

Me: Wow thats a lot ! Now cut off the Sides!
*just rips whole nail off



enya pearce

I'm sorry but how the hell did he let it get that bad

Chase Crofford

So I’m wondering are those the toenails that you took out

stefan w

Toe bro's not impressed

Luissten Garcia




Sharon Joke

I wasn't ready!!!!! In my Kevin Hart voice ????

Priscila Silva

Caraca ?

;-;yishy. yoshy;-;

It's the hearing it rip off for me

José Zulueta

I thought she was cutting the ingrown nail in a new way I hadn’t seen and then she took the whole damn nail!

Tamela Tate

Ohhh hell nawl honey cut the whole damn toe off

Kelsey Umble

Why wasn’t the grandulams not removed from the sides?

Amazing Star

That was amazing!

Tim O'Sullivan

Holy crap!!


Casual a las 2:34 am

Lily Pichu

Nail?! Looks like his dang bone is sticking out!!!!! I thought my feet were ugly jfc

Lex Smith

I’ve never felt so much dread so quick


You know damn well this dude put off seeing a doctor for his toes until they were about to fucking explode. Those nails came off like soggy Frosted Flakes

Slow Hand Luke

“You’ll Bleed like a Stuck Hog for days and Day’s ...”


I feel so numb and I

I’m shaking but it’s so satisfying what

The Comment Reviewer

I bet he tried pulling those out

Gabriela Lopez

?? OMW

Brendalis Herrera morales

Come on, buddy, I know you looked for him, he didn't show up at you.

EJ Estrada

Title: Removing Ingrown
Reality: Removing whole nail

Modou Faye

U need to get rid of the dead tissue skin in the corners

Paula Jimenez

Why she ain't removing dead skin I'm not a medical professional but leaving it to fall off by it's self it's crazy .. theirs dead bacteria

Adriana Wynn

Wish it said toenail removal in the title

Leili Sousa

Aiiiii minha unha???coração saiu pela boca


You can see the bone

DeborahAdele's Craft Room

It’s amazing that guy could walk at all with those toes in that condition.

Sarah Santos

Deu anestesia né

Termination Gaming

My toes started itching! I took a look at them to make sure they were ok!!! Of course they were lol!

Eric Rushing



Omg that was horrible

karen willis

HOLY COW! Best I’ve seen yet on yt!

Padre Quédedo


Perri Myers

This is awful. I would never go here. No antibiotic ointment and she rips the whole nail off. She doesn’t even trim the dead skin or help the infected area. Awful!

Hernan Saavedra

This is my daily dose of you tube i have felt in heaven watching this. So coool..???


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250 582 views | 22 Feb. 2020


THE MOST SHOCKING INGROWN TOENAIL SEEN THIS YEAR AND THE MOST EXTREME INFECTION WITH PUS AND TOE MEAT DANGLING AROUND THE SIDES OF THE TOE RETURNS! Dr. Leo Krawetz of Healthy Feet Podiatry in Tampa, Wesley Chapel and Brooksville, Florida removed the granulation tissue which was infected tissue draped around the borders of the toe and the sides of the ingrown infected toenails and the toe is now healing. Pus was under the toe meat and was spewing from the sides of the toenail when the infection worsened but the cure for an ingrown infected toenail was to remove the sides of the toe permanently by applying sodium hydroxide, a base or phenol, an acid, to the base of the toe or the root of the toenail also called the nail matrix. The procedure is called a matricectomy or matrixectomy and it is very satisfying to remove the piece of the toenail. Ingrown toenails are genetic so they are hereditary and get worse from pressure from the shoe on the side of the toe pushing on the toenail. This also will cause a red toe and antibiotics will be needed to cure the toe infection. Watch the exciting two week follow up visit and removal of the dried up pus and dried blood under and on the sides of the toenail!

