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Does no-dig growing really work? How To Manage Your Soil!

44 829 views | 19 Jul. 2020

Is no-dig growing really

Is no-dig growing really the one size fits all solution it is often presented as? Here, I talk about my own experiences, both good and bad, after five years growing outdoor vegetables on a 1 acre plot.

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Null Set

What luscious, flowing locks! Most be something in the soil

Born Free Prepper Thailand Homestead

Have you tried mulching with hay or wood chips. The Ruth Stout method works well as I'm using that covering my plants with hay. I only use chicken and cow fertilizer for my plants and they are growing well.


Me and my Irish Mrs moved to Cork in 2016 from Manchester, we got ourselves an acre and a small cottage. The biggest problem weve had in the veg plots is the rocks , my god the rocks! Couldnt even turn the soil with a fork for hitting them.

Brian Galea

No dig works in any soil. If u dont have enough compost dont spread it too thin. Do less beds but do them right, at least 6 inches thick. Thats for setting them up only, after that just a thin application for fertility is enough. Also timing of laying down the beds is crucial. If you have strong perennial plants weaken them first, by mowing frequently in the growing season or even better as u do with pigs, then in early winter lay down the beds properly and cover them with ideally a breathable membrane like a landscape fabric or less ideally with a tarp. You wont regret it! Also mulch the pathways to completely eliminate unwanted plants, a source of fertility and clean shoes

david osullivan

i think Moss feels awful sorry for you hes at it again talking to himself lol


Yes, it is so important to understand that every garden (soil, location, climate, etc.) is unique and that one technique does not fit all situations and all times.

Renato B

This is a good video, thank you!


Admire your practical approach.

Not all methods work in all enviroments under all circumstances.

Recently had a crazy conversation with someone who thought you could grow a field of wheat using woodchips.

Valorie Smith

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. After 4 years of a very poorly producing garden in clay soil, this old woman finally had decided to break down and rototill one time. Will get someone to do that for me, then compost/manure heavily and be ready to plant in the spring. So glad for the confirmation!!

Christiaan Theron

Could you please do a video on vermin and what you do to mitigate losses?

Bob Terryson

Creeping buttercup is pretty much common here in Germany where it is called Kriechender Hahnenfuß, it just loves damp so that's probably why its very common in Ireland.

dgym dgym

merci, intéressant! j'ai moins de remords d'avoir utilisé des machines durant mes deux premières années... ouf!

killuminati don

What about a cover crop that aereates the compacted clay soil, excuse my english !

Back to Nature Living

Up here on our Rocky Mountain Homestead, we also have hard clay soil with about an 8.0 ph level. I use the no-dig methods as described by Charles Dowding and have had phenomenal success... You had mentioned that you are to lay down cardboard and put compost on top of the cardboard and plant directly into to compost... that is not prescribed by Charles Dowding. He states that all seedlings are to be planted directly into the soil below the cardboard/compost and never directly into the compost since the compost is only for weed suppression and fertility and has no hold in it. Plant roots need direct contact with soil and the mycorrhizal fungi network that is only available in soil. My plants have had no problems whatsoever in penetrating the hard clay and finding what they needed to grow into large, very productive plants. I use a drip-tape system of irrigation which really helps the transplants to gain a good root hold into the soil... I hope you will give no-dig another try... It really does work well with hard clay soil... BTW - digging soil actually releases carbon into the atmosphere...no-dig methods prevent this issue...

t k

Literally the kindest face I've ever seen. Ever.


will you ever get some goats for the farm?

james devlin

Great video, thanks for sharing.
BTW, did you bother to remove the sellotape from the cardboard mulch ? if so, when it was dry or wet ?

Darlene Canterbury

Hi Daniel ive reached a point in my life where I'd love to try a new change of scenery I have a farm and liscened resque ive been a nurse and paramedics and also hospice my bucket list is Ireland 2 yrs ago i lost my dad to cancer and recently I lost my 38yr old sister in her sleep you only get one life and id love to volunteer i caught part of it in ur other video im a new subscriber and very interested and hardworking do u have an email or site u can direct me too i hope u see this is it hard for a person from the usa to become a citizen and is the cost of living affordable? Thank you i enjoy your channel so much hope to hear back . And cant wait for you to post more videos!!!

Leslie Kendall

ALWAYS have a bit of garlic in your medicinal garden space. Having it on hand for its antibacterial properties doesn't mean you have to consume it. ?. I even recently found a perineal indigenous garlic that once I planted the seeds, I don't have to replant every spring. I even found a perineal onion.

Rainbow Pony

Hi, I stumbled over your vid and was hypnotized by your kind eyes and positive energy. I also admire your love and enthusiasm for creating something beautiful.
Also you are speaking from my soul. I am planning to buy a piece of land in the next weeks and live in a caravan with solar and rainwater collection. All the best to you.
Love from Austria ?,

Bek Scho

I grew a no dig vege garden some years ago and had great success. I grew for my family and sold my surplus produce to a local organic wood fired oven pizza place! You need to build your beds up higher. You lay the card, then while it's killing off the weeds etc below you collect unwormed horse manure and mix it in with kitchen compost to bulk it out and create a nutrient dense growing medium which should be full of worms. When your seedlings are ready to plant lay layers of hay compost manure mix and mulch with lucerne bales which add nitrogen as it breaks down. The worms create the same little ecosystem and structure for moisture channels and fertiliser above the card as they would in the soil. If you have deep beds your roots will travel straight down and have enough organic material to cling to. Also grow comfrey and collect seaweed and keep in a big out door bin covered with water and leave to disintegrate into the water and create a soupy plant food that veges love. Its the least effort for the best quality yield method if you do it right. You crop rotate and rebuild your beds every time you plant and then you never have to deal with erosion or soil integrity. Its easier to keep weeds and unwanted insects off the plants, particularly if you use sawdust for paths so slugs and snails can't travel between beds...healthy plants don't really attract many uncontrollable harmful bugs much anyway but I just ended up removing a few pests here and there by hand while giving the plants a water and never had much trouble with pests. Also companion planting non food plants is great for pest control and nutrient balancing... Anyway I highly recommend Esther Dean's No dig garden book it is very informative and instructive and if you follow her guidelines you cant go wrong!

Al Cogito

Wasn't the cause of your first-year setback the fact that you punch holes in your cardboard, thus allowing the weeds to find their way up?

Gary Jones

Hi Daniel, hope you and Mossy are well, Where's the next video ,we are all desperately waiting, nearly 2 months since last one,Many Thanks Gary

Muad Dahir

I watch Mossy Bottom Farm the best cartoon

Lesley Ford

Are you still there missing the updates

Intentionally creating My life.

I can hear the local now, ‘do you know that new English fella up the road, Right eejit he is, let me tell you this...I sold him a lot of cardboard!’ ?
5 years on...’grand lad that English fella, strange name he gave that place Mossy Bottom, but he’s working wonders up there.’
Greetings from Clare!
I use no dig, it’s my second year, some on previously cultivate ground and some on lawn, it is a bit more expensive as I had to buy compost, although I used lawn clippings to earth up potatoes!
I’m happy I stumbled upon it otherwise I was thinking of giving up on growing veg due to arthritis.
I used to enjoy digging when I could, I still do a little in a few flower beds.
Useful information ??

Dan B

I would like to live an agrarian lifestyle. I believe it’s natural for humans to live this way. Unfortunately our government do not make it easy for people who strive for this lifestyle

Lê Quốc Bảo

Love you!


