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11 Bankai we didn't witness in bleach !

277 019 views | 21 Aug. 2019

Hello guys ! In this video

Hello guys ! In this video I'm talking about some bankai that we didn't see in bleach anime or manga and even in the novels ( I think ! )

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Ps : thanks for alami for helping me translating the script !

Emmanuel Ditona

Ahahah you're using COCO-KISUKE URAHARA Bleach Mobile 3D Character

Sohail Khan

I feel Aizen Bankai is to manipulate FATE in his favor. That's why he was able to carry out his plan so flawlessly. That's why he was able to manipulate everything that happened to Ichigo.

Matthew Coff

They mentioned needing one, but never went into detail much. So apparently killing the previous captain is enough? Kenpachi did without one. I think so much stuff happened since they first went over that, the writer either completely forgot, or threw it out the window.

Jack Mahne

Im not even sure we got tetsuzimons shikais name let alone his bonkai xD also, aizens bonkai really does seem to be just making his hypnosis reality. Instead of just making a swamp look like a flower bed. He actually creates a flowerbed out of a swamp.

Ruth Acosta



Was wondering if Hisana Kuchiki ever had a zanpakuto....and if she did would her Bankai be similar to Rukia's?

Dragoner Productions

Hopefully in the new anime they will modify the story were they all show their bankai, besides azien since he lost the ability to use bankai.

Zach Shipley

Really curios on how OP ukitake bankai is since its said him and shunsui are equals

Kenny Lin

Is there a new Squad Zero now?

Joseph Moore

Ya this final iteration of Captains most definitely is the weakest. Like its top heavy with Shunsui, Byakuya, and Kenpachi. But the floor is soooo low with Isane, Rukia, and IBA. Iba? Really Kubo? No, characters who had more development like Shuhei didnt deserve that.


There’s a high probability and also a theory that aizen never achieved a Bankai State and he fooled everyone in soul society and made them believe that he has one by making them look at kyoka suigetsu and hypnotized everyone that’s might be a reason , and after being a mad scientist he didn’t need a bankai or zanpakuto for the matter

Lewis Peter Eastland

You forgot Yoruichi and Love, they were former Captains, and Yoruichi did say the only one to became a captain without Bankai was Kenpachi so she does have one.

TOO HOT TO SLEEP - When Seconds Count - Vital Signs


Croy vdk

We all know the true MVP Bankai we never got to see belongs to Jirōbō Ikkanzaka

angel roesberg

man your english is better then most peoples, jeep it up!

Josh S

Didnt we see yumichika use his bankai againt culhorne?

Eli Herrera

I wouldn't be Surprised if Aizen was using his Bankai This entire time. That should be a plot twist. A very careful manipulation. A psychological manipulation to intimidate his opponent

Mario Ibarra

And hirakooooo,and hirakoooooooo!!!

Hans Peter

I need to correct you.

Iban-san and Isane dont have a Bankai.
The rules state that if a Captain dies the Vize Captain will fill the role as Captain until a new one is elected. I am not sure about Lisa tho.

X-Tudão Brabo

This channel stole your "The Most 6 Difficult Bankai To Release in Bleach !
'' video and didn't even credited it. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nFdsqlgk7k


A great Bankai for Ukitake would be to turn people's zanpakto against them. Aizen's bankai would probably be an extension of his shikai but instead of controlling the senses, he would control their bodies and minds -living zombies. Ichigo's real Bankai should be to bring out the hollow form and fight side by side as two people rather than it taking him over OR a Getsuga that surrounds the enemy and collapses in on them like a black hole or neutron star.

Muhammad Fakhrizal

Aizen Bankai Is Tite Kubo?

Michael Brown

Gotei 13 was in a emergency after the war and lacked 13 powerful warriors with mastered Bankais. Lisa, Iba and Isane could just be just administrators until someone master a Bankai.

Kostas Adis

The whole Bleach universe is a creation of Aizen's Bankai!

DR SensuBean

Well............we will get to see it NOW HAHAHAHA

Nicholas Anderson

You do not have to have bankai to be a captain. Kenpachi was a captain long before he had bankai


ask kenpachi if u need bankai to be a captain ?

