How to make waxing hurt less

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Is sugaring less painful than waxing? ( THE LEAST PAINFUL HAIR REMOVAL TECHNIQUE )

2 215 views | 23 Oct. 2019

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Is sugaring less painful than waxing? (THE LEAST PAINFUL HAIR REMOVAL TECHNIQUE)

Does sugaring hurt less than waxing? The answer is YES. Sugaring is less painful hair removal than almost any other form of hair removal depilation. Hair removal with Sugar is actually the best form of sensitive skin hair removal. In this waxing vs sugaring pain comparison, we will show you exactly why it is the least painful way to remove hair.

Sugaring is more than just hair removal, its organic skin care. Specifically Sugar Me Smooth has made Sugar waxing part of beauty skincare and natural skincare. Here are the 5 ways we have made Sugaring wax less painful hair removal:

1. The Sugar will remove hair with sugar, but not the top layer of skin like waxing. Say goodbye to all day waxing red skin.

2. No heating is necessary, so you will never burn the skin with hot wax.

3. No shaving bumps from razor burn, ingrown hairs from shaving or cuts from razors.

4. Sugaring is all natural hair removal, with just Sugar, lemons and water. These ingredients create a gentle hair removal paste, without harmful chemicals that irritate the skin.

5. Sugaring wax hair removal is quick. Even when there is pain with hair removal, it’s over in a matter of seconds and the results are worth it!

If you are asking yourself, what is the least painful hair removal technique? You have landed in the right place. Sugar is the best form of hair removal to manage Brazilian hair removal pain, facial hair removal, and sensitive skin hair removal. Sugaring pain is minimal, and the results are fantastic! We often get the question: does sugaring hurt less the second time? And does sugaring hurt less over time? The answer to both of these questions is yes. Your first Sugaring session will always be your most painful.

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Shawn Bell

Although I have never done hair removal, I get a very vivid image in my head of what that would look like and what type of painful story I may have from that

Vania Jacobs

Just came across this. Question: I did not see any demo on eyebrows? Can you use there as well?

Eating Fat is the New Skinny

I needed this! I literally say ouch out loud everytime I get a small area waxed. Thanks!

Kate Murray

I often shave too fast and have definitely had a few mishaps! I need to introduce sugaring to my 12 year old...she hates the hot was on her eyebrows!

Sugar Me Smooth

Do you have a waxing or shaving HORROR story?! We want to hear it - let us know in the comments below!

Unbox Your Gift: Rita Joyan

wow sugar sticks to the hair not the skin - never knew that!

Naomi Elizabeth

I can not get the hang of this I’ve watched so many videos it’s just too sticky and won’t peel off. The biggest mess every time ?

English Commute

I've been wanting to try this!

Trevor Jones

Oh dang! Gotta show my wife!

Sophilia Lark-Woodbury

Honestly, I have never waxed before. Does nair count? I have always been scared to do it because I've heard horror stories. I have never heard of sugaring for hair removal. The neck and face hair removal is interesting, because I have problem areas with hair growth on those areas. This is a new technique I think I want to try. I appreciate this information very much.

Elizabeth Sampson

I can't wait to try this!

Jen Oliver

I haven't tried that thank you!!!

emily hammel-shaver

I had no idea that sugaring had all those benefits over waxing. Thank you!

Stephanie Kremic

Your demonstration looks effortless :)

Gabriela Rintone

It is definitely not pleasant to use wax. This is a great option that I will consider now!

Tina Christ

I had actual abrasions and bruising with waxing. I am looking forward to trying the Sugar Me Smooth sugaring to finally remove hair in areas I'm embarrassed to have.

How to make waxing hurt less

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How to Minimize the Pain of Waxing | Hair Removal

17 566 views | 26 Sep. 2012

Full Playlist:

Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLALQuK1NDrj_67B8gDy-BJgRKvpPls0m



Watch more Hair Removal Guide videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/505350-How-to-Minimize-the-Pain-of-Waxing-Hair-Removal

There are a couple of things that we could do to minimize the pain. The basic things that you do to minimize the pain is to use Lidocaine. You can just spray that on. Something a little bit stronger is the LMX, you can get in the stores, but, you have to put that on 40 minutes before hand. Also, never put it on all over the body, small body parts. Completely Bare has something that's brand new, that just came out, it's a numbing and cooling spray. And this works amazing because all you have to do is put it on right before hand, and it works immediately. There are some other things that you could make sure of is also making sure you go to an expert to get it done. Experts actually know how to put the wax on, they use smaller areas to put the wax on. The smaller the area the less it hurts. Also, a Completely Bare wax, make sure it's a professional wax like ours. It actually shrink wraps around the hair follicle, making it a smoother type of removal, and it hurts less.

