Permanent makeup cost

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Getting Permanent Makeup: Before and After

611 286 views | 21 Apr. 2014

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There has been a lot of requests for a permanent makeup video... So without further ado... Here you go! We hope this helps inform you and assists you in your decision on wether or not permanent makeup is right for you! It's obviously a big commitment, so we want to make sure you are well informed!

We want to thank Janette for sharing her expertise and talent with us and all of our subscribers! You're amazing and one of the best at what you do!

We LOVE you,


*If you are close to Salt Lake City Utah you can contact Janette for an appt. Just an FYI she doesn't make appointments for consultations, she only consults you before your procedure.

To book an appointment contact her receptionist @ 801-759-4822


She done a really good work on your eyes. You look stunning

Corah Mcwhorter

did it hurt

sarah burns

I am SO ON BARD with these BEAUTIFU Young Ladies!!! I just found this site tonight. I live in Beverly Hills so its not hard for me to find a really great Permanent Makeup Technician. I however am NOT surprised at the CRAPPY TROLLS on here that have absolutely NOTHING good to say.


It looks like somebody drew it on with a sharpie.

Solar sparkle -The crybaby-


Drink Bleach

Those eyebrows look hideous I am sorry. They're so close together nnd way to dark for her skin.

ellisan Lark-Griffith

How does anyone deal with that blonde on a daily basis?

Anna Mascarenhas

Shes very pretty naturally I don't think she needs her brows tattooed. But to each their own and if it makes her feel good more power.

Faith A. Fraser

All the makeup in the world wont make you less insecure....

Nikki G

Poor women they don't even look like they match. Her left eyebrow looks like it has too much of a dip. And when she said I think I convenienced Laura to do it lmfao Laura's actually probably thinking hell no bitch I ain't fucking up my face like you just did.

Queen Of Sheba

Wow pls stop doing this stupid job I pray for you OMG ???



Maheen Angel

looking amazing

Vina Kane

Check this link out, it’s much more honest and true life. I don’t know either people in any way, this is just what I know from researching this topic and after having over 54 tattoos and I’m a huge question asker and it annoys people. I will ask questions about the tiniest most random things hat sound like they don’t even make sense but in my head they add up! Anyways take a look at the YouTube video I’ve attached hereto:

https ://youtu.be/sih-Je-tYEs

Mind Over Batter

Go to a tattoo shop it's MUCH cheaper and they're amazing!!!


What do you use for numbing?

Christina DP

Looks like disney villain eyebrows. Yikes.

Sweet Pastels

stupid, stupid, stupid!



E. Agnes McGee

Matthew You live with that fear please do not change. it only makes the rest of us smarter with those uneducated remarks. Marianne please go and research more, you need education on these matters. Liston to the eye drops they use. They tell you what aides in keeping dye out of your eyes. PLEASE do not comment if you do not understand the procedure and have researched. Dumb uneducated comments make you look a bit uninformed.... This is called STEP BACK...Research and understand the procedure. This is a very informational video , adding in ways to enhance eye browse. Graying comes with age 5 years you can re-due with colors of gray.... be smart and think before typing. Good video for showing many things on eye tattooing....

Victoria Korsakov

What’s with her eyebrows

Sam Nikole

Your brows look like .... ugly as a cruella eyes! Big mistake! Now you have to live with these ugly brows till your death! Yuk

Vina Kane

You’re talking about not using neosporin which is correct BUT also you can NOT use polysporin or Vaseline or ANY petroleum product on ANY type of tattoo whether it be an actual tattoo or tattoo make-up. It’s because of the petroleum it doesn’t let your skin breathe at all and is EXTREMELY bad for ANY tattoo like I said earlier! The tattoo goo product and go to a tattoo parlour and buy their tattoo aftercare products which are perfectly FINE around your eyes! Please remember this. If there’s ONE single thing you take away from your tattooing experience of ANY kind, NEVER use ANYTHING with Petroleum in it on a Tattoo! And a great make-up tattooist they’re artists as well they have to know shading is even say it but they’d have to know shading better than a body tattoo artist! So if you’ve got an incredible tattooer and you’re extremely loving on the work they just did and they have PROPER tattoo aftercare, tip them well and it’s standard for about 25% per tip. I say this because it may be a $700 or a $50 tattoo they still work their asses off and are constantly upgrading their incredible talent of actual art and for lack of a better word right now, a drawer, and I mean constantly. They are thinking eating and sleeping tattoos and creating art ALL of the time!