Mekazuki Orgus


Fadhil Kuroarso

who know kubo account ? tag this to him


I would love to see the bankai’s of Aizen, Isshin, and Utahke :/ feel like they missed the Mark on those

Brendan Felice

“Sorry for my bad English.” I’m assuming it isn’t your first language,. I can’t even imagine trying to learn a. Second language anytime soon, let alone dissecting a topic and stalking about it in length. Don’t apologize, don’t back down for it. This shit is impressive as a video, but as creator you are killing it!

DJ Drack

It would have been great to see the shikai/bankai of Soifon. Sure she used kido/hoho 99% of the time, but considering the pendulum arc being 110yrs ago, and seeing the rate that shinigami age at (gin ~10yrs old -->young adult = 100yrs, nanao from toddler to something like teenager the same). So even in the TBTP arc she'd probably been doing things in the family for 100-200yrs. Regardless of whether it is a 'unorthodox' one for her fight style like Soi Fon's, she has had plenty of time to fully master it and then some.


Isane has a bankai, get the hell out of here

iNfamos Wordz

Nimaiya ohetsu ! Come on the creator of all zanpakto we need to see some more shikai and definitely bankai skills to match that swagger and the drip!

Evantae Productions

I feel like they might show them in the anime

Carl Alvin M. Bagalihog

All talking about Aizen....
WhAt AbOuT tHe “8th Kenpachi”

Bow ShitPosting48

Sat mghribi?!

T f

Aizens zanpakuto was attached to his body

Samir Fountain

0:32 Don’t apologize bro, your accent is awesome. It’s who YOU are and It fits the narrations perfectly. ?

True omnipotent pic U dont know the powers

Ukikate's bankai maybe asorber or reverser


You forgot tsunayashiro, yoruichi, love, rangiku

trey wright

Azien would have wrecked everyone with a bankai

Ken Lewis

Aizen already used bankai in all Captain vs Aizen in fake Karakura town, he mentioned that when did really use Suigetsu in 1st place to Hirako... he already using his Bankai then he fused with his Shikai in 1000 years blood war

Henry Tudor

Kyoka seigutsu might be his bankai.

Aldof Hitler


T f

I thought to be captain u either have to be voted in, kill the past captain in front of a crowd or you achieve bankai


I can tell u about aizens bankai
Kyoka suigetsu:saigo no yume shikensu

Glen Gatt

You know what me to i always wanted to see ukitake's bankai and isshin to he looks very strong when he fought aizen he did more alon then all the others combined

Yoshikage Kira

Hopefully that because of the new anime they will add some bankais and more development for some characters.

Uncle Brew

Wabisuke bankai would be op

aabc ddd

Bleach is full of flaws anyway, so there are things we didnt see

FreshPrince khi

Wasnt yumichikas bankai shown against that one dude that was like him

Squilliam Barnacles

I don’t think he can go bankai anymore...his sword got destroyed and he used the illusion power without it

Beau VSB

Aizen's Bankai is called "Event Horizon" it alter's time perception, the flow of time slow down around him but time flows normal on everyone else that isn't caught in the radius or vice versa.

This is the reason why Aizen wants Orihime because Aizen's bankai allows him to travel in time only in 1 direction but with orihime he can backtrack through time via time reversal, supposedly making Aizen omnipotent. And also the reason How aizen became so powerful because he can train indefinitely till he reach full potential while everyone stays the same, same logic as dragon balls time chamber.

He used this on Ywach and the Quincy when Ywach visits Aizen on jail.

dedi kurniadi

based on their shikai I think ukitake's bankai is manipulated vector or similiar with sternriter w ,isshin's bankai is phoenix form with flame version of getsuga tensho,krinji's bankai is magma manipulated becouse his shikai is hot water, lisa's bankai is women version of sun wukong (monkey king).

monke e

wait, aren't the anime showed yumichika bankai ? the black rose or something, he complaint that never showed it because how ugly it was or smt, in early espadas episodes alongside ikakku fight

Ase Rodriguez

This video is wack! Click bait! I thought he was going to tell us what they were or give us some kind of info on them...we all know whos bankai weren't showed! Lol Come on bruh

Oblivion X14X

If Aizen hypnotized Ywach the omniscient being from seeing the outcome of his death ☠️, does that mean everyone is under his hypnosis? Could the whole arch be under his hypnosis? Ever since he seemingly destroyed his bankai. Does it mean he already released his bankai before the 1000 year blood war arc?

