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Vice | The Difference Between Nazi's and Skinheads | Needles And Pins

68 455 views | 26 Sep. 2018

Grace Neutral visits a

Grace Neutral visits a couple of skinheads and discusses how their subculture does not automatically make them racist.

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Anthony Vega

In LA the biggest traditional skinhead scene is very mexican lol. ,Now i get jumped by AntiFA cuz of Fred Perry I was a mod if you're ignorant about skinheads maybe I'd understand but yeah..

Tudor Miller

I still can't believe that most people still get the history of skinheads totally wrong. They never take the time to understand the history of skinhead culture, music, fashion, tattoos etc. Most true skinheads are apolitical anyway.


Ahahah wtf

Krishnan -Resurrection

Youngbums go for it .

Guns & Books

Docs and punks dont mean drunks.
Guns and gear dont mean fear.

kup ma

Bullshits, who nobody wants to believe.

Adam Norris

What a bunch of dorks

Life, The Universe and other Crap with MOOCH

Is there any ever sun in uk. So depressing

Angel Angel

schwacher geistiger Müll

Psycho Skin



You may have the media behind you but youll never be a skinhead. Skinheads are White and proud! Fuck the media! Fuck the middle class!

Alfredo Silva

What's their instagram?

Hugo Cortez

What's the name of the song playing ?


Haha these kids are kinda dorky


Im 65 and been a Skin most of me life.. I just disliked all people who weren't Skins,, didnt matter if you was white or black.. but it seemed that we was fighting more blacks than whites.. but to the rest of the world that made me a racist... im not racist.. I just dont like people who are cunts to me and me mates... so it dosent matter what race or religon you are, if you are a disrespectful prick and a big mouth you will get a touch up from me and me mates...

Fat Custard


Arpit Gupta

I thought skinhead culture was about punk rock

robert gatehouse

If your a racist Skin head then you have missed the point!!

Steven Jackson

Can they never just say 'Right' groups???? Always FAR Right, or EXTREME Right. It is only Far, and Extreme, to those of a Far-Left prerogative. Western media, the influential, agenda-driven 'voice' is so Left leaning with 'Liberal' 'Progessive' Socialist, LGBT aganda, Cultural Marxists... that anything slightly Right leaning, or Nationalist is always 'Far' or 'Extreme' or at best, 'Populist'. I wish the balance would shift to a genuine centre.

Saor Éire

"Boots and braces don't make a racist." I like that!


most of the real skins are dead

Клим Чугункин

A real skinhead is not a racist. Oi! from Russia

Song Rename the same

So basically Jamaica brought the party to England..

Old Timer

Politics have no place in our way of life..


I’ve actually met some really nice skin heads!

Krishnan -Resurrection

fTm Lads with Deep voices....

Владислав Паюк 11-Б

Заебали эти шарпы (


One day they'll be just the human race

glyn bressington

Mods and skins , the greatest

Fat Custard

I’m an original skin. We definitely don’t have tattoos.

Mobster YEAR2068



If they claim to be non-racist skinhead then why are they wearing white laces? Posers

Bigfoot Running

“Never tried to fit in with a crowd” yeah right.


That was sick bruv.. skinheads don't talk like that


What creates separation is communication, ignorance through misunderstanding. If we all can understand every language and necessity true happiness and love can merge with with what was once lost.

Tomasz Szczypior


Fat Custard


roger jones


Sam W

Jamaica's skinhead culture was racist.

Hans Maraña

Yo any skinheads round Surrey? Keen to know whether the subcultures still around here


Lol this girl is a model or journalist or some crap. Whats her angle because she ain't just some skin bird

Betty Swollocks

Skinhead skinhead over there
whats it like to have no hair
is it hot or is it cold....

Archie Forde

Does anyone what that mask the lad was wearing on the scooter?

Cool Name

Propaganda .............. Non racial Skins were just scared pussy dropouts who were too weak to stand up and did the ole 'If ya cant beat them join them' act.


The neo-nazis in Germany, where I live, are mostly not skinheads.