Audrey Wilemon

Oh God wait till you're 80 or trends change lol people are so stupid???smh

Jordan Raggett

i would not want to be engaging in convo with somebody who has a needle to someones eye

Faith Rightout

They’re really thin


I can’t believe people are that stupid.

k3ri4 love


Nicole Juliano

So many haters on here. You look flawless and weirdly you look just like my friend.

Kind of Random

Not sure why all the swelling? None of my clients get swelling after the lash-line procedure. Quite nice work though... very pretty girl.

Jhodha Akbar

this kind of people need mental treatment for doubting their inner beauty or for being so in confident my prayers are for them


Do you know if there's a difference between semi permanent and permanent eyeliner? Has your eyeliner stayed as black since you had it done or has it lightened up?

Barbara Beverly

The problem with tattooing your eyebrows is that styles change. You may come to regret the shape or width of your new brows.

Vina Kane

I just had to watch this again to double check what I heard about Vaseline and I’m paying more attention to everything this time and holy shit her eyebrows do look like they were put on with a sharpie! Omfg this poor woman!!!! The inside part of the eyebrows there are 3-4 little lines that try to make it look real. I hope everyone knows what I mean because I’m not sure if I’m saying it properly. But hunny wow! And it is soooooo hard to have laser removal for make-up as well! Omfg I’d be freaking right out! The minute your artist is done whether it’s makeup or a tattoo it should look so truly very clear and represent what the tattoo will look like at healing, pretty much. We all know it’s gonna fade as healing goes on and we all know that it could brighten up as well and YES KEEP IT HYDRATED big tim! WOW! This poor woman..... sorry that’s all I’ve got right now wow! ?

May Guevara

Jajaja toda manchada de tinta. Lástima por ella, actualmente esas cejas ya no se usan

Ashley Jordan

How do they look: You look Gooooaauud

Diana Jurado

Is amazing!

KaRyn Sweeney

less coffee more thrive.. sold by le-vel its amazing.

ehhh . jadaa

the blonde girl is annoying.

amy coppage

How bad does the eyeliner hurt? (during & after)

Jersey Davis

To look good she has to do all her makeup all the time. It's going to look strange just looking like you have your eyes and eyebrows done.

Margaret Gray

I love it your so beautiful and it looks so natural I want to get this done but I'm so nervous


Get wrecked when this eyebrow shape is no longer the beauty standard

Peter Hobbis

Her eyebrows and eyeliner now looks so great!

Alyssa Langworthy

Janette is doing my brows next week. So excited.Thanks for the recommendation for a Utah local!

Cláudia megres de Lima

ohhh.... our mto beautiful, it hurts? what's the price?

Jennifer garay

I've been getting permanent makeup for yrs and I learned so much. Ignore the haters. Thanks for the informative video!! Both of you rock.


video starts at 2:40
your welcome biatch

Nahla Noelle

This would have looked flawless if the eyebrow color had been a light brown, and not such a deep shade that didn't match you at all. Too bad. Otherwise, it looked good.


The eyes turned out ok after much inflammation, but the eyebrows look way harsh. Too dark and too lined. Is she going for the cholita look?

Ellie Miller

This video is very interesting. We also give Permanent Makeup in Essex. For more details visit >https://plus.google.com/108075293039160492310


Beautiful woman don't like the eyebrows they should have been brown plus it looks like a marker that's too dark for her.

Mohamed Ahmed Fathi ❶


Jaro Jaro

shit job

layla Jay


Shianne McPherson

Who is this woman? She looks so familiar.