kendo shii


Dan Warner

I think aizen bankai is living illusion basically like a itachi

senor frog

Isshins bankai is probably similar to ichigos. Just the fact that isshin is familiar with getsuga + the similarity of his zanpaktous name to ichigos would be enough to make me think that. But the panel where aizen says isshins bankai puts tremendous strain on his body basically seals it for me. Ichigo was told something similar by grimmjow + when he fought byakuya and his hollow took over, white chastised ichigo because he had misused his bankai and all the bones in his body were being crushed under its pressure. I would have liked to see isshin have a flame themed bankai. Mostly because it seems like engetsu already is flame type, but also cause there’s only 1 other flame type in the series while there are a few ice

Whoops should have watched the whole vid first. You mentioned engetsu being fire type. But everything else I say still stands


Kubo is Aizens bankai

cris dlcruz

No rangiku hachigen love mashiro yoruichi

Mohsin Atta

Aizen bankai will literally break bleach world and our world Reality
And then he will be walking around us


Also Love, Tessai, Yoruichi

Yang Kai

I'm curious, you went as far as looking for an interview. But you didn't talk about Yoruichi, she had a zanpakuto and was a capitaine. She DO have a bankai, actually.
Aizen did use his zanpakuto in one of the last chapter (682/683, something like that).
Et il est quasiment certain qu'on aura un Bleach : next generation, alors on aura d'autres occasion de voir des bankai. C'est peut-être pour ça qu'il a seulement révélé dans le roman les bankai difficiles à montrer (Shinji / Shuhei). Je pense que rien a été fait au hasard, faisons confiance au mangaka ! :)


Basically Aizen is Kubo in disguise

Raymond Joannette

Aizens Bankai is the power to draw himself on papers and making himself animated.


My guess:
Ukitake - Mimic the bankai of enemy, or completely become the enemy with full skills
Aizen - Rewrite reality, but once activated, it has a very long cool down


Always wished we could see wabisuke as a bankai. Could’ve been bad ass.

Montego Bay Spotters - MBJ Xperience

I wanted to see Yuroichi’s bankai tho

Zaid Harithah Abdul Ghaffar

What if the whole bleach is actually under Aizen's shikai from the beginning? He's the one who write the story.


Sometimes it's best not to have a visual representation of something. Video games and movies too often raise an unreachable bar for the expectations of some characters. When they do this, it becomes impossible to please your fan base as everyone has some personal idea of what said expectation should've been.

Aizen's whole shtick has always been about false perceptions. Whether or not he can manifest those false perceptions into a reality would be a neat idea but don't count on it or anything alike. He's never been a flashy character in the series as it's just not in his nature to give what you see.


My theory on Aizen is, Aizen's Shikai is actually his Bankai and we've never seen his Shikai.


Aizen's bankai was revealed...it is summoning hinamori out of nowhere to get stabbed...

Dante 8

Some Zero squad member are once captain but some are not


Huh... while the Bankai I want to see most are Isshin and Ukitake, I have to admit: I really would love to see what Bankai Tite Kubo would have come up with for Aizen, too. And you are absolutely right, it doesn't matter that he's beyond the use of Zanpakuto by now. There was a time he wasn't. We still wanna know what Kubo would have had in mind for him.


maybe aizen didnt use his bankai because his bankai is useless in combat? maybe power like erasing his existence so no one ever remember him or what he do. so it kind of last resort when he want to start over.


Did we ever see Ichigos actual bankai? What he used throughout the series wasn't his real shinigami powers so I imagine his true bankai would be crazy.

In Regeneratione

No you're mistaking. Aizen is chair-sama's bankai.

Slice Cut

What about ichigo bankai? Even main character bankai we havent seen its full potential. Who the fuck cares about others?

William Beyer

Aizen was pretty much a walking Sharingan. Shikai was genjutsu with his bankai being izanagi, 100% Ichigo’s dad is the one guy I’ve been waiting to see go all out and use a Bankai.

Sreerag S

I really wanted to see ukitake's bankai such an underrated charcter he is


Kubo should continue bleach with aizen as the main character. Many years later after the main series as a different type of manga altogether

Muhammad Ziyad

Ukitake and suhei hisagi

Joven Esmeralda Jr.