Horace Bones

It's really sad that the skinhead culture has become so tainted by Neo Nazi boneheads. Now the Proud Boys are making Fred Perry's hard to wear in public. I use to be a proud skinhead listening to ska and reggae but it became so dangerous for me walking around with braces and boots, it's a really hard subculture to be apart of if you don't have skinhead friends that have your back. It's also sad that people go to "American History X" when they think of skinheads. Its a good movie but people should watch "This Is England" that movie better defines the struggles of the thin line between a traditional skin and a national front far right bonehead.


I spoke to my uncle about this. He was a Skinhead in the 60's and I asked him about racism. He said the Skinheads were not originally racist but by 1970 the National Front started taking an interest in them. They recruited at football grounds and sometimes arranged outings to get some of these kids out of the inner cities, and also arranged other events to. Some Skinheads then were not the brightest of sparks and they fell for it, but many didn't. Then the media took over.

LCpl Fingers

Am I tripping shit or were her eyes blue???

Ryan Tripp

Skinheads listening to black music? Lmao

Luke Nicholl

White laces?


I'm 21, My mind is utterly blown away and I want to say I'm sorry all my life I've been told skinheads are the same as nazi and I had do my research and I came across this. There goes to show hatred try to cover itself over something beautiful and idk of this culture and it's breathtaking I'm truly sorry if you are a skinhead I won't judge going off the past you have a beautiful heart

Matty Waller

Any mods, skinheads or anything round Durham area?

Alexandrer Robinson

The irony racist skinheads wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Jamaica and Ska????

R Browne

I'm in my 50s and when I was younger, in my experience, skinheads were always racist and ready for a fight. A big part of their creed was bravery and never running from a fight. They often, for lack of a black face, would fight the punk rockers or anarchists. That was just what I saw with my own eyes.
What they are today has maybe morphed into something very different? Whether you can use the same word "skinhead" to describe both groups is debatable.

พระเครื่อง แสนดี

The differences that fasten idiots think that skinhead garbage looks good so they tried to wear a red laces as an excuse to dress up like Nazis. I say hang the fucking lot of them

angelic skin77

been a skin for 40 year ,be what you want to be and do what you wanna do,and fuck everyone else oi ,oi

Agent Dober

this man literally has white ladder tied laces


I'd deffo runaway from these

друг Параферналия

If you need to look for difference - there is no difference. Skinhead = Nazi

Damian Jones

Since when are Britain First considered nazis? Get your facts right slappy

Stephen Smith

I remember going on a long weekend to London to see the sights ,we stayed in a Victorian hotel ,one day l went in a papershop and the song love of the common people was playing on the transistor radio ,three young skinheads were in there trying to buy a packet of John player no 6 ciggerettes,the lady behind the counter asked the skinhead his age ,he replied "Old enough " my dad commented ,"cheeky young git "! Always remember that.


The fuck has that girl got on her schnoz


Im not racist, I hate everybody equally as much lol

Trevor Hensby

Ska is for proper skinheads, nazis racism is for cunts find your own culture to hide behind instead of tarnishing others,ska it up


that shit in her nose just bothers me


As a skinhead I'm not racist, I'm just not very fond of blacks

simpy mcsimperson

One time I was on a fairly packed carriage on the tube and the one and only empty seat was next to a skinhead. I was thinking "Really...?" I went ahead and sat down. Nothing to be afraid of.


hey blood this is sick fam, skinheads have turned into urban wannabe black wigger chavs LoooooL

Yuri Satana

True skinheads are ANTI RACIST! Any claims otherwise are just bullshit attempts to write the history of this subculture into their own. It's all LIES. True skinheads arent nazi pigs


You’re dreaming lad. National Front goes way back.

Dave Adam

Skin heads was all about aggro !! But generally with other skins from other Council Estates. That's how it was up north. I'm 68 now, but back in 67 not 69, we would wear steel cap boots from the pit head stores, our dad old donkey jackets, Checky work shirts, & mostly cropped hair because we had lice most of the time. There was know black people lived in our area then, but I think this is the true origins of skinhead. Tar !!!

