Very long curly hair

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26 077 views | 24 May. 2017

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Hope you enjoy! ?


You sort of have me beat....My hair is just as wavy but not as long. I'm growing back to my thighs if I can handle it. Do you style this or usually leave it down. Very pretty.

Thay Simões


Namjoon’s Toe

Not really curly but it’s still gorgeous


I'll watch anytime.

Father Louis Williams Suga Adams the Third

Im so jealous of her hair. Even though my hair is nearly as long as hers, I still want it longer.

Hans Becker

So beautiful

Sophia Powell



Her lovely long curls are just crying out to be cut off nice and short.


These are wavy hair

Aleena's Beauty

love your video . I have subscibed, please subscribe back. Thank you your the best!


I wish my curly hair grow just like that

Logical Astrology


Eleni Tyler

Her hair is WAVY NOT CURLY!!!!!

David Miyahara

I am still at the mall

Maurizio Guerzoni

Bellissima !!!!

Tucker Searles


Rob Dehlinger

You are SO blessed!

Bernardine L'Ermite

Wohaaaa, so totally gorgeous !!

Torr Speeds

Jesus Christ is God the only God he will set you free repent and trust in him...

Jeff Pond

You are absolutely talented. Love your videos

Ana Deeli

Bs... This wavy??


Absolutely beautiful!!!

Anik Naskar

Are you planning to grow your hair up to floor length?

John Michael

Your hair is layered, it is not beautiful. You should cut it the same length

Very long curly hair

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Long curly hair in layers

4 641 views | 20 Jul. 2019

Hi, ladies here is video

Hi, ladies here is video of my haircut recently. I struggle with not having enough volume now that my hair is super long but I'm still in this learning process like most curly girls. hope this video help you understand what kind of haircut I got with my style of hair. Don't forget to leave your comments and subscribe to my channel xoxo


How tall are you if you don’t mind me asking?

Emily Elizabeth

So beautiful!

Curly Tells

I just subscribed, your hair is beautiful! ? can you check out my natural hair channel? Let’s support each other ??


Love the results


Omg I love ur baby's smile❤


I have the same hair texture as you and i also get straight roots on the layer underneath... do you know what’s your hair type?


awesome video!! you have some of the most beautiful hair i have ever seen! you look gorgeous! :D


Omg you’re hair is so beautiful, I wish my hair would already choose to either be curly or straight but no it’s poofy frizzy mixture of patterns. I actually don’t like volume.?❤️

Janet Gonzalez

Omg ur son is so adorable ?

Gray Square

OMG i love how you maintain healthy LONG hair! Your hair is everything ?? Love your curls!! Hope we can support each other’s channels grow ❤️

Very long curly hair

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Beautiful Long Curly Haircut Transformation Tutorials Compilations

218 879 views | 14 Feb. 2020

7 Days makeup is a channel

7 Days makeup is a channel that shows:

- Beautiful Long haircut Transformation Tutorials Compilations

- Hair Transformations Compilations

- Curly Hair Transformations tutorials

- Best color Hair Transformations.

- Rainbow Hair Color. Best Hair Colorful Transformation

- Hairstyle for Long Curly Hair

- Hairstyle for Long Hair

SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/2OPiZev

All rights reserved to their respective owners. If you have any issue with my post please contact me via email: [email protected]

We'll resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Tram Ngoc

Người việt!!hihi

Bana Rajas

https://youtu.be/hcMRm7Qj1p8 check this out please ???

Teodoro Domingez

Dónde puedo conseguir una crema para mí hija.

Beauty & Beauty

WOAAAAH!! ?? What do you all think of the Long Haircut Transformation? We're in lovee!!

seba knaneh

What ingredients do you use for your hair?

Arlina Robles

I'm curly, @arlii_0.2 instagram

Soy rizada @arlii_0.2 mi instagram

Lei Lei

4:00 she's so pretty

Selsabil Ik

شو اشما الكريمة ليستعملوها

Karen Alonso

Como se llama la crema que usan ???

Chrystal Holcomb

Oh.My.GoOdNeSs, my beautiful sisters, I am ALL ABOUT these curls!

Binh Afonso


Cirlene Ribeiro

Cabelos lindos! Parabéns a todas!


I want to buy it but I don't know where or how

Sonia Rivera

cómo se llama la base q usan para rizar el cabello en la secadora

Michell Ramirez

Perfect love you ?

Eulália De Souza Martins

Maravilhosas (podia ter compilação de ondulados tbm?)

Hair e Make ?


Izzy tomkinson

who is the girl 1:05

Evania Nunes

Meu cabelo ta do tamanho do da segunda do video a loira ,tambem sou loira mas quem dera eu tivesse esses cremes maravilhosos q elas usam .

Nicoly Afonso

Alguém sabe ó nome dessa terceira???

Slim Pickens

how their hair doesn't frizz up when they scruunchhh is beyond me

Kami LYya

01:14 ?! Instagram

Marianellyy Diaz

Such beautiful curls !!!! Love this video. Like this if you like curls !!! ???

Tazeem Sarfaraz

3rd girl.. Her name Or insta id??


Lové love lové

karoline santos

n é tirando as lisas n mais quem tem o cabelo cacheado e rainha
quem é cacheada(o) curti

Fada Debochadah

Como eu queria um cabelo longo ???? meu sonho

Ashley Nicole

Amei O Primeiro ??
Fico Imaginando Meu Cabelo Assim?

Delf¡na Palacio

hermoso cabello todas..pero como se llama la crema

Hávila Gomes

Fico vendo esses vídeos e dar uma vontade de lavar o cabelo pra finalizar...kkk quem se identifica?

Rahmana Tama

What cream they use after shower/bath ?

Hernandez miranda Nayelis

bueno si ya se muchos peinados ahora la pregunta es como me peino, es que no se peinarme jajaja


Omg, you must watch this video ? https://youtu.be/NEKHwJGNvPA

Noor ahmed

1:20 what is the channel of this girl ?

Sophia Guanco

Trying to motivate myself to deal with my frizzy hair

Search Jesus

The longer the hair, the more more weighed down the curls will be.

محمد همام المنشاوي

عايز ترجمه عربي

polly molly

name of the second one?

mad'candy bonbon

Is perfect

Yankey Tan

Which people are dislike they are jealous it, I love cuery natural hair ????

Michell Ramirez


dricachos tem de tudo

Lindas fico so imaginando meu cabelo grande tbm ??

Tam Huu


Thalia Galdinno


Malki Malki

How to curly hair long ?
My curly hair short

Sanja Krstić

Which balm you used and where it can be bought???

Delaney Ellis

I am sooo jealous I want curly hairrrrr?

Leticia Santos

I paid attention to the products and realized that there are only Brazilian women in video. I'm brazilian ???

kahina h

J'aime beaucoup troppp

Maci May


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