Obagi bleaching cream

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Healthxchange Obagi Nu-Derm Training Video - Beast Media

3 028 views | 3 Mar. 2020

Healthxchange required

Healthxchange required clear, high-quality 4K internal step-by-step training videos for the products they distribute throughout the U.K.

We produced initially produced 4 videos, with more in the pipeline to cover the extensive product range they provide.

Find Healthxchange here:



Shot and Edited by:

Alex Lacey


[email protected]


Anthony Kierulf

where to ordwr this skin care?

Rhodnia Johnson

Is this line good for skin of color?

Iam Me

The best presentation so far. Thank you!

Anthony Kierulf

how to order the set of obaji?do i need to go to deematogist ti buy this product? pls show me the way to order it.tnx...GOD BLESS US ALL??❤️

Obagi bleaching cream

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Zo Medical By Zein Obagi | Skincare Update

50 774 views | 20 Jul. 2017

Hello, everyone, I hope

Hello, everyone, I hope you are all well. As requested here is an update on my Zo Medical by Zein Obagi skin care routine. I have been using these products for six months now and I'm really impressed with the results I am seeing.

You can locate your nearest stockist here: https://zoskinhealth.com/

Products Mentioned:

Zo Medical By Zein Obagi Foamacleanse

Zo Medical By Zein Obagi Cebatrol Oil Control Pads

Zo Skin Health By Zein Obagi Ossential Daily Power Defense Anti-aging Formula

Zo Skin Health by Zein Obagi Oclipse Smart Tone Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50

Zo Skin Health by Zein Obagi Offects Exfoliating Polish Anti Aging Formula.

Zo Medical By Zein Obagi Melamix Skin Lightening and blending Creme Hydroquinone USP 4%

Obagi Medical Tretinoin Cream 0.1%

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Hey gorgeous! Your skin looks amazing!!! Every time I go for laser they talk to me about zo! I think I'll talk to my dermatologist at my yearly retin a appointment! Great great advice to go to your Dr and also not to order online.... which I'm guilty of! I'm stopping tho because lately I've been thinking my acids aren't as strong as they should be! Thanks love!! Xoxo!!!

Marte Hopland

ZO products are really the best on the marked! Sooo expensive, but hell of a good investment for your skin. Love it!

ASMR official

Hey do you put the hyrdroquinone and tretinoin under your eyes too or just around ?

Nathalie TheBeautyDiva

Good Morning Shaz, thank you so much for stressing that you need to ask your doctor questions and to follow your doctor's orders.  I am so glad that you found products that work for you beautifully, your skin looks fabulous.  BTW I just love your smoky eyes!!  Have a great weekend my sweet friend from across the pond!!  Love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo

Animado Arts

I m confused what to buy....
Zen obagi or BMW...

Pls help

Holland Georgieff

Hi, I noticed you said something about waiting 30 minutes after washing your face to apply the Tretinoin. Does that actually help with irritation and redness? I was just prescribed this system and my face has been extremely red (more so than normal) but I haven’t started peeling yet. I’m just nervous to see how my face reacts, so any tips or tricks you have I would love to hear them!

Christina Harrison

I’ve been using it since 2014?


This video was very informative ; a question do you us the cebatrol pads before tretinoin during the nights?

Napa Moonlight

Very informative and I like that you were being a patient advocate.
This is too spendy for me, but your skin looks great. I can tell that you are more confidant in your skin as well.


Do you still swear by ZO Skincare? I've got a consultation with an aesthetician soon to purchase some of these products - very excited but nervous for the price tag!

R Noor

Great video. I want to try the melamix. Can i ask how much that product cos you? Xxx

Arman CodeQ

Hi, i have been using ZO. 10% vitamin C. Before it I apply ZO toner.
But i think Vitamin C is causing a bit itchiness on my skin.
Is it normal or shall i consult to my doc.
Pls. Also suggest if there is any remedy to this.

Decipher Code

Love ZO products, very effective, but really expensive. I only wish that there were special sales or rewards once in a while.

Aliya Khan

Very expensive Creams

James Caney

How did u purchase this as I can't find anywhere to get it from??. Also love your review xx

Daniella Steel

This has been so helpful!

mouza al nuaimi

where i can found it online ?? am not in US


I love the Obagi skincare. I used them for almost 8 years now. Just switched to the Zo range, love the scrub, I think it has silica for the exfoliation:)

Maria Teixeira

I using these products now and love it ? are you still using this products if you do can you do update.