Lord Nelson

Oi Oi, fuck Ska, it's crap! Bone head 4eva!


And religion, love

Rob ash


deception prime

Anti-fascist OI

Kantb Tamed

Genuinely learned something today!

extane gautham

very nice lads...gracie aint bad either

Evan Mceachern

Who is here from Gwar slaughterama?

Carl Nieves

I spoken to old timers who were skinheads back in the original days and it may have not been politically racist but many of the Gangs were not keen on Jamaicans and Pakistanis are hated by all.
What we have today are larp kids who can't scap and don't gang up. These kids were born way to late to be authentic.
It wasn't a leftist gay larp in my days of 80_87. We were for real.

Josh Argan

I think that suspenders are awesome and these guys look on point.

Annie Jane

I've made a short video on my channel talking about the history of the culture, I'd appreciate you guys checking it out!

Leslie Claussen

Am totally confused..what Skinheads and raggae?

Dan The Man

I’m a Skinhead in real life but I’m 20 ??

All 4

Watch the series on All 4 -> https://bit.ly/2OcYWdg
Subscribe for more -> https://bit.ly/2waVDIt

Jason King

I was left waiting for the "...strong language....".

Peace To All

1:13 White laces....!!!!! Look up what WHITE LACES MEAN..????? Before you preach about past skinheads

Vladimir Gaydamakin

about Russian skinheads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t55nIBx41E0

teety woo

Sam is a douchebag

Bee Eater88

get that shit out your face.

oi from central america

Anon pg

I hate my generation

Parka Monkey

What a joke lol


Its such a shame skinheads have been associated with racism. Its never was about that in the beginning, the very opposite in fact. Good to see some young people going back to Its original roots. Brave of them as well as they must constantly get judged and misunderstood.

Cvl 87

Proper skins have always been Anti-Fascist #SHARP 1.21.1

1zero8dragon 14

very cool your pushing the Bolshevik line outing your hate for England.

red flag

Pc bootboys in the 70s n 80s ha. Ok

Mano Westmanos

The image of skinheads in my country is so tiring that i grew my hair back, but always sharp in me heart !

Thrashing Stoner

Oi ruined skinhead it’s better off with just reggae and ska

Christopher Seat

????✊✊???️?️??♥️♥️???? WORK MAN GET STRONGER AND HARDER THAN OTHERS ‼?????????

Great World

Brilliant if only more people were like this! Black lads white lads Asian lads together Listen too reggae ska music instead of that rap crap.


3:14 I can tell you one thing I never saw Skinheads in the 70's or 80's dance like that. They usually did a stomping like dance swinging the arms.

Neutral tone definition

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Rising and Falling Intonation

309 897 views | 17 Jun. 2016

Intonation Training

Intonation Training eBook


So I made a video a couple of weeks ago on intonation patterns in English and it seems to have gone down pretty well so I thought I’d make a video to expand on that very broad subject of intonation and talk more specifically about something called rising and falling intonation patterns in British English.

So if we’re talking about intonation, what we’re talking about really is pitch and the use of rhythm in speech. And the pitch and the rhythm start to add feeling and intention, because the meaning is really revealed in the language that we’re using and the construction of our sentences but the way we feel about what we’re saying is indicated through the use of pitch and the use of rhythm. So I guess we’re talking in a musical sense about how we’re using our voice as a musical instrument.

And so a rising intonation pattern would simply be a rise in the human voice; it would be a change in pitch; a glide in the pitch of our voice upwards. So for instance: ooo. Now we tend to use this rising intonation pattern when we’re asking questions. So the pitch of our voice tends to go up. So for instance: ‘when does the meeting start?’, ‘when does the meeting start?’, ‘start?’, can you hear that: ooo, ‘start?’ it rises, it comes up in the voice. ’would you like a cup of tea?’, ’would you like a cup of tea?’. So the question is a sort of way of sending out an invitation for some kind of response from whoever you’re speaking to.