Website: https://healthyfeetpodiatry.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healthyfeetpodiatry/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/healthyfeetpodiatry/

North Tampa

13801 Bruce B Downs Blvd #205, Tampa, FL 33613

Phone: (813) 971-4678

South Tampa

2919 W Swann Ave #203, Tampa, FL 33609

Phone: (813) 875-0555

Wesley Chapel

27658 Cashford Cir #102, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

Phone: (813) 388-9801


17222 Hospital Blvd #218, Brooksville, FL 34601




Rodney Hrvatin

Dr. Leo should do a commentary on a toe bro video like he did for Dr. Nail Nipper...... minimum 100 likes on this comment to convince him to make it happen!!

Briar Rose

I still smell my toes.

Eme Sass

It's hard to believe that he is gone, he was only 53.

AGS Official Gaming

How, when, and what age did dr.leo die


we miss you Dr. Leo. I am watching this Oct 1,20 during the pandemic. Anyone else?

Leona Pireo

Not quite like toe bro.

Kierra Anderson

What a year

Dena Adams

I wish I’d seen this before my ingrown removal. I still have a callous where she took it out a year and a half ago. Thank you for your fun and informative videos.

Ace Vincent Arevalo

and i thought that leaving my toenails uncleaned for a month is bad.

sleepy sheep XD

This is super gross???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

marcus latino

Omg that was a really bad ingrown nail how can he let it get that bad ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️


Enjoyed the follow up!

Pure Atomz

I almost threw up

Mark T

Anyone else see the glitch in the video around the 4:20 mark? They had a glimpse of the other procedure flash for a brief moment

HipHop Messiah

Doctor you can hold the camera for Paulina and I to make a movie or two. ???????????


IG name of your camera girl hahaha

Stefany Keila



Just got mine removed today!!!! It stings

Donna Ryland

This dude really does a crappy kob compared to the other toes doc. I wouldn't ide this guy for NOTHING!


Paulina need to be quiet all she is a camera person you don't need to chill need to talk she messing the video up over talkingshit


Y’all and ToeBro >>> “My feet are killing me”.

Y’all started this craze but TLC gets all the credit? Forget that mess!!

Addi Z

when i tell you my soul left my body when he pulled them out

Joanne Curry

Miss you Dr Leo I’m sure you will have your wings up there ❤️?? keep safe and well everyone out there with the covid

Becky Belmontes

I been digging my own ingrowns out for years because this just scares the crap outta me lol! I usually catch it really early before it gets bad. I am getting older now so I imagine this will be in my future on both big toes. I only wish you or toe bro was closer to me!!!! Lol

Laura Gadille

Why is his toe redish/pinkish?

Leslie Galloway

This Doctor's hair is BEAUTIFUL. ok. Back to the excitement...

Beck Lawrence

I mean you can turn a little faster

Kevin Cobban

You have got one gorgeous assistant and all your videos are great

Michelle Mama Pepple

I love your Humor Dr. Leo ??

Scotland Fails

hey guys great vid

Vickie A

Dr Leo...we miss you so much?

Vincent Yap

More of Paulina please ?

Gabby Liriano

Dr. Leo is my spirit animal <3

Bulljack I Bulljack

This doctor is really good... He made sure his patients are comfortable and confident

Daniel Vidal Martins

Brazil send u regards! ?

Sarah Barton

Both my toes were that bad on both sides . I now have no big toenails.

Terminence 106

Seeing him put the thing in his nail must be so painful

Maria Nazaré

Acho seu trabalho fantástico! Desde que assisti, pela primeira vez, não parei mais. Abraços!!!


So, I have a question... is the granulation tissue supposed to be exposed muscle or something?

Rosa QwQ

My toenail hurts from seeing how he just cut that flesh, imma leave

Zac McCoy

I need a cigarette after this video

Simon Bridge

Christ you are a butcher compared to the likes of the toe bro. This is the first nail video I've watched that's made me cringe. The way you get stuck in with those clippers, Jesus man its a toe not a chicken wing

Star Studded


Rosy Posy

Dr. Leo...I miss him so much already. ?

Ciem Chano

Same person?

