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SHOULD YOU GET your Tattoo TOUCHED-UP? | When, Why & How

13 358 views | 17 Nov. 2020

What is a tattoo

What is a tattoo touch-up? When should you get it done? Do artists charge extra for touch-ups?

Many of you have had these types of questions into getting your new and old tattoo touched up, so in todays video I'll be going over everything that has to do with a tattoo touchups. I also bring you along with me going to the shop myself to get my own tattoos touched up, where I also I ask the artists there, many different types of questions that you my subscribers had asked and wondered to get a professional artists opinion on the topic. We dive into more topics like: tipping, certain situations where it might be hard to get them done and finally if saniderm is worth using or if it’s better to stick with the old traditional method to heal.

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Joseph Soria

Awesome video, thanks for this! I feel more comfortable going back to my artist for touch up after seeing this.

Diego Moreno

You should a video on reviewing/reacting to your subscribers tattoos bro!

Thomas Santomartino

Justin I agree with you that there is something pleasurable about the experience of actually getting a tattoo done. It usually relaxes me a great deal.


Your channel has quickly become one of my favorites! Then again my love for tattoos as a whole keeps continuing to grow.

Ashkan Kazemi

thanks justin. you just come at the best time. i was wondering when I could get it touched up. thanks


COMMENT: What have your experiences been with touch-ups? ?
ALSO.. what other videos would you like me to do & talk about?? ?

◾️ My newest tattoo. Do you LOVE IT or HATE IT? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9W9wsxHdQug
◾️ The TRUTH on HOW I AFFORD over 23,000$ in TATTOO'S at 26 years old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1EHMfg_l7Q&t=313s
◾️ Is SANIDERM the BEST PRODUCT to use on a NEW TATTOO?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpPTXZ5aVTU


Got a snowflake tatto on my arm n he did not do what I wanted. Couldn’t see what he was doing. Now I can’t get any tattoo shop to return my call to get it redone by another artist. Are they just not interested? Insulted? I’m so sad. It’s such an important symbol to me


Nice vid

Bobby Shmurdas Hat

Do you plan on getting face or neck tattoos?

Kev M

Can you please show us what good meal you eat before u go get tatted

Allescontant Lol

Whats ur ig bro?

Thomas Santomartino

I have a human figure that needs a major touch up. The original artist touched it up once and it got worse. So now I need to use scar serum on it a while before I can get it restored to what it looked like the first day I got it one off my new tattooers. It stinks.

Angel S

I was planning on getting a tiger sleeve on the top part of my forearm on my left arm but, I don't know if it's a good idea because what if i want something added onto it for a full sleeve in the future. I don't know if it'd look weird

Kathy stankiewicz

Good morning my dear. Hope all is well. Love your videos. Please stay Safe and Healthy during this Pandemic

The Car Guy Channel

Been waiting for this video for a while thank you!


I just got my first tat done last saturday, i’m completely new to everything, your videos have been helping me a ton. but the itch... oh boy this thing gets itchy ?

MH Fahs

I love all ur tattoos
I started with a greek myth sleeve.
Got the poseidon and medusa so far and adding some greek symbols to complete the half sleeve and do some touch up on medusa while im at it. Then continuing with the rest of the gang at a later stage

very helpful tips on ur channel, much appreciated, thank you

Michael Welsh

I am doing a color Japanese sleeve and will need touch ups along the way. My artists will not charge me. Just got my chest done and it was very painful so I hope I don’t need it touched up.

K Rose Illustration

I just got my first touch up last week. I was super nervous about it for some reason but it took all of 15 minutes of actual tattooing. I also asked my artist while there about my bigger piece she gave me last month, and was so happy to hear her say I took great care of it and it didnt need any touch ups!

angela green

So glad u got the extra details put it. The pyramids look amazing !

I HaveNoGunGame

Aye Justin I just wanna say your video editing quality got better. Did you hire someone to do it for you or did you just get better at it ?
Dope stuff as always and I can't believe I missed that community post to send in a question lol


Do you pay for touch ups iv heard in other countries you dont but in nz you do

Luis -N- Ceci

Your tattoos are amazing bro I Hit u up a while back how u inspired me to get that Poseidon piece with the trident. It came out great but I do need a touch up here and there in the surrounding areas. Anyway I got a 6 hour session tomorrow let’s go ????
Ps thanks for this video I’m definitely gona ask my artist about touch ups tomorrow

Joe Crossley

Hello I’ve recently had a breakout on and around my tattooed area. Is there anything I can do to help this?


Did you ever decide if you're lasering your tiger to fix the flow of your arm?

angela green

I plan to get a touch up on my tattoo when I get married and change my initials ( so will work with the tat). And have them punch in the color while they are already there then don't have to heal the same tattoo multiple times .