I mean we do use this downward inflection, which I’ll talk more about in a moment, for some sorts of questions, but typically speaking we tend to use this upward inflection.

Another instance in which we would use this upward or rising inflection would be on lists: So if I’m saying, ‘I’d like some eggs, some milk, some cheese and some bread.’ And we would use a downward inflection ‘bread’ to say that we’ve finished the list but on the items before that we would use a rising inflection. So I would say, ‘eggs’, ‘milk’, ‘cheese’, ‘bread’, ‘I’d like some eggs, milk, cheese and bread.’

So on lists and most questions we would use this rising intonation pattern.

A falling or downward intonation pattern, would simply mean that the pitch of the voice drops down. So for instances: ooo, ooo. So I would say, for instance if I’m making a statement, ‘that’s wonderful’ , ‘that’s wonderful’. That’s one instance in which I would use a downward inflection.

Commands is another situation so I would say, ‘put that down!’, ‘put that down!’ , ‘go over there’, ‘stand against the wall’, yeah, downward inflection, ‘put that over there’ downward inflection.

So statements, commands and exclamations, those are the three instances in which we use this downward inflection. And we also tend to use this downward inflection (as I said with lists) at the end of our sentences, at the end of our content. So when we’re indicating that we’ve finished what it is that we want to say, again we tend to use this downward inflection.

But there is one more, there is something called a Circumflex Inflection. And you don’t need to remember that name, it’s a posh name, Circumflex Inflection. It basically stands for a pitch that rises, falls and then rises at the very end. And it’s not often talked about, and yet, especially in British English, we use it a lot, and we typically use it when we’re in the middle of our content, we’re in the middle of what we’re saying and we’re indicating to the listener, I just did it, ‘the listener’, that we haven’t finished what we’re saying yet, and then we do. And once we do we use a downward inflection. So this circumflex Inflection sounds bit like this: ooo, ooo, ooo. So it goes up, down, up, rise, fall, rise. So if i try to do that now, while I’m talking, what it suggests to you, is that I haven’t quite finished yet, and you’ll know when I’m finished, because I’m going to use this downward inflection, and it falls.

So if you’re in the middle of your conversations, and you don’t want anyone else to butt in or interrupt you, then using this circumflex inflection, will be a way to say ‘hey there, I haven’t finished what it is that I’m talking about, don’t interrupt me yet, but now I’ve finished and you can reply’.

So a rising intonation pattern would be: ooo. And we tend to use it for questions or for lists. A falling intonation, this downward intonation would be: ooo. And we tend to use that on exclamation, statements and commands and at the end of our sentences.

But there is this extra circumflex inflection: ooo, this rise, fall, rise, that we typically use when we’re in the middle of our conversations and at then end of each phrase, at the end of each segment, we use this circumflex inflection, to say that we haven’t finish yet but when we do we use a downward inflection and it falls.

To read more of this transcription visit this post on my website:


chetan murgesh

That’s thumps up....!!!!




why am i laughting

Diego Ortiz

but what about wh questions? aren´t they with proclaiming tone ( falling) ?

Lorena Navarro

Excellent excellent video! I love your voice. But I find it a little bit difficult this subject ?. I'm trying to improve my English every day. Greetings from Argentina!??

Agustina Quintero

Hi there!! I'm studying for my exam. I live in Argentina and we use David Brazil's theory to study intonation. I've got some doubts about discourse control...


I’d love and appreciate it if you could bring this in sentences. Thank you ??

Martin Green

oh you would have a hay day with a Western Australian accent.
They lilt up when it's not a Question.
They might say I walked along a road
and then lilt up on road.
In that situation I would feel like saying yes,yes, I know what a road is just do get on with the story ?

Hamad Ashoor



you are a very good teacher

Ronaldo Fans

I love your lesson thank q so much for being a great teacher on YouTube

How You Do It Matters

Love your patience (falling tone). You are wonderful! (Falling tone) Do you know?(raising tone) If anybody watches, they sure learn intonation. May God bless this man.