Gladys Frade

Starbucks ? love ur vids

Ashley Lawson


Emy R

The eye liners looks beautiful!

Tsya sema kun


live love laugh

she looks sooo good.


Has anyone ever told you how vacuous and irritating you both sound? The thought of getting a knife and stabbing it in my ears was so tempting. I had to watch the video on mute.

Gizella Donald


Quinya Munnings

love the eyebrows they look so good?. I'm thinking of getting my own done.

Jeff Villalpando

I want star bucks now


O God her eyebrows????


oh dear those eyebrows eeeeeeeek

victory rejoice

I'm getting my eyebrows done tomorrow I'm tired of drawing them on I'm tired of them being uneven. I'll take me a Vicodin and a half tomorrow and a Valium and I'm going to get them done the lady that's going to do them she has a variety of shapes mine's not going to be shaped like hers ????

Denise Boriqua

I Love it!

Lisa W

i think she looked better before. after the procedure she looked so much older and the eyebrows were too harsh!


If i have a scar on my cheek can i get permanent makeup on that? Or does this only work for eyebrows?


She is so beautiful, as soon as she opened her gorgeous blue eyes I was stunned. But the procedure looked kind of harsh.

Kelly Jones

She looked so pretty before :-/

joanne visbaras

This looks beautiful! I have had semi- permanent brows tattooed twice now. Worth the investment. Mine were done with a hand tool, first artist's tool felt like needles, second artist I went to felt like blades (more uncomfortable) I think I may look for someone who uses the electric tool next time, have to do extensive research by then. Thanks for your video Michelle, where exactly did you get this done??

Sonya Phillips

I'm a cancer survivor and lost every hair on my body including my eyebrows due to chemo and had to get my eyebrows tattooed back on it was a God sent I no longer looked like an alien, so tattooing eyebrows on can be a benefit to some of us???????????????


I am 100% certain that you are NOT supposed to do this shit, THAT close to your eyes. What in the world!

Shana Abell

I'll stick with micro blading.


This is incredibly dangerous.


I'm quite against this normally. But the waterline tattoo actually looks nice, she did a really great job... You don't see that often...

Susan H

Wow, she is really a messy technician. I would not be happy with that ink all over my face.

M, Ep

I am going to pray for these people..

Alexandra McGuinness

Jesus God those brows

The Vlog Channel

that was so pretty it just looked like you were very mad at someone because your eyes were very red and it looked like you were screaming at your kids or something like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh no she is going to erup and it kind of did dont you think because you need to look over that video PLEASE


Thanks so much, for sharing! I've watched a lot, of videos on both of these procedures, and this is one of my favorites. You two have such a great energy, I could not believe you were mom & daughter! I think that some of the comments were very rude! anyone who has researched permanent makeup, would know that the brows will fade by 40-50% they need to apply plenty of pigment, so they don't fade too much. So, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, and just don't watch it.


Рermanent makeup eyeliner it so cool, I am do it and really happy! http://irecommend.ru/content/skolko-derzhitsya-permanentnyi-makiyazh-vek-i-strelki-foto-6-let-spustya-kak-izbezhat-boli-k


How long before you can wear contacts?

layla Jay


Twaiba Salim

Waterline doesnt last longer it will change to grey sooner

Harry Sweet Lister

when you do not know how to put on make up, this would be a great deal...and for busy people who has no time to put it on daily hahahaa

Griffin Mathers

My mom had this done, she said it wasn't bad at all. I think maybe ten years ago? She was very disappointed in how quickly it went away, especially the ups. So don't be scared and it does NOT last forever.

Monis Palm

Where is this at... I really liked the eyeliner best I've seen so far...

Kimberlee O'Neal

I can't find a soul in the state of Colorado who will tattoo my waterline! They all tell me the closest they'll get to the waterline is the "eyelash enhancement" (just a fine line that goes between the lashes outside the waterline). So basically I'll look the way I do every evening after my eyeliner has bled into my lashes and that's all I have left after washing my face. Why would anyone pay $$ for that? I may just make the drive to Utah! Thanks for this video! You've inspired me!