Jeff E.

Just got my tattoo and the ink didnt hold in one place on silhouette. How long do i wait?


I will be getting my first tattoo at 20 how will i be ready for it pls reply

Heather Qualy

Perfect timing! Got my first tattoo a couple months ago, and have been disappointed about how the button on the piece turned out. Very indistinct. I really wanted it to pop. Being Minnesotan, I am horrible about “confrontation” and didn’t want to be a problem client. But the more I read up on this, I am seeing that it is very common to get a touch up and that it’s not “Karen” of me to ask for what I want to make me happy, since it will be there forever!

Dont Worry Im a Pro

I dont know if you'll answer this but Im curious if you enjoy getting tattooed? Was watching one of those tattoo artist stories on yt and one of the questions was "do you enjoy the pain of getting a tattoo?" Guess a bunch of artist all pretty much said the same thing. They hate getting tattooed... blah, blah, blah, they only enjoy the final product, ect. I love the process. Except the healing process. Fuck the healing process! Cant peel cant scratch :(

tyreik west

Your tattoos look amazing and I’m tryna get your size so I can fill out my tees lol


Finishing my arm Thursday ?


Bro, werent you like at 5k a couple months ago? Big up bro! Happy for you! Get bigggg

Akash Saluja

what u think about cover-up tattoos

dago cobos

I got a tattoo just on the 16 of nov my tattoo artist told me not to take off my saniderm in 3-5 days is it normal


This may be a dumb question but would stretch marks be harder to tattoo then a regular scar? Because I hit the gym and got bigger and have stretch marks on my pit area

Lacee Yurtoglu

I used saniderm and now I need a touch up on my brand new tattoo. I 100% do not recommend unless you have used it on other open wounds.


Thanks Justin! This was just the mental question I've had for a while!

Evan Gray

Thanks mate

Ashkan Kazemi

if its a small tattoo could it be better to get all of it done again? so another color difference doesnt happen again after that

A meme a day

I got a tattoo about 2 months ago and some of the lines had completely disappeared so I got them touched up about 2 weeks ago. But at the same time, I was already getting another tattoo so I figured I’d get a touch up at the same time


Got my first tattoo today! It turned out amazing


your videos are dope af, low key hate your intro tho


Please ask about tattooing over freckles, do they show through the ink ect.. I want a tattoo artist reply. Thanks.


Awww yisss more content


Aye! Been waiting for the vid since yesterday lol

football grim

Justinkd do you know jesus is coming read Leviticus

Tara O

Would you think that it would be reasonable to ask an artist, who is working on a new tattoo, to do a quick touchup on an existing tattoo? Or should I just book a new appointment altogether for the touchup alone? ik ur not an artist lol but I respect your opinion

Hunter Woodyard

@JustINKD I have had this question for quite a while. How big should your arms be before you tattoo them? I am thinking about getting my first piece on the inside of my bicep, but I don’t want it to get ruined as I grow. I have 14in biceps that grew an inch in just over a year. I don’t plan to ever have biceps bigger than 17 in though.

Siddharth Salian

I was wondering if it's okay to get touch ups done from a different artist than the one who actually did the piece? It's probably going to be a couple of years until I see my original artist again

Holy CodM

Been wanting to get my neck touched up by evo, I had it done by another artist ?but I love his work on how he does his realism tattoos do you think he would do it? Also what’s the best way to get i touch with him?


I'm super happy you rep Saniderm, it was the best and easiest healing I ever had for a tattoo ? Thanks for the informative vids!!

Bijon Callum

I just got my whole chest retouched up & boy was it a BITCH! I was able to locate my old artist in Hollywood who tattooed me! Now we’re going to be working on a traditional ship wreck on my stomach

Jack Benham

Another sick video bro!


Helll Justin, first of all i love your videos and they help me in my decisons for my first tattoo. Now i have an appointment, but have a question? The Artist i wanna go to charges 750€ for half a calv. His normal hour price is 130€ but he said it will take up to 10 hours and because its a big piece he only charges the 750€. What to you think about this? And could i send you his instagram so that you look through his work ?

andrew fishe

I have a sleeve right now but I want my whole sleeve redone by somebody else and add more designs over my current designs , do you think that’d be possible ?

Claws by Cari

Great thumbnail as per ush!

Professional touch tattoo

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tattoo advice five things not to do when getting a tattoo

865 views | 3 Apr. 2020

In this video I give

In this video I give advice on what clients should not be doing during the tattoo process.

rachel ampofo

Hey, thank you so much for your videos, they are so informative and love your energy. If you're using this time in quarantine to make more videos, I personally would really benefit from a video on tattoo tips for dark skinned people, please? I would also hope that this would help others ?I understand if this is not something that you wanted to talk about, but thank you in advance if so!