Ankur Garg

Can we use circumflex for asking yes/no questions as well? I have heard many natives use circumflex, instead of rising, tone for questions such as- Do you like a fry-up?


Nice sir

Lanie Acevedo


Zhanna Manukyan

Helped me a lot!!! Definitely the best explanation so far. Thank you very much.

Iori Yagamix

I am new in this channel!!!
You are awesome Teacher !!!!!

Omar Aliou Mboup

Absolutely brilliant!

Tengku M. Laksamana

I just found your channel and I must say that you looks like a character from Middle Earth lore.

Love your explanation by the way.

Florence Lewis

Hi, love your English accent. Pls how can i get materials to become a better speaker and teacher, because i am an English teacher . Being looking for what have and so glad i found your work on google while doing a research on intonation, then i found your video. Pls reply so i can know what to do. Thank u so much.

Girish Sri

Super job sir

Chan Chan

Wah !!! Why do I see this video so late >.<
Thank you !!!

ezgi wl

Very useful video, thanks a lot!

nana n

Thank you so mach.It was great


Thank you sir you really help me alot! ?


I've never seen any Youtuber suggest people to click thumbs down XD

Gisele Franca

Excellent! Thank you soo much! And it’s gratis! Free!???????????

Ding's Stone

Thank you sir :)

Erdem Akademisi

havent hadnt pronounciation

Anindya Moitra

You can explain advanced topic in a very lucid way. Your website does the same. You are a very good teacher. Thank you. With love from India. ???????

Cat Mother

Love your explanation and your calm voice.

jaseena jasSi

Thank you so much...?


This is beautiful. Thank you!


This is completely not the video I was looking for and I can only speak British English anyway but this is a really good video.

Raymond Webby

Thank you!!!

Fellow Free Thinker

This is so fascinating!

Fatima Tolegen

It's really helped me in my intonation. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEO-.-

Lizzy *

really enjoyed all of your videos :) is this circumflex inflection also used for word emphasis or stress? And I somehow find the mild version of it on words just keep the sentence away from being monotonous . Thank you.

Muhamad Syahril Adil Hakim




Hamad Ashoor


mehdi tila


mehdi tila


dan bowes

I just watched a video where the narrator would start in his normal tone, go high by the middle of the sentence, then go very low at the end of the sentence. Is there an intonation type for that? It made me feel like I was sitting in a lecture or something lol

Ishika Dhingra

You helped me a lot today

Рассвет Рассвет

The dream of my life is to master this awеsome Circumflex Inflection..
Now I know its name. I've been searching for this thing for a lot of time. but only from this video I got it. I find it the hardest thing to learn. Personaly, for me it is.
Thank you. Starting practising..

Elzzy Channel

My teacher suggest me to see this video

Luis Cabre

This video is amazing, I want to learn british intonation ..this video helps a lot.

Ehteshamul Hoque

Please make a video on pitch .

jayashree kesavan

bread ? how to prnounce bead with questio mrk

Larisa Ulkina

What intonation the British use when they are angry?

idara Ekanem

This video really helped me
I want to say thank you very much

Rola 7

Thank you so much my language not very good but I can understand!?

Charles Sanga

Wow, thanks for sharing this. Very useful for me to improve my speaking skills

Stumm Stefan

Wait...he looks like...

yan zeng

I've been searching the intonation rules and I found your explenation very helpful!!

But I have two questions please.

1) About the upward inflection on lists: Is flat intonation in the middle part common as well?

2) You introduced the inflection at the end and in the middle of the sentences, how about the begining of the sentences?


Dila Caspare

The way they taught us is that the "wh" questions like those beginning with what, why, when etc. have a falling pitch/intonation at the end and the yes/no questions have a rising intonation. Again, according to what I was taught the only case when "wh" questions would have a rising pitch is when you ask for confirmation or if you are very surprised. Using your example "When does the meeting start?" would have a falling pitch normally. But it could have a rising pitch in situations when you are asking a confirmation or if you are very surprised or shocked (if you were just told that the metting starts at 6am for example).

Kumaga aondonengen

I always enjoy your videos a lot!