Ukitaki , aizen and zero squad


Somewhere in soul society prison

Aizen : Just like what I planned

Dan Warner

My theory what if Aizen bankai was already used and we didn't see it. I think how shikai is used to control the nerves of all 5 senses what if same can be said for the person body.
In soul society arc, what if he controlled everyone battles and he forced central 46 to kill each other
It is plausible, he a sociopath he gets ppl to do his deeds for him. ?


Ehhh first point I don't know about....yea they became Captains but it should be noted that those seats were vacant. Changes could have happened so there wouldn't be so little Captains

tak zero

Did he say Sasuke and not Sōsuke.

Recca Cope

Bleach returns

Nico Apollo

The reason Aizen didn't have his zanpakto is because in that form he is not only fuses with the hogyouku but also with his zanpakto. This means that as soon as you even look in his direction you are under hypnosis.

Nero Lusith

He fused with his zampakto he still has a banki


No matter what happened. They must show it. Or else it would be a bad story telling.
Yes... It is a story-telling and Bleach's story telling style was build up in "introducing something that got potential and then showing the said things in epic" . So to build up something but not showing its peak would be looking at a flat mountain. No one wants to take pictures of flat mountains.
(Ok. If I were to use sex anology. Building up from the foreplay, then got the hype into sexual tensions and then bang as hard as you could. But then suddenly not reaching climax. Not orgasm and not even got the ejaculation. It just turn off without any reason. Tell me... What do you feel?.) That the same things when it comes to not showing all of the bankai, the premise of the story, the "core" that was build up when it was said all captains and former captains got a bankai.

For example. They introduce to Ichigo about concept of Shikai and bankai and thus trained Ichigo to get one. Therefore they actually introduced us something that will be revealed later in epicness. Not to mention they keep on saying, like I said earlier that all captains, save for Kenpachi, got bankai and must reached one before becoming captain. Therefore they already got us hype in each of those captains bankai

Now come back to the topic
Regardless of potency or AOE effects...
If it is The mangaka should have created a situation where those things are possible. Denying to show those especially when the hype was already huge... It just means that the mangaka is purely inviting the backlash and fans outrage. It also means that the story just go back against it own story.
When you set up for something. Go through to it until the end. That's what we called as the "core of story" or simply just called it the "core" . Plot Twist or change is something that you are already long plan before. But these changes or plot twist would never affect the "core" thay you have already build up.
Of course as human. You're not going to run away from mistakes... But don't make mistakes that would be too obvious that in the end it go against the things you have build up, go against the "core" and subsequently just destroyed the whole things.

For example... Building up on Toshirou's time limit bankai was a great plot twist. It wasn't that his bankai would be turn off. It is actually his bankai would be totally release and fully "mature" and would have the same effect like Yamamoto's bankai being no one able to get close to them and for Daiguren Hyourinmaru, it will freeze anyone with just one touch of anyone got too close like Toshiro said. Which means, the time limit for Toshiro's bankai is actually the time limit for him to properly control without causing troubles to ally... Now this is what I said change or plot twist without affecting the "core".

But to build up a "core" that all captains got bankai and not showing all of them. Now that is what I meant going up against the "core". And yes. Yoruichi's situation is a pure insult to that said "core". Like all of us know. They mentioned several times that she got a bankai and that she train with Urahara. It was great that they respect Urahara by showing his bankai at the end of it. But Yoruichi? Mentioning she got bankai several times and even becoming the one who teach Ichigo about it, but not showing it at all until the end? Now that is just purely an insult to both the character and to the hype of fans. Now that is also going against the build "core" where all captains and certainly former captains that are still alive got bankai.

vincent xiong

we got some weakass lieutenant becoming captains. smh ?

dedi kurniadi

sternriter w ability should be similiar with ukitake bankai ability.

Natsu D. ragneel

"Αizen's bankai"?More like,"Infinite Tsukoyomi"....


The Zero squad are well named. Useless

gok u

Aizen's bankai is Spirit Bomb

Amazed Panda

I like his accent

Kira bleach

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Top 5 BEST Shikai in BLEACH!

106 601 views | 5 Nov. 2019

Top 5 BEST Shikai in

Top 5 BEST Shikai in BLEACH!

Last time, we took a look at the best Bankai the Bleach anime/manga had to offer, and the video did really well. It's actually my most viewed video at the time of writing this, so I thought it would be appropriate to create a top 5 list of the best Shikai in Bleach!