Kimberly Bellefontaine

Hello. I used the Obagi NuDerm system years & years ago and i was soooo pleasers with the results. I have zero issues myself with breakouts — I’m closer to worrying about wrinkles now — but I’ve had my eye on the Zo skinhealth products for awhile now. Here in the US, they are available online. I believe your video is a year old now.....so maybe now these products are now also available online for you..?? I’m happy to know that I can get them fairly easily. I’ve been a glycolic acid & retin A user for years now, and my skin is very acclimated to retin A and various acids. I’m hoping I’ll still see a big improvement in the clarity, luminosity, and overall appearance of my skin when I start using some of the Zo products. Thank you for your insights!

All That Beauty With Lori

Hello, Shaz!! You know I love this skincare line too, and I know they are pricey, but as I told most people I would pay more for my skin care than makeup any day. If I had to wait for a palette or product in makeup I would for some of the products from this line. Love the scrub too and the smell is like a spa, I do the same use it in the shower along on my face. Have a good weekend love and blessings xoxo <3

Kerry McNab

Were you paid for this video?

Ann Mullinax

There are too many commercials !


are you able to please give us some guidance in regards to prices?

Armita Asgari

Hi my darling! Fab video as per usual. I love your make up room and the light is amazing!? xxx

Napa Moonlight

Hey, Shaz - I know you are compiling a list of good songs from the past. I have been reflecting on this and I love the uplifting genre, the songs that talk about love as cherishing, adoring, or revereing. And this could be love for your fellow man, for all of humanity. To that end, what do you think about the classic - He ain't Heavy, He 's My Brother by The Hollies? I think it is a beautiful song, a song that we need in our lives right now. Then of course there is Imagine, One Love, etc.
And then there is love for the person you are with - Lady in Red. Real oldies like - I will Follow Him, Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Cherish. Then more recent oldies - Unchained Melody, Stand By Me, Michelle, I Will Always Love You . . . . There's a million of them out there and they need to start filling up the airways again to help raise the vibration and dialogue of how we view each other, now, and going forward.
My two cents.

pomegran azizi

Hi I just recently bought some of these items and bit confused how to even use it

Martha Henry

Hi Shaz!! You're absolutely right about being informed....skin care is very important...Your skin is so gorgeous & it shows...you have a great Certified Skin Specialist..that's why your skin keeps improving....Have a wonderful wonderful day & weekend...Great products, if it works stick with it...right? Hugs :D


So no where your coming from Oz are best out nothing can beat it I tried that scrub my skin was like a baby's skin worth every penny spent millions on face washes crap like that wish a new Oz then ):

Rita Sharqawi

What products from this line work for a slight melasma please

Dawn's Life, over 40

Hi Shaz! I haven't tried the Zo line from Obagi. I do use the Nuderm system. I'll have to check it out. I love all the Obagi products that I've tried. Thank you for showing us what you do!

Louise Nóren

I love this brand. Yes it is expensive but a little goes a small way and therefore lasts a long time. I’ve seen such a difference to my skin, don’t need to wear as much make up?


Zo Skin Health website allows you to purchase most of their products online now but going to a specialist is still good.


Hi Shaz...I am all ears when it comes to Skincare! Your skin is very beautiful...Love the lippie too!! Have a great week sweetie!! xoxoxoxoxo Hugs! Carol


thank you for this video ?, been waiting for it. ZO skin care is amazing, and it gives results but you're very right about seeking a professional advice before starting . Excited to see what products your follow up visit will bring ? Is your melasma completely gone? Your skin looks amazing !!!

AmandaLee Fago

❤️❤️❤️❤️ that's awesome that u found a line of products that work so well for your skin xo good for you love bug xo


Hi, do you take a break from using Melamix since it has hydroquinone?

JT_ Fluxx

I use the Melamin skin bleaching and correcting Crème night time and day time. My question is what sunscreen should I use in the day time since I’ll be going outside wearing that cream in the day time?

Obagi bleaching cream

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OBAGI Nu DERM 5 Week Review + Pm Routine | Lighten Hyperpigmentation, reduce fine lines

2 246 views | 2 Nov. 2020

Sarah Rodriguez from

Sarah Rodriguez from Mother Maui TV reviews the OBAGI Nu DERM Transformation kit while sharing her night Skincare routine. Fifth week of the twelve week system that claims to help correct hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, melasma, erythema, and fine lines and wrinkles.

This medical grade skincare works on a cellular level to improve the overall health of your skin! Let’s give it a try!

Follow me on Instagram- @MotherMauiTV

This video was entirely shot and edited using IPhone Pro 12

Maria Sostre

Cheese cake factory en p.r menú

Michael S.

Just so you know you aren’t suppose to mix step 3 and 5 together. You’re suppose to apply step 3 by itself, alone. Let it sit. And then mix your step 5 with Tretinoin. Not all 3 together

Kelsi Zek

I bought mine at amazon. The moisturizer has unpleasant smell, thought might be expired and few of the bottles too a little bit. How's your moisturizer smells?