Diana Cooper

My toenails are developing healthy after fourteen days. This was because of the fungus treatment method which I have been using each morning as well as evening. Within just 2 weeks the brownish blackish spot I had on my nail from fungus was vanished.. Google can help to find, name of this tip is Kαmonuz Yda

Sandi Morris

You're missed Dr. LEO. Your enthusiasm makes the removal of ingrowns fun. ,? ?? i will continue watching these oder ones.


No one gonna talk about the guys annoying hairs on his big toe?


That still looks like there's dirt impacted on the non-bleeding side.


Apple cider vinegar is better, the kind with the "mother". It creates the perfect biome for your skin. I do a tub soak with 1/4 to 1/2 cup or Clorox for the full tub. Then full strength apple cider vinegar with mother.

James H

I don't know how I got here but I just can't stop watching...

Cassidy Carr

Looks so much better. But cant wait til hear the pus song lol

Julie R

I thought Alexia filmed for you! Lol! ?
The Toe Bro calls it the “alligator roll” ????
Awesome as always Dr. Leo!

Becca Laurel

I love these follow up videos!

Kelle Thomas

Is that just a regular pair of scissors that you use when getting the nail out? Im looking for them myself

My Little Corner of Georgia

I would LOVE to work with all of you! And way to give a shout out to ToeBro!!!


No pus, no yaaay :(

Donald Alldredge

Man, you have Paulina and Alexia that film, you don't pick anything but beautiful women to work for you, do you?

Jeanne L

"Do you ever sniff your toe?" ? Dr Leo you're too funny. I'm glad your patient is healing well. ?

Caleb Phillips


Bibiana Enamorada

Toe bro shout out!!


thats some bad botox

HipHop Messiah

That's one big ass toe....


i had an ingrown toe nail several months ago. they removed both sides and they added the acid. The nail has not grown correctly since the surgery. the nail is kind of flaky and brittle. does anyone know if this is normal?

Cool Nan

I can no longer eat jam after watching...


This dr was so kind

Natasha Nagy

That toe is still humongous! I look forward to seeing it a bit smaller down the track


Thought 2020 couldnt get worse?

Patty Edmunds

That sexy walk Dr wow!! ❤️

MistakezWeRMade _


Patricia Green

You are super cool Dr. Krawetz!

Al Maidah

Left her ingrown toenail for so long it actually graduated from Harvard

Carmen Rojas

Minuto 4:02
What? You finished? I want the other part!!

Patricia Green

Dr. Krawetz you are the BEST dr. Your employees are so lucky to work for you.

Milo Saints


angela shuela

My fiancé has suffered with foot difficulties so the Six years we have been together, and anything else he used simply kept everything at bay. This fungus treatment could be the only thing he has utilized end it. I would definitely suggest this to my pals and also family members.. I used Google to research this guide, name of this guide is Kαmonuz Yda

Josef Tardy

We miss you Dr. Leo.

Sharlene Fuller


Not Drooling

When i watched this kept on saying ow idk why but it happened

English Rural Doggy Nerd

How fascinating about using white or cider vinegar if you have an infection. Something I’ll file away and hope that I never get to use!

angela shuela

It`s been almost Twenty weeks since my husband has begun employing this guide to give treatment to his toe nail one or two times every day. The nail appears great at this moment. I started employing it between my toes for breaking, tickly skin. . Google can help to find, name of this guide is Kαmonuz Yda

amanda christen

podiatrist that removed mine literally saved my life

S Diggity

Paulina is a hottie?

Typical 4 life

Rip leo

The Joxter

I have a ingrown toenail?
I’m clipping my nails everyday now!


it wont ever heal if you dont stop pic..... smashing with hammer

זיו אהרון



I wasn’t planning on eating this week anyways...?

STEVIE Down South

Forget Dr. Leo, give us more of Paulina!!! She's very pretty and seems to have a good personality and very happy.....


Thank you for being a fantastic teacher.