Great could i ask which county your in?

KJ Isabela

Basta napapanuod kita napapa ngiti ako.. ? Hindi Ko alam pero parang ang bait bait mo lang. ☺️

Seamus Foy

Nettles are not your enemy, no dig is a clever marketing ploy, gardening is work, it involves digging.


My first year with no dig and I have had amazing harvests. My compost was mainly leaf mold from the massive trees in my garden. I couldn't have done it any other way. Now have lots of good compost.

Jan Enderwitz

My grandad had a small holding in Yorkshire and he and his wife (my grandmother ) lived pretty much off the land and my mum and her two sisters and brother grew up with this lifestyle. During his lifetime the railway company decided that they had to have a track running across his land. He had no choice about the matter. However, he got his revenge - he made one of the tracks slightly bent and as the trucks rolled across carrying coal - the small defect he made in the line meant that there was a small bump as the trucks passed over his land. He never bought coal again as of course a small amount of coal would fall from the trucks!

Robin French

Thanks for this... good information


Interesting to hear your experiences. I think we have to not get caught up in strictures, it's about what works for you. Soils, climates and physical abilities vary widely. We have a large veg garden here in Co Kerry. Initially it was dug by two pigs, some 7 years ago. Since then I've done less and less digging as time's gone on. If you mind your garden eventually the only weeds that appear are easy to hoe off or hand weed. I do definitely believe in mulching, as our rainfall is high. This year all my beds are mulched fairly thickly, and after every crop is removed I remulch. But I dig my spud beds and rotate my spuds, so every 3 years or so each area gets a digging when it houses the spuds. When I see people mulching with straw, they certainly live in a different climate to Ireland, as any unrotted mulch you apply here would be a slug magnet :)

andy moore

A lot of folk rising to the 'defence' of the no dig exponents. The no dig community do have a vested commercial interest in being 'right'. They have books and courses to sell. Fair enough!
But I shall follow the middle way, that is, the Mossy Bottom way, for the first year of my 1/4 acre clay plot here in mid Wales. I hate slugs!!!

Melissa O'Leary

Oh Mossy's dad, we just planted 10k garlic cloves! Only love here for you! ?

Love your videos and way of life. Thank you for sharing your real-life knowledge with us. ☘

developer developer

You came a long way, even your physiognomy changed. When you moved in you looked & spoke like someone who worked in construction, now you look and sound like more refined, educated man.


Ooooh you didn't have the courage to actually name the no dig YouTuber. The one who has done all of the research and paved the way for you! Credit where credit is due. Small, but you lost a follower!

Lorell Stoneman

If you look at your old videos, and now you are getting younger and more refreshed looking with time...you have found your peace of mind..way to go.


I actually laughed at the soil joke. I have no interest in starting a garden, but find the content very interesting.

Elisa HV

Thank you??☺️Please make a video about the composting toilet.

Rz Ch

I so look forward to your videos.


West Coast Ireland is beautiful but the rain is just too much. South East Ireland around South Wicklow and Wexford is a better place for horticulture - less hanging moisture, sunnier and generally warmer and without the threat of blight or mould. The English never understood Ireland but I'll give this lad a pass. They come over with dreadlocks or families normally - decent souls generally as opposed to the lager swilling cunts falling around Spanish and Greek islands.

Bristol Veggie Beds

Very sensible approach.


My daughter has grown a Back To Eden garden for the last two years it is basically a no till garden, built on compost and a bit of added topsoil. It was two years to get to the gardening point because she raised 8 chicks, and in addition to the eggs, they made her compost (initially in the coop run), and a year after they matured, she had just enough to make her garden, with cardboard and newspaper. The ground has some clay, but fortunately her plot formerly housed an abundance of spearmint and had not been gardened. It's a great cycle; she chose this method because she has physical issues that make regular gardening impossible for her. Her chickens were raised almost organically, use their own shells for some of their calcium needs, and they eat wonderfully, they are almost like pets who produce, and she fences them in to get rid of weeds, etc. and take care of the biters. They also get dandelion greens, and I've made battered dandelion flowers and dandelion salad. I enjoy your videos, wonderful. Valerie ☺?????

Vera Cassidy

I'm so relieved to hear your experience with no dig as my brother and I have struggled in our garden. Our heavy clay just doesn't seem to respond to the method. We are gardening in Northern Ireland and at present have a lovely big black and white Springer spaniel and are thinking about chickens but I don't expect them to be helpful in the garden

Mark Lindsell

Totally agree with you re the weeds and no dig struggles. I’ve had a couple of allotments in my time and found that no matter how much you lay cardboard or plastic sheets, the weeds will come back unless you dig them out first. On my current allotment it has taken several years to get to the point where I’m on top of the weeds. I hate disturbing the soil, but you have to from time to time. However, not all weeds are a nuisance! Their roots provide channels which vegetables use for extending their own roots. I mainly work to extract bindweed and thistles and the dreaded brambles. Constant pulling eventually wears them out. I also totally agree with mulching in autumn and covering.... does wonders for the soil. I probably spend more time collecting compost materials than tending my plants!

Sherrie Miller

No garlic???
I KNEW you were a vampire! lol jk jk

Carl Taylor

Tried using no-dig this year here in the south of Spain as I have COPD and don't like digging. I have to do it for the carrots but apart from that it seems to be working very well.

Ace Ventura

Daniel, you look damn good after a few years of hard "work"... if you could call it that - a true inspiration! I can't wait to shake off all this urbanity, all the damage that follows, and sink my teeth into something real. God Bless!!


Holy crap I am growing my hair too, and I want to have the same just like you!


You're gonna flip out when Mr. Moss digs up pieces of the missing 9th Legion!


absoluty loving the ducks in the background!

Anna Maria Gonzalez

I would have loved to have seen how you actually did the no dig method and how you used the cardboard and wooden edges, but you haven´t shown any images of that.


The guy is like the real Stardew Valley.

House of History

Out of curiosity: shouldn't you have used multiple layers of cardboard over a more extended time period? Instead of near-instantly planing seedlings on not-yet wiped out weeds under the cardboard.

So basically have the plot empty for several months, during winter for example, and re-laying fresh cardboard over the old cardboard every 4-5 weeks. That way the weeds can grow all they want, but eventually, they die because there's a new cardboard layer put on top every so often.

And only after doing this for multiple months add the compost on top of another new layer of cardboard, since by now the weeds have been buried without any nutrients for such an extended period of time they are less likely to take over?

Gerald Clark

hi m8 great vid as usual, we have moved over to mayo mid june with a one acre plot. yup 2 foot high grass but managing to clear as we go the long fork is a god send, we dont have clay soil but boy we can prob relay our drive with the amount of stone we are pulling out some as big as your fist. we are going to try both systems no dig and some dug plots. can you recommend a good reasonable timber merchant nearby ?.

Lê Quốc Bảo

Love you!

Peter Ivory

The dog.....absolutely stealing the show


My question is, how much of this sustainable living depends on the Irish state? How do you pay for the health service or dental bills? Do you pay tax and social security? Could you do an upload on these questions please.

Annabella Ashby

I use no dig. After only one year I have found it is excellent for growing many types of crops. The weeds have not come through too much, just a bit of nettle, buttercup and thistle grass, easily dealt with. . My soil is clay and chalk undeneath, (South Downs). So I suggest you have a go at no dig.