Wow.... just wow I watched the whole thing!


does she do botox in the forehead?

tvriro Saungweme

what happens when this eyebrow trend ends but y'all got yours tattooed lol


Imagine how will she look in 40-50 years


tbh I think her eyebrows don't look very good...



Generation X

She's naturally beautiful and her eyebrows and eyes turned out great... so I don't know what people are talking about when they say her brows look bad. Like, what ??! ✌

Kelly McKeown

Tomorrow morning is my eyebrow tattoo appointment and I'm super excited. I have no natural brows, they don't grow! so this is huge for me. 24 years of drawing them on. thanks for your video.

Permanent makeup cost

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157 612 views | 6 Jan. 2021

If you have any doubts u

If you have any doubts u can directly ask harshitha Garu or u can just visit the clinic if possible

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Alekhya Suresh

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Atleast entha untundi price range

SARITHA'S kitchen & vlogs

Akka naku chala litega vuntai eyebrow nenu cheinchukovacha antha karchu vasthundi

Baisy Shelly

How much it cost?and is it perment or how many days it will be?

Pavani Pandu

Lasya kuda e clinic video chesaru

jhansi kuncham

Cost meku entha ?

Neeraja Pedapudi

Assalu baagoleadu andi

Sreedevi Deva

Cost enta untundi just idea kosam am searching for this one ..

Sowjanya Kulkarni

Price details chepara

Hanish Varma

Cost pp

Prudhvi Pujitha

How much cost akka

Janu B

Eyebrows Permanent Ga elage vuntaya or Malli cheyyala ... Amount entha

Pusam Lalli

Amount cheppaledhu. . Entha ayindhi andi

sravani araveti

Cost entha charge chesaru mam

Susanna Percis

What is da Use of microbladed

Shiva Jyothi


Ullasapgowda Kc

Akka en edu nang arthane agilla

padmasri Padhu


Sharonoldagehome homecareservices


Laxmi Mendi

Cost yentha andii

suma naik.

Price ???

Malleshwari Malleshwari

eyes midha emina effect untundhemo cream.valla side effect untaya andi

Mani Kandipalli

Appatiki elaney untuda sis malli growth untundaa eye brows lo

Sravanthi Anumala

what the lipstick you have tell me the brand , thanks

JayaSri Neeli

After 1 year Eyebrow hair yamina grow avedha akka side effects yamina vuntaya

Anishka P

Eyebrow cost ple

Tekumalla Sirisha

Price chapadi

prabhavathy chodisetti

Prize chepamde.mam

Sri latha

Price ntha andiii

Vara Lakshmi

Superb sister.. Your daring attempt. Nice vlog.

Revathi A.

Price meeku antha tisukunaru

maheshwari k

good one

Gittagoni Nikitha

Cost how much

Priya Dunga

Colour and shape ok Andi,what about extras in the future malli threading cheinchkovala Andi regular ga

Vara Lakshmi

Mam cost enta ayindi, ivi permanent ga untaya? Every time sitting need avutunda?

Usha Rani

Mee eyebrows bagunnayi innka enduku extras. IIppudu emi bagoledu

Laxmi Saraswati

Kurta ekkada teesukunnaru

Sobharano Rano

Elantivi cheyinchukokunda ute better natural ga untene bagunaru

Likitha P

How much mam??

jeevitha cimbali

Mam e eye brow permanent treatment na

Deepikapriya Deepu

Hi im new subscriber

Mary Priya

Mam cost cheppandi nenu kuda try chesthanu

Pusam Lalli

Madhi rajahmundry ikada nunchi ravali ante amount chepandi miku entha ayindha

Goda Laxmi

All r asking about amount? Yantha ani kani me reply ledu? Why chepachu kada.