Nuwan Pradeep

Misleading thumbnail, so disappointed...


thumbnail has way too many bubbles

Lior G.

Who needs a real doctor when you got mad machines and their scary needles?


ya, fuck me right?

How to make waxing hurt less

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411 589 views | 17 Jul. 2016

Hey friends! Thanks for

Hey friends! Thanks for tuning in today, I hate wax! But this is a not so bad method of how to remove hair from your skin. There are many tutorials on how to do this so check them out, I first saw FullyRawKristina use this technique.

Ingredients used:

1/2 cup of Granulated sugar

1/4 cup of water

1/2 a lemon (juiced)

A Glass container to store

This can be reheated and reused.

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Use code LOVEFROMCHANEL10 for 10% off ANY of our  lashes and any of our Brush Sets.

Shipping is Worldwide! 

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Mariya Gonsalves

It is pining

Literally wtf :0

My turned out burnt can I still use it?

Muhammad Younas

you are beautiful..dear....

Mel B

for the lemon juice,just stick a needle through the bottom & through. helps alot


Does the sugar HAVE to be granulated ?

Erika Almonte

can i use green lemon for this

Sahidul Mazumder

very very nice,,,

Marina Usselmann

it didn't worked at all for me
i did the instructions well but i wasn't able to use it.
When i tried to heat it (bain-marie and microwave) even for a short time, it would like automatically BURN because it was getting hot as soon as i tried to heat it and so, when it wasn't hot enough it wouldn't be sticky enough to apply on my skin... I was afraid that i maybe, let it "cook" too long but it was almost the same colour as yours so i don't know...

Shahema Khan

what if you don't put lemon juice

Sky and Hazel

I use glue XD (the glue thing was a dare ;-;)

Baddie Number 1

Does it hurt when ripping it off ?

JJ - 12ZZ 603443 Central Peel SS

Had to restart the video cuz I was scrolling through your channel???

Aanchal Kimtani

The video is very useful. I tried this at home and my skin is as smooth as a baby's bottom!

kayye xx

do u need lemon


the best

Randi Dillow

I tried this once and it was way to hot to use so I let it cool off then when I came back it was kick straight up glass I tried microwaving it but nothing would soften it hopefully it works this time lol

Patricia love

Hell fuck that just use a kitchen knife just get it over with?☺️?

Soma Kundu


mwikali kieti

where is your lace front from?


I messed up :-:

muna yfl

Can u use lime instead of Lemon

Random Vibesss

Sugar wax is not painless! It hurts like hell actualy

Aminah Kyeeli

After i reheat it, it gets too hot for me even when i put on the stove or in the microwave for 15 secs. am i just sensitive?

hunz jes

i have been making this wax for years now n i think she made it too hard. it should be soft n easy to apply

Nakia Carter

1 things a lie...it still hurts but the best results ever.

Jillu Jillu

Tamil please

zara khan

can we put any sugar

josee-rinelle azanlekor

Love this

Linnette Etem

But it's hot to apply on the skin and when u allow it to cold it becomes had

Shaloom Pedro

Can i use it on you're face ?

Faujiya Khan

i hve also used it nd its awsme

Lady JGL

can that be used for the face?


This shit is not painless..... especially if you're doing a Brazilian wax

Nia Iman

WHAT THE HECK it looks like her skin came off at 5:23

Myaa Mackk

I can’t stand just a little bit of pain at all so does it hurt even if it hurts a little bit someone tell me


Omg when the video first came on I was like oh she's pretty and then I heard your voice ??? I love it lol

Ogah Christian

Wow! I can't wait to try it

Lottie Bluebell Frost

Sorry but it really annoys me every single time she said of course , she says if so much

rosa mar

it is not painless. It hurts a lot

M d

I wish y’all would stop saying this is painless. Cause it’s not and it doesn’t matter who does it because you’re removing hair from the baby from the root...it will hurt!!!

Sonia D

I failed one time! as the video is wrong! This woman who said in the comments to put 1 cup sugar n 1/4 cup lemon and 1/4 water n put it on medium flame only for 7 min it worked for me!!! I had to add lil less than half cup sugar coz my sugar is very thick! N it worked im so happy!! Leave it on medium flame while stiring for 7min max! N done! I'm so happpyyy!! Yayy???? Thanks!