Anuschka van Dijke

Sheep like to eat nettles. Maybe ask a neighbor if they have some sheep they might lend you to clear the nettle before you let the pigs loosen the soil for you?

Jesper Andersen

good tip with clay soil is to add some sand, then mix it, then add compost and then from there on just add compost every year, it helps drainage and to losen it up quite a lot

Nattering Springs

Best summary of no till, forking, and tilling a new garden space I’ve ever heard. Thank you! I’m going to place my compost beneath the soil as you did, as well. Go, roots!

DSR IT Training UK

Hope you are ok, very quiet this month?


Once you've tilled the soil for a season or two, and sort of dealt with most of the perennials, you could try starting to just layer with grass clippings, straw, manure, compost, leaves, hay, seaweed, bit of coffee grounds, wood ash .... whatever comes your way, to begin the no dig method. I find putting down grass clippings early, like April, May, in a good fairly thick layer, takes care of most "weeds" for the rest of the season. Then I just keep adding, layer upon layer. I'm in year 4 of the current garden now, and the soil is so so beautiful underneath the last layer of mulch. And ... no more weeding or digging. Happy days :) Enjoy
I am thoroughly enjoying your videos and progress. Thank you for sharing :)

Danny Sze

I like the piggy


I think Moss stole the show! You have a great, well integrated gardening system.


a plough?

Lorell Stoneman

I don't know if it's true, but I heard if a worm is cut in 2... both haves can still live.

Paulina PI

You're a really good teacher. Learning so much from you. Thanks Daniel. Ok, I've overdosed today on this channel, hehe. Now a bed time... I saw mushroom hunting, pigs and bunnies eating strawberries and I'll definitely have good dreams. hehe... Good night everyone! :)

Andy O' Brien

Nice video. My first year growing some basics. Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, swede, strawberries and rhubarb. I was converting lawn so had to dig. Hopefully more crops next year and alot less digging.

Ray S

Nice presentation. We need to adapt to the land we have available. I practice minimal-dig. In my climate (much hotter than Ireland) I need a protective layer over any compost I apply. I use hay as I can just go out into the fields and cut it. New beds are almost always dug to some degree, not always though. Depends on how soon I want to use the space. I haven't mastered no-dig spuds yet so I still have to dig them up. Parsnips too. I start seedlings in trays so I need to disturb the soil to plant. All in all, not much digging but there is most definitely some.

Crystal & Micky Greeson

You should look into the Neem plant or organic neem oil for the midgies problem or any bug. You'll have to mix the neem with a carrier oil. Like coconut oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. any of those will do but Neem smells. is very potent and strong. To me it smells like burnt peanuts, so to make it smell good. just put drops of organic neem oil with carrier oil mix in some drops of lavender essential oil and drops of mint essential oil. Neem is the best gardeners secret for no Pest for plants and people and animals. Neem, is also good for hair and skin to make it look full and beautiful you just have to put a few drops in your shampoo you don't even need conditioner. Ancients used to wash with neem only on their skin and hair just wash with neem straight from the plant leaves and seeds the whole plant you can be used they would mix the neem with aloe vera. You can order on the internet some fresh neem leaves and drink meme tea for interior body pest as well I wouldn't do it with Amy maxtrax though the tea made from the natural leaves is just right or dried leaves as well WARNING do not get neem in your eyes no matter how diluted is it is extremely painful burns your eyes you live probably but it just really hurts rinse rinse rinse your eyes out with water or saline.
Good Luck to you and not the midiges/bugs!!! Lol!

Marty & Ken

That's a shame about your no dig experiment. I'm doing it because of my bad (nursing) back and the evidence to support not disturbing the soil life. And I agree with you on a number of points.....collecting cardboard and buying compost and well rotted manure was time consuming and expensive (and difficult during lockdown). But no dig is the way for me, no digging and minimal weeding. (I did 6inches of new soil on cardboard).

darkHouse Multimedia

I think as you say it depends what you're starting with and how quickly you need to get into production. To be fair though, I've watched a Charles Dowding video where even he says you might need to dig initially when you first come to establish a plot. I think making large quantities of compost from your own land is something we should all strive to do as well, because not only is bringing in large amounts from elsewhere energy intensive as you say, but it also often means you're bringing in unknown pest and diseases which maybe weren't present locally beforehand. And it's all about trying to close the loops.

ferrari red

He looks like an English Jesus

Vera Cassidy

Moss is like our Springer spaniel Snoopy. Isn't it nice to be loved unconditionally! I needed to hear all about no-dig because I had the same difficulties on my clay soil. Maybe I'll get a rotavator/tiller. Please show more of the pigs and other livestock. Thanks

Lisa Kilmer

Very nice, instructive "Intro to Gardening" type video. I was taught by my mother-in-law, who turned barren red clay into a rich, highly-productive, organic, small vegetable plot for a family of 9. The first thing she taught us was to toss away the shovel and use a mattock for the first soil turning (we have dark, rich clay like yours). It's really good that you are telling people that "no-dig" can be a myth, because soil structure is the key to success.

Emily Hare

Such an interesting video, thank you! Your dog is SO adorable!

Only me

Congratulations on everything you have achieved and thanks for these videos.

Colynette Coutu

Some people likely won't like this comment, but this is not to put down this wonderful young man. But I just can't stop myself here. First, second, third, etc... are adverbs deriving from their respective number, and as such do not need the suffix "ly". I've noticed that most young people and a lot of older ones make the same mistake. It just seems to grate in my ears. But young man, appart from that, I just love to watch your videos as it has been my life long dream to live the kind of life you live.

the 3rd eye

The beginning of your play list was about the renovation of the house but I hardy see any of the house. The gardening is great but we can get that information in many other places--HOWEVER, your house is unique, one of its kind and I would like to see what you've done with it. Sorry, but I am not interested in the garden, as I stated earlier we can get such info elsewhere.


Really great info. Thank you you for talking about the various types of soil.

Nancy Mathisen

I bought a house with, unbeknownst to me, enormous quantities of landscape fabric and black plastic buried under a ton of mulch. There was an electric dog fence wire buried all around the perimeter under plastic. There were multiple layers of plastic and mulch sandwiched between, topped of course by mulch in every bed, and pathways too. I wouldn’t have bought this property had I known I’d be pulling up plastic for a year and more, but I remind myself that I’m here to restore this bit of ground to fertility, verdancy, and the accumulation of organic matter.

Helen Hawkins

Makes sense, brilliant video.

Fishing with Romanas

Just figured out you're living not to far from me (20km) do you have any veggies, fruits at the moment? Might have a trip to see that old fort and pick some goodies from you. Thanks

UltimateKango Keane

Brilliant video ??

Dorothy Hopkins

I did wonder why you did not do no dig, now I know the answer. My soil is different to yours, my problem is lots of stones and rocks, so it works OK for me.

Food Thyme & Garden

:) Laura was here :)


Thank you So much for this!!! My land has such hard packed clay not far from the top soil. Its very hard to dig and till. The first time I tried a non powered till, it clogged and bent the metal breaking it first use!!! I need to borrow Moss! ?
I have better luck using huge planters or buckets with my compost for things like carrots and potatoes and they have to be in soil by March. Sadly the strawberries got choked out by blueberry bushes this year and the birds loved those :)
Movable chicken coops are great for soil too. I'll need more land for that though. There's still much land in this part of the east coast of the States to get for good prices but land like that often goes quick as Amish familie's children grow and need farm land for themselves too. All their land is worked by horses pulled equipment the old fashioned way.
I'd like to know if you use the Nettle and clover as well? So many plants people think are weeds are quite healthy and yummy in many recipes. Do you ferment many of your veggies and jar them?
Thank you again for the advice! I look forward to trying your ideas.