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BoxingIs Passion

Nozarashi would be number 1 in my opinion in which it can cut through a meteor (which even captains and powered up renji feared) and even able to cut through dimensions (black hole). Kyoka suigetsu is good and all, but zaraki's shikai is way stronger than most captains even with their bankai activated.

Brady Ruffner

Kira's shikai is underrated change my mind

Jamike Dike

Sakanade should be on here


I’m surprised hyourinmaru isn’t here. Hyourinmaru is really similar in power to the bankai,, and it is a strong sword. It just wasn’t able to shine as well,, maybe due to the fact it was still rather far from being mastered. But this list is a hard one to make,, seeing how many strong Shikais there are in this show.

Jennifer Krider

i think that hyorinmaru captain hitsugayas zanpakuto desereves an BIG mention

Robert Cozad

Man your list was crap, lol. Not really.

Great work on all the quality bleach content.

William Longstaff

Thumbs down for asking for likes

Ash Mission

Like the guy from my hero and black clover

Time Traveler

Aizen’s shikai is so op that his bankai didn’t even show up in the manga

sang nguyen

Dude you guys forgot Oh Etsu zanpukto? But even though it's not technically a zanpukto it's still should be in honourable mention

No Searches

It would be cool if you had clips of the shikais being used as you talk about them

Anti Cheeto

Top 5 is too short a list for Shikai, as there are a lot of really potent ones. Shunsui's Katen Kyokotsu, Hitsugaya's Hyorinmaru, Zaraki's (forgot the name), and Urahara's Benihime to name a few. I guess the top 5 were potent enough to disregard these, but these could've easily been honorable mentions.


I didn't know bleach continued D:


We never seen Komamura shikai at all

Luiz Fernando Coelho

Next time do a top 10 list. I agree with this list, however i think it's sad not to see some awesome shikais like rukia's or shinji's making the list...

Joseph Whakaari

No love for wabiske legit super op all he needs to do is hit item to double weight

yasin ibrahim

Honorable mentions! Katen kyokotsu???what you say??

Tired Alex

ok hold on... at 4th place you put an OP shikai that can copy ANY other ability the user have witnessed and use any and all of them simultaniously where their affectiveness range depends on the USER's reiatsu... THEN you place kyouka suigetsu at #1 DESPITE saying that the 4th place had copied that shikai already AND it can be used to its fullest extent if lets say it got repossessed by aizen as an example. Remember, in your video you stated whats the best shikai in terms of abilities and usefulness, while I agree that kyouka suigetsu is dangerously OP, the 4th place is better in terms of versatility and power all on its own, ESPECIALLY because it can preform everything kyouka suigetsu can and more. (same puzzled questioning onto why you placed yamamoto's shikai on a higher slot than the #4 shikai you introduced...)

Drip God

Sakanade Shinjis Shikai is so fire please don't sleep on it

Mackenzie Reeves

Nozarashi and Benehime would probably rank in there for me. Ichibe is just a broken and ridiculous character. He’s just ludicrous and is the equivalent of “No U!” in an argument. The power creep as the series went on just got insanely out of hand and he’s the epitome of that.

luppi antenor

Tbh Shinji's Shikai is very OP, if only he does not explain it to literally everyone he faces :v

Bruce Fernandes


ChosenChadsClub !

6th would be sakanade for me


Suzumebachi and Ruriro Kujaku

Kubo coward enough to suddenly put Suzumebachi lose to higher reaitsu...


Wabisuke is pretty op. It can lock down anyone and its a pretty nasty thing to go against.
The longer the fight the worse it gets. Also Rurinokujaku, it can just drain you completely...

House of Pain

Damn no Shunsui damn my favorite Bleach character couldn’t make the list


Komamuras shikai is basically what his bankai should be...theres no drawback

Aloe Trancy

One of my favourite shikai is sogyo no kotowari. Since it can redirect attacks. Plus..... Honestly it has one of the best release commands ever.


Ichigo has the best shikai. Best design, but it depends on a brainless loser to swing it around instead of the more skilled and powerful version of the same loser that doesn't hesitate to fight. A WINNER.

Oni Gaymer

Sezumebachi. It’s Shikai is better than bankai.