You seem like the best doctor. Makes there patients feel good, explains everything he does to his patients and he makes his patients laugh! The best doctor. I love you humour ?

Kiel Powell

When I was in middle and part of high school, I had issues with these. The part of nail removed for my last surgery was twice as wide as this. I played sports year round and dealt with the pain. Drain the puss multiple times a day, etc. But it got too bad. It was jagged and edged. And way worse than this. But it was my 4th time having one removed and it finally stuck. Lol. Anyway, if this doc thinks that one was bad.... man, he'd have loved mine.

ideana gomez

Wow,, that is amazing. We need trophy’s. Lol ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

May may

3:00 start of cutting

Jenni Lang

@ 11:15 is driving me batty!!! I'd be the worst patient, because I'd be nipping like cRaYzAY at that!!! :/
So, betadine is like hydrogen peroxide, in that it can kill infection, but also harm/kill healthy tissue, along w the bad???

Maria Nazaré

Cada profissional tem sua técnica. Mas, o importante é o resultado positivo do bom trabalho. Isso é o que importa. Parabéns ao grupo e minha admiração por vocês.

Kimberley Ellis

Ahhh,,, I have missed you Doc!!! I got distracted by a documentary by a guy about the last months of his Mother's Dementia, He actually started an organization called Molly's Movement, to bring about awareness of Dementia, and help get more research on the disease. That toe has healed up very well! I remember that video.. as always you did great work! <3

Margie B

Hi Dr. Leo! The toe is looking good! Thanks for the follow up! ❤️

Veronica Utter

Wow this was unbelievable...Dr. you are the Best ❤️

bobby black504

That is amaaazing


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125 196 views | 8 Sep. 2019

Dr. Leo Krawetz Of Healthy

Dr. Leo Krawetz Of Healthy Feet Podiatry in Tampa, Wesley Chapel and Brooksville, Florida removes one of the most incredibly big ingrown nails he has ever seen! Ingrown nails can be caused by trauma to the toe or from cutting the toenail too short but usually an ingrown nail is caused by heredity. Ingrown nails can become infected and the toe will turn red so you will have a big red toe And you will see pus on the side of a toe. How to remove an ingrown toenail is a question and we usually remove the side of the nail permanently by applying a chemical under the cuticle of the toenail so the toenail will never grow back again. This is a permanent removal of the toenail. The chemical applied to the toenail bad is called sodium hydroxide and it will destroy the nail matrix and destroy the toenail permanently. A podiatrist or a foot doctor is the type of Doctor Who removes the toenail when the toenail becomes painful.

Website: https://healthyfeetpodiatry.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healthyfeetp...

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/healthyfeet...

North Tampa

13801 Bruce B Downs Blvd #205, Tampa, FL 33613

Phone: (813) 971-4678

South Tampa

2919 W Swann Ave #203, Tampa, FL 33609

Phone: (813) 875-0555

Wesley Chapel

27658 Cashford Cir #102, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

Phone: (813) 388-9801


17222 Hospital Blvd #218, Brooksville, FL 34601

Phone: (352) 796-7800




Becky Schwindt

maybe you should be an Oregon duck fan very cool football uniforms yellow shoes.

ideana gomez

Wow, that ingrown was huge. ?❤️❤️❤️❤️

Audrey Abdo

Good job; that made my toe hurt seeing that!

First Last

She's laughing as she knows all about how quick your 'quickies' are. . .

QB Livingstone

WOW! that was awesome!

Doreen Fitzgerald

Love the shoes?

Anja Mew

Awwwwww I love you dr Leo you are the best❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️

edward toner

Green not yellow ??

Michael Giannace

Doc what do you recommend for Fungus on a toe nails!!! Please make a recommendation.

Mikayla Gonzales

If that ever happens to me...

April Romanek

I freaking loved that she got your shoes on video, and they are too cool.

Andrea Garza

Ingrown hall of fame!