JHades Dev

Thank you for the update, Mossy Bottom is looking awesome. I know you have some much on your plate, but I'm really looking forward to: 2 year updated garden tour, update on the selling point for vegetables, update on the cottage and granary, general life update and plans for the future year. That strawberry wine looks like a delicacy, enjoy the awesome life outdoors I wish I could live in a place like that. Maybe one day I will. Thanks for sharing.

Jeff Kenny

What do you think of roto tillers

Krzysztof Rudnicki

To have better soil structure try JADAM microbial solution made of leaf mold, boiled potatoes, sea salt and rain water. You can find it easily on the internet, or in book called ultra low cost organic agriculture. According to this system, microbes can biochemically change the structure of compacted soils. Its easy, its almost free and I thing it is worth to check.

Peter Mandley

Do strawberries lose their sweetness if picked before ripe

Svetla Nikolova

no dig does work
i put wood on the bottom, add leaves and then I put 30 cm of horse manure. My squash went insane

kuri kuri

Have you looked into Korean Natural Farming at all?

Sue Cox

I was surprised to see sweet corn growing quite happily there; I didn't realize you received enough sunshine and warm weather for it.


Omg...Moss and that pig were stealing your thunder a bit at the 16:25.☺????

No no does it work

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Sun Joy

I just wonder, how many girls felt in love with Lee during healing through those videos??


Not for me. NC for going on six months, no word, then found out from a friend he got engaged to his ex-ex, e.g., baby mama, whom he said he never loved, "not even a little bit," that she was unfit mother, that he was going to the courts to get full custody, etc., etc., etc., etc.

Sophia Beatriz Raphael Lopez

I swear No contact really worked for me .now we're back together .thank you soooo much❤

60 Second Love Advice

Love this. Very well explained. There are so many coaches who advocate no contract as a trick to get your ex back but they rarely mention that after no contact you’ll be a better and stronger partner for your next partner - whether that be your ex or someone you’ve never even met yet.

Paranormal Review

Just what I needed to hear before Valentines. Thanks Lee!

IGLives By M

Today is my ex birthday. I miss him so much although his wronged me. I tell myself I'm in a battle with his ego and I must win by crushing it, hurting him even though he hurt me more. I love him so much but I'm not backing down this time. It's been a month now of no contact. Gosn the sex was good!!!lmao I just came here to vent

xAntidoteOfYourDemisex Demise

I feel my situation is different from all the videos I could really use some advice and some reassurance


Problem is no one wants me.

Dani Turk

It's been almost 5 years, I've never heard from my ex since we broke up and I've never stumbled upon her social media or anything...??

George Panagiotou

I wish I had my second chance, she went cold and after 2 months I called. No answer, went back into NC. Been 4 months and I haven’t heard anything.


U dont want ur relationship based on limerence??

Tyler Uzi

Do they still crave your intimacy when they can see what you’re up to via social media posts and daily (sometimes not daily) stories of things you’re up to?

We don’t hate each other, still are friends on IG, and she views every single one of my stories 98% of the time and likes about 90% of my posts.

I don’t like any of her posts nor do I view her stories (because it will tell her). I have liked only 2 posts since we broke up. One 5 days after we broke up for her birthday. The other not long ago when she got her first car.

I have ignored 100+ posts besides those 2. I also accidentally viewed a few stories but whatever. Though it kind of broke no contact, at least it shows I’m not bitter but I can still care less what she really does hence ignoring 99% of everything else she posts; whereas before I liked and viewed everything when we dated.

Not sure the true reason behind the break up; but I have many reasons to suspect she monkey branched. Long distance relationship. Talked for 6 months, dated for 1 1/2.

We broke up 4 months ago. We haven’t spoke since that day.

Curious how her being able to see into my life affects no contact. I’m not going to stop posting because she watches everything I do and let her control me and how I live my life; that’s dumb.

FLY Fishing

COACH !! I must thank you. This worked for me, and shared your videos with a friend who was hurting from a break up. NOW IT HAS WORKED FOR HER TOO❤ I will share your with anyone who is healing from a break up. Thank You


it’s been 7 months, haven’t heard shit. I miss her to death, but I refuse to reach out. At this point i’ve convinced myself that if she gave shit, surely she would’ve reached out by now. Maybe some of you guys who made questionable decisions during your relationship should ask yourselves “Am I worth coming back to?” I asked myself and the answer was definitely not. Hope all of you guys can look at your situation with a grain of common sense rather than listening to the fluff some of these coaches fill your head with. You’ll come to terms with your situation a lot quicker that way. One more thing; why do so many coaches say “your ex will wonder why you haven’t reached out” but what if they asked you to stop contacting them? Isn’t that the case with most of us?


Thank you Coach Lee for making these video Ive been watching you since 2019 it was a rough road but you help me a lot. I saw all the signs with my ex she left me for another guy. But guess what. Yes yes yes she came back. Things are still fresh we have 3 children been together since 2011. I didn't do everything right at first but I stay in no contact since may 2020 I saw the signs along the like you talk. So yes people Coach know what he is talking about it's hard but focus on you give them the break up and stay away. Yes it's hard some days and easier some days. After awhile I was really planning my life with her. She got to see what life was like without me. Like I said it's still fresh but 10 years together is very hard to walk away from. Stay strong y'all. Watch the videos over and over or when you are having a hard day it will keep you going.????

Bella's world

coach lee please make a video when he left you for other woman

ILarry Shé

I have practiced NC for over 2 weeks now. Prior to that, I was blocked on all platforms. But what happens when they are already with someone else? We had a bad argument before we broke up. Anyone ever had this situation?


08:52 in case y'all didn't catch it... RIDICULOUS. ??

Fleadog Green

It’s soo hard at first, I done nothing but constantly think about her, I forced myself to exercise, every day, it’s only been 3 months, she has a new guy, I think about her constantly still, but my chest isn’t in my stomach anymore, I can’t believe I don’t feel devastated anymore,i didn’t think I would, the no contact and forced exercise must’ve worked, my last email 3 months ago was kinda pathetic, so she probably thinks I’m still wimpy n hurt but I’m pretty strong, no contact and exercise, didn’t get her back but I feel a lot better, still can’t stop thinking of her, but I’m better

Bella's world

What if he left you for another woman. any recommended videos.


Things were going well with the ex, but he started testing me and being a dick again, so I've blocked him and I'm moving on. He was saying he doesnt wanna hurt me by leading me on and the door is closed blah blah asked me if thats okay. This is after all these close convos, saying he has so much love and care for me, even being playful and even crying, saying we're family. He's so freaking stupid, why couldn't he just chill and enjoy the flow, he had to say that and ruin it lol. I literally said look there's no pressure to be in a relationship, but maybe cos he's so sensitive he got hurt by that or something, so he's like well look i dont wanna be together anyway. Ugh, dating boys instead of men... ?

Alleah Fuentes

What if we had disagreements weekly? No screaming matches or cursing just general annoyance over small things and always making up that same day or morning? It was my first relationship and his second in a few years that lasted the longest. Our disagreements were over miscommunication or something petty and Our relationship was 6 months. Would that be a bad relationship? My sister had a rough 6 months in her relationship and they have been together for 2 years. I just assumed we had bumps in the road because it was new to both of us and to me you learn as a couple.


