How to look like an old lady

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"I look like an old lady." Nancy

191 views | 13 Feb. 2020

The Nurse

The Nurse #DeadByDaylight

Bianca Ioana Hrițcu

I wish to play with u....


Uh can you try the costume with her normal hair if you don't mind??


So not only does this person gst upset and camps because you looped and stunned him, but he doesn't even go back after you when you were taken off the hook ._.

Violetta Lin

I want all the cosmetics you have too?

How to look like an old lady

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Old Lady Makeup Tutorial ♡

588 views | 29 Nov. 2015

Kyralees Life:

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cat rhiannon

Wow! This is a super impressive look! I think special effects makeup is amazing but I haven't really dabbled with latex before, but it's really cool to see the kinds of things people can do with latex. I'm super impressed with your makeup skills! This video was put together very well :) I subscribed xo<3


I'm impressed, it looks so realistic... I really love the wrinkles around your mouth, they look so real especially when you talk! Hard to believe they are fake and only created by the latex!! It's amazing how a single layer can completely transform your face and change the shape of your mouth area... By the way, how old are you? You look like a beautiful and healthy grandma in her early 60s :D

pampered shihtzu

You are talented, hope u get more followers?

Caitlyn Kreklewich

Very well done love the detail

How to look like an old lady

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The Fruitcake Lady Tells It Like It Is 5 - Maybe You Look Like A Damn Idiot!

1 032 385 views | 22 Dec. 2014

The fruitcake lady answers

The fruitcake lady answers more viewer questions, and keeps telling it like it is. Marie Rudisill, Truman Capote's aunt, was in her nineties when she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Marialosa Pedro

I subscribe your page. And I love watching your videos of Fruitcake lady...

Lizbeth Ayala

May she RIP

Michael Gwyn

Very wise....and she cracks me up; I love watching her!


Nate Moe

He just let it hang.

Tonya Bonds

I love this lady!! ??

Oddly Even

The look of disgust on her face after the tootsie roll tootsie pop....she's so funny!

Moyia Zamora

I still love watching her videos after all these years she's hysterical!

Sandra Ortiz

This lady is downright amazing and I'm going to practice at being just like her especially at work

Louise Owen

I needed a good laugh, I’m a born again Christian! And I’m lookin forward to the naked man !

Sean c Taylor

the fruit cake Lady is hilariously​ funny I can't stop laughing so hard I can't breathe.

Tasha W.

Who the heck would be so stupid to thumbs down any of these videos that involved this beautifully funny soul!!????


Damn, I miss her.

Louise Owen

I sent that video to everyone I knew, and we all need a good laugh!

Jebediah Gentry

4:35 had me lmao


Sitting on the toilet Is wonderful because you don't splash on the wall therefore it's cleaner. I support any man who decides to sit and pee. You go sir! :)

michael velez

I would of came up with a better title cause fruitcake she's not...just had me rolling..tells it like it is....

sparrow Helm

she just crackes me up   I am laughing so hard I am crying lol

Connie Stahl

She reminds me of my mother, which talked just like this lady, told what was on her mind.

Mystical Tonya Empath

Lazy Son Of A Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!! With that thangggggg hanging down........... LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Charles Fardette

Pertaining to men urinating while sitting down, I can explain. It prevents us men from "spraying" the toilet, floor, and any nearby walls. IT KEEPS THE BATHROOM CLEANER FOR A LONGER TIME. (It isn't because we're lazy or a weirdo).

Mr. Muzic

donald trump’s hair!!!!


She sounds like tree trunks

Aaron Jones

lol...im crying....but she is right

Emily Guynn

Granny is real and funny ?

Rich Felon

How the hell am I just finding out about her!!?? This is pure gold!! Lol!!!!!!

Tammie Cowan

Donald Trump's hair! ?? All way back in 2014 LMAO ? ?

TJ in Toronto

She cracks me up, but you know what, a lot of times....she's 100% bang on! She must have heaven in stitches!???????

Professor Left

Laugh track is horrible. It's ruining it.

Laura Peach

Ha Donald Trump"s hair!

Gerald Thomas

..never saw this one. I miss the Fruitcake lady....


WHY THE FUCK IS SHE DEAD NOW. i bed she is giving god a lecture XD

Jameyca Blue

AMEN the first one AMEN

Maggie Durning

She is so cute and funny i loved her rest in peace

Elizabeth Pribyshchuk

Who else is watching this in 2020 and wish you could back to 2014??!!!!!???