Sandhya sanju sanju

Price entha akka

Bhavana Vanarasa

Miku entha prize padindhii andi

vanitha vanitha

Sister eyebrow microblade అమౌంట్ ఎంత శాస్వితంగా ఉంటాయా. లేదా year year ki చేయుంచుకోవల నాచురల్ గానే ఉంటాయా please చెప్పండీ

sambamurthy vadapalli

Bakery Chala dark GA vundi munde bagundi mee eyebrows

keerthi 111

What is the use of it ..? Us hair growth stopped permanently or thicken the eye brows reply me that plz..and ur looking natural with back cam

Lakshmi Giri

Cost please

harika's sweet home


chandrika baalam

Price entha range lo untadhi

Susanna Percis

Cost yekkuva middle class vallaki avvadhu kadaa

NagasatyaVani Boddu

Once microblading cheyinchukunnaka inka every month treding akkarleda??

kalyani gattem

Madam please tell me your contact number for making sarees video

Karuna Aralingam

Hi అండి వీళ్ళు కోర్స్ నేర్పిస్తారా ప్లీజ్ రిప్లై andi

Jaya Lakshmi


Rajeshwari Rajeshwari


Suriya prasad

Cost cheppandi sis

priya Priya

Hair treat ment untadha

Dr.Varshini kumari

Madam training

Priyaswanth Priya

Treatment ki cost entha aindi andi

sanji sanji

Hi akka , naku eyebrow chla light ga vuntay ,nenu kuda melaga cheyinchukundhm anukutuna emyna side effects vuntaya akka, edhi cheyinchukunaka baga vuntay kada

Akhila gaini Akhila

Sis glow chesthara e clinical

sana specials

Akka price

Rosie chinnu Chinnu

Amount entha sister

Mahammad Ghouse

Luking ??Awesome akka
Under eye dark circles ki treat ment unda akka

All is well

Originally meeru baguntaru nijaniki but new videos lo me lips face anni maari poyayi sis evarola unnaru?

cherry NS

What is the cost of the procedure madam


Price entha akka

Heavenly Homemade

Hello everyone anni details video last lo ichanu plz watch complete video up to end apatiki emaina doubts unte u can comment below
And ipdu eyebrows thick gane untay kani one week ki everything is set So don’t get scared by seeing this and wrong decision anukovadhu

I will post pictures in Instagram and community tab soon stay tuned

Price starts from 25k
And eyebrow extras theyinchukovali

Ivi chepatam marchipoya sorry

Gaddam Sowmya

How much Cost sistet

Shiva Jyothi

Me Instagram id cheppandi

Lingala Sandhya

Mi dress baagundi kurti Link evvandi please......

challagulla dakshayani

Cost entha sister

Monitha 1987

Amount enta teskunnaru


Its not looking good

sree lata

Ekkada cheyinchukunnaru idhi permanent ga untadha

Sushma basani

mee video choosi nenu chepinchukunna chala bagundhi..first dark vunnai bayam aindhi..slow ga darkness taggi natural aipoyai

Priyaswanth Priya

Mee eyebrows ki entha cost aindi

Millions Tv channel

Adress plz

Anusha Anu

Meeru chepte andariki oka idea untundi kada man.

Hema imitation jewellery nambur hema

25k meaning

Allam Kanakadurga

Permanent ga untaya

Rowdy girl

Lip colour ki yenta charge chestaru mam

Mana Kutumbam rjy


Bannella Varalaxmi

Expecting a heart from you Akka

Shabnam Parvin

Hi akka place cheppagalara

sujatha vantapai

Meeku enta money indi

Sugandhi Parimala Daavid

How much it coasted u

Sahithi Raj Sira

Preeminent ga untaya andi...

Krishnaveni kummari

Approximate price mam


Plz contact number

vankudoth anusha

Akka cust eantha authundi

cindrella 7

Enni days untai

Moounikaa Gundoju

Miru mundhe ba unaru asal balevu a eyebrows

Sneha M

Miku entha price thisukunaru?

Pitta Shalinishalu


Pandu Irugulapati

Price enta meedi

teju Raju


Shravani Vupasi

How much they charge even I want to go

Permanent makeup cost

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