Coach Lee, you are definitely the best YouTube break up/get your ex back coach! You have definitely helped me in this journey I'm on. And because of your videos and my renewed belief in myself, I know i will be stronger and a better man regardless if she comes back or not. Thank you for all you do. I hope your channel takes off soon! You deserve it for all you're doing for those of us hurting.


Is there any chance you would take on another 1 on 1 Coach Lee?

andrea cortez

He broke up with me and says We can be friends.What does that mean? Now doing NC

Ke La

day 546 of no contact. i ben holding on but she gon come back eventually thank you coach lee!

Golden Lady

WhatsApp him if you are interested

AllNatural 4Life

Coach Lee, I appreciate your guidance as always and would love your insight! If I was unblocked by my ex but my page is private, should I make my page public on social media, or is it best to inspire him to send me a friend request by keeping it private, it's been 4 weeks since being unblocked on IG? My page has been private way before I was blocked. He had blocked me because of me being annoying at the time. Once he blocked me, out of pure shock, I knew I had to respect him and stop the behavior immediately. I apologized to him the same day via text and immediately went NC and have remained in NC. Also is there a general time frame for an ex to reach out after unblocking you? I would be grateful for your expertise.

Cory Chance

Couch Lee can you please spend at least once a day trying to hide these spammers from your channel? Love your channel but it’s so annoying.

Ms Untroll

Guys, please follow every word that is said by Coach Lee. Please. This works. You must follow this.

Juan De La O

My ex and I had a 3.5 year relationship that was fully of happiness and amazing times, but there were some fights and mistakes that were made. As time went on we’d argue more about dumb stuff most times and I’d get angry and not hear her out most times. Time went on but we still loved each other and wanted each other. I made a huge mistake when I decided to talk about another girl with my friends as a joke (I did not physically cheat or every try to talk or do anything with this girl) and she found out and it hurt her a lot. As time went on this girl would pop up at parties and such and my ex didn’t like it, she even asked me to block her or unfollow her and have anything to do with her and I denied it because I felt like she was behind controlling, when in reality she just wanted to feel okay again and I messed up on that. We ended up “breaking up” for a day in may and I told her I’d become better. We went another month being together and I did get better with some things but it takes time. She broke up with me actually this time and I was heart broken. I begged and pleaded but nothing would work so I accepted it. Around a week later she called me about stuff and then we began to talk again and later began to do things as if we were together. About 2 months went on and we were calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Then a month later she says she’s not over what happened with the other girl and that things still bother her and she can’t be with me because it gets in the way. This time hurt a lot more than before but I didn’t beg or plead and just gave her the break up. After that I found Coach Lee’s channel and watched every video he has. Through this time I was hurting so much and crying everyday. This was around October when we broke up. We didn’t talk for about 3 weeks until her birthday. I was contemplating on getting her flowers and chocolates for her birthday or even texting her happy birthday but I ended up doing it. She ended up inviting me to dinner with her parents that night and it was good night. After that day we talked here and there. she would text me for 2-3 days then stop for a day or 2. This would go on for most of November, but we began to hug more and talk more. December is when we started to hold hands and such and talk everyday and spend more time together. We ended up kissing on the 31st for the first time since we broke up. After that day we kissed basically everytime we saw each other and held hands, spent a lot of time together. This went on for most of this month up until yesterday. She tells me that she thinks being close again isn’t what’s best for us because she still isn’t over what happened. I got upset because she allowed us to get that close yet she felt that way. Even tho that’s messed up, I forgive her for it and I am not mad or upset anymore. I am hurt but at the same time the fact that she tried again after we broke up the second time is crazy to me because she said a lot of things that made it seem like there was no hope. She did tell me things such as that she was sorry and she feels so bad, and that she wants me to be happy and such. She also said she wants us both to be happy and live ourselves so that we can be okay. Idk if she meant that as a couple or as individuals but it seemed like both. Anyway, I did not respond to her last text because it wasn’t really much to respond too. I guess we did no contact for a couple weeks but I ended up saying happy birthday and we began to talk after that. I think maybe we just need actual time apart to heal and grow so it can work out. She’d always say she saw a future with me everytime we broke up, but that in the moment she couldn’t be with me. I know she loves me even if she hasn’t said it in a long time. If anyone can help me, do y’all think maybe we just need real time apart ? I feel as if I wasn’t ready as well because I was sensitive and expecting certain stuff when I shouldn’t have. I really love this girl a lot and want her to be my wife, it’s very hard to be apart of her because we basically have spent the last 4 years talking everyday, spending almost everyday together, and telling each other everything. I’m sorry this is a long read, but I just want anyone’s opinion on it.we both never cheated or been with anyone else or tried anything else, even through our break ups. Our families love each other and they love us. I messed up big time but I have grown and completely changed since then. We haven’t argued since around April 2020 at all. I am more understanding and hear her out more and much more patient. I feel as if we just need time to heal and get our shit together and then we will be okay to try again. I’d love to have anyone’s opinion or thoughts, I just need help in these times.

Vicki H

I did good for 3 weeks and today I was pathetic! I need to move on, but when other men call or message me, I’m too scared and I don’t answer. I just deleted his contact information, so I’m going to work on myself now.

Mckenna Ross

Wow! I have to say that you are one of the best coaches that I’ve seen on YouTube. You have a really positive and calming presence and it has helped me get through these hard times. I haven’t spoken to my ex since the middle of November. He sent me a text message on Christmas but didn’t bother to tell me Happy Birthday on Christmas Eve. He is soooo PETTY! Recently he’s been sending me one text message every weekend and he’s been getting more desperate with every message. NO CONTACT DOES WORK! Thanks Coach Lee!

Jose Jonas

Im struggling with no contact i am pushed to ask something at times its not excuses please help me

Lucy Stokes

Will NC work if we have been talking since the break up for 5 months and i start now?

Natalija šeme

Lee you are a genius
he reached out 13 days after NC then nothing for a month ... well today I wake up to a happy valentines day message because he might forget on the day as it will be a regular day for him (trying to hint I see you) he wished me all the best cause I'm the most beautiful soul he ever met (well doooh)

John Smith

I decided to unblock my ex after 1 month of no contact. I woke up to a message from her at 5 in the morning and it was work related. Usually her main communication is snapchat but she decided to add me there too and text me Imessage. I have my snapchat to where anyone can msg me as long as they add me first. DO i add her back or just ignore her friend request on snapchat? HELP


What if your ex initiates the NC


We are binge watching more adverts than the video ) but good advice nevertheless .From unthinkable situation it has sunk in now.Broke the first NC due to COVID/jobloss..8 months living under the same roof and not having the desired effect i am in NC again with a brand new dream job and this time absolutely determined to see it through to save our 23yrs marriage no matter what .Desperately missing my 3 kids (seeing them regularly though with strategic NC) but I tell myself eventually it’s for the family if it works out.
For all of you who are suffering I didn’t believe either that it’s gets slightly easier..but it does ..stay strong ..Good luck ?


We were together 5 years. She left me three months ago. She is dating her coworker who she likely started dating soon after we broke up. She never once reached out.

This guy was married and his FB still says he is. And he has a baby. I don't know my ex anymore. This is so wild.