Ashlee Johnson

I am not sure if you will see this in time, but I am getting a tattoo tomorrow. I break out into hives when I scratch myself, etc. So I am kinda worried about getting this tattoo. they said it would be okay but I am not sure if they understood what I meant about the hives. Like I can take my nail and write my name and it will swell into hives. Any advice?

Professional touch tattoo

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Planning To Get A Tattoo Touch UP? WATCH THIS First!

1 637 views | 17 Dec. 2020

Have you just recently

Have you just recently got a tattoo, it healed up but now you are noticing that the tattoo has some ink loss, lost detail or looking a little bit lighter then you would have hoped? Well then you might be in need of something that is called a Tattoo Touch Up!

In this video i go into detail talking all about tattoo touch ups! What they are, how much they cost, when you should get them done and more! If you have any other questions regarding tattoo touch ups leave a comment below! Ill answer it there.

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How To Make Your Tattoos Pop!


Tattoo Healing process


Learn More About Tattoos Here!




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Tim Montoya

I may be getting the shading around my last name tattoo fixed. What’s your opinion on going to a new artist to get it done? While my original artist did a good job on the letters, the shading didn’t come out the way he said it would and I didn’t really care for his personality.

Anthony Miglieri

Hey man I have a question not pertaining to this video so I’m wanting to get one when I turn 18 in a couple of weeks and I’ve been doing some research as to how to take care of it and the products that you use are great but would u make some recommendations as to other creams and lotions that you could use as a replacement that are just as good because I want this tattoo to come out great especially since it’s my first one. Thanks man


If you have questions regarding tattoo touch ups that I do not mention in this video comment below! Also check out this video to find out the essential items to bring to a tattoo appointment! https://youtu.be/yk8_HA2Fz-Q


Handsome maaaan ?


Howzzit bro....so I recently got an armband around my bicep and it skew it's not straight its looks nice but the thing that bothers me is that its skew....can I have some help on what to do???(its my first tattoo)


Im in Philly and I wanted to get a tattoo from your artist anyway you can set it up?


Perfect timing! I'm going for my first touch up this week!


Just got inked - didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. Hopefully it won't need a touch-up though because of corona - it took some balls to get it done in the first place!

Afrolint ln

Is it easy for them to match the color of it's a different tattoo artist touching it up?


I definitely need 2 of my tats touched up. Great video as usual..thanks!!

Thomas Santomartino

Usually my artists want to do a touch up after doing a new tattoo so they don't needed to to open completely new setup.

John Stempa III

Kind of a random question, but when the tattoo gets to the itch stage, could I take Benadryl to help with the itchiness? Thanks for all your help ????

Jose Medrano

Love you’re channel but when will you do another reviewing you’re tattoos?

Reece Williams

Christmas tree is looking good in the background, very festive. Merry Christmas/Happy holidays Mike.


Nice video man. Thanks!. Btw, ¿ who is that tattoo artist at 1:18?


It’s been a months Since I got my tattoo should I get a touch up or is it to early

Billy Hill

Great Advice!!! Thanks for your tips, it's appreciated.

Thakid Hawk

Just got my first tat today?

Vincent Aksamit

you should make a video about traditional style sleeves! would love to hear what you think of them ??

Sid The Jovian

Welp, like I said in the last livestream where I said "I didn't bother getting a touch up for my bleeding clover tattoo" and so I'm gonna plan on getting a touch up in a couple weeks after my Jim Root tattoo heals. This helps alot, Mike, thx for it ???

The_ Bamboozeler

I literally got a tattoo touch up yesterday, this video is perfect ?
Thank you

Fernando Pachuca

Is asking my tattoo artist for a touch up 2 weeks later, too soon?

Stylish D

I thought about commenting on what gifts are under your tree but I don’t wanna ruin the surprise for anyone ?

Kev Witherington

The Lion I got as my first tattoo took 7 hours and healed up great. After a month it looked a little on the light side to me. I spoke to my artist, as it was my first tattoo and was unsure how light it should heal, and sent a couple of photos to him. He replied that it looked great and had healed perfectly but if I wanted it darker he had no issue reworking it. He ended up putting another 5 hours into it but only charged me for 2 hours work. I had no problem with this as it was me changing the tattoo rather than the artist touching up the tattoo. The rest of my work has been tattooed slightly darker to match the first one.


That picture ion the background is fucking sick man


i watched your workout out video while having a tattoo, it’s been almost 3 weeks since i got mine on my forearm. can i start doing the heaving lifting now?? i’ve worked out today but i don’t feel any irritation or discomfort