John Arkady

HA HA HA the last one is the funniest,,,,,

angel Irene Crim

Ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO Thanks

Elizabeth von Hillmann

The Greatest Generation, that had the most common sense, is disappearing. RIP Fruitcake Lady.



grady 180

She was really something! ❤️❤️

AN - Alechia Neathery

is she still alive,she so funny



John Dickson

Anyone else think Nicole Roberts from Canada is a hottie?

Krusty Worm

I just discovered this lady today and I think I’m in love!

Uncletaco supreme

I miss her.

Linda Beckering


Jeanie Schneider-Mitchell

I just found out that she was Truman Capote’s Aunt Sook!


I miss the fruitcake lady

Suzanne Weakland

this is great   .    love her  !!!!!!!

Nicole Beaudry



I laughed so hard I peed. Sitting down of course lol

Sharon G

Where has she been?All my life !?????5/18/19

Bobby Rotherham

Dyin laughing over here!

Patrick Keefer

Donald Trumps hair. Watching this in 2018.


She is a gem. I love her!!! ?

Steven Brown

if you think she looks like a beast. I was rollin

Lou Sassle

She cracks me up

FreeSpirit21 LadyCat

Hahahaha!! Omg!

Denna Clark

I love her!!!

Sherry Sykes

I had to subscribe to your page....I keep coming back...thank you...thank you...thank you

Cinnamon Girl

A Blast From The Past
I Loved this woman!
Thanks for bringing
Her "Firery Spirit" Back for ALL 2 See !
especially ? me!
"your a damn fool"
The Fruit Cake Lady
we too, thank you ?

One World4all

Trumps hair! Lmao

christi crenshaw

This whole thing was funny but I loved the last one about the 13 year old

Kendyl Bigelow

As for the guy calling his wife fat he wasn't no skinny ass himself

Joe Hoffman

I swear she is just like my grandmother was i miss her

Kristy Harmon

The fruitcake lady makes me laugh

Jamie Case

She is a hoot!!!! I have tears rolling down my cheeks!!!

Jim Talor

Oh my God!!!!!

Parker Pasemko

Ur a really nice guy. You helped me get movie maker. Thanks a lot :)

Space Doggo


Jodi Urlacher

She’s soooo sweet! I miss her!! I wish more people would just speak their minds and stop worrying about being PC. You are missed, Fruitcake Lady?

Theresa Williams

I sure do miss the fruitcake lady...may she Rest In Peace...I loved how she could always put a big smile on my face with that witty wit of hers.

Spc Madoule

I miss her so badly ! My grandma and her are the only people who can judge me, wherever they are...

Anti Everything

An 'actual' feminist? You know, confident, intelligent, honest, without agenda and equal to a man in all ways humanly logical.


<3 when she calls the fat dude out on his BS when he said he wants his wife to lose weight


I saw this once years ago and laughed my ass off, and this is the first I've been able to find it since. Freaking hilarious!

Percy Miller


Barbara Lee

It is official. I love this character. Her common sense is remorseless.


I love it ???

Sherry Sykes


Julian West

Ahahahhahaha wow she is hilarious... reminds me if my late grandma! Love it


This old lady is frickin funny

Jon Tiroff

Thank you sweetie but I love dick.


Thanks so much!  You've made my day...I just love her. 

Angel Angel


Deborah Raley

love her


I wonder what she would say if she was still alive today now that Donald Trump is president...

Guy Daley

This 93 year old lady is priceless. Love her.


I wish everyone would speak their mind instead of being so PC today. I love this Lady. She is too much. I laugh just thinking about her. Thanks for posting this.

valerie brown

Love this lady

Donna Springston

So real !! Love it!! Common since is whats missing today! She is proving that for sure!!

Eluwenie Stargazer

Revisiting these. I loved her.
Minute 3:24
Well, let's just say, at least back in the 1990's, if you were living in Groton, Connecticut.
When the sun set and you were in the Navy barracks. Well, nobody bothered to make a group effort to get, and put up, curtains for the windows. ?
True story! ?
Peace. ✌

MsRedd Ram


Mac TonyMicMac

0:50 to 1:16 Yup MuriKKKa feels and acts the exact and precise same way on the subject as well LMMFAO!

Carl Williams


Burnpro Burn

she's funny but the fricking auto laughter on the background makes me angry

Jon Tiroff

Fruitcake lady sounds like my south Texas Dad. Too real


I really miss this woman. She always made me laugh.


Donald Trump's hair! Hahahaha!

Amber Whitted

granny has no chill. ????