Hey coach the girl that I was with for 2 months reached out to me on my birthday this past Saturday. I was polite, inviting, and made her laugh. But I didn't carry the convo and ended it cause I had a pary to go to. I said thank you for the birthday wishes and I'll talk to you soon. Will she reach out again?

Samantha Robinson

This is the video I’ve been looking for. What IF it doesn’t work? What IF I don’t even want to be with him anymore? Because no contact shouldn’t be about him.... it should be about me. This is the first time I’ve seen that aspect addressed. Thank you.

Shay Kiddy

I watched your videos on repeat when I was first going through my break up. I even fell asleep to them, just hearing the reassurance and your words helped immensely.

It’s been almost 11 months and I haven’t reached out, neither has she. I still have my hard days, but I’m focusing on myself and that is the most important part. Thank you coach Lee ?

Yousuf Ali

She broke up with me because her parents won’t accept. It’s been 3 week since the break up and I’m following no contact. I thought she is also going through the pain as I am. But after 21 days of no contact she posted she is very happy now.
I think I should move on. She isn’t gonna come back.


Coach Lee, do sometimes ex's frame your next meet up as being just friendly? I want to see him but I'm afraid he's just trying to be friends but my gut says he's interested. He told me it's just a friendly meet up. Because I was concerned he was doing it to appease me.

Yousuf Ali

she broke up with me because her family won't accept does no contact work in this case? pls tell me

bruh I'm so tired

Can you give some advice for staying off social media or being radio silent especially if you're a bit addicted to social media so that they won't see how you're doing. I have an personal and a spam account he follows me on my personal but not on my spam so ive been trying to stay in my spam but it bothers me thinking did he message me and i cant see it and i go into that personal account and i find myself stupid and hurt and he is active because he is posting in his instagram stories. i hope NC works hes a good guy i fucked up and stressed him out he was amazing to me and i took him for granted i miss him so much. he knows im sorry and i realize my mistakes i guess I'm being punished for my behavior so ill work on myself and grow and wait for hopefully a text from him a good one. if he doesn't come back I should learn from this and move on too.

Edit: BRUH YOU WHATSAPP PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE it’s so annoying that’s why I don’t even want to comment but hopefully coach Lee answers the first question I was asking.

Alon Attias

No contact can work even after 2 months of starting again ? I broke it 2 times in this 2 months .. she don’t want me to reach out , my friend told me that she told her this . She said Every time I contact she start from zero again . I don’t know what it means

Zolo 121

If she was really into me for a period of 7 months in an LDR, but during the last month she began losing feelings. Now she no longer cares and feels interested, mainly due to constant arguments and name-calling (boredom too). I kept chasing when I noticed her pulling away, even after she broke it off. She also might be seeing someone else casually. Can no contact work in this case ?

(It is working on myself for sure cause I'm already applying it. I am curious though to see if it could possibly work, when it comes to her reaching out to me later on)

K. Nasse


% 2001

Me and my Gf been broken up since 3 months now. In the first 2 months i constantly reached out to her but she told me she needs time and she will contact me when she feels ready. It's been a month now of no contact. Should i reach out and ask how things are going ?


Narcissist aren’t able to reflect and feel loss. Make sure you evaluate your situation thoroughly whether you’re the dumper or dumpee.

Research ‘hoovering’ while your educating yourself.

Sooding P

Im starting NC from today... i begged her but she saidshe would rather die then with me..it may work or not but its worth trying....

nguyen Duong

Will no contact work if i hurt her in the past, i was angry and blocked her and after that she said she didn't love me anymore?

Best Clark


Ilkin Mammadov

Yesterday i posted my picture as an instagram story. She saw it. Today she deleted all of her instagram posts. All of them. But kept the highlighted stories tho. Including the ones i m in. Why would she delete all of her posts?

Chad Duwe

It works 100%....I didn't even want them back and the no contact rule works.

Jesse Pushor

almost 6 months no contact been hard but gotta keep going through

Hassen Elorfi

Thank you coach your videos helped me alot :) iam following your steps always


I swear, you're absolutely AMAZING with your advice!! Everything you say is so spot on and I have totally seen it play out in my own situation. I actually love you for all this time you dedicate to helping us !!

Arianna P

Coach Lee how about a video regarding the dumper owes you money at the time of the unexpected break up? Thanks.


also can u report too these idiots with magic potions? i m sick and tired of them

meghna malini

No contact rule. Works with toxic people?

كنت سأنجب منك قبيلة

We are married but we live apart because of some circumstances, I don't know if it's normal for married couples to have no contact period, I mean we are married, this doesn't look right to me at all, I am angry and sad, I am barely keeping me together

Mark Lopez

No the no contact doesn’t work yeah my Ex girlfriend left me we had a good relationship but she left me and I started The no contact And she still hasn’t come back it’s rbeen three years already I move On just want to say to all your followers the no contact does not work

James M

My situation is different my girl loves me however her 26 year old daughter hates me so after 6 years of dating want to break up with me and just be friends and no contact won’t work because she works with me , I love this person with all my heart

Nicholas Salohcin

“Have you thought of any more names for our kids” ?

Judith Haven

Thank you. You always make me STRONGER!!

xAntidoteOfYourDemisex Demise

I'm going through a kinda rough break up as we speak. So what if my ex and I have a child together?

M.G. G.

Dear coach Lee, can you please do a video for the victims of narcs ( or into a unhealthy relationship) who keep changing their minds ( I want him back, no I don't want him back etc) ?

Jen Jen

He blocked me when he broke up with me so I immediately did no contact until one month after I found he unblocked me on WhatsApp and after a week I broke no contact ? I sent one text to him and he blocked me again ...

Tyreek Goolam

Sooooo what happens when they reach out, but they want to give your stuff back ? ?


What if I was only seeing the woman for 3 months and she was scared of commitment but trying...
Then in the last two weeks she almost cut off all communication until I told her if she wasn't interested, she needed to let me know so I could move on and she said that she liked me but she could only be friends right now.
Is no contact still appropriate that case? I have been following no contact since she
texted me that.

Dust Inspace

It's been almost 3 months, he seems so happy withouth me, and looks like he doesn't care..


Coach or anyone. My ex reached out after 3 days of NC about returning my sweater. But the last time we talked I had said I would let her know if I can this weekend meet to get my sweaters back (I was not really interested in my sweaters). But she did her self. Does that mean anything? Or should I remain no contact? Because a day before that she said she needed time and space and I agreed to give her that. I'm so confused

Danielle Ferreira

Coach Lee you are so handsome! ?❤️

Sandra Roxas

How long should I wait for my ex to feel the loss before I finally conclude that he has moved on instead? It's been 7 mos and he is with another girl for that long too. But he called me four days ago and I didn't take his call. He didn't message me after that either... Was he starting to feel loss?

annette mcclain

I really like this vedio, it was very helpful . Keep the vedios coming , coach Lee u have helped so much with my healing

Tyreek Goolam

Honestly guys normally come back, women don’t look back and don’t give a f*ck ??‍♂️

spider woman

Just stay strong.


My relationship with her lasted almost two months. We had great chemistry and liked whenever she was around me but she said she can't be in a relationship right now due to the pressure of work and school and she can't fully commit to someone but she still has me on everything and she even said it would be great if I was still available when she is ready. Been in no contact for two days and I'm seeing a counselor tomorrow on my birthday to work on myself. Wish me luck?