Kaitlyn Musicaro

Lemon juice is it naturall

juli ajay

wax ko banakar koun se bartan ma rakhea

Suzen Rai

Ur xo Buteyfull??

Amy Docherty

I just don’t get how it doesn’t hurt, someone explain please

A6876 L

is it painful as the other waxing waxs at the first or painless??

Aditi Asotra

for how long we can store it for usage.?

Mithunvasan.T D20CM111

i tried it was so hot, and was burning, will keeping it in hot water makes easy to use?

Kanoel Fabrics

Where do i get d strips from?

rita hills

I like your video! Baby oil is bad for you

loes loesie

Wow youre beautyfull!


Dumb question on my part since I've never used wax before:How long will this last?How often should I do it?

Tashia Clark

WHERE DID SHE GET THOSE THICK STRIPS FROM? or what You used for strips ?


i tried making this but i think i ended up just making tea lmao

lopu zhica

Omg, i tried this today... this shit is worse than child birth. I have now few clean patches and don't know what to do with the rest, guess shaving. Not trying this again. How do you do it?!!!

Vitu N

I need something like waxing strips, but I don't know what to use
Any tips on anything I can find in my place that I can use instead

Life with Poodle Pants

That's really dark.

Gerda Theodore

My question is can you use brown sugar because my mom doesn't buy white sugar anymore

Far Q

i cant stand ur accent

Goksel Peduk

Omg I love your smile ?


can you use it on your armpits??

dipika ghimire

dont it hurts?

Linnette Etem


Songbi Cyria

Yoo I tried it and if this is painless, then I don’t want to know what painful is

Rock Zuu

I can't make it y


Not arabic but african. It from the horn of Africa, sudan, ethiopia and more BLACK african people and countries. Arabs dont do this traditionally. Great vid nonetheless.

Sunil Bhatt

Hey u r so sexy

Rock Zuu

I have done two times it becomes like Stone

Krizel Pangilinan

is this permanent?

xXMelly JellyXx

that does not look painless but it could be painless


can u use brown sugar?

Joselin Galicia

Can you use lime ?

Nina way

Can you use brown sugar


Omg black is beautiful?♥♥

smooth magic


juli ajay

mam koiy reply

Hannah Hartley

You're so gorgeous! Thank you for this tutorial, you've got yourself a new subscriber ☺️

Ellie Moats

CEO of “of course”

biba 30

Oh honey you cooked it too hard!

Adahlia Labjut

In order to protect skin from bruising make sure to apply baby powder before applying sugar wax.

Sparkle Delight

I made this wax, burned my skin and did not remove the hair. I tried again and it still didn't work. It's too hot, when I leave it to cool, it solidifies.

Ofoma Cynthia

I have low pain tolerance, I hope it doesn’t hurt

Sidra Mobeen

Will someone tell me if it hurts

Janina Adriana

Does it really hurt less than waxing?

Erza Scarlet

My question is..... Is it really painless??


I did it and it went wrong bc it had a very bad smell which it was burning so I had to throw water ;-;


On a scale from 1 to 10, how painful is this?

Pallavi Pallu

wen evr i cool it becomes harder pls say me how to cool that wax

Irma Ayers

i will definitely try this....and does anyone know what song is playing?


All hail Youtube!!!!where will i be without this platform???...Probably living in a cave somewhere.

Candy Apple-Red

How many times does she say "of course"?

Diksha shukla

Ur legs r already waxed,,,...

Nitin Soni

Is it painless or painful?

kommineni sowjanya

nice tipe

Katy M

This is one of my favorite sugar waxing videos. I've been binge watching them on youtube and I've made it many times so I decided to answer a lot of the questions in the comments because I'm bored. ?

Anky Noddy

Yours is the first video on YouTube which has shown the real efforts , some people on YouTube really never show the other side ie double boiling method , your new subscriber ??? lots of love from India , can we try sugaring on bikini areas ?

Tashia Clark

clean your stove Please. still love ya tho lol

Florian Bergersen

thank you for this tutorial

Reshikathapa Magar

will hair return back or not

Ocean Sky

I sugar waxed down there and when the hair grew back I got tons of bumps and it was so itchy. I’ve gotten professionally sugar waxed before and professionally waxed with another wax and didn’t experience this so i wonder if I did something wrong or if maybe I actually did it better ??