Kid safe hair dye

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KID SAFE HAIR COLOR!? | Pink Hair Color Tutorial

869 251 views | 12 Jan. 2018

Here is my kid's hair dye

Here is my kid's hair dye tutorial. It's safe, easy, and will wash out in about 2 weeks. The hair dye is "Electric Paradise" from ArcticFox (https://arcticfoxhaircolor.com/), use my code "CHARITYGRACE" for a discount!

Kid safe hair dye

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Is It Safe to Dye Your Kid’s Hair?

14 132 views | 1 May. 2018

A lot of people are dying

A lot of people are dying their kid’s hair fun colors, but is it safe?

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I heard of using Henna as a natural hair dye

The Miniature Pet Shop

Should I be able to I’m 10


I wanna put temporary hair dye on my tips, (I’m 12 btw) but my mom wouldn’t let me even though my school district lets us.

Kate Marquard

I’m 13 and I dye my own hair pretty regularly.

Isabella Martinez

I want to dye my ends pink.I hope my mom lets me

Cynthia Davila

Don't do it for a 4 year old. Really? ?


I’m only 9 0%0

Well that Was a fail

I colored my hair 2 times and I'm 9 but temporarily


I’ve dyed my hair since age 10,My mom let me do it under one condition,that’s the fact that if anything goes wrong with it I’m okay with cutting my hair or shaving it off.

Sharmin Khan

I’m 12 and still can’t

Don’t mind me. I’m just afraid of everything.

Here’s my take on it. It’s not growing out of my head. As long as they’re careful and don’t overdo it, it’s fine with me.


Im 12 and i have dyed my hair green purple red and blue and my hair is perfectly fine and its not that stupid one day hair dye its permanent


putting temporary hair dye is ok if you young


As a 12 year old I would recommend not going to close to the scelp with bleach but the dye should be vegan like manic panic

UwU cookies Lover

Im 8 and I dyed my tips of my hair

It’s Rhyme

I don’t have mobile
I don’t have iPad
I don’t have laptop
I use my fathers phone
Think about it ?
Thank god I have all these things

Asmara Mansoor

My dermatologist said the tips are ok so you’re able too cut it off

A B O V E D E A T H .

I wanted to dye my hair black and red,,, like a split hair style,,

Shoya -kun

My kid is 10 and she has a pixie cut so does she have dark hair so chalk wont work


I've only dyed my hair once, it was a little bleach and it's pretty much gone now, I'm happy I never dyed my hair any colors.

Peen Hunter

Lmao my hair is thicc it hasn’t gotten damaged at all from dying it


Maybe you shouldnt do it for a 4 year old, but i think around 10 is fine. Heck, Im 12 and have permanent hair color.

strawberry cow

There is this one hair dye called Artic Fox.It is pretty safe


So uhm...ik its pretty weird..I'm 12 yrs old and I got puberty years ago...oh and also period... The point is.. Is it safe for 12 years Olds that had puberty and has theyre period to dye theyre hair?

Play it Cool

Um so it's a yes or a no?

Derek Nguyen


mochi gacha

you can use kool aid.

G DeVz

i've been dying my hair since i was 8! all kinds and all colors and i am a hair dye slut and proud

Well that Was a fail

Dark blue

Aiden Root

Dying your hair is pretty gay

Gabriel Spuffy

And when I got my hair cut it was thicc

Daisy Barco



Fact: You can dye kids’ hair after puberty but you can’t dye it at the scalp you can get cancer by that.
I recommend you dye your hair after 4 years of puberty because that’s where it’s 100% safer for you.

Ahmed Al-Khatib

I dyed my hair with hair spray on Halloween nothing happened

Kid safe hair dye

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505 views | 24 May. 2020



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color used in video??


other hair color videos:

lavender ?


navy blue ?


my favorite purple shampoo ?