Does this work with a girl that I almost dated? We were heading down that path for months but since I overpursued and was too available she lost all her interest and respect for me? She was the one who was into me first btw. I told her I'm focusing on my life and myself but I'd like to see a future with us but no matter what happens I wish her well regardless. Is this completely dead? Or should I continue NC while I work on myself? I started NC last Sunday. I appreciate the feedback!

M Sky

I recently lost a high interest girl by being to comfortable and available. She basically said she can’t do this at this moment in time. She wasnt my my gf but we was heavily dating and smashing for 3 months. I didn’t react when she said that. The no contact rules still apply ?

Christine Negron

Coach lee are giving ultimatums a good thing to make them prove themselves yes or no? For example: telling them well if u want me back you're going to have to do x or y

Alexander Stevens

I’ve accepted it.
Relationships are over in 2021 and beyond.

M. F.

NC worked for me in the sense that he wanted his belongings back. My idiot self suffers from anxiety and I couldn’t even give him back his things. My friends had to. I called him two days later and he essentially told me I validated his reasoning for the break-up. I went back to NC and nothing. I think I’m screwed. ?

Kyle Brooks

My ex ended our relationship after 6 month she ended it about 2 month ago because she said I was lazy when I smoked weed I chased and pressured and won her back after 2 days I promised I’d quit and I gave it a good go but after new year I fell off and she even started smoking everyday with me then I said she should go home for a day or 2 so we can sourt ourselfves out and get back on track them few days turned into a week she kept putting of seeing me till the next day then eventually came round and said she needs to focus on herself I gave her space for a few days then we had a phone all and I ruined it all I begged and begged and couldn’t get her to change her mind I’m in love with this girl so much we were pretty much living together and ever since she’s been posting loads on socials as if she’s living her best life she’s thinking about starting up a small baking business which she’s always spoke about doing but it’s like now she’s single she really seems motivated and happy without me. Our relationship wasn’t a bad one we rarely argued we were always together we both put a lot into and spoke about the future and then in that week her mindsets changed I want her back so bad what can I do?

Jinx Inkwell

So me and my ex just broke up yesterday and in my distress I accepted their offer to stay friends, ive been watching these videos about no contact and now I'm worried about implementing it, should I let them know that I'm going to give them space? Or should i just start it without warning?


Hey Coach Lee hope you see this comment. Now that me and my ex are back together we’re taking things slow. How do I ensure things work out this time around?

Christine Negron

He said "binge watched my channel" ???

Tool Hunter

My ex posted on her snapchat today saying that she needs friends if anyone would want to go to the beach and listen to music is that a sign that she is hurting? Sounds a little desperate to me but I don't know


I’m thinking about trying it out but once it’s ended once. I feel it will end again sooner even we do decide to start things up again. Is it possible for someone to fall in love with you a 2nd time?


Thanks for this advice. I was hit with the “I need sometime apart”. Similar to what you said she had already prepared her reasoning but by means of speaking to her friends I guess to validate her decision. I said there was no point as I didn’t want to be left in suspense, gathered my stuff and left.
My regret is that by not communicating with her on that day I acted irrationally and that I concluded our relationship due to being so hurt.
I didn’t want my reaction to be a power play to gain control by means of manipulation to take back what she said, I was just hurt to be feeling so rejected after everything we’d been through.


So... what if she met someone from the day she dumped me and they’re still together? Is she going to feel the breakup at all or has she already moved on? Is it just a rebound or is it turning into something serious?


I contacted my ex after 3months of NC. She has a new boyfriend and I am cool about it. I ended up moving on to be honest. I sent her a friend request yesterday on facebook, I have nothing to lose and I am just curious about her. So yeah, we became friends on facebook. I talked to her for a bit. Nothing relevant was discussed. Just casual talk but her tone in her messages is cold. After a little while on the same day, she blocked me. Lmao. I was shocked at first but I am kinda relieved. I think she hasn't move on from me completely yet or she just hates me. Or maybe her new boyfriend asked her to block me. I don't know but I am thankful that I have moved on.

Tyreek Goolam


What do I do when I get blocked (On WhatsApp) during my no contact period ? I’ve followed no contact properly but this morning I see she blocked me ... why ? I thought no contact was working ??‍♂️ she began posting more than usual which I thought was a good sign but now she just blocked me ??‍♂️?


Just curious if since I was my ex's first relationship, that it will help or hinder the effect no contact has?


One mouth on the dot she cam running back haha ??? no contact works too well


Coach Lee my ex came back after three weeks and then dropped me again, said he wasn’t in love with me anymore even though he told me less than a day before that he did. He even said he was lucky and happy to have me in his life 12 hours before he said that he regretted coming back to me and that we needed to be done.

It really feels over this time but my stupid heart still doesn’t want to believe it because he came back to me before. Was it just too soon? I don’t get this.


How do I say this,,, coach lee works. Few months ago my ex broke up with me. After applying all these things Coach Lee taught me I’m happy to say my ex just texted me and wants to start dating again. It takes time and patience and lots of strategizing but I promise it works. Thank you Coach Lee for everything. You are a blessing.

No no does it work

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There is no way this will work | Anne Mahlum | TEDxKC

134 492 views | 5 Oct. 2013

TEDxKC 2013: Defy

TEDxKC 2013: Defy Impossible. Anne Mahlum is a social entrepreneur who loves to create and build with purpose. The majority of her focus over the past four years has been on Back on My Feet, a non-profit organization she started in Philadelphia in 2007 that uses the power of running to change the way those experiencing homelessness see themselves so they can make real change in their lives.

Anne regularly speaks at corporate events, academic institutions and conferences. She has presented on leadership, inspiration, the business behind starting a nonprofit, fundraising, social change and of course, the issue of homelessness.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)


Way more than I expected.

Stephen G. Barr

It is my extreme honor to support your efforts in Los Angeles!

Christopher Motte

we don't have bums marge and if we did they wouldn't rush they be allowed to go at their pace.

Abner Chamate

Wow, a true revolutionary lady. Thank you.

Anthony Voskuhl

I can't help but notice she left out any mention of whether this homeless running club endeavor was productive or not. what happened with it? was it fruitful in any way shape or form? or was it just a time killer for young men to ogle at a beautiful little blonde girl?

Michael Lombardi-Nash

Wonderful. Inspirational for anyone facing uncertainty. Lovely to know what just one person is able to do.

Erik van Goch


Kim Ballard

That's the good stuff.


i aint a runner.... but dang that womens got nice legs! im just saying what ya'll are thinkin

Nthabeleng Komane

For you to open up to us and be so human... its not a common sight.. i really appreciate this

Stacie Meyer

Absolutely fabulous!


Wow! She nailed it... The talk and her life. You just got yourself a supporter.

Brian Dorn

High five.

Bonnie Hundley

You forgot stress relief. Running is soooo good for your brain. You know that happy endorphin feeling you get when running? It's like a meditative trance.
Nice cause, but maybe they helped you.
Give people a chance.
I like that she tried something wild.
I got goosebumps when she started talking about the positive results of what she initiated here.

El Chefe

At 0:45 min stunningly low crime rate and a 94,78% white polulation in Bismark? This only can be due to racism!
Link: bismark.areaconnect.com/statistics.htm

David G. Awng

This lady is amazing!

Bongo Charm

Once I stopped staring at her legs...amazing story.