I just wonder. Aside from Kubo probably not knowing how to make it work, what could Aizen's reason be not to use Bankai. I know there are people that believe he doesn't have a bankai, but do you really believe that?
Yourichi stated during the Soul Society arc that all Captain minus Kenpachi have a Bankai. Considering that she is friends with Urahara and Urahara even knows about Soifon's bankai, why wouldn't he know about Aizen's bankais existence?
The second thing is that Aizen has 2 Captain-Class Shinigami working under him and he personally brought under his wings not to mention, he talked about surpassing a Shinigami's limit during the same time where he owned multiple people with kido, reiatsu and swordsmenship.
It would be completely stupid to find out that Aizen doesn't have a bankai.

So after seeing so many bad bankai recently, could it be that Aizen's bankai is way more sitiational than his shikai? Honestly him showcasing the ability against Juha could have been a bankai ability since from what we have seen, the shikai was letting Aizen give others the illusions he wants them to see while Juha just saw what Aizen didn't even know himself.

Noodles 3

I think Yumichika’s Shikai deserves more recognition since he can immobilize his enemy and steal their energy till they die and also heal himself. You can argue that his Shikai takes a long amount of time to fully drain the enemy’s riatsu but since he has the ability to immobilize he could just finish off his opponent with a kido.


Sakanade should be up there

Harry Sikat

Yumichika's Shikai is very strong and so beautiful at the same time ? Imagine his Bankai tho.

Y Kizak

This is more like a list of best shikai abilities imo.
2.Ruri'iro Kujaku
5.Sogyo no kotowari.

christian Selberg

ichigo true shikai is nr 1, aizen shikai 2. Yamamato i would say 4rd. becs that guy that 'steals' shikai abilities is 3rd. on 5th i would say Hitsugaya if you think about it like this he still had not developed his powersfully thus his shikai too was not fully developed. 1th however would be muramasa i think. Becs i don't think Koga had Achieved bankai yet or did he?.. if he din't it put him nr 1 and ichigo 2 place. X)

mikkun mikkichi

totally agree with the list.
tho i never knew the "copy shikai" in the novels... can you explained how the nerfed kyoka suigetsu works?


kyokasuigetsu is just straight up cheating


Yh Soi Fon's. Also there was that geezer in the anime - Byakuya's relative who had Muramasa as his Shikai that was OP. Urahara's is pretty versatile too - more of a focus on protection rather than attacking, Shunsui's Shikai is pretty broken especially if he doesn't tell his opponents about the rules of the game, and there's Yumichika's if he can grab you. So in Summary:

Soi Fon, Byakuya's relative, Shunsui, Yumichika


been in a mood for bleach the whole day and youtube blessed me with this channel, you earned a new subscriber

Yoishi Kakatshihe

Sorry but to Me Ichimoji is more broken because Ichibe can uname Kyoka suigetsu

And Kyoka have 2 Weakness. The opponent must the release and if U touch the zanpakto the illusion is over

For what we know Ichimoji doesn't have Weakness



Flora lolita

Lets be honest soi'fongs is literally the best but the anime nerfs it to hell so character aren't killed quickly because - that it literally has the best functionality and use. Next is Yumichika's shikai literally a great one compared to a few , Then you got captain Mayuri's shikai literally is highly underestimated

Richard Bright

Sakanade should be a Honorable mention . That Shikai litteraly fucks you up inside an out . But for the coolest Design I will go With Raika not the strongest , but damn it's soo fkin cool . A shell shaped sword that emit flames when swinged .

Garry JFM Solinap

How about ichigos true shikai? His true shikai is like his upgraded bankai.


1.kyoka suigetsu
3.enron kyoten
....the ftchin os thatc aizen's kyoka suigetsu could be his bankai....cuz simply...there is no reason he wouldnt use his bankai...plus why would he tell the truth if he wanted the psychological advantage over his enemies

Guy That

I stopped watching as soon as i realized this will have can't fear your own world spoilers (I'm just skipping that part no worries) but gotta say i Really loved shuhei's shikai that we saw in the anime, i JUST rewatched its debut and although it might not make it to your top 5 it certainly is very powerful with lots of flexibility, that's all cheers

VIBES7071 yo

Soi fons bankia sucks

DMG Mana

Kyoka Suigetsu
What i would do if everyone looked at my Shikai
Make them think they are still fully dressed but they are Naked but they can feel and see heck even Smell and Taste their Clothes and yes if they have armor or something that makes sounds they can also hear their clothing BUT they are Naked

Dibaba Loate

Ok I was not expecting Kyoukasuegtsue on the list I going for maybe Susemabachi or maybe Tensa Zangetsu but Aizen 's shiki is the ultimate death blow so if you are caught you are dead so next can you make a top 10 shikai and bankai so later??????

sabre x51

ichigo bankai is actually shikai ?

