Palmer cocoa butter reviews

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Product Review: Palmer's Cocoa Butter

9 031 views | 18 Dec. 2018

Another product review to

Another product review to help you guys keep your skin free from crust and flaking in the winter!

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"Deuces" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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Opp Nation

You look beautiful⚘

David Mohammed

I think this would be good look at you

Ashata Shabazz

Good video

ryan tyree

I like your YouTube channel

stormy weather

Vaseline is a petrochemical and actually suffocates the skin ??‍♀️ So in the long run not good for your skin at all ...I do love this product though ! My skin is so soft !

Palmer cocoa butter reviews

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1 050 views | 30 Jan. 2020

Hey Loves,


Hey Loves,

In today's video I will be doing a review on the entire NEW Palmer's Cocoa Butter & Biotin Length retention Collection on my type 4 natural hair.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula combines natural ingredients like cocoa butter and vitamin E to replenish moisture for healthier hair. Biotin supports healthy hair growth and quinoa protein protects the hair shaft from heat damage that can cause breakage.

These products were sent to me from Palmer's and Impressions of Beauty in exchange for a review. This is not sponsored. All reviews are my honest opinion.

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Tam Kam's Amazon Store




Palmers Cocoa Butter & Biotin Shampoo [8.95]

Palmers Cocoa Butter & Biotin Conditioner [8.95]

Palmers Cocoa Butter & Biotin Leave In Conditioner [7.95]

Palmers Cocoa Butter & Biotin Styling Cream [9.95]

Palmers Cocoa Butter & Biotin Hair Serum [7.95]


C O L L A B S & S P O N S O R S :

*For serious business inquires*

?Email: [email protected]

S O C I A L M E D I A:

?Instagram: @mynaturalhigh

?Twitter: @mynaturalhigh

?Snapchat: mynaturalhigh1

F I L M I N G:

?Camera: Canon EOS m100

?Lighting: Ring Light

?Editing: iMovie

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That twist out was bomb, and now I needa get myself a trim so my styles would be that good.

Simply Jah-nette

I like your results but I doubt I'd try it hmm

Healy Means

i really like your results. thanks for sharing ???

Alicia Budgets

Hey tam ??

Simply Kenna

i really like your hair. I love watching you twist your hair. i think this is the best twist out i have ever seen on your hair. Great results! makes me want to buy it.

Chili' Pepa

Loved Loved your Review..I honest feel you was honest with your review and damn it I APPRECIATE that..Your Hair is Beautiful and it's popping...I look at all these review and watch the products they was using as well and some of them I feel they was getting paid to say and some that don't like palmers not giving a honest fair opinion..I Thank you so much and I also subscribe your channel..Many blessing to you and can't wait to see what you have stored for us ..much love ...

Krystal Hall

I don’t know much about natural hair, but it looks good! Lol

Gabrielle Ishell

This whole time I didnt realize that you had a channel! I notice that you comment on my videos alot and saw your comment on another page! lol I just subscribed!!

Jazzmond's Mannequin TV

I recieved most of these same products from my Curlbox subscription a few months ago. I really enjoyed the spray leave in conditioner as my #1 product it's def a repurchase, and the shampoo was a good product too. I wish the conditioner hugged my curls, I was disappointed. I tried the cream styler when I did my friends 2 strand twist and I wasn't a fan, her hair was pretty and moisturized tho after it dryed. I feel like a gel would be worth a try.

Your twist and curl came out soooo pretty Tam ???


Tam I really sat through TWO, TWO minute ads for you ? girl YouTube be trying me with the long ads I just be wanting to watch the video ? but this turned out great. I didn’t know Palmers had all of this. Adding the perm rod to the ends really made a good curl. Love the results

Everything Key

I love the packaging. Love the way the shampoo went in. Love a thick conditioner. I love the leave in spray. I use that on everyone’s hair in my house. Your curls are popping and super define. Thanks so much for sharing.

Chalsey Wilder

Too me it's the same as putting essential oils at the bottom of the list, it isn't good to have too much biotin. I'd argue that it probably wouldn't do anything to begin with anyway.


I am loving the results too
Can’t wait to try these products this year
I like to use spray leave in conditioner during the summer
Thanks for sharing your review hun

Palmer cocoa butter reviews

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DON'T BUY UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS | Palmers Gradual Tanner

14 530 views | 20 Jan. 2020



Hey guys thanks for watching! ?

In this video I will be giving my complete honest opinion on palmer's natural bronze body lotion, letting you know if this gradual tannner is actually worth your money.

Hope you enjoyed the video don't forget to like and subscribe!

Jasmine Carter

Hi Guys!!! Here's a link to purchase the tan: https://amzn.to/3tdWXr0
(If you purchase through this link you'll be supporting the channel *affiliate*) ?

Tamilias Flower.Szira

NEED to try it! Just ordered a bottle

Cheryl Ardis

This is the ONLY one that wont cling to any dry patches. I've spent the last 2 months trying to find one that wont make my sun damage look like huge moles. I have spent about $300 on different ones, all higher end because apparently they are the best. I was mortified.
I saw a different video about skin damage and tanners and this was the one she recommended saying " whatever they do, it's not doing that clingy thing"
I bought some and its true! I'm on day two of useing it and its even


did the palmers tan stain your floor? xxx


I completely agree with the smell, it made me feel sick that I went in the bath the next day but the tan didn’t come off as much. Great video!

Jon Moshy

Tan looks g⭕️⭕️d hope you guys have a great wedding

Tammy Gallichan

I love the smell, like I just smell like chocolate all day?

Sayak Ray

so beautiful you are maam

Sireen Albakri

Can you use it on your facee???


I’ve just bought some and put it on

Emily Mintern

Is it sticky ??? I have a thing about feeling sticky ?

Sabin Figaro


Sophie Michelle

Will this start to go patchy? And will it come off in the shower? ??

Funnee Edit

This is going to work for me for school as fake tan is a NO NO

Jasmine Appleby

Does it transfer a lot?