Rose Oneill

Awesome video. However I did have to put sunglasses on when it came to your trainers. Though I do think that they are awesome

Pearlie Grace

i think my heart skipped a beat when he pulled it out

Deseree Ballentine Austin Blaque

Oh ouch

Kimberley Ellis

That was a seriously awesome ingrown! I have been missing your videos.. Now lets get some of those toes with pus in them too :) You is da best!!! <3


Why do I think that bringing my phone up closer will give an even better closeup? I do it every time. Very cool to see such a nice ingrown being removed by Dr Leo in his cool yellow sneakers!

Patrick MCMLVI

When I see a guy with yellow sneakers, the first thing that comes to my mind is that the guy has a problem with accuracy while using a urinal. Maybe I'm the only person who thinks that, but it could happen. ;-)

Negle Lir

Sure aint torbroe quality work!!!

Amazing Grace

And the prize for the the best ingrown toenail (insert drumroll) goes to ......

Alys Lougher

Hey jeat new trainers, xx

Debra White

ASICS shoes are the best. They are the only brand that fits my very odd birth-defected feet. No lie, I also have a neon yellow pair with purple laces and I get compliments all the time lol. Keep up the good work, Dr. Leo...even though I hate removal videos ?

Kathleen Spigelmyer

I love seeing medical personnel who can be a lot of fun and still be very professional in the care they give their patients. It's a blessing to all. Your videos always bring a smile to my face!

Tom McManus

Love the shoes are you a runner?

Cecile Unia

What a funny and naughty doctor lol

Norma Babineau

Dr Leo you have redeemed yourself after that tiny embarrassing ingrown! ????

Debra White

I’m a bit tired of all the ingrown toenail removal videos because they are gruesome to me ?

Izabela Valgas

Another great job, Dr. Leo ❤ Hugs from Brazil ??

Gloria Koch

Now I have to go looking for yellow Sneakers! ??

Betty Babberl

Diggin' those shoes!!! ???

Stormie Lee

I love watching these! Also love your shoes!!

zumba dance with big noooby mum

It looks like tht harts A LOT

Jeffrey Talan

I like dr leo. He 's funny ang he used torniquet!

Linda Smith

your hair looks great Dr Leo ❤️


Love the sneakers! When I worked at the hospital we all had some pretty flashy sneakers. Since we were color coded by our scrubs our shoes were a great way to express ourselves.

Sharron Wolfe

That was a big ingrown nail! Great video!
And the shoes a indeed colorful! If I ever see you in n north Texas I promise to say hello!

Cara Mac

Omg I almost vomited when he dug under the toenail ! That looked so painful !


I like how everyone is leaving nice comments. Nice!

Kymber Du Smythe

Love the shoes! And the chabbel too.

Gloria Paddock

Love the humour Dr Leo. I do like your yellow sneakers. Well done on getting the ingrown nail out too ????????

Mar 88

I enjoyed this

Totalchaos1983 0

Great job Doc!!


That hurt bro ugh

Villanelle Polastri

Dr Leo has to retire from podiatry and move into his true vocation as a Broadway actor. Or should that be stand up Comedian?

Josefina Perez

Great job ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gail Gober

Dr.Leo is on!!! Great to get your video after church!!
That was a Big ingrown for sure!! Love your new shoes? but they look more neon green on here. Was great to see your smile and watch you, your personality is so Great!! Thank you for sharing your work with us all.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Have a great rest of your weekend and hope you have lots of laughs so you get to smile lots!! Blessing to you and your family and Cozmo!!❤??????

Justin Likewise

Watch toe bro. This is nothing.

Leslie Bilotta

This Dr is so odd weird looking

Jody Van Strien

I always hold my breath in anticipation of the size of an ingrown nail, much love from Australia Dr Leo and crew

Blaize Harrington

I just wanna say that your videos generally make me happy. I watch them before bed and I really appreciate what you guys do ❤️


Great as always. You don’t disappoint.

Chelles McIntosh

Redemption from the last ingrown nail ???? And glow in the dark sneakers to distract from the bald spot ?????