Lady Gagita

Wabisuke is also a good shikai.

King C

I’m surprised Byakuya shikai isn’t on the list

Richard Bright

Ruri'iro Kujaku (Not Fuji KUjaku) is actually op and underrated. Barely anyone talks about it.

Nico Matzke



this is not in any kind of order:
1: aizen's shikai
2: renji's shikai
3: byakuya's shikai
4: rukia's shikai
5: mayuri's shikai

Daniel Aja

You have this but u don’t have the zankpakto that fought the nigga that soloed all the zero squad apart from ichibei Katen kyokotsu at full power is terrifying as shunsui said the scariest part about is smth like u don’t know when it begins or changes the last two games introduced were too haxed

Hime Chan

hmm the list is very cool but shouldn't Ruriiro Kujaku's true Shikai on the list too ? ^^"

Hunter Jared

Urahara's Benihime
Kyouraku's Katen Kyoukotsu
Shinji's Sakanade
Rukia's Sode no Shirayuki

Sly Steel

The worst shikai ever is Marechiyo Omaedas zanpakto Gegetsuburi it’s literally a metal ball with no special abilities

Darĸ Slayer

Now unless you can't fight Aizen blind. Good luck.


Muramasa is also a super op shikai. It may be filler but it is still an impressive ability. I’d definitely put that over Shuhei’s shikai.

random panda on the internet

Shuhei's shikai deserved to be on higher up on the list imo, since It practically grants him immortality.

Steve O Rondinelli

Zaraki's Shikai is absolutely Sick!


I know it’s a top five list and I agree with all five of these on here but I feel like benehime is pretty strong too

Daniel Okere

Who is the person as fourth I didn't see him in bleach


Okay, hear me out. I don't think Kyoka is shikai, but actually Aizen's bankai.
Why? Because all throughout Bleach, Aizen has always been about "understanding power differently" and saying how "absurd" it is for a Shinigami to ask permission from their god-given Zanpakuto for powers. Why ask permission for something that was yours? And why ask permission when you can just forcefully take it?
What I think Aizen did is, he met his Zanpakuto and somehow subdued it to a point where he can use Bankai so "normally." I mean, Aizen is known to have abnormally high levels of reiatsu (like Ken), and he's also a genius, so he probably figured how to permanently use Bankai without calling out a name or saying "bankai." I wouldn't put it past him to have actually killed his Zanpakuto once he figured out he didn't need it anymore.
Basically, Aizen created a wormhole in shinigami training, skipped Shikai, and went straight to Bankai.
That, or Aizen is the greatest irony in Bleach - someone who doesn't even qualify to be "strongest" (because Bankai and "true" releases have always been the measure of power in Bleach) is actually one of the strongest.

Majin Payne

Tousen Kaname

nathan christman

Shinomai shiraiuki. How was his ryuka's shikai on here?

Toby Speight

tbh, i rlly agree with u, i think shuhei's shikai is rlly cool, i don't really care about shuhei, but his shikai is cool, so cool in fact that tag team shuhei is my main in bleach brave souls

Time Lords

Scatter Senbonzakura

Code Red

1. Sosuke aizen/ kyoka suigetsu
2. Yamamoto/ ryujin jakka
3. Ichibei/ ichimonji
4. Shunsui kyoraku/ katen kyokotsu
5. Maybe kenpachi/ nozarashi just because of its cutting power

Jason Brown

I absolutely love Zabimaru

Kano Reese

My favorite Shikai would be Zaraki's Nozarashi. A blade that can cut thru anything...even reality! There's no defense against it!

Pro Cow

Why is it a 68 on his face and not 69?


Why didnt you include Katen Kyokotsu - Shunsui Kyoraku's shikai who is also pretty broken as well given that it has multiple "games/modes" that Kyoraku can activate whenever he likes.

