Rainbow hair dye kits

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Fashion Angels Hair Painting Kit Demonstration

478 views | 22 Apr. 2020

This fun Hair Painting kit

This fun Hair Painting kit allows you to 'play' with color without permanent change! It's easy to use as well. Fashion Angels brand gives tweens opportunities to be creative and show their true selves. Enjoy!

Rainbow hair dye kits

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DIY Rainbow Hair - Tie-Dye Hair Extensions Tutorial

6 280 views | 20 Jun. 2012


http://ilovetocreate.com Check out how you can use our Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye to color your (human) hair extensions. Easy and very affordable, most of all super fun!

Cassie Cobb

Ive jst recently purchased plat blonde extensions n I hve old 1s in perfect only wore em fr 2weeks n hd2change color.I want to color the1s frm b4 n stagger em into hair with the plat blonde bt dnt wnt color2bleed out whn wet or washed n ruin the blonde. Will tht happen with this technique? My extensions r I-link remy human hair. I thought bout jst doin color on some clip ins so I cn tke em out whn I wash bt thy dnt feel comfortable whn hairs pulled bck especially whn hvn i-links in as well


Since it's on hair extensions, it should hold pretty well *as it's not "temporary" color. And we do NOT recommend it for your own hair. It's more for fun extensions. Hope that helps!


Does it come out? And can you do this on your own hair? Does it damage?? Lol sorry for bombarding you with questions!


You could try it, but not sure if it is permanent as these dyes.

phernoude louis

would food coloring work plz anwers

Rainbow hair dye kits

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Rainbow High HAIR SALON Unboxing + Rainbow High Dolls (Amaya Raine)

226 908 views | 3 Aug. 2020

Today we are unboxing the

Today we are unboxing the Rainbow High Hair Salon. This set comes with the Amaya Raine doll, hair gel, hair cream, and other hair accessories. Join the Rainbow High dolls as they wait for Amaya Raine to show up at their hair party. See which colors we picked for her hair. Stay tuned for part 2 with the full salon unboxing. #rainbowhigh #rainbowhighdolls #dolls

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