Akash Chand

Your eyes are fucked g

باسنت نور

Thank you ❤

Hamza Shaikh

Thank you so much! This helped me in my exams!

Laura Yanet Falcon

Crystal clear! Thank you!

88 Bullies

OHH so its easy! COOL!


Just what i was looking for. Also watching you speak has a therapeutic effect. Reason I ended up on your channel was because i was watching a video of a man showing how to cook creamy cashew chicken. I couldnt finish watching the video because his voice or intonation was annoying. He had both upward and downward. Would you mind looking at it and telling me what you hear? I just cant sleep not knowing why it bothers me so much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXtPoTDZvmM

Ksena Polite

Thank you so much, now i've understood "Rising and falling intonation".

Camila Ibañez

I really love your video! Thanks

Hamad Ashoor


xela 05

very useful thanks

Ana Dutrenit

Excellent explanation. Thank you!

Hiren Bhatt

I've found your videos most useful. However, I think that a rising tone is used only for yes/no questions. Therefore, "when does the meeting start is not a relevant example." Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

Hamad Ashoor


akanksha thakur

Your voice is awesome. I am new to this channel but I was not able to Leave this video in middle. Please share some exercise, if you know to keep voice like you.

k.p adhikari

Very nice, thank you very much

Anindya Moitra

Nice informative video??

Ikechukwu Chima

Good video ?

Boost Converter

Thank you for wonderful insights.

Baby Yadav

Great sir..

Melina Thapa

It sounded like you were singing throughout the whole video ?. Loved it!

Vania Sohail

Your voice is fabulous and this video is very helpful.

The Entertainment

Hi sir :)
You're video is very informative and helpful, thanks a lot! :)

Duy Lý

I heard from a video that i should avoid using inflection upward to make a question after a statement. Is that true? Or did i mishear it? If it is true, could you please give me an explanation for that! Thank you!

Matthew Relucio

soothing voice

Chi Nguyễn

Thank you so much. Your voice is so relaxing?❤

tejpal singh Ratia

Its very fantastic

Nyalat Choat

Nice video, very helpful

Shreya Giri

Amazing thankyou so much

Sukh Singh

thx it really help me in english activity

Crawling in Film

Many U.K. radio voice overs (for spots/commercials/adverts) have a falling intonation at the end of every phrase. Seems to have a calming/reassuring intent/feel to it - that I find strongly annoying. As if applied to all elements in a list. Does anyone recognise this vocal style and is there a name for it?

brody lockwood

I wonder if this knowledge can help learning psychology too

Marjan Repil

I think I'm listening to Jesus. He got a golden voice

88 Bullies

He looks like Jesus but modern

Ola Ahmed

شكرا thank you


Are British and American intonation different?



احمد عبدالرزاق علي

Can I get a repot about tone and tone unit contains 5 pages at least

Chaos Error

He looked like Charles from xman

Light Core

Don't make a noise.
If the above sentence is to be uttered as a command ,it would be
1. With a falling tone
2.with a rising tone
3.with a rising -falling tone
Answer:. ?

Alina Nadeem

Very eloquent done.
So helpful, thank you!

Yoga With Disha


مني جبر الخزندار


Neutral tone definition

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Lesson 11. The Neutral Tone (1) - *FREE* ➥ https://goo.gl/vi8G4R

Lesson 12. The Neutral Tone (2)

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Gachaverse wolfie Gacha


Chris Lee

Thank you so much!

Peter Dietz

Thank you! This is such a great explanation, it really deserves more views and likes.

oo oxygen

it must be too subtle for me to notice the different neutral tones


This is excellent, thank you! It explains the subtleties of the neutral tone much better than other videos which don't show the different pitch depending on the preceding tone. Please keep up the great work!

Angela Roberts

When asking a yes or no question, is the "ma" at the end always a high neutral tone? My Chinese teacher always uses a high neutral tone when using "ma" at the end of a yes/no question. Here, it looks like the neutral tone should always be dependent on the tone before it. Are questions an exception?