Max Kogan

Shunsui's Shikai literally changes reality and unless you have prior knowledge of its abilities, explains it to you and/or you figure it out in time, he's essentially invincible.

Kamil REAL

what about oetsu?

Joseph Moore

Sakanade should be on this list. You can copy it and your still screwed because fighting inverse is near impossible

Lekso Baramidze

Good list i like kensei's shikai , shunsui's and sakanade also soi fon has good shikai but i I almost agree with this top

Mr Monday

I think nejibara should have been in number 5


while it would be a complete rip from Code Geass season 2 (Which I watched after I had this idea so was original to me) but a shikai that stops a target/s perception of time would be dope

christian Selberg

And i said Old yama 4th in terms of ability and usefullness becs pure power from 1 guy is not always the answear to win a war ;) unless ur a broken mc called ichigo :P


I find it incredibly annoying when people won't just start their damn list immediately and force me to jump ahead a minute.

Kratos GodOfWar

So 6ix9ines shikai makes him immortal


Aizen is number 1 easily ?

Cesar Caballero

Good list, but let's not forget that a zanpakuto's efficacy relies on the reiatsu of the shinigami, the reason why Kyoka Suigetsu is so powerful is because of Aizen's reiatsu; someone stronger than him could fend against the hypnosis, like Yhwach did, albeit not completely. With time and training any zanpakuto will be potentially dangerous if used wisely, some examples: Wabisuke, Haineko, Tobiume, Kazeshini, Sode no Shirayuki, Ruriro Kujaku, etc.


Sogyu no Kotowari, Ukitake's shikai is pretty useful as well because of it's versatility

Jean Alisson

I wanted to see the Bankai of Yumichika it would be pretty useful againt the quincys


Izuru Kira and his shikai that can double the weight of anything it strikes is pretty awesome too.

Kenan Gosto

I wouldn't put Shuhei on the list, since he himself isn't strong as other characters on the list. The shikai is strong, but Shuhei's reiatsu isn't something to be proud of.

I'd rather put Soifon instead of him if we're looking into the raw ability of the shikai plus her reiatsu is way bigger than his. Killing someone with two pokes in the same spot is way more op than most of the shikais on the list. Take it a bit further where you're having a user of that shikai as someone who's one of the fastest and most agile characters in bleach and you have a deadly combo.

Terrance Pemberton

I prefer Izuru Kira Shikai Wabisuke

jojie riveral

the stealing shikai is dope image if a person who has an insane riatsu like zaraki then he/she can literally copy the strongest shikai and bankai of the enemies then its gg

Doomscizor YT

1. Hoten Hyorinmaru
2. KazeShini
3. Senbon Zakura
4. Ryujin ja ka
5. Wabisuke

Cj Gasta

your wrong.. muramasa is the best shikai.. he can brainwash every zanpakutou and make them an ally..


Shikai sounds like "Piss" in my language...Take that as you will.

Jimmy ButtWhiff

How tf you NOT gonna include Shinji's Sakanade? Gtfo here ??


2:31..... Must be the same type of Shikai as Star Platinum

john doe

My favorite is ranjiku's tits

Jinhunter Slay

The true terror of Aizen's shikai can be summarized in one sentence he said:
"when am I NOT using it?" ~ Aizen

Kira bleach

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Kira [TYBW] Visuals

11 122 views | 28 Oct. 2020

Clout God D.D™

Bless the leaks

jennie’s boo



man if only he has guard break...

Suoh Mikoto

So he has Ninny's gameplay except he has no barrier


It’s a shame Izuru never got a Bankai. I would’ve loved to see that


If he has gb..Damn

Dee Prophet24

The Leaks!!!!!!


I'm about to rock you....like a hurricane

xRed Assassinx

He spent the remaining of his life cutting up rocks to make them heavier after Mayuri gave him body support

Canal do Luiz Carlos


Raibarun Music

I love Kurono's voice actor lol

shiro yasha

Am I wrong or kira's first strong attack didn't really push the enemy back compare to others' range collision first strong attack.

rayvon velez

Izuru officially has the best kit design in the game. ???, thanks for gameplay

Егор Каторгин

Despair character

Dong Schlong

Man I do hope they would give him guard break man somehow it’s a shame tho

Malik Mehter

Izuru looking cool af


His voice actor nailed it as always!