Georgiann Maloney

Ouch. I had this procedure done years ago. You did a much nicer job. Still hurt. Love the shoes.

Miriam de Koningh

ASSICS RULES...........????


Ingrown toenails hurt so bad

Kay Roth

Great to see you Dr. Leo

Nathalie Brunet

So funny lollll and yes cool yellow shose ? from Canada ?? city of Gatineau Québec ??

Bluerose Spann

Love the shoes I wear the same brand and their excellent they are comfortable do not hurt my feet and they are a show stopper in shoes.❤

Patti Camuso

Please don't take this comment as disrespectful because it isn't intended to be. I'm still trying to figure out what was so amazing about that ingrown nail. I've seen ingrown nails that were extremely infected, deeper & even ones that the ingrown part actually grows and sticks out of the flesh at the side of the toe! This was just an ordinary everyday one.

Bluerose Spann

That was so awesome I love seeing ingrown toenail removal I love it you do an excellent job excellent!

Erani Degues

Dr.Léo vc é fantástico, Love you. ????Brasil??

The Age of Fabulous

Great video as always!

De Evolution

Pretty sure the other side of that nail is ingrown too

Rachel Ring

Neon sneakers or ingrown nail? Hmmm, nail!!

CallMeLili {Lilian}

The toenail he/she needs to keep it clean more

Maria Altino

Muito bom!


I love you Dr. Leo. You’re so funny. ?
And BTW I love your yellow sneakers too ?

Indy Colbie

Can they avoid cutting half of the nail? It looks so weird when you have half the nail removed. I wish they could only remove a small of the nail.

michele johnson

Take off the other nail just for the hell of it!?

Jeanette P

Coolest shoes ever!!!! Incredible ingrown too?

M Watts- Riley

Listen to the dr voice as he sees and describes the tree root he pulled out from this guy.
I think he needs a fighte cigarette after. m

Miss C

❤️ Miss you Dr. Leo.

Debbie Green

Thanks for the "quickie" Dr. Leo! Lol!

Laura Gadille


Sandi Morris

Alright! That one was huge. Love it!

Teri Perry

...i'm not real crazy bout ingrown toenails...i just watch cuz dr. leo is such a great entertainer...i love his great personality...

Sandie Lindemeyer

Jeez....it’s HUGE! I would have been dying of pain. My toenails grow the same way.

Betty Bert

I’m going to be so very educated on foot/toe care, that after the apocalypse, (which will occur any day now!), people will flock to me for their foot health, because you are the best in the world as my educator. Thank you, Sir Leo!


This video was stolen by a channel named Ingrown nails, 99


Big one!

I like the ingrown.


Quickies are underrated ❤️?

Francine Laurin

I would so trust you with my big toe! t.y. for your teachings..moi, Canada ??

Casual Preparedness

Excellent Video As Always. ?????

Jenni Lang

1. Was that nail so fungal that was ready to come off? It looked like the whole nail lifted/was detached, when you made the initial insertion.
2. I figured you all would be Brooks kinda sneaker guys!?

Brenda Bryant

Asics are my fav

Jane Doe

Cool shoes! Great vid Doctor!

No1s Business

Is Dr married ? He’s so awesome.

Ann Otto

You are so funny?. Thank you for the entertainment and video!?

Gail Arze

Me: Under the what? Eponychium!
Also me: I like the shoes. Do I need new shoes? Meh... who cares. Getting them for the EPONYCHIUM!

Mary Burden

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Shiela small

Love it!

Varun Negi

Wtf I got my ingrown nail removed without anesthesia ? means I'm a superman lol??? btw loved your humor ?

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LOVE your new kicks!

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Marilyn Monroe

Dr. Leo is funny
I bet he’s fun to hangout with



April Romanek

Do you guys have a video on how to properly clean, trim, and remove dead skin on your feet? If you do can you put a link for me in the comment section pretty please. I freaking loved that she got shoes on video, and they are too cool.

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