Ruth Vidal

I cant believe I am listening to this!  I have been struggling with this since the Friday before last when I picked up a homeless guy and 3 people tried steering me away from it!  Just yesterday I emailed someone about wanting to help, etc....and was getting the same response as Ann.  I am so grateful to you ann (if you are reading this!).  I will find my way to help too!  thank you for having faith in yourself and the conviction to do it!  I just told this social worker friend yesterday, "I have the heart, I just need the knowledge' and you hit that point too!  THANK YOU!  XO

Anna Pinnolis


Mark Seveland

Wow, just wow.   Humanity+1


Thank you for sharing your story. Uplifting and inspiring.

Amanda Smith

Can you come to Oregon and get this idea going here?! We have such a huge homeless issue here and the state keeps moving them and cleaning up the messes without ever addressing the root of the homelessness itself. Mental health, self esteem, encouragement, opportunities to feel like a normal part of society. Something needs to be done about the work ethic and the motivation that is lacking to do better and be better. Generational poverty in Oregon has become a choice because the funding is used to support it instead of teach and train and build up the people to a brighter future.


I want to meet more people like Anne Mahlum!

Caroline Adel

You are so beautiful really ❤️ thank you for being so open about your feelings really and bravo for following your intuition despite others words

Ashley Perez

This is so inspiring...

Christine Hess


Nthabeleng Komane

Absolutely amazing- thank you . The warmth and the passion - i feel it

Ofer Bar

Ann, hat off!!!

Lana Streter

amazing woman

Andrea Cockfield

Right On!


A selfless act that led to finding self, genius. Love wins again, as it should.

joanne colijn

This touched me to tears! Thank you for sharing your story. Very inspiring, I'll have to let it sink in...❤

Brett Faris

Your work is so inspiring. But perhaps the most inspiring is that you keep going even when people were laughing at your idea and telling you it won't work! Keep running and keep changing the world!

Kelly Johnson

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. If you wanna FLY, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down. Anne thumbs up ;)

Natalie Kalandadze


Ankita Saha

Wow u are amazing!

digital canon

Those legs

Daulton Baird

I'd run forever with this babe. No wonder homeless guys would. P.S. Running KILLS me

Luke Koleas

Infinite diversity in infinite combination.


Another amazing TEDx talk ... sometimes I wish there was a "give a dollar" button in YouTube, so that I could show more appreciation for the great talk; than just a thumps up.

Tyrone W. James



Beautiful... and thank you . xxxx


Super Sayjin hair

Christel Closet


Owen Halvorson


Renee Kimball

this is amazing. I am wondering if this is same thing that just started in Seattle? The program in Seattle took homeless people mountain climbing and made a documentary called a new high. Your a great speaker. I hope to do a Ted talk also

William E Higgins Jr. LCDR USNR

How powerful.. Thank you..

Mathieu Goedefroy

This is so inspiring...

Jakub Valenta

This is really something

fred sims

great legs

Cian Vane

wow. such an inspiring speech

Shannon Michelle

Hi! I’m Shannon. My sister in Anchorage, AK loved to run as a teenager. She’s homeless there now. I’m hoping we can do a running organization in Anchorage. The homeless population is overwhelming. I would love to team up with you for my big sister.

Bill Echevarria

What a piece of trash - attacks Ivanka Trump

Beatriz Neves

So inspiring

Tony Balistreri

+Needed this :-)+

rajan daniels

Powerful story Thank you ?

Gypsy Xoxoxo

Wow. Just wow to you. ?

Alex Thomsen


Erik Weston

Sheroism. I'm going for a run. <3

gregory ubigen

I could sense the emotions in your voice. Thank you for sharing your uplifting experience.

d j

You may inspire the homeless to build self-esteem but that doesn't give you a hall pass to jump on Ivanka and complain about her alias membership. Grow up.

Karol Stefański

haven't heard this powerful, beautiful and just great talk for long time.. Thanks Anne:-)

jenny taylor

What a lovely young lady. She trusted the universe, and let go of the outcome. When identity is fluid and we just wait to see what we'll be shown, that's true power, I think.


What a wonderful tedtalk, so inspiring and uplifting.

Nene Lady

This girl seriously looks like Pink!

Amunet Aset

So thankful for Anne's work in my hometown.

Samantha Rose

Had me in tears - what a wonderful human being. So inspiring, as a thirty something who is asking herself the big questions right now and spent her twenties not knowing who I was while going from one big achievement to another trying to find validation and appreciation this talk resonated with me on so many levels. Thank you and congratulations on creating such an amazing organisation.


What a beautiful spirit..

deksper **

If Anne's father came back into her life and asked her forgiveness, she'd forgive him in a blink of an eye, and her bad memories would be healed instantly.

Pete Fenner

Easier to say n do when you’re a high flyer that’s been at the top of your game in career despite all those childhood hang ups.
Most of us don’t have the option of ditching our jobs, dropping certain friends if they don’t meet our high ideals, etc....
If I did that I’d soon find myself homeless and alone.
TED talks can be inspirational, yet often so detached from most people’s reality.

Safari Jonas

Thank you Anne! You are a Blessing and you deserve a Blessed life!

Mimi B

Ugghh tears falling... What a moving story....

Ego Negotiator Liam Helton

Movement going forward .... thank you for doing what inspired you, internally!

Enn Vee

wow...i really wish the universe would send me a "eureka" moment like she had. Im truly lost and my life has no meaning or purpose.everytime i try to take a step fwd I get pushed back to square one.


This was an absolutely amazing video.

Bo McGillacutty

One of the very few TEDx pieces really worth the time!

Klem Michard

made me shed a tear. 

Maison de Papa Warbux MalibuNightsPublishing

Such a powerful message.

Melody Meyer

Now there's an intelligent woman, she put two and two together. If you want to change people's life's help them believe in themselves, and wait for them to take the reins of their destiny.
Also, such a selfless act inspired by the love she has for her father. What a great example of what it means to be a human being. Much respect Anne Mahlum!

Peace Love

At 10:35- She is the epitome of the way Republicans think. Also at 10:58 and 11:03

Texas Arcane

I hate all TEDx speakers but for some reason this woman just makes a lot more sense than all of them do. I will personally testify to her premise. She's right. Running produces the right kind of neurotransmitters needed to keep homeless people punching until their problems get out of the way.

It doesn't hurt her presentations that she's got a beautiful face and legs.

charlotte townsend

charlotte Townsend
Anne I think you are doing a great job what you are doing is giving people hope,and
a purpose in life. I am doing an internship for alcohol and drug counselor because I 
 want to help people. they need more people out there like you so continue in your journey in helping people to build their life back.

jean distefano

You are the person I want to be. Gina in Lights

Pandora Ali

Amazing young woman , brilliant insight .. thank you .. so very true , all you said .

Thanks for wise reflections - and to recommender too


Those eyes behind the bald guys head at 18:22.


Wow!!! Making the world a better place. Pretty special!!!

Денис Успешный Синхронный Переводчик


Flavour Junction

You’re so lucky u had a nurturing dad


Is this the same lady that owns solidcore gyms that just discriminated Ivanka Trump?

Tra-Ling Tu

She is a real deal! I'm so inspired. thank you.

Viktoria Rusnakova

Ann, thank you for sharing this story of yours! This video was so inspiring!!! And you are very captivating speaker. :) Unbelievable accomplishment! :) I hope to do a Ted Talk one day myself. Thank you for the push!! :)


WOW a lot of this sounds like where I am at with my idea of doing my part to change the world.


yyyyaaaassss standing ovation