Under eye massager

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I Tried the Foreo Iris for One Month (Unsponsored Review) | Vlogmas Day 12

2 282 views | 13 Dec. 2020

Hey lovebugs

Hey lovebugs ♡,

Here's a fun review and some updates for you on this fine Sunday morning. Happy Vlogmas Day 12.

The facial roller is currently on sale! Check it out: https://bit.ly/3melsjj



*not sponsored. I purchased everything myself and opinions are always honest and my own*

Lenka JF

You are so genuine. I love that and had to subscribe immediately ;*

Alora Ogle

can you link the girl who makes the roller you are talking about in the description please?

Violet Mabb

I have Foreo Iris - I'm nearing 50 and while wrinkles are not an issue for me, puffy eyes are a big issue. :/ I often have to wear sunglasses on a cloudy day. Iris genuinely helps. It's actually been such a welcomed part of my routine. it reduces the puffiness to an extent where I can confidently walk around without sunglasses. Nothing else worked for me.

Michelle Langdon

I love your vlogs! I've learned a lot just by having you talk and go through your regular routines. I don't know if you realize how sweet and relatable you are. I've really enjoyed these vlogs and look forward to seeing where you take us next.

Taste of Tamara

Can’t wait for the big unboxing ??

Linda Sliede

Ok, so I just got this despite similar reviews to yours and omg. It needs to be used all over the face!

Im the kind of person who purrs when someone massages me, so I enjoy this a lot. I just used the Iris all over my face for about 30min and my face feels fab. I feel like Im not going to apply moisturiser and eye cream with my fingers anymore.

Try it, you’ll get more use out of it, since you allready have it.


I love the Foreo Iris! I think this device is especially helpful for those who have undereye puffiness like myself. I've found that the massage it gives makes a difference because it helps with lymphatic drainage to reduce the puffiness. I probably never forget to use it because of this. After a month of using it the puffiness has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. I see a clear difference in how puffy my eyes were before and after so this will be a staple in my routine. I use the 2nd mode in the morning for a gentler massage and the spa mode at night for a deeper message to drain out any fluid that may have built up during the day. That said, the Iris is insanely expensive. I waited to get it on Black Friday when it was 30% off and the price after the discount still put a slightly sour taste in my mouth. I'd say if you can comfortably spend the extra $ and you have undereye puffiness then go for it; you will likely not be disappointed. But, if your undereye problems are mild you will likely not see a big difference. Give this one a pass if that's the case.

Tamara Reid

I think it's because their main product UFO doesn't reach the under eye area so I feel like maybe they've created another device for just under eye area perhaps? I'm mostly guessing though. I was really pissed off with my UFO because it doesn't actually reach my under eye and my nose area properly so I am considering getting this device but I'm glad to hear your review. It definitely helped!. Thanks.

JC Chambers

Thank youuuu!

Alora Ogle

im newer to your channel and i was wondering if you have tried the foreo cryo therapy thingy ...i know it gets hot and cold!

Norma R

I wanted to get either the Espada or Iris during BF and since I don't get breakouts that often lately Iris was my pick ☺ I haven't been sleeping well the last month and it feels so good on my tired eyes ?‍♀️

FFX Challenger

I can't wait to see what you got delivered to your parent's house!

I 100% agree that vlogs should stay but i don't think you need to schedule them.

I'm cool with you doing them whenever you feel like it or when there is time.
Although i've already gotten used to the daily videos over the last two weeks ?


Hi Erika ?‍♀️
I have the Foreo eye device, like you I didn’t see any difference really but I’m a sucker for new devices, especially Foreo ?

Under eye massager

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***The following video abides by the YouTube Community Guideline. Footage used in this video are for educational purpose and do not promote any kind of violence, nudity or harassment to any minor, ethnic group or religious minority.

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Under eye massager

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Eye Device That Helps Remove Puffiness and Wrinkles!?

12 176 views | 30 Jun. 2019

Komal Rani

yay or nay for eye wrinkles ?


Thank you for this >>> https://amzn.to/3mJGAPt

Marian Gedoria

Is it really effective?for how long did you use it and found out a good result?

Marli Marlirni

What is the name of the eyes massager love ? Lol

Huda Nazifa

Aww we bought the same item, brand...

Raw Beauty

Hi Krystle! We are currently getting ready to launch a store with this product & we would love to talk with you about a brand ambassadorship! Follow us on Instagram @rawbeautytoday for details. We hope to hear from you soon <3

Puji Lestari

is it vibrating?

Emilly Chen

Do you still use it? Still recommended? I'm planning to buy one :)

Abdul Rehman

It is useable for pus...y?

chondro hadi

Is it going hot?

Your Girl Ferrari

It’s got to be better than using our fingertips which tug on skin andd also absorb the eye cream... plus massaging the 11s, the area between our brows, that tend to get bigger as we get older.

miss sika


DeityFree Dee

You are too young to have bags or wrinkles.